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OPNET Experiments

OPNET IT Guru Overview


OPNET IT Guru is a virtual environment for modelling, analyzing and performance prediction of IT infrastructures, including applications, servers and network technologies.
This OPNET academic version is based upon the commercial version IT Guru 9. It can be downloaded from the website and used for free with some license constraints.

1. Objective The purpose of designing this lab is to study the traces of ping in following scenarios. There is no failure occur in network. There is a failure occur in network.

Fig 1.1 Network Overview Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
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Review the values and press OK. 3. WS1 sends an echo request to WS2 and WS2 will responds with an echo reply. File New and chose a Project. 3. Open the Object Palette b y click . Do not include any Technologies and press Next. By Ya Bao Page 2 o 4 f . Repeat this process for the two workstations. Creating Network 1. Select Campus and click Next. Project name: <your name>_Ping Scenario name: Link_UP and Click OK. 2. We will study the path of request and reply packets went through the network.2 Rapid Configuration (Randomized Mesh) 9. Fig 1. 8. Select Kilometre and X Span to 10 and Y Span to 10 then click Next. Start OPNET and create a new project. Select Create Empty Scenario and click Next. 10. In the other scenario there is link failure occur and we will study how does it effect on ping traces. Select Application Supported Profiles_ rows: 0. press Edit Attributes. Set the dialogue box appeared as Fig 1. 6. 4. It is encapsulated in IP datagram and is used for troubleshooting the network. 2. Now from m e n u b a r g o t o Topology Rapid Configuration. Right click on the station. Select Sim_Int_Model_List then Drag & Drop two Sm_Int_wkstn workstations in the Grid. Select Mesh.LAB 1 ICMP Ping OPNET Experiments Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) provides a means for transmitting messages from routers and other hosts to a host. Lab Description Scenario consists of 7-routers-Randomised Mesh Topology-backbone with 2 workstations WS1 and WS2.2.Randomized. 7. ICMP is used when datagram cannot reach to its destination due to unreachable host or time to live exceeded. 5. Change their attributes.

Right Click anywhere in Grid and select Open Simulation Log. Right click on it Edit Attribute in IP Ping Parameters_row 0. To edit the attribute of ICMP demand. Result Analysis Once the simulation is over. Again from Project Editor. Select Mean Outcome: 10 and press is OK. Click on configure/ run simulation button and configure these values. click to open Details and set Pattern: Default Interval (Sec): 120 Packet Size (bytes): 128 Count: 700 Record Route: Enabled And then Press OK to accept the changes. Draw an ICMP ping demand from one to other host. Node names and IP addresses from By Ya Bao Page 3 o 4 f . Check the paths for Echo Message and Echo Reply. 2. Configuring Simulation 1. 16. Now Set up ICMP traffic. Then press the right click and select Abort Demand Definition to stop drawing wires. Close the Simulation window by pressing Close. 1. 4. Connect the two workstations to the two routers directly using 10BaseT wires from the same palette as in Fig 1. 13. 12. 15.1. Select the object of ip_ping_traffic. Protocol RIP Configure Start Time. From Common Tab set the Duration: 30 minutes and from Global Attributes Tab and configure these values IP Routing Table Export / Import: Export (It will export routing tables to a file at the end). right click on the flow line and then select Edit Attribute do the only change in Start Time as Constant (100). It can be found from Object Palette (Internet_toolbox). Protocols IP Routing Configure Routing Check only on RIP and press OK. 14. Place IP Attribute Config from internet_toolbox palette in to Grid. Now choose RIP as routing protocol in this scenario by from the Menu Bar of the Project Editor. RIP Sim Efficiency: Disable RIP Stop Time: 1000 2. Click on one workstation (start) and then to the other one (end). Click on Run 5. Rename all routers by right click on the router and selecting Set Name.LAB 1 ICMP Ping OPNET Experiments 11.

WS1 Table 2.WS2 Campus Network.1 shows the Ping Report.WS1 Campus Network.0.00026 Node Name Campus Network. IP Address 192.00110 0.00027 0.2 192. Analyze the new result.2 Hop Delay 0.00020 0.1 Ping Report for Link_UP 6.8.1 192.00001 0. By Ya Bao Page 4 o 4 f . 192.00000 0.0.0. Fail the link between the routers which is used by ping in Link_UP scenario by right clicking on Link and select Fail This Link because that link is used by Ping in Link_UP scenario.Borough_Road Campus Network.00280 0.Perry_Library Campus Network. Table 2.LAB 1 ICMP Ping OPNET Experiments the packets have gone through and hop delay.8.8.00020 0.0.1 192.5.2 192.Perry_Library Campus Network.WS2 Campus Network.Techno_Park Campus Network.6.1 192.00111 0.1 192.0.2 0.0. Question Duplicate the current scenario and named it Link_Down.5.Borough_Road Campus Network.Techno_Park Campus Network.