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Sanjeev Try to answer these question Now i m just preparing the answer but u all try to reply these

answer with ur own way1.What is difference between replica & new copy?2.What is different type of administrator?3.If user forgot his password how will recover the password?4.What is ODS version of R5 & R6 & R7? 5.What type of replication? 6.When will set the pull type

of replication in server? 7.What will do if server get hang?8.basic router command?9.What is parameter of notes.ini? 10.How internal & external Mail routing work? Give with example11.what is ACL & type?12.when will configure the connection document?14.what will be do when replication stop between the two server?15.If agent is not working on the server?16. Agents command18.what are

maximum database sizes in domino? will convert the entire mail file in to .ntf by will configure the Web configuration? will secure your console?22.what is feature exchange & domino?23.what type of mailing group?24.which group not find in names.nsf? 25.if your server get crash what you do as administrator?25.which file takes backup when your server crashes?26.if user

saying that he is not receiving the mail from outside domain what u will do totroubleshoot the problem?27.if mail is not routing from one server to anther server? will set the web mail?29.basic admin question like id creation & certify? Server id30.content of user id?i dont know if u know the ans thn pls tell us...........1.What is difference between replica & new copy?Replica is a copy

of database which having the same replica ID which share during thereplication process And new copy is a simpale copy of database which don't have any replicaID and further u cannot replicate from it's original database2.What is different type of administrator?Full access administrator -- gets all rights and privileges of all administration access levelslisted.Administrator -gets all rights and privileges of database administrator

and fullconsoleadministrator (but not system administrator).Full console administrator -- gets rights and privileges of view-only console administrator (butnot system administrator)System administrator -- gets rights and privileges of restricted system administrator3.If user forgot his password how will recover the password?If you have recovery information set up for your user ID on

your server The recoverypassword is randomly generated and uniqueto each recoverable ID file and administrator.When you first log in to Notes and the Passworddialog box appears,2 do not enter your password. Just click OK.3. Click "Recover Password" in the "Wrong password" dialog box.4. Select the user ID file to recover in the "Choose ID File to Recover" dialog box.5. Enter the password(s) given to you by your

administrator(s) in the "Enter Passwords" dialogbox, and repeat until you have entered all of the passwords, and you are prompted to enter anew password for your user ID.6. Enter a new password for your ID, and confirm the password when prompted4.What is ODS version of R5 & R6 & R7? File ext.-----version------ODS--?-------------V3------17.ns4,.nsf-------V4------20.nsf------------V5------41.nsf------------v6-------

43.nss------------v7------43from verson 5 lotus support >4GB size, transaction logging, in-place compaction5.What type of replication?Pull PullPull Push (default) Pull OnlyPush Only6.When will set the pull type of replication in server?Forces a one-way replication from the specified server to your server. replicate a singledatabase from the specified server to your server we are using pull command by including

thedatabase name on the command line7.What will do if server get hang?Its very difficult to take a single stepThere are so many reason to get server hang . either ur is corrupt or there are somehardware issue u can check log file and analyze ur problem and try to resolve it8.basic router command?Tell Router Delivery Stats--- it will Shows you Router delivery statistics.Tell Router Compact-------Compacts

MAIL.BOX and cleans up open Router queues. You canuse this command to compact MAIL.BOX at any time. If more than one MAIL.BOX isconfigured for the server, each MAIL.BOX database will be compacted in sequence.By default, MAIL.BOX is automatically compacted at 4 AM.Tell Router Show Queues-----Shows mail held in transfer queues to specific servers and mailheld in the local delivery queueTell Router

Exit or Tell Router Quit----Stops the Router task on a server.Tell Router Update Config-------Updates the server's routing tables to immediately modify howmessages are routed. This removes the 5 minute delay before a Router configuration changetakes effect9.What is parameter of notes.ini?There are a number of parameters in Lotus Domino's notes.ini configuration file that affect ...For example, these

are the server task entries in notes.ini:ServerTasks=Update ,Replica,Router,AMgr,Admin P,CalConn,SchedServerTasks At1=Catalog,DesignServerTas ksAt2=UpdAllServerTasksAt 3=Object Info -FullServerTasksAt5=Statlogf or better info: m/Redbooks.nsf/RedbookAb stracts/tips0421.html? Open10.How internal & external Mail routing work? Give with example?When user send a mail

NRPC(Notes protocols) to deposit the message into the MAIL.BOXdatabase on the user's Domino mail server.The Router finds the message in MAIL.BOX anddetermines where to send the message for each recipient. The Router checks its routing tableto calculate the next "hop" for the message on the path to its recipients and determines theappropriate protocol -either SMTP or Notes routing -- to transfer the

message.Using SMTP routing, the Router connects to the destination server -the recipient's mailserver, a relay host, a smart host, or one of the servers in the recipient's Internet domain --and transfers the message.Using Notes routing, the Router moves the message to the MAIL.BOX database on the serverthat is the next hop in the path to the recipient's mail server. The Router on that server

transfers the message to the next hop, until the message is deposited in the MAIL.BOXdatabase on the recipient's home server.The Router on the recipient's server finds themessage (in MAIL.BOX on a Domino server) and delivers it to the recipient's mail fileSanjeev...these are the preety good questions with the answers you have shared....I recentlycleared CLP and appeared for an interview too. Will share the

list of questions too soon.THanks once again for sharing your knowledgefirst best of luck for ur interview . and we really appreciate if u post ur experience here6 Apr Dream It...DO IT When will set the pull type of replication in serv suppose there are 2 servers A n Bpulltype replication minsfirst let me tell what is initiating srv n target srvInitiating srver mins from wher the changes has been done n trget srver mins from

wher thechanges will be reflected.a(ini srv) b( trgt srv)now if u made this, the changes will be pulled from b to a i.e any changes done in b will beseen in a bt any changes done in a will not be seen / reflected in a is pull type.Q.suppose if a user loses 10 days mails,how can they b restored.Q how can a online server be upgraded to check the connectivity betn 2 server in different to diagnoise

replication problem in clusterQ.what is home server.Q.what is the role of firewall in lotus.Q.what is NAT.Q.In a cluster servers which type of connectivity is preferredQ.what are Server access listsQ.5 reasons for server not responding will u troubleshootQ.Defining Security mechanisms, including:Q Recognizing the elements used for Domino security:Q Designing a hierarchical naming

schemeQ Deciding on an authentication mechanism and anonymous accessQ What are the components for mail routing?Q What routing protocols does Domino support?Q.How does mail route within a Domino Named Network? QDesigning a mail routing topologyQ Understanding how Domino partitions workQIdentifying what Internet protocols Domino supports

Interview Question With Answer --2 6) what is ECL and can we implement the ECL from server side.Ans: An ECL is used to set up workstation data security.It lets you control which formulas andscripts created by another user can run on your workstation.Yes workstation ECL isupdated/Implement from Server Admin's ECL by creating a Security policy document.7) can we make the HUB server from spoke

server.( Like ADC - DC & Vice Versa ) 8) what is difference between Manager & designer access.The major diff between designer and manager access is manager can edit ACL (executioncontrol List) entry but designer can not modify ACL entry9) how many types of policy.Ans: 1. Organizational 2. Explicit10) one group which are allready exist, if we want to deploy the explicit policy on them

what isthe step.Ans: Select group->select groups from Tool panes->click assign policy.(An Explicit policyalways override the Organisational policy...see by Policy synopsis)11) how we take the lotus server backup.Ans: Backup files: All ID files(Servers/Users),All Database(Data folder>NSF+NTF Some Interview question with answer

1) what is the registration server.Ans: A server which registers new users,server,OU and Organisation and initially stores thesedocument in the Domino directory untill the replicateuntill the next replication occures.2) what is the administration server.Ans: An Administration server controls how the Administration process does its work.It storesthe requested work in theadministration request

database and then process them accordingly to their status.By defaultfirst server in the dominodomain is the Admin server for the Domino directory which maintains its ACL, performsdeletion,name change andreplicate to the other server in the DNN.3) what is the difference between registration & administration server.Ans: 1. Both Def.2. Registration Server maintains the Names.nsf database while

Admin server maintains theAdmin4.nsf database.3. By default there is one primary Admin server w.r.t. Hub-Spoke topology wheres asregistration server can be more than one in a domain.4) what is the administration process.Ans: The Admin process is a program which automates many routine administrative tasks suchas Name management task(Rename/delete user and group),Mail file

managementtask(Delete/Mo ve mail file,ACL chages,Enabling agents),Replica managementtask(Create/Mo ve/Delete replicas).5) how do work administration process in background.Ans: Adminp works in background with the help of differents components like AdminP serverTask(Starts by default on all server starts),Administrator client(Domino/Web) (DifferentTools),Domino

Directory(It provides set of instructions with AdminP For instance, when a useris renamed, the certificate information is changed. This is stored in a Person document in theDomino Directory. When the renaming process is in progress, this is indicated in the Person document under the Change Request field),Certification Logs Database(Certlog.nsf databasecreated when server installed it works assgining

new certificates),Admin4.nsf and administr I have a staff member who keeps getting a error everytime she opens mail "error message: The public key that is being used does not match the one that was certified."Bill Steinbrenner thhe rror message comes when the public key of the user id file is different than the onein PAB hence go to file-tools -userid-more opotinsand copy ure public kety to the pabI am a user

running Lotus Notes Release 4.6 (Intl). I am out of the office for a few weeksand can't access my email. Is there a way to forward my incoming email to a new addressat another internet email site?Philip MurphyIn the Corporate Address Book, go to your person document. Click on Edit PersonDocument. (If you do not have access rights to do this, ask your administrator to do it for you). There is a field that you can fill in for a

Forwarding Address. You can put in anyinternet email address and your mail will automatically be sent to that address. Make surethat when you get back to the office, you take this address out, as you will not receivemail in both places205.206.219.29 writes:I am having some difficulty with creating links to files in Lotus Notes. I am able to createthe links, but when the source file is changed it is not reflected in Notes. I am testingusing

Lotus Notes mail, and have been able to highlight a section of a file (e.g. Worddocument), and paste it into Notes (using Paste Special/Create link), and if I open theWord document and make a change withing the section I highlighted, the change will bereflected in Notes. If I make a change elsewhere in the document, the change is notreflected. Ideally what I am looking for is a way to create a link to an entire soucedocument, so

that if the source document changes, the changes are reflected in Lotus Notes. Other times that I have tried, I have created the link, and when I changed thesource document, then Notes can no longer find it.Some HELP!!! Dantry using the paperclip icon ... just make sure your cursor is in the rich text field ... Understanding the Lotus Notes and Domino architecture, including:Identifying the

role of the Domino System AdministratorWhat is the Lotus Domino Administrator?Identifying the Lotus Notes and Domino security mechanisms, including:What is a domain? What is a Domino Named Network?What is a certifier ID? Notes ID? server ID? What are certificates (Notes & X.509)Hierarchical naming componentsWhat is an organization? an organizational unit? Authentication/anonymous

accessWhat is a group? Database ACLs and Server access listsDefining a mail routing strategy, including:What are the components for mail routing?What routing protocols does Domino support?How does mail route within a DNN? between DNNs?What other mail protocols does Domino support?Defining a replication strategy, including:Replication logic -- source/target servers and

source/target documentsFactors that affect replicationHere are some of the answers for your top 5 questions..I'll answer the remaining afterwards as I don't have time now..1) Mails can be restored only if the backup is maintained.2) Not sure as far as I know, the domino server cannot be upgraded while it is running.3) Connectivity between two servers can be checked using Trace <Destination

ServerName> . If servers are in different domains then they should have connection documents toroute or replicate mails.4) To diagnose replication problems you need to manually replicate the cluster servers andthrough console replication. And if there is any error, it is visible on the console..5) Home server is the server on which the mail db residesQ.How will u access the admin client ,if u forget

administrator password ?Q) what is the difference between registration & administration server.Q) how do administration process work in background.Q can we implement ECL from server side.Q) can we make HUB server from a spoke server1.What is Author and Reader fields? and difference?2. In a Single DNN Cluster A and Cluster B is running, Unfortunately Cluster A iscrashed. Which files i should copy from

Cluster A to Cluster B?3. Default users rights of in Server?4. Default mail file size in V6 and V7?5. Server A and Server B in same DNN. Client1 is connected in Server A. Client1 senda mail to server B. But mail is not received. What are the basic and Advancedtroubleshooting Post interview Questions nd Answers on Domino admi

this will help candidates...freshers/Experie ncedPls let me know what is Ispy in Domino??Dear Shushma,I have some Question which is being ask on my IBM interview ,pl do reply of the same ..1).Why mailbox corrupts? How it can be repaired?2).Why mail gets delayed in transfer?3).A user is not receiving mails but able to send mails, why? 4).A user is not able to send/receive mails?5).What does router in lotus notes?

6).How mail routing works? 7).Explain transaction mails logging, mail tracking? 8).Why this message comes in sending a mail address not listed in domino directory.?9).How cluster works?10).What are daily routine activities done by a lotus administrator on server?11).What are common task run on server by default?12).What is encryption?13).Differentiate replica, new copy? What is basic difference?Let me

answer some of the questions posted by you..I am answering them as per the sequence given by you...1) gets corrupted due to corrupt mails.. It can be repaired by using the fixup andcompact the commands.2)There are many reasons for mail getting delayed... but usually a mail may get delayed dueto the unavailability of the next routing server...3) The reason may be the user's mail quota has exceeded. When a user's

mail quota exceedshe will not be able to receive mails but can send mails.. but his sent copy will not be stored inthe sent folder of the mail database.4) The reason is the user is using the offline database of the mail file..5) Router task transfers the mail between the two servers.6) It's a big scenario to explain mail routing here.. but in brief.. mail is routed from the notesclient to the server's using mailer task and from the

server's to the nextserver's router task takes care of it..and from the server's to the maildatabase again the mailer task is involved.7) Transaction logging logs all the tasks running on the domino.... no further idea about it..and mail tracking .. tracks your messages sent/received on the server.8) "address not listed in domino directory".. This error is arised if the recepient's name is notfound in the domino

directory..12) Encryption works for the mail security...13) Replica occurs between the two databases only if their replica id is unique... If u create anew copy the contents in both the databases cannot be synchronises later...I have not answered the remaining queries as it takes a much longer time to explain them..Thanks u very much yaar .pl give answer of some more questionWhat are common task run on server

by default?What is cross certification?How cluster works?How mail route in lotus notes?

What is partition server and pass-through server? What is role of ECL?What are different types of ACL rights? Differentiate Author, Depositor, Editor, and Designer?What is DOLF? What is mail monitoring and mail tracking? Tell some tools for mail monitoring? Thanx in advance for your cooperation ?s from BMC softwares ..Who dare answer them

1.3 types of user authenticaion happens in a domino server name do u create a do u create a 2 for routing mails on a domino server4.what if a gets corrupted ? how will u solve it without shutting down the dominoserver5.difference between fixup and compact6. what does comapct /m specify7.u get a RXX error and the server shutdowns abruptly very

often ...what would be de reasonand how would u solve it.8.what is replica shift lotus domino server to a different server..what all files/folders would u shift or copyto the other server to start in minutes bmc interview ?s 10.what is NSD error for?A can be created by selecting the server's configuration document->Router/SMTP -->basics tab , we can change the setting..

in the configuration doc acc to our convenience..A can be created by starting the server for the first time..Multiple mai.boxes can be created by changing the default value of the server's config doc -->Router/SMTP -->basics tab and restaring the server.When a gets corrupted, usually we can stop the router and then work with fixup andcompact commands, still if the problem persists, we need to

stop the server and take thebackup of the and delete it from the original destination and then start the we start the server a new will be created...Fixup task runs for fixing up the database and compact task is used for the compacting theunused space on the database..RRV error arises due to corruption in the names.nsf of the server.. then we need to delete andtake the backup of the existing

names.nsf and copy the names.nsf from the different server of the same domino domain and paste it in the server's data folder and start the server.Replica id is used to recognize mutiple databases which r replicated from the same database..To shift Domino Server from one server to another server, we need to copy names.nsf,,notes.ini, and the whole data directory if the domino server is the primary server...

TCS ?s 1 Lotus Notes Listen on which port ?2 period of Id recertification fora client and a server3 cmd to show all running task4 in a registration which field is mandatory

5 reasons for server not responding will u troubleshoot6 how to c queues in de router

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