By C/SMSgt Jordan Bell

Published by Lewis Co. Sq., CAP PO Box 56 Chehalis, WA 98532 Editor: 1st Lt Ruth Peterson Cadet Editor: C/TSgt Cheyenne Sibitzky

On the 17th of July we had our annual fundraiser for the S.T.P - the Seattle to Portland Bicycle race. This is the event where CAP members try our hardest to sort out three truck loads of bags, take them to their right spots in the parking lot, and get them on their way to the correct bike rider. This year we did a good job and finished quickly. We would like to thank all who attended for their good efforts and participation. For those of you who were not able to participate, I hope to see you at the next one. It was fun! We started the day with a cool teamwork game by TSgt Sibitzky. Then we had a drill lab led by SSgt Bartlow. We also had a surprise guest when former cadet Jonathan Shea arrived to help out. After the first truck was unloaded, we had lunch: BBQ pork and chicken sandwiches. Then we finished the last two trucks and went home to recuperate. This year’s S.T.P. was a good one, and I can’t wait until the next.

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Keep your eyes and ears open!
We are planning a C-17 Orientation flight for our Squadron some time in the next few months !! MORE INFORMATION WILL COME OUT SOON!

Above: Cadets Denton, Bell, Soldan, Hughes, and Oster in the midst of unloading the bikers gear.

Right: Our team of hard working cadets and seniors.

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August 2010

“These things we do that others may live”
By 1st Lt David Peterson

The CAP Emergency Services motto isn’t really so much of a motto as it is a lifestyle. When we conduct training and practices in the various areas of search and rescue, we have just one overall goal in mind: we rescue those who need our help. Recently, Lewis County Squadron has renewed its interest in the emergency services program, and we don’t plan on stopping now! In May, over Memorial Day weekend, in the absence of drill, several cadets participated in a basic ES training day at the Peterson house. The exercises that day were focused on introducing the cadets to the basics of search and rescue. We discussed topics including hot and cold weather injury prevention, how to read a map and compass, and what to include in a 24hour pack. Hopefully the cadets learned more about Emergency Services and are excited to participate in more activities in the future! In June, Thun Field in Puyallup served as the mission base for a guided training exercise. Capt Dan Whalen served as the ground branch director and 1st Lt David Peterson was assigned as a ground team leader. The ground teams had a blast, camping outside overnight in the Mt Rainier Forest and the next day were able to locate a simulated downed aircraft and tracked the “survivors” almost 4 miles through the middle of the forest to find them. We learned more that weekend than we had in a long time, and got to work with some amazing members from Ft Vancouver and Peninsula Squadrons. Practice wouldn’t be worth much without an actual mission! On June 26th, at about 6:00 am, we received a phone call telling us that there were two boy scouts reported missing on High Rock Lookout near Mt Rainier since the afternoon before! Five squadron members were able to mobilize and within just a couple short hours arrived on scene ready to search. Fortunately, the two scouts were quickly located and they were just fine, but it proved to us that when we train to save people, we will be called. All this training we conduct, so that others may live. 1st Lt David Peterson - ES Officer - signing off
Read & Romp
By C/TSgt Cheyenne Sibitzky

Civil Air Patrol
Drug Free and PROUD!

On the 24th of July after drill, 8 cadets helped out at the Read &Romp at the George Washington Park in Centralia. We patrolled the area, helping direct the people traffic, making sure there were no lost kids, and helping people when they where lost or had questions. It was a hot day—I know I came home with a sunburn. But I think we all enjoyed it. It looks good for our squadron and Civil Air Patrol as a whole when we get out in the community, and it’s fun to do volunteer service. It’s not every day you get to meet the Cat in the Hat right?

August 2010

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Robotics Class - Hurry and Sign up!!
There is going to be a new class added to the list that you can participate in for our squadron. Starting the last week of August, Lt David Peterson and I will be teaching a robotics class where you will learn teamwork, leadership, and robotics. We need six people to be in the class, so contact me if you want to participate. Staff is welcome in the class, as well. The class will be 4 months long so, if you want to be in the class don’t wait! It will be every other week starting the last weekend of August after drill. It will start at 1:00pm and end at 2:30pm, so make sure this fits your schedule or contact me if it doesn’t and we will see if we can work something out. My number is (360)864-4497. There are already two slots filled, and I hope to see the other four slots taken soon. Sign up soon so you can enter the world of robotics. Jordan Bell C/SMSgt Lewis County Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol

Extra! Extra! We need more articles!
Cadets! As most of you know, the Fireball is always looking for articles. You, as squadron members, really are the ones who write this newsletter. However, it seems like it’s only once in a blue moon that I ever get any from you. Perhaps you don’t know to send them to me, but now you do! Writing articles really is not that hard - a few paragraphs never killed anyone. Whenever you have to write anything for a promotion, I can use that. Or, take 10 minutes after you have attended an activity and write about your experience. I can use it all! It’s simple, painless, and it all helps. Plus, it gets your name in print, even when it’s not your birthday. Please send your articles to me, C/TSgt Sibitzky at

Quote of the Month
The ultimate leader is one who is willing to develop people to the point that they eventually surpass him or her in knowledge and ability. ~Fred A. Manske, JR.

August Birthdays
● C/A1C Scott Heyford ● C/Amm Gerald Hughes ● C/CMSgt Kayla Hughes ● C/SSgt Ellen Lamphere ● C/TSgt Jake Madaris ● Capt John Pope ● Capt Gilbert White ● Capt Rita Whalen

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Important Dates - Add to your Calendar TODAY!
If you have any questions about events (price, how to apply, etc) call your ‘chain of command, and they can help you out!
7 August—Chehalis Air Fair. 17-22—SWW Fair—We traditionally man a booth at the fair where we are available to help find lost kids (and/or parents!) We need people who are willing to do 5 hour shifts. Plan a few of these. You will get a free entry ticket if you do a shift at the booth. It is a fun time to get to know other cadets. You also spend time walking around the fair with your team. This is a very popular event for all cadets! C/CMSgt Kayla Hughes is the one in charge of the schedule. Please email her if you wish to sign up for a shift. 28 August—New Robotics class begins—please see the article inside! 17-19 September—WTA begins again. There is lots of training available if you want to take advantage of it. There are radio and ES classes along with classes about food prep for large CAP events. It’s also a great time to get to know other cadets from around the state. Put the 3rd weekend of every month on your calendar and make it a priority to get that training! Be sure to check the website on a regular basis to find out about upcoming events, calling tree, and a multitude of other great resources.

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