Questions from Application Engine How can you make a dynamic call to an app engine program through call section? What is the difference between %Select and %SelectInit? What is the difference between having a work record and a physical table as state record? Ans: A physical record should be keyed with process instance and hence the data is stored , restart logic is applicable if app engine fails in the middle which is not possible in case of a derived record What is the advantage of set based processing and how are temporary tables beneficial for this? used for group processinguj7

What are the different commit levels in an application engine program? What is a restartable application engine? How can you make an AE restartable? What is the difference between Application Engine and SQR? What is the significance of %UpdateStats? What are set processing and parallel processing?

Questions from SQR What is the difference between ask and input? What is the difference between show and display commands? What are the different debugging techniques of SQR? How will you make an SQR process to run from process schedular? What is the program flow of SQR?

On which events we should not use think time functions and why? . Describe the component processor flow in add mode? Ans: Rowinit. What are different logics/functionalities you can write on searchInit event? Ans: Validate the keys of a search page or bypass search page.How can you return value from a SQL procedure? Describe the local and global variables in SQR? What is the significance of On-Error and On-Break? What are different error handling techniques used in SQR? Questions from Peoplecode/Application Package What are the use of delivered get set methods in application class? What are the private and protected methods and properties in application class? How can we reference application class and instantiate constructor variable in peoplecode? In which ways you can achieve dynamic prompt? Ans: If a field value should be assigned to a value based on another field value. How can impose row level security on an component? What are think time functions? Name different types of think time functions? What are the DiscardRow() and StopFetching() functions? Ans: Stopfetching() only inserts the current row and What is the PreBuild event used for? Ans: Prebuild is the last chance to update the database. search save. What is the difference between dosave() and dosavenow()? How can you bypass search page in an component? Ans: By passing all the serach keys in the url.

Tell the syntax of navigationg to level 2 scroll on page. Reuse functionality What are the different types of records and which of them need to be built? Ans: Sql view. What is the difference between writing code on record level and that on component? Ans: Component code is specific to the component but record code can be used across components. . How do you implement row level security using security view of query security? What is the significance of set control field on record properties? How does a page behave in deferred and interactive mode? What are the different action types (Modes) on component? What is the meaning of Set Component changed checkbox on page field property? What is the significance of Disable saving page checkbox on component property? What are the different types of Menus? What is the use of PopUp Menu? Questions from Workflow What are the events mainly used for triggering workflow and why? How do you create and use Role by user query for Workflow? Which function is used to trigger the workflow? Describe the syntax. Ans: Questions from Application Designer (Record/Pages/Component) What is the search edit record field property and what is its significance? Describe the field level audit and record level audits in PeopleSoft? What are SubRecords and what are they used for? Ans:Subset of a record.

save. Create keys: Keys while craeted in ADD mode. What are get keys.find.cancel How can you override or extend the delivered methods of CI? Name the different standard properties of Component Interface.create. . What are the different delivered methods of CI? Describe them.What is the structure of worklist record? What is a pooled worklist? What are the different ways to mark a worklist item as worked? What are the different assignment techniques used Email/Worklist field mapping? Questions on Peoplesoft Query What are the different types of Queries in PeopleSoft? How can you create an outer join in PSQuery? What are the different uses of PSQuery? Where and how can we see the output of a scheduled query? What is PSQuery and what are its advantages? How can you implement distinct fetch in Query? How can you create union in PSQuery? What is the use of expressions in PeopleSoft Query? Questions on Component Interface What is the object type of Component Interface? Describe collections and properties in Component Interface. Ans: get. create keys and find keys in CI? get keys: search keys on a search record Find keys: Search keys and alternate search keys.

What is the difference between Get and Find methods? .

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