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1535157 Fools Critique Theatre Arts (G2) 1. My favorite Leon Tolchinsky.

He fit his character very well and kept me laughing the entire time. Yenchna was hysterical as well, she always brightened up the play with her foolish comments that made everyone burst into laughter. 2. My favorite part of the play was towards the end when the curse was lifted. Leon and Sophia had great stage chemistry making the show even better. 3. I was very impressed with Lenyas performance. She really did a nice job at portraying the character. Sophia was a bit misleading as a character. She wasnt dumb enough I feel. She did great but she almost had the same monotone kind of voice throughout the entire show. 4. The volume was terrific. The fact that I didnt have to lean towards the edge of my seat to understand what the play was about made it even more enjoyable. 5. Costumes and makeup fit the time period perfectly. I liked the rosy red cheeks. The costumes were old fashion as well so I could tell it was from an earlier period of time. 6. I could see everyone at all times. Spacing and blocking was professional and very neatly done. 7. The house and scenery changes throughout the play were absolutely phenomenal I was obsessed with the turning stage. It really mad the play look and feel more realistic as well as very professional. The scenery as always was very professionally done like many other plays. Color patterns brought out costumes and the entire set was very nicely done. 8. I feel that Nikolia and Lenya Zubritsky worked best together. There different personalities did not clash but very well blended

together making the scenes they were included in very enjoyable to watch. 9. I feel comedies are fantastic for adolescent audiences that we have here at Lawrence Central. I also feel some dramatic comedies would be nice to try. 10. The costumes fit the show perfectly it made the characters a lot ditzy and you could notice that they were a little out of it. My favorite costume was the wedding dress. It was very old fashion but extremely vintage. 11. The hairstyles did not stick out to me as much as the costumes. I feel the hair could have been a tad more extreme to go with how extremely stupid everyone else was. Although the mustaches on some of the women were funny. 12. Lights and sound effects were awesome. The lightning was cool to see. No technical problems were noticeable either. Everything was very well done. 13. Based on the production, I would be more than willing to audition for an upcoming play or musical. It seems fantastic fun and although it may be time, consuming it seems it would be worth it. 14. The audience was very involved. I heard people laughing from everywhere not to be polite but it was a fantastic performance that the audience could not help but to laugh at. 15. I attended the Thursday performance. I feel it should be kept on the same schedule because each night will be another opportunity for people to attend. 16. This play was a lot more professional than dont drink the water. Although dont drink the water was hysterical as well and very well done, the characters were carefully picked out. I could tell that they were experienced to a degree as well.

17. On a scale from one to ten, I would rate it a 10. It was humorous for all audiences to understand. It was clean and it was very well performed. Great Job thespians! 18. I could most definitely tell they were thespians. They were very well prepared and if at all messed up, they did a great job covering it up so that it was not memorable. No one forgot any lines either. I cant say how professional it was enough. 19. Fools, directed by Kathleen Horrigan were a great success. The Lawrence Central Thespians did a wonderful job at playing the dumb game. This hysterical comedy was enjoyable to watch and easy to comprehend. It is for all audiences. Actors and actors did a magnificent job. Listed as a MUST SEE! 20. This play was about a town put under a curse. A school master comes to town to teach Sophia education. He ends up falling in love with her and eventually comes up with a way to break the curse and make it so she can finally love him back. Count Gregor is the only one standing in his way. His way around these Fools is hysterical.

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