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cetisPV product line

cetisPV-Contact 1
Contacting Station for Solar Cells

cetisPV-Contact 1
Contacting Station for Solar Cells

cetisPV-Contact1 is designed to be used for manual or semi-automatic cell tester in laboratory or in small production environments. Equipped with an optional pneumatic lift (two hand security push bottons) a complete handling cycle of loading, measuring and unloading of a cell specimen can by performed within approximately 6 seconds. cetisPV-Contact 1 is a highly exible electric contacting system for solar cells of different sizes and different bus bar layouts. The width of the three bus bars as well as the positionning guide can be adjusted in a wide range to t to the geometrie of the solar cell type to be tested. The contacting bus bar stripes are designed for the maximum cell size. For cells of smaller sizes simply those contact pins (upper bus bar), which are outside of the cell area, have to be pulled out to avoid short circuiting while contacting. In the open position the upper contacting frame lifts its contacting pins by up to 40 mm enabeling an easy loading and unloading procedure. Pulling down the manual grip (approx. 90 rotation) the cell specimen will be contacted in a load balanced position with the upper and lower test pin springs in equilibrium. Since there is no vacuum plate with a temperature controlled surface the cetisPV-Contact1 is designed to be used in combination with asher type of solar simulators. In the plane of the solar cell contacting position there is a mounting facility for a monitor cell which is needed to measure the irradiance synchronous to the IU-curve. Provided the cell specimen has the same temperature as the monitor cell the temperature measured inside the monitor cell can be used to correct the raw IU-curve data to standard test conditions. Alternatively the cell temperature can also be measured contact free with an optional pyrometer camera. The top and button side bus bar contacting layout can be modied to the customer needs (single, twin contacts for I-U, kelvin-contacts, different spacing). Top frame and bottom bus bar contacting stripes are easy to be exchanged. If comparetively often different cell formats have to measured, instead of readjusting the contacting strips to the appropriate cell format a set of different contacting frames could further ease this procedure. cetisPV-Contact1 can be ideally combined with the IU-curve tracer cetisPV-CTL1 and the pulsed xenon solar simulator cetisPV-XF2 to form a complete cell tester.

technical specifications
Maximum cell size: Width between three bus bars: Bus bar layout: 210 x 210 mm2 adjustable Standard version: 13 double contact pins, voltage / currant, pin spacing aquidistant 13,5 mm. Customer specic versions on demand. Optional: vacuum adapter for rearside solar cells approx. 40 mm. Standard version: manual lift with manual crank. Optional: pneumatic driven lift with two hand push buttons.

Lifting height of upper contacting frame: Lifting mechanism:

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