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DWLN251 Wireless LANs
Lab 3: Configuring HREAP Topology Diagrams

Fig 1. Topology using WLC 2106

Fig 2. Topology using WLC Module

In this lab you will use the tools available to set up and monitor APs at a remote site. HREAP allows the remote AP to provide local service when the link to the WLC is broken. Note: Where addresses are shown as 172.x.c.d, replace x with a value determined by the pod. WLC1 = 16, WLC2 = 17, WLC3 = 18, WLC4 = 19.
DWLN251 Lab3



Add option 43 and 60 to VLAN 150. Step 4 – Configure the Branch Switch Set hostname.0/24.0/24.Step 1 Set up the topology as shown. Step 3 – Configure the Branch Router Configure the serial link to operate correctly with the main router as per step 2. and use 192. On the DCE end of this link. Do not include VLAN50 in the network range.101) as the option 43 information.x. use 192. login names and passwords. Do not include VLAN50 in the network range. using the AP Manager address (172.1 addresses.x.0/30. Set up two dhcp pools for VLAN 150 and on this to a second router.x.x. All VLANs should be passive interfaces. using 172. DWLN251 Lab3 2 13/09/2010 . Set up a trunk to the switch with two VLANs. set the clock rate to 1Mb/s.168. Configure the interface for the AP as a trunk. interface fa0/8 description the Access Point port switchport trunk encap dot1q switchport trunk native vlan 150 switchport trunk allowed vlan 150.1.100. For the serial interface. On the DCE end of this link.0/24 and 172. set the clock rate to 1Mb/s. Configure EIGRP routing on the switch and router. Configure the interface to the router as a trunk. 160 switchport mode trunk spanning-tree portfast Set up a port for the PC on VLAN 160 Step 5 – Setup the AP Log on to the WLC using a web browser. Step 2a – For Standalone WLC Add router R1 and set up a layer 3 link between the router and the switch using 172. 150 and Step 2b – For WLC Module Use a serial interface on the router. The main section should be configured the same as Labs 1 and 2. Set up EIGRP routing. The router subinterfaces should use . making the Ethernet interfaces passive. All VLANs should be passive interfaces. Configure EIGRP routing on this router.

Set the AP Name and location and change the AP mode to H-REAP. Apply the changes using the Apply button.Select WIRELESS > All APs and select the AP to be set up as HREAP. Step 6 – Create and Setup the WLAN Create the WLAN DWLN251 Lab3 3 13/09/2010 .

Assign the WLAN to the local VLAN on the Wireless DWLN251 Lab3 4 13/09/2010 .Enable the WLAN by checking the Status check box in the General tab Set up security Enable local switching by checking the H-REAP Local Switching check box in the Advanced tab. Apply and Save Configuration.

DWLN251 Lab3 5 13/09/2010 .Step 7 – Test the Network Connect to the wireless network and determine that the client has the correct ip address and access to the correct networks. Note: The original WLANs should still also be available. Note: The original WLANs should not be available. Disable the serial link and ensure that the client still can access the local network.