intro F&N is amongst the region’s and Malaysia’s oldest companies and its brand enjoys the rare

distinction of being a market leader and household name in many categories. A well loved brand in Malaysia, today, F&N has spread its wings to more than 20 countries worldwide and established itself as a regional player. From purveyors of carbonated soft drinks, the F&N Group is one of Malaysia’s diversified blue chip companies with leadership of the nation’s beverages and dairy products. The Group has grown from strength to strength with an annual turnover in access of RM4 billion from its core business in the manufacture, sale and marketing of soft drinks, dairies, non-carbonated beverages as well as property. With a unique blend of quality and innovative products that have stood the test of time, the F&N brand has resonated with Malaysians for over 128 years. The company has come a long way since 1883 when John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave formed The Singapore Straits Aerated Water Company. Years later, F&N was consolidated and the company’s love affair with the food and beverage industry began. Our corporate milestones include, among others, the pioneering and launching of the sweetened condensed filled milk in 1973, launching of a complete range of ice–cream products in 1974, the launch of 100 Plus isotonic drinks in 1984 , and the acquisition of Nestlé’s canned milk business in Thailand and Malaysia in 2007. Not one to rest on its laurels, F&N continues to soar to greater heights and remains committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance through integrity, transparency and accountability. F&N also remains responsible to their employees, business partners, stakeholders and the community; the company implements various initiatives to ensure responsible practices are carried out in all areas of the F&N business. In Malaysia, F&N operates under the banner of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&NHB), which is the Malaysian arm of Fraser And Neave, Limited. The company is listed on Bursa Malaysia and employs over 3,000 employees in operations across Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand. Its vision is to become the leading total Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia and the region.

For more information on Fraser And Limited go to www. excellent value for our customers and a rewarding career for our employees" . Vision: "To become the leading total beverage company in Malaysia and the region" Mission: "To be a world-class multinational enterprise providing superior returns to our shareholders.fraserandneave.

the soft drinks division has historically contributed about 50 per cent of Group revenue/profit whilst the other 50 per cent is shared between the other divisions. Asian-inspired beverages and ice cream. anywhere. the F&N Group consists of mostly wholly-owned core businesses in Malaysia in soft drinks. These innovative products have been thoughtfully developed to offer wholesome goodness and enjoyment to everyone. high standards of corporate governance and product integrity. water. Nor can many of the region’s companies boast a similarly enduring branding heritage (both corporate and product) throughout such a long journey. A promise that is embodied in the F&N corporate identity of its F&B products and reinforced by the slogan: Pure enjoyment. isotonic sports drinks. milk.The F&N Group has been present in the region since 1883. juices. Today. Its soft drinks division commands a market share of more than 60 per cent . Pure goodness. Property development emerged only in the 2004-2005 financial year as a new contributor to the Group’s bottom line. In terms of business split. dairies and properties. Few other companies in the region can boast a mercantile heritage over two centuries during which it has earned an unflagging reputation with all stakeholders for stringent business ethics. Food & Beverage The F&N food & beverage (F&B) division caters to consumers from all walks of life with products such as soft drinks. anytime. Market Position The Group has strong market positions in all of its Malaysian core businesses. The acquisition of the Cocoaland stake in 2010 will provide the Group with a strategic third pillar necessary to bolster and accelerate the development of the food business to complement the soft drinks and evolving regional dairies business.

F&N (soft drinks and condensed milk). F&N soft drinks and dairies divisions’ brands have enjoyed a long history of customer and consumer confidence built on unwavering commitment to quality and F&N’s undisputed distribution capability and strong sales infrastructure. To cater for the continuous growth in demand for its products. Asian Soft Drinks (ASD's) and Cordials in Cans. Strong Brands The Group enjoys numerous. the Group has invested in two new dairy plants in Malaysia and Thailand. Fruit Tree and Seasons. award-winning brands. It has the unique capability to produce Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD's). Sunkist. Among the leaders are 100PLUS. F&N became the largest canned milk player in the ASEAN region. tripling its business and adding RM1 billion in additional sales revenue per annum. In 2006. Magnolia. With a totally integrated PET blowing plant. commenced operations in September 2009. operational since 1996. The dairies operation in Petaling Jaya is the largest in South East Asia with an annual capacity of 7 million cases. Manufacturing The soft drinks factory in Shah Alam. PET Bottles and BIB (for fountain drinks). It also operates a can-making plant with a capacity of more than 300 million cans per annum. following the Group’s RM310 million deal with Swiss giant Nestle. F&N Beverages is the only soft drinks company with production facilities in both West and East Malaysia. is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in South East Asia. The RM250 million greenfield liquid milk plant in Thailand. the plant is the "best in its class" among condensery operations and is set to be a low- . Ayutthaya. it is able to produce 60 million cases of soft drinks per year. Located on a 23-acre site in Rojana Industrial Park.whilst the dairies division enjoys a leading 60 per cent share of its core condensed milk segment.

designed to be the largest canned milk plant in Southeast Asia. F&N's main dairy production facility in Petaling Jaya is set to be relocated to this 37. The entire offering was snapped up by eager investors attracted by its freehold status and strategic location. Known as Fraser Business Park. 4 months ahead of schedule.5 million cans per day or an annual production of about 11 million cases of product. Rojana Factory Panoramic View : The Thai plant will serve as a blueprint for F&N Dairies Malaysia's new RM350 million plant in Pulau Indah.cost and efficient producer. They were successfully handed over to the purchasers at the end of 2006. the F&N Group launched Phase 1 of its new property division’s first project. . With total capacity of 3. This new world class state-of-theart production facility is scheduled to be operational by 2011. Selangor.4-acre site. Property In 2004. part of a RM600 million re-development of the 20-acre site in Sungei Besi that was formerly home to an F&N factory in Sungei Besi. the plant is fully integrated with an outsourced in-situ can manufacturing facility and onsite logistics operations. the first phase comprising 80 shop office units was an overwhelming success. Its design incorporates the latest technology to meet the highest standards of food safety and efficiencies in the production of liquid milk products.

serviced apartments. hotel. . college and hostel. was launched in 2006.Phase 2 . Well received with gross development value at RM 380 mil. known as Zone E @ Fraser Business Park. it is an integrated commercial development comprises of retail mall.

F&N’s underlying commitment to innovation. Our divisions have worked aggressively to deliver on the respective brand promises through bringing our customers consistent and memorable brand experiences.products Over the years. quality and excellence undoubtedly enabled the brands in our stable to weather the challenges of the marketplace as well as forge ahead in their respective market segments. the brands in F&N’s stable have continued to grow from strength to strength. Please navigate to one of the brand categories below: Soft Drinks Dairy Products Property .

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