Findings for a shaping oriented quality management framework Jessica Blings, Georg Spöttl, Matthias Becker QualiVET - Quality

Development and Quality Assurance with Labour Market Reference for the Vocational Education and Training System in the Metal Sector

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

The Importance of quality assurance in VET is growing: Quality improvement of VET systems is one of the strategic aims of the European Union VET institutions take over more responsibility than ever in the global competition and within the restructurisation process towards competitive knowledge societies.

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

project coordination & evaluation of project progress ITB Advisory board




ITB biat







evaluation by practitioners


Morgannwg Merthyr T.



BS Attnang BS Kfz

Novo mesto Celje

testing and evaluation

V a l o r i s a t i o n
Quality of vocational pedagogy Quality of VET organisation

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Improvement of education through optimization processes with focus on school structures?
EN ISO 9000:2000 EFQM

Improved quality of education/ learning processes

Optimized school structures and processes

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Analyses of quality management concepts applied in VET of their country within the metal sector. 1) SECTOR ANALYSIS success of quality management structure and characteristics of the sector, economic development of the sector, institutional and economic structures, qualification strategies, concepts for initial and continuing vocational training, contemporary change processes (previous approaches, future developments), legal background of quality management in VET and applied quality management systems in VET (role, status, problems, discussion).
Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

2) CASE STUDIES concentrates on a VET institution and its cooperation with companies semi-structured specialized interviews and expert interviews were carried through in different fields of work and basic data role of existing quality management systems status, problems, previous approaches, outcomes, suggestion for actual quality management future development of quality management
Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Results: Status of implementation of Quality Management Systems within the partner countries UK and the Netherlands: Quality management nationally implemented. Slovenia and Czech Republic: regional or single activities. Germany: quality management is a matter of the “Länder”: actually testing and implementing different existing systems. Austria: QIS and QUIBB are developed on an advanced level but implementation is non-compulsory.

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Results: present quality management systems on the level of class quality have a limited effect many quality management systems have an ISOlike perspective. QM systems measure quality yet leave the quality improvement measures to the schools. The systems focus on institutional aspects of quality and neglect the quality of teaching and training. The reference to work and the orientation along the work process has been developed insufficiently.
Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Results: need of an understanding of quality in VET as a matter of development instead of a “conformance to requirements” Development of quality characteristics aiming at change/ improvement/ shaping of “quality” Focus on quality of learning process. Characteristics and quality focus on changeability/ shaping of a discrepancy between actual situation and target state
Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

QualiVET quality areas: the role of the trainers and teachers, the learning processes, the training and teaching methods, the training and teaching contents, learning environments and the conditions for training in companies and teaching in class and finally the reflection on training and teaching

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Each of these Quality areas is further elaborated using 28 „shapeable indicators”.
Characteristic of the „shapeable indicator“: The „shapeable indicator“ allows multiple ways to reach the target state described by this indicator. The indicator suggests, how to approach the opportunity for improvement (problem) More important than the fulfilment of the indicator is the process of solving the opportunity for improvement itself
Key questions Practices requiring improvement Desired aim Standards: Adequate shaping measures

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Example for shaping oriented indicator/standard QA 2: The role of students/learning processes Indicator: 2a Authenticity
Key questions Do students see the direct links between training measures and their work requirements? Do students take over the responsibility for their learning and do they identify themselves with their vocational training? Practices requiring improvement Learning is too strongly oriented to traditional systematics of technology imparted by a teachercentred instruction. Students are only given limited chances to work on their own. Desired aim: Desired role of students Authenticity: Contents are treated in an authentic way: 1 2 Adequate shaping measures (standards) Learning processes are shaped by adopting corporate examples along corporate and work process relevant demands respect a close interlacing between work and learning safeguard a close cooperation between in-school and corporate learning

• Students can ask questions arising in their corporate situation, Contents have a regional • context, regional enterprises are involved/ • visited …

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007 2007 Blings/Spöttl/Becker

Conclusions: • Present quality management systems only have a sort effect.. • The QualiVET QDF focuses on educational process and on the factors (teachers, teaching methods, training and teaching reflection, training content – curriculum, outer conditions of learning and conditions for training in the companies and for the teaching in classes)

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

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Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

Quality development: New approaches to quality improvement of VET providers in Europe International Conference October 5th 2007 Profesní dům, Prague Registration:

Blings/Spöttl/Becker 2007

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