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April 2004

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The Washington Wing Color Guard competition was held at Camp Murray on Friday the 26th of March and Saturday the 27th. We arrived in the late afternoon and checked into the competition at the Red Horse Flight Headquarters where we receive our barracks number and a schedule of events. We went to our assigned barracks and made sure our uniWAWG Color Guard Competition 2004— Northshore Squadron forms were perfect in every way and watch the other teams struggle to look good. At 2000 hours that day we return to the Red Horse Flight building for testing, which we all agreed on was the easiest test we have ever taken in Civil Air Patrol, even though we only scored 3rd in that event by 1 question. The following morning it was time to do the mile run, which was actually measured out to be 1.225 miles by Briant and Warren during their 3 hours of personal time. We won this event and were all pleased with how we ran except for Briant who was disappointed about not getting the fleet foot award. The next event was inspection in which we changed into our blues and checked over each other’s uniforms before we went before the judges. The inspection was almost flawless except for minor details like a tie being to short, a cover being angled badly, and lint on a pair of gloves. The standard drill went exactly as we practice with perfect time of 3:05 (minimum of 3:00) even though we thought it was too fast and have some very minor mistakes that weren’t highly noticeable. Our outdoor Continued on page 2

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presentation went great and we saw and excellent new rope tying technique perform by Anduiza and we also won 1st place in this event. The indoor presentation was pretty straightforward and we had already practiced that we were going to do on paper the night before. Overall we won 4 of the 6 events, and we are now practicing to win Regional and National next month. Major Walter Congratulating Northshore Color Guard c/SrA Simon Briant

“The competition level this year was very high with some outstanding teams.”

Local CAP Squadron Wins Competition
Article submitted by Kris and 1Lt Barb Jensen See link to Northwest News

First Aid Last week and for the weeks to come, 1st Lt. Jenson is going to be teac hing first aid classes. Cadets will also be learning CPR. The Fire Department is going to teach the Cadets how to extract bodies from vehicles. Moral Leadership Turning worries into concerns and taking action on them. The Cadets split into groups for discussion. These are some of the points that were discussed during class. What is worry? What is fear? What is action? How can God help you find the answers you need? Take action on your concerns by praying about them. Points gathered by c/A1C Jason Warner

CAP Membership as of Feb 29, 2004 Cadets 26,507 Seniors 35,388 Total 61,895


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Spring conference was from April 2-4 in ocean shores. All the cadets stayed at the Jr. + Sr. high school (one school). The male cadets all stayed in the gym and the female cadets stayed in the band room. The senior members all stayed in hotel not far from the conference center. Friday night we got to ocean shore and we signed in around 9. We had about a half hour to get are stuff put away and make our beds. Around 9:30 pm we had a briefing done by the staff and Lt Col. Kathy Maxwell followed by a snack then lights out. Saturday morning started off early

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we got up got dress and came out to participate in a team building activities. After team building we ate breakfast and headed over to conference center. We sat thought a 2-hour commander call where they handed out certificates to the senior member. We all had classes to attend. This year they did some thing a little different when it came to the classes. All the airman’s where in one class, all the NCO’s where in another, and even the officers had their own class to attend. While all the classes where taking place a CAC meeting was going on and the senior members where all in meeting /classes. We all breaked long enough to have lunch but pick up right were we had left off. After all the classes where over we went back to the school for 1 hour and a half where everyone got ready for the banquet and dance. We went back to the conference center had a nice banquet with a EXTREMELY long guest speaker. FollowOcean Shores Convention Center ing the guest speaker we had a 20 min dance and went back to the school to have a snack and then all the ladies where in for a laugh, all the guys tried to serenade us with a song or 2 needless to say a couple girls about died laughing. It was finally lights out and just about everyone was tried (the may not have gotten to much sleep but they where tried.) Sunday came and a lot of the cadets attended a service. Every one packed up and everyone was loaded up and taken over to the conference center. Once there we walked to the beach had a little fun with Frisbees (provided for the cadets). Once we got back to the conference center we had a little snacked signed out and packed up and headed home. c/Amn Kellye Myers

“ This year they did something a little different when it came to the classes.?

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United States Air Force Auxiliary WAWG Group V Civil Air Patrol P.O. Box 884 Bothell, WA 98011
Phone: 425/771-3736 Email: kwalter@

Cadets - Contact your Flight Sergeant for registration details “O” Flights - Every last Saturday of month Call Eric Long 425/923-7220 Tuesday before to reserve your flight. Fire Mountain BME 47 - May 14-16 Centralia Riffle Club in Centralia Questions: Gregg Peterson 360/215-3960 or B-17 Tour (0900) & Cascade Warbirds Show (0930) - May 15 RSVP to Maj. Russell Garlow at Museum of Flight hot line 206/746-5720 Rocketry May 18 & 25 1900 or so FEMA Site, RSVP to 2nd Lt Wilander 425/266-5609 or

WAWG Training training

General Aviation Appreciation Day & Pancake Breakfast - May 22 Paine Field Senior Members SLS (Squadron Leadership School) May 15 & 16, 0900—1730 Bellingham Squadron Bldg 3926, Williamson Way $10 w/application (donuts, coffee, copying)

Squadron Calendar http://northshore.wawg. html

Meeting Agenda and Uniform Tuesdays of each month
6:30-7:00 Drill 7:00-7:10 Opening Formation 7:10-8:00 Aerospace/Moral Leadership/Emergency Services, PT 8:00-8:10 Break 8:10-8:40 First Aid 8:40-8:50 Commanders Call 8:50-9:00 Closing Formation Northshore Composite Squadron PCR-WA-068 1st Tuesday—Promotions, Aerospace, and drill (Blues) 2nd Tuesday—PT, testing & drill (PT gear) 3rd Tuesday—Aerospace, Emergency Services (BDU) 4th Tuesday—Moral Leadership, First Aid/Emergency Services (BDU) 5th Tuesday—Open

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