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Reconditioned Equipment – Delivery & Special Service 2 Benefits of Micrographics 3 Metric Equivalent Chart 3 All About Micrographics 4 Used Reconditioned Equipment 5 - 77 Reader/Printers - 16mm 5 3M 7540 Plain Paper Reader-Printer 5 Kodak Starmate 500 (Micro Copy 1000) budget plain paper rollfilm/fiche reader-printer 7 Canon PC 80 9 Minolta 605Z Plain Paper Reader-Printer 10 Canon NP 780 11 Cannon NP 680 11 Fuji MS850 Plain Paper Reader-Printer 12 3M 7560/7565 Reader-Printers 13 3M 7564 Page Search Controller 13 Kodak Starvue II Reader-Printer 14 Kodak IMT-250 Microimage Terminal 15 Kodak IMT-350 Microimage Terminal 15 Microcopy 1000 16 Microcopy 2000 16 Optional Rollfilm Attachment 16 3M 500M Motorized Reader-Printer 17 3M 500C Cartridge Reader-Printer 17 Altek 2076 Rollfilm Attachment 18 Kodak Imagelink Digital Workstation 20 Micro Copy 100 Fiche Reader-Printer 21 Reader/Printers - 105mm Fiche/Jacket 22 800 Microfiche Dry Reader-Printer 22 Micro Copy 1000 23 Canon PC Printer 70 24 3M 7530 High Volume Plain Paper Fiche Reader-Printer 27 Used Reader Specifications 28 Turntables 29 Dustcovers 29 Readers Roll Film - 16mm 30 Kodak Trimlite R Reader 30 Kodak Trimlite RC Reader 30 ASTRI 16 30 Aperture Card Reader 31 Realist Vista Aperture Card Reader 31 Readers Roll Film - 3M Cartridge 32 Kodak Trimlite CT Reader 32 Kodak Startech II Reader 32 Cameras 16mm Portable 33 The ALOS Simplex Recorder 16 33 Autoexposure Control For Kodak Portable Microfilmers 33 Kodak RP-1 Rotary Portable Camera 33 Kodak Mini Microfilmer 33 Kodak Recordak Portable Microfilmer – Model RP-2 34 Cameras - 16mm Rotary 35 Kodak Recordak Reliant 550 Microfilmer 35 Kodak Imagelink Microimager 70 36 Kodak Reliant 800 Microfilmer 37 Recordak Rotoline Microfilmer, Model RD-3 38 Bell & Howell Inter/COM Recorder 38 3M EF5000 Business Document Camera 39 3M 3500 Small Document Camera 39 3M 6620 Duplex Document Camera 40 Kodak Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 2000 41 3M 6600 Mixed Document Camera 42 Kodak Microimager 30 43 Kodak Mini Microfilmer 44 Kodak Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 1000 44 Kodak Starfile RV-3 Microfilmer 45 Cameras - 16mm Planetary 46 3M FS-6 Camera-Processor 46 Minolta Micro Auto 16 47 3M 6500 Planetary Camera 48 Canon Canofilmer 100 50 Kodak MRD-2/30 50 Bell & Howell FileMaster I & II Cameras 51 Bell & Howell FileMaster III Camera 52 Minolta DAR2800 (ALOS ADF42) 53 Cameras - 35mm Planetary 54 Kodak MRD-2 Planetary Camera 54 HK35 Portable 35MM Camera 55 Recordak Micro-File Machine, Model MRG-1 56 Cameras - 105mm Planetary 57 Microsize 5000 Camera 57 Microsize 5050 Continuous Forms Camera 58 CMI 20/20 Camera 59 TDC Document I, II, III and IV 59 Extek 7151 Camera 59 COM Cameras 60 Duplicators/Fiche/Jacket 61 NB 404 Fiche/Jacket Duplicator System 61 OP 10/11 Microfiche Duplicator 61 Canon KF 480 61 3M 261/262 Duplifiche Printer-Developer 62 Duplicators/Roll Film 16mm/35mm 63 Extek 5400/5401 The Intelligent Diazo Duplicators 63 Xidex 16-D 64 Canon 800Z 64 643M 1500 Dry Diazo Duplicator 65 Ozalid/GAF 16/35mm Diazo Duplicators 66 EXTEK 3100 and 3150 Silver Rollfilm Duplicators 67 Duplicators Aperture Card 69 3M 520 Card to Card Duplicator 69 3M 42069 3M 908/918 Card Duplicators 69 Jacket Loaders 70 Automaster II Model 162A 70 NB 1600 Inserter 71 Microseal VM-16 71 Microseal VM-35 71 NB Reader Filler II 72 Card Mounters - 16mm/35mm 73 3M Semi-Automatic Optical Mounter 73 3M Hand Mounter 73 Processors 74 3M 1600 Roll Film Processor 74 Kodak Prostar I Processor 75 Kodak Prostar II Processor 75 Kodak Microfilm Mini Processor 75 CE 421 77 CE 600 77 CE 642 77 Quality/Inspection 78 Rewind With Friction Control (REF) 78 Power Rewind With Heavy Duty Foot Control 78 Editing Table 78 Editing Table Rack Accessory 78 Microfilm Rewinds 79 Cartridge Loader 79 Swift Microscope 2029 79 Loupes 79 Steel Shipping Cases 79 Plastic Shipping Cases 79 Film Handling Gloves 80 3M Cartridge Film Loading Station 80 Film Checks 80 Editor - Loaders 80 Model 1500 & 1600 Editor-Loaders 80 Model 1000 Loader Reel-to-Cartridge Reel-to-Reel 80 Altek Inspection Station 2044 81 3M 222 Reconditioned Densitometer 82 Processing Aids 83 Altek pH Test Kit 83 Methylene Blue Reagents 83 Control Strips 83 New Spectronic® 20+ and 20D + Spectrophotometers 83 The NMI-450 Film Cleaning System 84 Model 5001 Ultrasonic Film Splicer 84 Densitometers 85 X-Rite 301 85 Macbeth TD 932 and TD 929 85 Silver Recovery Units 85 Wejex Sensitometers 86 Shredders 87 Model 006 87 Model 004 87 Microfilm/Paper Shredders 88 Microfilm/Microfiche Reader Cleaning Kig 89 Ultrasonic Rack Cleaner Model ALP-L4 89 Altek Resolution Targets 90 Supplies 91 Paper – Dry Silver 91 Paper & Toner 92 Toner/Drum Cartridges 92 Cartridges and Reels 93 Splicing Supplies 93 Systems Cleaner - Fuji 143 Tank and Tray Cleaner 93 Processing Leader 93 Accessories 93 Cartridge Labels 93 Labels/Dust Off 94 Dustoff Products 94 Boxes and Cartridges 95 Envelopes/Boxes 96 Microfilm Reels/Trailer Holders 97 Microfiche/Jacket Labels 98 Micrographic Lamps 99 NB/Microseal Jackets 99 Diazo/Vesilular Film 100 Film - Silver 101 Processing – Chemistry 102 Processing – Aids 102 Aperture Cards 104 Microseal 104 3M Company 104 New Equipment 105 - 132 Readers - Microfiche / New Units 105 The Eye Com 7000 Dual Page Reader 105 The Eye Com Ultra Fiche 5000 105 Stackable Cabinets 105 Readers - Microfiche 106 Eye Com Models 1000, 2000, 3000, 1100 106 Eye Com 1200 107 Roll Film Attachments Fiche Readers & Printers 108 16mm / 35mm Reader Model 4601-11 109 Eye Com 9000 COM Reader/Printer 110 Readers – Portable 111 Astri 16 111 Microvision II 111 Portable II 111 Micron 720 111 Plain Paper Reader-Printer 112 ALOS Z40 Reader-Printer 112 ALOS CFF 114 New 16mm Planetary Camera 115 ALOS Planetary Camera 41 115 New Automatic Planetary Camera 117 ADF Planetary Camera 42 117 Microfilm Duplicator ALOS Silver Film Duplicator 81S 119 Densitometer 120 16mm, 35mm, and 105mm Processor 121 VGX Cabinets 123 Scanners, Paper 124 Filing and Storage 125 Cabinets Altek VGX Fiche 120 Altek VGX Rollfilm 120 Russ Bassett Aperture Card 126 Russ Bassett Fiche 124 Russ Bassett Rollfilm 125 Carousel Files 125 Microfiche / Jacket Storage 123, 127 Roll Cartridge Storage 123, 128 Trays 128 Binders 129 Verticle Aperture Card Cabinets 129 Lateral Aperture Card Cabinets 129 Storage Tray Indexing Tools 130 Microfiche / Jacket / Aperture Card Trays 131 Fiche Panel Stands / Binders 132 Thin-Line Microfiche Panels & Folios 133 Panel Accessories 133 Microfilm Microfiche Aperture Card Cabinet 134 Micrographic Work Stations 135 Altek Systems Replacement Parts 136 Order Form 137 Glossary Of Micrographic Terms 138 Fax Order Form 142 Credit Card Authorization Form 143 For Further Information 144


Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston, Texas 77274

ALTEK SYSTEMS, a division of Allied Technology, Inc., has been dedicated to providing micrographic users top quality reconditioned equipment since 1978. We sell our used and reconditioned equipment by class- from Class I to Class V. This system provides an honest assessment of the equipment, and further guarantees you, our valued customer, full value for each piece of equipment you purchase. At ALTEK SYSTEMS, our “Solid Gold” commitment applies to YOU!

“As-Is” non-working parts machines. These machines are incomplete and non-working. They are suitable only for parts or extensive rebuilding. No guarantee of any kind applies.

ON LAMPS AND SUPPLIES: Ship stock supply
items within 24 hours. Call our supply HOTLINE at (800) 627-1123 for immediate response!

Strictly “retail” machines; equipment is refurbished and will contain only minor discoloration, scratches, etc. to distinguish it from a new unit. It comes with a full 30 day parts and labor warranty.

on equipment which we have in our warehouse is typically ten working days. On “In Transit” equipment which has not reached our dock, we request you allow us 30 days for shipment.

ON NEW EQUIPMENT: This depends on the manufacturer! Call your ALTEK Representative for a shipping date.

This is “very good” reconditioned equipment. A cursory glance will reveal it is used equipment that has been repaired. It may have evidence (scratch, discoloration, etc.) from normal use visible. The function of these units will still be equivalent to new equipment. It comes with a 30 day parts guarantee.

WE HAVE CONTRACT REBUILDING SERVICES with customers throughout the United
States. Call our refurbishing department for a prompt quote!

This is “average” working equipment. Its appearance will reflect a very well used machine with unretouched scratches, abrasions, etc. Outside panels may show wear and breakage. We have made no effort to refurbish these units other than to make certain they cycle. Their performance may be somewhat inferior to new units, i.e., slower, not quite as good an image, etc. They will be working machines and will carry a 30 day parts guarantee.

WE SELL NEW AND USED (guaranteed) REPLACEMENT PARTS with up to 50% savings on OZALID, KODAK, 3M, BELL & HOWELL and many other manufacturer parts. CALL (800) 627-1123 TODAY!

you need a large system for long term… or a single camera for a small job, look to us to answer those “Where can I find it?” questions. Rental purchase plans available – a portion of your rental applies to purchase each month.

“As-Is” machines. These are complete machines that may or may not be working. Suitable for rebuilding, these machines will be sold with no guarantees other than they will be complete.

ALTEK SYSTEMS provides quality products and optical imaging solutions from Hewlett-Packard, WaterMark, Fujitsu, Bell & Howell and many other top quality brands!


Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123


Here is a quick review of the benefits of this very viable business tool:
SAVES SPACE…Documents on microfilm take as little as 2% of the space the original documents on paper require. FAST LOOKUP…It takes only seconds to retrieve documents on microfilm (with blip indexing). These film files can be conveniently stored within arm’s reach of a seated operator, instead of relying on offsite storage. EFFICIENT AUDITS…The portability of microfilm means you can transport the filmed documents to a convenient location for review, rather than do the audit on site. IT’S SECURE…Duplicate microfilm files kept offpremises protect against destruction and loss of vital information. Microfilm is becoming a tool of choice in back up archives for many imaging applications. LOWER LOOKUP COSTS…Microfilm eliminates the very high costs of sorting and refiling paper. IMPROVES CUSTOMER SERVICE…Customer questions can be answered from a properly indexed microfilm file much quicker than a paper file, without leaving your work area to search for a document. LOW COST DISTRIBUTION…Microfilm is very inexpensive to duplicate and mail. With around 280 pages on each microfiche and several thousand pages on each roll of film, postage savings alone are significant. SAVINGS ON FILING EQUIPMENT…Far fewer filing cabinets are needed to house microfilmed documents – microfilm uses approximately 98% less space…up to several million documents in one cabinet! EASY TO PRINT…With the advent of plain paper reader-printers, the images on microfilm are “copied” very easily and cheaply at the push of a button.

US 1/4 in. = 1/3 in. = 1/2 in. = 3/4 in. = 7/8 in. = 1 in. = 31/4 = 4 in. = 1 5 /2 in. = 6 in. 73/8 = 81/2 in. = 11 in. = 14 in. = 177/8 in. = 18 in. = 1 ft. = 100 ft. = 110 ft. = Metric Approx 0.6 cm 1 cm 1.3 cm 1.9 cm 2.2 cm 2.5 cm 8.3 cm 10.2 cm 14 cm 15.2 cm 18.8 cm 21.6 cm 27.9 cm 35.6 cm 45.4 cm 45.7 cm 0.3 m 30.5 m 33.5 m US 125 ft. 150 ft. 160 ft. 200 ft. 215 ft. 220 ft. 300 ft. 400 ft. 420 ft. 450 ft. 500 ft. 750 ft. 1000 ft. 1250 ft. 1600 ft. 2000 ft. 2020 ft. 2040 ft. 2500 ft. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Metric Approx 38.1 m 45.7 cm 48.8 m 61 m 65.5 m 67.1 m 91 m 122 m 128 m 137 m 152 m 229 m 305 m 381 m 488 m 610 m 616 m 732 m 762 m


Metric Approx

1 fl. oz. = 30 mL 1 pint = 473 mL 1 quart = 946 mL 1 gallon = 3.8 litre

criteria for service bureau selection.” This booklet contains 14 quality chapters that An Allied Technology Company cover all key aspects in our business – applications. retrieval products. Don Avedon and Rodd Exelbert have done an excellent job with “All About Micrographics. Texas 77274 MICROGRAPHICS A•L•L A•B•O•U•T Dedicated to all Information Industry Professionals by: The micrographics story is a story worth telling and two prominent authors. Box 741068 ■ Houston.4 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.O. and also includes an invaluable glossary of terms. storage. Please call (800) 627-1123 for your FREE copy!!! .

to 22 lbs.2"W x 31. 14X to 32X and 20X to 47X.5X to 14X.7"W x 14. Microfilm Format: Positive prints from negative microfilm. • Accepts 16mm film.4"D. 11 copies/minute. • Dimensions: 6. Interchangeable Fixed Lenses: 14X. Page Search Kit: • 18 page search modes including Simplex. This is a lease-purchase with a guaranteed buy out of only 10%. • Weight: 26. 23X.4"D. 200/220/240 volts ± 10 50 cycles. Optional positive prints from positive microfilm. ISO 8.5 lbs.9"H x 19. • Motorized advance and rewind.7X. Print Speed Rate: 9 seconds first copy. 210 CAT Cartridge/ANSI Transport: • Accepts 16mm 3M Cartridge and 16mm ANSI spools mounted in ANSI carriers and Ektamate™ carriers. The 3M 7540 Reader-Printer is so versatile.3"H x 23. Double and 3-level Blip Search film – either cine or comic mode. • Microprocessor-controlled logic. • Weight: 111/2 lbs. • Base work station must be included. it belongs just about anywhere microforms are utilized. • Dimensions: 6. If you have good credit. 12X to 24X. Duplex. • VendaCard. • Service diagnostic codes displayed on LED to alert machine malfunction.69" (A4). Typical Machine Characteristics Print Format: Plain Bond 81/2" x 11".1"D. That’s because it can be configured to handle everything from cartridges to rolls and fiche to aperture cards. 30X. Electrical Requirements: 115 volts ± 10 60 cycles.7"W x 14. Weight: 180 lbs. ■ Open Roll Attach the 3M 110 Roll Film Transport to look up both 16mm and 35mm open spool film. Screen Size: 11. Duo. Single. • Dimensions: 6. ■ 3M Cartridge/ ANSI Cartridge with the CAT 210 Carrier One adaptable machine that’s right for everyone and every microform.7"W x 14. Batch Mode.5" x 13" with neutral tint.16MM 3M 7540 Plain Paper Reader-Printer Have you considered lease-purchase to… • Expand your capacities? • Be more competitive? • Handle those overflow jobs? We are offering an outstanding deal on leasepurchase of used micrographic equipment that we have in stock. • Manual advance and rewind. Dimensions: 38. 2. Service Diagnostics: Diagnostic codes displayed on LED. • Reads and interprets 3M Film Control Code and Kodak Image Management Code. Paper Supply: 250 sheets.™ Optional Attachments: • Coin box. 47X. So it’s easily the ideal plain paper reader-printer for departments that use multiple formats and would like to rely on one basic machine to accommodate them all. • Automatic film threading.9"H x 19.5"H x 19. 36.7 mil thickness. • Motorized advance and rewind. • Weight: 22 lbs.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 5 READER/PRINTERS .4"D.27" x 11. Paper Weight: 16 lbs. Duo-Duplex. What’s more.™ . alert to machine malfunction. 18X. Optional Film Handlers: M-915 Fiche Handler 4" x 6" fiche handler M-916 Dual Fiche 4" x 12" fiche handler M-917 Tab Fiche 4" x 8" fiche handler 658 Film Handler: • Accepts 16mm and 35mm roll or flat film (a single 4" x 6" fiche jacket or aperture card). • Electronic odometer. Image Rotation: 360 degrees prism.5 mil to 5. stock. Zoom Lenses: 6. 110 RFT Roll Film Transport: • Accepts 16mm and 35mm open spool. don’t let a scarcity of capital hold your business back. the 3M 7540 Reader-Printer is easy to use.

The 3M 7540 Reader-Printer is one machine for many needs. just one column from a newspaper page. Hard-to-read documents can be enlarged for better clarity. with just one easy-to-operate zoom control. In the event that you do not opt for the Zoom Lens System: the 3M 7540 Reader-Printer has a wide selection of interchangeable fixed lenses. And when a number of documents the same size are being printed. By moving cursors horizontally and vertically on the viewing screen. it answers a need for minimum training and maximum productivity in a reader-printer. You end up with a neat. Even with documents that are less than full size.6 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . it is also advantageous if you want to print.16MM Image Masking An optional feature of the 3M 7540 Reader-Printer is image masking. Box 741068 ■ Houston. And because it’s from 3M. The zoom lens provides true oneto-one blowback and is available in a variety of reduction ratios. Not only is this feature valuable in protecting confidential information. you can select the precise image area to be printed. Zoom Lens System Computer printouts as well as legal-sized documents can be reduced to letter size. image masking parameters can be set to remain in the same position until you need to reset them for a different size document.O. Because it’s easy to use. clean copy without any extraneous images. This feature is especially important when you want to print and distribute a document that contains sensitive information. Retrieval productivity is greatly increased. . this reader-printer answers a need for handling multiple formats in any micrographics environment. you can eliminate the black border by masking it out. Because it can be configured to match any microform specification. All with no operator time lost changing lenses. it answers a need for a product from a company that is committed to providing solutions for today’s document management systems. for example. thanks to the optional zoom lens system.

the unique toner cartridge system makes the Micro Copy 1000 virtually maintenance free – eliminating service calls. aperture cards or jackets. Combined with a technically advanced plain paper. it’s easy to clean. up-front controls. and fiche carrier at a very affordable price. Toner Cartridge System Unique plain paper. And. 9 copies per minute. uniform illumination over the entire screen. The Micro Copy 1000 allows for separate replacement of toner cartridge system and drum as required – rather than replacing one cartridge containing everything. The convenient print control touch panel is designed with an Auto-off feature which shuts the printing system down after 10 idle minutes to conserve energy and reduce operating cost.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 7 READER/PRINTERS . This low volume. The exclusive V-Block carrier adapts from microfiche to optional 16mm/35mm roll film. plain paper unit features motorized or manual roll film attachment. Plus. the 250-watt EVC lamp provides bright. manual image rotation. dry print system it produces picture perfect copies from negative or positive film. Single Sheet Feeding In addition to the 100 sheet automatic feed cassette. Finally.16MM Kodak Starmate 500 (Microcopy 1000) Budget Plain Paper Roll Film/Fiche Reader-Printer. Film advances smoothly at any speed up to five feet per second. allowing you to switch from microfiche to roll film in seconds. crisp images. it features high-quality Micro Design optics for clean. This enables sheets to be copied on both sides and even allows copying on transparencies or letterhead without removing the cassette. Faster printing is possible with a shorter horizontal paper path – delivers first copy in just 8 seconds. V-Block Carrier: Our exclusive metal carrier is easily attached and removed – one press of the release trigger and it’s off. Motorized Roll Film Attachment This option permits viewing of 16mm or 35mm open spool roll film. It installs easily without tools. virtually all formats are compatible – COM and source document applications. . a plain paper reader/printer that has everything. of course. the Micro Copy 1000 can be fed a single sheet at a time. There is also a model for M-type cartridges. whether on microfiche. dry printing process is designed to eliminate service costs. Touch the panel. effortlessly. and the unit restarts for continuous printing from 1 to 99 copies. Ergonomically designed for more user productivity and comfort – the Micro Copy 1000 Plain Paper Reader/ Printer has easy-access. For greater versatility. Extra LongLife Lamp With an average life of up to 1000 hours. Except a high price. And.

Box 741068 ■ Houston. CSA. (49 kg) 120v. Blue Screen Auto-Open 4" x 6" (105mm x 152mm) Auto-Open 4" x 73/8" (105mm x 187mm) Dual Auto-Open 4" x 6" (105mm x 152mm) Fiche.L. 60Hz 220v.99 28"D x 16"W x 25"H (70cm x 39cm x 62cm) 110 lbs.O. and 16mm & 35mm Roll Film with Adaptor Single Lens: 12. Jackets..5x–56x Dual Lens: 18x–56x Optional Optional (18x–56x Only) Film Type Optics Standard Optional Manual Image Rotation Single Lens Dual Lens Automatic Image Rotation Single Lens Dual Lens Image Masking Illumination Paper Supply Print Speed Warm-Up Time Multiple Copies Dimensions Weight Electrical This Equipment Is Also Available For Rent Safety Listing Options Optional Optional (24x–56x) Optional 80w/21v DDS 100-Sheet Cassette 81/2" x 11" 9 Prints/Minute 40 Seconds 1 . 50Hz U. 50Hz 240v. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . FCC Roll Film Carriers Turntable Ask About Our 50-50 Purchase Program . Aperture Cards.16MM Typical Machine Characteristics Micro Copy 1000 Screen Size Projection System Carrier Type Standard Optional 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm) Rear.8 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.

33x. crisp A4/U. Screen: 1113/16" x 1113/16" (300mm x 300mm) rear-projection type with standard print frame markings. And. 50x. (72 kg). Zoom Lenses: 9. 16x-32x. Front Centralized Controls Centralized control panel has basic print controls and indicators making PC-80 easy to operate by anyone. 29x. Print Speed: 6 prints/minute. 1. Print Area Control: Vertical or horizontal masking by control knob for print border removal. The PC 80 takes the advantages of PC technology and combines them with the ability to handle 16mm rolls/cartridges and 35mm roll film. 23.5X(B03) .5x.85x offer optimum image reproduction from various format films. letter-size paper cassette. 15x. Prism Lenses: 23. Weight: 158 lb. Optional Canon Drop-in Lenses: Applications Guideline: (PC 80) FILM FORM 35mm roll film Aperture card 63 frames 80 frames 208 frames 270 frames 600 frames (approx. Image Rotation: By carrier rotation.5 seconds/30. 47x.5x.2x. AFC150 for high-speed automatic retrieval for fiche. 17. Print Size: U. letter vertical. Paper Supply: Plain bond 100-sheet (80g/m paper) U. Electrical Requirements: 120V. High Resolution Lenses Fourteen drop-in lenses covering 7x .S. AC100R for 16mm/35mm open reels with semiautomatic threading. Clear A4/Letter-size Screen Print Tray Flexible Film Carriers Four film carriers interchange simply. 16x. 13 drop-in lensFilm es provide a wide range of 10x to 85x to reproduce images in optimum size regardless of forTransport mat. reducing operator time and effort.2W. Single-component dry toner projection system. AC100C for 10. scanning by fingertip control. 11 Dimensions: 5 /16"H x 207/8"W x 267/8"D (1297mm x 530mm x 683mm). Lenses: 10x. 41x. focus image. letter size PPC printout. FC190RII for fiche/jackets/aperture cards. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Floor-type universal reader/printer. It can be preset for up to 19 prints at six prints per minute. The PC Screen 80 is simple to operate. Print Area Controls Drop-in Lens Fiche Carrier 190R II Control Knob (For roll films) Centralized Control Operational Features of PC-80 PC-80 operates easily with its simple and unique design. Paper is w/Print Frame supplied and delivered from the front of the printer. The print area control function lets you mask unwanted areas and remove borders to produce high-quality images. 32x-50x. letter-size sheets.16MM Canon PC 80 Canon PC Printer 80 Dry Plain Paper Universal Reader/Printer. Film Format: Both negative and positive images of 16mm or 35mm roll film. Print Process: Canon PC process. 33x. then press print button.5x-16x. proven product. 85x. 19x. it produces sharp.2X(B01) 19X(B02) 29X(B04) 33X(B05) 50X(B08) 19X(B02) 23.S. Front Paper Supply and Delivery All paper handling from unit front ensures convenient and efficient operation. 60Hz.) 60 frames 98 frames 325 frames 420 frames MAGNIFICATION LENSES 10X(B31) 15X(B32) 16X(B33) 17. Paper cassette holds up to 100 A4/U. This is a popular.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 9 READER/PRINTERS .S.5x.5m high-speed film transport of 16mm cartridges with automatic threading.S. easily exchanged by the user. 35. With simple steps: load film. all Markings the controls are located on the centralized front panel for added convenience. adjust density. 113/4" x 113/4" (300mm x 300mm) screen helps image focusing. 29x. image rotation.5X(B03) 41X(B06) 47X(B07) PRINT SIZE COM fiche Sourcedocument fiche 16mm roll film 16mm cartridge 23.

10 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 16mm & 35mm roll film.16MM Minolta 605Z Plain Paper Reader-Printer This versatile. The prism rotation is standard. 13x-27x. 75x. 50 seconds. or 16mm/35mm open spool film. 269/10"W x 32"D x 511/5"H. Prism rotation. Jackets. 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm). 10 copies per minute. 23x-50x. Minolta Micro-toning system. 9x-16x. 154 lbs. (684mm x 813mm x 1300mm). Cartridges. 3M cartridge.O. Fiche Carrier 5 Roll Film Carrier 9B Roll Film Carrier 15A Roll Film Carrier 15M Mars Controller 4 Bi-mode Kit Auto Masking Unit Foot Switch Lenses Prism Screen: Magnification: Image Rotation: Copy sizes: Copying Speed: First Copying Speed: Warm-up Time: Multiple Copying: Paper Supply: Dimensions: Weight: Options: We Purchase Surplus Equipment PHONE (800) 627-1123 FOR DETAILS . Letter size (A4) 81/2" x 11" (210mm x 297mm). Dry copying on plain paper. RP605Z Specifications Type: Copying Method: Developing System: Density Control: Film: Floor-type reader printer. universal microforms unit will accept fiche. 8 seconds. (70 kg). Aperture cards. 87x. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . Microfiche. Automatic and manual. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Autofeed 250 sheet cassette. 56x. 1-99 copies (LED countdown indication).

. 15x. 16x. Operation Environment: 41º-95ºF (5º-35ºC) 20-80% R. single component dry toner projection development system.5x. (4) Fiche Carrier 190RII for fiche/jacket/aperture card. 12x.4Kw. Weight: 307 lbs. 11. and pushbutton control of printing formats. 20 prints per minute.and E-type cartridges. 7. jacket. Canon NP 680 Canon NP Printer 680. double deck paper feeder with two snap-in 250-sheet cassettes lets you change paper size with the touch of a button. 10. 40x. Print Speed: 15 letter-size prints per minute. 150W Halogen Lamp. Paper Supply: Automatic feed by two snap-in precut 250-sheet cassettes.5x-16x. Operation Environment: 41º-90ºF (5º-32.16MM Canon NP 780 Canon NP Printer 780. Consumables: M-Drum Unit 20. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Floor-type universal reader/printer. three zoom lenses. 28x. 30x. (3) Motorized Carrier 380R for 16mm/35mm roll. Print Sizes: Ledger. Letter and ledger cassettes as standard. or diazo film. 9. selective print area designation. Film: Prints from both negative and positive images of silver. Light Source: 24V. a wide variety of film carriers and a large bright viewing screen allows top efficiency. Warm-up time approximately 90 seconds. 9. Print Sizes: Ledger. frame separation. 7x. Warm-up time approximately 90 seconds. 40x. Film Carriers: Optional interchangeable carriers: (1) Autocarrier 380MII with Prism A for 16mm cartridge (M type). 14. Special Print Modes: Automatic print border erasure.5x. reliable product. or ±90º by carrier rotation.5x. 18x. Image Rotation: 360º by optional prism Type A. The NP 780 can accept any microform. Density Control: Automatic or Manual pushbutton adjustment in 85 increments. 11. 35x. 21x. 16x. An automatic. Optional 1. 53x.5x. 48x. 53x. 16mm/35mm roll. 16mm/35mm roll. 7. legal. 10x. 46x. 14.5x. 42x. 7x. vesicular. Screen: 123/4" x 175/16" rear-projection type with standard print frames. Electrical Requirements: 120V. Paper Supply: Automatic feed by two snap-in precut 250-sheet cassette. Light Source: 24V. It also offers the fastest printing speed in the industry.5x. 24x. Film Carriers: Optional interchangeable carriers: (1) Autocarrier 380MII with Prism A for 16mm cartridge (M type). 1. High volume production model. Canon’s state-of-the-art universal reader/printer combines superior performance with a host of special features.H. A broad range of 21 Canon drop-in lenses. and self-threading M.2x. or diazo film. Consumables: M-Drum Unit 20. 9x-12x. Density Control: Automatic or manual push-button adjustment in 85 increments. (140 kg). 46x.H. Print Process: Canon NP plain paper process. 15x. legal. Dimensions: 529/16"H x 347/8"W x 269/16"D. M-Toner 20-NO1. bi-modal print capability. 14. the NP 680 accepts four interchangeable film carriers for fiche. Electrical Requirements: 120V. The unit features automatic border erasing. Film: Prints from negative images of silver. vesicular. 1. And the NP 680’s newly developed three zoom lenses allow precise and delicate image reproduction without changing lenses. 35x. (3) Motorized Carrier 380R for 16mm/35mm roll. With the digital keyboard you can precisely control the image printing area so you can mask out unwanted or confidential information.5ºC) 20-80% R. Screen: 121/4" x 175/16" rear-projection type with standard print frames. 3 modes are available by push-button selection.2x.4kW.5x. 12x. 16mm/35mm open reel. Print Speed: 20 letter size prints per minute. High volume. 24x. Weight: 307 lbs.5x.. A high-speed universal plain paper reader/printer.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 11 READER/PRINTERS . Single component dry toner projection development system. statement (vertical). 48x. 30x. 28x. MToner 25-PO1 (for positive film). 42x. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Floor-type universal reader/ printer. M-Toner 20-NO1 (for negative film). Two-sided (front and back) print. Zoom Lenses: Optional lenses: 7x-7. 10. 18x. (140 kg).000-sheet paper deck accepting letter size. (4) Fiche Carrier 190RII for fiche/jacket/aperture card. Magnification Lenses: Optional Canon drop-in lenses. Print Process: Canon NP plain paper process. Special Print Mode: Automatic print border erasure. 60Hz. letter (vertical/horizontal). Letter and ledger cassettes as standard. Image Rotation: 360º by optional Prism Type-A. 10x. (5) ANSI Cartridge.5x. Magnification Lenses: Optional Canon drop-in lenses. statement (vertical). Automatic border erasure improves the NP 680’s economy and efficiency by automatically sensing and eliminating unwanted dark print edges to save toner and increase print resolution. 150W Halogen Lamp. aperture card. (2) Autocarrier 380E with Prism A for 16mm cartridge. 21x. 60Hz. (2) Autocarrier 380E with Prism A for 16mm cartridge (E type). Dimensions: 529/16"H x 347/8"W x 269/16"D. or ±90º by carrier rotation. letter (vertical/horizontal).

(portrait orientation). Frame reference mark examples. work table with drawer. Notes: Specifications are subject to change without notice. No need to switch lenses. Cartridge loading.16MM Fuji MS 850 Plain Paper Reader-Printer High-Performance. Image Control: Programmable vertical and horizontal masking (with memory backup). Accessories: Zoom lens with prism.2"H x 30"D. Print Functions: Copy Process: Negative-to-positive dry toner electrophotographic PPC process. Power Supply: 115 Volt 60 Hz. • Paper supply and copy output are up front. easy-to-use. 3M-M types.12 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Operating Environment: Room temperature 60-85ºF. duo or 2-channel blip marks. retrieval and copying can be performed at the touch of a button. front-loading 16mm cartridge. Exposure Adjustment: Auto/manual. Built-in masking feature trims out unneeded portions of the image for good-looking clear copies. Image Shift: 16mm-wide shift.O. searching. Reader Functions: Film Loading: Auto-loading. No operator adjustment is required. Paper Supply: Automatic cassette feed. Image Rotation: 360 degree prism rotation. paper supply and copy output are positioned conveniently to the operator. up to 9 modes programmable. options and accessories are not included in base price. Consumables: MS 850 toner. Loading. compact-desktop. (2) 2-level (large/small) (top/bottom). Multiple Copying: 1 to 19 continuous copies. on-line computer cable. Wide magnification range: 20x-50x powerzoom. TC-10 Pro Key pad. 150 Watt halogen lamp. Logical layout places all operating controls and displays up front. Variable controls permit masking both vertically and horizontally to trim out excess parts of the image (such as the black frame) for superior image copy presentation. Non-blip-marked film can also be retrieved quickly and easily. Copy Paper: 81/2" x 11" plain paper. Options: Fixed lens with prism. Focusing: Motorized power control.. . 2. • 3M-M type • ANSI type cartridge cartridge • Fuji Microfilm Reader Printer MS 850 Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop 16mm cartridge plain paper reader printer. B channels. 16mm cartridge. humidity 30-70%.5"W x 25. Discriminates between 3M-M and ANSI cartridges and sets the MS 850 to be compatible with either. plain paper reader-printer with advanced search and retrieval capabilities. • Front panel where all operating controls are grouped. Just press the zoom button on the front panel. (3) 3-level or (4) duo A. zoom. On-line Search: RS23D computer interface built-in. Fast. Power-zoom lens has built-in prism for image rotation capability. 8 copies/minute. accurate image search reads nine different mode patterns. focus. (1) 1-level. Odometer retrieval mode. Automatic 16mm cartridge recognition and auto-loading setup. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . Image magnification is simple. Cartridges: ANSI (JIS). Frame Finding Functions: Search Mode: Blip-counting retrieval mode. High-speed searches can be done on film with 1-. Copy Speed: First copy in 15 seconds. plain paper. Search Speed: Loading time averages 10 seconds. The search. Capacity approximately 250 sheets. Dimensions: 24. Weight: 172 lbs. • Easy. Light Source: 20 Volt. Warm-up: Less than 30 seconds. 220 Volt 50 Hz. mask and copy functions are easily performed. All operations and controls are accessible from the front panel. Consumable supplies.or 3-level.

50 or 60 Hz. Maximum No. LED countdown indication. Mode 3: Odometer. 30 seconds. Weight: 1.16MM 3M 7560/7565 Reader-Printers Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop 16mm microfilm reader-printer.8 lbs. 47.8 kg) or less. Screen: 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm). automatic feed from150-sheet cassette. . Multiple Copying: 1-19 coipies. Image Rotation: 360º by motorized auto-prism rotation. Retrieval Method: Blip-counting on A and/or B channels. 42.0X. 15 W. A4 (210mm x 297mm). or odometer. Multiple – 8 copies/minute. of Digits Accepted: 8 digits. 31.5X.6 lbs. 50 or 60 Hz. 3M 7564 Page Search Controller Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Keyboard operated programming unit for automatic retrieval and printing of microfilm on 3M 7560/7565 Reader-Printers. Indicator: Self-diagnostics. Copy Speed: First copy – 13. 23. Magnifications 20. Microforms: Negative 16mm ANSI (3M 7560). Computer Interface: RS-232C (included). Warm-up Time: Approx. Weight: 176. 3M cartridges (3M 7565). Dimensions: 6"W x 8"D x 27/12"H (155mm x 203mm x 65mm). (0. 3M 7564 Page-Search Controller. Paper: Plain paper. Mode 2: B-channel simplex. ANSI reel adaptor (for 3M 7560 only). Mode 1: A-channel simplex.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 13 READER/PRINTERS . Duo capability. (80 kg).0X.5X. Power Requirements: Local AC voltage.0X Copy Size: Letter size (81/2" x 11"). Please Note: The 3M 7560 is also known as the Minolta 504A and the 7565 is also known as the Minolta 540M. LED indication. Power Consumption: Approx. Dimensions: 20" W x 317/32"D x 247/32"H (530mm x 793mm x 615mm). Display: 6 digits (7 seg LCD). Power Requirements: Local AC voltage. Options: Frame masking.5 seconds.

Subsequent prints of the same image in 6 seconds. focusing. UL-listed and CSA approved. and searching are all controlled from the left. with a workstation 41" (104cm) wide. • The plain paper printer can be easily loaded with a 250-sheet cassette oriented either 81/2" x 11" or horizontally 11" x 81/2". with workstation 650 lbs. (270 kg). Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 595 lbs. • Press a button.O. 12 amperes maximum. • Insertion of the reel adapter or magazine automatically turns on power. 60 Hz. removal turns it off. • Positive prints from either positive or negative film. image rotation. with extended workstation 665 lbs. Additional features include: • Convenient controls for efficient operation. . Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . Box 741068 ■ Houston. (295 kg).14 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Film loading. (302 kg). • Comfortable viewing.16MM Kodak Starvue II Reader-Printer ENT PRO AL G RAM Ask A b R out Our This high speed 16mm microfilm reader-printer has been developed to produce excellent quality plain-paper prints while maintaining all the other advantages of the Kodak Starvue Reader and Starvue Reader-Printer. 113 to 127 volts ac. 34" (86cm) wide. leaving the right hand free. • Medium volume unit. 50 Hz. an 81/2" x 11" plain paper print is delivered face up. scanning. Screen is set at a convenient height and comfortable viewing angle to reduce operator fatigue. ICE? A PRday! D NEEall Us To 123 C 27-1 00) 6 AX (8 r F o 940 995-4 (713) Size: 48" (127cm) high. and 35" (89cm) deep. directly in front of the operator in less than 12 seconds. Power: 104 to 127 volts ac.

• Positive prints from positive or negative film. . 50 Hz. • 360 image rotation. provides excellent print quality from a wide range of microfilm image densities. c) continuously update the index file with new image addresses. 34" (86cm) wide. Three userselectable programs. and 35" (89cm) deep. • Searches simultaneously in “A” and “B” channels to save time.5 kg 63. the plus key will find the next small image mark. (265 kg). With a Kodak 250 CAR Interface. Additional features are: • Twenty-seven user-accessible search programs. A 16mm terminal with all the features of the KODAK IMT-150 Microimage Terminal plus additional retrieval and printing features. Power: 104 to 127 volts ac. 140 lbs. • [Plus key] When entering data. 2. 140 lbs. 67 kg 63.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 15 READER/PRINTERS . Power: 104 to 127 volts. • Full film-width scanning. • Automatically prints up to 99 copies each of up to 99 sequential documents. film can be advanced using the plus key to the next image mark regardless of size. • Proven reliability. Size: 48" (122cm) high. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 585 lbs. 10 amperes (max) 113 to 127 volts.5 kg Size: 20"H x 19"D x 35"W (508mm x 483mm x 889mm) except IMT-100 26"W (660mm). 140 lbs. • Programmable image-mark sizes. Weight: Kodak IMT-350 Microimage Terminal This powerful high-speed 16mm microfilm retrieval terminal was designed to produce excellent quality plain paper prints while maintaining all the advantages of the Kodak IMT family of products. 60 Hz. • Excellent data input device…use it as a reader! Typical Machine Characteristics IMT-150 IMT-50 T-200 IMT-250 147 lbs. (295 kg).16MM Kodak IMT-250 Microimage Terminal Programmable to automatically retrieve and print documents. including image management code recognition and CAR interface printing capability. with workstation on 41" (104cm) wide. • Provides screen images in one keying operation. 12 amperes maximum. 113 to 127 volts ac. with workstation 650 lbs.5 kg 63. • Instantly retrieves document images microfilmed in random block/batch format. • Features 100 storage registers. with 13 characters of storage info per register. the terminal can: a) transmit the current image address to the computer. • Plain paper printer. • Proven reliability. b) monitor the status of all requests. set up at installation. • Send addresses. A 250-sheet paper cassette can be loaded in either 81/2" x 11" paper or 11" x 81/2" orientation. Expanded applications are available with user-defined image marks. • Automatic exposure control. 10 amperes (max). UL-listed and CSA approved. with multi-level search capability. are available for the operator in modes 1. or 3. 60 Hz. 50 Hz. When this feature is not used.

V Block carrier design makes changing carriers and attachments simple and easy. Screen Size: 12"W x 12"H. Print Speed: 9 Prints a minute. Accessories: Manual Roll Film Attachment.16 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Motorized Roll Film Attachment. Once located. dual component dry toner development system. Front mounted operator controls permit complete copy control with self diagnostics and machine status. Manual or Automatic. Print Process: Plain paper. Magnification Lens: 12. the image is printed on plain paper within seconds. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . now you can read and print from both 16mm and 35mm roll film. Designed for medium volume applications the MICROCOPY 2000 makes plain paper printing affordable. Microcopy 2000 This dedicated roll film reader/printer features automatic loading of both M type and ANSI cartridges. . Options: Dual lens. dual component dry toner development system. Box 741068 ■ Houston. accepts most microfilm formats aperture cards. Add a roll film attachment.16MM Microcopy 1000 A versatile plain paper reader/printer. Electronic Image Masking. Electronic Image Masking. Manual or Automatic. Magnification Lens: 12. Screen Size: 12"W x 12"H. Bimode Negative/Positive. A push of a button allows the operator to select the appropriate film advance or rewind speed.O.5X-56X. Image rotation.5X-56X. Bimode Negative/Positive. Print Speed: 9 Prints a minute. Options: Image rotation. Print Size: 81/2" x 11" (A4) Plain paper 100-sheet capacity. Print Size: 81/2" x 11" (A4) Plain paper 100-sheet capacity. Print Process: Plain paper. microfiche and jackets. Optional Roll Film Attachment ur out O b Ask A L NTAAM RE GR PRO Available for 16mm and 35mm.

A variety of easy-to-change lenses is available to handle different microfilm reductions. Wide latitude of dry silver paper produces excellent copies from even poor quality film. Weight: Approximately 136 lbs.59X to 35X.16MM 3M 500M Motorized Reader-Printer The 500M is designed to provide the utmost of convenience when changing drop-in lenses and also features an easy-to-use light source adjustment for best illumination over a range of lens magnifications from 6. . Information is retrieved quickly and precisely with motorized film drive and variable speed control. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 181/2" wide. 311/2" high. 10 amp. Motorized film drive provides variable speeds from 10 inches to 400 feet per minute. 313/4" high. Electrical Requirements: 100/130 VAC 50/60 Hz. completely dry prints from cartridge microfilm at the push of a button. Screen Size: 16" wide by 12" high. Full 360º turret rotation and film traverse permit upright reading of all microfilm image formats. Electrical Requirements: 100 VAC.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 17 READER/PRINTERS . 233/4" deep. 251/2" deep. 10 amps. 60 Hz. Weight: Approximately 140 lbs. Convenient 360º turret rotation and film traverse provide easy reading of all film formats. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 201/4" wide. 3M 500C Cartridge Reader-Printer The 500C Cartridge Reader-Printer delivers low-cost. It produces dry silver prints in seconds. Screen Size: 12" by 16".

“PC70” is a trademark of Canon Corporation . as well as 3M Cartridge Film Formats.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston.” Altek Systems “2076” Roll Film Carrier – Patent Pending. The “2076” Carrier is interchangeable with the normal PC 70 Fiche Carrier it makes using both Fiche and Roll Film a snap. a Roll Film attachment which will keep an “Industry Standard” “Rolling”. 35mm.16MM Altek 2076 Roll Film Attachment Now. With the addition of the “2076” to your Canon PC 70. NEW CT! DU PRO The “ALTEK 2076” is a perfect addition to the very reliable “Industry Standard” Canon PC-70™ Plain Paper Reader/Printer.18 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. you may now use 16mm. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . “A Perfect Addition. The simple film threading path allows the occasional user ease of operation.

Carriage-90°. (Included with each order) Call Toll Free * Microfiche Attachment. Film Scanning: Manual.16MM Altek 2076 Roll Film Attachment THE BEST FRIEND YOUR PC-70™ EVER HAD!! Typical Machine Characteristics Formats Accepted: 16mm Roll Film. (reconditioned) (800) 627-1123 Altek Systems “2076” Roll Film Carrier – Patent Pending. Retrieval: Manual.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 19 READER/PRINTERS . Vertical and Horizontal Rotation. 3M Cartridge. Dimensions: 13/4 "W x 183/8" D x 45/8" H. . Film Loading: Manual. Scanning Speed: Hand Crank Winding. Accessories: *Easy Load 16mm/35mm Take up Spool. 35mm Roll Film. 360° Rotation. (Boxed). Weight: 7 lbs. “PC70” is a trademark of Canon Corporation * Prism Lens.

5cm) deep. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 520 lbs. fax devices. Operating Humidity: 15-76% RH. Additional features include: • User friendly interface • Complete service diagnostics • Automatic image skew correction • Automatic exposure control • Choice of fixed or zoom lenses • Cropping • Print annotation • Multiple print modes • Automatic channel selection • Ability to opaque sensitive information Please call to discuss individual unit features. This process provides a new perspective to image delivery capabilities. the unit transforms photographic microfilm images to electronic images. Power: 100 volts AC.16MM The Kodak Imagelink Digital Workstation The Kodak Imagelink Digital Workstation is a retrieval device for users who wish to view and print. 40" (101. scanning. image location. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . Operating Temperature: 59º-86ºF (15-30ºC).O. as well as to magnetic or optical disks. Size: 50" (127cm) high. Documents can even be routed to users via an image capable network.6cm) wide.20 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. (218 kg). The unit’s output subsystem manages further processing to printers. or transmit images electronically from microfilm files. Images can now be routed to printers. 50 Hz: 12 amperes at 120 volts AC. As an electronic reader-scanner. 60 Hz. 50/60 Hz: 115 volts AC. 60 Hz: 220/240 volts AC. . BTU/Hour: 3400. Software controls film transport. fax. Box 741068 ■ Houston. The Kodak Imagelink Digital Workstation provides traditional CAR interfacing capabilities that maximize image retrieval and distribution of information. fax devices or other media. The image capture subsystem controls electronic scanning digitizing and image processing. and rotation. 49" (124.

Warm-Up Time: 40 seconds. 81/2" x 11". easy-to-use controls.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 21 READER/PRINTERS . 220v. Options: Dual Lens. Dual Auto-Open 4" x 6" (105mm x 152mm). • Up-front. Film Type: Fiche and Jackets. Compact and lightweight.16MM Microcopy 100 Fiche Reader-Printer The Microcopy 100 is a low-cost. (26 kg). • Multiple carriers for the flexibility to meet any application need. Dimensions: 271/2"D x 15"W x 18"H (70cm x 38cm x 46cm). or want to add a new one. Feature-Rich The Microcopy 100’s versatility will surprise – and please – you. letting you switch lenses with the flip of a lever. 240v. plus it’s loaded with big-time features: • Optional dual lens system. 60 Hz. Print Speed: 6 Prints/Minute. Warranty: 90 Days (Except. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen Size: 111/4" x 83/4" (299mm x 222mm). this COM model delivers clean. Blue Screen. Safety Listing: U. Optics: Standard Single Lens: 20x – 56x. 50 Hz. the unit fits into any office environment…even on your desktop. Optional: Auto-Open 4" x 73/8" (105mm x 187mm). Paper Supply: 50-Sheet Stack Feed. Lamps & Glass). The 100 has the smallest footprint of any plain-paper reader/printer in its class.L. Multiple Copies: 1-9. . Scribe Line. Best of all. Carrier Type: Standard: Auto-Open 4" x 6" (105mm x 152mm). Projection System: Rear. Designed for fiche applications. Electrical: 120v. A Lot For A Little Whether you’re looking to retire your old reader/printer. 50 Hz. high-quality reader/printer that’s ideal for businesses with lower volume needs. dollar for dollar. the Microcopy 100 delivers excellent service at a price that can’t be beat. the 100 uses plain bond paper – the same kind your copier uses. Illumination: 80w/21v DDS. Weight: 58 lbs. Print System: Uni-Mode Negative. Optional Dual Lens: 20x – 56x. crisp prints at the touch of a button. there is no equal. Pound for pound.

dry-silver prints. 42X. Print Paper Format: 152meter (500-foot) roll. glass flat supports floating lenses.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston. 24X. Weight: 105 lbs. Dual lens holder accommodates any pair of lenses. 10 amp. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . Print Process: 3M Dry Silver. 42X and 48X Reduction Microfiche. Print Size: 81/2"W x 11"L (216mm x 279mm). Screen Size: 14" x 13. Accepts fiche and jackets between selfopening glass flats for single 105mm x 148mm or 85. 8 /2" or 11" 1 Dimensions: 20"W x 261/2"D x 26"H (508mm x 673mm x 660mm). Source document image is over 100% of original size. 32X. Delivers variable length. Indexing: COM and Source Document Index Grids for 24X. 14" x 13. dual lenses optional. Coin Attachment: Available as an optional accessory at an additional cost.7mm x 187. Uses only paper. 36X. quartz halogen lamp. Long-life. Stand: Optional. Convenient controls and ideal indexing. International: 90-250 volts. . hooded screen presents big. Precision fiche handler.5" non-glare.3mm) Microfiche. Microforms Accepted: Single or dual 4" x 6" (105mm x 148mm). For operator convenience. (48 kg) without packaging. Self-opening right side and manual-opening left side glass flats for dual 105mm x 148mm. 10 amp. COM film image is 88% of original. COM and source document index grids for popular reductions make finding information quick and easy.5" (356mm x 343mm). Easily and smoothly moved in any direction. Electrical Requirements: Domestic: 105-125 volts. sharp images from both types of film.105MM FICHE/JACKET 800 Microfiche Dry Reader-Printer This is a “MICROFICHE READER” for occasional prints! A low cost. or 33/8" x 73/8" (85. a front-delivered. Print Time: 10 seconds. 81/2"W x 81/2"L (216mm x 216mm). no toners. Standby switch keeps system ready to print on demand. width (216mm or 279mm). 11"W x 11"L (279mm x 279mm). 11"W x 81/2"L (279mm x 216mm). 81/2" or 11" width (216mm or 279mm). All controls are at operator’s fingertips. Print length may be either 81/2" or 11". A 152-meter (500-foot) roll produces up to 700 prints. very low volume dry silver unit for reading and that occasional print. Typical Characteristics noted herein are subject to change without prior written notice.3mm. 72X and 92X Reduction Film. accommodating source or COM film economically. Up-front convenience makes the task easy whether viewing or printing. Exposure control compensates for wide variation in film density. 7 seconds for successive prints. 60 Hz AC. Typical Machine Characteristics Microfiche Handler: Horizontal on precision slides.7mm x 187. 48X. Available Lenses: For 18X. 50/60 Hz AC. liquids or powders.22 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. tabletop dry copy is available in 10 seconds. Bright Images from source or COM film. 76meter (250-foot) roll.

Add a roll film attachment. Reduced paper consumption offers substantial savings. Options: Dual lens. such as roll film. A micropublished catalog can be mailed anywhere in the world for only a few cents. accepts most microfilm formats aperture cards. Indexing makes retrieval fast and easy. • Speeds data lookup – data on fiche can be indexed and stored within arm’s reach. Accessories: Manual Roll Film Attachment. Magnification Lens: 12. • Lowers mailing cost – six microfiche. efficient alternative to paper publishing Micropublishing is the publishing and distribution of information on microfilm. Its inexpensive cost makes frequent updates more feasible. now you can read and print from both 16mm and 35mm roll film. Bimode Negative/Positive. faster to produce and mail. Image rotation. economical. dual component dry toner development system. weigh less than one ounce. allowing retrieval of desired information in seconds. and other periodicals. Print Speed: 9 Prints a minute. the most common micropublishing format is microfiche. jackets. cumbersome paper catalogs of varying sizes. or aperture cards. Manual or Automatic. Data is photographically recorded on the microfilm and then duplicated in quantity for low-cost dissemination to users. microfiche and jackets.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 23 READER/PRINTERS . • Solves paper problems – problems of high paper costs and supply availability are eliminated. • Reduces printing costs – printing with light on microfiche can cut printing production costs by as much as 90%. catalogs. • Eases updating – microfiche permits interfiling hundreds of pages in seconds…just discard the old fiche and insert the new. Additional fiche copies can be produced quickly. Use them successfully for maintenance manuals. economically. and on short notice. Motorized Roll Film Attachment. durable. . Print Size: 81/2" x 11" (A4) Plain paper 100-sheet capacity. • Eliminates overruns – no need to stockpile extra paper copies.” or up to 60 pages on color fiche. • Eases handling – lightweight. Electronic Image Masking. with the equivalent of up to 1728 page-size images. easy-touse fiche eliminate dog-eared. • Speeds turnaround time – microfiche is easier. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen Size: 12"W x 12"H. as with paper. V Block carrier design makes changing carriers and attachments simple and easy. A versatile plain paper reader/printer. Although any form of microfilm can be used.105MM FICHE/JACKET Microcopy 1000 Have you considered Microfiche? A fast. price change notices. Up to 470 pages of information can be compacted onto a single 4 x 6 inch black-and-white “fiche. Front mounted operator controls permit complete copy control with self diagnostics and machine status.5X-56X. Print Process: Plain paper. and can be created and distributed in days – not weeks or months.

a desktop PPC reader-printer. because PCP70 is manufactured on a new fully automated assembly line. is primarily designed for decentralized use with standard COM and source document fiche currently available. Canon PC-20. total running cost is reduced to the minimum.O. PC-P70 is easy to maintain – no drum to clean – no risk of toner stains on hands. Economical – At the heart of PC-P70 is a unique operator-replaceable cartridge.105MM FICHE/JACKET Canon PC Printer 70 Canon PC Printer 70.24 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Canon PC Printer 70 with Fiche Carrier 150 . High-Quality Performance – PC-P70 is based upon the optical and electronic technology of the world’s first personal copier. just simply replace the entire cartridge. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . it is offered at a very moderate price when compared with usual non-PPC reader-printers in its class. PC-P70 is ready to print again. containing the print drum and toner. You can write or draw on them with pen or pencil to make use of them most effectively. Adopting its PC cartridge system. letter size plain paper at the rate of 6 prints per minute. In addition.S. Box 741068 ■ Houston. With its capability of printing approximately 3. When the toner is fully consumed. virtually eliminating needs for service. clothes or equipment.000 copies on inexpensive plain paper from ordinary density film. In seconds. Minimum Maintenance by PC Cartridge System – Since the cartridge is a sealed unit. The prints are immediately available for use. PC-P70 produces highquality copies on A4 or U. the machine’s sensitive components are fully protected.

There are two types of cartridge. then press the print button. Operational Environment: 50 – 91ºF (10 – 32. Two types of fiche carrier. Control Panel Canon MP Cartridges Toner Supply Indicator Window Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop type reader-printer.2X to 50X to cover any reduction frame on film. Paper loading in the cassette and manual slide lever control for appropriate print density. Electrical Requirements: 120V 60 Hz. one each for negative film and positive film. This choice of cartridges makes it possible to produce positive prints from either type of film image Simple Control – Newly-designed “slide-in” floating lens system has nine standard lenses ranging from 17.5X for COM 48X Magnification Change: Selection lever of twin-lens turret holder. 240V 50 Hz. vesicular or diazo film.S. A twin-lens turret holder allows simple and quick magnification changes at any time.S. Warning Indication: Self-diagnosis with LED indication. Warm-up time is only 30 seconds after switching power on. (optional) FC 190 for Super/Tab fiche (108mm x 190mm max. A4 cassette or U. Film Carriers: FC 150 for standard fiche/jacket (108mm x 154mm max. Image Rotation: 90º by carrier rotation.105MM FICHE/JACKET Canon PC Printer 70 Convenient Features – PC cartridge system offers more benefits. FC150 for standard. Roll carrier 70 is also provided for 16mm cartridged film and 16mm roll film. Consumables: MP Cartridge 10-N01 (black toner for negative film). put the fiche in the carrier. Roll Carrier 70 for 16mm cartridge/16mm open reel. Film: Both negative and positive images of silver. . The multiple print function will produce up to 19 continuous prints with LED countdown indication. letter cassette as standard accessory Print Tray Turret Lever Light Source Drawer Roll Carrier 70 FC 190 FC 150 Lenses Print Speed: 6 prints/minute. and FC190 for super/tab fiche are available to make image frame location smooth. Easy Operation – With easy-to-use PC-P70. Paper Supply: Automatic feed by 100-sheet cassette system.2X for COM 24X Lens A02…19X for COM 27X/document-fiche 20X Lens A03…23.5X for document-fiche 24X Lens A04…29X for COM 42X Lens A05…33X for COM 48X Lens A06…41X for document-fiche 42X Lens A07…47X for document-fiche 48X Lens A08…50X for COM 72X Lens A09…35. Light Source: 24V 150W halogen lamp. Single-component dry toner projection system. 10-80% R. Screen: 113/4" x 113/4" (300mm x 300mm) rear-projection type w/standard print frame markings. letter horizontal. Magnification Lens: Optional Canon slide-in lenses with focusing. Focusing: Constant focus by floating lens system.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 25 READER/PRINTERS .).5ºC). Weight: 139 lb. focus the image on the 300mm x 300mm screen. to set the image in the right position for printing. 1. Print Size: A4 or U.). 220V 50 Hz. Density Control: Manual slide lever control.H. Warm-Up Time: Approximately 30 seconds. Lens A01…17. are all easily done. Print Process: CANON PC process. First.20 kW Dimensions: 257/8"H x 313/4"W x 221/4"D (655mm x 803mm x 562mm). Multiprint: 1-19 prints with LED count-down indication. making prints is extremely simple. The image on screen can be rotated to 90 degrees by turning a carrier. P01 (black toner for positive film). (63 kg).

Convenient Bimodality For Special Applications The PC-P70 offers a convenient bimodal selection – particularly beneficial for micro-publishing requirements. A desktop plain paper reader/printer designed for use with standard COM and source document microfiche. the unit is again ready to deliver top-quality prints. 41x. LED countdown indication for nineteen continuous prints is another feature. drum and developer unit for clean.5ºC). no guesswork is needed to keep the unit in top operating order. PC-70 is easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.2x. (63 kg). 17. That’s virtually all the maintenance required. 16mm roll films and cartridges. 47x. Prism-mounted lenses also provide effortless screen image rotation for upright reading of full-size printing needs. aperture cards. Film Format: Both negative and positive images of fiche. 24x. Economical. or 16mm roll film. crisp and inexpensive plain paper copies. 19x. Single-component dry toner projection system. Density Control: Manual slide lever control. Consumables: MP Cartridge 10-NO1 (black toner for negative film )10-PO1 (black toner for positive film). Printer Process: CANON PC process.2x to 50x as accessories.105MM FICHE/JACKET Canon PC Printer 70 Canon PC Printer 70 Microfiche Dry Plain Paper Reader/Printer. Image Rotation: Up to 360º. jacket. Screen: 113/4" x 113/4" (300 x 300mm) rear-projection type with standard print frame markings. Just exchange the type of MP Cartridge and the unit is ready to make normal prints from either negative or positive images. microjackets. Weight: 139 lbs. What’s more. Texas 77274 READER/PRINTERS . The PC-P70 indicates when it’s time to replace the MP cartridge. And with a fresh cartridge in place. 36x. Paper Supply: Plain bond. This unit is a true market leader-very reliable and economical. Inside the cartridge is the toner. letter horizontal. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop type reader-printer. . Based on the cartridge technology of Canon’s personal copiers.26 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 10-80% R. Maintenance-Free Operation With the PC-P70. Electrical Requirements: 120V. 100 sheet (80g/m paper) cassette. each fitting in a unique slide-in free-floating lens system for sharp magnifications from 17. 33x. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Light Source: 24V 150W halogen lamp. Dimensions: 221/4"H x 313/4"W x 257/8"D (655 x 803 x 562mm). Multiprint: 1-19 prints with LED countdown indication.H. Now you can use 16mm/35mm roll film or cartridge as well as fiche on the PC 70! Key Features Of The Canon PC 70 Quick Reproduction of High-Contrast Prints High-contrast printouts are available in seconds with one touch of the PC-P70’s Print Button. Magnification Lens: Optional Canon drop-in lenses. 50x selection by lever on twin lens turret holder. Operational Environment: 50-91ºF (10-32. PC-70 offers up to ten interchangeable lenses. A manual slide lever lets you select desired print contrast. Interchangeable Accessories Enhance Versatility A simple interchange of film carriers and slide-in lenses lets the PC-P70 accept any image size on standard/super/tab fiches. Print Speed: 6 prints/minute. 29x. 60Hz.S. Please ask about the ALTEK 2076 roll film attachment for this machine. you can pre-set the PC-P70 to receive up to 19 multiple prints of an image. As for versatility.O. Simply change cartridges for either positive or negative film. Print Size: U.

Typical Machine Characteristics Print Format: Plain bond 81/2" x 11". you can handle 4" x 8" jumbo sheets or aperture cards. Image Rotation: 360 degrees prism. 12X to 24X. Zoom Lenses: 6. stock.69" (A4). Optional positive prints from positive microfilm. • Weight: 111/2 lbs. the 3M 7530 Reader-Printer can manually handle 16mm and 35mm roll film or flat film (single 4" x 6" fiche and jackets) without changing handlers or making major adjustments. ■ Roll and Flat Film By adding the 3M 658 Film Handler. 47X. Weight: 180 lbs.1"D. You may also include a “658” manual roll film handler which will also accept fiche. 36. ISO 8. 14X to 32X and 20X to 47X. 18X. 8 copies/minute. ■ Tab Fiche With the addition of the 3M 917 Tab Fiche Handler. 200/220/240 volts ± 10 50 cycles. • Dimensions: 6. 23X.7X. Optional Film Handlers: M-915 Fiche Handler 4" x 6" fiche handler M-916 Dual Fiche 4" x 12" fiche handler M-917 Tab Fiche 4" x 8" fiche handler 658 Film Handler: • Accepts 16mm and 35mm roll or flat film (a single 4" x 6" fiche. alert to machine malfunction.5X to 14X. Screen Size: 11. • Manual advance and rewind. ■ Dual Fiche By attaching the 3M 916 Dual Fiche Handler. 30X. to 22 lbs.27" x 11.3"H x 23. Print Speed Rate: 15 seconds first copy. Interchangeable Fixed Lenses: 14X.2"W x 31. .Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 27 READER/PRINTERS .5"H x 20"W x 14. you can accommodate two 4" x 6" sheets sideby-side. Power: 115 volts ± 10 60 cycles. Paper Supply: 250 sheets. Microfilm Format: Positive prints from negative microfilm.5" x 13" with neutral tint. jacket or aperture card). ■ Fiche With the 3M 915 Fiche Handler.105MM FICHE/JACKET 3M 7530 High Volume Plain Paper Fiche Reader-Printer This is a perfect addition for the “economy minded” consumer who demands top quality prints in a very dependable model.25"D. you can view 4" x 6" or 105mm x 148mm fiche. Dimensions: 38. Service Diagnostics: Diagnostic codes displayed on LED. Paper Weight: 16 lbs.

72x 10x .3" 21.1" x 14. 52 lb.9" 15.3" 1. 21 lb.28 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.7" 14.6" 15. 18. 23 lb.72x 24x . 22. 25 lb.9" 20. 22.48x 13x Rear Rear Rear Rear Front Rear Front Rear DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS DDS Aperture Card Rear Source Rear Aperture Card Full Size /8 Size 3 /4 Size 120% N/A 7 NCR Readers 4601-01 4601-02 4603-04 456-800 456-113 19.8" N/A Rear Rear Rear Rear Hand Viewer EPZ/FJX EPZ/FJX ERW/FHX FCS None .0" 20.0" 11. 25 lb. 6.18x 24x .72x 24x .54x 24x .54x 18x . Box 741068 ■ Houston.72x 21x .4" 6.72x 29x .4 oz.5 lb.52x 24x .50x 18x .66x 24x . 15 lb. 11. 13 lb.3" 8" x 10" 13.6" 23. 28 lb. 15x .54x 18x .66x 18x . Texas 77274 USED READER SPECIFICATIONS Basic Reader Specifications Model Micro 44 Micro 55 905 915 925 935 955 965 975 985 995 Comette 4015 4025 4055 Dimensions (Overall) Depth Width Height 14" 129/16" 143/4" 143/4" 171/4" 143/4" 18" 18" 143/4" 181/2" 171/2" 14" 191/2" 231/2" 221/2" 41/2" 71/8" 121/4" 93/4" 121/4" 121/4" 12" 14" 121/4" 22" 153/4" 121/2" 131/4" 161/4" 213/4" 141/2" 211/4" 14" 3" 31/2" 11" 20" 201/4" 211/4" 21" 21" 171/4" 171/2" 201/4" 16" 173/4" 201/8" 221/4" 28" 251/2" 4" Weight 22 oz.66x 22x . 27 lb. 21 lb. 10 lb.54x 18x .54x 10x . 27 lb.3" 2.18x 24x . 42x 15x .65x 24x .5 lb. 13 lb. 36. 38 lb. 24 lb.1" x 12.5" 15" 20.72x 24x . 14. 24 lb. 22. 24. 20 lb. 40 lb. 32.O. 52 lb.58x 22x . 35 lb. 24 29. 2. 32 lb.5x 24 x 48 Screen Size 4" x 4" 51/2" x 51/2" 11" x 21/2" 81/2" x 11" 11" x 11" Source or Com Screen Rear Lamp Type FHZ FHZ DED DED DED DED DED DED DED DED DED DJT DED DED EPX EPV DDL BRL Micro Design Readers 3 /4 Com Rear Rear Rear Rear Front Front Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear Front XR-100 22" Aperture Card 22" Portable 14" Full Source Full Source 3 /4 Com 11" x 11" Full Source 3 /4 Com 11" x 11" Full Source 3 /4 Com 14" x 11" Full Source 3 /4 Com 1 3 11" x 8 /2" /4 Source 3 /4 Com 17" x 13" Full Source Full Com 14" x 11" Full Source Full Com 3 11" x 81/2" /4 Com 1 3 11" x 8 /2" /4 Source 3 /4 Com 14" x 11" Full Source Full Com 20" x 13" Full Source Full Com 131/2" x 161/2" X-ray 191/4" x 14" Aperture Card 11" x 11" Full Source 3 14" x 11" /4 Com 11" x 21/2" 11" x 81/2" 11" x 11" 11" x 11" 11" x 11" 14" x 11" 14" x 11" 20" x 13" 11" x 81/2" 14" x 11" 20" x 13" 20" x 13" /4 Com /4 Com 3 /4 Com Full Source Com Source Full Com Source Full Com Full Source 3 3 Micron Readers 740 750 760 770 775 780 785 790 XL-10 XL-20 Aperture Card 795 797 173/4" 173/4" 173/4" 173/4" 173/4" 191/2" 171/4" 21" 155/8" 161/2" 21" 21" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 141/2" 153/8" 22" 131/2" 161/2" 22" 22" 11" 177/16" 215/8" 197/8" 201/4" 191/4" 215/8" 221/2" 151/4" 181/2" 211/2" 221/2" 18 lb.65x 21x . 55 lb. Lens Options 12.5 lb.36x 18x .5 lb.80x 14x 12.50x 18x .72x 32x .72x 24x .2" 15 lb. 28 lb.5 lb. 14 lb.2" 11.3" x 19.29x 15.58x 22x .5" 19. 22. 22x 10x . 15 lb.65x 18x . 40 lb.

Fits most table top microfiche readers.8 lb.5x . 4.48x 16x .37x 24x. N/A 22.72x 24x .48x Screen Size N/A 11" x 81/2" 14" x 11" 9" x 11" 11" x 9" 11" x 14" 18" x 11" 12" x 12" 9" x 12" 12" x 9" 11" x 14" 14" x 11" 10.4" 15.58 lb. 15 lb.75" 12.75" 19.5" x 10.42x 9x . ■ Wide variety of used aperture card and microfiche viewers in stock – please use this information to determine your needs and call 800-627-1123 for more information.72x 24x . Lens Options 20x 24x .4" 13. 1655 ■ Dustcovers Dustcovers are available for all types of readers and reader printers.48x 11. 6 lb.17" 15. ideal for multiple work station operations.5" 21" 17" 14" 163/4" 163/4" 16.89x 8x .75" 15" 13" 13" 13" 13" 13. 42x.142x 14x .12" 7" 9" 9" 9" 9" 18" 9" 141/2" 2.75" 17.5" 22. 13 lb.8 lb.53x 16x .75x 20x .48x 17x or 22x 8x . Com Rear Source Rear Cards Rear Aperture ■ Turntables The ALTEK Reader turntable allows 360 degree rotation.2" 15" 183/4" 13. 13 lb.5 lb.7 lb.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 29 USED READER SPECIFICATIONS Basic Reader Specifications Model 456-120 475 414 Valiant LP Valiant Portable Valiant 14 Valiant 18 Swinger Vantage III Vantage IV Vantage X-III Vantage COM IV Agent Viking Vista Dimensions (Overall) Depth Width Height 1. 8. N/A 6. 11.5 lb. Great for readers used in what might be called less than ideal conditions. 16 lb.2" 153/8" 191/4" 16" 16" 20.5" 21/2" 24" Weight 6.4 oz. Call for details Stock No. 6.0" 111/2" 163/8" 12.25" 51/2" 193/4" 6. .5" 41/2" x 71/2" 13" x 19" Source or Com Screen Lamp Type None ESX EPZ EPZ EPZ EPZ EPZ FCR EPX EPX EPX EPX ESA ESA EKX NCR Readers – continued N/A Hand Viewer 3 /4 Com Rear Full Com & Rear Source 3 /4 Com Front 3 /4 Com & Front Source Full Com Front Full Source Full Source Front Roll Film Rear 16mm . 11.3 lb. 48x 24x . Call For Details.53x 21x .35mm 3 /4 Source Rear 3 /4 Com Rear Full Source Rear Full Com Rear Source.

large-screen reader for variable-speed scanning of 16mm roll microfilm. Designed to meet the most severe operating requirements. efficient image retrieval. yet delivers sharp. large-screen reader that accepts 16mm film in roll form only. brilliant-image capabilities. Portable: Handle on top-detachable. Trimlite Printer capability can be added at any time or included initially. Very simple to operate. ASTRI 16 A portable hand crank roll film viewer with optional rechargeable battery power Lightweight – easy to use – rugged – truly portable – inexpensive…16mm hand crank viewer. Screen Size: 12"H x 10"W (30cm x 25cm). (9 kg). low volume or infrequent users. Accepts thick. The Trimlite Roll Reader easily converts to a reliable reader-printer as needed…and in just minutes.5"H x 15"W x 20"D (521mm x 381mm x 508mm). without warm-up period. Screen Size: 11.30 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. presentations…and where portability or battery power is important. Installation takes only a few minutes.or thin-base films in reels or. centering control. Image Rotation: Unit may be turned ons ide.8" x 12. image rotation. Typical Machine Characteristics Magnification: 24X. with adapter. low budget operations. 81/2" x 11" prints are bright and sharp. start-up situations. Size: 20. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 20 lbs.6" (300mm x 320mm). focus and scan. 20"D (521mm x 318mm x 508mm).5"H x 15"W.8" x 12. Specifications: 115 V-AC. Screen Size: 11. . (9 kg). remote or inaccessible locations. Computer printout pages are comfortably viewed at 3/4 size. Virtually no maintenance necessary. Retrieval is simplified by reference to a built-in odometer. Hard copy. Power: 104-127V. 50/60Hz. Screen images rotate up to 360 degrees for proper orientation. 0. Box 741068 ■ Houston. and images are sharp from edge to edge. Dimensions: 17"H x 13"W x 15"D (43cm x 33cm x 38cm). Texas 77274 READERS ROLL FILM – 16MM Kodak Trimlite R Reader A power-driven. Film Gate: “V” type-non-scratch. 50/60Hz. The unit is very compact and occupies minimal space on a desk or table. Sharp positive images are produced at the flick of a switch…and without warm-up period. Size: 20. and big. Kodak Trimlite RC Reader A compact. Typical applications: peak load. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 20 lbs.6" (300mm x 320mm). in magazines or cartridges. The large screen has overall brightness without hot spots. thread.O. Film is manually advanced or rewound. Fast or slow scan with constant focus plus a built-in odometer to serve as an aid to fast.3 amps. A high-low brightness switch control adjusts image clarity for optimum viewing. Views 3M and Kodak type cartridges and reels. The reader has sustained focus. Power: 104-127V. back-up. 81/2" x 11" prints. 50 thru 400 Hz.

in any ambient light condition. 48X. 11. and CSA listed. Designed for easy access for occasional maintenance. 34X. The super wide screen allows clear and easy viewing for one person or several at once. Carriers glide easily in any direction for instant image location and projection. 24"H (609mm). Designed to open automatically for rapid. Weight: 50 lbs. 27X. COSATI. when closed. Magnification Selection Choose the magnification you need to custom fit your exact microform system requirements. serves as a built-in dust protector to reduce maintenance and increase film life. Dual Lens Model: 11. High intensity brightness control…a standard feature on the Vista viewer.) Can be ordered with or without convenient “line-finder” horizontal locator. Glass flats hold film securely and adjust to accommodate various thicknesses of microforms. 24X-48X. Sturdy Construction All-metal construction…solidly engineered to last a lifetime. . 4" x 8" (105mm x 203mm). Magnification: Single Lens Model: 24X. 11.5X-24X. Tri-Lens Model: 11. one-handed loading of fiche. Index grid holder. on fold-down front panel. 24X-42X. Fiche Carrier Carriers are available in 4" x 6" or 4" x 8" sizes to handle microfiche. Power: 110/120V or 220/240V 50/60 Hz AC. The Realist precision ground and coated optical systems used in the Vista guarantee high resolution images for the finest detail reading. can be used with any image locator system or aperture and scan- Safety The entire Vista electrical system has been designed and thoroughly tested for complete operator safety. Controllability All controls are conveniently located for operation with either hand. 42X. Speeds retrieval time by eliminating focusing with each image change. dual lens and tri-lens combinations are available in magnifications ranging from 11.5X-24X-48X. Even closely spaced data is easy to read. Built-in screen visor shields ambient light for easier viewing. Underwriters Laboratory. Non-glare screen is easy on your eyes – with your choice of blue or grey. to conform to your own format. Carrier: 4" x 6" (105mm x 152mm). (22. Control knob for initial focusing is conveniently located for use with either hand. Dimensions: (Desk space) 193/4"W x 141/2"D (501mm x 368mm). Constant Focus Control The Realist “Floating Lens” is featured on all Vista readers. NMA-format microforms.5X to 48X. Typical Machine Characteristics Input: Any thickness microfiche. Lamp: 220W/24V EKX Quartz Halogen Cycle. Unique index panel.5X-24X-42X.5X-42X. ning guide. Screen Size: 13"H x 19"W (330mm x 482mm). Large screen permits overblow at many magnifications and double page viewing of DOD. Attractive two-toned styling blends in with any work environment. micro-jackets and aperture cards. (Blue screen is standard. micro-jackets or aperture cards.5X-48X. Inc. 11.7 kg) approximately. Single lens. 30X. Lens floats on upper glass…image always stays in focus.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 31 APERTURE CARD READER Realist Vista Aperture Card Reader Viewability The Realist Vista features a brilliant image on an extra large 13" x 19" screen.

15ºC). Full width film scanning and 360 degree image rotation aid in referencing filmed documents.59ºF (30º . 13 amperes.7"H x 21. Texas 77274 READERS ROLL FILM – 3M CARTRIDGE Kodak Trimlite CT Reader An inexpensive. Screen Size: 13" x 12". 31.9" non-glare screen reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.32 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Power: 115 volts AC. Operating Temperature: 86º .3"D (45cm x 54cm x 54cm). Size: 13"W x 19"D x 20"H. This feature provides convenience in viewing films with mixed reduction ratios and allows enlargement of selected image segments for better definition. BTU/Hour: 780. When look-ups are complete. The Kodak Startech II Reader also offers: • Multiple cartridge types • Kodak Ektamate • Ansi Cartridge • M-type cartridge • End of film sensing • Programmable LED Odometer • Film status indicator Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 51 lbs.5" x 11. 60 Hz. 21X. Lenses: 18X. automatic threading microfilm reader for use with a variety of 16mm microfilm formats. Suitable for all eight easily interchangeable lenses.5X. Operating Humidity: 15% . Size: 17. Box 741068 ■ Houston.O. 37X. (23 kg). Manual version also available.3"W x 21. The easy operation and small base make it a true desk top reader. Crisp uniform images are projected with an advanced lighting system onto a large 12" x 13" screen. high quality. . Kodak Startech II Reader The Kodak Startech II Reader is a compact. Motorized dual lens capability standard. Standard 360 degree image rotating prism. 24X. Manual motorized film speed control enhances image location. Continuously variable speed and smooth slow motion with constant focus.76% RH. Its two level brightness control and 12. Image Rotation: 360 degree. push button refile allows operators to prepare for the next search set-up. motorized reader for 16mm roll film in 3M cartridges. Typical Machine Characteristics Motorized Film Drive: 0-10 feet per minute.

Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 30 lbs. 240 V ac/50 or 60 Hz.4cm x 31. 220. 110. virtually mistake-free operation. This eliminates most problems associated with on site microfilming and the copy flow process. Film: Document Capacity: Film Units: 16mm Microfilm-AHU type. Several Class II Units Available: Please Call! Autoexposure Control For Kodak Portable Microfilmers The ALTEK ‘AEC’ 2802 is specifically designed for the micrographics litigation market and works on the Kodak line of portable microfilmers. Power: 120 volt. interchangeable film units. Accessories: Extra film unit (20x). low cost. continuous forms accessory. • Resolution – 100:1 Lp/mm. Weight: 191/2 lbs. 16mm rotary microfilmer no wider than a standard office typewriter that microfilms documents up to 12" wide by any length quickly. • 25:1 (nominal) reduction ratio. Kodak Mini Microfilmer Portable. films of documents 12"/300mm wide are sharp right to the edges. portable 16mm microfilm rotary recorder for every type and color of document. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 61/2"H x 151/2"W x 121/2"D. Outstanding features: exceptionally high resolution of over 100 Lp/mm. Power: 100.5"D (16. The AEC 2802 automatically adjusts for colored documents and line voltage variations. Up to 2500-81/2" x 11" sheets per hour. for true office use in any size company.5cm x 39. The RP-1 gives you built-in safeguards and simple controls for easy. offering these features: • Films 60 letters or 125 checks per minute. • Three level image marking capability is standard making document recall and sort-faster and easier.57 kg). Interchangeable. Film unit (20x) included. Adjustable. minimum. simple microfilming. Typical Machine Characteristics General: Reduction: Size Limits: Space saving table-top. and economically. 50/60 Hz. (13. Unit: Lens Resolution: Document Color Control: Portable. compact. • The accessory foot switch adds speed and convenience to image marking • Eight-digit document counter helps you to track even the biggest jobs. Kodak RP-1 Rotary Portable Camera This compact 16mm microfilmer films up to 2500 letter sized or 6000 check sized documents per 100 foot roll. To 12" wide. easily.5"W x 12. • High resolution and improved exposure control for multi-colored documents. 120 V ac/50 or 60 Hz. all commercial microfilms can be used. User oriented. Size: 6. 22X. . Over 100 lines/mm. carrying case. filming of up to 2500 documents per hour. Length 2" minimum.8cm). Excellent portable camera.5"H x 15.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 33 CAMERAS 16MM PORTABLE The ALOS Simplex Recorder 16 A high performance.

Spacing button. color. Dimensions: 61/2"H x 151/2"W x 121/2"D (165mm x 394mm x 318mm). • Simultaneous exposure of two rolls of film – one for immediate use.5m) lengths of film such as: Kodak Fine Grain Microfilm 1456 (Estar Base). • Weighs a mere 23 pounds. Typical Machine Characteristics Color: Light tan and covert beige. Power: 120 volts ± 10%. Handles standard 100' (30. extra film. • Exposure control to adjust the illumination for differences in document quality. It offers you these features: • Accommodates documents 12" (305mm) wide and of any length. Document Size: Up to 12" (305mm) wide by any length. Accessories: Recordak Continuous Forms Accessory. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Film in-motion indicator. Underwriters’ Laboratories. • Easily transported between departments for separate microfilming of different types of records. Film Capacity: One or two rolls of 16mm microfilm. ENT PRO AL G RAM Ask A bout Our R . An audible alarm sounds when film supply is near empty or if film unit is not properly positioned.2m) in length.4 kg). Weight: 23 lbs.O. Listed.0 ampere. Model FMT – facilitates microfilming fanfold trace recordings produced from fetal monitoring machines. CSA approved. Lightweight Carrying Case – stores the microfilmer. or line voltage variations. (10. It is easily attached and handles documents 6" wide up to 5' (152mm by 15. Texas 77274 CAMERAS 16MM PORTABLE Kodak Recordak Portable Microfilmer – Model RP-2 • 16mm microfilmer combines compactness with portability. 7456. The Microfilmer automatically stops if there is an exposure lamp failure. and spare lamps. the other for auditing or security purposes. Controls and Signals: On-Off control. ac only. • Fits into a handy accessory carrying case. Reduction Ratio: 20:1. • Removable film unit accepts one or two 100-foot rolls of 16mm microfilm.34 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. • One microfilmer can be used with different film units to keep records separate and for security restrictions. 2. Inc. • A document counter to record the number of documents microfilmed. 50/60 Hz. • Documents are fed into the microfilmer faceup and are returned facedown in their original sequence. Film footage indicator. film unit. • Up to sixty letters or approximately 125 checks can be microfilmed in a minute.

3 visual and audible alarms. 50 Hz (with wiring change). uniform exposure source. Internal optics permit 40:1 reduction ratios on duplex or duo formats and 24:1 on standard format.30ºC) where relative humidity is between 15% and 76%. • Acetate base (5 mils) 100-ft. 6 filming mode indicators. die drum. automatic exposure selector. Model 550 Automated 16mm microfilmer. and die set are accessories. (79.) Recordak Reliant 550 feed shelf: Provides an extended surface for feeder when manually feeding documents. 33" (838mm) D. (Reliant ink roller. Reduction Ratio: 24:1 and 40:1 (built-in). Recordak Reliant 550T endorser: Printing unit to back-endorse or face-stamp checks or imprint documents just after they are microfilmed. or hardcopy prints. 271/2" (699mm) W. Dimensions: 131/4" (337mm) H. Accessories: Recordak Reliant 550 cassette • Model D for thin films (2. Built-in automatic exposure control (AEC) sets the correct exposure for each document. film supply and motion indicator. Maximum current 7 amps. . even at high microfilming speeds – and exposure latitude can be fine-tuned to particular document types. There are three “modes” to obtain optimum exposure density from documents of varying colors and tones. Two built-in reduction ratios: 24:1 and 40:1. Recordak AHU microfilm 1460 or Recordak fine grain film 1456. Weight: 175 lbs.86ºF (15º . and sharpness are required. Films: • Estar thin base (2. Typical Machine Characteristics Color: Two-tone tan with gold trim. Recordak AHU microfilm 7460 or Recordak fine grain film 7456. “Take-away” cassettes mean several departments can utilize one unit yet maintain security and consistency in their filming operations.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 35 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Kodak Recordak Reliant 550 Microfilmer Reliability films and stacks business documents and checks at high speeds. Quality images in three formats. and automatic feeder adjustment and gap release. Includes receiving hopper extension. This microfilmer embodies technological advances and excellent optics to maintain the highest image quality for optimum viewing. Advanced circuitry helps compensate for voltage fluctuations. 60 Hz or 113-127 V. film advance button. Controls and Indicators: On/Off switch. 50 Hz or 198-254 V. And reliable Recordak films contribute to excellent image quality when good contrast. An attractive microfilmer that’s designed to maximize work flow. Operating Environment: Ordinary business office. rolls). document counter. Two glass guides help position each document during exposure. rolls). • Model S for regular films (5 mils on 100-ft. Interchangeable cassette for either regular or thin films can be preloaded by operator. Image Quality Image quality is built into the Reliant 550 microfilmer. Illumination: Front and rear fluorescent lamps with voltage stabilization and automatic exposure control. Speed: More than 600 check-size documents/minute. Room temperature from 59º .4 kg). Fluorescent illumination provides longer lasting.5 mils on 215-ft.5 mils) 215-ft Recordak Datapak AHU microfilm 3460 or Recordak Datapak fine grain film 3456. Additional dates on die drum can be changed by operator. Power: 104-127 V. • Estar base (5 mils) 100-ft. odometer. duplication. Document Size: 113/4" by any length. density.

. 40:1. 2.040". • 24:1. • Check stacker.5 mil film. • 8 predefined function keys. 50/60 Hz.5cm).9cm). • 40:1 .0" (30.6cm) Rear. . single phase. programmable in five languages: English. 10 amps. 50:1 reduction ratios. • Choice of 2 exit hoppers – standard receiving and optional check stacker. Heat dissipation – 5000 Btu/hour (max. • Optional footswitch can substitute for manual key stroking. • Facilitates mixing and matching accessories for specific applications. • Advanced function module. popular. 11/2" stack manual feed. Safety Listings: • UL listed (UL-478).4cm) x virtually any length – documents longer than 17" (43. • Semi-automatic feeder: 1/2" stack autofeed. • Document Printer 1 and 12 ink-jet paper printers.86ºF (15º-30ºC). • Easy threading. 3" (7.2" (25. • Check feeder.5cm).Duplex 12. 32" (81cm) Right side. . • 2 programmable function keys. Weight w/acc: 450 lbs.4cm x 30.3cm) Kodak Imagelink Smart Cassette Capacity: • 215' 2. and check. Photographic Field: • 24:1 . German.0 mil film. Transport: • Jam detection.). • Microprocessor-managed automatic exposure control. The Kodak Imagelink Microimager 70 comes equipped with image marking and opens the door to a wide range of options.9" (22. 10 amps. and job number. • 2 programmable application modes.Simplex 12. 50/60 Hz. 15 amps. • Film writer. • Maximum document thickness: . • 50:1 reduction. • No bleed-through imaging.Duplex 10. and duo filming.5" x 12"W (6. • 100' 5. • 50:1 . Environment: Temperature – 59º .0" (30. single phase. • Patch reader. Feeder Capacity: • Check feeder: 1200 checks in hopper. Operator Interface: • 37-key keyboard. Kodak Imagelink Smart Cassette Features: • Graphic display of film remaining. 36" (91. • Automatic exposure control. • Choice of 3 feeders – handfeed. 15 amps. Optics: • 24:1 reduction. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Kodak Imagelink Microimager 70 The Imagelink 70 is a proven. minimum resolution 125 lines per millimeter. 240 V AC. Paper Transport: • 36"/second speed. Application Setup: • 7 predefined application modes. • Semi-automatic feeder.Duo 10. Space: 40" (102cm) Front. Call us for details… (800) 627-1123. • 80-character display. • Side console. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: Mainframe: 48"H x 29W x 51"D (122cm x 74cm x 130cm).36 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 50/60 Hz.5cm). • Bar code reader.or two-roll capability. single phase. minimum resolution 140 lines per millimeter. French. • 40:1 reduction.Duo 8. and Italian. Document Dimensions: 2. • Rotating turret mount maintains precalibrated focus. • Endorser. Features… Imaging: • One. 220 V AC. 20" (51cm) Left side. semi-automatic. The Imagelink Microimagers allow you to mix and match options and accessories to configure the document capture device that’s exactly right for you. 120 V AC. Powerl: 100 V AC.2 #220) •TüV GS mark (IEC-950). • Foolproof duo mode. • Interactive with Microimager. • Simplex. Relative humidity – 15-76%. Accessories: • Footswitch. • CSA certified (CSA 22. • Plain-language messages. and modular camera which can be configured to your special needs. duplex.2cm) will require special handling at the exit hopper. • 12" throat. minimum resolution 160 lines per millimeter. • Intelligent film cassette stores image address.O. • Minimum of 160 lines per millimeter resolution at 50:1 reduction. Spanish.5" (6.4cm) Above. single phase. (204 kg).7" (27.6cm). Box 741068 ■ Houston. 50/60 Hz. • 12" throat width. mode. • Image management code.

Kodak Reliant 800 Workstation Base Kodak Reliant 800 Workstation Shelf Recordak Reliant 700 Conveyor Extension Recordak Reliant 700 Feed Shelf Recordak Reliant 700 Feeder Extension Shelf Recordak Reliant 750AC Feeder Recordak Reliant 700 Feeder.4cm x 65cm x 81.3cm).9"H x 25.5m) rolls of 5. lock box.7-mil film. Accepts a wide variety of accessories when required for imprinting.6"W x 32. similar. 60 Hz. charcoal brown. auditing. Automated indexing provides a three-level “blip” capability. Weight: 175 lbs. • Annunciator panel – displays operating mode. Maximum – 113/4" (29. 50 Hz. Length (into microfilmer): Minimum – 2. burnt sienna. and duo microfilming capability.3" (5. mortgage and loan transactions for banking. and microfilmer dysfunctions.2cm). • Film-motion indicators. or fixed background density to give you clear.handling needs change. • Jog switches. Built-in automatic exposure control and odometer indexer. CSA approved. endorsing. • Film-supply indicator.9cm). image mark size. the productivity of even your fastest workers can increase. • Automatic exposure control. ■ Designed to produce consistent quality images – adjusts illumination for documents with variable. Accessory Controls and Indicators: Feeder-adjustment knob. The Kodak Reliant 800 Microfilmer photographs documents of nearly any size. high-production 16mm rotary microfilmer. Model B Kodak Reliant Film Unit 24 Kodak Reliant Film Unit 24D Kodak Reliant Film Unit 40 Kodak Reliant Film Unit 40D Kodak Reliant Film Unit 50 Kodak Reliant Film Unit 50D Kodak Reliant 800 Intelligent Controller Kodak Reliant 800 Patch Sensor Assembly Kodak Reliant 800 Single Level Controller Recordak Reliant 750 Image Marker Recordak Reliant 700 Stacker Recordak Reliant 700 SI-IM Footswitch Recordak Reliant 700T Endorser Recordak Reliant Endorser Die Drum (for T Endorser) Accessories Kodak Reliant 800 Imprinter Kodak Reliant 800 Imprinter Keyboard/Display Kodak Reliant 800 Receiving Hopper .Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 37 CAMERAS 16MM ROTARY Kodak Reliant 800 Microfilmer • • • • • • • • Reliable. (79.2-mil film or two 215' (65. 198 to 254 Vac. ■ Expands capabilities to meet your needs – modular construction lets you add a wide range of accessories for specialized applications. and 50X. bookkeeping.4 kg). 40X. to a variety of applications for government.7cm). Inc. It’s a powerful piece of equipment designed to give high performance now and as your information . next imprinted number. Underwriters’ Laboratories. shipping and receiving for industry. Microfilms up to 700 check-size documents per minute. Dimensions: 15. duplex. quickly. or indexing. Illumination: Front and rear lamp banks with voltage-stabilization circuits. Microfilmer Controls and Indicators: • On/off switch. 228 lbs. • Mask selector. Filming is so reliable.5m) rolls of 2. Power: 104 to 127 Vac. • Odometer. • Document counter. Maximum – 28" (71. Simplex. Typical Machine Characteristics Color: Sandstone beige. 50 Hz. Interchangeable film units provide reduction ratios of 24X. 6 amps max. ordering. 12 amps max or 113 to 127 Vac. Film Capacity: Two 100' (30. accessories in use. feeder. billing.4 kg) with film unit. Microprocessor logic that directs sequence of multiple functions. It offers these advantages: ■ Adaptable to almost every business need – from proof and transit. Document Size: Width (across feeder): Minimum – 5" (12.9cm). and imprinter. • Film-spacing button. 12 amps max. easy-toread images consistently. Reduction Ratios: 24:1. 40:1 or 50:1. (103." D (40. batch counting. from checks to computer printouts. listed.

38 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. . offering these features: • High-speed microfilming of 167 linear feet of paper per minute.7cm x 88.9cm). reliable microfilm system designed to capture large volumes of continuous fan-fold documents. Up to 2600 computer pages will fit on a 100' roll of film. Bell & Howell Inter/COM Recorder Inter/COM Recorder The high-speed Inter/COM recorder is a low cost. • Interchangeable film units of 24:1 or 32:1 reduction ratios.O. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Recordak Rotoline Microfilmer. • Adjustable exposure control. Model RD-3 A high-speed 16mm microfilmer designed specifically to microfilm continuous computer printout forms. 6 amperes. (141 kg). 50/60 Hz. the documents are automatically restacked and immediately available for bursting and decollating. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Size: 61"H x 29"W x 35"D (155cm x 73. The Inter/COM recorder offers outstanding film quality with applicational flexibility and reduces the storage and distribution costs usually associated with computer printouts. Filmed at the rate of 5000 lines per minute. Power: 120 volts ac (± 10%). • Gravity restacking of fanfold material guards against paper jamming. • Adaptable for microfilming single-sheet documents. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 310 lbs.

Additional options include date stamp and sequential numbering. Option: Workstation base.adjustable illumination for different film densities. It has many standard features that are high priced options on other rotary cameras. Power: 115 volts ± 10%.). 3M 3500 Small Document Camera The 3500 is a compact rotary duplex camera that can capture small documents on 16mm microfilm. Cartridge Capacity: 4000 legal size documents per 100' roll of 16mm film. The 3500. Reduction Ratio: 32X Blipping Feature: Standard tri-level. By providing multiple blip sizes in a variety of modes. Weight: 811/2 lbs. the EF5000 gives you the flexibility to make your micrographic recording procedures compatible with the batch process techniques of your computer input. 4 amps. 12 volts .Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 39 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY 3M EF5000 Business Document Camera Dollar for dollar. capability and value. 3M’s EF5000 gives you economical blipped filming. 3M’s EF5000 Business Document Camera is the most cost effective rotary camera for business documents on the market today. Weight: Approximately 188 lbs. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 29"W x 12"H x 271/2"D. The simple to operate camera can film originals ranging from 3" to 9" wide documents in sequence onto 16mm microfilm. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 18"W x 14"H x 241/2"D. . 450 watts. includes a feeder and stacker tray. Power: 115 VAC. Light Source: 16 lamps. 60 Hz. Maximum Feeding Width: 9" (229mm). proven dependability. which makes it particularly useful for any institutions that have a need to film and control small documents. 5 amp. Film: 16mm microfilm (100 ft. 60 Hz. Light Source: Fluorescent lamps.

Two speed film advance.4 cm). A built-in automatic feeder yields capture rates of 500 per minute (3x5 card size) or up to 125 letter sized documents per minute (81/2x11). Document Size: Width – 2.5m). Film Cassettes: One roll of 16mm microfilm. Handles Kodak AHU Imagecapture Film 1460 – 100' (30.5" to 11.7 to 22. an optional image mark feature will put a three level “blip” under each document for future automatic retrieval needs. Positive cassette lock. Their continuing popularity in the marketplace speaks for itself.015 thickness (index card) maximum – capacity 250 check sized documents (average thickness). The unit capable of filming documents varying in thickness from onion skin to card stock.40 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Dimensions: 13"H x 19"W x 23"D (33.0 cm x 48.O. Image Marks: Optional 3 level – as an accessory and subject to availability. Weight: 98 lbs. Film Motion. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Kodak Desktop Microfilmers – Models I and II The Kodak Desktop I and II Microfilmers are compact. Another major benefit is the Desktops’ size. Box 741068 ■ Houston. On the Desktop II.25" to 8. End of Film Alarm and Lamp Out Alarm . Low Film Alarm. Controls: Power on/off. Color: Light gray top with a dark gray base. easy to use industryproven devices.2 cm). Interchangeable cassettes allow several different users to microfilm on the same machine.4 to 29. Typical Machine Characteristics Reduction Ratio: 40:1 Speed: Up to 500 check-sized documents/minute.5 kg). They produce a quality 16mm images on microfilm rolls 100 or 215 feet in length. They are ideal for low to medium volume filming applications.3 cm x 58.7" (6.5m) or Imagecapture Film 3460 – 215" (65. Both sides of the document are filmed in one pass through the machine. Length – 2. Document Counter. Automatic Feeder: . (44.75" (5. Indicators: Film Supply.7 cm). and perfect for the small space available in most offices. Film Odometer.0015" minimum thickness (tissue) to . It is compact.

(171 kg) with film unit and printer.5-mil film such as Kodak Imagecapture AHU ® Microfilm. 2250 standby.6" (6. and 50X. or duo filming capability. 29. (Also complies with European electrical and safety standards.5"H x 29.5" (75cm) W. 40X. • Interchangeable film units offer a choice of three reduction ratios and two film thicknesses. three-wire receptacle. • Eleven-digit image address number for document image identification. Model B Recordak Reliant 700 Feed Shelf Kodak Reliant Bar Code Scanner. duplex. with the same address written on your film in large. • Job setup controlled by software. or three-level indexing and document identification.4-mil or two 215' (65. address data entry. Underwriters Laboratory. 2040. Kodak Reliant Workstation Shelf Dimensions: 15"W x 45"H (38cm x 114cm). and Imagecapture are trademarks. . Maximum: 12" (30cm). 40" (102cm) (cover open) D. • 23-character alphanumeric display: • Shows the image address of the next document to be fed. operating. • Built-in automatic exposure control for optimum image quality. • Microfilms up to 620 check size documents per minute. 2024D. two-. improving accuracy and productivity.6"D (60cm x 74cm x 75cm). • Machine functions and errors communicated to the operator. Typical Machine Characteristics Color: Sandstone beige. • Displays messages in plain-language prompts. *Maximum: 17" (43cm). Models 2024. • Three-level image mark coding under microprocessor control. • Six programmable keys for specific machine function assignments.8" (45cm) (cover closed). 2050. • Simplex.5 m) rolls of 5. burnt sienna. 70 db without accessories. • Quality you expect from Kodak products. • Expanded image mark capability for one-. charcoal brown.6 m) rolls of 2. but require special handling at the exit hopper. Recordak. • Component modularity allows a variety of accessories to be used to match equipment configuration to your specific microfilming needs. For high-to-medium volume applications. Illumination: Front and rear lamp banks with voltage stabilization circuits. 36" (91. Document Width (across feeder): Minimum: 4" (10. this microfilmer offers many features: • Four different indexing modes with as many as 27 variables. Film Capacity: Two 100' (30. • Automatic exposure control providing consistent. AHU. 104 to 127-volt. Model B *Longer documents can be accommodated. Microfilmer Dimensions 17. • High-speed operation (620 check size or 155 letter size documents per minute). high-quality images without operator intervention. Document Length (into microfilmer): Minimum: 2. 9 amperes. or 113 to 127-volt. Features: • Bar code scanning for total automation of document and image • Reliable. • Shows keyboard entries as they are entered. • Four microprocessors control all machine functions. • Two resident programs for service diagnostics and operator training.7cm). Move into the image retrieval era with this proven device. Accessories: Kodak Reliant Patch Reader 2000 Kodak Reliant Printer 2000 Kodak Reliant Sensor Extension 2000 Kodak Reliant Workstation 2000 Kodak Reliant Film Units. 393 lbs. • Six programmable function keys. Power: Single phase. (147 kg). helping to eliminate operator error. 60 Hz. Weight: 325 lbs.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 41 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Kodak Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 2000 This versatile 16mm rotary microfilmer has custom-programmed software to fit your application requirements. • Simultaneous exposure of two rolls of microfilm provides a duplicate roll for security or backup.2cm). Kodak Reliant Workstation 2000 Dimensions: 23. 39" (99cm) (cover open) H.) Environment: 30 to 70% relative humidity. • Patch document reading capability for increased productivity. 2050D Kodak Reliant Workstation Shelf Recordak Reliant 700T Endorser Recordak Reliant 700 Stacker Recordak Reliant 750AC Feeder Recordak Reliant 700 Feeder. 50 Hz power from a properly grounded. Kodak Reliant. 2040D. • Electronic self-diagnosis. Inc. IMT. • One easy-to-use keyboard for simple operation.5cm) (cover closed). Btu/hr: 3450 operating. listed and CSA approved. Noise Level: 85 db with accessories. • Random batch filming capability using image management code. Reduction Ratios: 24X. • 11 indexing digits in three flexible fields allow you to number documents. • Image management code to facilitate automated image retrieval. clear characters. • Multiple custom program modes for tailoring the microfilmer operation to your indexing requirements.15"W x 29. high-volume 16mm rotary microfilmer.

BarScan™ Option – eliminates manual keystroking. makes document input and indexing faster. easily adapts to multiple applications at the touch of a button. Typical Machine Characteristics Reduction Ratios: 24X (60 Hz only).83cm) at 32X. Power Consumption: 350 W. “BarScan” is a trademark of 3M.62cm to 30.57" (18cm to 40cm) wide.48cm) between folds. Microprocessor Controls – automates a wide range of machine features. LED Push-Button Controls and Indicators – makes panel easy to read. adjustable blip encoding from 3" to 12" (7. Weight: 245 lbs. Manual Exposure Capability – gives latitude for filming documents of special colors or types. Short Paper Transport Distance – helps eliminate paper jams and increase throughput speed.92cm). Automatic Exposure Control – assures ideal exposure level. Safety Control Lock – allows operator to lock in operational modes.42 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. electronic frame counter (standard) and BarScan indexing (optional).O. Available with Either 24X or 32X Reduction Ratios – adapts to most micrographic retrieval sizes. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Microfilming Speed: 90 81/2" x 11" (A4) documents per minute.5" (36. Power: 115 V. Three-Level Blip Control – emulates paper filing systems for easy adaptation of paper files to film.5 mil (type G-02) cartridge microfilm. continuous forms 7. End of Film Indicator Light and Audible Tone – warns operator when camera is low on or out of film. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY 3M 6600 Mixed Document Camera Alone. Single-Panel Controls – consolidates all controls in one location.52cm x 137.13 kg) Heat Dissipation: 1195 Btu/hr. 13-Digit. Foot Pedal Blip Controller – frees hands to make filming faster. 32X.75" (40cm) wide.16cm x 121. . 60 Hz.07" to 15. Photographic Field Limit: 12" (30. preventing accidental change during filming. Document Size: Accepts documents up to 15. Ergonomic Cabinet Design – makes the 6600 as easy to look at as it is to operate. Film Formats: 16mm x 100' x 5 mil (type G-01) and 200' x 2. Light Source: Fluorescent lamps. 5 amps. Eight-Mode. understand and use. (111. Dimensions: 38"H x 54" W x 48" D (96. Automatic Film Loading – makes loading and advancing film fast and easy. easier and virtually error-free. And it’s so versatile you’ll find it a perfect replacement camera for many 16mm micrographics systems. LED Sequential Film Numbering – accurately identifies images and speeds indexing and retrieval. 14. Important Features: Mixed Document Capability – films documents of practically any size and thickness. the 3M 6600 Mixed Document Camera can help you experience a quantum leap in productivity in your document-handling operation. One-Touch. Index: Electronic odometer (standard).5cm) at 24X.

■ Transport • Jam detection. 50:1 reduction ratios. 10 amps. Features ■ Imaging • One. • Rotating turret mount maintains precalibrated focus. (204 kg).4cm) Above. • Side console. 50/60 Hz.2cm) will require special handling at the exit hopper. With the Imagelink™ Microimager platform. 50/60 Hz. semi-automatic. 15 amps. 15 amps. • 24:1.9" (22. • Check feeder. • Footswitch. 50/60 Hz. • 40:1 – Duplex 10. minimum resolution 160 lines per millimeter. • Choice of 2 exit hoppers – standard receiving and optional stacker. 10 amps. 40:1.3cm).5cm) . • Minimum of 160 lines per millimeter resolution at 50:1 reduction. • 12" throat width.4cm x 30. high-volume. • Film image marker. CSA certified (CSA 22. TüV GS mark (JEC-950).or two-roll capability. • 14-key keyboard. • Interactive with Microimager. • 50:1 reduction. . 220 V AC. • 100' – 5. • No bleed-through imaging. Environment: Temperature 59º to 86ºF (15º to 30ºC). • Custom. • Simplex. Relative humidity 15 to 76%. 32" (81cm) Right side. single phase. – Duo 8. • Choice of 3 feeders – handfeed.0" (30. • 12-character display.6cm) Rear. and check. • Foolproof duo mode. • Maximum document thickness: . single phase. 2. minimum resolution 140 lines per millimeter.2" (25. • Automatic exposure control. and duo filming. duplex. ■ Accessories • Microimager 30 upgrade package.5cm). • Graphic film supply indicators.4cm) x virtually any length – documents longer than 17" (43.5cm). 36" (91. • Check stacker. 240 V AC. Heat dissipation 5000 Btu/hour (max. • 12" throat.5" (6. you can mix and match options and accessories to configure the document capture device that’s exactly right for you. Typical Machine Characteristics Physical Dimensions: Mainframe 48"H x 29"W x 51" (122cm x 74cm x 130cm) D. • Easy threading.9cm). Kodak Imagelink™ Smart Cassette Capacity: • 215' – 2. 20" (51cm) Left side.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 43 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Kodak Microimager 30 A high-speed.2 #220). Power: 100 V AC. 3" (7. Weight w/acc: 450 lbs. • Endorser.6cm). single phase. adjustable chair.7" (27. 50/60 Hz. • 50:1 – Duplex 12. Semiautomatic feeder: 1/2" stack autofeed 11/2" stack manual feed.5" x 12"W (6.0 mil film. Photographic Field: • 24:1 – Simplex 12. Space Requirements: 40" (102cm) Front. • Semi-automatic feeder. – Duo 10. minimum resolution 125 lines per millimeter. Document Dimensions: 2.5 mil film. single phase. Feeder Capacity: Check feeder: 1200 checks in hopper. 120 V AC. ■ Operator Interface • Easy-to-read LCD display. Paper Transport: • 36"/second speed.040" Optics: • 24:1 reduction. • 40:1 reduction.).0" (30. Kodak Imagelink™ Smart Cassette Features: • Graphic display of film remaining. high-resolution microfilmer that’s easy to upgrade. • Microprocessor-managed automatic exposure control. Safety Listings: UL listed (UL-478).

• Audible alarms and visual indicators of machine status. minimum. duplex-. • Allows up to 11 indexing digits written directly on film.. • Built-in resettable odometer.5"D (16. • Resettable document counter. requiring no document imprinter.O. 16mm rotary microfilmer no wider than a standard office typewriter that microfilms documents up to 12" wide by any length quickly.5"W x 12. (79 kg) 205 lbs (93 kg) shipping weight. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM ROTARY Kodak Mini Microfilmer Portable. 220 240 volts ac. and economically. Kodak Reliant Intelligent Microfilmer 1000 This versatile 16mm rotary microfilmer offers rapid image documentation.57 kg). • The accessory footswitch adds speed and convenience to image marking. making document recall and sorting faster and easier. applications flexibility. Size: 131/4"H x 271/2"W x 33"D (337mm x 698mm x 838mm) all with cover closed. and film writing for a cost-effective approach to file control for low. (13. offering these features: • Films 60 letters or 125 checks per minute. • Simplex-. • Resolution – 100:1 Lines/mm. Size: 6. 50 or 60 Hz. • Microprocessor-controlled to monitor number-writing on film and most other microfilmer operations. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 175 lbs. It has such features as: • High-speed operation (600 documents per minute). Power: 104-27 v. • Low-cost interchangeable microfilm cassettes capable of two film thicknesses. • Expanded image mark capability with one to three level indexing. • High resolution and improved exposure control for multi-colored documents. 50 or 60 Hz. easily.44 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. electronic indexing.4cm x 31. • Three-level image marking capability is standard.to medium-volume applications. . • 25:1 (nominal) reduction ratio. • Automatic Exposure Control with capability for manual fixed exposure operation. Power: 100. or 113-27 v. or duo-filming capabilities. 50 Hz with internal wiring changes. 60 Hz.5"H x 15. Box 741068 ■ Houston.5cm x 39. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 30 lbs. 50 Hz (7 amps maximum) or 198-254 v.8cm). • 23-digit keypad and a 12-digit LED display for indexing flexibility. 110. 120 volts ac. • Eight-digit document counter helps you to track even the biggest jobs.

6" (37.7 x 25.7" x 10" (29.5cm) Typical Machine Characteristics Film: Each film unit accepts one roll of 100' (30. 1 amp. Weight: 45 lbs.5cm) 14. Improved Resolution: 150 lines/mm at center of the photographic field.8"D (102.4 x 32.9cm) can be recorded on a 100foot roll of Recordak AHU Microfilm or up to 5.7 x 22.2cm).3 x 32.6" (37.) 3" x 13/4" (7. 1 amp.6 x 4.6"W x 19. R and L Lenses Kodak Starfile 30C. the other for off-premises safekeeping.6" (41. 60 Hz.4 x 29.7" x 11. Automatic Exposure Control: Fully automatic light sensor regulates the shutter speed to set optimum exposure for each document through use of a photocell. not less than 135 lines/mm at corners. or a roll of 215' (65. charcoal brown. (20.500 documents (81/2" x 11") (21. Dual microfilming: Adding a Kodak Starfile Dual Film Adapter allows simultaneous exposure of two rolls of film. ac.4cm) 11.2cm x 50.3" x 12.or Legal-Size Documents on Microfilm: Up to 2. Operator Controls: Power on-off switch. Inexpensive Storage of Letter.5m) or 125' (38. K-3585 .6 x 27.4 kg).4cm) 11.5m) Recordak Datapak AHU Film. Each lens is identified with the reduction. exposure button. ULlisted.6cm x 75. One to be used for reference. Color: Sandstone beige.400 documents if a 215-foot roll of Recordak Datapak AHU Film is used.3" x 11.1m) 16mm Recordak AHU® Microfilm. Reductions: Two reductions available – 24X for lettersize documents and 30X for legal-size documents.7" x 9" (29.7 x 25.7" x 10" (29.9cm) 30X Lens 16. ac or 113 ot 127 volts. CSA-approved. and alarm light simplifies microfilmer operation.3 x 29.0cm) 16.9cm) 11.5cm) 24X Lens Without counter/no blips Without counter/with blips With counter/no blips With counter/with blips 11. Removable Film Unit: Film units are interchangeable so that multi-department film records can be maintained separately.6" (41. A minimum amount of instruction is needed for operator training. Minimum Document Size: (For proper function of automatic exposure control.7 x 22.7" x 12. R and L Lenses Kodak Footswitch Kit.4"H x 29. Dimensions: 40.0cm) 14. and orange. Power: 104 to 127 volts. 50 Hz.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 45 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY Kodak Starfile RV-3 Microfilmer If Offers You These Features Compactness: The small size of the RV-3 Microfilmer makes it ideal for tabletop operation where space is at a premium.7" x 9" (29. Accessories: Kodak Starfile Dual Film Adapter Kodak Starfile VRC Recording Counter Kodak Starfile CV-3 Film Unit Kodak Starfile 24C.

This Equipment Is Also Available For Rent Ask About Our 50-50 Purchase Program . Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz. (Note: Residential sodium thiosulfate meets ANSI specification PH 4. Cycle Time: 3-4 minutes to exposure develop.) Operating Environment: Ambient temperature: 40º to 85ºF (5º to 30ºC).176 BTU/hour. filming front and back.5 amps as 230 VAC. Current: 3 amps at 115 VAC or 1. Supplies: Film: FS-6 Camera Film (conventional 16mm x 100' silver halide microfilm). wash. Heat Dissipation: Maximum: 1. 60 watt incandescent lamps. When using program 7 on the FS-6. 32X.200 documents per hour. Power: Voltage: 115 or 230 volts ac. Reductions and Formats: FS-6: 24X. for insertion into microfilm jackets. There is a choice of three lenses: 24X. 32X and 42X. Microfilm Jackets: 3M Microfilm Jackets. Microfilming Speed: Machine capability to 1. Typical Machine Characteristics Size: 151/2"H x 263/8"W (without document tray) x 24"D (394mm x 670mm x 610mm). (27 kg).46 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 25 frames per strip. maximum size is 81/2" x 7".* allowing exact image placement meeting AIIM fiche standards.O. 148mm long. as well as a choice of seven programmed formats. It is micro-processor controlled. Microfilm Formats: The Camera Processor produces 16mm filmstrips. Exposure Lamps: Lamps: Two 120 VAC. Box 741068 ■ Houston.000 hours or 429 rolls of film. Typical: 392 BTU/hour. fix. Document Size: Up to 81/2" x 14" (216 x 356mm). Chemicals: 3M FS-6 Chem Pac.8 1978. 20 frames per strip 42X. Weight: 60 lbs. Lamp Life: 1. 14 frames per strip. Specifications noted herein are subject to change without prior written notice. 16mm. Relative humidity: 10 to 80 percent non-condensing. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY 3M FS-6* Camera-Processor The 3M FS-6 Camera-Processor delivers a totally developed and processed 6" strip of 16mm microfilm ready to be inserted into microfilm jackets. and dry.

Film: 16mm x 100' non-perforated roll film. Shutter: Electromagnetic method. Weight: 60 lbs. 113/4" x 16". Economical The cutter housed in the camera head enables you to take out the exposed film whenever required. X1/29. Four Magnifications Our unique StepFocus Mechanism changes the magnification in 4 stages such as X1/21. Magnification: X1/21. Simple Operation Focusing is simply a matter of adjusting the position of the camera head according to the sizes of documents to be microfilmed. X1/27 and X1/29 with one lens. ENT PRO AL G RAM Ask A bout Our R . Frame Spacing: 0. Cutter: Exakta style cutter built in. Power Consumption: 70VA Dimensions: 23"W x 19" D x 19" H – in case. Frame Size: 11 x 15mm. EE system always keeps exposure optimum. Film Winding: Automatic by motor driving. So it is very handy and economical. You can easily make jacket and microfiche thanks to the cutter incorporated in the camera. Exposure Control: Automatic EE method. Just press the shutter button for microfilming. 35"W x 22" D x 44" H – in use. Film Counter: Footage counter w/empty alarm and frame counter.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 47 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY Minolta Micro Auto 16 A compact.5 28mm. Lens: Micro Rokkor F4. Minolta Micro Auto 16 is suitable for microfilming various documents on 16mm film. X1/25. Light Source: 2 fluorescent lamps.75mm. 15W each. X1/27. The focus is automatically adjustable according to the magnification. Original Size: 9" x 121/4". high quality camera. Typical Machine Characteristics E? PRICy! DA a NEEall Us Tod 123 C 27-1 00) 6 AX (8 r F o 940 995-4 (713) Type: Planetary portable type. X1/25. 11" x 15". 121/2" x 171/6".

automatically selects the proper reduction ratio required to film them. so they can all be viewed and printed upright on a reader-printer. Up to four separate departments can use the camera without mixing document types. The control panel is readily-accessible.48 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. The 6500 was designed for easy. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY 3M 6500 Planetary Camera (Minolta DR1600 Planetary Camera) Putting documents on microfilm has just gotten easier. Interchangeable camera heads The memory of the 6500 can store “last filmed” frame locations for up to four separate camera heads.O. wider documents are automatically filmed on double frames. And the 6500 films your documents upright. you can override the automatic mode and expose the film manually. clear document images. Box 741068 ■ Houston. The microprocessor-controlled camera takes care of the rest – automatically. however. the 3M 6500 is economical enough to start replacing your paper files immediately. Automatically selects proper frame size The 3M 6500 Camera not only senses document height for automatic reduction control. Just place a document on the copyboard and press a button. Yet it is so fast and so simple to operate. For special requirements. For example. The 3M 6500 Planetary Camera automates nearly every microfilming function from focusing to frame size. For crisp. Even if your business produces just a few documents. Automatically senses document size and selects reduction ratio The 3M 6500 Camera automatically senses the size of documents you place on the copyboard – up to 11" x 17". Automatic exposure control The 6500 Camera will automatically select the proper film exposure. senses document width for automatic frame size control. it can easily handle even a large volume of documents. but it also . desktop operation. Then. clearly-positioned and so self-explanatory that even first-time operators can become automatically productive. 3M 6500 Planetary Camera (Minolta DR16 Camera) Automatically selects proper focus The 3M 6500 is one of the only planetary cameras available to feature automatic focus. up to legal size documents (81/2" x 14") are filmed on one frame width of film. And since the camera heads are easily removable – which also makes loading and unloading film simpler – the 6500 becomes especially valuable for interdepartmental use.

Frame (Aperture) Size: Single 9. Double 18. .21mm to 4.0mm (9. four-digit numbers to each frame.0mm to 20. Depth of Field: +20mm from copyboard. Light Source: Two 15-W fluorescent lamps. Spacing: Single frame. (41 kg). Pulldown: Single – 10. prefixed frames (5 to 250 frames) and any desired frames (1 to 9999 frames). 5' (1. Double – 18.75mm).5m). 240 V 50 Hz. Dual Level (L or M. which marks your microfilmed documents into “block. you can also choose how much space to put between frames.6mm.6mm. 220V 50 Hz. 5 mil – 100'. 1/32 (single frame). or manually selected.” “batch” and “item.5mm to 11. Film Supply Warning: Beeping warns that the film will soon be running out.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 49 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY 3M 6500 Planetary Camera (Minolta DR16 Planetary Camera) Three-level frame numbering The three-level “blip” system.2mm. Numbering: 12 digits (4 digits x 3 fields) –used for the block. Tri Level (L. Focusing: Auto focus (two-step focusing).5mm (18. Automatically selected according to the original size detected. When you finish. Document Marks: Three document mark levels. S).21mm). 2. Programmable leader and trailer After you load your film. –can also be used as an 8 or 4 digit counter. In addition.5 mil – 215'. Reduction Ratios: 1/25 (single and double frames).7mm x 12. Weight: 90 lbs. Dimensions: 357/16"W x 279/16"D x 497/32"H. And you can add these blip marks either from the fingertip-close control panel. Typical Machine Characteristics Film: 16mm roll film (non-perforated).” lets you organize your microfilm files the same way you organize your paper files. A warning light indicates when the length of film remaining for use reaches approx.25mm). batch and item numbers. Power Consumption: 175 W. And to maximize the number of documents per roll. or from an optional foot pedal controller (which you can also use to expose the microfilm). S). M. (900mm x 700mm x 1250mm). Document Size: Maximum 17" x 11" or A3. Using foot pedal controllers frees your hands for even more efficient document handling. the 6500 Camera will automatically advance it to a pre-selected location on the roll. Single Level (L or M or S). So you don’t have to learn a complicated new system. it lets you choose how much of a trailer to leave at the end. Power: 120 V 60 Hz. the 6500 Camera lets you add up to three. Exposure Control: Automatic and manual exposure control. Document Mark: Document mark positioning of 1.2mm x 12. Positioning: Width single level mark can be adjusted by using choice mode (between 1. So you can include other important information such as time and date.

Controls: Power. Space button. bound books. Reduction Changes: Manual. and other oversized records. Reduction Ratios: 8X to 30X (36X with column extension). Feed Pitch Selector. (777mm x 855mm x 775mm). Six digit frame number with “A” camera head. 11". an automatic exposure is included as standard on the Canofilmer 100. There are three different reduction ratios on each camera head. Weight: 43 lbs. Also. Form Size Accepted: 81/2" to 14" wide 8". Controls: Two mode numbering selector buttons. Indexing: Tri-level blip marking with “A” camera head. Film Used: 16mm. 120 Volt. 34X tri-level blip and 6 digit number.O. (25 kg). you may film up to 24" x 36" documents on 16mm film. 81/2". 60 Hz. Feeding Speed: 121/2" per second. Typical Machine Characteristics Reduction Ratio: “A” Camera Head – 24X. Dimensions: 305/8"H x 331/2"W x 301/2"D.50 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Kodak MRD-2/30 (16mm only) This is a planetary microfilmer for maps. Feed Button. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY Canon Canofilmer 100 This is a compact and versatile 16mm planetary camera. Auto/Manual. Lamp Specifications: 150 Watt. no indexing on film. Film End Warning. Indicators: Exposure Counter. Power: 120 V. Film Empty. With a 36X column extension. “B” Camera Head – 22X. Film in Motion. You may choose between six digit frame number or tri-level blip under frame indexing for retrieval programs. 30X for jackets. Dimensions: 36"H x 21"W x 271/2"D. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Tri-level blip selector. Lens: 46mm. . Options: Footpetal for handless operation. Film Supply. or 12" long. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 102"H x 72"W x 34"D. It features a modular design which enables you to customize the unit to meet your individual job requirements.5" x 30". Canon Continuous Form Feeder CFF 100. The standard unit features a reduction ratio from 8X . plats.30X to microfilm documents of up to 17. 400 W. Stack Height: 1 foot. Power: 20 amps/120V. leader/trailer button. Weight: 55 lbs. drawings. 28X. 32X. Weight: 165 lbs. Two blip buttons.

dual. Typical Machine Characteristics Camera: FileMaster – Single interchangeable. FileMaster II – 120 Vac. (25. An optional image marker accessory will provide a single.3cm x 114. 60 Hz. Extra Cameras for departmental use.3cm x 111. Photographic Area: FileMaster – Up to 12" x 17" (30. Formats: FileMaster – COSATI.94cm x 35. Automatic Exposure System: Automatically adjusts for variations in document color and texture. keeping your film costs down. positive stepping planetary. An excellent choice in a reconditioned camera. 31:1. Spacing Control.67cm x 34. FileMaster or FileMaster II with Image Mark Accessory – 11" x 14" (27. and reliability are all present in the Bell & Howell FileMaster Camera (Minolta MA16). 2 amperes. BTUs Per Hour: 142 Dimensions: FileMaster – 35"W x 21"D x 44"H (88. Filemaster II – Fixed pulldown of 11.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 51 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY Bell & Howell FileMaster I & II Cameras (Minolta MA 16 & 16 Dual Head) This unit has been a standard of quality for many years.94cm x 44. Shutter Control Foot Pedal.9cm x 53. Filemaster II – 26:1. Shutter Control Button. high contrast images. insuring you good exposure time and time again. image quality. 60 Hz. Depth of Field: Minimum 0. Film Supply Indicator. Options and Accessories: Work Station. Seven digit non-resettable. Image Mark Accessory.75" above copy table.5 mils.7cm). Reduction Ratios: FileMaster – 21:1. positive stepping planetary. automatic focusing. Versatility. . The dual camera heads on the FileMaster II (MA 16 Dual) produce a duplicate roll of film as a security copy. 29:1. 27:1. Focusing: Automatic at all reduction ratios. FileMaster II – 66 lbs. A 12-position control allows the operator to compensate for film speed and processing methods.9cm x 53. These are extremely reliable cameras that focus automatically for clear. (30 kg).4 kg). Spacing: FileMaster – Fixed pulldown of 11. Reduction ratios can be easily changed in seconds without removing cameras or lenses. FileMaster II – Twin interchangeable. 16mm x 215' – 2. 1 ampere. FileMaster II – 35"W x 21"D x 451/5"H (88.18cm) COSATI Format. The film compartment’s dual doors allow efficient use of full and partial rolls of film. Resolution: Minimum 120 lines per millimeter in all reductions. Exposure Setting. A film supply indicator keeps the operator posted on the remaining amount of unexposed film in the camera head. Fixed pulldown of 10mm (NMA). Alarm Off. Film: 16mm x 100' – 5 mils. Film loading and unloading is very simple.8cm). NMA. Item Counters: Four digit resettable. The cameras compensate for differences in document color and texture. Light Source: Two 15W fluorescent lamps.48cm x 43.7mm (COSATI). Weight: FileMaster – 56 lbs. FileMaster II – COSATI. Controls: Power On/Off. Power Requirements: FileMaster – 120 Vac. 25:1. automatic focusing. Floor Stand. FileMaster II – Up to 11" x 171/2" (27.45cm) COSATI Format.7mm (COSATI). or trilevel mark and/or image number on the film.29cm) NMA Format. Combine high resolution Minolta Camera Company lenses with ease of operation and you have a real winner. Up to 101/2" x 131/2" (26.56cm). A simple movement of the camera up or down a slide changes the reduction to accommodate various applications or document sizes.

. The unit will record three levels of blip (image marks) under the document to facilitate retrieval by an intelligent reader-printer.38" x 0. or 12 digits (four digit date field and eight digit counter). Double – 0. Weight: 90 lbs.5m) of film remains. The “Electric Eye” automatic reduction ratio automatically measures documents and selects the proper reduction ratio as well as proper focus. or manually selected. date or other pertinent information.5 mil. Power Requirements: 120 VAC. Film Type: 16mm .6mm).21mm or 4. and automatic reduction and focus make the FileMaster III versatile and easy to use.” The final feature is a variable pulldown. It features a very accurate automatic exposure control which insures you good. 100 ft. Options: Foot pedal.80" (18. you may manually input three 4 digit numbers. 150 W (220 VAC/240 VAC 50 Hz optional).37" to 0. This number will also appear on the film.75mm): 0. Automatic continuous forms feeder. and any desired number of frames (1 to 9999). 11" x 17" or A3 (279mm x 432mm). UL Listed.71" to 0.21"H x 35. Reduction Ratios: 25:1 single or double frame. The camera head is easily removable.5mm).5mm to 11. or a single 12 digit number to help identify each frame by time. Prefixed Frames (5 to 250 frames). Frame (Aperture) Size: Automatically selected according to the original size. or 4 digits (four digit counter). Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY Bell & Howell FileMaster III Camera The FileMaster III planetary camera is a combination of high resolution and ease of operation. which can eliminate excess space between frames – increasing the number of images per roll.0mm). 215' (65. Lens Type: Micro-Rokkor f-28mm. Bell & Howell and FileMaster are trademarks of The Bell & Howell Company. Resettable counter. Double – range 0. or medium and small).21mm. Focusing: Automatic focus. large and medium.52 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. or small).50" (18. Pulldown: Single – range 0. Spacing: Single Frame. The automatic reduction selector provides error free filming of documents up to 11" x 17" . Numbering: 12 digits (four digits x three fields) – used for block. three-level (large. Typical Machine Characteristics Camera Type: 16mm planetary camera.3mm) single level mark can be adjusted between 1. (41 kg).73" normal (18. Resolution: 150 lines/mm minimum.46" (9. (30.O. This makes it a very good choice as an entry level filmer. Automatic and manual exposure. batch.0mm to 20. Film guides which allow the operator to position the paper accurately on the copyboard are included. This number is invaluable as a “visual retrieval tool.72" x 0.25mm): 0.5 mil.6mm). Dimensions: 49.2mm x 12. Image Mark Positioning: Medium width (2. Single – 0. two-level (large and small.7mm x 12. Safety Acceptance: CSA Certified.50" (9. medium. medium. small). or single-level (large. Light Source: Two 15 W fluorescent lamps. Box 741068 ■ Houston.39" normal (10. even density exposures time after time. Depth of Field: +20mm from copy board.43"W x 27. 60 Hz. Image Marking: Four Operator Selectable Modes: No image marks. allowing you to purchase additional heads so that multiple departments may use the same camera base. Film Supply Warning: Beeper and warning light indicate when approximately 5' (1. In addition. Black copy board. Document Size: Max. Exposure Control: Automatic and manual exposure control. or 32:1 single frame only. and item fields.53m). FCC Compliance. programmable three-level indexing.56"D (1250mm x 700mm x 900mm).48m) or 2.

33/4" (95mm). The DAR2800 can “read” each target and automatically switch modes of filming.5mm (double frame). The LED system also alerts you to the locations of paper jams. These numbers appear along the top of the frame.0 28mm. as well as. turns the document over. clear images every time. High volume applications requiring automation might give this unit a thorough examination. solenoid-operated. permitting special settings and adjustments for individual documents or special indexing/imprinting requirements. Foot switch. 16mm x 125' (4 mil roll film). Documents up to legal size (81/2" x 14") are filmed in single frames. Lens: F5. Shutter: Electromagnetic. Batch and Block are available. The Minolta DAR2800 has a double sided mode.6mm (double frame) switchable. *Specifications subject to change without notice. Automatic Reduction and Focus – The DAR2800 can automatically determine the size of the document and the camera selects the proper reduction size to film that particular document. Document Mark: Built-in tri-level document mark. Document Feeding Mode: 4 modes (2 ADF modes. It will microfilm single and double sided documents and yield exceptional resolution. the operator can simply insert special target cards before each type of document.2mm x 12.7mm x 12. the operator can choose to film either or both sides of the document. Exposure Control: Automatic or manual. frame numbers and blip marks can be selected and recorded on film. Maximum width 14" (355mm). In addition.343mm x 680mm x 1. the filmed images are upright for easy viewing. 1 DF mode. more accurate document exposures. (79. This will add up to increased productivity as well as quality images. In the ADF mode. up to 500 single sheet documents are automatically fed into the unit and filmed at 45 sheets per minute. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments. easier identification and indexing. In the SADF mode. Light Source: Two 15W fluorescent lamps. Power Source: AC local voltage. as well as alerting you whether or not the jammed document has been filmed or not. Pull down: 10mm (single frame) or 18. Original Weight Range: 50 . The DAR2800 provides two automatic document feeding modes. 16mm x 215' (2.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 53 CAMERAS – 16MM PLANETARY Minolta DAR2800 (ALOS ADF42) The Minolta 2800 is a fully automated planetary microfilmer. Frame Indexing (Numbers and Blip Marks) – For faster. and the ADF will film the first side. Full Upright Images – In addition to automatically sensing the height of the document to determine the correct reduction ratio. Imprinter. If both single and double sided documents are mixed. Target card.8 kg). Power Consumption: 300W. while larger documents are filmed in double wide width frames. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Planetary desk top. Dimensions: 429/10"W x 374/5"D x 489/10" (without table) (1. Auto Exposure Control – Advanced electronics provides completely automatic exposure adjustment for sharp.120g/m2.5 mil roll film). allowing different departments to use the same base unit. Reduction Ratio: 25:1. Film: 16mm x 100' (5 mil roll film). and brings up the next document. 32:1. The camera head can be easily replaced in seconds. films the second side. 6-digit resettable mechanical counter. .25mm. DF – Document Feeding Mode permits automatic feeding of individually handled documents. Document Feeding Speed: 45 sheets/min. the LED self diagnosis system will let you know when film is about to run out or when the camera head is not locked properly into the main body. the document is automatically fed into the unit and the operator activates the filming process manually. all automatically. roll after roll. Finally. date or other vital information. Original Size Range: Minimum width . With the DAR2800 the automatic document feeder teams up with a double sided document function to permit fast. ejects it. Frame Size: 9.241mm). Capacity: 500 sheets (11" x 17" or A3). Weight: 176 lbs.75mm and 20. 7-digit non-resettable mechanical counter. Maximum length 17" (432mm). efficient filming of both single and double-sided documents. no matter what frame width is used. But. Option: RS232C interface. Minimum length 51/2" (140mm). Variable setting between 11. Manual adjustment of the exposure time is also possible for special filming needs. the DAR2800 senses the document width to determine the correct aperture size. Printing Capabilities – An optional imprinter and the DAR2800 will print the frame number on the original document after it is filmed to ensure accurate correlation of filmed images and data entered from the documents. All are encoded inside the camera head to ensure consistent readability. SADF – In the semiautomatic feeding mode. Frame Counters: 12-digit resettable LED display. 1 Manual mode).6mm (single frame). (letter or A4). Three levels of blip marks – Item. an operator can manually input up to three 4-digit numbers or a single 12-digit number to more precisely identify each frame with time. ADF – Automatic Document Feeding feature. 18. Resolution: 155 lines/mm.

Optical System: Kodak EKTAR LENS – 63. Exposure: A photocell measures the illumination and indicates the correct exposure on a null type meter. . actuates the exposure counter on the film unit. Film Unit: Uses 100' rolls of 35mm microfilm and can be modified to use 16mm microfilm with an optional 16mm kit. Accessories: Extra film unit. By operator control of the photographic field. maps. 16mm conversion kit. The film unit can rotate 360 degrees to photograph documents horizontally or vertically. UL approved. Power Requirements: 117V AC 50/60 Hz 8a. Dimensions: 102"H x 72"W x 34"D. Illumination is controlled by variable auto transformer.3mm at f/8. The switch is suitable for hand or foot operation. The lamp bracket arms pivot and can be moved out of the way when not in use. the film advance automatically adjusts to use only the amount of film required for the size of the document.54 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Weight: 165 lbs. Summation: A standard for book and legal document recording. column extension kit for extending reduction to 27X. Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 35MM PLANETARY Kodak MRD-2 Planetary Camera Specially Designed for… • Microfilming Bound and Unbound Books • Oversized Documents to 261/4" x 363/4" • Ease of Operation • Automatic Focusing from 5X to 21X • Capturing Real Property Documents. Box 741068 ■ Houston.21X. Photographic Field Indicator: The area to be photographed is defined by a rectangular light pattern projected through the lens onto the copyboard. newspapers and other documents requiring a large flatbed microfilmer Typical Machine Characteristics Reduction Ratio: Range of 5X . will permit filming of documents up to 261/4" x 363/4".O. A single touch of a shutter trips the fixed speed shutter. An additional camera head may be purchased to allow several users access to the master base unit. vital statistics. Illumination: Four 150 watt reflector flood lamps. and advances the film.

Film Holder: Vacuum platen system. Tripod Mounting: The HK 35 can be mounted in three different positions on a tripod making it possible to shoot large. Exposure Cycle: 30 shots/minute (two second/frame). 22.5 (100'). Designed for a wide variety of applications: microfilming deeds. newspapers. Furnished complete with all necessary accessories in a rugged weatherproof carrying case with molded liner that assures complete protection. 5 steps: adjustable shutter speed. Illuminations: 4 X 60W incandescent lamps. Built-in film footage counter with manual override automatically locks the camera when film is near end of roll. (Stepless by adjustable camera unit position on column. 1/2. manufacturing processes. Weight: Total weight including carry case 15 kg. Footage Indication: Shows length of unexposed film remaining. as well as for permanently installed microfilming systems. 50-60 Hz. and stilllifes. Lens: 70mm micro lens f/5. Sensitive micro-switch stops camera-head motor if film tears or is not feeding properly. Exposures Per Roll: With standard 100' rolls 640 Illumination: Baseboard illuminated by 4 diffused long life exposures in full frame mode of 1200 exposures in half frame mode. wall-hung drawings and maps.5 to 55mm by 2. Color or black and white.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 55 CAMERAS – 35MM PLANETARY HK35 Portable 35MM Camera Use for on-location microfilming where original documents cannot be removed from their source. 30X 43cm on base-board. Reduction Ratio: Attached portable stand: 1/5 – 1/11. Vacuum Film Platen: Assures absolute film flatness maximum resolution. precise planetary single-lens-reflex simplex operation microfilm camera with vacuum platen for maximum sharpness. Shutter: Mirror shutter. industrial parts catalogs. and up to 1:35 reductions off the base-board. with luminous outlines of exact fields for full and half frame fields on perforated and unperforated film. Extension rings: 1/1 – 1/4. Tripod or special stand: A5 (148 X 210mm) to B0 (1030 x 1456mm). blueprints. 1/4.5 – 1/35. or 2. Maximum documents size 115 x 180cm off base-board. Focuses from 40 . maps. making it impossible to double expose. Carry Case: 580 X 400 X 160mm. unperforated and perforated. Electronically cycled adjustable exposure and fully adjustable pull down for maximum flexibility. The HK 35 head can also be used as a ultra high resolution 35mm single-lens-reflex camera for close-ups. library records.000 exposures with duplex mask. Frame Size: 5 sizes are available with masks supplied: 32 X 45mm. drawings. Film Advance: Film is advanced and shutter is cocked automatically. 250W. Tripod or special stand: 1/4. from 1:1 to 1:4 lower reductions under 1:5 can be made using the extension rings. bulbs on adjustable light arms. An optional accessory is the wall mount brackets especially designed to dampen out vibration-permits reductions up to 34X. court records. . can be set up in less than two minutes and requires only 35 X 50cm of desk space. X rays. Power Requirements: AC 100-120V or 220240. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Portable/Desktop planetary microfilmer Film: 35mm. etc. Viewing: Brilliant thru-the-lens viewing. Reductions: 1:5 to 1:11 reductions can be made on the base-board.5 X 32mm. 1/3. 1sec.260cm.6 – 22 color-corrected high-resolution. 24 X 36mm. Focusing: Focuses with automatic-rewinding tape measure built into camera body and single-lens-reflex viewfinder. Reductions from 5x to 11x on baseboard to 34x at maximum focusing distance.) Focus: By built-in tape measure or through-thelens finder. or for use as a high capacity identification camera. Entire unit including case weighs 15 kg. 24 X 18mm. Pull Down: Adjustable 22. Portable compact. Document Size: Attached portable stand: A5 (148 X 210mm) to A3 (297 X 420mm).5mm step. 3/4. Release Switch: Hand or foot-operated. 30.

and other documents up to 63" x 45" (160cm x 114.3cm) on 35mm film at 36:1. Weight: 975 lbs. Typical Machine Characteristics Reduction Ratio Range: 12:1 to 36:1. specifications.O. A subsurface illuminator is required for operation. (442 kg). Interchangeable 35mm film units provide departmental file continuity and security.56 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Box 741068 ■ Houston.95m x 2. Size: 9'10"H x 9'8"W x 6'9"D (3m x 2. 3-wire. 20 amps.06m). 50/60 Hz. blueprints. Model MRG-1 E? PRICy! DA a NEEall Us Tod 123 C 27-1 00) 6 AX (8 r F o 940 995-4 (713) One of the finest photographic instruments available for photographing drawings. Built-in automatic controls (lighting and focusing) and operating conveniences combine to increase operator efficiency and productivity. Power Requirements: 120/208 or 115/230 V ac (± 10%). Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 35MM PLANETARY Recordak Micro-File Machine. Meets MIL-M-9868D specifications for 35mm microfilm programs. .

50-60 Hz 3 Amp. Power Requirements: 110 VAC. Some of the features of the 5000 camera are: • Four interchangeable lens reductions • Microcomputer control of all functions • 94 pre-programmed microfiche formats • NMA row mode and COM type column pagination • Interchangeable document copyboards • Automatic exposure control • Single microfiche cassette operation • Easy to use operator controls The 5000 camera is under the control of an advanced microcomputer. Resolution: In excess of 150 lines/mm at 24X. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 32"W x 27"D x 34"H (80cm x 68cm x 85cm). speed and dependability. 42X.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 57 CAMERAS – 105MM PLANETARY Microsize 5000 Camera The Microsize 5000 is a low-cost. All camera functions are monitored by the computer for increased efficiency. Film Format: Single cassette operation. Film Type: AHU or equivalent. Lens Reductions: 24X. Lighting: 4 incandescent lamps. Solid state electronics on a single-board computer make camera service easy and the diagnosis of problems much simpler. Exposure Adjustment: Automatic . Standard Formats: 94 pre-programmed. ICE? A PRday! D NEEall Us To 123 C 627-1 800) FAX ( r o 940 995-4 (713) We Purchase Surplus Equipment PHONE (800) 627-1123 FOR DETAILS . 48X.graduated index. Camera Throughput: 60 cycles per minute maximum. Whether it is functioning in a small office or part of a large corporate microfilm information system. multi-functional microfiche camera. the Microsize 5000 camera delivers exceptional performance and quality to a wide variety of business applications. (75 kg). Weight: 165 lbs. 30X.

• Three interchangeable lens reductions • Microcomputer control of all functions • 2 form sizes standard • Pre-programmed microfiche formats • NMA row mode and COM type column pagination • Automatic exposure control • Single microfiche cassette operation • Easy to use operator controls The 5050 camera is under the control of an advanced microcomputer. Here are some of the features of the 5050 camera.graduated index. Box 741068 ■ Houston. the Microsize 5050 can handle it and with ease. Film Type: AHU or equivalent. Lens Reductions: 24X. Lighting: 4 incandescent lamps. (114 kg). Texas 77274 CAMERAS – 105MM PLANETARY Microsize 5050 Continuous Forms Camera The Microsize 5050 is a camera designed to easily convert existing continuous form data to microfiche very quickly and economically.O. speed and dependability.58 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Solid state electronics on a single board computer make camera service easy and the diagnosis of problems much simpler. Camera Throughput: 1500 frames per hour approximate. All camera functions are monitored by the computer for increased efficiency. Film Format: Single cassette operation. Weight: 250 lbs. Exposure Adjustment: Automatic . Ask About Our 50-50 Purchase Program . Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 32"W x 27"D x 58"H (80cm x 68cm x 148cm). Whatever the application. Standard Formats: 72 pre-programmed. 42X or 48X. 220 VAC 50 Hz. The Microsize 5050 delivers exceptional performance with advanced features found only in Microsize products. Resolution: In excess of 150 lines/mm. Power Requirements: 110 VAC 60 Hz.

foot switch. (25) preprogrammed formats are available at the touch of a key. Special Options: Automatic Titling: Microprocessor controlled. remove the magazine and walk over the CMI 240 procesCamera Film Loading. (159 kg). Please call with your specific needs ■ EXTEK 7151 Camera . Company logos processor controlled camera permits an opercan even be filmed to accommodate the personal ator to create up to 40 titles at any given touch. Typical Machine Characteristics – Extek 7151 Speed: Filming speeds up to 1500 documents per hour. The operator can select several different methods of titling.5m) AHU subdued lighting loaded designed for simple operation. Other Options: Additional input and output film magazines. The C-20/20 sor for rapid high resolution and worry-free camera accommodates standard 105mm processing. Now you can produce low-cost. Document Input: 81/2" x 11" or A4 (typical). Throughput speeds of 1500 documents per hour. Standard Features: Automatic and manual exposure controls. This system workstation converts up to 1500 paper documents per hour with consistent image quality. C-20/20 graph. stores up to 40 titles. be edited using simple word processing techniques Automatic Titling. strip methods. Reduce Large Amounts of Paperwork to Small Quantities of Microfiche. Optional non-standard formats are available. Computer Forms Feed: 18" wide maximum paper size.5cm x 71. Re-collates 81/2" x 11" documents. Manual operator controls are also available. with three selectable form lengths. foot control switch.comes equipped with an automatic exposure conator the flexibility to place another via popular trol that adjusts shutter speed for differences in Operator controls are conveniently located and clearly identified for efficient work flow. controlled by an automatic exposure control. Automatic film feed eliminates the need for bursting of computer forms and the ease of filming the pages automatically. 14 lines each.9cm x 96. format set. Cost-Saving Features The C-20/20 microprocessor based camera offers many improvements over earlier models. The C-20/20 microto repeat a different but similar title. Film Format: Standard film formats are available in Cine or Comic modes. Convenient. The CMI 240 Processor is x 100' (30. point in time. Dimensions: 59"H x 38"W x 28"D (149. and automatic titling CRT Option. Automatic pin feed can advance computer print-out pages in step with the C-20/20 film advance permitting for COM photographed images. Multiple Formats and Magnifications. additional interchangeable lenses and formats. 80 characters per line. C-20/20 is complete with a single operator interchangeable lens from 20X to 48X for micro-photographing documents as large as 11" x 17". high archival quality microfiche in an office environment without the need of trained personnel or a darkroom facility. II. automatic or no title to allow the oper. input and output camera magazines. and optional formats are available to satisfy non-standard requirements of specific applications. exposure set. plus an external processor (Model 240). Push a button and the microfiche is inserted into an output magazine.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 59 CAMERAS – 105MM PLANETARY CMI 20/20 Camera The microprocessor controlled C-20/20 camera features superior engineering and new techniques for improving the production quality and operating simplicity of the microfiche document storage process. document colors. Computer Printout Pin Feed Option. index.Automatic Exposure Adjustment. It requires no roll film rather than cut film for savings of special plumbing. Film Output: Up to 40 fiche at one time into a light-tight cassette. and can deliver archival time and money. Raise the cover. manual or photo. Controls: Function and film positioning keys: exposure control. one interchangeable lens selected from 20X to 48X.5m) standard DDL AHU film. Film Input: 105mm x 100' (30. Automatic Document Transport System: 11" x 14" maximum paper size. Reduction Ratios: Lenses from 20X to 48X are operator interchangeable. Maximum size: 11"H x 17"W or 81/2" x 14" (legal size).1cm). The titles stored in memory can now quality microfiche at a very low cost. Principle features include: Push Button Processing. ■ TDC Document I. Weight: 350 lbs. III and IV Step and repeat cameras.

Texas 77274 COM CAMERAS COM Systems Due to the great variety of system configurations. Box 741068 ■ Houston.60 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. please call with your specific requirements.O. This Equipment Is Also Available For Rent We constantly hear of units for sale…and from interested buyers…please call on COM to see if we can help you save money and get a good unit bought or sold! Ask About Our 50-50 Purchase Program .

1 16 Size: OP 10 & 11. and duplicate cut sheet microforms. insert the diazo film in the developing slot and the finished duplicate is delivered in 22 seconds. Strip-up or jacket masters up to 41/16" x 6". no special venting required. Power Requirements: 120 volts. Duplicate: Diazo. Processor Size: 14 /4"W x 19"D x 21"H. Typical Machine Characteristics Printer Size: 21"W x 26"D x 16"H. up to 4 / " x 6". 6 amp. Volume Production – 1st print 18-20 seconds. A simple card-tocard diazo contact printing/processing unit. High speed units available – please call. To use. Light Source: NB400 watt special Metalarc Lamp. Cooling: Fan cooled. Exposure Area: 315/16" x 71/2" (110mm x 190mm). Controls: Variable exposure control – power on/off switch – three position – lamp intensity switch – Hi-maximum UV for “On Demand” prints – Standby – conservative lamp life – Lo minimum UV for volume production. no odor on the processed diazo – no venting necessary – diazo not in contact with rollers or belts – uniform and complete processing over whole area without streaks. Developer Film Guide. Receiving Tray. designed for the Microfiche Jacket System. Model 404A 404C 403A Sheet size 5 x 3 – 6 x 41/8 6 x 41/8 and 73/8 x 33/8 3 x 5 and 33/8 and 33/8 x 5 Anhydrous ammonia cylinder with fast disconnect for rapid chance of ammonia supply. (25 kg). . and eliminate the “out of file” condition – Companion printer and processor. Film: Master: Standard or super fiche. 3 AMP international. Exposure time is controlled by simply adjusting a dial. 44 lbs. Dimens i o n s : 11 5/ 8"H x 1 7 5/ 16" W 3 1 3 / 8" D (295mm x 440mm x 340mm). place the master film in contact with diazo duplicating film on the platen and close the pressure cover. Designed to provide high-quality duplicate microfiche images on diazo film from an original microfiche. Weight: 113 lbs. either COM or source document. 120 VAC. 3 Weight: 70 lbs. Developer Supply: 250cc ammonia solution processes 500 fiche. Several Units in Stock Now… CALL US! Features Film Size: All standard cut sheet microforms.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 61 DUPLICATORS/FICHE/JACKET NB 404 Fiche/Jacket Duplicator System Printing Speed: “On Demand” prints 8-10 seconds (next print follows in 2 seconds). The Processor is a major break-through in diazo processing – complete processing – “air washed” copies – no venting. jacket or aperture cards. Place the NB Printer and Processor by your active microfiche jacket or master “fiche” file. 60 Hz single phase. 700W. 50 Hz. 17"W x 93/4"H x 171/2"D (43cm x 25cm x 44cm). Light Source: 400W Mercury Arc Lamp. OP 11 heated chamber. Controls: •On/Off Switch • Cycle bar • Temperature ready light • Curl-static control switch The only “On Demand” printer and diazo processor for complete low cost file control and distribution. Power Requirements: OP 10 & 11. inside sealed ammonia chamber-no fumes or odors in the air. 5 AMP domestic. Fully adjustable ammonia pressure and temperature control. also makes diazo duplicates of microfiche. (20 kg). Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop contact printer/processor. Canon KF 480 Canon Kal-Ficher 480. Weight: OP 10 & OP 11. Weight: 55 lb. 50/60 Hz. 6 amp. stripped-up masters. Standard Accessories: Supply bottle. Input Copy Film: OP 10 Diazo cut sheet film. 230 VAC +/10%. suspended in air. 60 Hz. Following exposure. Electrically controlled processing cycle adjustable for complete processing of all diazo films. Development: OP 10 heated aqueous ammonia chamber. Exposure Control: 2-80 seconds adjustable. 60 Hz. Printing Surface: Patented air cooled floating rotating cylinder. then print continuously at 400 per hour. vapor or dirt marks. OP 10/11 Microfiche Duplicator Typical Machine Characteristics Input Masters: OP 10 & 11 105mm x 148mm fiche masters. Dust Cover. Copy Speed: OP 10 & 11 120 copies per hour. thermostatically controlled. Power Requirements: 120V. Power Requirements: 120 volts. up to 41/16" x 6". Diazo sheet is processed. the Kal-Ficher 480 provides both exposure and developing in a single desktop-size unit. OP 11 Vesicullar cut sheet film.

The 261 Duplifiche Printer has a variable exposure control. Weight: Approximately 40 pounds (18 kg).5 seconds maximum for the first vesicular microcopy. 60 Hz 10 amps.3mm) microfiche and jackets. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Texas 77274 DUPLICATORS/FICHE/JACKET 3M 261/262 Duplifiche Printer-Developer The 3M Duplifiche Printer/Developer is a tabletop combination printer/developer for dry diazo and vesicular films.7 mm x 187. .5"W x 10.7mm x 187. Speed: 4-6 duplicates per minute. Weight: 38.33mm) microfiche and jackets. Film development is controlled by two speed options and a pre-set film temperature. 60 Hz 10 amps – with taps at 105. The 261 Duplifiche Printer is a compact exposing device for standard 4" x 6" (105mm x 148mm) microfiche and jackets and tab size 3 3/ 8" x 7 3/ 8" (85.7 mm x 187. or as a “satellite” in a large system. The controls are ON/OFF switch. Call Us For Details! The 262 Duplifiche Developer provides high contrast duplication of both dry diazo and vesicular films. (sign maintaining or sign reversing microcopying) AMMONIA-FREE system available. successive copies at a rate of 28 per minute. Dry Silver. The operator takes the exposed film from the 261 Duplifiche Printer. Copy Film: Dry Diazo. Specifications noted herein are subject to change without prior written notice. The dry diazo film is impregnated with diazoum salts. No operator adjustments are necessary. 6. Specifications noted herein are subject to change without notice.5 kg). The film exits onto a receiving tray.3mm) microfiche and jackets. Speed: 35 seconds maximum for the first dry diazo microcopy. Dimensions: 26. Power Requirements: 115 volts.1"W x 7. Diazo. Typical Machine Characteristics 261 Duplifiche Printer Master Film Format: Standard 4" x 6" (105mm x 148mm) microfiche and jackets and Tab Size 33/8" x 73/8" (85. 262 Duplifiche Developer Copy Film Format: Standard 4" x 6" (105mm x 148mm) microfiche and jackets and Tab Size 33/8" x 7 3/ 8" (85.62 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.reversing) microcopy films from silver halide.6"H x 14. 50 Hz 10/5 amps. Exposure Time and Print. The 3M 261/262 Duplifiche Printer/Developer is designed for lowto medium-volume microcopying. This unit uses the totally dry exposure and processing concept that 3M pioneered. inserts it into the 262 Duplifiche Developer. AMMONIA-FREE DEVELOPMENT. Light Source: 400W Mercury Vapor Lamp. It is compatible with all film duplicating systems. with an added dimension – THERMAL.O. Dimensions: 18. Master Film: Silver Halide. and selects either a vesicular or diazo mode. and diazo masters or jackets. Copy Film Format: Standard 4" x 6" (105mm x 148mm) microfiche and jackets and Tab Size 33/8" x 7 3/ 8" (85. Vesicular. (17. Vesicular. Copy Film: Dry Diazo. 50 Hz 10/5 amps. The only supply item is the dry diazo film.8"D (663mm x 194mm x 375mm) plus 4" (102mm) standard microfiche exit tray projection. Power Requirements: 115 volts. so no ammonia is required in the developer. The 3M Duplifiche System is the only bi-modal.5"H x 12"D (470mm x 267mm x 305mm). International 90-250 volts. successive copies at a rate of 6-8 per minute. The Duplifiche Printer provides high-quality exposures onto either dry diazo (sign-maintaining) or vesicular (sign.3mm) microfiche and jackets. International – 90/250 volts. 115 and 125 volts.5 lbs. dry silver.7mm x 187.

standby. Film Capacity (each spindle): Maximum roll diameter 9. operator adjustable. standby. 2000' (610m) of 2. Compare these features/benefits with any duplicator on the market: Unattended Operation. (93 kg) Dimensions: 24"H x 301/2"W x 21"D (610mm x 775mm x 533mm). disposable supply bottles within the duplicator cabinet. Heat load less than 3700 BTU per hour.0 mil to 6 mil. Machine Speed: 0 to 100' per min. Venting not required. (84 kg) Environment: Daylight operation. (77 kg) Shipping Weight 205 lbs.0 mil to 6 mil. Extended Lamp Life. Model 5400 – The Intelligent Duplicator! • Hinged cover protects duplicate supply roll from ambient light. operating.5 Amps 5 Amps Environment: Daylight operation. Master and duplicating film may have different thickness. In several ways the operator is protected from hot surfaces and ultraviolet light exposure – two important features not available on competitive diazo duplicators. Microprocessor control makes our new Model 5400 the only intelligent diazo roll film duplicator today. Special bulb design. Diazo. Development System: Developer: 26 Baumé aqueous ammonia in 1 gal. (30. (7. (68 kg) Shipping Weight 185 lbs. and other unique ammonia handling features. and protected automatic re-start…all contribute to longer expected lamp life. Thickness 2. Master and duplicating film may have different thickness. • Threading guide for fast-and-easy film loading. operator adjustable. Heat load less than 3700 BTU per hour.6 l) plastic container.4m per min. • Marks on duplicate supply disc let you know how much film remains. (84 kg) 185 lbs. Vesicular. It has none of the disadvantages of competitive machines. (3. (77 kg) 170 lbs. Power Requirements: Model AC Input (single phase) 5400 105 to 130 Volts 60 Hz 5400E 210 to 260 Volts 50 Hz Current: Max Standby 13 Amps 5 Amps 6. Selfcontained absorber. The duplicator stops automatically and sounds a chime after the completed duplicate is on the take-up spindle. Film Type: Master – Silver Halide. Vesicular. This reduces supply costs and permits placement of smaller. 2000' (610m) of 2. (93 kg) 205 lbs. or 1" (25mm) with adapters. and walk away. Film Type: Master – Silver Halide. operating. quality-assurance features never before available on a diazo duplicator.8 l) plastic container with 38mm closure.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 63 DUPLICATORS/ROLL FILM 16MM/35MM Extek 5400/5401 The Intelligent Diazo Duplicators Extek’s diazo roll film duplicator is loaded with productivity-expanding. No ugly tubes protrude to inconvenient external supply areas. Capacity 1000 ml.5m per min. Absorber: In 2 gal. Dimensions: 24"H x 301/2"W x 21"D (610mm x 775mm x 533mm).). Operator Safety. (68 kg) 150 lbs.5 mil film. the unit is completely safe for open-office operation. Capacity 550 ml.31" (7.). . press START.5 Amps Model 5401 Film Size: 16mm or 35mm. reduced lamp power in automatic standby. Total operator protection is another unique human-engineered feature of Model 5400. Recommended relative humidity range 60 to 85%. An operator can load the duplicator. • Developer (aqueous ammonia) is packaged in valved bottles with sealed ports. • An easy-access alcove (not shown) within the duplicator provides space for developer and absorber supply bottles. Duplicate – Diazo. more efficient cooling. 2900 BTU per hour. Spindles 0.9mm). With ammonia consumption under microprocessor control. Development System: 26 Baumé aqueous ammonia.31" (7. Diazo. Weight: Model 5401 5401E Unit Weight 170 lbs. Both can be readily seen to check supplies.9mm). Power Requirements: Model AC Input (single phase) 5401 105 to 130 Volts 60 Hz 5401E 210 to 260 Volts 50 Hz Current: Max Standby 13 Amps 5 Amps 7. No ammonia fumes can escape during bottle changeover. Minimum Ammonia Consumption. Duplicate – Diazo. 2900 BTU per hour. The intelligent duplicator adds developer to the chamber only as needed. Typical Machine Characteristics Model 5400 Film Size: 16mm.5 mil film.2" (234mm). Machine Speed: 0 to 80' per min. Weight: Model 5400 5400E Unit Weight 150 lbs. Recommended relative humidity range 60 to 85%. Thickness 2. Spindles 0. (24.2" (234mm).5 Amps 2. Venting not required. operator-safe. or 1" (25mm) with adapters. Film Capacity (each spindle): Maximum roll diameter 9.

50 Hz. Size: 181/2"H x 479/16"W x 233/16"D (470mm x 1208mm x 589mm). per container. Master – 200' for 5 mil silver halide film. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Typical Machine Characteristics Film Type: 16mm Xidex Diazo film of 2 to 4 mils. Utilizes aqueous ammonia and has a self contained absorber system.64 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 2.O. • Offers high-speed duplication – up to 150' per minute using Thermal Print Film. “ALL REFURBISHED MICROFILM EQUIPMENT IS NOT CREATED EQUAL!” At ALTEK SYSTEMS Quality & Price Balance For Your Best Deal !!! . 60 Hz. Process Speed: Adjustable from 0 to 50' per minute. 220 volts. Texas 77274 DUPLICATORS/ROLL FILM 16MM/35MM Xidex 16-D 16mm Diazo Duplicator – “Lowest Cost” The Xidex 16-D Diazo Duplicator is ideal for low volume duplication of 16mm roll microfilm. Ammonia Consumption: Approximately 100 hrs. • Requires no darkroom.2 kVA. Film Capacity: Supply 2. 15 amp (please specify when ordering). Exposure Belt System: Eliminates the occurrence of slippage and double imaging. The diazo process allows even difficult low-contrast masters to be reproduced faithfully. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 199 lbs.2 kVA. 2. Developer: Sealed chamber provides full development of all diazo films. Weight: 95 lbs. Power Requirements: 115 volts. (90 kg). and up to 600' of master film. Power Requirements: 110 V/60 Hz or 220 V/50 Hz. (43 kg).000' for 4 miles Xidex Diazo film. Its small size and weight make it especially suitable for most office environments.000' for 2 mils – 1. • Accommodates up to 3000' of print film. Canon 800Z 16mm Thermal Film Duplicator • Produces vesicular copies from 16mm roll film masters using heat only. Dimensions: 24"W x 14"H x 14"D. Exposure: 400 Watt Gallium Mercury arc lamp. Our exclusive Diazo developer eliminates the need for a darkroom as well as venting or plumbing facilities The Xidex 16-D produces high-resolution duplicates without the need for special operator training and at a significantly lower production cost than conventional silver print film. venting or plumbing.

5"D (330mm x 828mm x 598mm). And it’s just about as easy to use.5 mil. life 400 hrs. There’s nothing hazardous for office personnel to deal with. or fumes in your office. – 90-240V AC. Outside U. The result is one of the most compact. life 400 hrs. Duplicating Rate: 3. Weight: 121 lbs. Dry Diazo means no odors. Because the 1500 duplicator is self-contained. while processing the film. Control Window – Two.S.35 m/min. Lamps: Exposure – 400W Metal Halogen. Compact and convenient. Shipping Dimensions: 16.6"W x 23. dry development process. 60 Hz. chemicals. No special wiring either. 5 AMPS. any place you’d put an ordinary copy machine.75"H x 35"W x 26. 2. Weight: 147 lbs. safer working environment too. 10 AMPS. or 11'/min. pressurized gas cylinders or filters required. Duplicating – 840 Watts Duplicator Dimensions: 13"H x 32. 10-80% Humidity (non-condensing). The 1500 comes with easy instructions and a control that allows the operator to monitor and adjust the duplicate image quality.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 65 DUPLICATORS/ROLL FILM 16MM/35MM 3M 1500 Dry Diazo Duplicator The first roll film Diazo duplicating system that doesn’t require ammonia or other chemicals. Warm-up Time: 8 min.000 images for under four dollars. Duplicating one new reel per process run. No liquids.2 watt. And do it all without going outside your office. It’s compact enough to fit Typical Machine Characteristics Master Film Format: 10-100' of 5 mil. or 215' of 2.S. Copy Film: 3M type 788 16mm Dry Diazo Film. Operating Environment: 60ºF to 80ºF1. silver halide 16mm roll film. . the 1500 can produce a duplicate roll of 4. The 3M 1500 microfilm duplicator is a revolutionary improvement in microfilm duplication. Will produce vesicular film copies too! Call for details. is 1000' and 2. Just a standard electrical outlet. (6ºC to 27ºC) temp. (67 kg). 12 volt. Power Consumption: Standby – 785 Watts.There’s no special plumbing or venting set-up needed. (55 kg). The 1500 even shuts itself off.5 mil. That means you don’t risk client confidentiality either. 50 Hz. That makes the 1500 easy to use and makes for a cleaner. It’s the first 16mm duplicating system to combine the advantages of a roll film duplicator system with an ammonia-free.4"D (425mm x 890mm x 670mm). (normal). is 1500'. Power Requirements: U. 3M’s exclusive Diazo thermal development process eliminates the need for ammonia or other chemicals. convenient and trouble-free systems available.. 4 mil.. it’s perfect for any business environment. – 105-120V AC.

The RRD is equipped with many standard features including high speed original film rewind and special film alignment guides to ensure perfect tracking of the original and diazo throughout the duplication process. the machine eliminating constant machine attention. The HSD non-vented model is equipped with a well proven aqueous ammonia and absorption system. HSD and RRD Constant Take-Up Torque: Both Diazo and master wind-up torque is automatically maintained Ozalid/GAF 16/35 HSD vented/non vented and RRD non vented are machines designed for precision duplication of 16mm or 35mm roll microfilm. (no stand) 420 lbs.) Master Rewind Time Net Weight with Stand Shipping Weight with Stand 1-11/2 min.7 A 400W/190V/2. The master and diazo roll film capacity is 2000' of 2. 680 lbs. Film Supply Indicators: Partially duplicated masters are eliminated as the amount of both diazo and master film remaining on the supply reels is readily apparent. Non-Slip Films Not Required: Conventional diazo duplicating films can be used with assured high resolution. Minimum Machine Clearances: Rear 15" Right side 11" Front door 17" Left side 17" Electrical Supply Connections: 110 VAC (or 210) Minimum. featuring multicopy loop box system. Ready Light: Indicates when optimum conditions are present for processing.66 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.4 A 0-80 Up to 40 hrs. high speed original rewind and auto load facility for both original and diazo copy film around the exposure unit. 130 VAC (or 230) Maximum. 280 lbs. HSD Vented: Ammonia Connections Suitable Supply of Anhydrous Ammonia.5 mil or 1000' of 4 or 5 mil film. Water Level Warning Light: Assures that a constant supply of water vapor is present in the developer chamber. Continuous Master Loop: The 16/35 HSD can generate more than 2100 high resolution diazo copies and masters up to 200' can be utilized at speeds up to 120 fpm. 600W/210V/3. HSD Non-Vented and RRD Improved Developer Efficiency: Ammonia vapors are constantly recirculated resulting in extended ammonia life and less frequent changes to the absorber. 450 lbs. optimizing processing conditions. make it an ideal machine for in-house operations. 70 CFM Minimum. resulting in faster duplication turn around. Absorber Warning Light: Illuminates when absorber is no longer effective. Automatic Standby: At end of diazo.2 A Standby 440W/185V/2. medium speed duplication of 16 and 35mm diazo copy film. Dimensions Typical Machine Characteristics HSD vented Machine Speed (ft.) Absorber Life Ammonia Type Ammonia Life Anhydrous N/A 40-120 HSD non-vented RRD non-vented 40-120 Up to 40 hrs. per min. 680 lbs. These m two f The HSD vented model requires speci achines a ine anhydrous ammonia and conmeet ally design re ventional ducting. 20 amp supply line 60 Hz required. HSD Non-Vented and RRD: Ventiliation 100 cubic feet per minute room air exchange minimum. Auxiliary Blower required for more than 10' of exhaust hose. Thermal output at 6450 full speed (BTU/Hr. Automatic Copy Count-Down: The duplicator automatically returns to standby when the programmed number of copies have been completed allowing one operator to utilize several 16/35’s or perform other functions. Texas 77274 DUPLICATORS/ROLL FILM 16MM/35MM Ozalid/GAF 16/35mm Diazo Duplicators ■ RRD The RRD duplicator is specifically designed for economical. Features HSD High Speed: Diazo Microfilms can be processed at speeds up to 120 fpm. 24º Baume Aqueous Up to 30 hrs.3 A 120V/15A/60 Hz or 220V/10A/50 Hz 4640 4070 Lamp Rating (warm up time 10 min. assuring continued ammonia odor absorption or too early replacement of the absorber. supply or in event of film breakage. for 1000. 24º Baume Aqueous Up to 30 hrs. eliminating the need for external ducting. The compact tabletop design for small work spaces and nonvent type developing system. types the need ed to of du s of a opera plicate fil ll tions.2 A 440W/185V/2.) Thermal output in 4750 standby (BTU/Hr. Box 741068 ■ Houston. m at a constant valve. master automatically goes into standby mode.4 A Electrical name plate rating 120V/17A/60 Hz or 120V/17A/60 Hz or 220V/9A/50 Hz 220V/9A/50 Hz 6450 4750 Installation Prerequisites Exhaust: 60 Hz. ■ HSD The HSD duplicator is one of the fastest 16 and 35mm diazo duplicators on the market. Operator’s time can be applied to other areas. 760W/210V/4. Ammonia Supply Warning Light: Assures continuous development of film and reduces wasted film from incomplete development. Automatic Master Take-up: The master is automatically fed onto the take-up reel once it is started into the exposure area. resulting in less film waste from premature duplication.) Run 760W/210V/4.O. Master Rewind: Master films can be easily rewound at high speeds. Film Alignment Guides: Good alignment of the master and diazo is assured from the start of duplication. (no stand) . 4 mil film 450 lbs.

The Model 3100 is for 16mm and 35mm film. ■ Model 3150 with Counter. These duplicators have proved themselves in extensive use in microfilm centers throughout the world. These are a standard of the micrographics industry. All models can be configured to operate from foreign power sources. Both employ Extek’s patented vacuum registration method to insure high quality copies free from optical distortions and film slippage. the Model 3150 handles 16mm through 105mm film. and different spindle sizes. a counter. Design simplicity and quality manufacture account for the excellent reliability experience enjoyed by users of these equipments. Both have two storage drawers. ■ Model 3100 with 16mm Vacuum Head The Model 3100 and Model 3150 are free standing units.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 67 DUPLICATORS/ROLL FILM 16MM/35MM EXTEK 3100 and 3150 Silver Roll Film Duplicators EXTEK offers two roll-to-roll silver film duplicators. A table top mounting unit is available. These include a variety of loop modules. Sequential Density Programmer and 105mm Vacuum Head . caster mounted for mobility and ease of maintenance. a sequential density programmer. A large storage space is beneath. Optional features and accessories extend the utility of the basic units. one of which is light-tight for storing unexposed film.

or 240 volts 50 Hz an external transformer (available as an accessory item) is required. Size: Model 3100 & 3150 3100T & 3150T Weight: Model 3100 & 3150 3100T & 3150T Basic Unit Wt. 35mm 16mm.4 mil 10" (25cm) 1100' (335m) 5" (13cm) 300' (91m) 2. or 240 volt (single phase) electrical power source. 120 lb. however. For take-up spindles the maximum roll diameter for all spindle and core sizes is a 10" (25 cm). Environmental: Darkroom operation. Dedicated line not required. Operator preset to desired number of copies of a looped master.) . The 5/16" spindles may be used on the Model 3150. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Model 3101 3102 3151 3152 Film Size 16mm. Heat load is less than 200 BTU per hr. 600 lbs. 360 lbs. 16mm and 35mm films may have sprocket holes.000 hours life at rated output. Optional Features Counter Halts operation of duplicator after a preset number of counts. 1. Spindles are readily interchanged. Heads are operator changeable. (54 kg) 120 lb. For operation of the duplicator from 220 volts. (272 kg) 365 lbs.4m) for all models and film sizes. Other sizes available on special order. Model 3150 is supplied with adapter hubs for use with paper cores. (60 watts) in standby. (For use with equipment having the 50 Hz configuration option. Less than 0. – Direct Duplicating film (image not reversed).5 to 8 mil 1. Diazo or Vesicular. Exposure Lamp: 250 watt quartz-halide. Loop Length 102' (31m) 220' (67m) 44' (13m) 102' (31m) 44' (13m) Crated Wt. Correction is made on a segment-to-segment basis (not frame-toframe). Film Capacity (Supply Spindles): Spindle (Core) Dia. 5/16" (8mm) diameter spindles accept standard camera-type reels. single phase. allowable light level depends on duplicating film used. 50 Hz Configuration Allows operation from a 50 Hz electrical power source. (113 kg) Crated Wt. Height above duplicator is 42" (107 cm). 15 amps maximum when duplicating. 60 Hz. Spindle Configuration (Standard): Location Master Supply Duplicate Supply Master Take-up Duplicate Take-up Model 3100 5/16" 1" 5/16" 5/16" Model 3150 1" 1" 1" 1" Sequential Density Programmer Allows production of duplicates having uniform density from a master having up to eleven segments each of which has a different density. Recommended relative humidity range is 60 to 85%.5 to 8 mil Master and duplicate films may be different thicknesses. Actuated by reflective markers placed on master film. 5. sprocket hole registration is not maintained. 35mm 105mm 16mm.68 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 35mm 105mm Max. Duplicating Speed: 325' per minute (170cm per second). Accessories Spare Parts Kit Contains an assortment of replaceable parts. Electrical: 100 to 130 volts (115 volts nominal). Roll Dia. One-in (25mm) diameter spindles accept standard plastic film cores. (1725 watts) maximum when duplicating. 230 volt. maximum. Duplicate Silver Halide – Print film (image reversed). (82 kg) 120 lb. (166 kg) Height 65" (165cm) 31" (77cm) Width 41" (104cm) 41" (104cm) Depth 24" (61cm) 24" (61cm) Spindles One-inch and 5/16" diameter spindles are available individually. Input voltage required is 100 to 130 volts (115 nominal). May also be used to select a predetermined film segment for duplication.5 amps in standby. Standard sizes are: Head (Film) Size 16mm 35mm 70mm 31/4" (82. but are not suitable for 105mm film. in addition to this optional configuration. Minimum loop length is 8' (2. (54 kg 180 lb. 35mm 16mm through 105mm Thickness 1. 1" (3") 5/16" (1") Max. 230 volts. Loop Modules With a loop module the master film may be formed into a closed loop and multiple copies made.5mm) 105mm For Use With Model 3100 & 3150 Model 3100 & 3150 Model 3150 Model 3150 Model 3150 Typical Machine Characteristics Film Size: Model 3100 3150 Film Type: Master Silver Halide. (163 kg) 250 lbs. (54 kg) Diameter of full roll must not be greater than 5 times the core diameter. Texas 77274 DUPLICATORS/ROLL FILM 16MM/35MM EXTEK 3100 and 3150 Silver Roll Film Duplicators Vacuum Heads A vacuum head is required for each film size to be duplicated.O.5 mil 2400' (730m) 600' (183m) Width 16mm. 5900 BTU per hr. 220/230 Volt to 115 Volt Transformer Allows the duplicator to be operated from a 220 volt.

all speed. In-Cycle: VA: 850. 4.3 Machine Dimensions: 23. whether copying one-for-one or making multiple copies from multiple masters. A fresh Lamp provides speeds as indicated. Both models offer a consistent aperture card duplicating speed of 1000 cards per hour. Non-Condensing. Humidity: 40-60%. After matching to Line Voltage. Watts: 790. Current: (See Note 2) 5 Amps. Cylinder of Technical Grade Anhydrous Ammonia. Domestic – 60 Hz. versatility and ease of operation.70"L (590mm x 666mm x 1414mm). No venting required. Duplication Rate: 9 cards per minute. Weight: 326 lbs. Operating Characteristics: Duplicating Speed: (See Note 3) 1000 Cards/Hr.5 amp. Typical Machine Characteristics Model 908/918: (The following specifications apply for both Models 908 and 918 unless otherwise noted. Weight: 86 lbs. Lamp Rating: 400W. the maximum allowable voltage fluctuation is ±5%. then resets to the original number desired.5"W x 74"L (675mm x 673mm x 1880mm). Machine Warm-Up Time: Less than four minutes. A dedicated computer grade 220 VAC. Weight: 170 lbs. . Read Station: M918 only (See Note 4) Standard Hollerith Codes (96 Characters). Frequency: International – 50 Hz. Background Dust Level: 0. Power Factor: Standby: VA: 760. From 1 to 99 duplicates can be made at the push of the print button and a resettable counter displays the number of copies desired and the number of copies remaining to be run. In-Cycle: 70db/A. Notes: 1. Expose Station: Lamp Type: Medium Pressure Mercury Arc. Ammonia Absorber: Citric Acid Solution.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 69 DUPLICATORS APERTURE CARD 3M 420 3M 420 low volume aperture card duplicator.25"W x 55. 7. Typical Machine Characteristics Size: 38"H x 30"W x 15"D. Watts: 650. An easy-toread display prompts operators with instructions and provides system status messages. PF: 0. Weight: 247 lbs. Develop Station: (See Note 5) Ammonia Supply: 2 lb. Room Air Flow Rate: 5 Meters3 Minute. Hopper Capacity: 300 Diazo copy cards. 27" (69cm) from floor x 431/2"H x 24"D (110cm x 61cm).93. PF: 0. The 908 and 918 feature programma- 3M 908/918 Card Duplicators ble microp ro c e s s o r controls that permit rapid selection of required functions in a job set-up. The Lamps are designed to operate for approximately 400 hours. (148 kg) Stand Dimensions: 27"H x 26.35"H x 26. Internal and external card stops assure correct registration of the master (single card insertion) to the duplicate copy cards. Heat Dissipation: (BTU Per Hour) 2250. 6. 5. Specifications Dimensions: Width: 48" (122cm). 2.2 bar (75 psi) Regulated. including work surface. (112 kg) Space Requirements: 90" x 100" (2285mm x 2540mm). ec and built to offer fast throughput us. Lamp Life: (See Note 3) 400 Hours. 15 amp service is required. Access Holes provided for External Ammonia and Venting. high quality imaging results and reliable system performance. Recommended Machine Environment: Temperature: 60-80ºF (12-18ºC).5 Milligrams/Meter.) Power Requirements: Voltage: (See Note 1) 200-250 VAC. This machine will not read Column 81. Duplicating Speed is directly related to Lamp Life. Power Requirements: 115 VAC. Ot Spee her 3M H d Du igh Avail plicators 3M Models 908 and 918 Card Duplicators have been designed Pleas able. Phase: Single. Noise Level: (See Note 6) Standby: 63db/A. 3M 520 Card to Card Duplicator The 3M 520 Diazo Copy Card Duplicator will automatically reproduce images from all types of master cards onto diazo copy cards at a rate of nine per minute. 60 Hz. Pressure: 5. Speed: 8 duplicates per min. The minimum useable life is defined as a 20% reduction of card throughput. (77 kg). Noise Level measured 3' (1 meter) from front of machine. Simple push button operation.88. Lamp Re-Start Time: Less than five minutes. 3.

5 mil only) into TA and TJ style jackets. • Inserts up to 1500 6" strips of microfilm per hour. • Automatically cycles through three functions – film cutting. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Magnification: 20X Operator focus controlled.O. Texas 77274 JACKET LOADERS Automaster II Model 162A Designed to automatically fill and update microfilm jackets.5 Amp. end of jacket and start of new subject. Weight: 75 lbs.70 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.5cm x 68. 13.7cm).8 Volt. • Can be operated in automatic or manual mode.5cm x 59. * On manual mode.* Dimensions: 231/2"W x 201/4"D x 231/2"H (52cm x 51.5cm). Features • Designed for automatic insertion of 16mm blip coded microfilm (4 or 5. • Cuts accurately between images by optically sensing precoded marks related to the images. • Visual verification of the first image BEFORE insertion into the jacket. Minimum Work Area: 25"W x 27"D (63. (34 kg). (290 Watts). 2. 148. 243X. 60 Hz. • Automatically stops at the first image of each new subject for verification. • Inserts up to 500 single or multiple images per hour. ** Special order 220 Volt. 242X and 244. 148X. Optical System: Fan cooled 50 Watt Quartz Halogen Lamp. Blue or Green non-glare natural density. • Automatically senses end of chamber. all style jackets are acceptable. 50 Hz. PRO PRO VEN DUC T! . • Waste film lever for removal of unwanted film. Power Requirements: 120 Volt. • Registers the jackets in precise relation to the film track for positive automatic film insertion. 242. Two (2) position (Hi/Lo) Switches. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen: 111/2" x 12". carriage indexing and slot clearing for updating. types 243.

Microseal VM-16 The MICROSEAL VM-16 Viewer-Inserter is a precision unit for viewing. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen Size: 12" x 12".5. Weight: 50 lbs. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen Size: 12" x 12". film cutting and inserting is very quiet. Service contracts are not required due to the absence of automated mechanisms and the simplicity of parts replacement. 21 v. Film cutting and insertion is extremely quiet. A wider light path projects a full 12" x 12" natural tone illumination. Variety of Lenses. permitting the operation of the unit in sensitive office areas. card jackets. Each VM-35 is preset at the factory with a precision aperture card guide so that each card can slide quickly and accurately onto the cutting module. Often. The VM35 is designed for use with MICROSEAL aperture cards. Faster Microfilm Insertion. registers the Jacket in precise relation to the film track for positive and rapid film insertion. The screen can be easily removed for simple cleaning. The bright. Natural tone reduces eye fatigue. Interchangeable Film Modules. 150 w. jacket indexing. 1. No Service Contract. Larger Viewing Screen. cutting and inserting microfilm in 16mm carriers. and notch clearing for updating. automatically cycles through three functions – film cutting. Faster Insertion Speeds. This greatly reduces the operator’s fatigue and eliminates office distraction. Dimensions: 141/2"W x 241/2"H x 161/2"D. 38X. Lead Cutting Blade Removal. verifies the images BEFORE insertion into the jacket on brilliant screen with variable illumination. ideal for viewing legal and "over-sized" source documents. non-glare. 20X. neutral density. cut accurately between images by exposing document and cutting edge on the Reader screen. Accessories: 90º rotation prism. No Service Contract. microfilm images appear brighter in normal office lighting. Dimensions: 201/2" x 20" x 201/2" (52cm x 51cm x 52cm). avoids fingerprints and other film damage.5 amps.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 71 JACKET LOADERS NB 1600 Inserter Files up to 700 strips of microfilm per hour. Aperture Card Position Guide. Quiet Operation. speeds of up to 700 inserts per hour can be reached by experienced operators. Magnification: 14. The cutting blade is projected onto the left side of the screen for accurate film cutting especially important with 32X and 40X filming. Now you can fill both 16mm and 35mm microfilm jackets and aperture cards with the same unit. 24X or 38X lens. adjustable iris for variable screen illumination. Magnifications: 20X. The larger screen and the clearly displayed film cutting edge result in average speeds of 350-400 inserts per hour. Magnifications: 15X. adhesive or operator fingering of film. Dimensions: 141/2"W x 241/2"H x 161/2"D. The VM16 is designed for use with MICROSEAL aperture cards. Weight: 50 lbs. natural tone 12" x 12" viewing screen permits positive drawing verification and precise center-line positioning prior to cutting each film segment. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen: 8" x 8" green. 24X. cutting and inserting 35mm microfilm in Mil-D size (1. translucent transfer cards and microfilm polyester jackets. Now you can fill both 35mm and 16mm aperture cards and microfilm jackets with the same unit. The NB 1600 accurately and rapidly inserts single and multiple images into your jacket – without use of tape. . film drive knob provides for rapid scan of image or images for accurate verification and alignment. 50/60 Hz. Experienced operators are reaching speeds of up to 600 cards per hour. The VM-35 Viewer-Inserter will accept a 16mm cutting module and a 20X. Precision Cutting Accuracy. The larger screen and the clearly displayed center-line positioning for precise film cutting result in average insertion speeds of 400-450 cards per hour. 24X or 38X lenses. Service contracts are not required due to the absence of automated mechanisms and the simplicity of parts replacement. Weight: 70 lbs. card jackets and conventional microfilm jackets. The VM-16 will accept an interchangeable 35mm cutting module and a 35mm 15X lens. files up to 250 single images per hour when updating the Microfiche Jacket. Quiet Operation. Interchangeable Film Modules. Because the precision parts of the VM-16 have no noisy solonoids. The precision parts of the VM-35 do not require noisy solonoids. accommodates all 16mm jackets and the 16mm chambers of combination jackets. The lead cutting blade can be easily disengaged with a single screw to permit cutting of random length segments of 35mm microfilm. positive prism for even generation film. quartz-halogen lamp. Larger Viewing Area. The basic VM Viewer-Inserter is designed to accept any of our “snap-in” 15X. Work Area: 3' x 3'. Focus: Operator controlled. Power Requirements: 116 volts. Microseal VM-35 The MICROSEAL VM-35 Viewer Inserter is a precision unit for viewing.906") apertures. Projection System: Fan cooled.

This top quality device inserts and verifies 16mm or 35mm microfilm.O. Film: Conventional 16mm thick (5. Box 741068 ■ Houston.5 mils) to thin (2. Dust Cover: Vinyl. insertion. High setting – increased illumination for high density or poor images. the versatile large screen jacket filler. Features Quality & High Magnification.9 cm x 59. Power Requirements: 120 volts. (230 volt.1 amps. 3) clearing the jacket notch Waste Film Lever.9cm x 41. filmed identification targets and waste or spoiled images. Use for all 16mm microfilm filing systems. High Production Capability. (21. Projection System: Fan cooled quartz-halogen lamp. Cycle Button. High/Low Lamp Switch. non-glare.5cm). Advanced Optics and Lamp. Exact cutting edge visible on screen. Dimensions: 161/2"W x 161/2""D x 231/2"H (41. Versatile. 1) cutting.8 volt. green. when required. Specify 16mm or 35mm model. For rapid film scanning. special order). 2) positioning. 2. Precise alignment (adjustable) for the most demanding cutting requirements. up to 400 strips per hour may be inserted.4 kg).3cm x 68. 50 watt. Focus: Operator controlled. Accepts all NB Jacket styles and types. .0cm). Film Advance Knob. Automatically cycles the filler through four functions. structuring and alignment. In a drawer for easy access and service. Files 400' of microfilm per hour with 100% verification and quality control. custom fitted. A 20X or 30X interchangeable lens provides image brilliance and clarity at all reduction ratios. easy and very accurate.1cm x 30. 13. 60 Hz.7 cm). Texas 77274 JACKET LOADERS NB Reader Filler II The Reader Filler II.72 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Quick and easy removal of waste film. Weight: 47 lbs. Low setting – normal density and long lamp life. Work Area: 21" x 27" (53. 180º image inversion – for duplicate or second generation film. Verifies the images before insertion into jackets on brilliant screen with variable illumination. and 4) repositioning the chamber for structuring. Ask About Our 50-50 Purchase Program Typical Machine Characteristics Screen: 111/2" x 12" (29. Accurate Cutting.5 mils) microfilm. makes precision filing of active records fast. Automatically moves to next available chamber. Accessories: 90º rotation prism – for cine mode film.

Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 50"H x 603/4"W (shelves extended) x 291/4"D. checks and mounts microfilm frames accurately onto 3M Aperture Cards.). and depressing a lever. Exhaust blowers keep the film plane and glass anvil cooler than most readers. Power Requirements: Lamp 150 W. Other features include provision for using 100' or 1000' rolls of microfilm. positions it in the card. Weight: 9 lbs.16MM/35MM 3M Semi-Automatic Optical Mounter Centers. Push-button controls make entire operation simple. 120 V.E. and automatically advances the next film frame. This model has special. Film is mounted by inserting aperture card into the mounter. The 3M Semi-Automatic Mounter is designed especially for mounting frames of microfilm onto pre-punched accounting machine cards. magnifying glass to assist in checking vital data and easy adjustment of mirrors for mounting either negative or positive film. modified feed rollers to reduce the possibility of film abrasion. Typical Machine Characteristics Dimensions: 51/4"H x 7"W x 9"D. positive acting film advance knob that makes it easy to position film for correct mounting and spring loaded cam action that facilitates operation. Film is cut and mounted in one operation. centering the image in the aperture. 14" x 14" screen shows image before mounting. Power Requirements: Lamp 6 W. re-designed cutting dies that can be removed and sharpened at less expense. 110/120 V. Operations and maintenance are simple. The operator centers the film in the mounter screen… compares the film data projected on the screen with the posted and punched data on the 3M Aperture Card…presses a button to activate the film die that cuts the film frame. This unit is designed to convert roll microfilm to aperture card form. insures accuracy in checking and mounting film. base down (G. 3M Hand Mounter For cold mount Aperture Cards. . An average of 400 frames can be mounted per hour. Weight: 253 lbs.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 73 CARD MOUNTERS .

Storage: 5-90%. The processor automatically monitors the chemicals and prevents the processing of film when the chemistry is depleted. Warm-up Time: 20 minutes at 115 VAC. Film Drive Speed: 5' (1524mm) per minute at 115 VAC. b) Relative Humidity: Operating: 10-80% Non-Condensing.74 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 2. The 1600 Film Processor easily handles either 3M cartridges or 16mm roll rilm.O. Shipping Dimensions: 18"H x 31"W x 17"D (457mm x 787mm x 432mm). At the end of the chemicals’ life. simply remove it and install another. Just insert a reel of 16mm film or a 3M camera cartridge. You don’t have to worry about losing microfilm in the mail or lab. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Power Consumption: Standby – 57 watts at 115 VAC.9 kg). Weight: 35 lbs.5ºC). The 1600 also has a short term back-up power and memory system in case of power failure or the machine is moved. the convenient new 3M 1600 Film Processor is just right for you. Each Chem-Pac processes ten rolls of 5 mil x 100' film or five rolls of 21/2 mil x 200' film. If microfilm processors have always seemed too large or too expensive to install in your office. . the service technician simply plugs it into the nearest electrical outlet. Processing chemistry is totally self-contained in the 3M Chem-Pac. With a 3M 1600 Film Processor. It’s also easy to operate.5 mil silver halide 16mm roll film. your records remain secure. Standby: 209 BTU/Hour. 60 Hz.2 amp at 115 VAC. Power Requirements: 90-250 VAC.6 kg). Noise Level: Operating Mode – 65dB maximum. Just 20 minutes of processing for a 100' roll and your film is ready to use. 50 Hz.651 BTU/Hour at 115 VAC and 60 Hz. 4. The Chem-Pac is entirely self-contained and fits easily into the machine. Processor Dimensions: 131/2"H x 26"W x 12"D (343mm x 660mm x 305mm). (15. To install it. (13. It fits conveniently on a table top and requires no external plumbing or special electrical hook-ups. 60 Hz. Processing – 483 watts at 115 VAC. simply remove the ChemPac and install another. Operating Environment: Heat Dissipation: Processing 1. or five 215' rolls of 2. and you can interchange them at any time. Texas 77274 PROCESSORS 3M 1600 Roll Film Processor The microfilm processing system that’s completely self-contained. Weight: 30 lbs. Storage: –20º to 140ºF (–29º to 60.1 amps at 230 VAC. 60 Hz. Typical Machine Characteristics Master Film: Ten 100' rolls of 5 mil. The unit is table-top size and requires no exterior plumbing. Environment: a) Ambient Temperature: Operating: 60º to 85ºF (16º to 29ºC). Everything else is automatic. Processing Time: 20 minutes for a 100' roll. When the Chem-Pac is depleted.

125' and 215' lengths of 16mm or 35mm. Dual-strand 16mm capability doubles the output of 16mm to 20' (6m) per minute. 5 mil. Power Requirements: 117 volts. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 55 lbs. 5. The Kodak Prostar II Processor has all the design features of the Kodak Prostar I Processor plus: Long-Length Processing: Accepts single rolls up to 1200' (366m) of 5-mil film and up to 2400' (731.6cm). Relative Humidity: 20 to 76%.5-30ºC). 21/2-mil film from external magazines and cassettes. to achieve optimum quality. 50 Hz. The processor threads itself.7cm x 76cm x 40. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 100 lbs. water drain and electrical outlet. Accessories: Kodak Thermostatic Mixing Valves Prostar Chemical Replenisher Kit Kodak Processor Cabinet Kodak Prostar Cabinet Sink Kodak Processed Microfilm InspectionKit Kodak Prostar II Processor Incorporates all the advantages of the Prostar I Processor with long-length processing capability built in – to 2400'.5 mil). .Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 75 PROCESSORS Kodak Prostar I Processor This versatile processor will process both 16mm and 35mm microfilm. No need to come in contact with the chemicals. Automatic replenishment is mandatory when processing long lengths. a water source. Chemical Operating Temperature: 98. Film Lengths: Up to 215' (65.6m). and cassettes.4 kg) (empty). 60 Hz.6cm). • Premixed chemicals are provided in one quart. 60 Hz. Conventional Electric Outlet Warm-up time: 12 minutes. 50/60 Hz. • It’s self-threading and requires minimal cleaning time.5 mil. Chemicals are premixed in their own disposable container. It can be located adjacent to microfilming equipment for immediate processing of 16mm microfilm to meet archival standards. 113 to 127 V. Heat Dissipation: 4800 BTUs per hour when in “dryer” or “run” mode. disposable containers with colorcoded bottle caps for virtually error-free changes. Power Requirements: 104 to 127 V. Power Requirements: 104 to 127 V.7cm x 99. (25 kg). Room Temperature: Between 59-86ºF). Heat Dissipation: 4800 BTUs per hour when in “dryer” or “run” mode. 4 mil. 50 Hz. Accessories: Kodak Thermostatic Mixing Valves Prostar Chemical Replenisher Kit Kodak Processor Cabinet Kodak Prostar Cabinet Sink Kodak Processed Microfilm Inspection Kit Kodak Prostar Cassette Adapter (for IBM and Burroughs cassettes) Kodak Microfilm Mini Processor This compact. Dimensions: 29"H x 30"W x 16"D (73. Environmental Requirements: Dimensions: 171/2"H x 341/2"W x 111/2"D (42cm x 88cm x 28cm). Dimensions: 31"H x 39"W x 16"D (78. the Kodak Prostar I Processor requires a thermostatic mixing valve.2 kg) (empty). Adapts to a wide range of magazines. (45. Typical Machine Characteristics Weight: 115 lbs. The Kodak Prostar II Processor also processes 100'. cartridges. It processes at speeds of 10' of film per minute (3m/ min) in normal room illumination.5-30ºC). Environmental Requirements: Temperature: 65-86ºF (18. And it plugs into conventional electrical outlets. (52. For operation.2 mil (a leader should be used with 2. Environmental Requirements: Temperature: 65-86ºF (18. so it’s very easy to operate. tabletop processor requires no plumbing and works in full room light. 113 to 127 V. Film Thicknesses: 2. Relative Humidity: 20 to 75%.1cm x 40.6ºF.5m) of 16mm.

replenishment systems. The processed film. or provides an extra ”wash” for A. It is ideally suited for in-house processing requirements. Ideal processing solution temperatures are maintained by individual in-line heaters. self-threading • Random film loading • External plumbing option • Standard reversible film take-up • Variable-speed drive option • Film inspection station option • Replenishment system option • Daylight film load option • Archival quality capability CE 321 The CE 321 is a table-top processor designed to meet the processing requirements of the mid-to high-volume users of A. self-threading • Random film loading • External plumbing option • Standard reversible film take-up • Variable-speed drive option • Film inspection station option • Replenishment system option • Daylight film load option • Archival quality capability CE 260 The CE 260 is a highly flexible. CE 240 The CE 240 is a compact machine with three modular 1/2-gallon capacity solution tanks. variable speed transport system and operating consoles. Operation is simple. doubles the above capabilities. Adding to the operating ease and economy is a comprehensive line of processor accessories.H. CE 321 features: • Leaderless. emulsion side either in or out. film. self-threading • Random film loading • External plumbing option • Standard variable-speed drive • Replenishment system option • Daylight film load option • Standard reversible film take-up • Film inspection station option • Archival quality capability .O. The model CE 642. and COM standard film. Texas 77274 PROCESSORS Varifilm® Roll Film Processor The Cordell Straight Line Design…Shortest Route To Archival Quality. delivered completely dry and ready for immediate viewing. Proper solution agitation is controlled by individual circulation pumps. even for minimally trained personnel. All Cordell processors share much more than a common film transport design. with a ten inch wide film path.U. such as the daylight film load boxes. Those Varifilm Processor models with a five inch wide film path will accommodate up to three rolls of 16mm simultaneously.U. The random loading and simultaneous processing features give Cordell processors a significant cost-per-foot operating advantage while increasing operator convenience. as desired. the CE 260’s extra solution tank permits processing of dye-back type microfilm and halide reversal of COM film. mixing valves. Each self-threading machine is capable of random daylight loading.76 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. This table-top unit is designed to meet the basic processing needs of the low to mid-volume user of A. The range of six fully automatic Varifilm Processors for the microfilm market employs Cordell’s simple straight line film transport design. Features include: • Leaderless. The entire process is accomplished conveniently in a normal office environment. and COM standard film.H. The one-gallon capacities in this modular three-tank processor permit faster film transport speeds.H. is automatically rewound onto take-up reels. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Six Specialized Models Meet A Variety Of Needs. Features include: • Leaderless. modular four 1/2-gallon tank processor. The Straight Line To The Bottom Line.U. two rolls of 35mm or one roll of 105mm film as well as cut microfiche. Only seven inches longer than the CE 240.

1 20-25 min.1 8. 3 Standard Required 1.2 13.H. 3 Optional Optional 1./min. of phases) 15.1 20-25 min. Features include: • Leaderless.1 10-12 min. four 1-gallon capacity tank. Dimensions (H x L x W): 10"x36"x15" Load Boxes: Optional 260 5" 4.1 15-20 min./min. Optional Standard 350 lbs. Optional Standard 80 lbs. 17"x67"x20" Optional 600 5" 4. Gravity 20./min. is completely self contained. double-speed version of the CE 260. This modular three-tank processor with 2-gallon capacities. no.5 fpm 95º-115ºF 0.5" Standard 1-6 fpm 95º-115ºF 1.5" Variable Transport Speed: Optional Film Transport Speed: 2. self-threading • Random film loading • External plumbing system option • Standard variable-speed drive • Replenishment system option • Daylight film load option • Standard reversible film take-up • Film inspection station option • Archival quality capability CE 600 The CE 600 has been designed primarily for the COM user./min. The self-contained modular six 1/2-gallon capacity tank unit is capable of full reversal COM film processing. 6 Standard Required 1. 41"x63"x28" Optional 642 2"x5" 4.2 13. is designed especially for the high-volume A. 40"x60"x26" Optional .5 gal. 4 Optional Optional 1.5 gal.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 77 PROCESSORS CE 421 The CE 421 is a modular. Gravity 15.1 10.1 20-25 min. Sump 30. Number of Solution Tanks: 3 Replenishment System: Optional Plumbing: Optional Water Consumption: 0.5" Standard 1-6 fpm 95º-115ºF 0.0 gal. self-threading • Standard reversible film take-up • Random film loading • Film inspection station option • Standard four tank replenishment system • Daylight film load option • External plumbing system required • Archival quality capability • Standard variable speed drive CE 642 The CE 642.5 gal. or provides an extra “wash” for A.1 8. with two 5" wide film paths. the CE 421 permits processing of dye-back type microfilm and halide reversal of COM film. Features include: • Leaderless. Gravity 15./min.0 gal.0 gal. Drain Type: Gravity Power Requirements: 120V 50/60 Hz (amps.H. Film Inpsection Station: Optional Reversible Take-up: Standard Weight: 60 lbs./min. film user. no. 4 Optional Optional 1.0 gal. self-threading • Standard film inspection station • Random film loading • Standard reversible film take-up • Standard replenishment system • Daylight film load option • External plumbing required • Archival quality capability • Standard variable speed drive Typical Machine Characteristics MODEL 240 Maximum Film Width: 5" Minimum Film Length: 4. of phases) 8. CE 642 features include: • Leaderless. Optional Standard 150 lbs.5 gal. Sump 30.0 gal.0 gal.5 fpm Solution Temperature: 95º-115ºF Solution Tank Capacity: 0.5" Standard 1-6 fpm 95º-115ºF 2.1 220/240V 50/60 Hz (amps.U. films.5 gal.5" Standard 1-6 fpm 95º-115ºF 1. Standard Standard 350 lbs.5 gal. Optional Standard 110 lbs. Like its smaller counterpart.U.1 Warm-up Time: 10-12 min. 17"x56"x20" Optional 421 5" 4. 13"x43"x16" Optional 321 5" 4.5" Optional 2.

variable speed motor. laboratories and inspection centers. Most popular combinations: 16mm Heavy Duty Steel Reels With Epoxy Paint Prod. • Carbon pyle foot rheostat. No. inspection table 102 lbs. editing table 116 lbs. . Product No. 60" or 72" wide. editing table 106 lbs. Editing Table With Drawer (ETBRD-1) HFC rewinds bolt through the solid top and the steel frame assuring stability when winding film. but without the lightwell. 14 lbs. Other styles available. 1495 – Code TMRT-1 16mm Steel Cans With Epoxy Paint Editing Table Every square inch of the HFC editing table is designed with the film editor in mind.P. The HFC inspection table is as above. editing table w/drawer 134 lbs.78 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Features • Unit is noise free with v-belt drive. A clutch releases the motor for free-wheeling. inspection table w/drawer 128 lbs. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION Rewind With Friction Control (REF) Quality built heavy duty auto power or manual rewinds by Hollywood. Light Box (LB-1) • Available with shaft facing or away from operator. • Shielded ball bearings assures smooth performance. 31" or 34" high. The specially selected vuelight glass will withstand heavy punishment and transmit an even incandescent illumination. Winds up to 3000' are handled with ease. editing table w/drawer 124 lbs. Editing and inspection tables are stocked in the following sizes and in any combination: 24" or 28" deep. 3132 3133 Code ETBR-1 ETBRD-1 ETBR-28 ETBRD-28 ETBRD-728 ITBR-1 ITBR-28 ITBRD-1 ITBRD-28 D W H 24"x60"x31" 24"x60"x31" 28"x60"x31" 28"x60"x31" 28"x72"x31" 24"x60"x31" 28"x60"x31" 24"x60"x31" 28"x60"x31" Item Boxed Shipping Wt. 26 lbs. cleaning or when considered stop and start winding is involved. The Model PR-1HD is supplied with a heavy duty foot rheostat recommended for inspecting. 21 lbs. Power Rewind With Heavy Duty Foot Control The HFC power rewind is the most popular unit of its kind used in TV stations. 1496 – Code TMRP-1 Product No. 3120 Add 3121 product 3122 number 3123 3184 if 3124 34" high 3130 table is 3131 desired. Made with sturdy sheet metal and finished in silver grey hammertone. The flush lightwell is located right of center and in alignment with the rewinds. 3100 3101 3102 The HFC table rack fits on the back of the editing table and conveniently holds rolls of film for inter-cutting. The Model PR-1 is supplied with a standard foot rheostat. inspection table w/drawer 110 lbs. Editing Table Rack Accessory Prod. inspection table 112 lbs. Box 741068 ■ Houston. The table consists of a heavy duty welded angle iron frame with a convenient bottom rack and capped legs. • Disengaging clutch. No. Each unit is drilled and tapped to accept the HFC Tightwind (TWC-1 or TW-16) as an accessory. Optional is the pictured heavy duty foot switch. • Motor wired with four leads to permit reversing direction without loss of torque. Code TR-1 TR-21 TR-72 D W H 5"x57"x32" 5"x57"x16" 5"x70"x32" Item 4 tier table rack 2 tier table rack 4 tier table rack Shipping Wt. • Interchangeable shafts.O. The top is made of tough one inch particle board with an eye saving light grey surface of laminated formica. editing table w/drawer 145 lbs. Strong and silent operation is accomplished with a heavy duty motor suspended on a ‘V’ belt. • 1/10 H.

2 to 4 reels. Cartridge Loader Manual drive loads both 3M and Kodak style cartridges. and 105mm manual drive. 1 to 4 reel capacity. . 35mm x 2000' heavy duty plastic shipping cases.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 79 QUALITY / INSPECTION Microfilm Rewinds 16.NEED A PRIay! d Call Us To tion. Comes with illumination device.8mm field of view. 123 (800) 627-1 1961 10x Lupe or FAX 1962 15x Lupe 40 -49 (713) 995 16mm x 2000' steel shipping cases. Motorized Rewinds and Cartridge Loaders Call For Details! Swift Microscope 2029 Features • 3-objective lens turret • Inclination of body • Fully coated optics • Self-contained illumination 100X Microscope for checking resolution with a smooth rack and pinion focusing mechanism. Body Nosepiece Objectives Slide Clips Stage Disc Diaphragm Eyepiece Arm Focusing Knob Loupes Top quality eye loupes. CE? These are excellent for spot checks and general inspec. Friction control adjusts film tension for ease of operation. 35. All stan- Base dard lupes have coated optics and a clear base which allows ambient light to enter. 1.

Ektamate. 42x. large size Nylon Gloves. efficient splicing of film or attaching leaders to film. one size Stock No. 1012 Stock No. Kodak. Bell & Howell systems Product No. 1600) have a reverse switch for operation in either direction. 1109 Stock No. small size Cotton Gloves. I-580 Model 1000 . Keeps your hands from touching sensitive film emulsion. highly efficient. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION For Inspection… Cotton or Nylon Film Handling Gloves For any processing function. or loadpile-up • Winds 100' of film in 15 ing film into carseconds tridges or onto • Tough.80 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. M-Type Cartridges or ANSI • Model 1500: 24" x 36" x 26" • Model 1600: 24" x 48" x 26" Cartridges. Twin Checks Packaged: 2000 labels per roll 26677 26677 26677 26676 26676 26676 Triple Checks Packaged: 3000 labels per roll Editor . durable blue reels. 1352 3M Cartridge Film Loading Station Features • Motorized • Variable speed • Automatic breaking • Built-in lighted station • • • • Direct drive for smooth transport 16mm capability Available in 1. or from Cartridges back onto • Compatible with 3M. and one on the box – avoids mix ups! All of our Film Checks are printed on white acrylic based adhesive. All units (Model Options: • 32x. The Model 1600 will load film from 1000' Reels directly to other 1000' Reels or into M-Type or ANSI Cartridges. 60 cycle. styrene cabinet mounted on white The Model 1500 is formica platform capable of loading film from 1000' Reels onto • 100-125 VAC. I-583 Model 1500 • • • • Image rotation Odometer Foot switch 220 VAC transformer Model 1000 Loader Reel-to-Cartridge • Reelto-Reel The Model 1000 motorized cartridge loader cuts. It also loads 16mm and 35mm film onto reels and cartridges. I-584 • Instant braking of large Model designed for editing and supply reel to prevent film 1600 inspection of film. A splicer is mounted for quick.Loaders Model 1500 & 1600 Editor-Loaders 1000.000' reel configuration Loads 3M type cartridges 67220 67220 67219 67219 For Film Processing… Sequentially Numbered TWIN CHECKS: Put one on the processed film. Specifications: • Standard 24x magnification • 15" x 15" screen The Model 1500 and Model 1600 are eco• High or variable low speed nomical. 4 amp smaller Reels. splices and loads 16mm film from large reels into cartridges. or 48x magnification Product No. Box 741068 ■ Houston. and 1000' Reels.O. Cotton Gloves. operation Product motorized combination units No. Gloves in large and small sizes. 1500.

An optional cartridge loader is also available. Light weight – can be moved from one area to another.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 81 QUALITY / INSPECTION Altek Inspection Station 2044 Save time and effort with this innovative table top inspection center. 2044 We Purchase Surplus Equipment PHONE (800) 627-1123 FOR DETAILS . light box and a 15x lupe. Features 2 manual rewinds. For inspecting microfilm images the light box is positioned to accommodate the operator either in a sitting or standing position. Stock No.

halogen lamp that’s optically pre-aligned and easily replaced. Excellent for processor control applications. Convenient memory function allows operator to store reference density values for rapid comparisons. accurate readings. even in brightly lit areas. Dimensions: 101/4"W x 15"D x 51/4"H (26cm x 38. It also can be used for film inspection. Light Source: Tungsten halogen lamp. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION 3M 222 Reconditioned Densitometer Get high quality images from your microfilm system every time… with 3M’s Model 222 Densitometer. Interchangeable apertures allow accurate readings on all formats at all reductions.0 (2mm aperture).. Large LED numerals make density display easy to see. I.40ºC (compensated). Repeatability: ± .O.B. 3mm apertures included (.A. Locating image areas to be measured is easy on the lighted work surface. D. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Readability that can meet all density specifications for N. Lighted work surface..S. Measuring Arm Length: 73/8" (18. Easy to read display. Warm-up time: Less than 60 seconds. Fully electronic.O. A density step wedge is provided for simple operator calibration to specific densities. Comes factory calibrated to national standards. Operating Temperature Range: 10º . Weight: 8. the 3M “222” Densitometer reads with the push of a button. Zero Stability Per 8 Hours: ± .03 (. Measuring Area: 1mm.86 kg). Optics: Designed to conform to ANSI PH 2.01. Light source is a tungsten.M.1cm x 13.3cm). Push-button zeroing and a built-in memory permit rapid reading of multiple image formats and repeatable density comparisons. This solid state.. Voltage and temperature compensated electronics give you consistent. Modular construction makes service quick and easy. DENSITOMETER (PROCESS CONTROL) READERS READER-PRINTERS (END USER) CAMERAS COM FILM PROCESSING FILM DUPLICATOR DENSITOMETER (QUALITY CONTROL) Typical Machine Characteristics Measuring Range: 0-5.5mm optional).19. precision instrument detects density variations so subtle they can’t be seen by the naked eye.S. diffuse transmission density standard for silver gelatin films.D.5 lbs. Scale Factor (Slope) Stability: ± 1%. built-in memory. So you get the readability of quality microfilm images time after time. etc. And the “222” Densitometer is so rugged. Sensors: Photovoltaic silicon diodes. . it will remain aligned even if picked up by the reading arm. pre-aligned. Accuracy: ± 02. Display: 1/2" LED. Power Requirement: 80 VA. 115/230V AC ± 10% (compensated). The final product your microfilm system produces is only as good as the quality control you put in. The 3M “222” Densitometer is vital to assuring quality control in your microfilm system. Simple Calibration.82 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. 50 Hz-60Hz.7cm). N..That’s why you need the 3M “222” Densitometer. (3. 2mm.01 Typical).R.

under both EPA and local government guidelines. Spectronic 20D+ Digital Models (02660-50 and -49) simultaneously display wavelength SPECTRONIC 20D+ and either % T. Interface with your MS-DOS® computer for data manipulation and printing. 1435 Call for a free process control guide. 18 oz. ■ Ferric Sulfate Reagent – sufficient for 150 tests. Spectronic® 20+ Analog Models (02660-10 and -09) feature wavelength selection.6 kg). Please call for more information. Control Strips Ideal for monitoring the output of your microfilm processor.0 VDC – use with a chart recorder or a digital readout device. ■ Borohybride Reagent – sufficient for 150 tests. ■ Standard Reagent – Concentrated – dilute and use as prepared. 120 strips per roll.6 kg). ■ Elvent – Reagent – sufficient for 50 tests. The meter then electronically converts absorbance values to concentration units by multiplying absorbance values by this factor. A. These are top quality products that allow continuous control on the efficiency of your processing system. Analog output is adjustable from 0 to 1. simply key in the digital model 02660-50 fea.5%T – change with the push of a lever. ■ Methylene Blue Reagents Set – with instructions. Built-in RS-232 serial interface lets you connect the meter to your computer or printer with the 02650-11 cable (sold separately under “Accessories” at right). (8. solution container and glacial acetic acid (16 oz. Shipping weight 19 lbs. New Spectronic® 20+ and 20D+ Spectrophotometers ■ Solid-state detector measures from 340 to 950 nm without replacing phototubes. (8.) with complete instructions for testing and disposal of microfilm developer. ■ Optical filters included reduce stray light to less than 0. Standard or European).inverse of the slope of your standard curve (calcutures direct concentration readout. The ALTEK Test Kit includes the pHep Tester. power/zeroing knob. lated by plotting A versus concentration of several known standards) while in FACTOR mode. ■ No 0%T adjustments are necessary – turn the unit on and read your sample.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 83 QUALITY / INSPECTION Processing – Aids Altek pH Test Kit pHep Tester provides instant pH level readings to insure proper disposal of microfilm developer.S. or concentration. For direct concentration readout. measuring graduate. ■ Methylene Blue Glassware Set – with instructions. SPECTRONIC® 20+ analog model 02660-10 . 32 oz. Shipping weight 19 lbs. Each pre-exposed strip provides both a low density and a reference density of the microfilm developer. Stock No. Stock No. 1777 Methylene Blue Reagents Full glassware sets and reagents necessary to provide full Methylene Blue test to measure residual thiosulfate in microfilm or microfiche. Both spectrophotometers include: ® • Twelve 1/2" diameter test tube curvettes and sample adapter • Dust cover and operator’s manual • 6' cord with plug (U. ■ NNDPS Reagent – sufficient for 150 tests. ■ Acetone Reagent – sufficient for 75 tests. and T/A control.

It’s remarkably easy to use and operate. Splices 16mm and 35mm microfilm. This revolutionary new cleaner uses no messy liquids.3cm x 31.8cm x 16. including reprints. Typical Machine Characteristics Film Length: 600'.84 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. long roll of film cleaning system. It is designed to clean all film sizes through 70mm. Semi-automatic operation requires little special training.5cm).30 kg). Particularly suited for polyester based film. Period! The NMI 450 is a high quality. only specially treated cleaning tapes and static removing brushes to reduce remakes the spotting. 46mm Cleaning Tapes: S-7511.5A. Two state cleaning not only removes dust and dirt. Cleaning Speed: 35'/min. 70mm Cleaning Tapes: S-7512. Multi-voltage input transformer. Meets both DOD and ANSI standards. This quality splicer produces archival splices of polyester film and some triacetate film applications.O. Call For More Information . Model 5001 Ultrasonic Film Splicer For 16mm and 35mm film formats. All Tape Lengths: 100' (sold in pairs). (7. Rewind Speed: 100'/min. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Stock No. Power Requirements: 105-130 VAC (60 Hz) 1. Weight: 16 lbs. it also reduces static via two specially made dissipative brushes. Ordering Information 41mm Cleaning Tapes: S-7510. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION The NMI•450 Film Cleaning System saves time and money. 2734 Typical Machine Characteristics Size: 8" x 121/2" x 61/2" (20. easy to use.

while the Model 929 is capable of meeting a number of applications including duplication and archival testing.50 Hz (646X) 117/8"W x 117/8"D x 117/8"W x 117/8"D x 171/2"H 213/16"H Regular Fix Regular Fix As primary unit for CT scan Graphic arts. 301 TD 932. TD 929.50 Hz (650X) 117/8"W x 117/8"D x 213/16"H Regular Fix Graphic arts. When ordering please specify tank type (photo).Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 85 QUALITY / INSPECTION The X-Rite® 301 Densitometers X-Rite 301 The low cost model 301 is designed to help keep your processor producing optimum results.60 Hz (646) 230VAC . 2409 Macbeth TD 932 and TD 929 Macbeth’s years of experience in commercial photography and graphic arts. Call for more details on these quality densitometers! Model 932 – Stock No. hospitals rooms.60 Hz (650) 230VAC .50 Hz (643X) 230VAC . This densitometer will detect variation in film density far more subtle than can be seen by the naked eye.6 gallons 3 gallons 5 gallons 31/4"H x 61/2"D (drum) 43/8"H x 61/2"D (drum) 1 Anode 1 Anode 1/2"T x 31/2"W x 71/8"H 1/2"T x 4"W x 73/4"H 115VAC .4 gallons 1 Tank . newspapers. For smaller applications the Model 641 manual silver recovery unit is available.75 Troy Oz.60 Hz 117/8"W x 117/8"D x 171/2"H Regular Fix Medical centers. are featured in both microfilm densitometers.125 Troy Oz/Hr. dental clinics & other clinics handling low volumes of x-rays. 0. as tailing unit for clinics. 643 646 0. TD 929. The Model 643. The built-in silver monitoring circuit continuously monitors the amount of silver remaining in the solution and adjusts the unit’s current output as needed. a must for microfilm processing applications. medical centers and medical centers and clinics.375 Troy Oz/Hr. It’s wide measurement range allows you to determine base FOG and accurately determine your film density.4 gallons 3 gallons 51/2"D (1 disc) 1 Anode 1/2"T x 2"W x 45/8"H 115VAC . TD 929. 2019 Model 929 – Stock No.Diazo Use of Materials Reader Print onto Silver Print onto Diazo Print onto Vesicular Archival Readers Printo onto Diazo Print onto Vesicular Print onto Vesicular Processor Control Processor Control Recommended Densitometer TD 932. X-Rite 646 X-Rite 650 Typical Machine Characteristics Recovery Capacity Tank Size Batch Size Cathode Size Anode Size Power Requirements Dimensions Workable Fixes Applications 641 0. graphic arts film processing labs. 1 Tank . 301 TD 932. hospitals. X-Rite 641 650 1. TD 929. 2020 Materials To Be Measured Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Diazo Diazo Diazo Vesicular Process Control Strips . 301 TD 929 TD 929 TD 929 TD 929 TD 929 TD 929 TD 929 TD 932. 646 and 650 are truly automatic recovery systems. 301 Silver Recovery Units X-Rite Automatic and Manual Silver Recovery units are designed to accommodate small volume to large multi-processor applications. The Model 932 is ideal for processor control.25 Troy Oz/Hr./Hr. 1 Tank .60 Hz (643) 115VAC . 1 Tank-5 gallons 5 gallons 61/2"H x 61/2"D (drum) 2 Anodes 1/2"T x 2"W x 11"H 115VAC . NDT and NDT. The Model 650 includes both A&C tank types. Stock No. NDT.Silver Process Control Stips . radiology clinics radiology labs. .

Exposure time is selectable from 0.15 density units/step. glassprotected gray-scale wedge.O. Significant deviations signal the need for corrective action. Typical Machine Characteristics Wedge Size 21 step. repeatable. 240 V/50 Hz (available upon request). Weight 6 lbs.2 seconds. WEJEX IBG. (3 kg).6. 3.5"H. Use Tobias sensitometers for reliable test exposures.48. and development time in the processor.8. Exposure Duration 0. and WEJEX II sensitometers generate a test exposure with a known.48.1. 1. Available Instruments The WEJEX I-W White light source. Tobias WEJEX I-W. Single-sided exposure. The WEJEX I-W and the WEJEX I-BG are designed for single-sided exposures. for comparison with a known standard. The WEJEX I-BG Dual color light source: blue (440 nm) and green (530 nm) per ANSI spec PH 2. Operation of these units is as easy as placing the film inside and pressing the “expose” switch. • Ensure consistent quality by comparison with known standards. Single-sided and double-sided exposures. a dual-color light source of blue (440 nm) and green (530 nm) per ANSI specification PH 2. The test sample should be selected from the current film lot. 5"L x 0. 25 W.2 seconds and is precisely controlled by advanced digital electronic circuitry. • Operate with the touch of a button. (241mm x 203mm x 114mm). Power Requirements 120 V/60 Hz.2. such as a densitometer measurement. that could be caused by light source aging or extreme power line variations. • Save time and material costs. Dimensions 9. • Companion instruments to Tobias TBX manual densitometer or automatic WEJ-SCAN. in order to avoid deviations that result from inter-lot film differences and latent image aging. It is generally acknowledged that film image quality is affected by even minor variations in chemistry. however slight.86 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. temperature. electronically-controlled light source. 0. The film is then developed in the processor and its printed densities are compared with corresponding densities of a reference. Single-sided exposure.4. A built-in light integrator compensates for any variations in light intensity. .5"L x 8"W x 4. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION Wejex Sensitometers Quality assurance for film processing. the WEJEX I-W utilizes a white light source and the WEJEX I-BG. it is necessary to routinely process and monitor a controlled exposure on a test film. 0. • Provide early detection of adverse changes in the development process. Using a precise 21-step. 0. The WEJEX II Dual color light source: blue (440 nm) and green (530 nm) per ANSI spec PH 2. 0. Box 741068 ■ Houston. To ensure optimum image characteristics. a series of exposure steps from dark to light is produced on a film sample.15D increment.48.5"W (127 mm x 13 mm). The WEJEX II employs the same blue/green light source as the WEJEX I-BG and has the capability of producing either single-sided or double-sided (anti-crossover film) exposures. 0.1 to 3.

Weight: 140 lbs. Throat Opening: 41/2". Impact Resistant Housing ■ Convenient Attachments… Film Roll Holder is Included for Large Quantities of Microfiche Model 6100 Optional Feeder is Available. Throat Opening: 41/2". Typical Machine Characteristics Model 006 Shredding Capacity: 1000 fiche per hour. Mode Indicator Lights & Full Bag Indicator ■ Absolutely Spy Proof… Pulverizes Microfilm/Microfiche into High Security Dust Particles ■ Clean Operation… Equipped with a Self-contained Vacuum System for Micro Dust Collection ■ Durable… Chain Driven. Motor: 5/8 hp. Motor: 21/4 hp. Thermal Motor Protection ■ Convenient Attachments… A Roll Feeder for Film is Included as Standard Equipment. Dimensions: 25"W x 18"D x 30"H. Power Requirements: 110 Volt. Thermally Protected Motors.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 87 QUALITY / INSPECTION Shredders Microfilm and Microfiche Crosscut Shredder Model 006 (Shown with feeder) ■ Easy To Operate… Forward / Off / Reverse Push Button Controls ■ Safeguards Confidential Data… Fine Cross Cut Shreds ■ Durable… Dual Motor Chain Drive. High Security Microfilm Microfiche Pulverizer Model 004 ■ Simple To Operate… Rotary Switch for Forward & Reverse. Shred Size: Dust. Power Requirements: 110 Volt. Model 4100 Optional Feeder is Available for Destruction of Larger Quantities of Microfiche…feeding them continuously. Weight: 140 lbs. Typical Machine Characteristics Model 004 Shredding Capacity: 750 fiche per hour. Dimensions: 12"W x 15"D x 8"H. . Shred Size: 1/45" x 5/16" (Crosscut).

Model 803 Model 801 Very portable. very affordable. plans.88 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Optional attachment. Casters. Model 802 Small in size. Shreds sheets of computer printouts up to 14 thick into 1/8" strips. . Optional attachment. 100 lbs. It’s a wastebasket too. Can be combined with baler. Typical Machine Characteristics Model 205 801 802 803 905 906 909 MICRO 100 MICRO 300 Cutting Width 1/16" 1/8" 1/8" 1/4" 1/8" 1/4" 5/32" x 11/4" 1/16" x 3/8" 5/32" 1/4" 5/16" 7/16" 1/40" x 5/16" dust Capacity Sheets Per Feed 6-7 8-10 14-16 20-22 24-26 12-14 edp printouts 50-55 13-15 60-80 80-100 100-120 120-140 up to 1100 fiche/hour with feeder up to 1100 fiche/hour with feeder Throat Opening 9" 12" 9. Double cutting system. 93 lbs.5 hp geared motor. Optional cutting widths available on special request. basic microshredder. fast shredder for computer printouts. Reduces microfiche into 1/40" x 5/16" particles. feeder for fiche. 780 lbs. Box 741068 ■ Houston. high security particles 5/32" x 11/4".5" Motor HP 1/5 2 x 1/5 1 2 x 1/5 3 2 51/2 2 x 1/5 0. 1/16" x 3/8". Shreds 6 sheets into 1/16" strips. 160 lbs. Micro 300 Precision grinds microfilm and fiche into totalsecurity dust. Shreds up to 14 sheets at 100 feet per minute. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION Microfilm/Paper Shredders Micro 100 Model 205 Handy shredder goes anywhere and fits right in.O. Casters. 305 lbs.5" 4. feeder for fiche.5" 18" 13" 13" 21" 4. Casters for easy moving. 132 lbs. Versatile. Model 906 High security cross-cut shredder turns up to 15 sheets into top security particles. Wastepaper baskets can be emptied into hopper. Fine.7 Voltage 110V 110V 110V 110V 220V 3 phase 220V 3 phase 220V 3 phase 110V 110V Weight 30 lbs. Big jobs go fast: 26 sheets at a time. Model 905 Shreds up to 55 flat or crumpled paper sheets. large documents. Multiple cutting unit produces high density. large in capacity. 180 lbs. Conveyor belt feeds up to 150 sheets. 320 lbs. Model 909 Heavy-duty 5.

And how it will save your own fiche from nasty scratches. we suggest you invest in one right away. and clean the mirror. It’s got everything you need to keep your fiche viewer clean. from surfaces. 1035 Ultrasonic Rack Cleaner Model ALP-L4 • Eliminates hand scrubbing • Thoroughly cleans areas inaccessible by hand • Eliminates costly time-consuming dismantling of racks • Safer to expensive roller and rack assemblies than abrasive pads and brushes • Increases productivity by reducing “down time” • Aids in establishing a consistent cleaning program • Improves overall quality and consistency of film output The ALP-L4 Ultrasonic Rack Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning the processor rack assemblies of Kodak Prostars. breathe lightly on item to be cleaned. Impregnated Lens Cloth – To remove haze and marks. and grime. or on your viewing glass. Mirror and Glass Cleaning Solution – For more stubborn marks. Years of use in the servicing of large x-ray and photographic film processors have proven ultrasonic cleaning to be the safest. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in your ability to read those hardto-read fiche. No matter what you call a fingerprint it has no business on your glass fiche carrier. then wipe dry. apply solution with soft wipe. Otherwise. least costly. Altek Cleaning Kit Stock No. . Contents Lens Brush – To gently remove loose dust. making it difficult to remove dust. Not unless you’re with New Scotland Yard… or the French Surete… or one of our own investigative agencies. get out the Altek Cleaning Kit and chase away fingerprints. etc. dust. then wipe gently with cloth. brush dust off the lens. dirt. Datagrphix & NCR Autocom units and table top processors. Antistatic Fluid – Static can build up on reader screens and film carriers.. This problem can be alleviated by applying antistatic fluid to the surface with a lint free wipe after cleaning.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 89 QUALITY / INSPECTION Microfilm/Microfiche Reader Cleaning Kit Micrographics are Great. most efficient rack cleaning system available. rub to remove marks. Dactylographics? Not So Great. Take just a few minutes to clean the glass. If you don't have an Altek Cleaning Kit. Lens.

90 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Box 741068 ■ Houston.8"-5 – Stock No. Resolution Test Targets – used for evaluating the output image of your microfilm camera. 1438 CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION . Call for more information. Each target is produced on a durable. Rotary Test Target – MT-1 – 9" x 14" – Stock No. We offer targets for both rotary and planetary cameras. 1437 Microcopy Test Target – MT-5 – 1. Microcopy test targets are also available for large document cameras.8" x 1. The MT-1 and MT-2 targets meet AIIM and ANSI standards. and resolution. 1436 Planetary Test Target – MT-2 – 11" x 14" – Stock No. Texas 77274 QUALITY / INSPECTION Altek Resolution Targets “USEABLE MICROFILM EQUIPMENT” (800) 627-1123 Make Quality #1 with our Altek® Resolution Targets. measure density. tear resistant film base. 0-Min.O. with this great quality control tool..

Starfiche Oracle.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 91 SUPPLIES Paper – Dry Silver 3M Type 795 Dry Silver Paper 3M 795 Roll Print Paper Size 4 /2 x 500' 81/2 x 250' 81/2 x 500' 11 x 250' 11 x 500' 1 3M Model 500 . IMT150 and 250 Catalog Number 138-4205 Part Number 78-6969-6018-2 Copy Costs Getting Out Of Hand? See Our Plain Paper Reader Printers! .800 Part Number 78-6579-5103-0 78-6969-6235-2 78-6969-6233-7 78-6969-6236-0 78-6969-6234-5 Also for use in Micron 700.600/6000 . Kodak Reader/Printer Paper Altek Supply offers Kodak paper and 3M brand replacement paper for your choice. IMT150 and 250 Kodak Model Starvue. Call for more information. As with all of the products we sell your satisfaction is guaranteed.800 .900 600/6000 .800 600/6000 .800 .900 500 .600 500 . Starfiche Oracle.600/6000 . Micro Design 565 and 566 R/P. Size 81/2 x 450' Ektamate 150 Size 8 /2 x 450' K-Canister 1 Kodak Model Starvue.

92 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Texas 77274 SUPPLIES Paper & Toner Altek Supply has always strived to supply products that are equal to or better than the OEM by providing our customers savings with confidence and assurance of customer satisfaction. 2000 Kodak Starmate 500 Micro Copy 1000. 108-8178 6-300gr bottles per case Ektamate II Fuser Oil – Catalog No. 199-4698 3-320cc bottles per case Canon PC 70 and PC 80 NP Cartridge N01 or P01 Black Toner Cartridges or Cartridge refill Substantial Savings Call for more details! Toner/Drum Cartridges For Use In: Bell and Howell Compact 4000 Datamate 1000. Box 741068 ■ Houston. 2000 Negative: Toner Cartridge – #19544014 Drum Cartridge – #19694002 Positive: Toner Cartridge – #19544013 Drum Cartridge – #19694001 Bimode: Toner Cartridge – #19544017 Drum Cartridge – #19694003 . Starvue II and Oracle II Ektamate II Toner – Catalog No.O. Now Available Bond Toners BT1000 for use in Minolta 505 BT1000 for use in Minolta 509 BT1000 for use in Kodak IMT350 FO1000 for use in Canon 580 CN680/780T for use in Canon 680/780 6-300gr bottles per case 6-300gr bottles per case 6-300gr bottles per case 6-50cc bottles per case 2-350gr cartridges per case Fuser Oil FO1000 for use in Minolta 505 FO2000 for use in Minolta 509 FO1000 for use in Kodak IMT350 FO580 for use in Canon 580 6-200cc bottles per case 6-900cc bottles per case 6-200cc bottles per case 6-50cc bottles per case Kodak IMT350.

1660 . Pressure sensitive fit 3M cartridge or any 16mm or 35mm box. 1109 Nylon Gloves No. Specify square/square or square/round samples. Available in 1/2" and 1" widths. Stock No. Available in 16mm. 250 per box. Stock No. Also for darkroom use (silver). Stock No. 16 x 1000' Stock No. Cotton Gloves No. For use where edge of film must be kept clear. Packaged 4 gallons per case. 1057 – 500 per box. 1. cream or silver. Call and we will match your needs with the appropriate splicing tape. Sold in a variety of sizes. Processing Tape – Specifically formulated to resist water and chemistry. Stock No. Stock No. Splicing Supplies Clear M Splice Tabs 16mm clear splicing tab for all normal splicing. 1058 Solid Flange Reels Open Flange Reels Durable construction. 35mm and 105mm widths. Editing Tape – Available in both clear and black. polyPre-mixed solution for table top processors (1:2 dilution for deep tank processors). Available in rolls or separate. Also used to save time – oval shape is easier to place on film and does not have right angles which require more exact placement. 1012 Accessories Gloves – For handling and protecting your film. Processing Leader – Designed for use in deep tank Systems Cleaner – Fuji 143 Tank and Tray Cleaner– processors. Specify square/square or square/ center when ordering. Complete with leader. 1 dozen per package. Re-usable. Made of 5 mil. 1287 ester. Trailer Holders Stock No. Available in a variety of colors. 1009 35 x 1000' Stock No. Packaged 100 per case.000 per package. round center when ordering. Available as a standard Ideal for film storage. 1163 ANSI Cartridges Completely compatible with Kodak Ektamate Cartridges. All splice tabs packaged 1000 per carton. 1011 Intresco Tabs – For quickly fastening film leaders.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 93 SUPPLIES Cartridges and Reels M-Type Cartridges Made of high impact ABS plastic for long life and durability. free of messy adhesive coatings. 1010 105 x 1000' Stock No. 16mm Black or Silver Splice Tabs 16mm black or silver splicing tab for 3M photocell sensing readers and many other machines. When used on a regular basis it maintains processor performance and removes damaging silver deposits from racks and rollers. 1352 Cartridge Labels Unprinted – Top and side. Call for more information. Call for free grey. High quality construction. 16mm Clear K Splice Tabs 16mm splicing tabs (oval shape). Lint free. 35mm Clear Splice Tabs For all normal splicing. Available in both white or reel or with a built-in trailer lock.

Box 741068 ■ Houston. 1000 per package.O.94 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Top: 31/2" x 3/4" Side: 31/2" x 31/2" Plain Stock No. Great for cleaning cameras. cans with a new 360 degree vector valve and a disposable 15 oz. Dust Off Plus is available in both standard 12 oz. can vector nozzle. DPR – 12 oz. 1008 Cartridge/Roll Film Labels Top and side pressure sensitive labels fit 3M cartridges or any 16mm or 35mm roll film box. Call for information on other Dust Off products and accessories. Greatly improves productivity. Dust Off Plus DP – 12 oz. 1328 Jacket Labels – 5" x 1/4" Stock No. Microfiche Labels – 5" x 7/16" Stock No. Packaged: 1000 labels per box. Dust Off Products New environmentally safe Dust Off Plus. can. . Fan fold (continuous form). Ideal for automatic and manual titling. microfiche readers – anywhere there is unwanted dust. printers. Size: 21/4"W x 15/16"D. refill for Dust Off Plus. Dust Off XL DP-XL 15 oz. 1061 CUSTOM LABELS MADE TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION 800-627-1123 ANSI Labels (Pin Feed) Labels for ANSI magazine holders. Disposable Includes 2 extension tubes. Contains no chlorfluorocarbons and provides more pressure than the previous Dust Off and Dust Off II. 1011 Lined Stock No. Texas 77274 SUPPLIES Labels/Dust Off Microfiche/Jacket Labels Translucent labels mounted on continuous forms.

3M Type Microfilm Cartridge Stock No. Stock No. 1702 3M Type Cartridges Quality 3M type cartridges manufactured to our specification. or blue colors. Custom colors are also available. 1469 Trailer Holder for Ektamate Cartridge Stock No. 1701 35mm Boxes Stock No. red. Made of high impact ABS for long life. green. Minolta and 3M Reader-Printers Stock No. Canon. 1163 ANSI Standard Cartridges ANSI standard cartridges for Kodak. archival quality black plastic storage container for 16mm roll film. White virgin Kraft board. 1351 35mm Plastic Box Stock No. Available in beige. 1454 Acid Free Paperboard Microfilm Boxes Acid free – designed for storage and transfer of 16mm and 35mm film. 1058 Kodak Ektamate Cartridge Stock No. Complete with leader and trailer. 16mm Boxes Stock No. 1508 Kodak Ektamate A Magazine . Have index layout preprinted.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 95 SUPPLIES Boxes and Cartridges 16mm Plastic Microfilm Box Heavy duty. Inexpensive and durable for roll film applications.

Box 741068 ■ Houston. 1000 per box. low cost method of transferring microfiche. 1030 Microfiche Storage Boxes Keep your microfilmed images safe and clean. The distinctive orange color instantly identifies your microfiche in your recipients’ office. Either top cut or open side variety. Microfiche Envelopes Acid Free Acid free standard size 4" x 6". Stock No. Our Microfilm Storage boxes are available in both 16mm and 35mm sizes. dirt and abrasion. White paper stock. ■ Plastic Boxes ■ Paperboard Boxes ■ Archival – Acid Free Boxes . If the color isn’t enough. Call for information on your particular needs. 1200 Microfiche Transit Mailer Mailing Envelope Finally. our bold CONTAINS MICROFICHE demands user attention. Adhesive backing attaches to paper files while clear plastic envelope maintains visibility. Call us for samples. Our “1111 Mailer” is heavy duty and will hold up to 150 microfiche or jackets.96 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Dry – no mess – “Press ‘N Seal” sealer on all envelopes. convenient. Texas 77274 SUPPLIES Envelopes/Boxes File Pocket 1200 This product keeps fiche and paper files together.O. a labor saving. Top Cut Envelopes Stock No. Protect Microfiche from scratches. 1111 This is the answer to the difficult problem of mailing and transferring microfiche – holds up to 150 fiche. 1029 Side Cut Envelopes Stock No. Proper markings and distinctive color identify envelope to recipient. Send for free samples today. Stock No.

Therefore the film must be spooled to suit the reader involved. Weight: 13 lbs. per carton. Reels with a square/square core may be reversed for use in either direction. (Pricing available upon request. The reel with a square/round cone will only fit on the reader or reader/printer one way.000 reels. Our 16mm Solid Flange Reels have a core that is either square on one side and round on the other (square/round). ■ Reels can be manufactured in colors with a minimum order of 15. Wrap film around Post and thread. 35mm Reels Packaged: 250 per carton. I-602 16mm Black Camera Reel square/square Product No. per carton . I-605 Assembly Instructions for I-605: 1. I-517 16mm Solid Flange White Reel with built-in post Product No. I-520 Trailer Holder – Product No. I-601 16mm Solid Flange White Reel square/ square – Product I-603 16mm Grey Open Reel square/square Product No. I-519 16mm Solid Flange White Reel square/ round – Product No. 16mm Reels Packaged: 500 per carton Weight: 23 lbs.) 35mm Grey Open Reel square/square Product No. 2. Fold film as shown in Diagram. or square on both sides (square/square).Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 97 SUPPLIES Microfilm Reels/Trailer Holders Storage Reels – 16mm & 35mm Altek Systems markets a wide variety of 16mm and 35mm storage reels.

Eliminates putting individual jackets into the typewriter or going through complicated indexing schemes in microfiche camera systems. diazo or vesicular methods. MICOR™ labels speed your throughput. System compatible – whether you are using a step and repeat microfiche camera or jackets. Box 741068 ■ Houston. 1329 Size Labels (W x H) Across 1 51/2" x 7/16" Stock Number 1329 Qty. Compatible with your computer or word processor printer.O. This streamlines your labeling system. Manual Titling – MICOR™ strips are constructed of clear matte finish for trouble free duplication in silver. Our MICOR™ clear strips increase your efficiency in automatic microfiche titling/labeling. In addition. 1328 Size (W x H) 5" x 7/16" Labels Across 1 Stock Number 1328 Qty. the labels may be inserted in any conventional typewriter. eliminates individual jacket insertion into the typewriter./ Box 10M Label Spacing 1/8" Carrier Width 51/2" Labels To Page 32 Labels Across 1 Stock Number 1008 Qty. Period. 1009 Size Labels (W x H) Across 1 41/2" x 1/4" ATI No.98 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P./ Box 10M Label Spacing 1/16" Carrier Width 53/4" Labels To Page 24 ATI No./ Box 10M Label Spacing 1/4" Carrier Width 53/4" Labels To Page 24 MICOR™ Fiche Labels ATI No. MICOR™ Jacket Labels ATI No./ Box 10M Label Spacing 1/16" Carrier Width 61/4" Labels To Page 24 . 1008 Size (W x H) 5" x 1/4" Stock Number 1184 Qty. Texas 77274 SUPPLIES Microfiche/Jacket Labels Fastest microfiche/jacket titling system.

4 x 6 .Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 99 SUPPLIES Micrographic Lamps Readers & Reader/Printers Duplicators Cameras Readers. 1417.5 Channel .16mm Jacket Stock No.The distinctive orange color instantly identifies your microfiche in your recipients’ office. Call for free samples. Durable construction and low cost make the ALTEK Jacket an effective alternative in unit filing. a labor saving. our bold CONTAINS MICROFICHE demands user attention. 1111 Altek Jackets These top quality clear ribbed jackets are made to our specifications. printing in both title areas and ribbing for CAR applications. If the color is not enough. Over 14 formats are available for both 16mm and 35mm applications. Options include color stripes. Jacket Styles and Sizes . Reader-Printers. Our “1111 Mailer” is heavy duty and will hold up to 150 microfiche or jackets. Cameras and Duplicators We Carry All Major Brands and Can Cross Reference Your Equipment for the Lamp You Need! Call Today 800-627-1123 Microfiche Mailer Finally. NB/Microseal Jackets NB Jackets have been a standard in the micrographics industry for over four decades. low cost method of transferring microfiche. notching. convenient. Stock No.

Texas 77274 SUPPLIES Diazo/Vesicular Film Novamedia. water.5 mil 33/8 x 5" . When the misty green image of GC-2 is in a viewer or reader printer the exceptional quality of the sharp white on black image is very real. The thermal developing process makes it easy to adjust equipment for optimum performance and duplicators can be operated in a fully lighted room.21/2 mil 35mm x 1000' .100 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Novamedia Diazo Microfilm Novamedia diazo film is used to create duplicates of original microfilm images.4 mil 16mm x 1500' .5/7 mil Color striping is available on all 105mm width diazo films. 16mm x 1000' .4 mil 105mm x 1500' . No chemicals.2.5 mil 105mm x 148mm . The films have been formulated to work on all diazo duplicators using either aqueous or anhydrous ammonia. A direct image process for negative to negative or positive to positive copying. These films are used in ammonia processing systems.O. The formulation gives a neutral black color over a wide range of development conditions.5 mil 33/8 x 73/8" .4 mil 105mm x 1000' .4 mil 105mm x 1000' .5 mil 105mm x 148mm . Please call 800-627-1123 to discuss your specific application and needs. Sizes 16mm x 1000' . although it can also be used with the conventional microfilm copy of business documents and engineering drawings. Xidex and 3M Diazo duplication films are available.5 mil 105mm x 152mm . GC-2 permits the full printing speed of all commercial equipment.5 mil 105mm x 148mm .4 mil 16mm x 2000' . designed primarily for source document duplication. Black BK-2: A medium contrast black diazofilm. Sizes 16mm x 1000' . ammonia or venting are required.5 mil Call Us With Your Specific Requirements! Novamedia Thermal Vesicular Microfilm Speeds to 250' per minute for… ■ Positive to Negative ■ High contrast COM duplication ■ Lower contrast for source document ■ High resolution copies ■ Non fading in a viewer ■ Capable of reprinting.4 mil 35mm x 1000' . Box 741068 ■ Houston. and of course ■ Needs no ammonia or chemicals Photomedia GC-2 is designed for high volume duplication of Computer Output Microfilm including loop roll or fiche printing. . Call for our competitive pricing. Blue BE-8: A high contrast.5 mil ■ Black striping is available with all 105mm width vesicular films.5/7 mil 105mm x 152mm . from COM and source document. high speed blue diazofilm designed for duplicating COM or good quality source document originals. It is designed for use in the 3M 1500 roll film duplicator and the 3M 261/262 printer processor. Blue-Black BN-4: A medium contrast blue-black diazofilm which provides a combination of high speed duplication with excellent reader viewing and reader printer copies. Anhydrous and Aqueous Ammonia & Ammonia Absorber Call for pricing and information 3M NRX Dry Diazo 3M’s exclusive dry diazo copy film is now available from ALTEK.

■ MS-U Films – high resolution. Backed by over 40 years of film manufacturing. The resolving power of Kodak film – the ability to capture fine detail – is among the highest available in the marketplace today. rapid processing equipment. dollar amounts. ■ 35mm Camera Films – for precision engineering drawings and other types of large documents. ■ HS-U Films – high resolution. Wide latitude. high contrast and medium speed. ■ COM Films – Fuji manufactures several varieties for all types and makes of computer output microfilmers. All critical attributes of a high quality microfilm. widths and thicknesses and is continually developing additional films for new applications and to improve your microfilm image. Fuji supplies a complete range of microfilm that can fulfill needs in the broadest areas of use. 3. Fuji Photo Film Fuji film is known for it’s quality and consistency. All Fuji COM films feature high density. ■ Imagelink Films – 16mm camera films for daily business and government use in active microfilm systems. Kodak makes over 700 varieties of film in different lengths. high speed film developed for high speed camera sorter applications. This high resolution helps you keep pace with today’s demands for greater image reduction. and written notations. Because of this consistency. High resolution. you can be confident that your film images won’t lose important information such as signatures. high contrast characteristics. endorsements. What goes into the reliable image from Kodak? 1. With this kind of latitude. Superior image quality compared to standard high speed microfilms. Kodak film is slit and spooled to exacting specifications using equipment specially designed by Kodak. there’s less likelihood of a jam in today’s high-speed microfilmers and retrieval units. your operators can microfilm without having to change exposure settings. The speed of Kodak film – or its sensitivity to light – is consistent from one roll to the next. ■ HR II Films – extremely fine grain films feature high resolution characteristics. Proper film dimensions. Kodak film can record a wide spectrum of colors as various shades of gray. Consistent film speed. ■ Dacomatic Films – designed specifically for use in computer output microfilmers. high speed films for use in high speed rotary cameras compatible with high volume business records applications. ■ Datacapture II Films – developed for high speed camera sorters in the financial and industrial sector. 4.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 101 SUPPLIES Film . and image stability during a long service life. CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION AND SAMPLES 1-800-627-1123 . Fuji microfilm is characterized by sharp images. adaptability to a high temperature. 16mm films for daily business applications and 35mm films for engineering applications.Silver Eastman Kodak We can now offer the complete line of Kodak Microfilm and chemistry often at substantial savings to you. 2. Because of this.

Microfilm Developer/Replinisher – for use in all full reversal and continual process deep tank processors. Texas 77274 SUPPLIES Processing – Chemistry Eastman Kodak Kodak chemistry for microfilm processing – a complete family of chemicals are available for every type of microfilm processing. Prostar plus chemistry is also compatible with other types of table top processors. 1009 35 x 1000' – Stock No. 16 x 1000' – Stock No. under both EPA and local government guidelines. if you are looking for savings without reducing the quality of your image. Kodak chemistry can help you deliver the reliable image. 18 oz. 1287 Processing Leader Designed for use in deep tank processors. Systems Cleaner Fuji 143 Tank and Tray Cleaner Pre-mixed solution for table top processors (1:2 dilution for deep tank processors).O. Available in 16mm. Prostar Plus chemistry – designed for use in the Kodak Prostar Processor. 1012 . From conventional table top processors and deep tank processors to full reversal processors and auto COMS.) with complete instructions for testing and disposal of microfilm developer. Made of 5 mil. When used on a regular basis it maintains processor performance and removes damaging silver deposits from racks and rollers. measuring graduate. Stock No. Fuji Photo Fuji chemistry delivers quality at an affordable price. Box 741068 ■ Houston. solution container and glacial acetic acid (16 oz. CONSIDER FUJI – CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION Processing – Aids Altek pH Test Kit pHep Tester provides instant pH level readings to insure proper disposal of microfilm developer. 32 oz. Fuji offers a compatible product. 35mm and 105mm widths. 1010 105 x 1000' – Stock No.102 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. The ALTEK Test Kit includes the pHep Tester. Packaged 4 gallons per case. polyester. Whether for use in a Kodak processor or other makes.

of fixer systems cleaner. bottles per case. of Replenisher or 20 gal. Product # 11-030 Liquid Versaclean Non-Chromate Developer Systems Cleaner Liquid Four 1-gal. do not dilute. 33-403 CR-3 Clearing Bath & Replenisher Four 5-quart bottles per case.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 103 SUPPLIES Processing Chemistry Try FR Chemicals for quality at a very competitive price. Suitable for use as both a Source Document and/or COM Reversal and Second Developer. Product # 44-661 Chem-Mix Vitafix Fixer & Replenisher (Part “A” only) Four 5-quart bottles per case. Makes up to 12 gal. “Environmentally Safe” Versaclean Systems Cleaners Contains no acids. bottles per case. bottles per case. of Replenisher or 20 gal. Makes up to 32 gal. Makes up to 12 gal. Fixers and Hardeners Highly concentrated for long life. Makes 15 gal. 32-254 Vitamatic Microfilm Fixer Four 1-gal. 11-035 Liquid Versaclean Non-Chromate Fixer Systems Cleaner Liquid Four 1-gal. of Developer or 24 gal. Product # 33-171 Microflo Developer & Replenisher A single solution concentrate featuring a 1:7 dilution ratio when used in deep tank processors and a 1:5 dilution ratio when used in rapid speed/high temperature processors. Ready to use. Makes 20-40 gallons. bottles per case. Ready to use. of “environmentally sate” cleaner. Processing Chemicals for Prostar or Similar Type Processors Product # 32-247 Universal Developer for Continuous Roll Processors One developer for all your processing requirements. 32-249 Vitamatic Plus Microfilm Developer A high stability-extended life developer designed to process double the film capacity of conventional developers used in Prostars or similar type processors. of replenisher. Full Reversal Systems for COM Reversal Films Product # 33-402 CR-2 Bleach & Replenisher Four 5-quart bottles per case. bottles per case. of Clearing Bath. Contains no Chromates. Vitamatic Microfilm Developer Four 1-gal. Four 1-gal. do not dilute. Makes 15 gal. Also Available…Top Quality Microfilm Chemicals From Both Eastman Kodak and Fuji . of Bleach.

pressure sensitive tape securely holds the microfilm image in place. Extek. Texas 77274 APERTURE CARDS Microseal Pocket Style Aperture Cards – DOD approved Microseal Mil-D aperture cards completely protect film from daily handling. Whether you are using 3M. Copy Card (2nd Generation) Original (1st Generation) . Camera Cards – Microseal’s camera processor aperture cards are compatible with all existing camera processors. blue. Diazo Copy Cards – Microseal Diazo Copy Cards offer top notch image quality. smooth flow when cards are stacked in hoppers for duplicating and sorting.O. Color Stripes: Yellow. Duplicard Copy Cards – are for use in all types of aperture card duplicators. General Specifications Quantities: 2000 per box. 3M Company Filmsort Aperture Cards – have been the industry standard for decades. salmon. Emulsion on Face Tape on Reverse Emulsion on Reverse Tape on Face Custom electroplates available – we will customize your copy cards or aperture cards with your company logo or indexing information. The dark blue film emulsion is high speed and high contrast for greater productivity and enhanced viewing. Microseal maintains inventory of non-printed and government formats for immediate delivery. Tape Style Aperture Cards – Cold seal tape construction. Tape Face: Original or third generation. scratches and fingerprints. Camera cards are pre-packaged in disposable daylight load cartridges. as well as the microfilm image. Tape Reverse: Duplicate second generation. All camera cards feature Kodak AHU film. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Rose and grey are also available from 3M. Printing: One side. Microbox. blue. or Schaut equipment. This assures fast. brown. For applications requiring third generation duplicates. square or rounded corners. With cold seal tape cards. Card Stock: Buff (natural). Meets all military and government specifications. Designed to meet military specifications: Mil-C-9877B. and red. The aperture area is surrounded by a pressure sensitive tape and covered with a protection sheet and ready for mounting a single 35mm frame of microfilm. white. red. The laminated. yellow. violet. The 3M copy cards produce high quality duplicates on blue diazo film. Color card stock and government formats are also available. Imtek. allowing complete duplication of all visible information on card. Available in a number of styles. both sides available for an additional charge). Please specify camera model and stock number when ordering. black ink. and green. Camera Cards – are designed specifically for use in 3M Camera Processors. 35mm Tab Size Aperture cards are also available in translucent stock for use with cut sheet diazo film. the copy cards can be ordered tape reverse.104 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Tape face is standard on all copy cards. The film is applied to a recessed area around the aperature to maintain an even thickness across the surface of the card. Call for more details. (color ink. salmon. Call us for assistance. ultra thin polyester “pocket” also protects the film from deterioration by residual ammonia when interfiled with diazo copies. green. Card Style: Upper left corner cut. See specifications for more details.

58X (120% Blowback of 48X fiche). 50X (120% Blowback of 42X fiche). . Locks are standard. yet expanding applications. Dimensions: 243/4"H x 217/8"W x 195/8"D. 38X (120% Blowback of 32X fiche). 50 Hz. Optional rollfilm attachment reads 16mm and 35mm rollfilm. 42X (120% Blowback of 36X fiche). diesel. This dual lens unit comes complete with two lenses and optional interchangeable lenses to suit all standard dual page fiche formats. rollfilm and aperture cards. Power Requirements: Std. The unit is also perfect for COM fiche users who want a larger blowback. small engine and lawn and garden fiche) where two full Source Document pages must be viewed side-by-side for comparison or cross-reference. Features include a floating lens system assuring constant focus over the entire film area and an energy-saving dual intensity light switch. The unique stackable design lets you add units as your collection grows. Carrier: 4" x 73/8". Because of the system’s reduced size it can be used for desktop applications. Full or Oversize COM. Magnifications: 29X (120% Blowback of 24X fiche). (20. ✹ Improved ! 20% Larger Im age Stackable Cabinets The compact stackable series are perfect for smaller. (628mm x 555mm x 498mm). The Eye Com Ultra Fiche 5000 Attention Ultra Fiche Users!! We are proud to bring you a reader designed specifically for your Ultra Fiche needs… The Eye Com Ultra Fiche 5000 Features: ■ A Sharp. 20 35mm rolls ASK ABOUT OUR QUALITY ALTEK CABINETS. (508mm x 330mm). Op: 220/240.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 105 READERS – MICROFICHE / NEW UNITS The Eye Com 7000 Dual Page Reader The Eye Com 7000 Dual Page Reader offers you the highest quality image of any dual page reader on the market. Brilliant Image 20% Larger than Before! ■ Larger Image than Any Other Ultra Fiche Reader ■ Design Simplicity & Attractive Styling. Model AS FS RS Capacity – Per Drawer 2500 Aperture Cards 5300 Microfiche 48 16mm. up to six drawers high. Weight: 45 lbs. Optional mobile base is available.: 120V. as well as a conventional filing cabinet. Typical Machine Characteristics Screen Size: 20"W x 13"H.4 kg). Lamp: DDL. 60 Hz. 150W. 20V. Both one drawer (add-on) and two drawer units house microfiche. High quality optics system assures you of maximum light output – compare it to the competition! The 7000 is ideal for users of dual page microfiche (marine.

Dual Lens (1100/3000 only). The 2000 is also suitable for source document images. light weight and attractively styled. 4 x 73/8" Carrier. Model 1000 This 3/4 size reader is designed for viewing both COM and source document images. Available magnifications range from 21X to 72X. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT Readers . Value. and fanless convection cooling for silent operation. Box 741068 ■ Houston. 97/8" x 125/8" primarily used with COM generated microfiche. The compact and light weight design saves valuable desk space. Fiche File and Cleaning Kit.106 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Model 2000 A full size reader designed to provide a clear and bright image 90% of the original size. The Model 3000 incorporates all of the same features as the other Eye Com models. Dust Cover. In addition a dual lens option is available. The 14" height and small footprint make the EYE COM 1000 the smallest reader available. style and quality have made EYE COM readers our most popular reader line. Model 1100 Ideal for source document applications. Model 3000 With a full size 11" x 14" screen. These inexpensive readers feature the options and accessories you need. Optional dual lens makes viewing of COM images as simple as moving a lever. this reader is ideal for 100% blow back of the original COM and source document microfiche. Sharp bright images are projected on the 81/4" x 103/4" viewing screen.Microfiche The EYE COM line of readers are designed to be compact.O. OPTIONS: Dual Carrier. Standard features include interchangeable lenses. The 11" x 14" screen provides 100% blow back of the original size. Turntable. . unique floating lens system – assures constant focus.

Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123


Features 360º image rotation. Available with the Reader Rollfilm Attachment, this unit ideal for microfilm jacket and rollfilm users. Designed for viewing Source Document at 100% of original size and COM at 75% of original size. Available in single or dual lens with image rotation on one lens only or available in dual lens, dual prism for rotation capability in both lenses.

Typical Machine Characteristics
Screen Size: 11"W x 11"H. (279mm x 279mm). Magnifications: 21X, 24X (Source), 36X (48X COM), 42X (Source), 48X (Source), 54X (72X COM), 65X. Dimensions: 201/2"H x 1311/4"W x 151/4"D. (628mm x 555mm x 498mm). Weight: 16 lbs. (7.25 kg).

The Reader Roll Film Attachment is easily attached for use on Model 1200. Simple to use and operates on a 2 to 1 gear ratio for faster image retrieval. Accepts 16mm and 35mm open spool roll film.


Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston, Texas 77274

Roll Film Attachments – Fiche Readers & Printers


A New Answer to Your Roll Film Needs:

The Roll Carrier 50 – a manual roll film attachment designed for use on the Reader/Printer 9000. Easily attached and simple to use, the Roll Carrier 50 accepts 16mm open spool roll film.

The Reader Roll Film Attachment is easily attached for use on Models 1000, 1100, 1200 and 2000. Simple to use and operates on a 2 to 1 gear ratio for faster image retrieval. Accepts 16mm and 35mm open spool roll film.


(800) 627-1123

Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123


16MM / 35MM Reader Model 4601-11
An A4 Screen Reader for Source Documents at full blowback from 16/35mm rollfilm. For COM at 3/4 blowback. 360º image rotation for one lens in the single lens version and for two lenses in the dual lens version is standard. State-of-the-art features such as works-in-a-drawer, dual intensity long life lamp, central control for focus and image rotation make the 4601-11 a very versatile Reader. An optional carrying handle is available for easy portability.

Typical Machine Characteristics
Dimensions: 113/4"W x 223/4"H x 16"D (298.4mm x 577.8mm x 406.4mm). Weight: 28 lbs. (12.7 kg). Screen: 11.6"W x 11.2" (294.6mm x 284.4mm). Rear Projection, Standard: Non-Glare Blue. Optional: Gray or Green. Carrier: Fiche Carrier 4" x 6" (105mm x 152mm) self-opening. 16/35mm Manual Rollfilm Carrier for Open Reels. Magnification: Standard Single Lens 24X, 32X, 36X, 42X, 48X, Optional Dual Lens with above listed lenses. Optional 18X, 15X. Image Rotation: Standard Single Prism 360º rotation. Optional Dual Prism for Dual Lens with 18X or 15X. Input: Microfiche, Jackets, 16/35mm Rollfilm in Open Reels. Indexing: Interchangeable Grid for Fiche. Focus & Image Rotation: Front mounted precision control gear driven. Lamp: Dual intensity 13.8 Volts, 50 Watts. Electrical: Standard 120 Volt, 50/60 Hz. Optional 220/230/240 Volt 50/60 Hz. CE mark. Construction: Metal and High Impact Plastic. Warranty: 1 year limited warranty. Options: Scribe line centered on screen, black or transparent yellow. Dual Lens System with single prism or two prisms for 18X, 15X. Accessories: Dust Cover Cleaning Kit Turntable Carrying Handle Motorized 16/35mm Rollfilm Carrier for Open Reels Foot Switch for Motorized Carrier Movement

5ºC). Optional: Roll Carrier 50. it’s like getting a whole new machine.H. Operational: 50 to 90ºF (10 to 32. 54x.0 kW. (For paper volume up to 50 sheets. or “F” mode for continuous printing of up to 50 copies from stacked paper on feeder tray. 1. ■ High-performance printer produces sharp.. Screen: 85/8"H x 1113/16"W (220mm x 300mm) rear projection type with cursor. single component dry toner projection development system. Environment: 10 to 80% R. *Prism lens for source document fiche. Film Carrier: Built-in for 4" x 6" (105mm x 148mm) microfiche. Magnification Lens: (Optional) Slide-in lenses – 19x. Dusk Cover. 100% blowback source document.O.) Warm-up Time: 24 seconds. Consumables: RP Cartridge 20N. Weight: 62 lbs. Indexing: Interchangeable index grids. Each time you replace it. 75% blowback COM. ■ Lightweight and compact.110 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop type reader/printer. *47x.5x. the RP 9000 is truly a desktop reader/printer. 29x. jackets. Light Source: 17V 60W Halogen lamp (average of 1. 81/4" x 1111/16" (210mm x 297mm) and/or Letter 81/2" x 11" (216mm x 279mm). Image Rotation: By prism lens. 35. 240 V 50 Hz. The Revolutionary RP Cartridge System The RP cartridge system lets you take care of setup and routine maintenance that once required a trained service technician.000 hours life). Dimensions: 223/8"H x 18"W x 281/8"D (568mm x 457mm x 715mm). Print Speed: 4 prints per minute. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT Readers – Microfiche 9000 COM Reader/Printer ■ The user-replaceable toner cartridge houses all key printing components in one unit. (28 kg). *41x. Box 741068 ■ Houston. interchangeable lenses and front mounted controls for maximum convenience and versatility.5x. 220 V 50Hz. Multiprint: Preset 1 to 9. 33x. Warning System: Self diagnosis with LED indication. Print Size: A4. *23. high contrast prints. Density Control: Manual. vesicular or diazo film. automatic opening. Print Process: RP cartridge system. Paper Feeding: Automatic stack sheet feeding system. ■ Features include image rotation. Power Requirements: 120 V 60Hz. . Film: Negative images of silver.

Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 111 NEW EQUIPMENT Readers – Portable Astri 16 This portable microfilm reader accepts both 16mm open spool and M Type cartridges. the screen is removable for projecting on to a wall or display. The unit closes into a briefcase and accepts both COM and Source document microfiche. 12v DC auto adaptor and a rechargeable battery pack. when closed. The built in handle and optional carrying case make the Model 720 easy to use and transport. Features: Manual film advance and rewind. Drop-in lens design allows simple changing of lenses. Each reader includes its own carrying case. hand held microfiche reader. Microvision II A low cost. Options include: second lens (built-in dual lens holder . Options include: an internal rechargeable battery pack. fits easily into any briefcase. auto adjustable transformer 100V to 250V and a 12V AC auto adaptor. Csize batteries not included.standard). Options: 120v AC adaptor and 12VDC auto adaptor. This unit folds up smaller than a briefcase. Light weight and easy to use. the Astri 16 is ideal for aircraft maintenance applications. Micron 720 The Model 720 Portable Microfiche Reader provides the quality and features of a desk top model. When closed. Ideal for group presentations. The optional battery unit offers up to 2 hours of use and features a 41/2 minute timer to conserve battery power. 24x Lens. 12" x 10" non-glare screen and rugged ABS fire resistant plastic casing that. protects the reader from damage. COM or Source document images are projected on a 6" x 8" viewing screen. pocket size. Portable II The Portable II reader features durable rugged construction. The Microvision II features its own internal light source for viewing microfiche and aperture cards. carrying case. In addition. .

This unique feature enables the operator to change magnification. the ALOS Z40 achieves affordable print costs. durably. plain paper reader-printer that offers Zoom lens capability. Using an exclusive imaging process. energy-efficient. view. all without changing a lens. For convenience and ease of operator use. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT Plain Paper Reader-Printer ALOS ® The ALOS Z40 is an economical. prints exit up front in the built-in paper tray. allowing the Z40 to be used in small work areas. and simple to operate. while keeping the cost of maintenance down. . The ALOS Z40 is attractively designed and will complement any office decor.112 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Reliable and efficient. compact. all controls are located in the front of the machine. Box 741068 ■ Houston.O. and print. constructed. Space conscious in design. the Z40 represents unsurpassed productivity in its class.

41x. Prism lenses: 18x. 54x. Interchangeable carriers make switching between roll and fiche formats a breeze. The ALOS Z40 when combined with the ALOS Roll Film Carrier RC40 results in an outstanding view/print system offering the following standard features: Ease Of Operation The Roll Film Carrier 40 mounts easily on the Z40. Developing System: Exclusive Micro-Toning System. even for the first time user. Magnification: Zoom lens: 18x-36x. Dimensions: 19"W x 29"D x 26"H (483mm x 737mm x 660mm). Density Control: Manual Film: Microfiche. Automatic Film Gate Operation Glass flats automatically open to prevent film scratching during high speed transport. Weight: 82 lbs. CSA approved. With the Addition Of The ALOS Roll Film Carrier 40.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 113 NEW EQUIPMENT Z40 Reader-Printer Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Desktop. The ALOS Z40 Is Truly the ONLY Reader-Printer You’ll Ever Want! . Print Size: Letter size: 81/2" x 11". Accessories: 16mm & 35mm manual and motorized roll film carrier. (37 kg). Variety of Microfilm Formats Capable of handling both 16mm and 35mm roll film. 16mm roll film and 35mm roll film. First Print Speed: 14. 150-sheet cassette. Warm-up Time: 30 seconds (approximate). Power Requirements: 115V/60 Hz. 29x. A Variable-Speed Control Knob Enables the film to travel up to 10 feet per second in either the forward or reverse direction. 46x. simply switch carriers.5 seconds. Image Rotation: Prism lens required. Safety Approval: All units are UL. Cursor Lenses Imaging Unit Carrying Case for Imaging Unit ALOS Z40 Reader-Printer With the RC40 Roll Film Carrier You Can View and Print Roll Film With Ease! To accommodate roll film. 36x. Multiple Prints: 1-9 prints (LED countdown indication). Print Speed: 6 prints per minute. Paper Supply: Auto-feed. COM lenses: 31.5x. 23. Screen: 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm).5x. Film threading is simple. Printing Method: Dry printing on plain paper. Jackets.

where it is held flat for optimum focus and recorded automatically by the ALOS Planetary Camera 41. efficient and accurate. Overlay Function Portions of a form can be masked with the Overlay Bar. The sliding Overlay Bar is easy to set up and adjust. Power Requirements: 24V DC ± 10%. Weight: 17 lb. Box 741068 ■ Houston.114 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Type of Originals: Computer forms (weight/m2. A “High/Low” switch at the rear of the right-side unit provides quick and easy speed selection. Easy to use controls at the front of the right-side unit permit adjustment between 51/2" and 14" in 1/2" increments to match the length of the form to be filmed. Power Consumption: Under 50W.O. The length default setting is 11". Up to 500 sheets can be fed in a single run. Operation is smooth and quiet . (7. Easy Setup. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT ALOS CFF A High-Speed Continuous Forms Feeder A high-speed continuous forms feeder for the ALOS Planetary Camera 41. table. 64gr/m2-82gr/m2). Dimension: Right unit 8" x 2 1/ 2" x 27" (200mm x 62mm x 680mm). After being filmed.7 kg). the ALOS CFF can transport up to sixty standard computer forms (11" x 14") per minute – one form every second. preventing the information from being recorded by the ALOS Planetary Camera 41. . Simply place the bar over that part of the form you wish to conceal and start filming.Continuous Form Feeder accepts a variety of computer and other pin-fed forms. with the right-side and left-side units attaching easily to the sides of the ALOS Planetary Camera 41. High-Speed Form Transport Fast. Adjustable Length Control The ALOS CFF also offers an adjustable form-length control for optimum feeding of various sizes of forms. Smooth Operation The ALOS CFF .tractor feed clips hold the forms securely. Left unit 5 1/ 2" x 2" x 28" (142mm x 50mm x 702mm). significantly improving microfilming productivity. the form is pulled down the opposite side and neatly refolded. Multiple Feeding: Approximately 500 sheets. the ALOS CFF .Continuous Form Feeder sets up quickly. Filming Speed 60 pages per minute. Pull the CFF up over the Planetary Camera 41 Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Computer Form Feeder.. *Specifications subject to change without notice.

clear images every time. the filmed images are upright for easy viewing. fast.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 115 NEW EQUIPMENT New 16mm Planetary Camera Automatic Reduction and Focus The ALOS Planetary Camera 41 automatically determines the size of the document and selects both the proper focus. allowing different departments to use their own camera heads for specific filming purposes. and the ALOS Planetary Camera 41 automatically selects both the correct reduction ratio and the proper focus. simple. and auto exposure control – individual functions that work together to improve productivity and image quality. efficient microfilming. Auto Exposure Control Advanced electronics technology provides completely automatic exposure adjustment for sharp. ALOS Planetary Camera 41 . Simply place a document on the copyboard. eliminating the need for manual adjustments. durable and dependable camera for high-volume applications. But no matter what frame width is used. That’s all there is to it. Think of the ALOS Planetary Camera 41 when you need dependable. Manual adjustment of the exposure time is also possible for special filming needs. The ALOS Planetary Camera 41 is a reliable. A self-diagnosis system with red LEDs warns you when film is about to run out or when the camera head isn’t locked to the main body. Designed for fast. simple. Documents up to legal size (81/2" x 14") are filmed in single frames while larger documents are filmed in double wide-width frames. Now press the Exposure button. frame indexing. Full Upright Images In addition to automatically sensing the height of the document to determine the correct reduction ratio. the ALOS Planetary Camera 41 also senses the document width to determine the correct aperture size. The camera head can be easily replaced in seconds. single corner positioning. Other features include automatic aperture size selection (single frame or double frame). more versatile microfilming. it is the desktop microfilm camera for today’s microfilming needs.

2mm x 12. simple. fast. Document Mark: Built-in tri-level document mark. the operator can manually input up to three 4-digit numbers or a single 12-digit number to more precisely identify each frame with time. Frame Size: 9. date or other vital information. Frame Counters: 12-digit resettable LED display.75mm and 20.6mm (single frame).5 mil roll film). Reduction Ratio: 25:1. 16mm x 215' (2. Light Source: (2) 15W Fluorescent lamps. Zero-Space Filming The gap between frames can be eliminated. Option: RS-232C interface. solenoidoperated. 6-digit resettable mechanical counter.054mm). Resolution: 155 lines/mm. .O. *Specifications subject to change without notice. Dimensions: 351/2"W x 271/2"D x 411/2"H (902mm x 700mm x 1. frame numbers and/or blip marks can be selected and recorded on the film. easier identification and indexing. more versatile microfilming. permitting more documents to be filmed per roll and minimizing the flicker effect seen when viewing moving film. Power Consumption: 200W. Three levels of blip marks – Item. Film: 16mm x 100' (5 mil roll film). Lens: F5. Power Requirements: AC local voltage. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT New 16mm Planetary Camera ALOS Planetary Camera 41 Frame Indexing (Numbers and Blip Marks) For faster. Box 741068 ■ Houston. 18. Weight: 90 lb.5mm (double frame). All are encoded inside the camera head to ensure consistent readability. Foot switch. Exposure Control: Automatic or manual. Original Size: Maximum 11" x 17" (A3).6mm (double frame) switchable. ALOS Planetary Camera 41 when you need dependable. Pull Down: 10mm (single frame) or 18. A fluorescent lamp system provides uniform illumination.25mm. In addition. and Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Planetary desktop. 16mm x 125' (4 mil roll film).116 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Shutter: Electromagnetic. RS-232C Interface Connect a PC or minicomputer to the built-in RS-232C interface. 32:1.7mm x 12.0 28mm. These numbers appear along the top of the frame. permitting full control of all camera operations from the computer. the ALOS Planetary Camera 41 becomes a data entry camera for CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems. ensuring consistent exposures. 7-digit non-resettable mechanical counter. at all focal distances. more accurate document exposures. (41 kg). as well as. Batch and Block – are available. Variable setting between 11. roll after roll of film. from single sheets of paper to books up to 2cm in thickness. Single Corner Positioning The ALOS 41 greatly simplifies document filming by requiring only a single corner of a document be positioned correctly. High-Quality Images The lenses produce high-resolution images from a wide range of originals.

Simply select the double-sided mode. If both single-sided and double-sided documents are mixed together. The ADF Planetary Camera 42 will “read” each target card and automatically switch to the appropriate filming mode. more accurate filming. Automatic Reduction and Focus The ALOS ADF Planetary Camera 42 automatically determines the size of the document and selects both the correct reduction ratio and the proper focus. the automatic document feeder teams up with a double-sided document function to permit fast. The ALOS Planetary Camera 42 provides fully automated microfilming of single-sided and double-sided documents with intelligent functions for greater productivity and higher quality images. roll after roll. easier. eliminating the need for manual adjustments. High volume applications require intelligent automation and individual functions that work together to improve overall microfilming productivity and image quality. With the ALOS ADF Planetary Camera 42. day after day. In the SADF (Semi-Automatic Document Feeding) mode. the document is automatically fed to the unit and the operator activates the filming process manually. Double-Sided Document Handling The ALOS ADF 42 also handles doublesided documents with equal ease. A self-diagnosis system with LEDs lets you know when film is about to run out or when the camera head isn’t locked to the main body. turns the document over. whether or not the jammed document has been filmed. and the ALOS ADF 42 films the first side. ejects it and brings up to the next document. allowing different departments to use their own camera heads for specific filming purposes. the operator can choose to film either or both sides of each document. The camera head can be easily replaced in seconds. and higher image quality. all automatically! In the SADF mode. The DF (Document Feeding) mode permits automatic feeding of individually handled documents. up to 500 single-sheet documents are automatically fed to the unit and filmed at 45 sheets per minute. efficient filming of both single and double-sided documents.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 117 NEW EQUIPMENT New Automatic Planetary Camera Automatic Document Feeding (ADF) The ALOS ADF 42 provides two automatic document feeding modes. simply insert special “target” cards before each type of document. as well as. In the ADF mode. permitting special settings and adjustments for individual documents or special indexing or imprinting requirements. films the second side. ALOS ADF Planetary Camera 42 High-Speed Automatic Microfilm Recorder . job after job. It all adds up to increased productivity with faster. These target cards can also be used to control many other ALOS ADF 42 functions. LEDs also indicate the locations of paper jams.

permitting full control of all camera operations through the computer.6mm (double frame) switchable. Reduction Ratio: 25:1. clear images every time. from single sheets of paper to books up to 2cm in thickness. . (letter or A4). solenoidoperated.O. Max. as well as. In addition. Target card. Foot switch. 32:1.7mm x 12. date or other vital information. 16mm x 125' (4 mil roll film). Exposure Control: Automatic or manual.8 kg). Documents up to legal size (81/2" x 14") are filmed in single frames while larger documents are filmed in double wide width frames. Three levels of blip marks – Item. frame numbers and blip marks can be selected and recorded on film. width 14" (355mm). Option: RS-232C interface. Document Mark: Built-in tri-level document mark. 1 DF mode.75mm and 20.120g/m2. A fluorescent lamp system provides uniform illumination. 16mm x 215' (2.241mm). ensuring consistent exposures every time. Imprinter. Power Requirements: AC local voltage.343mm x 680mm x 1. Min. Manual adjustment of the exposure time is also possible for special filming needs. But no matter what frame width is used. and the ALOS ADF 42 becomes a data entry camera for CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems. Document Feeding Mode: 4 Modes (2 ADF modes. Max.0 28mm. width 33/4" (95mm). Original Size: Min. more accurate document exposures. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Variable setting between 11. the filmed images are upright for easy viewing. 1 Manual mode). Frame Size: 9. (without table) (1. an operator can manually input up to three 4-digit numbers or a single 12-digit number to more pre- High-Quality Images The lenses produce high-resolution images from a wide range of originals. Printing Capabilities Add the optional Imprinter and the ALOS ADF 42 will print the frame number on the original document after it is filmed to ensure accurate correlation of filmed images and data entered from the documents.25mm. (79. Lens: F5. 6-digit resettable mechanical counter. These numbers appear along the top of the frame. the ALOS ADF Planetary Camera 42 also senses the document width to determine the correct aperture size. In addition to automatically sensing the height of the document to determine the correct reduction ratio. Weight: 176 lbs. Original Weight Range: 50 . Capacity: 500 sheets (11" x 17" or A3). easier identification and indexing. 18. Shutter: Electromagnetic. Frame Indexing (Numbers and Blip Marks) For faster. 7-digit non-resettable mechanical counter. cisely identify each frame with time.2mm x 12. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT New Automatic Planetary Camera ALOS Full Upright Images ADF Planetary Camera 42 High-Speed Automatic Microfilm Recorder Auto Exposure Control Advanced electronics technology provides completely automatic exposure adjustment for sharp. Film: 16mm x 100' (5 mil roll film). Batch and Block are available.5 mil roll film).118 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. RS-232C Interface Connect a PC or mini computer to the built-in RS-232C interface. Power Consumption: 300W. Resolution: 155 lines/mm. All are encoded inside the camera head to ensure consistent readability. Typical Machine Characteristics Type: Planetary desktop. length 51/2" (140mm). Pull Down: 10mm (single frame) or 18.5mm (double frame). Document Feeding Speed: 45 sheets/min. Dimensions: 529/10"W x 374/5"D x 489/10"H *Specifications subject to change without notice. length 17" (432mm). Frame Counters: 12-digit resettable LED display. Light Source: (2) 15W Fluorescent lamps.6mm (single frame).

and a removable film cassette. Duplicating: camera film.. May be operated in daylight conditions. a highly precise exposure system. adjust the light intensity if necessary.5 mil to 6 mil. 2. and switch the unit on. Film Type: Master: silver halide. Master films may be silver or non-silver. Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 15" . permitting unattended operation. The ALOS 81S has been brilliantly engineered to produce duplicates the finest quality. Typical Machine Characteristics Film Size: 16/35mm. direct duplicating film. diazo or vesicular. Features a unique direct film drive. print film.5 mil 2500' 5 mil 1000' Duplicating Speed: 32 FPM fixed. the ALOS 81S copies at a fast fixed speed of 32 feet per minute. Suitable for applications of all sizes. cost-effectiveness and simple operation – just load the film. Film Capacity: Master Film:2.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 119 NEW EQUIPMENT Microfilm Duplicator ALOS Silver Film Duplicator 81S The ALOS Silver Film Duplicator 81S is an extrememly versatile unit for producing high quality 16 or 35mm silver halide rollfilm duplicates. Environment: Daylight operation. or positive or negative.5 mil 200' 5 mil 100' Duplicating: 2. Shuts off automatically at the end of the duplication cycle. ® This portably sized unit is streamlined in design for compactness.

Convenient Operation The densitometer is easy to use.I. This is probably the most widely accepted and used densitometer for medical and industrial x-ray requirements and in the micrographics industry.120 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. ■ Convenient Service: Modular construction allows rapid replacement of lamps and easy access to electronic circuits. 50 Hz.02D.S. Accuracy: ± . Warm-up Time: 60 seconds. Typical Machine Characteristics Measuring Range: 0-5.0D with 2 and 3mm aperatures. 301X (Export) 200VAC240VAC.3cm x 26cm x 38cm). Measurements are made on a push and read basis. we suggest the X-Rite Model 369 Densitometer. 60Hz. ■ Easy-to-Read Display: Large half-inch LED numeric display for easy reading and fewer errors. power line.230V. The display consists of large LED numerals which can be read easily in bright or dim light. Operating Temperature Range: 10º . ■ One Year Limited Warranty: (Bulb excluded). Weight: 8. ■ Lighted Table: Simplifies location of image areas to measure. 0-4. The X-Rite Model 301 is designed to help you keep your film processor producing optimum results. *American National Standards Institute .300 baud.0D with 1mm aperature.01D typical. Provides Accurate Quality Control of Your Film Processor The end product of your x-ray. Now you can connect it to a digital printer or computer. Film Types The Model 301 is designed to measure all silver-based films.19 requirements and ISO 5/2. Scale Factor Stability: ± 1% per 6 months. A new feature has been added to the Model 301 – RS-232 output.5 lbs. and is shipped calibrated to standards traceable to the NBS.A. 50Hz (80VA max. This provides a convenient record or an opportunity to use a computer to calculate the data from a step wedge. Other quality features include a lighted work table.40ºC. listed and C. This densitometer will detect variations in film density far more subtle than can be seen by the naked eye. lighted work surface.O. Power Requirements: 301 (Domestic) 100VAC-130VAC. If your requirements include diazo and vesicular films. Internal memory and the null button allow the operator to make comparative density measurements across a piece of film.).S.01D. Design Conformance meets A. 301RS-RS-232 serial output . simple calibration procedure Options 301X . Null Drift: ± .9 kg). ■ Rugged Construction: Proven oil field use.03D max. Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT New Densitometer and rugged construction. Dimensions: 51/4"H x 101/4"W x 15"L (13. Added Benefits: X-Rite 301 Transmission Densitometer ® The Model 301 has an easy-to-read display. microfilm or photographic processing equipment is only as good as the quality control technics you use. Repeatability: ± . The Model 301 is U. ± . The densitometer will remain in proper alignment even though it is picked up by the arm. (3. Its wide measurement range allows you to determine base fog and accurately determine densities up to 5 D.N. Box 741068 ■ Houston.* PH2. certified. and simple calibration.L.

3300 ■ New Chemical Control System Facilitates even processing density. 3000 ■ Variable Speed and Temperature Controls ■ Archival Quality Processing ■ Reversible Take Up ■ Processed Film In 40 Seconds ■ Solution Level Sensor ■ Modular Construction Facilitates ease of cleaning and maintenance. 70mm and 105mm roll film or cut fiche. ■ New Electrical Safety Features . 35mm.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 121 NEW EQUIPMENT 16mm. The Choice Is Yours! ■ Multiple Roll Capabilities Process two or three rolls of film simultaneously and independently. 35mm. without changing racks. ■ Versatile Process 16mm. even thin film. and 105mm Processor MAPLE Series 3 Microfilm Processing Systems Features Environmentally Friendly Auto-Fill System On “E” Models ■ Self-threading New transport system for jam free leaderless processing.

Chemistry replenishes and recirculates from master containers. Wash water can either recirculate from containers or machine can be plumbed to main water supply. 50/60 Hz. Processor Dimensions (without loadbox): 16" x 16" x 43" (41cm x 41cm x 109cm).120ºF / 26ºC . Cut Fiche Capability: Model 3000 and 3000E. ■ Console/cabinet. Shipping Dimensions: 24" x 26" x 53" (61cm x 67cm x 135cm). or 1 x 105mm.2. Shipping Weight: 120 lbs. not required on “E” models.75 GPM.12 minutes. (54 kg). Typical Processing Time – 100' x 16mm: Models 3000 and 3000E – 40 minutes.49ºC. 50/60 Hz. 3000E and 3300E Simultaneous Roll or Cartridge Capacities: 3 x 16mm.122 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Dryer Temperature: Ambient – 130ºF / 54ºC. Drain Type: Gravity Chemical Replenishment System: Optional. Number of Solution Tanks: 4 Reversible Take-up: Standarrd Plumbing: Optional Water Consumption: 3 LPM / 0. Warm-up Time: 10 . Texas 77274 NEW EQUIPMENT 16mm.O. Transport Speed: 0 .5 MPM / 0 . Power Requirements: 220/240 V. 8 Amp. Typical Machine Characteristics Models 3000. Not required on “E” models. Solution Autofill/ Replenishment: Standard on “E” models. ■ Chemical replenishment system. . Operator does not need to touch chemistry. Typical Processing Time – 100' x 16mm: Models 3300 and 3300E – 20 minutes. ■ Thermostatic water temperature control system. Solution Temperature: 80ºF . Options ■ Wide range of daylight load boxes for most roll. Specify when ordering. 35mm and 105mm Processor Maple Series 3 Microfilm Processing System Environmentally Friendly “Auto Fill” System On “E” Models Only Press the “FILL” button and chemistry is automatically loaded into the processor. ■ Water filtration system. Maximum Film Width: 127mm / 5". or 2 x 35mm. Power Requirements: 120 V. Exhausted chemistry automatically dumps back into containers. fiche or cartridge systems. 15 Amp. 3300. Box 741068 ■ Houston.8 FPM.

The price: $995 – Altek VGX 11 Roll Microfilm cabinet $995 – Altek VGX 10 Microfiche cabinet $ 70 – Optional lock on either cabinet $150 – Door to door delivery within the US ✹ NEW PRODUC T BREAKT HROUGH ! Remember. VGX means… Very Good Quality at an eXcellent price! Call today! We Purchase Surplus Equipment PHONE (800) 627-1123 FOR DETAILS . HERE THEY ARE!!! The Altek “2077” Rollfilm Cabinet and the “2078” really fill the bill. high density. Consider these features… ■ Drawers glide smoothly on top quality Acuride ball bearing suspensions – these match the “top of the market” at 150 pound capacity! (A full cabinet drawer of 16mm film only weighs approximately 70 pounds. with a high quality baked enamel finish.) ■ Flush drawer handles which will not snag clothes and give a “90s” look. ■ Optional gang lock available (comes with 2 keys). 5 mil thick) Now the best specifications! These units are in stock for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT! No waiting 6 weeks to ship. microfilm/microfiche cabinet at an affordable price?” Well.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 123 VGX CABINETS Our customers have been asking for years…“Why don’t you sell a quality.500 fiche Outside Case Dimensions 233/4" W x 281/2" D x 571/2" H 211/4" W x 281/2" D x 571/2" H Weight (lbs) 335 295 (based on 61/4" x 415/16" fiche. ■ Top quality construction with all prime cold rolled furniture grade steel. ■ One year “quality construction” warranty & money back guarantee if you are not delighted! VGX 10 Microfiche Cabinet VGX 11 Microfilm Cabinet Typical Machine Characteristics Model Altek VGX 11 Altek VGX 10 Description 11 drawer roll microfilm cabinet 10 drawer microfiche or jacket cabinet Color Putty Putty Capacity 1485 16mm rolls 880 35mm rolls 148.

O. Please call with your needs E? PRICy! DA a NEEall Us Tod 123 C 627-1 (800) r FAX o -4940 ) 995 (713 . WEMARKET THESE SCANNERS… ■ Kodak 900 ■ Kodak 923 ■ Kodak 500 ■ Kodak 990 scanner/microfilmer ■ Fujitsu 3096 ■ Fujitsu 3097 ■ Fujitsu 3099 ■ BH 3338 ■ BH 6338 Other newer units will be available.124 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Texas 77274 DOCUMENT SCANNERS WE ARE NOW MAKING A MARKET IN USED DOCUMENT SCANNERS FOR ELECTRONIC IMAGING APPLICATIONS. Box 741068 ■ Houston.

More importantly. the system’s accessibility allows for very effil Us cient use of stored materials. R ci Spe Finally. It can be expanded quickly and easily at low cost. magazines and standard cartridges). 8mm film loops. the system will also accommodate data cassettes. placing one or more additional 60-unit expansion packs on the existing stack. The file can be expanded at any time by simply removing the top. The high impact polystyrene construction assures easy. fatigue-free rotation. holding 600 microfilm cartridges each. NC tapes. MTST cartridges and various audio-visual materials (35mm film strip with cassettes. ■ Highly Versatile Although most commonly used for storing 16mm and 35mm microfilm (in boxes. audio cassettes and some TV tape cassettes). ■ Grows With Your Expanding Needs The carousel system is modular based on an expansion pack with 60 units of capacity. High-denCal lease ing Your P rd sity storage requires less floor space ega fic Needs and better utilization of existing facilities. Labeling space is provided on each carousel for ready identification of each section and unit of stored material. A small carousel can be located on top of a desk. ■ Easily Accessible The carousel system is designed for quick storage and retrieval of data. current expenditures can be kept low as the system’s capacity can be easily expanded as requirements grow. punched paper tape. a top and a bottom. can be located next to a microfilm work station. and replacing the top. allowing easy access to over 4.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 125 FILING / STORAGE Carousel Files Information Design Products’ Carousel Filing System Information Design Products’ Carousel Filing System is a compact microfilm storage file which offers rapid access to large amounts of data. Work station clusters can be established to allow several operators access to a single file bank. 8track audio tapes. The minimum carousel includes an expansion pack.000 cartridges containing millions of documents. ■ Easily Affordable Carousels are competitively priced with alternative storage and retrieval systems. 23 27-11 6 (800) . The bottom is a turntable that allows free rotation of the entire unit. A number of large files.


Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston, Texas 77274

Information Design Products’ Carousel Filing System Specifications
Complete Carousels
The 100 Series is designed to accommodate units that fit 1 its 4 /4" wide x 1" high x 3" deep compartments. Most 16mm microfilm, MTST cartridges, data cassettes and audio cassettes fit this series. Available in beige and blue, these units are 173/8" square. To facilitate ordering, the last digits of the product number represent the capacity. As shown, complete carousels include a top, bottom and expansion packs. The model 100-600 also includes a flat base. The 103 Series is designed to accommodate units that fit its 41/4" wide x 13/4" high x 3" deep compartments such as 35mm microfilm, 35mm film strips, punched paper tape, NC tapes, and 8mm film loops. Available in beige and blue. Capacity designations, as above. Models 100 and 103 expansion packs interstack. These units are 173/4" square. As shown, complete carousels include a top, bottom and expansion packs. The model 103-360 also includes a flat base.


MODEL 100-60 Height 77/16" Shipping Wt. 13 lbs.

100-120 131/4" 20 lbs.

100-240 247/8" 34 lbs.

100-360 361/2" 48 lbs.

100-600 631/2" 86 lbs.


MODEL 103-60 Height 113/16" Shipping Wt. 14 lbs.

103-120 203/4" 22 lbs.

103-240 397/8" 38 lbs.

103-360 623/4" 64 lbs.

Components Expansion Packs
Each expansion pack has a 60-unit capacity. See above descriptions for available color, size, and suggested configurations. Expansion packs are molded high impact polystyrene. Carousels should not be assembled to a height greater than 64".

MODEL 100-12-5 Height 513/16" Shipping Wt. 7 lbs.

103-12-5 99/16" 8 lbs.

Top/Bottom and Bases
Tops and bottoms are white and are included when ordering a complete carousel. The bases are black and may be used with both series. A base is recommended if placement is on a carpeted floor. The 1201 cube base is 17" square and has a convenient storage shelf. The 115 flat base is 18" square. Both bases are black steel construction with 4 full-swivel casters. The 115 flat base is included with the 100-600 and the 103-360 carousels.

MODEL 100-3T/B Height 15/8" Shipping Wt. 6 lbs. Top and Bottom

115 33/4" 10 lbs. Flat Base

120-1 179/16" 34 lbs. Cube Base

Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123


Microfiche / Jacket Storage
Vertical Fiche Cabinets
High Density Front-To-Rear Filing
The F Series vertical filing cabinets are designed to give you the unique combination of maximum filing density and easy accessibility for active files. The reduced height of the F-10 proInterior View vides easier access and better upper drawer visibility. Your fiche is filed front-to-rear for easy filing and retrieval. Now standard with all Russ Bassett F Series cabinets, control plates are incorporated into all drawers. The smooth plastic plates keep fiche from slipping, and allow you to form a “working V” at any point on all rows. Each drawer comes with 27 plates. Of course, the conventional Mechanical Compressor is still available as a no-charge alternative if your prefer.
Net* Capacity Fiche Height 64,400 287/8" 90,160 393/4" 128,800 56" 211/4" wide x 285/8" deep Stock Number 2168 2171 2165

Our Highest Capacity Fiche Cabinet

The FL Series lateral files, like their vertical counterparts, the F Series, are designed specifically to house fiche. The FL Series’ 18" depth matches perfectly with contemporary interior design and space planning.
Interior View

p quality These toabinets excellent . sett c Russ Basions to your system with 23 dit ad 7-11 ay (800) 62 Call todour requirements. y
Model Number FL-5 FL-7 FL-10 Net* Capacity Fiche Height 79,200 287/8" 110,880 393/4" 158,400 56" 431/8" wide x 181/4" deep Stock Number 2185 2187 2189 Model Net* Capacity Stock Number Fiche Height Number TR-FL 2,400 33/4" ???? 67/16" wide x 181/3" deep - Neutral Gray Only.

Model Number F-5 F-7 F-10

Lateral Fiche Cabinets

The FL Series drawer, like the vertical F Series, is set up for front-to-rear filing. The FL drawer has six rows and comes standard with Control Plates.

TR-FL Steel Tray Fits 6 Per Drawer
Our TR-FL Fiche tray is available as an optional accessory. The TR-FL tray is designed to house standard fiche, and matches the interior FL drawer depth. Because of the extra space that the tray consumes, TR-FL trays come equipped only with Control Plates to provide proper clearance. Each drawer will accommodate 6 Proper Indexing Speeds Filing trays for the front-to-rear filing and easy lift-out capability.

Mechanical Compressors may be specified in lieu of Control Plates.

and Assures Accuracy. Preprinted or Plain Dividers will facilitate the organization of your fiche. The indexing will greatly improve retrieving and refiling.

*Capacity is net of control Plates and Compressors based on 5 mil Fiche at 160/inch working density. For Jackets, reduce capacity by 50%. For Envelopes, reduce capacity by at least 25%.


Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston, Texas 77274

Roll Cartridge Storage
Verticle Roll Film Cabinets
High Density, Front-To-Rear Filing
The R Series vertical cabinets are designed to provide maximum filing density for 16mm and 35mm Roll Film. Cartons or cartridges are filed front-to-rear for easy identification and access.

Extra Drawers, Lower Height
The R-11 provides the same capacity as our classic MC-11-5, yet it is nearly 6" shorter. For even greater capacity, the R-12 offers an extra drawer while still saving 11/2" in overall height.
Model Number R-6 R-8 R-11 R-12 Capacity 16mm 35mm Height 780 480 287/8" 1,040 640 393/4" 1,430 880 515/8" 1,560 960 56" 25" wide x 285/8" deep Stock Number 2177 2180 2183 2261

Plastic Compressor Holds Each Roll in Place

All R Series vertical cabinets come with our patented Plastic Compressor. Each carton or cartridge is gently held in place by the slotted clear plastic compressor. During retrieval, the location for each roll is reserved for its return. No followers, wire dividers or magnetic compressors are required. You get additional filing space. These top quality Russ Bassett cabinets will be a

Lateral Roll Film Cabinets

fine addition to your system, as well as save you considerable floor space with their high density features. Call (800) 627-1123 for a quotation.

RL Series Lateral Design Complements Many Office Floor Plans
The RL Series lateral files, like the R Series vertical cabinets, are designed specifically to house 16mm and 35mm Roll Film in cartons or cartridges. The narrow depth and increased capacity makes the RL Series ideal when aesthetics or space planning calls for lateral cabinets.
Model Number R-6 R-8 R-12 Capacity 16mm 35mm Height 864 540 287/8" 1,152 720 393/4" 1,728 1,080 56" 431/8" wide x 181/4" deep Stock Number 2265 2266 2267

Interior View

Plastic Compressor and Finger Room Make Filing Easy
As with the R Series vertical cabinets, the RL Series incorporates our patented Plastic Compressor. Each carton or cartridge is gently held in place as the drawer is opened and closed. The location for each roll is reserved for its return. No followers, wire dividers or magnetic compressors are required. You get additional filing space.

Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 129 FILING / STORAGE Vertical Aperture Card Cabinets High Density Front-To-Rear Filing The A Series vertical filing cabinets are designed to give you the unique combination of maximum filing density and easy accessibility for active files. The reduced height of the A-11 provides easier access and better upper drawer visibility. and allow you to form a “working V” at any point on all rows. The indexing will greatly improve retrieving and refiling.000 393/4" 96. The smooth plastic plates keep Aperture Cards from slipping under each other. are designed specifically to house. The AL Series drawers. Mechanical Compressors are Standard for Aperture Cabinets and Trays (Except AW-6) The A Series cabinets come standard with Mechanical Compressors to keep the cards snug and flat.600 56" 25" wide x 285/8" deep These are highest quality Russ Bassett cabinets .300 287/8" 64. Please. It is 11/2" shorter than our old AC-11-3 unit. Control Plates can be specified at no additional charge. Lateral Aperture Card Cabinets AL Series Provides Highest Capacity Our AL Series lateral files.400 393/4" 88. like the A Series. Aperture Cards. come standard with Mechanical Compressors. Note: For mixed media filing see the RF and RFL Series. like the A Series vertical cabinets. . It fits nicely with contemporary interior design. call today (800) 627-1123 with your specific requirements. however. Aperture Cards are filed in three rows frontto-rear.550 515/8" 96.500 287/8" 66. Stock Number 2159 2162 2156 2785 Interior View Model Number A-6 A-8 A-11 A-12 Net* Capacity Aperture Cards Height 48. *Capacity is net of Control Plates and Compressors based on 100 cards/inch working density.000 56" 431/8" wide x 181/4" deep Stock Number 2262 2263 2264 Proper Indexing Makes Aperture Cards Easier to Organize Preprinted or Plain Dividers along with the Out Card will facilitate the organization of your aperture cards. while the 12-drawer model gives you even greater filing capacity per square foot of floor space. Model Number AL-6 AL-8 AL-12 Net* Capacity Aperture Cards Height 49. The AL Series new lower profile drawer and increased capacity make it a perfect match for high density filing requirements.

the Out Card.O.130 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. You can attach gummed labels to the dividers. Texas 77274 FILING / STORAGE Storage Tray Indexing Tools Proper Indexing Speeds Retrieval and Refiling Since looking for a lost microfiche is like looking for a needle in a haystack. anything that will improve file integrity is worth considering. We offer a variety of standard filing aids. greatly speeds the process of refiling microfiche. when properly used. and can provide custom indexing on request. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Organize your fiche with Index Dividers and Out Cards. Proper indexing is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your fiche ends up in the correct filing location. D-M Monthly Index Dividers D-A Alphabetical Index Dividers 9 13 16" wide x 5 /16" high 4/ Preprinter Dividers Both monthly and alphabetical dividers are available. or you can write directly on the tabs with indelible ink. . Bright Red “Out” Cards Speed Accurate Refiling Available in packages of 10. Model Number Description OC-F Out Cards Plain Dividers D-1 Plain Dividers – Center Tab Cut Available in either a center tab cut or four D-4 Plain Dividers – 4 Tab Cut tab cut design.

which protect the fiche and allow seethrough identification of the tray contents. reduce capacity by at least 25%. MS-16-A Visu-Flex Plastic Tray Fits 4 Across in VL Cabinet Aperture Card Tray Also Available.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 131 FILING / STORAGE Microfiche / Jacket / Aperture Card Trays Multi-System Trays Offer High Capacity and Portability Often it’s necessary to remove an entire section of a file for transferring to a remote workstation. The lightweight yet durable Multi-System Trays provide the convenience of lightweight portability with high capacity. For jackets. These trays come standard with smoked transparent lids.600 12" MS-16 2. The trays are molded of high-impact polystyrene for durability. MS-16-A holds 1. . heavy plastic supports prevent the fiche from curling under. Fiche are Compressed Vertically for Storage Along with the front and rear panels. with all corners radiused to prevent any marring of the work surface. Model Fiche Number Capacity* Length MS-12 1. Optional transportable tray with tote lid and lock are available for both 16" TF and MS Series trays.500 cards 16" long – Stock No. reduce capacity by 50%. •Capacity based on 5 mil Fiche at 160/inch working density.240 16" 73/4" wide x 151/4" high with lid MS-12 and MS-16 Multi-System trays. For envelopes. 1632 Open Front and Back Panels Lie Open to Provide a “Working V” Closed Unique Side Guides Keep Fiche Aligned This feature is especially important for notched jacket applications.

By far the most popular of the accessories is the high density rotary stand. It’s simple. This unique pyramid design causes the panels to lie open. The convenient desk stand and easel binder also provide alternatives for lower capacity requirements. holding 50 panels on one structure. Now you can easily remove or reinsert the panel. it’s straightforward. each holding 16 fiche with the titles in perfect view. Box 741068 ■ Houston. Model Number FF-32 EB-8 DS-30 RS-50 Description 32 Fiche Folio Easel Binder 8 Panels Desk Stand 30 Panels Rotary Stand 50 Panels Panel systems provide efficient filing for fiche. We Purchase Surplus Equipment PHONE (800) 627-1123 FOR DETAILS . Panels Stay Open Like a Book Our RS-50 rotary stand is designed with a smaller diameter at the top. you’ll really appreciate the pinpoint mounting system. the fiche folio can be the perfect companion.132 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. Patented Pinpoint Mounting System Eliminates Clumsy Rods If you’ve ever worked with a panel system requiring the insertion of loose rods for the pivot support. lift the top retaining ring handle on the rotary stand. Texas 77274 FILING / STORAGE Fiche Panel Stands / Binders Panel Accessories for Every Application To provide the proper accommodations for every application. and it works.O. Simply. a variety of accessories are offered to support the FP panel system. Fiche Folio Holds 32 Fiche To keep your price fiche or quick reference fiche organized in your briefcase. Its padded book design opens to expose two rows of staggered fiche pockets.

Heavy duty. includes 8 FP-40 white panels. (Panels not included. DS-30-40 Desk Stand with panels. includes 3 FP-32 white panels. includes 50 FP-40 white panels. all steel – frame. Available in a full line of Rotary Stands and Desk Stands. 256 EB-8-40 Easel Binder with Panels. or side of reader.200 96 120 Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 1 1 RB-3 DS-30 RS-50 DS-30-32 Desk Stand with panels. Panels are 81/2" x 11" and made of pure virgin vinyl. Fiche Capacity 32 40 8 Size 1 8 /2" x 11" 21/2" x 11" 73/16" 75/8" Color White White White Quantity 10 10 AP-8 FP-32 FP-40 10 Microfiche Folios Item FF-32 Description Microfiche Folio – open to 15" x 11". (Panels not included. Thin-Line Microfiche Panels Item FP-32 FP-40 AP-8 Description Microfiche Panel – title size 7/16".Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 133 FILING / STORAGE Thin-Line Microfiche Panels & Folios An exclusive patented design with more features than any other panel. Panels mount and lock on precision unbreakable plastic pins. 3-Ring. 1. 1 / French Calf in Black. Easel Binder for Panels Item EB-8 Description Fiche Capacity 1 2" Ring Size .600 RS-50-40 Rotary Stand with Panels. includes 50 FP-32 white panels. Fiche Capacity 30 Color White Quantity 15 FF-32 Panel Accessories New line of panel accessories features an exclusive “Pin-Point” mounting system for quick. All-steel construction with baked enamel finish.000 DS-30 Desk Stand – Pin Point mounting. RS-50-32 Rotary Stand with Panels. Microfiche Panel – title size 3/8" 3 Hole Punched. as well as with three-ring binders and most conventional stands and racks that use steel rods. includes 8 FP-32 white panels. Rods are eliminated. Folio cover. Color: Two-tone brown-black and desert tan. notebook cover. RB-3-40 Reader Bracket with panels.) EB-8-32 Easel Binder with Panels. 8-pocket panel with 2 strips of adhesive on back side for mounting to wall. includes 3 FP-40 white panels. 2. RB-3 Reader Bracket – (Panels not included). Microfiche adhesive backed panel title size 7/16". 320 EB-8 . Use with all Visu-Flex rodless “Pin-Point” accessories.vinyl cover of Easel Binder.) – 960 1. Pin-Point Accessories Item RS-50 Description Capacity Rotary Stand – Pin Point mounting. title size 7/16". easy insertion and removal of panels. includes 30 FP-40 white panels. Fiche-Folios feature Visu-Flex panels sealed to sturdy covers of soft leather-grained vinyl. 3 Hole Punched. includes 30 FP-32 white panels. Pyramid design holds panels in open reference position. RB-3-32 Reader Bracket with panels.

When additional space is required. upper unit SC-1 followed by our SC-2 and SB-1 fixed base. Because of the modular stacking construction. Microfilm three rows. the one or two drawer unit or units may be added. An optional SB-2 mobile base is available.O.200 6. front to back. Microfilm and Aperture Card storage. Drawers operate effortlessly on ball-bearing suspensions providing full access in entire drawer interior. 48 96 – – 30 60 – – 3.400 – – 2. SF-1 may be used when a minimum amount of storage is needed. This expanded filing capability eliminates excessive storage space and unnecessary expense. front to back and aperture card storage accomplished with two rows of side to side filing. Specifications Model No. Features include flush drawer pulls. When housing microfiche. Box 741068 ■ Houston.000 – – 61/2 12 /16 9 15 15 15 15 18 18 18 18 28 38 5 6 2273 2274 2048 2049 2 43/4 .500 5. fixed or mobile caster base. Texas 77274 FILING / STORAGE Microfilm Microfiche Aperture Card Cabinet For Small Systems… “Stackable Cabinets” offer the ultimate flexibility in Microfiche. each drawer will accommodate two rows. both large and small storage requirements can be easily met. SC Series as shown. Description SC-1 SC-2 SB-1 SB-2 One Drawer Two Drawer Stationary Base Mobile Base Capacity Outside Case Dimensions Stock 16mm 35mm Microfiche Aperture H W D Weight No.134 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. The one drawer unit. When stacked. a rugged fastening system safely secures all units. one-key locking and a wide range of standard finishes. Individual modular units are easily and securely locked together with an intermembering device.

Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123


Micrographic Work Stations
Specialized Micrographic Work Station Series offers a reliable solution for active retrieval system applications. Accessibility to retention media is assured by means of efficient cross-tray filing. Microform trays in microfiche and aperture card configurations include compressors, providing proper form protection. Per drawer capacity permits four microfiche trays, three aperture card trays, or six rows of microfilm. Adjustable dividers may be used in lieu of trays but require magnetic compressors. When used in work station applications, an optional T-6030 side extension top is available. A wide range of standard finishes and laminates are available with special colors upon customer’s request.

Model No. Description AW-6-T Aperture Card FW-5-T Microfilm RW-6-T Roll Film Capacity Outside Case Dimensions Stock 16mm 35mm Microfiche Aperture H W D Weight No. – – 780 – – 480 – 60,400 – 40,700 – – 287/8" 28 /8"

30" 30" 30"

60" 60" 60"

170 170 170

1638 1637 1636


The “SST-System Series Tables” has
been a popular choice for many years. The open “H” leg frame allows easy access from any angle for very active environments. Features Include
■ Rigid Durability – Welded leg frame and thick wood core top assure lasting durability. ■ Contour Edge – Provides working comfort. ■ Leveling Glides – Accommodates floor variations.

Options Include
■ Colors – Eight Standard – special colors on request. ■ Laminate – Walnut grain standard – special patterns on request. ■ Widths – 60" or 48" widths available. ■ Chrome Legs – Available on request.

Model No. SST-4830 SST-6030 Description Systems Table Systems Table Outside Dimensions H W D 30 30 48 60 30 30 Weight 126 147 Stock No. 2042 2043


Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.O. Box 741068 ■ Houston, Texas 77274

Micrographic Work Stations
Innovative new work stations provide top quality at affordable pricing. Optional shelf is available for all tables. Contact us on the exact

New Work Stations
Featuring FieldAdjustable Height from 24 to 31 inches.

size desired. Our systems representative will assist you to “tailor fit” your work station needs.
■ Pedestals For Tables – Full range available – contact us for information on a wide selection of pedestals. ■ Colors Available – Putty, Light Tan, Brown, Black, Bamboo, Charcoal. ■ Top Patterns – Light Oak, Medium Oak, Walnut, Teak, Off White.

VSM-4 Micrographic Work Station offers a reliable
solution for active retrieval system applications. Accessibility to retention media is assured by means of efficient cross-tray filing. Microform trays in microfiche and aperture card configurations include compressors, providing proper form protection. Per drawer capacity permits four microfiche trays, three aperture card trays, or six rows of microfilm. Adjustable dividers may be used in lieu of trays but require magnetic compressors. When used in work station applications, an optional T-6030 side extension top is available. A wide range of standard finishes and laminates are available with special colors upon customer’s request.

Model No. Description VSM-4 4 Drawer Capacity Outside Case Dimensions Stock 16mm 35mm Microfiche Aperture H W D Weight No. 540 320 32,800 24,600 287/8" 233/4" 281/2" 170 2050

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Three common methods are used to reduce halation. located between image areas. patterns and graphs produced by a computer on paper. CARTRIDGE Roll microfilm combined with built-in automatic indexing system. APERTURE (1) In an optical system. Texas 77274 GLOSSARY OF MICROGRAPHIC TERMS ADDRESSABILITY The number of addressable positions within a specified image. Synonymous with alphameric. CONVERSION. copy or image cards. BINARY DIGITAL CODE An optical pattern of clear and opaque rectangles machine encoded or random access retrieval used to index one or more images. usually phosphor coated.) AHU A trademark of Eastman Kodak Co.. MASTER DATA A tabulating (EAM) card containing punched information (nonaperture). Chips are usually used in automatic retrieval systems and are most often 35mm in width by three inches in length or less. Box 741068 ■ Houston. to identify a microfilm with antihalation and high resolution characteristics. and usually other characters such as punctuation marks. It is usually used for mounting negative image silver film (odd generation). CASSETTE A double core container enclosing processed roll microfilm designed to be inserted into readers. COPY CARD: (1) An aperture card containing unexposed and unprocessed microfilm which will be exposed and processed for the express purpose of duplicating or reproducing a microimage. CRT: Cathode Ray Tube: a vacuum tube in which a gated electron beam impinages upon a surface. ROTARY (FLOW) Camera in which original passes around drum in synchronous motion with microfilm. reader-printers and retrieval devices.e. sometimes termed aging blemish or microscopic spot. resulting in a display which may . Since no plastic is 100% transparent. (2) Coat the back of the film with a light absorbing material. (2) Lateral spread or diffusion of a dye-formed image.) ALPHANUMERIC Pertaining to a character set that contains letters.” (2) An aperture in a microreproduction system is a hole in a card which is specifically designed to hold a frame of microfilm. an opening through which light can pass. as follows: addressable horizontal positions by addressable vertical positions. PLANETARY (FLAT-BED) A type of microfilm camera in which the document being photographed and the film remain in a stationary position during the exposure. AUTOMATIC CODING Index methods that are machine readable. (3) Introduce a layer of light absorbing dye between the base and the emulsion. CAMERA. BOOK CARRIAGE (BOOK HOLDER) A device which permits the rapid photographing of large bound books. ADHESIVE “FACE” The aperture adhesive position in which the tape is on the face (printed surface) and the tacky surface is toward the reverse side of the card. (See antihalation. COMPUTER GRAPHICS Drawings. 0011 in the 8-4-2-1 type of binary coded decimal notation and by 10111 in binary notation. The National Bureau of Standards Handbook 96 tabulates 6 blemish classifications. microfilm or the screen of a CRT. CAMERA.. CARD Microfilm format in which frames of microfilm are individually mounted in cards which. digits.) ADHESIVE “REVERSE” The aperture adhesive position in which the tape is on the reverse side and the tacky surface is toward the face (printed surface) side of the card. CARD. CONTRAST Degree of difference between light and dark areas on microfilm image. antihalation undercoat. CARD-TO-CARD PRINTER An equipment which produces duplicate card mounted microfilm by contact printing. (1) Tint the film base with a light absorbing dye. the number twenty-three is represented by 0010. eg.) AIIM – ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT (Formerly NMA.138 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P. (2) The unexposed input of a cardto-card printer or roll-to-card printer. (See generation. CAMERA. (See generation. This is frequently referred to as the “lens stop” or “lens opening” or “diaphragm. (See antihalation. ANTIHALATION The reduction of halation within a film. BASE DENSITY The optical density of a film base. It is usually used for mounting positive image silver film and diazo film made from original silver film (even generation). BLEED (LINE) (1) A line width change or a change in the character of the edge of a line usually due to overexposure or overdevelopment. CHARACTER GENERATOR The electronic portion of a device such as a COM which converts electrical signals to visible characters. CODE LINE A visual index consisting of an optional pattern of clear and opaque bars parallel with the long edge of the microfilm. The base density does not include any density produced by emulsion layer. BLEMISH A microscopic spot which may appear on film and is usually reddish or yellowish in color. formerly USASI and ASA. STEP-AND-REPEAT Camera used for producing microfiche. become individual indexing keys to frame locations. specified time. all films have some density. CHIP A unit of microfilm containing a micro image or images and coded identification. Positional notation in which the individual decimal digits expressing a number in decimal notation are each represented by a binary numeral.) AHR A trademark of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. IMAGE The operation or function of transferring or reproducing microimages from one stage in a microfilm system to the next. APERTURE CARD A card with a rectangular hole or holes specifically prepared for the mounting or insertion of microfilm therein. ARCHIVAL QUALITY The degree to which a processed print or film will retain its characteristics during a period of use and storage. It is used in EAM machines to transfer the punched information or verify information in apertures. BCD Binary Coded Decimal Notation. i. The carriage has balanced or springloaded platens so that two pages may be photographed at a time. digital or bit code. in effect. to identify a film with a dye coating between the emulsion and base. CODE The unique bit configuration describing a symbol or character. The ability to resist deterioration for a lengthy.O. ANSI American National Standards Institute. The document is on a plane surface at time of filming.

or fluorine. OPTICAL: The lightabsorbing quality of a photographic image (degree of opacity of film and blackness for paper prints) usually expressed as the logarithm of the opacity. (See N. FILM. usually second or third generation.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 139 GLOSSARY OF MICROGRAPHIC TERMS be read visually or microfilmed or photographed or recorded in some other manner. ENLARGEMENT RATIO: The ratio of the linear measurement of a microimage of a document to the linear measurement of the enlarge image. etc. Silver bromide. EBR: Electron Beam Recorded: a type of computer output microfilmer specifically designed to generate images directly onto EBR microfilm. FOSDIC: A storage and retrieval system using 16mm and microfilm. FOSDIC derives from Film Optical Scanning Device for Input to Computers. It is sometimes referred to as document overlaps. black for black. GENERATION: A measure of the remoteness of a particular copy from the original material. Diazo material generally produces nonreversible images. etc. DESK TOP READER: A small microfilm reader which can be placed on top of a desk and generally occupies about one square foot or less. bromine. ELECTROSTATIC PROCESS: See xerography. DIRECT IMAGE FILM: A film that will retain the same polarity as the previous generation or the original material. tone for tone. etc. DRY PROCESS (DIAZO): Two-component diazo process in which development is achieved without wetting. First generation positive appearing microfilm is designated 1P and second generation negative appearing microfilm is designated 2N. regardless of whether or not this area is filled by the document image. each on one-half the width of a 16mm microfilm roll. DOUBLE DOCUMENT: A term used to define a defect in a microfilm in which two documents have been photographed simultaneously on a rotary camera so that one document covers or partly overlaps the other. DIAZO MATERIAL: A slow print of film or paper. The grid defines the arrangement of the rows and columns of microimages. etc. HEAT-DEVELOPING: A type of film in which the image is developed by heat.. rotary. for locating information appearing on a reel . is termed first generation microfilm (camera microfilm). FICHE: See microfiche. HIGH REDUCTION (HR): Reductions above 30X up to and inclusive of 60X. IMAGE SPACING: The distance between frames. Several specific types of density values for a photograph may be expressed but diffuse transmission density is the one of greatest use in the case of microfilm and diffuse reflection density is generally of interest for paper prints. DUPLEX: Microfilming method in which the front and back of a document are simultaneously photographed side-byside. DRY SILVER FILM: A non-gelatin silver film which is developed by application of heat. etc. which subsequent to exposure to light strong in the blue to ultraviolet spectrum and development forms an image. negative for negative. at a high rate of speed into the exposure area. expressed as 20X. HALATION: A halo ghost image or fog caused by reflection of rays of light from the base to the emulsion or by internal scattering of light within the film. IMAGE MARK RETRIEVAL CODE: A document mark (blip) associated with an image used to count and locate images automatically. DISTRIBUTION COPIES: Microfilm copies. and copies from the second generation are third generation. BACKGROUND: The capacity of the non-information area of an image. transmitted electronically and reproduced either locally or remotely. one at a time. ENLARGEMENT OR “BLOWBACK:” An enlarged paper print reproduced from microfilm. positive appearing image. i. HALIDE: Any compound of chlorine. FLOW CAMERA: See Camera. IMAGE: A representation of an object such as a document or other information sources produced by light rays. and silver iodide are the light sensitive materials in silver emulsions. with conventional procession. that is. Copies made from this first generation are second generation. produced from camera microfilm or intermediates for distribution to points of use. P negative appearing image. cathode ray tube. and another element. This defect can generally be prevented by proper adjustment of the document stop. DUPLICATION: Reproduction of microfilm copies from original microfilm. AUTOMATIC: A powered mechanical device used with rotary cameras to move documents.. white for white. FRAME (FILM FRAME): The area of a photographic film exposed to light in a camera during one exposure. iodine. DENSITY. FEEDER. FOIL: Diazo-sensitized plastic film. MICROFICHE: A defined array of horizontal and vertical lines which divide an area into uniform spaces called frames. 30X. Developed by the National Bureau of Standards for the National Weather Record Center. The picture taken of a document. DUO: Microfilming method which uses only one-half a 16mm microfilm roll at a time. lines. silver chloride. flash cards. etc. NONPERFORATED: Roll film which does not have sprocket holes or perforations.) GRID.e. Magnification generally ranges from 5X to 15X. FACSIMILE: The process or result of the process by which fixed graphic images are scanned. HAND VIEWER: A small portable magnifying device used for viewing microfilm. a positive image will produce a positive image and a negative image will produce a negative image. EIGHT-UP FORMAT: A 35mm microfilm format which permits eight 81/2 x 11 inch (approximately) documents to be filmed within a single microfilm frame. FILM. HARD COPY: An enlarged copy usually on paper. or bars. FILM: Any sheet or strip or transparent plastic coated with a light-sensitive emulsion. DENSITY. such as through the use of ammonia vapor. INDEXING FILM: A system using targets. sensitized by means of diazonium salts.

. MICROFILM DYE-BACK TYPE: Uses an anti-halation agent coated on the non-emulsion side of the base. and fastening film frames in aperture cards.e. abrasion. SILVER HALIDE: Develops an image by means of tiny grains or crystals of certain silver compounds which are sensitive to light. PRINTER. MICROFILM. a COM. generally by exposing the image of an original on photographic film or paper. used with a single core for roll microfilm. Box 741068 ■ Houston. either film or paper. not by contact. (2) (deprecated) A container enclosing processed microform designed to be inserted into readers. which exposes one frame at a time by means of an intermittent advance mechanism and a shutter. MASTER MICROFILM CARD: An aperture card containing microfilm. which contains microimages. produced by printing as distinct from microimages produced on a photosensitive material. LODESTAR: A trademark of the Eastman Kodak Co. OCR-B: International Standard OCR characters. PHOTOCOPYING: The application of photographic processes to produce copies. a first generation negative to a second generation positive indicates a polarity change while a first generation negative to a second generation negative indicates the polarity is retained. NBS: National Bureau of Standards. for a treatment of unexposed or exposed and processed film for preventing scratches.140 Mail: Altek Systems ■ P.). Former name for current AIIM. OCR: Optical character recognition. the print may be the same size.e. reader-printers and retrieval devices. i. high resolution film used primarily for making contact film copies. which is used for producing further reproduction. i. ANTI-HALATION UNDERCOATING (AHU) TYPE: Uses an anti-halation agent coated under the emulsion and above the base.. MACROSCOPIC: Large enough to read without magnification. used to identify microfilm readers and reader-printers which are automatically energized and threaded as a 16mm film magazine is inserted in a slot.O. duPont deNemours & Co. or in some processes the original itself from which copies can be made. or reduced. MICROFILM. Texas 77274 GLOSSARY OF MICROGRAPHIC TERMS of microfilm. MILITARY “D”: The term given to the DOD specified aperture size and location in (EAM) tabulating cards. enlarged. titles on microfiche. P: The symbol for positive appearing microfilm. NMA: National Microfilm Association. POLARITY: A word used to indicate the change or retention of the dark to light relationship of an image. KALVAR: Develops image by means of heat after ultra-violet strikes chemical coating on base. for a polyestertype film base. high resolution film containing an image greatly reduced in size from the original. PRINT-OUT: See enlargement. STEP: A film or paper printer. It is rewound into the magazine. MICRO-OPAQUE: A sheet of opaque material bearing one or more microimages. and brittleness. generally a negative. ISO: International Standards Organization. It usually contains a title which can be read without magnification. too small to be read without magnification. MICROPUBLISHING: To issue new (not previously published) or reformatted information. e. MOUNTER: A device for simultaneously cutting. KALVAR: A trademark for the film and equipment products of the Kalvar Corp. in multiple copy microform for sale or distribution to the public. such as a page of text or a drawing. MICROREPUBLISHING: To re-issue material previously or simultaneously published in hard copy form in multiple copy microform for sale or distribution to the public. N: The symbol of negative appearing microfilm. READER-PRINTER: Equipment which provides both a method of viewing . JACKET: A transparent plastic carrier with a single or multiple sleeve or pocket made to hold microfilm in flat strips. MAGAZINE: (1) A light container which protects sensitized material and facilitates loading and unloading a camera printer or processor. the film is ejected into a receiving chamber in which it festoons itself to obviate the need for a takeup reel. INTERMEDIATE: A microfilm or other reproducible used to make distribution copies: microfilm intermediates are usually made from camera microfilm. positioning. DIAZO: Develops an image by means of an zao dye coating which is sensitive to ultraviolet light.8 lbs. LAP READER: A microfilm reader less than 4 kg. warping. It enables rapid location of the section of film which contains the desired image on the reel without the necessity of examining each image sequentially.. PRINT FILM: A fine grain. MICROFICHE: A sheet of microfilm containing multiple microimages in a grid pattern. curling. MASTER: A copy of a document. KEYPUNCH: A keyboard actuated device that punches holes in a card to represent data. MICROFILM. PROCESSOR-CAMERA: A device which has both the functions of a processor and a camera. in mass (less than 8. MICROIMAGE: A unit of information.g. OPTICAL PRINT: A microfilm print made by projection. MYLAR: A trademark for E. either contact or projection. MICROFILM: A fine-grain. MICROPRINT: Microimages on opaque stock. MONOBATH: A single solution combination developing and fixing bath for processing photographic materials. MICROFORM: A generic term for any form. Inc. MICROFILM. Inc. ORIGINAL: The document from which copies are produced. Motor driven through the optical system. PERMAFILM: A trademark of Permafilm. used with a single core for roll microfilm.. MICROTEXT: See micro-opaque. excluding microcopies. and for restoring dried out film.I. READER: A projection device for viewing an enlarged microimage with the unaided eye. OFF-LINE: Pertaining to equipment or devices not under direct control of the central processing unit.

designed to be inserted into readers. rotary. REPRODUCTION: The production of enlarged paper prints from microfilm. or electrolytically deposited on cathodes suspended in the fixing bath. above 60X up to and inclusive of 90X. and mounting it in another aperture card. . Silver recovery may destroy the photographic properties of the bath. RIGHT READING: That image which is legible in a normal reading position. SAM: Semi-automatic mounter. STRIP FILM: Any short length of film too short to be wound on a reel. RETRIEVAL CODING: A term used to describe a system for retrieving specific images or data from microfilm. The image becomes permanent when the layer cools. The scanning device permits shifting the film or the entire optical system so that different portions of the microfilm frame or reel may be viewed. fluorine. micro-opaque images on tape. (See mounter. SCRATCH: A linear grove which damages the base or sensitized side of the film and which is usually caused by mechanical means. VSMF: Visual Search Microfilm File. Dark lines in the emulsion are caused by scratches occurring prior to developing. when observed with a viewer. expressed as 16X. SILVER HALIDE: A compound of silver and one of the following known as halogens: chlorine. REEL: A flanged holder on which processed roll film is wound. two up. Scratches in the emulsion may appear light when viewed on a reader. collate. REDUCTION: A measure of the number of times a given linear dimension of an object is reduced when photographed. TITLE SPACE: The area available for title information on microfiche or microopaque cards. to which an adhesive has been added on the nonimage side. VESICULAR FILM: Film which has the light sensitive element suspended in a plastic layer and which upon exposure creates strains within the layer in the form of a latent image. etc. an economic operation where large volumes of fixing baths are used. while clear lines are generally caused by scratches occurring after development. TRAILER: That portion of the film beyond the last images recorded.Fax: (713) 995-4940 ■ Phone: (800) 627-1123 141 GLOSSARY OF MICROGRAPHIC TERMS microfilm and reproducing it on enlarged paper prints.g. The particles either directly or by transfer may be applied and fixed to a suitable medium. a 16mm microfilm catalog of products (parts and materials) approved or listed by the Department of Defense and their suppliers. ULTRAFICHE: Microfiche with images reduced more than 90X. SILVER RECOVERY: The reclamation of silver from spent photographic fixing baths. VERY HIGH REDUCTION: Reductions above 60X up to and inclusive of 90X. iodine. TABULATING CARD: A card on which data is entered by use of punched holes or other means that can be sensed by a machine so that it can sort. the succeeding images are recorded on an additional microfiche called “Trailer Microfiche. usually paper. SUSPENSION TYPE APERTURE CARD: The type of aperture card which suspends the frame of microfilm in the aperture between two sheets of transparent film. SPEED: Microfilm sensitivity to light. RECORDAK: A trademark of the Eastman Kodak Co. bromine. TAPES: A term describing microopaques. for mounting purposes. and retrieval devices. The pattern is a set of horizontal and vertical lines of specific size and spacing. SPLICER: A device for joining strips of photographic film or paper. but they have a clear appearance. above 90X. e. SCREEN: A surface onto which an image is projected. REVERSE READING: A term used to define a reproduction which is a mirror image of the original. ROLL: Most common microfilm format. The latent image may be made visual by a number of methods such as applying charged pigmented powders or liquid which are attracted to the latent image. Scratches in the base generally appear as black lines when observed in a reader. ROTARY CAMERA: See camera. one mounted to each side of the card. RESOLUTION TEST PATTERN AND CHART: A carefully prepared chart containing a number of increasingly smaller test patterns.” UHR: An abbreviation for Ultra High Reduction. etc. for microfilm equipment and supplies. XEROGRAPHY (ELECTROSTATIC): A generic term for the formation of a latent electrostatic image by action of light on a photo-conducting insulating surface. list. REMOUNTING: Removing a film from one aperture card. The strains are released and the latent image made visual by heating the plastic layer. TEST CHART: See resolution test pattern. total or otherwise manipulate the card or the data. except for dirt accumulation. TRAILER MICROFICHE: When a multi-page document is microfilmed on microfiche and the total number of pages exceeds the image area capacity of a single microfiche. one up. THERMAL DIAZO: A diazo material which requires only the addition of heat for the formation of the dye line. The silver may be precipitated by addition of sodium sulfide or zinc dust. reader-printers. usually because of damage to the card or incorrect mounting. which is generally housed in a small can called a “strip” can or inserted in a jacket or other type of holder.) SCANNING DEVICE: A mechanism found in certain microfilm readers where the entire image does not appear on the screen. UP: A term indicating one or more documents being in position to be photographed at the same time on the same frame. SECOND REPRODUCTION MICROFILM: Microfilm made from the “First Reproduction Microfilm” also called 3rd generation microfilm. and completely covering the aperture. 24X. SECTIONING (SECTIONALIZATION): Microfilming of an oversize document in two or more parts. but may appear dark or clear when viewed with the unaided eye. VHR: An abbreviation for very high reduction. TEST FRAME: A microfilm image of a test target used to check microfilm quality. RESOLUTION: Ability of microfilm to define detail in photographic images.

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