LIB 2210: Research in the Electronic Library

1 Credit Hour Bowling Green State University Spring 2012 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Vera Lux 152 Jerome Library Office Phone: (419) 372-7897 Email: Virtual office hours are available by appointment - please contact me by email and we can set up a time that works for both of us. COURSE DESCRIPTION Students will model the research process, from developing an appropriate research question around a research topic to developing strategies for identifying where to look for needed information to accessing and using information responsibly. Emphasis is given to evaluating appropriate tools (web, catalog, databases) and resources. Students will be exposed to a variety of information resources and research strategies. LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this class you will be able to: ● Form an appropriate research question around a research topic ● Map out an effective strategy for a given research assignment (know where to look for the information you need) ● Find resources using a variety of tools (web, catalog, databases) ● Make a well-reasoned judgment on the quality and ability of a source for answering your research question ● Access and use information ethically and legally Assessing the Student Learning Outcomes LIB 2210 is segmented into modules based on the course learning outcomes. In general, each module in the course is tied to specific learning outcomes and includes a discussion board activity and an assignment. In addition, there will be a final annotated bibliography assignment in which you will showcase your understanding and use of the course content. By completing these activities, you will demonstrate your achievement of the learning outcomes. Rubrics for the discussion board and final assignment are provided with the assignment directions so that you are well aware of performance expectations. COURSE DELIVERY / INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES This course is delivered completely online. You are not required to attend class at regular times, however it is important that you follow the

attendance/participation guidelines and meet due dates and deadlines for readings, discussions, and assignments. You will be expected to logon to Blackboard at least three times a week. The course materials include lectures, short readings, and videos Communication will be through posted announcements, discussion board, and email. REQUIRED RESOURCES / TEXTS ● There is no textbook for this class. Links to library resources as well as materials on the web will be posted on the Blackboard site for the course. You will need your BGSU username, password, and a current library account to access library materials. ● Access to an Internet connection (High Speed) ● A BGSU (Falcon) email account COMPUTER SKILL PREREQUISITES To be successful in this online class you should be comfortable using a computer for the following functions: ● using a word processor (changing font, spell check) ● using email for communication ● sending an email attachment ● navigating the Internet ● downloading appropriate plugins/programs ● using an Internet search engine SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS The following link will provide you with the computer system specifications that will be required for taking this online class. ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION Attendance (regular participation in the online classroom) is essential for maintaining the best learning environment. You are expected to logon to the course site at least 3 times per week in order to effectively participate in online discussions. For each module, one posting must be in response to a professor’s question, and two postings must be in response to a question/comment posted by another student relating to the current module. COURSE AGENDA/SCHEDULE All course materials, assignments, and discussions are located in Blackboard. Each week you’ll complete a module which contains the week’s readings, the discussion question, and an assignment. The final assignment, your annotated bibliography, builds upon the several previous assignments and is worth 35% of your grade. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY/FINAL ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION

Your annotated bibliography should include at least 5 sources. For each of the information sources you will complete citations for your sources in either MLA or APA format and an annotation describing and evaluating the source (at least 150 words each). More details will be provided in Blackboard. GRADING Grading Scale & Grade Distribution Assignment Discussion Board Weekly Assignments Final Project Total A B C D F 90-100% 80-89% 70-79% 60-69% 0-59% Points 175 150 175 500 Percentage of Final Grade 35% 30% 35% 100%

MAKE-UP AND LATE ASSIGNMENT/EXAM POLICY Your weekly discussion board posting must be completed by Wednesday and responses to your classmates must be completed by Friday. No credit will be given to discussion board postings submitted past these due dates. Weekly assignments are due on Sundays [meaning, they need to be turned in before I get up the next morning at 6 am or they are late]. The annotated bibliography is due Sunday, April 29th. Assignments turned in late are subject to a 20% reduction in the grade provided that they are submitted within 3 days following the due date. Any work submitted after the 3-day grace period will not receive any credit. Please plan accordingly. STUDENT CONDUCT / CLASSROOM CONDUCT Students are expected to display tolerance for others’ views on Discussion Board forums and through emails. Converse with others the same way you would in a traditional classroom. Comments and language should be respectful and appropriate for a college community. All comments should also follow acceptable grammar and spelling. As you can see, participation is 35% of your final grade. You must participate thoughtfully in the online discussion forums if you wish to pass. Meaningful participation means that you are submitting well thought out responses to questions or are asking questions in the forums that show you are grappling with the material at hand.

COMMUNICATION WITH THE INSTRUCTOR Announcements will be posted regularly on the Announcement Page or communicated via email. Students should check the Announcement Page and their email regularly in order to access course related announcements. The instructor will check email regularly in order to access communications from students. I will monitor my email account Monday through Friday at the beginning and end of the work day, although most responses will be sent at the end of the work day (i.e. after 5:00pm). I will do the same for the discussion board areas. The instructor will typically respond to communications within 24-48 hours. However, any communication sent after 5:00 pm on Friday through Sunday may not receive a response from the instructor until the following Monday. Any exceptions to this will be posted in the Announcements Page. Since this is an online course, private communication will be handled primarily by email. When you send an email to me, please use the following conventions: · Always begin the subject line with LIB 2210 followed by the topic of your email · Remember to include your full name (first and last) in the email so that I know who is emailing me. ONLINE LEARNING Online learning requires a different skill set than you’re used to in face-to-face classes. You must stay on schedule to be successful! Here are three tips to help you: 1. Schedule class time on your calendar. This can be at any time of day, but make sure you block out an hour per “class” to work through the content. You will be asked to post replies and participate in discussions to demonstrate you were paying attention and to allow you to engage with your class as you would in a face-to-face classroom. 2. Put due dates on your calendar. Or your task list, or your phone, or wherever you will look at them. Don’t let a due date slip by. 3. Remember this is a real class, with a real professor. I am here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact me along the way. I will get to know you from your participation and I’d love the chance to chat “in real life.” Stop by! Email! Don’t feel you’re an anonymous student hiding behind a computer screen! LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES AND RESOURCES Technology Support Center The Technology Support Center (TSC) provides a central point of contact for faculty, staff and students for questions, problem reports, service requests and inquiries for University computer systems and communications technologies at BGSU. Email: Phone: (419) 372-0999

Academic Resource Center Students looking for more in depth assistance with computer technology needed for a class project or tutoring should contact the Academic Resource Center or consult their web page at URL Email: Phone: (419) 372-9277 Blackboard Self-Help Student FAQ’s Link: My BGSU Portal Self-Help Link: BGSU Library Everything you need to know about accessing the BGSU library resources from a distance can be found here: The main page for the BGSU library, which includes mobile access, is located at If you need help, visit the Ask Us! page at to contact us by IM, text, email, or phone. BGSU’s Office of Distance Education POLICY STATEMENTS Codes of Conduct and Academic Honesty Policy The instructor and students in this course will adhere to the University’s general Codes of Conduct defined in the BGSU Student Handbook. The Code of Academic Conduct (Academic Honesty Policy) requires that students do not engage in academic dishonesty. For details, refer to: ● BGSU Student Handbook ( ● The Academic Charter, B.II.H ( ● Student Discipline Programs ( Disability Policy In accordance with the University policy, if the student has a documented disability and requires accommodations to obtain equal access in this course, he or she should contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester and make this need known. Students with disabilities must verify their eligibility through the Office of Disability Services for Students, 413 South Hall, 419-3728495. ( Student veteran-friendly campus

BGSU educators recognize student veterans’ rights when entering and exiting the university system. If you are a student veteran, please communicate with your instructor so reasonable accommodations can be made for absence when drilling or being called to active duty (See for more information).

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