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KDLU Leadership Institute 2010-2011


Identify and develop high-potential employees Create diverse teams working toward organizational goals Strengthen KDLs position as a library leader and employer of choice

Application, review & acceptance 2. Individual Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) 3. Mentoring & individual planning 4. Formal classroom sessions 5. Independent study & reading 6. Experiential learning, projects supporting Strategic Plan activities

2. 3. 4. 5.

Summarize professional accomplishments How would Leadership Institute benefit from your involvement Immediate career goals (1-2 years) Long-term career goals (35 years) How do you expect participation to help you advance your career goals

Selection based on:

Three years or more KDL employment Four-year degree, or working toward it Supervisors endorsement acknowledging the time commitment Quality of application Proven past performance

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis - LEA

25 years of data Based on a sample of 70,000 participants Culture specific to North America Normative ipsative style questions generating three sets of data:
option that is most like, option that is least like, and option that was not chosen

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis - LEA

360 degree Assessment: supervisor,
direct reports, peers and self-analysis

Measures 22 behaviors/competencies with assets and liabilities Custom feedback tailored to KDLs priorities

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis - LEA

Under the MOST column, you would circle: 5 if the statement is especially characteristic of you, OR 4 if the statement is the most like you of the three choice, but you dont feel strongly about it Under the NEXT column, you would circle: 3 if the statement is a reasonably accurate description of your approach, OR 2 if the statement is simply the better of the two less appealing choices In supervising people, I am a. Tactful b. Demanding c. Easy to please 5 5 5 MOST 4 4 4 3 3 3 NEXT 2 2 2

i.e. LEA on Strategic Thinking

Taking a long-range, broad approach to problem solving and decision making through objective analysis, thinking ahead and planning.

i.e. LEA on Strategic Thinking

Lower Scores indicate:

a focus on the present trusting instincts rather than analyzing decisions

taking a short-range view

i.e. Strategic Thinking LEA on Strategic Thinking

Higher Scores indicate:

focus on analytical approaches planning ahead thinking through the implications of decisions projecting into the future

Mentor Meetings & Goals

Discuss LEA results Help protgs generate an Individual Development Plan with actions to achieve professional goals Coach, encourage, facilitate and support

Criteria for Mentoring

Job-related knowledge & skills Understanding of the organization Positive attitude Ability to teach Interpersonal skills Genuine interest in success of others Inspire others KDL Manager or Leader

Mentor Recruitment

Leadership Team Members

Selected Managers Selected previous KDLU LI participants

Propose mentors also take the LEA.

Mentor/Protgs Pairing
Most successful when protgs can chose and mentors can accept or decline

Protgs indicate top 3 preferences for mentors Mentors must agree to each individual pairing

Formal Classroom Sessions



Strategic Thinking
Consensual Decision Making


Formal Classroom Sessions


Stating clearly what you want and expect from others Expressing your thoughts and ideas

Maintaining a constant flow of information

Formal Classroom Sessions

Strategic Thinking

Taking a long-range, broad approach to problem solving and decision making through objective analysis Thinking and planning ahead

Formal Classroom Sessions

Consensual Decision Making

Valuing the ideas and opinions of others Seeking others input as part of your decision-making process

Formal Classroom Sessions


Building commitment by convincing others and winning them over to your point of view

Strengthen public speaking and presentation skills

Formal Classroom Sessions


Feeling comfortable in fast-changing environments Willingness to take risks

Considering new and untested approaches

Independent Study & Reading

Independent study based on Individual Development Plan Shared facilitation of online book discussions Readings correspond to Competencies

Reading & Online Discussions

On Becoming a Leader, Warren Bennis Six Thinking Hats, Edward De Bono Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink Courageous Follower, Ira Chaleff

Experiential Learning
Actual projects To Be Determined
Leadership Institute participants will actively lead projects supporting Strategic Plan objectives.

Tentative Schedule
Recruit now! Applications due Oct. 8 Selection - October 15 Mentor Pool Selection - October 15 LEA Completion by November 5 LEA review with Brian Mortimore before December 2 Kick-off Session - December 2 Mentor meetings as scheduled

Tentative Schedule
Formal Classroom Sessions 1st Thursdays of the month 9:00AM - Noon December, February, March, April, May
Online bookchats 3rd Thursdays of the month 9:00 - 10:00AM December through April

Hours Commitment
LEA & Results Review: 4 hours per exam Classroom Sessions: 15 hours per participant Online bookchats: 5 hours per participant Mentoring Meetings: 15 30 hours per pairing (10- 15 hours of meetings) Experiential Learning: unknown Assume 8 mentors, 8 participants and facilitator = 488 hours or 6% of 2009 training hours

2010 Budget
LEA = $380 x 17 Supplies, incl. books First Formal Classroom Session Total $6,460 $1,000 $1,708 $9,168


$9,280 $ 112

2011 Budget
Formal Classroom Sessions Classroom Session supplies Wrap-up Total $3,708 $ 120 $ 300 $4,128

Funds to launch 2012 KDLU LI


Revisit Objectives, Did we:

Identify and develop high-potential employees? Create diverse teams working toward organizational goals?

Strengthen KDLs position as a library leader and employer of choice?

Additional Informal Assessments:
Do we have people who will support change efforts? Are prepared for promotion? Are the participants and their supervisors supporting and encouraging additional staff to apply for KDLU LI?