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change or tell more about Ex. The child smiled sweetly. VERBS ADVERBS ADVERBS modify ADJECTIVES modify other Ex. Its a very important issue. Ex. She sang extremely well.

1. formed by adding -ly to adjectives Ex. beautiful slow 2. exceptions:

beautifully slowly

adjectives ending in -y happily angrily luckily


Ex. happy angry lucky

adjectives ending in -able / -ible / -le

e drops + -y

Ex. probable probably responsible responsibly gentle gently

adjectives ending in -ic tragically basically

add -ally

Ex. tragic basic







(costly/deadly/friendly/lovely/ugly/silly) Ex. She has a lovely daughter. It was an ugly discussion.










(fast/hard/high/late/near/wrong) Ex. Its a fast car. (adjective) That car went fast! (adverb) Ex. Hard work pays off! (adjective) You must work hard. (adverb)




+ -ly

adjective slow

adverb slowly

exception silent e is dropped in true, due, whole y becomes i le after a consonant is dropped after ll only add y adjectives ending in -ic: adjective + -ally
(exception: public-publicly)

example true truly happy happily sensible sensibly full fully adjective adverb fantasticall fantastic y adjective friendly adverb in a friendly way in a friendly manner adverb well with difficulty

adjectives ending in -ly: use in a way / manner

adjective good irregular spellings difficult


PRACTICE PAGE 1. FIND the adjective in the first sentence and FILL the gap with the corresponding adverb.
a) Joanne is happy. She smiles _________________.

b) The boy is loud. He shouts _________________. c) Her English is fluent. She speaks English _________________. d) Our mum was angry. She spoke to us _________________. e) My neighbour is a careless driver. He drives _________________. f) The painter is awful. He paints _________________. g) Jim is a wonderful piano player. He plays the piano _________________.
h) This girl is very quiet. She often sneaks out of the house_________________.

i) She is a good dancer. She dances really _________________. j) This exercise is simple. You _________________ have to put one word in each space. 2. TICK () the correct option in each pair about the word in bold. My train arrived late, as usual. I'm watching the late film. a. adverb adjective adverb adjective

My brother loves fast cars. He drives too fast. b.

adverb adjective

adverb adjective

This exercise is harder than I adverb adjective thought. I hope you try harder in the adverb adjective future. c.

The Times is published adverb adjective daily. The Times is a daily adverb adjective newspaper. d.

You've just ruined my best adverb adjective shirt! Computers work best if you kick adverb adjective them. e. f.

3. CIRCLE the option that best completes the sentence.

a) Juan speaks English very b) In India, brides dress c) The princess looked

well / good. beautiful / beautifully. at the hungry dog. bad / badly. happy / happily.

sad / sadly

d) My neighbour sings well but plays the drums e) The children jumped up and down

4. COMPLETE the following text with words from the boxes.

alone strong amazing well everywhere heavy incredibly rare safely sharp silently

The cougar is an _________________ animal. Its back legs are longer than its front legs, so it can jump _________________ high; some cougars can jump up to six meters. It is extremely __________________, too, and can drag its prey (which may be as _________________ as the cougar itself) for long distances, until it finds a place where it can eat its food _________________. Its claws are very _________________, but they can be pulled back into its toes, so the cougar can run _________________.

Cougars live _________________; they only meet with other cougars in order to breed. Cougars can swim _________________, and climb trees. They used to live _________________ in North and South America, from Chile to the Yukon, but now they are quite _________________.