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Peace Corps Togo is seeking an individual for the position of

Deputy of Programming and Training.
OPENING DATE: February 23, 2012 CLOSING DATE: March 10, 2012 WORKING HOURS: Full time: 40 hours/week

DUTIES: The Deputy of Programming and Training (DPT) is responsible for supervising and mentoring the Programming & Training staff in managing 1) sector-specific and secondary Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) projects and 2) PCV training programs. The APCD/P&T or DTP provides administrative and technical direction to the staff and to the Volunteers, and serves as the primary contact for program and training policies and procedures. S/he is responsible for maintaining and integrating quality programming and training activities consistent with the request of the host country government and Peace Corps policies and priorities. In addition, as the senior host country national staff member, the incumbent in this position serves as the principal advisor to the Country Director on the overall strategy and policy of the organization, including program goals, objectives, relations with government and other external organizations, country policies, and response to major problems. Because of this principal advisory role, the position has a major level of impact on the country program and operations. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must be Togolese or third country nationals who have: a. Education: University degree in Planning, Projects Management, Development of Plans, Analysis and Evaluation is required. b. Prior Work Experience: Seven years of progressively responsible experience, in the employee's field of specialty, including experience in the development of plans and the analysis and evaluation of data and in the presentation of findings in written or oral form is required. An additional five years of supervisory experience is required. c. Language Proficiency: Level 5 (fluent, speaking/reading/writing) French and Level 4 (fluent – speaking/reading/writing) English is required. Level 3 (good knowledge that includes writing/speaking) of one or more local languages is required. d. Job Knowledge: Must have a thorough knowledge of the structure, development plans, and operation of the Government of Togo ministries and Togolese laws and regulations concerned with Volunteer operations in Togo. These include development needs, labor laws, the Togolese education and health system and provincial and local government structures. Must have a good knowledge of the education and health sectors, agricultural and business practices and other technical collaborators and donor agencies. Prior knowledge and understanding of the Peace Corps philosophy and goals as well as procedures (recruitment, training, financing, budgeting, assignment, separation) and USG laws, regulations, and policies relevant to those procedures is required. f. Skills and Abilities: Ability to develop and maintain an extensive range of senior and/or high level contacts within host, central, provincial and local governments in order to provide a bridge of understanding between PC officials.


Guides coordination between Program and Training staff and other work units at post to ensure effective strategic planning, resource utilization, and safety and security of the PCVs. Identifies designs, develops, implements, monitors, evaluates, and reports on all activities carried out in the Peace Corps Togo program. Meets regularly with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fish, Ministry of the Environment and Forestry Management officials at all levels, from local to national, to identify and develop education, health, economic development, environment, and agriculture projects and project sites. Prepares official documentation for projects, including official agreements, memoranda, project plans, Volunteer assignment and recruiting documentation, technical support materials, annual reports and official correspondence. Responds to all inquiries from both the Togolese government and Peace Corps concerning the program and Volunteers. Working with the staff and host country government and officials, identifies and selects sites for PCV assignments, conducts visits, develops new sites, reviews and evaluates current sites, negotiates job descriptions and arrangements for support of PCVs at sites, orients/trains host country supervisors and counterparts in their roles of supporting the Volunteer, and establishes relations/networks with local government officials responsible for oversight and protection of PCVs assigned in their districts. Works with PC Safety and Security Officer to insure that all sites meet Peace Corps standards and criteria for safety and security per Peace Corps Manual Section 270. Works with various ministries and Peace Corps/Washington to conduct regular monitoring and reporting of education, health, economic development, and agriculture programs, including all principal and secondary project activities. Contacts host country organizations and representatives for their regular input. Serves as the Peace Corps professional and technical expert in at least one of the following areas: health, education, economic development, agriculture, and the environment, with responsibility for advising all parties regarding all aspects of projects, from the planning phase to the completion and closure of projects. Organizes and participates in project reviews with the participation of Volunteers, Peace Corps staff, host country government and other agency personnel. Evaluates the technical progress of programs and/or projects against planned results, and identifies causes of deficiencies or delays and takes steps to overcome them. Develops and maintains close working relations with local and international donor agencies and Peace Corps’ headquarters staff to help Volunteers obtain funds and material resources for community-based projects. Acts coordinator for the Small Project Assistance (SPA) and Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP), organizes community meetings, reviews proposals, and advises Volunteers on project proposals. VOLUNTEER SUPPORT AND TRAINING 40% Oversees, designs, and evaluates training including workshops, seminars, and conferences at post to ensure current and innovative processes are used in developing training competencies, learning objectives, and evaluation techniques; guides training staff in determining the scope, objectives, and the methods of training; guides planning sessions to identify competencies and ensure integration of appropriate technical information into project training sessions, objectives, evaluation techniques, as well as the overall training calendar.

Provides on-site technical, cultural, and personal assistance and support to Volunteers through regular site visits and communications via telephone, email, and other reporting and feedback mechanisms. Conducts PCV site visits, observes PCVs at work and provides direct feedback and counseling to PCVs in problem-solving, adaptation and technical matters, and works with provincial/district officials to discuss and resolve issues around Volunteers. Responsible for the safety and security aspects of site development, training of counterparts on their role in Volunteer safety and security, provides oversight of Volunteer knowledge of and compliance with security procedures, and fulfills a key leadership role in the implementation of the Peace Corps Emergency Action Plan, especially during any civil unrest or natural disasters. Provides 24/7 support for PCVs’ physical needs, health and well-being; and acts to assist PCVs during such emergencies as floods, political strife, civil uprisings, and similar situations which threaten PCV safety and security. Regularly surveys and gathers input from Volunteers and host country officials concerning the Peace Corps program. Works with Peace Corps Training Manager to design pre-service technical, cultural, and other training for Volunteers. Prepares and conducts pre-service training sessions and workshops, including the workshop for host country supervisor training. Based on on-going surveys of Volunteer performance and needs, designs and conducts in-service workshops to address those needs in technical, cultural, and personal areas. Provides guidance to PCVs in setting up and running Volunteer committees on topics such as gender and development, diversity, food security, and peer support. Writes and reviews articles for publication in the Volunteer Information Newsletter (VIN), Et la sante, and Farm to Market. PROGRAM SUPPORT AND GOVERNMENT RELATIONS 20%

As senior host country member of management staff, serves as principal advisor to the Country Director in (a) development and implementation of overall policy and strategy of the organization and leadership and management of PC Togo program operations; (b) in all matters concerning official negotiations, communications, and contacts with the Togolese government; and (c) in design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the Peace Corps program. Functions as a primary player in Peace Corps Togo strategic planning, including the Integrated Management and Budget System (IPBS) annual and three year planning and reporting documentation. Serves as principal advisor to the Togo management team; may serve as Acting Country Director in all aspects except those reserved by law to American Direct Hire officials. Through study and contacts, keeps currently informed about objectives and priorities in one or more fields, sectors or specialized areas of interest of the Peace Corps agency and Government of Togo. Develops and maintains an extensive range of key contacts at the highest level in the relevant government ministries, provincial and district offices, and educational institutions to determine interests, needs, and potential for cooperating in PC projects and to explain PC philosophy and policies and procedures for obtaining and utilizing PCVs. The APCD/DPT is required to travel approximately 33% of his/her time, of which 95% is domestically via air or ground transportation. Occasionally s/he travels internationally to attend seminars and conferences.

How to apply To apply, please send a cover letter in English and curriculum vitae in English. Please send by e-mail only to the following address: For full job description and job elements, please go to the Peace Corps website: