The Library Management System consists of the facilities to search books by their corresponding ISBN number. The issued books can also be searched using the details of its library member’s ID. The book issue details contain the information about the books to be issued and also the dates in which the books have to be returned. The software can also store and retrieve the details of the library members.

1. Authentication Module. 2. Search Books Module.

3. Add New Books Module. 4. Member Detail s Module. 5. Book Issue Details Module.

Authentication Module:
The proposed Library Management System is authenticated only for the librarian and the staffs involved in the library. The user must enter the valid username and password to access the software.

Search Books Module:
This phase helps the librarian to search the books in the library. The search is devised by Book name, ISBN number and Author name. The user can search the books by entering any one of the above mentioned fields.

Add New Books Module:
The new purchased books are stored in the Library’s database. The books are arranged by entering the book name, Author’s name , ISBN number, Date of purchase , Number of copies and Cost of the books.

Member Details Module:

• Member Id. • Member name.This phase contains the details of various members of the Library. • Email Id. The functional properties of the system enable the system to work to its maximum efficiency. As the date of issue for the books are entered the return dates are given by the software system. • Contact Number. • Date of Birth. The various functional properties are: • • • • Search books by Book name. PERFORMANCE LEVEL: The software system is rated generally on its performance level. Search books by Author name. The author name and book name are case sensitive. The members can join the library by filling the member registration form. Issue books by member name and author name. Book Issue Details Module: This module contains the details of the books that are to be issued to the members of the Library. FUNCTIONAL CAPABILITIES: The Software system helps in searching the books by entering the ISBN number as a primary field. • Address. The books are issued by entering the member name and member ID. DATA STRUCTURES AND ELEMENTS: . Search books by ISBN number. which is available in the same module. The user can view the books issued to a member by entering the member ID and member name. The administrator namely the librarian can search the books by entering either the author name or book name. The form contains the following fields.

SECURITY AND PRIVACY: The software for Library management is highly secure. No one can access the system without the valid username and password. It helps in identifying the books by their book name. The software is applicable only for the administrator and not the members of the library. The oracle table is used for storing all the data. The tabular form provides clear and misambiguous interpretation of the information which gives a lucid representation of the database to the users. The databases used are secure. The librarian cannot search the books by its publication name or by the date of issue. . The main authentication to the system is the username and password without which no one can enter the software system.The database used here is ORACLE database. author name or ISBN number. author name or ISBN number. QUALITY: The software quality is based on the performance. The software provides only the identity of the books but not the location of the books in the Library such as indicating the shelf number. The software needs an authentication from its user by entering the valid username and password. CONSTRAINTS AND LIMITATIONS: The software can be used to search books only with the three fields such as Book name. SAFETY: The library management system has no data loss. RELIABILITY: The software is highly reliable for administrative purposes in the library. author name and ISBN number. The library management software helps to search books with its basic specifications namely the book name.

LOG -IN FORM LOG –IN FORM CODING Private Sub cmdCancel_Click() 'set the global var to false 'to denote a failed login LoginSucceeded = False Me.Hide End Sub Private Sub cmdOK_Click() .

'check for correct password If Trim(text1.Show LoginSucceeded = True Me.Hide Else MsgBox "Invalid Password.SetFocus SendKeys "{Home}+{End}" End If End Sub MAIN MENU FORM MAIN MENU FORM CODING Private Sub Command1_Click() frmsearch. try again!".Show . .Text) = "karthik" And Trim(text2.Show Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() frmaddbook. "Login" text2.Text) = "rgcet" Then MENU.

Show Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Command4_Click() frmbookissue.Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Command3_Click() frmmember.Show Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Command5_Click() End End Sub SEARCH BOOKS FORM .

Fields(0) aname.Text) = .EOF If bname.Text = .Fields(6) cost.Text = ..SEARCH BOOKS CODING Dim cn As New ADODB.MoveNext End If Wend End With MsgBox "Sorry Book not found.Show Unload Me .Connection Dim rs As New ADODB.MoveFirst While Not ..Fields(3) Exit Sub Else ..Fields(5) copies.Text = ." End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() MENU.Fields(1) no.Recordset Private Sub Command1_Click() With rs .Text = .Fields(6) Then bname.Text = .Text = .Fields(0) Or Val(no.

1. adLockBatchOptimistic Set DataGrid1.State = 1 Then rs. cn. password= tiger" rs. user id = scott.End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() If cn.Open "provider = msdaora.Close If rs.State = 1 Then cn.Close rs.DataSource = rs End Sub ADD NEW BOOKS FORM .CursorLocation = adUseClient cn. adOpenStatic.Open "select * from book ".

Text) < 0 Or Trim(Text6.Fields(4) = CDate(DTPicker1.Value) .UpdateBatch .AddNew .Text) = "" Then MsgBox "Enter the fields" Exit Sub End If With rs .Text) .Fields(2) = Text3.Text) .Fields(0) = Trim(Text1.Text) .Connection Dim rs As New ADODB.Fields(1) = Text2.ADD NEW BOOKS FORM Dim cn As New ADODB.Text) .Recordset Private Sub add_Click() If Val(Text6.Text .Text .Fields(6) = Val(Text6.Fields(3) = Val(Text4.Fields(5) = Val(Text5.

user id = scott.Close If rs.Close rs. adLockBatchOptimistic End Sub MEMBER DETAILS FORM .Open "select * from book ".State = 1 Then rs.Show Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() If cn.End With MsgBox "Book added" End Sub Private Sub clear_Click() Text1.Open "provider = msdaora.Text = "" Text5.Text = "" Text3. adOpenStatic.State = 1 Then cn. cn.Text = "" Text6.Text = "" Text4. password= tiger" rs.Text = "" Text2.Text = "" End Sub Private Sub Command1_Click() MENU.CursorLocation = adUseClient cn.1.


Fields(4) = Text6.Text = "" Text5.AddNew .Show Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Command4_Click() If Text1.Text = "" Text2.Text) .Dim rs As New ADODB.Fields(2) = Text4.UpdateBatch MsgBox "record added" End With End Sub Private Sub Command6_Click() Text1.Enabled = True End Sub Private Sub Command3_Click() MENU.Text .Text .Enabled = False Command5.Delete MsgBox "Record deleted" End Sub Private Sub Command5_Click() If Trim(Text1.Text .Fields(0) = Text1.Fields(5) = Val(Text2.Text = "" Text4.Fields(1) = Val(Text3.Text = "" End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() .Text = "" Text3.Fields(3) = Text5.Recordset Private Sub Command2_Click() Call Command6_Click Command2.Text .Text) = "" Then MsgBox "Please enter the fields" Exit Sub End If With rs .Text = "" Then MsgBox "fill the fields" Exit Sub End If rs.Text) .Text = "" Text6.

adOpenStatic.Open "select * from member".Close rs.Close If rs.If cn.Enabled = False End Sub BOOK ISSUE FORM BOOK ISSUE CODING .1. cn. user id = scott.State = 1 Then cn.Open "provider = msdaora.DataSource = rs Command5. password= tiger" rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient cn.State = 1 Then rs. adLockOptimistic Set DataGrid1.

Fields(2) = Text5.Text = "" End Sub Private Sub Command4_Click() Command1.Text = "" Text2.Text .Text) = .Fields(8) Text3.Fields(7) = Val(Text3.Enabled = True Command1.EOF If Val(Text2.Enabled = True Command1.Text = .Text) .Text = .UpdateBatch MsgBox "Record saved" End If End With End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() MENU.Connection Dim rs As New ADODB.Value .Fields(1) = Text4.Dim dt As Date Dim cn As New ADODB.Recordset Private Sub Command1_Click() Command4.Fields(6) = DTPicker3.Fields(3) = Text6.Enabled = False With rs .Text = "" Text3.Enabled = False Text1.Text = .Enabled = False With rs rs.Fields(7) Text4.EOF Then .MoveFirst While Not .Value .Fields(1) .MoveFirst If Not .Enabled = True Command4.Text = "" Text4.Text .Value .Show Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Command3_Click() Command4.Text = "" Text6.Text .Text = "" Text5.Fields(5) = DTPicker2.Fields(4) = DTPicker1.Fields(0) Then Text1.

Text = .Close If rs.Fields(2) Text6.Text = DateAdd("d".Text = DateAdd("d".Text5.Text) > 3 Then MsgBox "You are not allowed to take more than 3 books" End If End Sub . 15.Open "provider = msdaora. dt) End Sub Private Sub DTPicker2_LostFocus() dt = DTPicker2.Fields(3) DTPicker1.Fields(4) DTPicker2.Value Text4(1). 15.Text = DateAdd("d".MoveNext End If Wend MsgBox "Sorry.Close rs. adLockBatchOptimistic End Sub Private Sub Text3_Change() If Val(Text3.Enabled = False If cn. cn.Fields(5) DTPicker3.Value Text4(2).Text = .Value = .Fields(6) Exit Sub Else .Open "select * from bookissue ".Value = .State = 1 Then rs.Value = . adOpenStatic. password= tiger" rs.1. 15.Value Text4(3). dt) End Sub Private Sub DTPicker3_LostFocus() dt = DTPicker3.State = 1 Then cn. Record not found" End With End Sub Private Sub DTPicker1_LostFocus() dt = DTPicker1.CursorLocation = adUseClient cn. dt) End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Command1. user id = scott.

CONCLUSION: The Library management project to add books. search books. The various tools used in the project were studied and implemented in the project. . store member details and issue books to the members was verified.

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