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Self Disclosure

Organisation’s Internal Model

Business Development



Businesses Vs Business Development
Businesses as overall need to recognise the fact that employees are one of their main assets

However, businesses need to include employees’ personal development as one of the key aspects of their businesses development

In addition, Self Disclosure is one of the main points which personal development must highly recognise

Self Disclosure is part of employees personal development which is part of businesses development

Business Development Vs Self Disclosure
Self Disclosure is seen by people as a personal issue, and businesses see it as an unproductive issue which should be avoided

Self Disclosure is a personal freedom indeed; but employees should be encouraged to consider it as a normal, daily, need to be shared issue Self Disclosure advantages should be delivered to employees by the right, qualified, trained and specialised personals
Self Disclosure advantages should be communicated with managers at all levels to make every one appreciate its need and to ensure a collaborative work towards success businesses

Business Development Vs Self Disclosure
Self Disclosure points out the residuals of work environment problems, and social problems

Self Disclosure is a step forward towards open communication between employees and the right people Self Disclosure supports business plans with the needed efforts towards productive work environments

Self Disclosure is a hidden collaborative work between employees and themselves towards more productive work

Self Disclosure internal Model

Complete Business Disclosure Model
Self Disclosure As an internal model will live over a complete business disclosure platform model It will set the theme for a wider business model in terms of disclosing information, data and business documents It will support the value chain (suppliers all the way till users) with the needed model in terms of customers, suppliers, partners and internal departments relationship (disclosure) management

Business Development Platform
Self Disclosure model is a step forward towards a complete business development platform

Self Disclosure model will support business efforts towards healthy, productive and efficient work environments Self Disclosure model will ensure better relationship between employees themselves and their managers

Self Disclosure model must be part of any business efforts towards continuous improvement