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ABSTRACT Project name: Active City Administration

Objective: The main objective of Active city Administration project is to create a user-friendly online interface for citizens to communicate with administrative body and reduce the distance and time barrier between citizens and administration. To create an online platform where people can share ideas, invoke discussions, issue complaints, and create suggestion or petitions for

improvement of city administration. And encourage the citizens to actively participate in city administration to bring transparency and flexibility in system. Existing System: Limited hour service availability in the current system. Maintaining the data in excel sheets and files are very tedious. Only limited number of users can access is possible in the current system. The distance and time barrier between citizens and administration is very high. The system doesnt provide any facility to involve people to give their feedbacks and opinions directly.

Due to the current system, involvement of people in exhibiting their responsibilities towards society is very low.

The system doesnt provide any user friendly environment for people to interact with local body administration.

This manual system gives us very less security for saving data and some data may be lost due to mismanagement.

Proposed System: The development of this new system contains the following activities, which try to develop on-line application by keeping the entire process in the view of database integration approach. Users are able to create new account, log-in to their accounts which will give them the authority to use the services provided by the system. Authenticated users should be able to issue complaints, check complaint status, submit feedback, and browse through other complaints and their feedback. Users can to create groups where users can share their experiences, discuss common problems, and the possible solution.

Authorities can access all the complaints, suggestions from users. And give response to complaints.

NGOs can form user groups similar to other users. NGO's can publicize their social causes on the site.

Number Of Modules: The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules: 1. Administrator 2. Employee 3. Citizen 4. NGO Module Description: 1.Administrator : Administrator can add Local body, view local bodies details and also delete local body details. Administrator can add local body employees, view local body employee and can delete employee details also. Administrator can view complaints , suggestion and can give solutions if complaints are not

solved by employee. Administrator can view feedbacks of citizens. 2. Employee : Local body employee can view complaints from citizen of particular local body and can give solutions. Employee can view suggestions. And Empoyee can view suggestions.

3. Citizen : Citizen can give complaints to local body officers and view status of posted complaints. Citizens can give suggestions also. Citizen can form a group and share their ideas,suggestions. Group members can view other group members complints and suggestions also. Citizen can give feedback . 4. NGO : NGO can give complaints on problems to local body officers and view status of posted complaints. NGO can give suggestions also. NGO can form a group and share their ideas,suggestions. NGO members can view other group members complints and suggestions also. NGO can give feedback .

Software Requirements: Operating System User Interface Client-side Scripting Programming Language Web Applications IDE/Workbench Database Server Deployment : : : : : : : : Windows XP/2003 or Linux HTML, CSS JavaScript Java JDBC, Servlets, JSP My Eclipse Oracle 10g Tomcat 6.X

Hardware Requirements: Processor Hard Disk RAM : : : Pentium IV 40GB 1GB or more