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Life Maximization Guide by Oleg Mokhov Version 1.0 Released December 2009 at:

This guide is uncopyrighted. I release all claim of copyright and put this guide in the public domain. No permission needed to copy, distribute or modify this guide.You can use or change the text in any way without attributing it to me, although credit is appreciated. I don’t want to ineffectively control my content. I’d rather get more opportunities to spread my influence, as well as encourage others to create better stuff that benefits us all. Use this guide however you want. Email, share, translate, reprint with or without credit. Change it around, put some swear words in and say I created it. It’s okay. While attribution isn’t required, I would appreciate you giving me credit for any part of the guide that you use or share. Ideally, a link back to the original page (http:// But you don’t need to if you don’t want.

Part 1: What You Will Learn Part 2: What Is Life Maximization? Part 3: 5 Challenges You Will Face (and How to Get Past Them) Part 4: How to Maximize Your Life Appendix: Links & Credits

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This 42-page guide will show you how to become happier and do more of what you love the simple way. Plus. rather than empty feel-good advice that’s un-actionable. and welcome to the Life Maximization Guide. unlike some other guides. Wanna enjoy life more? Read on.if I could do it. . And it will do that by giving you practical steps to take.INTRODUCTION Hello my friend. you can. it’s backed by personal experience . It will help you fill your life to the brim with happiness and live it to its full potential.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN In this guide you’ll learn: • How to Become Happier and Do More of What You Love • Why Life Maximization Is the Most Effective Way to Live • How to Start Maximizing Your Life • 5 Progress-Killing Challenges You Will Face (and How to Get Past Them) • A Simple Way to Get Rid of Negativity That Halts Your Positive Change in Life • How to Free Up Time and Energy to Do More of What Makes You Happy .

Life is awesome again. and life sucked. I never fit into social norms. I became happier and filled my life with passionate activities and things. And now I’m sharing what I learned with you in hopes that you too can become happier and do more of what you love. I’m Oleg Mokhov. . And you know what? I started getting clarity and direction. and adventurer who graduated college and decided to pursue his unconventional passions rather than get a job – unlike most of my generation.WHO IS THIS OLEG GUY? Hiya. a writer. Then I embraced my weirdness and stopped listening to those people. Happiness and passion guide my decisions in life. not what’s “supposed” to be done. I learned and did things my own way. I did that for a while. People told me to let go of my dreams and get a job. and my happiness and fulfillment skyrocketed. musician. I utilized life maximization to do more of what is important to me and less of what isn’t. At first I thought something was wrong with me.

more fulfilling. then you won’t get much out of this. . Those with no passion. WHO SHOULD NOT READ THIS Unmotivated people. Life maximization requires that you have things you’re passionate about (even if it’s for sitting on a couch and watching episodes of Cowboy Bebop). and filled with clarity and direction. You want your life to become happier. This isn’t a motivational book.You don’t believe in quick easyfixes. entrepreneurs. Because while this guide gives you clear steps. and other remarkable people living their unique path. Those who want more out of life. Motivated people. If you’re lazy or aren’t taking charge of your life (or at least having the intent to). If you don’t care about much. You’re willing to actually put in effort to get results. Artists. you still have to put in the work to maximize your life.WHO SHOULD READ THIS Remarkable folks. then this won’t help you.

Just remember: you still have to put in the work to maximize your life. That means you’re remarkable and motivated to maximize your life.this guide isn’t for you. If you’re willing to put in the work. If you believe in them. I’m willing to provide you with the steps to become happier and do more of what you love. Still here? Good.WHAT IS THE CATCH? This isn’t a quick-fix guide to happiness.. Quick-fixes don’t exist.. passion-filled life. . . You’re willing to plan out a conscious path to a fulfilling. then go read something else . One where you have maximum happiness and spend your entire day doing only the things you love. This guide will help you by giving you clear steps.

.IS THIS THE REAL DEAL? Many other e-reports and guides only dish out nicesounding theories. with my personal stories included. No motivational fluff . Above all. If I could do it. with nothing to back up their claims. you certainly can.just practical tips you can apply towards maximizing your own life. This guide is based on actual experience and results. this guide is actionable.

5. 3.TOP 5 DO NOTs 1. 4. . 2. 4. Write out the steps for yourself Start doing them Have an abundant heartset Give yourself permission to be awesome Clearly write out what’s important to you . 5. Let’s get started.. Ready? Good. Read and put this off Accept your situation as is Think the job you hate is “the way it is” Limit how much fun you think you can have Not know what’s important to you TOP 5 DOs 1. 3.. 2.


With life maximization. In other words.THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO LIVE Life maximization is the most effective way to live. you do more of what you love and makes you happy and less of what doesn’t.” – Matt Cameron . you’re living life to its full potential. and focus on the positive. “Live life to the fullest. You maximize what makes you happy and eliminate what doesn’t. Life is for filling it to the brim with happiness.

With life maximization.YOU HAVE LIMITED TIME & ENERGY You have limited time and energy during your day. The more of it you spend on non-happy things—what’s not that important to you—the less you’ll be doing things that make you happy. what makes you happy. .Your life isn’t as amazing as it can be. You’re maximizing life: living it to its full potential.You’re not living life to its full potential. you’re eliminating time-wasting and using your newly-freed resources to boost and spend more time on what’s important to you.

If you liked a handful of berries—say. it’s a simple—maybe common sense to some—method of consciously filling your life to the brim with happiness. raspberries. you can maximize your life. . and blueberries—then wouldn’t the tastiest fruit cocktail be one made of only those three types? But if other kinds of berries were added to the mix. But some people could use a simple reminder to help get more of what’s important to them in their lives.FILL YOUR LIFE WITH HAPPINESS Life maximization isn’t rocket science or some complicated system. the fruit cocktail might still taste good. but the taste isn’t up to its full potential. They’re butting into the flavors of your favorite three berries. there’s less of the berries you love most. the drink would become less tasty. strawberries. Just like you’d maximize your fruit cocktail. Sure. and since there’s limited spaces in the pitcher.

Since I have limited resources. By doing life maximization. I ignore other things that aren’t important to me. so I focus my time and energy on adventuring out there. and I focus on those things while eliminating the rest.I DO MORE OF WHAT I LOVE I wrote out what’s important to me in my manifesto. Such an effective way to live. nature makes me very happy. . For example. I eliminated time-wasters and spend more time doing what makes me happy. like watching TV or surfing the web. It’s awesome.

” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross .MAXIMIZE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY What is important to you in life? Do you want to do more of what makes you happy? Use life maximization. we will then begin to live each day to the fullest. Maximize what makes you happy and eliminate what doesn’t. as if it was the only one we had. “It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up. and focus all of your limited time and energy on maximizing them while ignoring everything else. Break down your life into categories of what’s important to you. Live life to its full potential with life maximization – it’s the most effective way to live.


5. Here are 5 challenges you’ll most likely face: 1. stepping out of your comfort zone.GETTING PAST CHALLENGES With any new endeavor. 2. you’ll face resistance. 3. . Self-doubt Naysayers Unsupportive Environment Limiting Lifestyle Lack of Resources Now you’ll get actionable advice on how to get past each challenge. 4. It’s all a part of attempting something new.

” Seriously? You’re not actually doing it yet. When you really want something. I don’t have the money.1 : SELF-DOUBT Most people can’t envision being or doing something. It doesn’t matter if the voice inside your head says you can’t: you have the power and ability to dream it and then go do it anyway. like discovering an easy ability you didn’t know you had. Just try it. so they stop themselves from even thinking or feeling that way.” – Joy Page . you’re just picturing yourself doing it. so go crazy.Your dreaming budget is unlimited. or that you need to accept the job you dislike as just “the way it is. Common excuses: I could never do that. I’m shy or introverted. It’s free to believe. I’m not cut out for that activity. Maybe you think you’re not allowed to be happy all the time. “Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be. It feels sweet. picture yourself doing it and then go do it.

picture yourself doing it and then go do it. you don’t think twice. It’ll be difficult at first—thanks to peer and family pressure—but gets easier very quickly. those comments get to you. People telling you it’s impossible. You’re just letting naysayers convince you psychologically. So why should your goals and desires be any different? When you really want something. But guess what? Absolutely no one can stop you from imagining and believing something.You come up with excuses mentioned earlier. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like it and tell you you can’t do it: you have the power and ability to go do it anyway. and you start limit yourself. So stop letting such weak forces control you. why would anyone stop themselves from even doing that? Answer: naysayers. “The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it. you eat the food that you want.You picture yourself eating that food and then eat it.” – Chinese proverb . It’s super simple to do: just ignore people’s comments and focus on what you want. You give yourself permission.Your mind is yours alone. It doesn’t matter if people think that food sucks and tell you to eat something else: you’re going to eat it. When you’re hungry. It’s impossible for someone to physically get into your head. It’s that simple.2 : NAYSAYERS If it’s free to believe. After a while.

it’s simply acknowledging that you are not a compatible match relationship-wise. Plus they don’t want to lose their version of you. Personal development. Rather than forcing it.they just don’t know of any reality other than their limiting one. They probably don’t have bad intentions. know that it’s nothing personal or judgmental . either . . Who inspires and motivates you? People that ask how you can do what you want . Stop constantly restarting remove the brake by not hanging out with negative people. point out why your ideas won’t work. Don’t meet up just because you’re already friends you’re just going through the motions and holding yourself back. Keep hanging out with that group. whatever.rather than point out why you can’t.3 : UNSUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT Don’t be around an unsupportive. uninspiring environment: stop hanging out with negative people. Hang out with them. Find supportive and motivating people and become friends. Even if you know the material. and the limiting friends aren’t the best fit for your lifestyle. Any momentum you gain from being around new. Now that you’re shedding an unsupportive environment. you simply naturally continue to grow in separate directions. it’s time to start surrounding yourself with a supportive one. that’s all. business. or tell you to get real when you try talking about your ideal lifestyle. positive friends will be stopped by going back to those people. the supportive motivation you’ll get while walking around will maintain positive energy while you’re surrounded by an otherwise unsupportive environment. and have them introduce you to their friends. People change. Who has negative energy? People that put you down. Don’t have immediate access to the people you’d like to be around? Or still too many negative people while you’re making new friends? Keep your positive energy up by listening to motivational audiobooks. When you stop being around these people.

When you’re using and doing the things that aren’t important to you. how to. Stop consuming and obtaining those things. Begin to do the activities that introduce more of what you want to do. and what you surround yourself with. Using and doing these things will influence change. . It’s hard to think about and start introducing travel into your life if you never see or get influenced by information on it throughout your day. and the limiting things you do don’t influence change. Want to travel more? Watch the Travel Channel instead of Comedy Central. Want to be more athletic? Watch ESPN instead of MTV. Stop watching films and shows that aren’t related to what you want to do. Give away the non-motivational books and delete the bookmarks of the websites. and get rid of any that you already own. Consume and do things which support and perpetuate how you want to live.4 : LIMITING LIFESTYLE Analyze how you’re living: what you consume. then you’re holding yourself back. Cancel memberships and don’t go to events that don’t influence you to change. what you do. Your reality stays the same.You could go to seminars. Or take classes to learn or develop a skill. It could be reading personal development. Basically: Swap the things and activities of what you used to do with new things and activities that are a part of the reality you want. since the more you use something of this kind the more normal the new reality becomes to you. Find and read websites as well as watch videos that are about what you’d like to do more of. Get rid of things which hold you back to the past that you want to break free of. and business books.

help. would you give it to them? What about when someone offers value (quality work. Time: life maximization will give you time. etc. they would ask for access to your resources that don’t take up any of your energy (you already own the resources.) for free. . If someone random asked you for stuff.5 : LACK OF RESOURCES Money or Tools: meet people that have them and offer to work for them for free in exchange for their investment or access to their tools. thus freeing up time to put more into what is important. no strings attached. fairly. hence you don’t need to spend do anything when they use it). or simply someone you can contact. And then. It could be the positive-minded friends you’re acquiring. You eliminate activities that aren’t important to you. and no worries if you don’t use it? You’d probably take them up on the offer. Approach them with a “what can I do for you” attitude. rather than a taking one.

painting. Since it’s free to believe. playing live to thousands. . dancing. Now just do it.PERMISSION TO BE AWESOME Give yourself permission to be awesome and you can do anything you want.You’ve given yourself permission to be awesome. As soon as you picture yourself able to do something. Flying a plane. getting a great body. writing. becoming friends with people you admire. and no one can stop you from thinking it. Just picture what you really want to do. whatever. traveling. go wild and imagine yourself doing whatever you want. it gets easier to actually start because your goal becomes real. It’s not an abstract dream but a realistic goal that you already pictured yourself doing. It costs nothing to imagine and believe.

I kept having more ideas enter my head. Just my own thoughts on my personal development. At first. life and creativity. built an online business. So at that moment—spring of 2009—I decided to be a writer. Anytime the idea entered my head. And all it took was giving myself permission to be awesome. Ideas on bettering work. For the first time. I’m a music-maker. have a novel I want to write. wrote poems. I quickly dismissed it. Not only talking about our interests and hobbies but effective ways on finding our unique path in life. bettering ourselves. So how do I do that? A blog is the natural choice. I thought. to picture myself being a writer. and so did increasingly awesome conversations with people. It cost nothing to believe. I considered being a writer. I kept the ideas to myself. Does that mean I have to write? I guess so. I felt I could take these conversations online to inspire and get inspired by even more people. building ideal lifestyles. kept a journal. but after a few weeks of awkwardly telling people that I was a writer—and getting rolling eyes and condescending laughs—I got comfortable with it. and hopefully I’ll have a conversation with you about finding your unique path in life. . Why would people read what I have to say? And how could I compose anything interesting? No. I didn’t even write them out. But the ideas kept coming. that’s it. It was weird considering myself a writer at first. I’m a writer. I said to myself. Being a writer was no longer some faroff fantasy: I can be one if I wanted to. After a few days. hey. to make it a reality. building followers. so I imagined writing and posting articles. doing what we want no matter what anyone thinks. Now you’re reading my writing. Thing was. grew as a person. I didn’t think I’d be a writer. having awesome conversations. to be a writer I had to have excellent writing skills. and developed my music-making and creativity. Turns out I just wasn’t giving myself permission to be awesome. I could actually do this.THIS GUIDE ALMOST DID NOT HAPPEN Before starting my website and this guide. as I read and listened to personal development books. A writer? Not me. I was stopping myself from even picturing writing.

The first step towards realizing your dream is to picture yourself doing it. so go nuts: envision yourself doing what you want to do. Imagine yourself doing it. Give yourself permission to be awesome. It’s free to imagine. and it’s easier to actually start.YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO BE AWESOME What would you love to do? What’s holding you back from doing it? That you think you can’t? People tell you to get real? Don’t let such weak forces control you. . If you believe you can do it. your goal becomes real. Give yourself permission to be awesome. and no one can stop you. Only you are in control of your mind. Once you picture yourself doing what you’d love to do. you can.

What you can do to make something better rather than dwelling on the drawbacks. these people would say why not. Life is just like that. focus on the positive. A simple way to focus on the positive—and what’s helped me greatly—is to surround yourself with positive people. Appreciating what you have instead of complaining what you don’t (while still working to achieve more). “Get real. you don’t have time dwell on drawbacks or point out why something doesn’t work – you’re too busy living life and doing things to make it better. seeing them focus on the positive and doing things would constantly inspire me to do the same. When I started thinking positive and not focusing on the negatives.FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE Get rid of negativity by focusing on the positive. but when faced with choices. Focusing on the positive doesn’t mean being blindingly optimistic. Instead of saying why something won’t work. Shit happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s interesting to notice that most people that focus on the negative spend more time complaining than doing. By focusing on the positive—and being realistic rather than blindingly optimistic— you naturally shed the negative. realistic perspective on things. They’d help me figure out how I could do it (rather than point out why I can’t). After all. and encourage me to keep going. Simple but true – and effective. the easier it became to be positive and get rid of negativity. But the more positive people I started befriending (and shedding off the older friends – no disrespect. simply not a compatible match relationship-wise is the way I see it). . Plus. keep an open. Rather.” Or even if no one explicitly put me down. while those with a positive attitude are out there doing. not seeing much positivity and proactive people made me doubt and say those things to myself. Fairytales. Stop daydreaming. I began lifting off the ground before being abruptly pulled down by people I was around at the time.


You’ll now get help in writing your answers for each of these two questions. You’ll also get a simple and practical plan to start maximizing your life . Not sure what to write? Not to worry.MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE Now it’s time to start maximizing your life. What things do you currently do that are not important to you? These answers will act as the foundation for your life maximization. . ask yourself 2 questions: 1. What’s important to you in your life? 2. First.and be on your way to maximize what makes you happy and eliminate what doesn’t.

write down every major activity you’re currently doing in your life. For example. What you’re doing here is freeing up time and energy to focus on what is important to you. Using the previous TV and socializing examples again. go through each one and ask: is this important to me? Be honest with yourself. Another example: you might be socializing every evening. and you really want a few nights to yourself for relaxing. But do you want to be around so many people that often? Perhaps you only want to go out a few days a week. . creating. you might watch a few hours of TV a day. simply stop watching the shows you don’t really enjoy stick only to the ones that you do.STOP DOING WHAT IS NOT IMPORTANT Question 2: What things do you currently do that are not important to you? Answering this one is simple . instead staying in at home. but are the programs you tune into truly enjoyable? Maybe there’s only 1 or 2 shows that you really like . which you’ll start doing next. or whatnot. And stop going out every night. reading.the rest you can be okay with not watching. Then. Now take your list of answers for question #2 and stop doing those things.

you’re eliminating time-wasting and using your newly-freed resources to boost and spend more time on what’s important to you. use the aforementioned tips in Part 3 to get past them. Try this: break down your life into categories. Life: Relationships: Work/Creative: Hobbies: Miscellaneous: _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ “Everything else” means the things you wrote down for Question #2. You do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t. . fill then in with things and activities that are important to you. Then. what makes you happy. creative endeavors. traveling. When faced with any challenges in either stopping doing what you wrote down for Question #2 or beginning to focus on what’s important to you. Now. (ex. being with close friends). as well as anything that comes up which isn’t important to you. start focusing all of your newly-freed time and energy on the things and activities that are important to you while ignoring everything else. With life maximization.FOCUS ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT Question 1: What’s important to you in your life? Answering this one might be trickier because it’s not immediately evident. This is life maximization.

Now go out and maximize your life.while ignoring the rest. Choose the most important aspect of your life you want to maximize and just start working on it . Hopefully it’s been of some value to you.THANKS FOR READING Thanks for reading this guide. consider sharing it with others so that they too can benefit from it. I will leave you with a simple strategy for getting your life maximization off the ground fast: Just Do It. If it has. Become happier and do more of what you love. .

“The gap between ignorance and knowledge is much less than the gap between knowledge and action. Plus. So go out and start doing and trying.You’ll accomplish your goal much quicker. not your notes.” – A wise person .JUST DO IT Just Do It. and you’ll learn more too. People care about getting your stuff. you’ll never maximize your life by sitting around thinking about it. The sooner you start the faster you’ll get results. You can plan all you want but what matters is results. Who knew a sportswear company could utter 3 brilliant words on productivity? Stop over-thinking and planning and just do it. not your planning behind it. Learning is 90% experience. 10% studying.

you’ll learn and figure out the rest along the way. it’s important that you have a clear idea of what you want to do. Yes. . Besides. you have to go practice and play to get better. So the best time to start is now. Drop the book. Apply the 80-20 Rule: focus on the 20% that will bring you 80% of the results. But don’t worry about details. They don’t matter much anyway. You won’t become a good basketball player by reading and planning how to dribble and shoot. especially in the beginning.CHOOSE WHAT IS IMPORTANT & START Choose the most important thing you need to do to accomplish your goal and just start doing it. Everything will never be perfectly aligned. pick up the ball and just do it. once you start and just do it. And forget about an ideal moment to start: it doesn’t exist.

I STARTED MY SITE BY JUST DOING IT When I was in the electronic duo Falynx. post it. so I set up an illusion of effectiveness by preparing everything rather than just doing any marketing. page and subheading text. The sooner I do it the faster you get quality stuff and I increase followers. I also spent time tweaking the website design and graphics. I’ll worry about later. who to contact. my articles and music would take much longer to get posted. All those details I’ll figure out as this site grows. . I started my website Lifebeat by just doing it. and so forth. I just do it. We got results and fast. posting and marketing content. my first marketing steps were planning and researching. I was secretly afraid of starting. the faster you can read or listen to it and I can build a following. What a difference it made for me to just do it. font selection. what to send. In a month we went from 0 to 100 unique visitors a day. The sooner I can get great content up. Plus we learned a lot about websites and fine-tuned our goal through experience rather than speculation. I co-founded the audio recording information website Audio Throttle. A year later. Rather than planning details. fixed any kinks and improved along the way. all I had to show were a handful of MySpace plays and a plan based on speculation rather than experience. We figured stuff out. All the details—the 80%—like search engine optimization (SEO). and the ads started generating money. my friend and I agreed on the initial website goal and just started doing our first steps. and social media buttons. I create great content (or strive to). What order to do things in. I wrote articles and he marketed the site. I quickly decided my goal and started creating. Those things don’t affect you liking my stuff. if they’ll still be important (most won’t). design and layout tweaks. and if I spent time laboring over those and planning other details. I focus on the 20%: writing articles and making tunes and mixes. and market it. After a month.

99% perspiration. What are you waiting for? There’ll never be a perfect moment. Today. But just start doing it. The sooner you start the faster you’ll accomplish your goal and the more you’ll learn.” – Thomas Edison .DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT & JUST DO IT What do you want to accomplish? Decide and just do it. tomorrow. So choose the most important task to accomplish your goal and just do it. whenever. now. “Invention is 1% inspiration. The most important thing is to start as soon as possible. early next week.

I’d love to know how this guide has been able to help you become happier and do more of what you love. I would really appreciate LIKE THIS GUIDE? PLEASE SHARE Please help spread the word. How can it help you better? Please let me know and I’ll update the guide for the next version (like updates to software applications. Facebook. Don’t be a stranger. . Seriously. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and about your own life maximization. Thanks. Email this page to your friends and anyone you think could benefit from this Or leave a comment at: http://olegmokhov. Share this page on Twitter. my friend. Also. Send me an email at: http://olegmokhov. And if you could link to this page on your site or blog. or revised editions of books). and anywhere else you hang out online.QUESTIONS? FEEDBACK? I’d love to know what you think. This guide is for you. I could even include your story of life maximization as a case study for the next version of the guide (and give you a link to your site).

com Feel free to explore the free articles + music available. I’d love to have you as a reader and listener. .WANT MORE? Get more unconventional life-maximizing strategies for your remarkable self (as well as energizing electronic dance music for the melody-lover in you) on my site Lifebeat: http://olegmokhov.


net/2009/09/08/the-zerohour-workweek/ Excellent and entertaining free ebook by Jonathan Mead on how to get paid to be you. The Zero Hour Workweek http://www. Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work http://www.LINKS 279 Days to Overnight Success http://chrisguillebeau. .com/3x5/overnight-success/ Chris Guillebeau’s incredibly useful free manifesto on how to create your own success with your own project. Hilarious and Great talk about just getting started on a project that matters to you.

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