Ask: The Justice League By Cameron Domino Carpenter

(CONTINUED) . Fire away. ANNOUNCER So. An announcer dressed in an awful. Turning it over to you guys. sir. Super cool.. It’s silent for about three seconds. NERDY FAN I have a question for The Green Arrow! GREEN ARROW Yes. As the scene progresses. here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for-RANDOM FAN FROM CROWD Your suit sucks! ANNOUNCER (without missing a beat and deadpan) --so does your mom--we’ve got the Justice League here with us today willing to answer any questions you guys might have.anybody got any questions? RANDOM FAN Who would win in a fight between-SUPERMAN Someone get him out of here. Wonder Woman. Yay.INT. SUPERMAN Next question. The Green Arrow. then reappears. Alright. COMIC CONVENTION The JUSTICE LEAGUE (Superman. The FLASH disappears for a moment. we never see the audience themselves.. The Green Lantern. The ANNOUNCER walks off stage. Batman. Martian Manhunter) are all seated at a long table facing an audience. Flash. SUPERMAN leans into his microphone in front of him and says: SUPERMAN Anybody. Then. obvious self-made SAMUS ARAN suit comes up to the stage with a microphone. DAY.

. If you’re going to expose me. PERVERTED FAN Wonder Woman. go ahead. He laughs awkwardly and out of place..ner. NERDY FAN Does it suck having to share the first half of your title with someone who’s nowhere nearly as famous or cool as you are? GREEN ARROW You’re kidding me. happens all the time. GREEN ARROW . (CONTINUED) . GREEN LANTERN tries to recover. then reappears. My name isn’t Hal.. GREEN LANTERN Yeah. GREEN LANTERN Yes.we can’t lie to these people about our secret identity.yeah. GREEN LANTERN (doing an awful job covering up the mistake) I mean.Ray. like lie to people about who I am. NERDY FAN Oh. GREEN ARROW Hal! GREEN LANTERN Really? You’re going to just yell out ’Hal’ in front of everyone? The room gets dead’s Kyle.. take off your top! FLASH disappears again for a moment. with the right name.CONTINUED: 2... expose me properly... don’t.. That’s who I am and I love my not dead family. sorry! This question was supposed to be for the Green Lantern. man..yeah.Kyle Rayner.. so. Sorry ’bout that..

but we hear the following: (CONTINUED) .. buddy! DIFFERENT FAN How many of the Justice League members have you seen naked? FLASH All of them. FLASH (trying to recover) . He doesn’t reappear. anger.except Hank? The FLASH disappears. OBNOXIUS FAN Wasn’t that a question? BATMAN slowly gets out of his seat and walks off the stage. or disgust. We never see what happens offscreen. All the members of the League slowly turn to look at FLASH in surprise. AWKWARD FAN What’s the Martian Manhunter’s secret identity! MARTIAN MANHUNTER (bored and annoyed) Hank. OBNOXIUS FAN Why not? BATMAN Bad day.. LOUD SQUEAKY FAN I think you’re my dad! DIFFERENT FAN I have a question for the Flash! FLASH Shoot.CONTINUED: 3. OBNOXIUS FAN I have a question for Batman! BATMAN I’m not taking any questions.

Last week. in the back? SERIOUS FAN Uh. SUPERMAN Any last questions? Yes. WACKO FAN Whistle so loud on a frequency that every dog in the world’s ears start bleeding! SUPERMAN I’m going to remove you from the convention. BATMAN I’m having a better day. I’ll accept one question. And I’m just (MORE) (CONTINUED) . yes.CONTINUED: 4. sir. SUPERMAN (cutting in) Hey. WACKO FAN Crunch up six people into a little ball! SUPERMAN I’m not going to do that. WACKO FAN REMOVE ME WITH POWER-SUPERMAN disappears and the WACKO FAN becomes silent from the crowd. my boss was killed in a robbery that took place in his home. SUPERMAN returns. OBNOXIUS FAN AHH! NO! PLEASE! I CAN’T LOSE THAT PLUS IT’S ATTACHED! I’M BEGGI---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We hear a moment of silence and BATMAN climbs back up the stage and takes his seat. sir. you sir. anybody have a question for me? WACKO FAN Punch a hole in the moon! SUPERMAN I’m not going to do that.

GREEN LANTERN It cuts off a tie to reality and ultimatly disfigures everything else in the known world. That is what causes the chaos in the world that follows. SUPERMAN Well. and no one is there to stop it. it doesn’t make his death unworthy of anything. SERIOUS FAN (cont’d) wondering if there’s a reason why this happened. And the action of taking a life is wrong. Heavy. but do you think it’s possible that you weren’t there to save him because it was his time to go? FLASH reappears.CONTINUED: 5. As people with our powers and training. life as we all know it is a very fragile thing. it creates an inbalance within the world. When life is taken from someone. FLASH Woah. Not that I’m blaming you guys. in any and every respect. just because he died at the inopportune time. to begin I want to say that I think I stand for everyone when I say that we’re deeply sorry for your loss. In response to your question. BATMAN It wasn’t his ’time to go. we have a responsibility to take care of any and all life. including the lives of our enemies. Because that death spreads across the decisions and actions of other people like a ripple effect. (CONTINUED) .’ MARTIAN MANHUNTER But make no mistake. A hole that can never be fixed or repaired. it is simply a matter that his life was unfulfilled.

What is born in that place. WONDER WOMAN We aren’t making excuses for not being there. We simply want to explain the balance of life and the horror of murder. is dependent upon the decisions and lives of those closest to him. as we are unable to account for the chaos that will fill the space of his unfulfilled life. his unwanted loss of life will be replaced with a nothingness in which any and all things can be born. our foresight grows even smaller. you’re saying I shouldn’t have killed him. FLASH disappears and we CUT TO BLACK. GREEN ARROW We do not fully understand the consequences of our actions until either right before or right after they take place.CONTINUED: 6. whether misery or joy. With death. FLASH To put it simply. SERIOUS FAN So. .

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