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Sustainable business development

Renewable Energy

Product marketing mix Swilion
Bus. Development Agrifood Renewable Energy General ++ ++ + Bus. restructuring Bus. re-engineering ++ ++ +

++ = Full service dienstverlening + = Uitvoering specifieke opdrachten

Renewable Energy

SERVICES / PRODUCTS Business Development / Project Management / Management Support Business Restructuring / Interim Management Product Development Management Know-how Management Start-up management Full Service Partnership Renewable Energy 3 .

EXPERTISES Senior top managers Long term / wide range expertise Market / product experts Organization development (virtual) International network Innovative / flexible Sustainable result oriented Renewable Energy 4 .

LONG TERM EXPERTISE Over 15 years experience in Renewable Energy Field More than 20 Major Projects successfully executed Renewable Energy 5 .

WIND TURBINE COMPANY Start situation: Company in difficulty due to unpaid big export project (India) Actions: Business scan. reorganizing the company (90 to 35 fte’s). voluntary creditors agreement. rapid growth Exit to new shareholder to finance growth failed in time Business case Renewable Energy 6 . organizing payments. focus in R&D. refinancing the company.

URBAN SMALL WIND TURBINES Start situation: turbine concept developed / interesting concept / high costs / no marketing and manufacturing Actions: costs re-engineering/ business partners organized Results: cost competitive / marketing concept / licensee found Business case Renewable Energy 7 .

divestments / organization restructuring (centre of excellence).ROTOR BLADE COMPANY Start situation: enormous diversification / no focus / negative results Actions: focus on wind energy. new management. balance restructuring. new investors Results: lean flexible organization / wide customer base / positive operational results Business case Renewable Energy 8 .

Asia) / product development (focus) Results: solid (ongoing) business within 2 years. Americas.RESTART WIND TURBINE COMPANY II Start situation: assets from liquidator Actions: organization / business development (Europe. international opportunities Business case Renewable Energy 9 .

SWEET WATER CONVERTER Start situation: Idea was born: wind (direct) driven heatpump Actions: feasibility / concept study Results: new company formed / starting business Concept suitable for: * desallination * watercondensation from air * airconditioning * heating “Vervuild water Lage druk “flash verdamping”” Speciaal compressor Warmte wisselaar Filter Drinkwater Drinkwater uit “vervuild” water Business case Renewable Energy 10 .

to much a ‘one product company’. Actions: strategy development / product development Results: new product / market concepts Start of business: Home Energy Business case Renewable Energy 11 .TURBINE COMPONENT MANUFACTURER Start situation: not sufficient business opportunities.

CHINA WINDENERGY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Start situation: Chinese market demand for wind energy projects and technology transfer Actions: matching Dutch wind energy expertise to Chinese parties Results: various projects under progress Business case Renewable Energy 12 .

partnership created Product development started 50 to 100 m. hight concrete Business case Renewable Energy 13 . concrete modules.PREFAB CONCRETE TURBINE TOWER Start situation: idea. tower made of prefab. assembled without big crane Actions: feasibility study Results: partners found.

WATER TURBINE Start situation: no feasible concept / no permits / blocked funding Actions: project structuring (partners) / development demo turbine / permits / funding Results: successful demo turbine / follow-up demo projects Renewable Energy 14 .

BIO FUELS Start situation: Dutch government asks for study on inpact European sugar policy Actions: Analysis done. desk study executed Results: Plan to convert sugar into Bioethanol in developing countries. who are now importing sugar into Europe Renewable Energy 15 .

RENEWABLE BUILDING MATERIALS Start situation: New owner necessary Actions: Business plan made. potential buyers contacted Results: Ongoing negotiations Renewable Energy 16 .

East Europe Renewable Energy 17 .WILLOW AS BIOMASS FUEL Involvement in projects in .North France .

ENERGY FROM RAPESEED Small scale oil production is investigated Renewable Energy 18 .

OFFSHORE WIND Start situation: Idea for new offshore wind turbine Actions: Support in shaping the Icorass-project Results: Ongoing looking for partners Renewable Energy 19 .

BURNING WHOLECROP GRAIN Start situation: Idea is explored Actions: Partnership is created Results: Project under development Renewable Energy 20 .

WAVE ENERGY GENERATOR AWS Challenge: looking for test of concept. further finance Actions: .Support in looking for UK base and UK financial support Renewable Energy 21 .Support in organizing test on Portugese coast .

Renewable Energy 22 .WATERSAVER AQUASCIENCE Project to plant trees in dry areas without traditional irrigation Self sustaining water supply Harvesting dew Harvesting (rare) rainfall Water storage without evapouration Water dosing (drip) to tree Presently investors are looked for.

SPECIAL BIOMASS HARVESTER Start situation: Project to investigate feasibility of new product (line) Results: No feasibility Renewable Energy 23 .

ongoing development to produce from vegetable waste natural colours and functional food additives Renewable Energy 24 .business planning .financing Presently in commercial phase.start-up management .VALORISATION OF WASTE PRODUCT Start situation: Project to develop processing unit Business development including: .

safequarding the shareholders interest .WIND TURBINE RESELLER Start situation: Financial problems due to (big) claims from customers Results: .focussing on windpark development and maintenance Pres/2006 Renewable Energy 25 .