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Radiation Protection in Conflict with Science (2011)
A Documentation by Franz Adlkofer and Karl Richter Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies: A Brochure Series by the Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy. Brochure 5 64 pages: Free Download

Contents Foreword 5 Part I: A Campaign to destroy scientific findings
Franz Adlkofer and Karl Richter 1. REFLEX results are in the way of a policy that sends out all-clear signals 7 2. Studies on genotoxic effects of mobile phone radiation from the Clinical Division of Occupational Medicine are suspected of fraud 8 3. A Council for Scientific Ethics is misused to destroy scientific data 9 4. The MUV rector informs the public about fraud at his university 11 5. The replacement of the chair of the Council for Scientific Ethics changes the initial situation 12 6. After July 24, 2008, further fraud claims are false testimony 14 7. Prof. Lerchl continues his campaign in spite of the findings by the Council for Scientific Ethics 8. The newsmagazine Der Spiegel provides Prof. Lerchl’s campaign with the desired broad public exposure 17 9. A booklet about Fraudsters in the lab and their helpers unmasks its author as an unbridled slanderer 19 10. A workshop of the German Research Association for Radio Applications hopes to be able to finally eliminate the MUV research results 21 11. Using a defamation-friendly forum on mobile communication radiation finally turns the campaign against the REFLEX results into mudslinging 23 12. Despite of the verdict not guilty of data fraud the Vienna research results and the reputation of the responsible scientists remain damaged 26

Part II: Scientific flaws in the German Telecommunication Research Programm

For some EMF-related bibliographies see:
Franz Adlkofer 1. A German career in the area of mobile communication radiation 32 2. Why the DMF research project on the melatonin hypothesis disqualifies its author.The outcome of my first review 35 3. Why the study on the development of leukaemia through high-frequency electromagnetic fields moves closer to fraud. The outcome of my second review 38

Part III: Deceiving politicians and the public with wrong advice
Franz Adlkofer and Karl Richter 1. All-clear messages and assurances of safety 44 2. An interview regarding the new LTE technology: Promoting corporate interests—contradicting the state of knowledge 47 3. Protecting radiation or being protected from radiation? Misunderstandings of “radiation protection.” 50

Part IV: The questionable treatment of citizens and their rights
Karl Richter 1. Negligence instead of precaution 54 2. The scientific and health policy anachronism of exposure limits 55 3. Disenfranchisement of those affected 56 4. Trends of an “economic machiavellism” 58

Outlook and concluding questions 60
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