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The 55 Gallon Drum Carryall If you are having trouble carrying with over-encum brance, this cool

trick could help you tote around some extra gear. First go thr ough and clear an area of enemies, then grab (Click the right analog stick) a 55 gallon drum. They are ubiquitous in most areas. Fill up the drum by physically picking up items and dropping them in and you'll have an instant "shopping cart" for all your stuff. You can even fast travel with it --but when you appear at y our destination the drum falls to the ground and you have to pick it all back up again. Note: Updates / DLC may disable this! Try using body parts instead (but Fast Travel still won't work). Extra Weapons (in Operation Anchorage) Note: this cheat only applies to the Oper ation Anchorage downloadable content pack. As soon as you are able to control yo ur own strike team, you'll be able to get specific weapon loadouts from a termin al. If you give these to the Quartermaster, you can go get another loadout. Drop all the new stuff and talk to the Quartermaster. He'll give you your stuff sans ammo. That's no problem though, since you can head to the ammo dispenser for mo re. Pick up the weapons on the ground when you're ready to go, or repeat for all the weapons you can handle. Infinite Experience in Big Town Here’s a glitch that will allow you to get infinit e amounts of experience (as long as your Speech skill is high enough). Try the f ollowing steps: 1.) - Go to Big Town and find the NPC named Pappy. 2.) - Select the dialogue choice “You came here with Bittercup, right?” If this dialogue choice d oesn’t show up, find Bittercup, exhaust all of her conversation chains, and then t ry speaking with Pappy again. ([Speech 100%] should appear next to the dialogue choice if your Speech skill is at its highest. If it’s not there yet, don’t risk try ing to convince him. Speech failure will result in this glitch permanently disap pearing.) 3.) - Selecting that dialogue option successfully will net you six exp erience points. Speak to him again and you can get the experience again. Repeat as much as you want for as much experience as you want. Two Followers Hire Charon. Fire him before freeing Fawkes from Vault 87. Hire Fa wkes once you meet him outside. After a while it should appear, "Charon gas retu rned to the ninth circle". Go back to Underworld where you first hired Charon. H ire him. Now you have two Followers. I don t know if this works with any other f ollower. Unique Weapons Part II Submitted by IGN_Cheats Fawkes Super Sledge: When you fir st meet Fawkes after freeing him from the locked door, talk to him and trade equ ipment with him. He will already have an item called the Fawkes Super Sledge in his inventory which you can take from him. Contributed by Alam0 The Break: The B reak is a unique pool cue which can be found laying on top of the pool table out side of "Eulogy s Crib" in the middle of Paradise Falls. Contributed by Alam0 Bo ard Of Education: The Board Of Education is a unique nail board located in one o f the abandoned shacks in the "Clifftop Shacks" area just outside of the Oasis. It is laying next to a skeleton lying on one of the beds. Contributed by Alam0 J unders Valid Points: Junders Valid Points are a set of unique spiked knuckles. They can be obtained from the body of Junders Plunkett after you kill him. his hideout is located inside Arlington Cemetery and is on the top of a hill. (Note: if you have enough good karma and have the note stating he is a wanted man, his dead body will also contain his finger which can be redeemed for a nice 1000 ca p reward. If you don t have the note is can be found on the body of a dead Regul ator on the steps of the nearby metro station). Contributed by Alam0 Butch s Too thpick : Slightly more powerful switchblade, can be gotten from Butch after the Trouble at the Home Front quest. Kill him or ask him to follow you. Contributed by ilovehotrodcamaros Vampire s Edge : This sword is locked in a hard locked cab inet named "sword cabinet" in Vance s room upstairs in Meresti Station. Contribu ted by cody_story The Shocker: Found in the flooded metro, the Shocker is a more powerful power fist(24 damage if 100% repaired). Contributed by spasmolytic951 Occam s Razor: Occam s Razor is an augmented combat knife found on the CO in the











very bottom of Ft. Bannister. Contributed by Goz Eugene: Eugene is an improved Minigun which can be given to you by your choice after completing the side quest Reilly s Rangers. Reilly rewards you for helping them you have a choice between Eugene and armor.(tip: choose Eugene) Contributed by tyson walsh The Strike: In the slaver camp of paradise falls (you may have to go there in the main quest), on a pool table outside in the main are (outside the shops Eulogy Jones pad an d the slave cages)there will be an augmented version of the pool cue. Beware of slavers, people with good karma. Contributed by Kerosa4 Highwayman s Friend: In Canterbury Commons, located in the far middle east part of the world map, you wi ll find a Tire Iron called the Highwayman s Friend. The weapon is on a shelf in the back room of Dominic and Machete s house. Contributed by Crippler55 Terrible Shotgun: In Evergreen Mills (NE of Girdershade) There you will discover a raide r hangout including full bar and brothel. A fellow named Smiling Jack resides he re and will not shoot you. Kill him for the Terrible Shotgun, a souped up Combat Shotgun. Contributed by killa01 Experimental MIRV: This gun is a unique variati on of The Fat Man that shoots 8 mini nukes at once. It is the most powerful weap on in the game and can be found on a table in a secret room in the armory of the National Guard Depot. There is a computer that asks for a 4 digit passcode. The passcode can only be found by piecing together the Keller Family Holotapes. It comes with 5 mini nukes. Contributed by xxSteve09xx The Infiltrator: This high p owered Sniper Rifle can only be found in The Pitt add-on. In the Arena, beat the final challenger and search his body for the Infiltrator. Contributed by FireSi re13 Unique Weapons Submitted by IGN_Cheats The Vengeance: In the Deathclaw Sanctuary (northwest corner of the world map), follow the caves down and be prepared for many a Deathclaw encounter. In the southeastern corner of the caves is a pool of blood under a column of rock. In this pool there is a heap of gore with the Ven geance, an overpowered Laser Gatling Gun. Contributed by doddssy1 Waser Wifle: A fter getting access to Little Lamplight, you’ll find a child named “Biwwy” who will se ll you the Waser Wifle, an augmented Laser Rifle, for 500 caps. If you have the Child at Heart Perk, you can get it for free (choose “You said you didn’t need it, w hy not just give it to me for free?”). Contributed by sammyunlimited4 Abe Lincoln’s Repeater Rifle: Enter the Museum of Natural History and go to the lower levels. In the Museum Offices, there is a central room with a gun case. Lincoln’s Repeater Rifle is here, a strong Hunting Rifle that uses .44 rounds. Contributed by Bron zTheBrute The Kneecapper: In Girdershade, in the southwest corner of the world m ap, the town letch, Ronald, has a Sawed-Off Shotgun named the Kneecapper. You’ll h ave to kill him to get it, passively (via a pissed off radscorpion) or actively (a shot to the head). Contributed by vaultdweller Terrible Shotgun: In Evergreen Mills, in the southwest corner of the world map, you’ll find a heavily protected raider hideout, including a Super Mutant Behemoth. Inside the center building is a series of caves where the raiders have set up a brothel and a bar. One of the se raiders won’t attack you, and his name is Smiling Jack. He’s a trader, but you sh ould trade him a bullet to the head for his Terrible Shotgun, a better Combat Sh otgun. Contributed by BronzTheBrute The Firelance: One random event while explor ing the capitol wastes is an inexplicable explosion. Head to this area to find t he Firelance, a souped-up Alien Blaster and some scattered ammo (which glows and is easier to find at night). Contributed by DutchDevilPariah Jack the Ripper: T his upgraded Ripper can be found at the lower-middle of the S-shaped map of the Deathclaw Sanctuary. It’s on a dead Enclave Officer in a pile of bodies, next to a giant ant. Contributed by Jeremy McCann Sydney s 10mm "Ultra" SMG:Inside or jus t the outside Museum of History in Downtown DC you ll find a Super Mutant-fighti ng Ghoul named Sydney. She asks for help defending the area from Super Mutants. You can help her and if she dies, take her "Ultra" SMG -- or just kill her and s teal it. Contributed by dirtyace_98 A3-21 s Plasma Rifle: In the "Replicated Man " sidequest, don t to turn Harkness in to Dr. Zimmer. Instead speak with Harknes s and chose to unlock his repressed memories. Once you do this, speak with him a gain and tell him that he should not kill Dr. Zimmer, but instead tell him to ru n away. He will thank you and give you his old (albeit more-powerful) Plasma Rif










le! You may be able to kill him for it too. Contributed by dirtyace_98 Smugglers End: Once you gain access to the Brotherhood Citadel you can take, search or lo ckpick anything that you want. When you are in the Solar room you can lockpick t he Elder Lyons safe (if your lockpick skill is high enough) and find 300 caps, o ther misc. items and Smugglers End, a powerful laser pistol. Contributed by Jay O1 Painless rifle: In the Republic of Dave, in the northeast corner of the worl d map, kill Dave to get his key and access to his safe. Inside is the Ol Painle ss Rifle. Contributed by enemy101 Xuanlong Assault Rifle: This powerful Chinese Assault Rifle is located on the body of Jiggs in the diner ner the Jury Street M etro Station. This location can be discovered via the Museum of Technology mini quest,Jiggs Loot. Reservist s Rifle: This is dropped by the Drifter in Dickerso n Tabernacle Chapel (upper west of world map). It is an augmented sniper rifle. Victory Rifle: This augmented Sniper Rifle is in a Very Hard locker in the Snipe r Shack to the west of Rockbreaker s Last Gas (Middle west of worldmap). Protect ron s Gaze: The Mechanist has this augmented laser pistol. Get it by giving him the Antagonizer s costume. Note: this results in negative Karma. Contributed by blake10_96 Miss Launcher: This powerful missile launcher also is 5 WG less in we ight than its normal counterpart. Find it in the storage room in the lower level of Fort Independence. Contributed by shadowphaser Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol: Found in the east wing of L.O.B. Enterprises in a Very Hard Locked case on a de sk upstairs, the Zhu-Rong is a pistol that will ignite flammable substances. Con tributed by xbsxst4t1c lt Blackhawk: The augmented Scoped .44 Magnum can be obta ined from Agatha after completing both Agatha s song and an additional Sheet Mus ic fetch quest (in the Springvale school). You must request a reward from here i n the dialog tree for this. Contributed by MarkusDahl The Burnmaster: In the ver y bottom of Falls Church/Mason St. Metro you will find a radiated ghoul camp; he re you will find the Burnmaster, an improved Flamer. Stabhappy: Stabhappy is an upgraded Combat Knife in the "Raid Shack", a house of Raiders. Just head directl y East from the Bethesda Ruins and you will see a fenced in house called the Rai d Shack. Kill the Raiders inside and one of them carries Stabhappy! Contributed by THE7THID Fisto!: In the MDPL-13 power station, enter the door on the right. Y ou will be in an office and on the table in the center of the room is Fisto! the upgrade to the Power Glove. Beware of Ghouls. Contributed by Kerosa4 Followers There are 8 followers in Fallout 3. You must have a certain Karma leve l for most of them. Below is a list of the followers and how / where to get them : Butch - In Rivet City, after completing Trouble on the Homefront [Neutral Karm a] Sergeant Rl-3 - A robot who can be bought of a wasteland-wandering salesman n amed Tinker [Neutral Karma] Fawkes - Must be saved in Vault 87 [Good Karma] Star Paladin Cross - Found in the Citadel [Good Karma] Jericho - Found in Megaton [E vil Karma] Clover - A slave bought in Paradise Falls [Evil Karma] Charon - A gho ul whose contract must be purchased Ahzrukhal in The Underworld [Karma does not matter] Dogmeat - A dog found in the Scrap Yard [Karma does not matter] The Alien Blaster Head due north from the MDPL-13 Power Station and you ll soon find a small mountain. On the east side of this mountain you ll pick up a Recon Craft Theta radio signal. This will occur when you are just a bit north of an im aginary horizontal line through Greener Pastures Disposal Site to the far east. Search the east side of the slope for a destroyed house and you ll soon come acr oss the source of the signal just west of that: a downed flying saucer. Its pilo t can be found below the open cockpit (beware the radiation!). Near the pilot is the Alien Blaster and a bunch of ammo rods. This powerful weapon gets critical hits frequently and is the bane of Behemoths. You ll find ammo for it randomly t hroughout the wasteland if you re lucky, so use the ammo you v got sparingly! Prototype Medic Power Armor The Prototype Medic Power Armor is in Old Olney in t he far northeast corner of the world map. Since you ll encounter many Death Claw s, you may want to set the difficulty to "Very Easy" before exploring this area. On the southern-most street Old Orney is a manhole. Use it to access the sewers . As you make your way through the sewers, you ll come across a ladder on your l

















eft. Keep moving past it and a downed Brotherhood of Steel Initiate will be on t he ground. You can take the armor from the corpse. Here s the kicker: it talks! Oh, and it auto-administers Med-X when your limbs are damaged. Hidden Hacking Help When you re hacking, the excess symbols between viable passw ords selected and used to your advantage. You ll need to find clusters of symbol s bracketed by parentheses, such as (%$*!^*&&), which can be highlighted as a wh ole. Submitting this should result in a removal of a bad password or fully reple nish your attempts. Remember: you can always back out and restart to avoid locko ut. Happy hacking! Infinite Caps (and more) Here is a great way to earn seemingly infinite amounts of caps, items, repairs and ammunition. Find any shop-based trader. The supply s hop woman in Megaton is an ideal choice. She has some high value items that you would otherwise spend a fortune on, including all the stuff for your house and a schematic for the Rock-It Launcher. 1. Sell her any stuff in your inventory tha t you don t need and complete the transaction. This will boost the amount of mon ey she has. 2. Find something in your inventory that you have two of, or that yo u have one of as well as her. Sell this found item to her. 3. Check that the two like items are of different values once they are in her inventory. The bigger t he difference in value, the better and the lower the cheapest item is the better . 4. Now buy back the cheaper of the two like items and complete the transaction , but do not leave the trade session. Look for the item in your inventory. The g ame should have glitched and the item should have gone up in value dramatically and should be 100% repaired, even though when you sold the item initially it was n t. 5. If it isn t 100% repaired for whatever reason, sell the item back to her anyway and repeat step 3-4, trying a different item if necessary. 6. From here, the game will remain glitched and you will be able to sell the same item high a nd buy it back low until you have drained her money completely. If you want, you can hold onto the item as it will be fully repaired - simply keep it on the fin al round which will leave her with a small amount of money. 7. Either sell the i tem back to her again once she is out of money, or if you are keeping it, sell h er something else of high value and she will owe you that amount. The transactio n price will go dim and remain at whatever amount of money she has left. 8. Sear ch through her inventory and find stuff you need. Stimpaks, ammo, miscellaneous item, weapons and armor are all fair game. Eventually, the transaction price wil l light up again and you may owe her a few caps depending on how much of her stu ff you added to the deal. Complete the transaction. 9. If you wait three days sh e will have new stock and around 350 caps. The longer you wait, the more robust her inventory will become and the more caps she ll have for you to take when you re ready to do this all over again. Addition by smrtby123: if you do this with a completely broken item, then it will cost nothing to "buy" back. Save Your AP Here s an awesome technique to save Action Points (AP) used in VATS . If you re feeling confident when fighting an enemy or group of enemies, simply aim at an enemy in VATS, but don t fire. You ll retain your AP but still be aim ing at the part of the enemy s body in question that you were in VATS. If you sh oot quickly enough, you should still strike the desired area without having to e xpend any AP whatsoever. Super Mutant Karma If you want to earn infinite amounts of good karma, head to B ig Town. If you go there at night, the town will come under attack from a Super Mutant raiding party. For each Super Mutant you help the few residents of Big To wn slay, a small amount of good karma can be earned. Repeat this process as much as you want for the amount of good karma desired. Infinite Good f you head to igious people ound. There’s Karma in Megaton Here’s another technique for infinite good karma. I Megaton, you can find the church for the Children of the Atom, rel who worship the undetonated nuclear bomb which Megaton is built ar a priest who will be near the bomb or in their building. Talk to him












and he’ll ask for donations. Give him donations, and you’ll get a positive karma bo ost. Do this as much as you want for as much karma as you desire. Boosting Your Experience Here’s a great (albeit cheap) way to gain lots of experie nce. Before you do anything that’s going to net you some experience (such as picki ng locks, hacking, et cetera), change the game’s difficulty setting to Very Hard. Then, hack the computer or pick the lock (or whatever). Successfully doing so on a harder difficulty level will get you more experience. You can also utilize th is technique on mortally-wounded enemies to gain more experience from them as we ll. Just be sure to change the difficulty back to a more manageable level when y ou’re done! Infinite Good Karma Outside of towns like Rivet City and Megaton, hirsty Wastelanders who ask you for Purified Water. Each time you s a bottle, you will get a slight boost to your karma. Do it more you’ll gain more and more karma. You can theoretically do this as to any of these thirsty characters for as much positive karma as you can find t give these guy and more, and much as you want you desire.

Finding Dogmeat If you want your character to have a pet dog in the game, then h ead over to an area known as Scrapyard, which is northeast from Megaton, just ov er the river. The dog is automatically named Dogmeat, and you can get him at any time, whether it’s early in the game or otherwise. The dog can attack enemies end lessly and cannot die. An amendment from druidfire1: Dogmeat can die. Keep him h ealed using Stimpaks! Once he’s dead, he’s dead for good. Carrying Goods Here’s an interesting way to avoid becoming encumbered by holding t oo much gear and too many items. Say you pick up a heavy piece of gear, like for ty pound Power Armor, but when it’s added to your inventory, it makes you encumber ed. Drop the item and then press the right analog stick (or corresponding button for PC gamers) to pick the item up and hold it in front of you. Since it’s being held and is therefore not part of your inventory, you won’t be charged for its wei ght and can get to where you need to go from there without being too encumbered. Free Evil Items at Paradise Falls If you have bad karma (or don’t mind having even worse karma), head over to Paradise Falls, a place a group of evil slavers call home. To gain entrance without having to open fire, you have to be friendly wit h the slavers, which will give you an evil slant. But if you can do this, you’ll f ind a guy endlessly walking around the settlement (he’s usually at or near the bar , but can be elsewhere). When you get near him, he’ll stop you automatically, tell you he found some cool stuff on a recent raid, and give you some of what he got (it will be either some ammunition, Bottle Caps, or various aid items). After y our first encounter, all you have to do is keep speaking to him to earn more and more free stuff. Infinite Experience in Andale To try this, you’ll need to have the Mister Sandman perk activated, which will mean you have to be at least at level ten. You’ll also need a sneak skill of at least 60. If that fits your character, then travel to A ndale. Andale is full of kids that can’t be killed (killing kids in Fallout 3 is a n impossibility). During nighttime, when everyone in Andale is sleeping, break i nto various houses and kill the kids while sleeping using the Mister Sandman per k. They won’t die, but you’ll still be rewarded experience for having killed them. Y ou can then repeat the process over and over again for infinite experience point s. Never Break A Bobby Pin If you want to avoid breaking precious Bobby Pins when p icking various locks in Fallout 3, exercise patience. If you’ve failed opening the lock on the first two tries, chances are a third try will break the Bobby Pin. If you back out of trying to pick the lock and then immediately reattempt it, ho wever, your Bobby Pin’s strength will reestablish itself, giving you several more tries. Repeat this technique to never break a Bobby Pin.

Stowing Goods on Dead Bodies Here’s another great technique, if you’re carrying too much stuff and find yourself encumbered. You know how you can search downed enem ies’ corpses for the goods they carry? Well, you can also place your own goods ont o the corpse. Since corpses tend to stay around after they die seemingly indefin itely (or, at least, for a good long time), you can drop presently unneeded item s onto the corpse of a foe you’ve slain, and then go back at a later date to get y our stuff back. This is a great way to never become encumbered. Super Mutant Behemoth Locations The game’s five Super Mutant Behemoths can be foun d at the following five locations: Evergreen Mills, Galaxy News Radio, Jury Stat ion, Takoma Industrial, and The Capitol Building. Unlimited Items If you have a sneak rating of at least 60, you can attempt this infinite goods trick, which takes place at Fort Independence. Head to Fort Indep endence with a bunch of Scrap Metal in your inventory. Once there, speak with Pr otector Casdin and tell him you’ve got junk you’d like to give him. In return, he’ll o ffer up 5.56mm Rounds, Frag Grenades, RadAways, and Stimpaks, and you can choose which you want. Then, save your game (in case you fail the following) and steal your Scrap Metal back from the Protector. Sell the Scrap Metal back to him over and over again, thereby netting you infinite amounts of 5.56mm ammunition, Frag Grenades, RadAways and Stimpaks. Extra Inventory Space If you’re running out of room in your inventory and don’t want to ditch any of your gear, consider trying to find a companion character. These companions can be found at various places throughout the world and will agree t o join you on your journey (temporarily). You can trade equipment with these cha racters, which will allow you to dump your equipment on them, making you virtual ly unencumbered. Consider this option when you not only need help with bad guys, but help carrying your crap as well! Hacking Indefinitely Here’s a great tip (though it will be obvious for some people ).When you hack a computer in the game, you have four tries to hack it successfu lly. If you don’t hack it successfully on the fourth attempt (as in, you don’t guess the proper password), the station you’re trying to hack will permanently shut dow n. But if you only try three times and bail out of the process before trying for a fourth time, the password will reset, giving you three more options. You can do this indefinitely without risking shutting the terminal down. V.A.T.S. Spotting If you’re heading into seemingly-hostile territory or simply wan t to survey the area around you for enemies you might not yet see, try hitting t he VATS button over and over again as you make your character turn around, searc hing all angles. Doing so will alert you to any enemies you may not yet see by z ooming in on them in VATS mode. You’ll realistically be unable to do damage to you r foes from such a distance, but it’s a good way to spot foes before they spot you so you know what you’re getting yourself into before the crap hits the fan. Text-Based Adventure In the Publishing wing of Hubris Comics, some terminals wil l allow you to play a text-based adventure (ala Zork: The Great Underground Empi re) called Reign of Grelok (beta). The objective of this game is to kill Grelok, for which there is no physical reward. Study up on your text-based adventures b efore venturing out on your quest: Use the commands N S E W for directions, and use basic terms to speak to people. Don t forget to swear!