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Marketing Task Force


v 3.5

Hitsu, Franzi, Sean

Background : On November 26, 2008, in a Local Committee Meeting, AIESEC Bremen
Local Committee President Ioana Huluta presented a simulation game where people
formed small groups. These groups assumed themselves to be Executive Boards, took a
certain issue and brainstormed about AIESEC Bremen's Problems, Solutions, and
Development related to the issue. The group that picked up the marketing issues was
consisting of Hitsu, Franzi and Sean. There was no Finance Team Member in the group.
They brainstormed and presented their ideas.

These ideas and perspectives are liable to be partial, incomplete, and even wrong.
Therefore all input is welcome. However, acceptance of all input is not guaranteed.

Vision : The group started executing with a clear vision of AIESEC, and the topic. The
vision is documented below.

1.AIESEC is an organization.
2.AIESEC system, in order to survive and remain active, needs interaction with
people and society.
3.AIESEC can not survive as a passive platform, which the members can exploit in
the way they wants.

The topic given was 'Marketing', ie, tempting the society and people to interact with
AIESEC [This is same as saying 'making them aware about the necessity of Aiesec' - we
do not hand out false temptation. We provide what we tempt to]. AIESEC NEEDS:

1.Members: They will drive the system

2.Raw material: To convert to products
3.Consumers: They will compensate AIESEC in exchange to products, the
compensation will be used to collect new raw material and to compensate
members in turn
4.Stakeholders: Steady support, even in crisis condition, when consumers are absent

Now, all of the people, who, somehow or other, drives the AIESEC system MUST be
1.Members: They get (or they can get)

oSoft Skills
oLeadership Experience
oIntercultural experience
oIntegration of organizational goal and personal goals, in other words, a
platform for sharing their personal goals and finding like minded people
oA challenge to play with
oFeel good factor

1.Consumers (companies that provide support, in terms of money and equipment, but
short term in general) get:

oAIESEC members. After a certain time, members are AIESEC products,

with soft skills
oAIESEC intercultural expertize, and experience. The Members who has
intercultural experience can provide the company the ethno-geographical
expertize necessary to expand to a new territory
oConsultancy by AIESEC members, who have expertize [case study
oMarketing to members, by putting an advertisement to fliers or virtual
platform, or sending reps to converse with then face to face
oIntercultural learning, some companies want their employees to have the
oTax deduction
oGood image (impression on press and media)

1.Stake holders (everyone who provides long term support, even in crisis, including
members and companies)

oAIESEC is a non profit organization. Therefore all profit should stay in the
organization, and can not be transferred to any other party. So stakeholders
can not make profit from AIESEC. However, LARGE amount of product,
with low compensation rate perhaps, can be offered to them
oAlso, there is the feel good factor

AIESEC should be represented to the above mentioned sectors, in such a way, that their
is a material reason to interact with AIESEC. The abstract reason to support AIESEC is
not that attractive to society. If everyone in society were that attracted to AIESEC,
because of it's mission statement, there would have been soooooo much positive impact
on society, that there would have been no necessity of Aiesec. Therefore, material
temptation is required. Also, material output show the truth behind AIESEC activities,
such as, if AIESEC members are truly proven to have better soft skills, it increases trust
Task briefing:

•Identify sectors
•Identify Medium to reach them
•Represent AIESEC

Recommended Methodology: There should be a core material for all representation. We

do not change the core. We just change the outer appearance depending on the sector we
want to reach. The 'core' is 'wholistic AIESEC identity' (for representation) and the outer
appearance is 'interface' to suite the sectors.


AIESEC is a complete system, and we should NOT display AIESEC as a Lego toy, each
team being a brick. The representation must be a wholistic overview of AIESEC, with
how the teams integrate and support each other.

Example: We should not say, "hey, I am TM team, and I do blah... and she is ER team and
she does blah..." The representation should be: "AIESEC system provides blah... blah..
blah .. . In the cycle, it is ensured that everyone is integrated well into the system, and
that is the responsibility of TM. TM uses the knowledge of people who went to an
exchange. OGX supports TM for that.... blah". This will indicate all resource and product
flows (internal and external) of AIESEC, and this will bring the impression of high
productivity of AIESEC.

Not a alien, lots of like minded people:

There is a certain alienation of AIESEC in the outside world. It is reported that often
students say "oh, AIESEC, the bunch of ELITE ... ". The associated emotion is not really
appreciation of AIESEC. Somehow this has to be changed. A wholistic view of AIESEC
should address this issue.

Example: The possibility of finding like minded people using AIESEC platform can be
stressed while representating AIESEC to students, by showing examples.
Little bit of seriousness:

Fun factor is an important factor. But 'contentedness' and 'sense of satisfaction' should be
stressed more.

Example: There are lots of presentation which shows wild fun. Some presentation can
show contentedness, and satisfaction of people who went through AIESEC system. There
can be interesting and uncommon pictures, showing a person 'AT WORK' during an
internship, such as, a person, in an AIESEC internship, working, with a window showing
the skyline of Nairobi.


Member: Students
Consumers: Companies that provide support
Stakeholders: those who are willing to invest, time, money and effort

Media to reach them:

Physical Passive: Fliers, Posters

Face to Face: Reps
Virtual: Homepage, online advertisement, multimedia, streaming media, newsletter

Current situation and recommendation:

Fliers and posters - Too vague: It should clearly indicate what newies can do with
AIESEC ('this is your platform and you can do whatever' does not make no sense, even
implied. I can not recruite an army to train them thermonueclear warfare) - be clear and
precise what one can do, for example, one can learn from intercultural environment.
People who do not know about IAESEC will not be motivated to do "whatever" from a
platform alien to them. The posters should carry precise information about possible
'opportunities' (see example just mentioned) and 'mission statement of AIESEC'.

The posters of project should clearly indicate how they are related to AIESEC's mission
statement, or why AIESEC takes the project. The description should not be indirect in
any way, always use your primary reason to take up the project, because this practice is
concise and ethical.

Face-to-face: There should be more face-to-face interaction between current AIESEC

members and non-member students.

Homepage: The homepage have a long block of text, unformatted. People who are not
familiar to AIESEC will not read that by any means. Moreover, it is in german language.

The homepage should have more media. We have media, but are not utilizing it. There
MUST be a newsletter sign-up widget right in the first page, and clearly visible. Also, a
news display widget and a event timetable, indicating all projects and meetings must be
there, to induce curiosity among visitors. Moreover, a timetable is helpful to members
also. Language should be international.

Somewhere there has to be a clear explanation of why AIESEC knowledge and

experience is an asset. For example, there should be examples, presented to students,
where the AIESEC experience can be applied.

Streaming Media: It is possible to stream an AIESEC project/meeting/action live over the

Internet. According to various surveys, a good number of people views such live media.
Video of action can increase curiosity or 'envy' factor among them, and they can be
tempted to join. So far, no streaming media is never considered in LC Bremen.

Companies and organizations: We already stated that a wholistic approach is required.

Generally, we go to companies and we invoke them to accept an intern. However, it is
also possible to find out organization, who needs people, and who are willing to pay,
though the intern will not have that lavish life. is a database for
such organizations. We can explore this possibility. This is also in accordance with
AIESEC vision, we integrate with other people who wants to create a positive impact, on
earth as a whole.