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Issue 87 December 08

Hard working local kids find their Skatepark Vandalised
For the last 5 months or so Mike Forbes and
some willing helpers have been cleaning up and
building some new additions for the
Maungaturoto Skate Park.
Thanks to funding from the Country Club he's
been able to build some new ramps but unfortunately it wasn't long before the first one was
used by a motorcyle, it's also been tagged, people have attempted to light it on fire and the inside support beams have been smashed.
Please can we as a community stress the importance of looking after our local facilities. Mike
and his boys have worked long and hard in their
limited spare time to give something back that
the children can play on with their bicycles and
If you can help Mike and the boys please email
- Story Amy Forbes
Another proud winner at the recent
Maungaturoto Primary School Pet Day
- Image Liz Clark

153 Hurndall St
Ph/Fax (09) 431-8059
Bus Trip to Whangarei TUESDAY 16th December 08
Shopping Appointments etc.
Leave 9.00am and return approx. 3.30 – 4.00pm
as required.

For information on 2008 & 2009 trips
Please phone 431 8059

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Retirement Units For Sale and Rent
The Community Trust wishes to advise, that
vacancies occur from time to time in both the
2BR OYO units and 1BR rentals, situated
within the village in Riverview place,
If you, or you have family interested in this
retirement option, please contact Rest Home
Manager Debbie Ph. 431 8696, a name on our
waiting list will ensure you are advised of

Elizabeth (Liz) Clark
Advertising:Elizabeth Clark 09 431 9129


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Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Wastewater Update
Maungaturoto Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Thanks Susan!!
Thanks to Susan McRae

The vital upgrade of Maungaturoto’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is progressing on schedule and is expected to
be completed on time.

The Maungaturoto Business & Community Assocation
thanks Susan McRae for her work as secretary. Since she
and her family moved here, Susan has worked hard for the
association and the community. Brian, Susan and their
The upgrade includes the installation of new membrane
filtration technology that will significantly improve the qual- boys attended working bees to improve our town, and
Susan's delicious recipes, which she generously contribity of the discharge. It also includes the construction of a
storage pond, tidal discharge point and providing additional uted to Maungaturoto Matters, have been cooked and enjoyed by many people. Best wishes to the McRaes who
protection for the existing oxidation pond and an all
have moved to Waipu.
weather access road.
Harrison Contracting, who have the contract for the civil
component, moved onto the site just before Labour Weekend.
Now the access road has been completed and work has
begun on the lined storage pond area which will hold effluent that has been treated by the membrane filtration plant
until it can be discharged for two hours following high tide.

Maungaturoto’s dentist and his wife
the painter (November Matters.)
by Alan Flower

First the painting of Albert Causer.
The day after the November Matters was delivered, I was
It is expected that most of the civil component of the project amazed to receive a phone call from Julie Antunovich to
will be completed before Christmas and that the membrane say it was hanging in her living room. After many years it
filtration plant, being provided by Canadian Pacific Limited, had found its way back to Julie, great niece of Albert
will be delivered to the site by mid January.
The plant is projected to be commissioned at the end of
Julie has now donated it to the Kauri Museum where it will
February, following which it will be performance tested for
no doubt be displayed after a little restoration. I feel this is
two months.
a great acquisition. (Albert was also an old kauri bushman.)
Kaipara District Councillors visited the site on 19 November Correction.
after holding a Council workshop in Maungaturoto and
were briefed by consultant Andrew Carvell.
It was Dr Jim Rennie who had the car accident when driv“They were impressed by the new road and pleased to see
the progress being made on this very important upgrade,”
says local Councillor, Graham Taylor, who also holds the
Council’s New Infrastructure portfolio.

Secretary needed for the Maungaturoto
Business & Community Association
Would you like to be involved in the Maungaturoto Business & Community Association.
We are looking for someone to be our Secretary.

ing home after a very late callout to a patient. Albert never
learned to drive a vehicle although he did buy a Model A
Ford at one stage and got either his nephew Charlie
Causer or myself to drive him about.

Matakohe Music Makers
Matakohe Music Makers
Final Get-together for 2009 - Tuesday,
Dec 9

Matakohe Music Makers are having their final get together
for the year on December 9th at 7.30pm, Gumdiggers
Duties: Taking minutes at our monthly meeting which is
Cafe, Church Road, Matakohe. Please bring a shared
held on the 1st Wednesday of each month 6pm at the
plate for supper. Refreshments are available. $2 entry per
Community Centre Hall, Maungaturoto. Email communica- person, prize for the best dressed Christmassy outfit.
tion, correspondence etc.
Raffle will be available.
The November Music Makers raffle was won by Gael CulThis is a voluntary position which has the support of a very len from the Gumdiggers Café - a $10 fuel voucher.
hard working committee.
Thanks to everyone who supported us.
All welcome, so come along and enjoy the evening.
Interested persons please contact:
The President
Yours in Music
Maungaturoto Business Assn
P O Box 113
Jim and Sharon.
09 4316772 or email
Ph. 431 8329 Wk 431 8664 Hm

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Maungaturoto Matters

Christian Comment

Advent Season to be observed.

Anglicans throughout the Northland region will descend on Maungaturoto on the evening of Sunday,
Christmas is coming.
November 30th to celebrate ‘Advent.’ Advent Sunday
Christmas, perhaps the most popular of all the annual
begins the traditional season of Advent, five weeks
festivals will soon be upon us. Families will gather to
before Christmas, and marks a period of preparation
share over the Christmas holidays, gifts will be exas the Festival of Christ’s birth draws near. Christians
changed, lots of specially prepared food will be conlook forward in Advent to the coming of Jesus as a
sumed, homes will be decorated with paper streambaby in Bethlehem, as the Saviour at Calvary, as the
ers, and coloured lights will once again adorn the
Risen Lord at Easter and as the Reigning King in the
Christmas tree. It’s all great fun and although it refuture.
quires a lot of planning, preparation and expense,
Each year Advent Sunday has been observed by a
most of us wouldn’t miss it for the world.
special gathering somewhere in Northland, but this
It would be easy however, to get so caught up with
year it is the turn of the church at Maungaturoto to
the outward celebrations of this wonderful time of
host the event. The service begins at 5pm and will
year that we could easily forget what it is we are really
highlight some of the ancient tradition associated with
celebrating. Christmas is, of course, the recalling of
Advent, together with Advent Carols. Afterwards a
Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem. In that little child, the
special supper will be served for everyone attending.
greatest miracle on earth took place. God, the supreme Creator of the universe, came to earth, and
Kaipara District Council
became a person like us in order to demonstrate that
No Camping on Public Reserves
He loves each and every one of us. This amazing
God who is all powerful, all Holy and all loving, came
at Batley
in the form of His Son Jesus and offered Himself to
be our Saviour. In our self-centred, independent arrogance, most of us don’t think we need a Saviour, but For a number of years families have enjoyed a few
days camping at Batley, possibly unaware that a porwe don’t need to be rocket scientists to see we are
destroying our planet and seem powerless to prevent tion of the area between the foreshore and road is
the increasing moral decay of our nation, the disinte- part public reserve, and part privately owned. The
public and road reserves at Batley are not designated
gration of family life, marriage break downs, and the
camp sites and Council has existing bylaws to deal
increase of crime and violence both at home and
abroad. We may blame the politicians, world leaders with offenders.
or ‘someone’ for the mess we are in, but the seeds of Last Christmas the number of campers in the bay increased to the extent that some families had estabgreed, selfishness, pride and anger are in all of us,
lished camp sites within a few inches of the road.
and we are all playing our part in bringing about the
Batley is limited in terms of parking or camping space
‘utter disaster’.
But God foresaw this before time began, and planned and the increased demand for camp sites on the reto send His Son to ‘save’ us, restoring us back to fel- serve area severely restricted parking and access on
public reserves for anyone hoping to enjoy a day at
lowship and intimacy with Himself. It is as we open
our hearts and minds and acknowledge what God has the beach.
done for us, in Jesus, and begin to entrust our lives to Council met to discuss the concerns with access,
health, safety and security at Batley and decided in
Him in faith that the Christmas story begins to make
sense. The angels on the hillsides at Bethlehem an- the interests of public safety and welfare to suspend
camping indefinitely.
nounced to the shepherds, “Don’t be afraid, I bring
“No Camping” Signs will be erected at Batley prior to
you good news of great joy...for to you is born...a
Christmas 2008 and monitored over the holiday peSaviour, He is Christ the Lord!”
riod to ensure everyone complies with them.
May our Christmas be deeply enriched as we recall
what God has done for us in this His infant child, and Persons found camping on reserves will be ordered
embrace His love more and more. It is the touch and off; repeat offenders may be fined or prosecuted undaily experience of His love that is the greatest gift we der section 215(5)(b) of the Kaipara General Bylaw
can ever receive. May God be born in us again this
If you require further information please contact
Christmas time, so that His love will grow.
Council’s customer services centre on 09 439 7059.
Kaipara District Council
- Rodney O Dunlop
Ruth Harvey
Governance Team
Kaipara District Council

Maungaturoto Matters

133rd Annual Paparoa A & P Show on again
in February 2009

Paparoa A & P Show
Saturday, 7 February 2009
The 133rd Annual North Kaipara Agriculture Association
Show, locally known as the Paparoa A & P Show will be
held on Saturday, 7th February 2009.
We encourage you to support this great community event
by entering the many categories available in this year’s
show schedule. This is now available either at Skelton’s
Drapery Paparoa, Noel Radd Motors Maungaturoto or in a
new environmentally sensitive move, online at
Please consider the environment and print only the pages
you need.
Two new events on this year’s calendar are the Talent
Quest and Taste Kaipara. Anyone interested in either of
these events, please call Bob on 09 431 6919 or 0274 95
2357 or email for further information.
Admission is still only $7/adult and $3/child or you can
show your support by becoming a member for $35/family
or $15 per adult.
Gates open at 9am to the public for simultaneous events
around the showground featuring
• the Biggest and Best Display of Indoor Exhibits in
• Horse and Pony events, Miniature Horses, Rodeo
• Sheep Shearing Competition, Dog Agility Display,
• Vintage Vehicles, Trade Sites, Bullock Team Rides,
Wood Chopping and everyone’s favourite, the Side Shows.
There’s even a show wind down with a ‘Hoe Down’ in the
sports clubrooms until 8pm.
So get your friends and family together, make a day of it,
bring a picnic or get one there. Everyone loves a great
community event, but a successful day takes participation
from the community. Get involved and keep our traditions
alive. See you there Bob Clyde—President

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Linking Hands Inc.
Hello there, here we are in December and it’s all bells and
Christmas cheer already. We are looking forward to the
Maungaturoto Christmas parade and will have some fun
with our volunteer drivers…don’t know what we will do yet
but we will be there.
Thank you one and all for being there with us. It’s been
quite a challenge and a few said we wouldn’t last ….but we
lasted and we are going into the New Year with bigger and
brighter challenges. So watch our programs for 2009.
Just to update our latest programs
Water Aerobics
This group meets on Wednesdays outside the Linking
Hands office. We leave at 9am to arrive at the pool for
9.30am to 10.30am aerobics. The class can take 14 people
and, as we have around 11, there are spaces. It’s free and
is sponsored by a funder, however we ask for a donation if
possible. The only criteria is that you must have healthrelated needs such as joint pain, arthritis, be overweight, or
need physical activity you cannot otherwise achieve.
Please give us a call and join in the group.
FAB Outing (Family Activity Boost)
This is where a family gets nominated by you in the community - a neighbour, friend or someone else you believe
deserves something special. We contact the family and
offer them a day out. We have a variety of outings to suit
families with children of various ages. Although we cater for
a range of groups we are still looking for new activities. We
include a wonderful picnic hamper with everything including
the kitchen sink….or nearly - and the shuttle and driver are
at your disposal for the day.
So come on, nominate someone special for this wonderful
outing…ph 09 4318 969.
Internet Café… (This does not serve coffee)
We now have a computer for community use with broadband and a printer. It’s available during our office hours,
which could be extended by request. We’ve heard that
some people think Maungaturoto has another café, but this
is not the case. We accept a gold coin donation and hope
it will help those of you without access to a computer.
We will not close down over Christmas.
Linking Hands’ office will be closed, but we will man the
phones and take bookings for hospital and health-related
appointments during the Christmas break.
Please phone us with your appointment details. Our volunteer drivers will be on standby so we need details as early
as possible to help us make the system work smoothly.
We wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best
for the New Year. Please drive safely and keep well. We
look forward to being here for you in 2009.
The office will close on 22nd December and reopen 5th Jan.
Please phone your booking to our answer service which we
will check daily,
09 4318 969.
My regards,
Maureen Davis.

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Maungaturoto Matters


Or RUTH 431-8491

supported by
Maungaturoto Congregational Church
($2 donation per family please)

Maungaturoto Matters

The Team Wishes you all
Merry Christmas
The team at Homebuilders wishes you all a very Happy
and Safe Christmas with tons of family fun over the summer holidays.
Over the past year I have not said much about our Family
Support Team. I would like to introduce you to: Rose
Plunket and Rosemary Jones who work primarily in
Paparoa, Elizabeth Ludlam in Maungaturoto, and Sioux
Plowman who works from Managawhai.
These ladies have considerable experience in their field
and can help families find answers to their dilemmas as
they bring their wisdom and training into difficult situations.

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Community Trust News
The administration of the trust is in the hands of a dedicated band of trustees who meet monthly to ensure the
needs of the ageing community are adequately catered for.
Every year a public meeting is held (see advert) giving an
opportunity for the community to meet trustees, hear progress reports and peruse annual accounts. The trustees
welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements.
This year we have as guest speakers Paea Pake and Ann
Wilson, support workers from the Alzheimer’s Society, who
will enlighten us on the care needs of those affected and
the community support available.
The Rest Home continues to provide a very high level of
loving care to our senior residents who have outlived their
ability to look after themselves. As the Rest Home is at
times full to over flowing, over the last two years we have
been planning expansion. Planning is near completion; the
concept plan will be on view.

The Family Support Team and our PACE worker Gail
Blythen thank those of you who have allowed them to be a
part of their journey over the past year. It is our privilege to The own-your-own units change hands from time to time.
Recently three came on the market, two of which are spobe invited into your homes when you are challenged with
ken for. If anyone is contemplating living in the village they
some of life’s difficult circumstances.
should inform Debbie, Manager at the Rest Home. A name
I have been approached by Barbara of the “Grandparents on the list ensures you are notified of vacancies. This also
applies to rental units.
Raising Grandchildren Trust”. She suggested we might
like to start a support group here and has asked me to find
The Maungaturoto Community Charitable Trust owns and
out if there are Grandparents in this area who would enjoy
getting together on a regular basis. If you are interested in operates the following:
Medical Centre (currently leased to Coast to Coast
being part of a group like this next year please give me a
Healthcare, etc)
ring on 431 9080.
16-bed Rest Home
13 Retirement Units (rentals)
Our Golden Oldies Christmas Lunch is on 10th DecemEight Own-Your-Own Retirement Units
ber at the Community Hall Supper Room at 10.30am.
Community Money Exchange
This is usually a very special time and we would like to
invite any in the area who would like to join us to ring
Please mark 4th Dec on your calendar. We would like
Elaine on 431 8317 so we get an idea of numbers for
catering. We are happy to provide transport - just let
to you to attend our public meeting at St John Hall at
Elaine know if you need a lift. Look forward to seeing 7.30pm
you there.
D McKay (Chairman, Trustees)
Blessings from us all at Homebuilders and best wishes for
a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

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Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Matters

Otamatea Repertory Theatre
“Never Mind Mother Goose”

Page 9

a major crisis, and saw guests as being in the way of the
smooth running of the hotel.
Auditions are being held at the theatre on Sunday, December 7th. Contact Dennise Brownlie or a committee
member for further details. Cast must be available for all
rehearsals and the show is planned for March 2009 with
up to nine shows over three weeks.

This year’s pantomime has been a great success for all
concerned. The cast of mainly children rose to their task
with courage and finesse that would have seemed to have
been beyond them. But as real “troupers of the boards”
opening night was a remarkable event with colour and acThis could be your opportunity to move out of your comtion that can only happen in a pantomime. And the adult
zone for an enjoyable romp on stage. See you at the
members of the cast performed very well too!
Congratulations to Helen Morton-Jones for her direction
and those most important people who man the sets and
Theatre Development
props who are known as stage crew.
Work has just about been completed on the workshop
If you think or possibly know someone who would like to
write next year’s pantomime, contact a committee member extension to the theatre. This has been a marvellous
achievement by all concerned. It is an asset that will enfor more information.
able the theatre to produce shows with even more experUnfortunately the occasion was marred by some little cre- tise and proficiency than before.
tin who thought he could win the raffle by stealing the prize Landscaping is our next project, with designs for a grand
entrance and the comfort of the most important of people,
before it was drawn on the final night. In your neighbourour guests and audience.
hood there is someone who has no scruples about taking
working bees will continue on Saturday mornings
from children, the theatre and the community in general. If
from 9.00 am for about three hours. See you all then.
you, the person responsible for this act, are reading this
newsletter, we have nothing but abhorrence for you. The
local police have been most responsive to our concerns.
Thanks Trevor.

Fawlty Towers
Yes, we believe Basil and crew are coming to your theatre.
This was the man to whom even the simplest problem was

Merry Christmas to everyone from
your Theatre

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Maungaturoto Matters

Fencing Contractors
Rural and Residential
Post and Rail


Retaining Walls

Livestock Agent for

Drilling attachment

To contact Alan please phone
(09) 4317 081
Mobile 027 493 2844

Prompt and reliable service
Ring for a quote
Phone or Txt
Ed — 027 497 1714

WJ Construction
Wayne Jaques

*New Homes
Labour Only

Phone 021 400 039 A/Hrs 09 431 2808
Free Quotes
25yrs Experience


CALL KEN ON 09-4318705
OR 021-1612344

Phone Hayden
021 506 260
09 431 9143


027 240 7786

Maungaturoto Matters


Page 11


Once again Maeve Binchy entertains us with a novel full of
her wonderful characters (some you will remember from a
previous novel e.g. Quentins) and her own blend of Irish
humour. This story is centered around a new outpatient
heart clinic in Dublin run by dedicated people determined to
make the clinic succeed. A delightful and happy story.
Five novels and short story books by John McLean with a
surfing theme and set in many different parts of the world.
CHECK OUT books sourced from Dargaville Library in
the latest Dargaville changeover of non-fiction and fiction books. This changeover occurs approximately
every 3 months and hopefully you will find something
to please.
GOOD NEWS : OUR GRANT application to the Paparoa
Depot Trust was successful and we have been granted
$500 to purchase large print books.

Christmas Recipes


250g butter/margarine
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla, almond and lemon essence
1 tsp cinnamon, ground ginger, mixed spice
1/4 tsp nutmeg
6 eggs
1.75 kg mixed fruit of your choice
1 cup drained crushed tinned pineapple
350 g high grade flour (or rice flour for gluten free)
1/4 cup brandy
Cream butter and sugar, add essences, spices, add
eggs (one at a time), beat well.
Mix fruit and pineapple together, mix in a little flour
to coat the fruit, then add fruit and flour to other ingred.
Bake 150 C for 2 hours, then 120 C 1 1/2-2 hours,
pour brandy over cake as soon as removed from the
oven. Cool.
(Make sure the cake tin is well lined with many layers
of baking paper. Also, sit cake on plenty of layers of
plain brown paper - this will stop the outside of the
cake drying out during the long cooking time.)
Susan McRae

(Makes delicious toast for breakfast or supper, great
for school lunchboxes and costs about 1/3 the price of - the friendly market!
purchased bread)
1 cup plus 2tbsp half water/milk (lukewarm)
1 large egg
3 tbsp margarine
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
3 cups high grade flour
1 tsp mixed spice and vanilla essence
2 tsp cinnamon
2tsp Surebake yeast
1 cup dried fruit (sultanas, raisin, currants)
1/4 cup chopped apricots and/or walnuts - opt
Put wet ingredients in breadmaker followed by dried
ingredients (except fruit/nuts). Set to sweet option.
Add fruit/nuts when machine beeps.
This bread will keep fresh for several days.

Paparoa Village Green,
Saturdays 9am-12midday, fortnightly:

Fresh from the garden/nursery, kitchen and sea is a wonderful range of foods and plants.
Rowens Icecream is back for the summer, selling their allnatural ice-creams.
Plus, the Paparoa Shops and restaurants are open....
Make a trip to visit:


P.S. Have you visited the website for our market on

The Paparoa Hall kitchen is licensed for use in food preparation.
Contact Robyn Skelton, 431 7306 or Loraine at the market.
- Loraine Rowlands

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Maungaturoto Matters


123 Hurndall Street

Phone: (09) 431 8733
(09) 431 8736

You Can Hire …
Concrete Mixer (Electric)
Concrete Power Float
Plate Compactor
Hydraulic Log Splitter
Post Hole Borer
Scrub Cutters
Weed Trimmers
1.5 Tonne Digger

At Maungaturoto
Auto Centre
431 8288

Phone Jenny on 09 431-2826
Let’s take the hassle out of your busy life.
These are the services we offer.
Cleaning on weekly, fortnightly, monthly
or those one off jobs.
Rented & Holiday Homes.
Windows& ceilings
Ovens Domestic Cleaning

Maungaturoto Matters

On 19 November, Garden Club members traveled to
three contrasting gardens – all interesting in their
own way.

Page 13

.Summer is in full swing so pay attention to wa-

The first was beautifully laid out with immaculate
lawns and colour co-ordinated gardens. The gardens led to the top of the hill and the house which
had a magnificent view of the sea.
The second garden had many paths under a tall
canopy of mature trees, natives and exotics. Along
the edge of the drive there were areas of different
coloured day lilies and many varieties of flowering
shrubs. The paths to the house led to a large area
planted with mature trees – a tree lover’s delight.

tering, weeding, feeding and spraying.
Sow successive summer vegetables for a plentiful supply to last over summer. Potatoes will
require mounding up to protect those new
Further applications of fertilizer will help increase the size of the fruit on trees.
Maintain spraying of roses and fertilize and wa-

The third garden was a cottage garden which inter. Cultivate and weed around flower plants.
cluded an orchard and vegetable garden with a bee
hive. Featured were paw-paws, bananas, plums,
Strawberries will need netting to protect from
pears, mulberries and pineapples. To finish we were
treated with tea and home baking. A great end to the
(Garden hints from Maungaturoto Garden Club)
On 10 December at 11.30 a.m. members are to
meet at Pam and Ron McCallum’s home for a Christmas pot luck lunch and, no doubt, also a meander
around their beautiful garden.

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Maungaturoto Matters

Mobile Accounting
Registered Tax Agent
Invoicing, Gst Returns, Paye,
Budgets, Financials to Tax returns.
We come to you and we
don’t charge Chartered
Accountant prices.
Ph 09 4318 617 or Mob 021 431861


Graham Slatter
431 8750

Master Plumber
Registered Drainlayer

3 ton digger & truck for hire



Ph (09) 431 8750
Mob (021) 723 284

5 View Road,
Phone 025
027 244
A/Hrs Ph. 431 8451
Fax. 431 8561

Maungaturoto Matters

Kia ora, Hi everybody,
Our term has continued on its happy and busy way. We
continue to have batmen flying about outside - they even
put on a show on the stage by the sandpit to a very appreciative audience. Our pet day was remarkable mainly for
its absence of pets, but we made beautiful sand saucers
with flowers from home and our playcentre garden. During
the next session, our sandpit received a digging over
thanks to our CSW, Jacqui and Kerrie, as it had become a
bit compacted from its winter water-logging. Thanks guys,
it looks a lot healthier. Plans are also underway to replace
its walls and upgrade it, hopefully over the summer.
We enjoyed visiting the school pet day looking at all the
beautiful animals. Equally appreciated were the school
sandpit and playground!
One session saw our strawberry patch being weeded.
Compost was added, and carrots, beans and corn were
planted. Since then we have watched them come up. We
have some dedicated garden waterers who are doing a
brilliant job of keeping the garden watered every session.
Our strawberry plant inspectors, who are learning to tell a
yucky green strawberry from a yummy red one. are also
very dedicated. They are managing to leave some strawberries to ripen.
Our art calendar pictures are beautiful butterflies, fish, caterpillars created with dye dabbed on water. Really good
effort from all those involved. Other activities we've enjoyed were a very slippery watery zoom slide on a warm
morning, threading fruit onto a (blunt) skewer to make fruit
kebabs at morning tea (these activities went down well)
and an athletics day on the school field.
Centre maintenance has seen our shade tree removed. Its
roots were starting to lift concrete, and its leaves and twigs
were good at blocking drains and being a nuisance. Some
of us are sad, and some glad to see it go. Thanks to Steve
and Frances who did a tidy job of removing it, even sweeping the entire concrete area clean. We appreciate the time,
effort and skill that went into its removal. Hopefully we can
come up with another way of shading the area over summer.
Also replaced has been our carpentry trolley - thank you
Russell. The new cupboard should be an inspiration to our
budding woodworkers. And the broken bed has been repaired - thanks B.J.
Our sessions run 9.30am - noon, Wednesday and Friday
for 0 - 6 year olds. We offer three free visits - come along
and see if Playcentre is for you, we'd love to see you.
Phone Maungaturoto Playcentre on 4318 517 or contact
Helen at 4318 221.

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Jayne Short
D.Pod.M MVHs
Maungaturoto Plunket Rooms &
Ruawai Physiotherapy 09 431 7188
Also Mangawhai 09 431 4070

Maungaturoto Matters

Maungaturoto Matters

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First choose your old stainless steel sink, then select sufficient volcanic stones to cover the bottom of it.
Heat the stones over a fire or barbecue - this takes a couple of hours - then put them in the sink.
The campers invited us to their bangi (rhymes with hangi) Top with layers of cabbage leaves, then add meat - in our
even though we were indirectly culpable for the theft of
case, chicken and pork pieces - and veggies - kumara, potheir dinner the previous night.
tato, pumpkin, chunks of cabbage.
Their offer was especially generous given that the farmer’s Cover with a damp cloth, seal with tinfoil, cook over low
favourite saying during the weekend was, “You’re camping! heat for about 90 minutes. Serve and eat with your fingers.
You can’t just go to the nearest house when you want
You’re camping, it’s a bangi.
The farmer’s sister and her husband rolled up in their bus
After dinner we planned to watch Aussie vs NZ netball but
at Labour Weekend and parked near the house on the
the highly-strung satellite dish, positioned after lengthy didedge of the Kaipara Harbour.
dling and dispute the previous night, was askew.
Soon afterwards, having declined our offer of dinner, they
When tension mounted, a gallop to the house revealed it
surprised us by turning up at our front door.
was worth fixing - the halfway score was 21:21.
They had planned to dine on freshly-gathered oysters atop At this point, the farmer sloped home while I stuck with the
Scotch fillet. The steak was icy so Cherry popped it outcampers who got the satellite dish sorted, bar an irritating
side to thaw then, oh dear, she noticed one of our dogs
moment when a dog stood in front of it.
Afterwards we figured Milo charged with Amarula would
She accepted a smoked mullet and was concerned (at the complement the increasingly rare vision of Norma Plummer
very lowest level) for the thief’s welfare. Had the dog eaten defending her team’s loss. Damn! The jar was empty.
the cling wrap too? (I found it on the lawn the next day.)
The campers, rebelling against the farmer’s “no begging”
The next night the campers hosted the family to a bangi, a pronouncements, were about to phone him with a request
cross between a hangi and barbecue.
for Milo when he peered over the bank. They bellowed
instead and he obliged, for once refraining from blurting
We supplied mutton cloth for the stuffing, a roasting dish
about self sufficiency.
and saucepans for the prepared vegetables, thus giving the A win over Aussie can do that.
farmer ammunition for another sermon about campers begging from the neighbouring house.
Here’s how to make a bangi,:

Bangi - the perfect dinner
for campers –Rae

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Maungaturoto Matters

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FAX 09 4318064

Maungaturoto Matters

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Maungaturoto Matters