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Basic Cadet Training School

A weekend full of classes, marching, study sessions, uniform classes, marching, promotions, Editor: 1st Lt Ruth A. Peterson marching, and more marching took place 17 - 19 October . Six senior members and 29 cadets atInside this issue: tended the Basic Cadet Training School (BCTS) on a beautiful fall weekend at the Lake Mayfield Resort. During the weekend, 18 cadets worked on achieving either their Airman Aerospace Event 2 1st Class or Senior Airman ranks. BME 3 Classes consisted of emergency services, aerospace, customs & courtesies, Fundraising opportunity 3 leadership, uniform, physical training, and drill & ceremonies. Every day started at 0500 and continued until about 3 2200. The days were full of learning and December Birthdays hard work, but at the end of the weekend, Websites of Interest 4 every cadet who was working toward a proUpcoming Events 4 motion was able to successfully achieve his or her goal. The cadet instructors for the weekend were C/MSgt Eric Tibbits, C/SrA Kayla Hughes, C/TSgt Krystina Wulff, and C/SrA Tiffany Wehnau. The new basic cadets were Nik Steele, Bryce Carlson, Josh Denton, Heidi Gastfield, Jonathan Jackson, Philip Fisher, and Mitchell Thompson. Several cadets received awards for outstanding performance. Cadet Heidi Gastfield received the award for academic achievement and Cadet Megan McCormick received the Most Inspirational award. During each encampment, there is usually one cadet who is outstanding in many areas. This cadet is called the Honor Cadet and that award was presented to Cadet Nik Steele. The BCTS weekend was a great success and many thanks go to the senior members and cadet staff who worked so hard to make it so. Special thanks goes to SM Patty Sibitzky and Robyn Bell who fed all of the attendees during the weekend. The BCTS weekend gives basic cadets a time of concentrated training that will give them a good foundation throughout their CAP careers.

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Volume IV, Issue 6

Fun, Excitement, Hands-on. Attend a National Encampment!
by C/Lt Col David Peterson

National Activities can take the form of education in every mission of Civil Air Patrol. In the branch of Aerospace Education, one of the best activities to attend is the Aerospace Education Academy held at the end of June in Oshkosh Wisconsin. When I was fifteen years old, I attended this encampment. Since the Squadron and ASH helped pay for both the encampment and the flight to Oshkosh, it made it easy to attend. Most of the fun things that happen at this activity focus around the various aspects of aerospace. We completed the model rocketry program and took orientation flights in several types of aircraft. Some lucky cadets were able to ride in both powered planes and gliders, plus we had the opportunity to go up in a hot air balloon. The program also included education on aircraft manufacturing, such as making our own section of wing strut, working with the various aircraft body surfaces, and handling and control. One of the highlights of fun for the week was the flight simulator challenge, which allowed all 20 participants to work together and in individual teams to accomplish a specific mission. For relaxation during the week, there were trips to Lake Winnebago, evenings spent at many of the ice cream shops around Appleton, as well as a pizza party on the last night. This activity is very laid back, meant more for education in the field of aerospace and focusing less on the discipline side relating to the cadet program. The pre-requisites for this activity are participation in a basic encampment and submission of the CAP Form 31, filled out by the 31st of December, the year before the activity. This was one of the most memorable and enjoyable CAP activities I ever attended, and it is perfect for anyone interested in the field of Aerospace. If you want to know more about it or want help with the application please call me or any of the senior members. The squadron is very supportive of any cadet who wants to further his or her CAP education.

CIVIL AIR PATROL Drug Free and Proud!

Volume IV, Issue 6

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Another Successful BME
1st Lt Bill Tibbits The Civil Air Patrol, Lewis County Composite Squadron, Cadet Basic Marksmanship Encampment #55 held 7-9 November 2008, is complete. This program is so well known throughout the region that this BME filled in less than 19 hours with several cadets being put on a standby list. During check-in on Friday night, two cadets did not show and we moved the two alternates up into shooting positions to give us 40 cadet shooters. The firearms safety class went well and ended right on time, keeping everything on schedule. Saturday at the range started out slow, but the pace was quickened just before lunch in an attempt to get a few more rounds fired. At the end of the day on Saturday, we continued to shoot for an extra 30 minutes to make up some of the lost time. After a nice dinner, we then had an hour in Thorbecke’s pool to relax and have fun. Saturday night, the senior staff did a weapons demonstration using real firearms and the popular soft-air guns. After a dramatic entrance, all firearms, real and toys, were placed on a display table. Once displayed, it was hard to tell the difference between the two, especially after the “safety orange” tips were painted or covered up. Several Senior Officers told real-life stories of the dangers of firearms, whether it was with an actual weapon or the soft air guns. On Sunday, after the shooting was done, a quick clean up of

the range was ordered. Lewis County Sheriff SGT Dusty Breen then did a demonstration with a MP 5 for the cadets to watch. 5 cadets and 2 senior members were chosen to fire the weapon, which is a great crowd pleaser. I believe 1Lt Tony Scarpino was the most surprised when he was called up front to shoot. If you would like to attend a Basic Marksmanship Encampment, you must sign up ONLINE as soon as you hear about it. We offer LCCS cadets 3-5 days advance notice before it is posted on-line. We are planning on four BMEs this coming year with two already in the planning phase. Hope to see you on the range!



December Birthdays
● Maj Ken Rollins ● C/SrA Katina Isham

We will have 2009

Calendars available very soon. These calendars feature

photographs of Lewis County Composite Squadron cadets for each month. These would make perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family. They will be $10 each and the proceeds will go toward cadet activities and scholarships.

Civil Air Patrol
Websites of interest for Cadets: National CAP Website
(Check out the National encampments! You must sign up for them by the end of Dec.)

Washington CAP Website

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Important Dates—Add to your Calendar TODAY!
If you have any questions about events (price, how to apply, etc) call your ‘higher-ups’, and they can help you out!
6 December - Walk n Knock at the Salvation Army. This is a great opportunity to serve your community. Remember Cadets! If you wish to attend a national encampment during 2009, you must apply by December. You do not have to pay all of it up front, and it isn’t an absolute commitment to go, but if you don’t sign up, it is a sure thing that you won’t go. Take a look at the national website and check out all of the awesome opportunities. You must have completed a basic encampment to be able to attend a national encampment. Remember that both ASH and the squadron can help you out with scholarships. Be sure to mark you calendars for the annual awards banquet. It will be held 24 January. This is a time for getting to know each other’s families. 15-17 May - Lewis County will be hosting the annual SAR convention. We will be working with the Sheriff’s department to help with preparations and we’ll be able to attend many of the classes and lectures. It is a weekend that is full of fun!

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