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История изучения иерсиний Впервые возбудители псев до Малассе и Виньем. В 1885 год

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Amoebiasis Amebiasis (amebic colitis, amebic dysentery) - an infection manifested ulcerative lesions of the colon and the development of abscesses in various organs (mostly liver). Amoebiasis is widespread in many countries, especially in tropical and subtropical regions (some of them affected populations reaches 50-80%). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), amoebiasis in mortality from parasitic disease is the second largest in the world after malaria. Classification (amebiasis (On the recommendation of WHO, 1970): Intestinal amebiasis Extra-intestinal amoebiasis Cutaneous amoebiasis In the domestic practice of extra-intestinal amoebiasis and cutaneous regard as a complication of intestinal forms. Intestinal amebiasis may occur as acute, chronic recurrent and chronic continuous variations in different severity forms. Manifestations of amebiasis Pathogen - an amoeba. The life cycle consists of two stages - vegetative and resting stage (cyst),

The highest incidence of amebiasis record in tropical and subtropical climate. blood pressure lowering. Patients with acute or chronic amebiasis patients during relapse release into the environment unstable vegetative forms of the parasite does not represent an epidemic hazard. The mechanism of infection amebiasis . vitamin deficiencies. The main role of the infection and spread of human amebiasis belongs cyst amoeba. a manifestation in the form of reduced efficiency. depending on environmental conditions. Amoebic meningoencephalitis (amebic abscess of the brain) occurs with manifestations of severe intoxication. Conducting a study of the stroke. weakness.getting feces in your mouth. anemia.tsistonositel or patients with chronic form in remission. The source of infection . abscess contents. water. The incubation period . The carrier translucent forms and amoeba cysts . after remission in a few weeks or months of registering the aggravation of the disease.replacing each other. hormonal metabolism. Amebic pneumonia occurs with inflammatory changes in the lungs and develops as a result of importation of the causative agent of the lesions in the colon or liver with blood in the lungs has a long duration and in the absence of specific treatment. In most cases. recorded widely and forming the infestation rate of the population.a decade. predominantly in the left hemisphere of the brain.from 1-2 weeks to several months Intestinal amebiasis manifests incremental labor-abdominal pain (mostly in the lower left abdomen) and loose stools with a substantial admixture of mucus and blood (raspberry jelly). focal neurological disorders. palpitations.a common natural phenomenon. Investigation of serum Colony and sigmoidoscopy . the total duration of illness (chronic form of amebiasis) without adequate treatment .) Extra-intestinal amebiasis is characterized by lesions of various internal organs. characterized by the formation of multiple contact. but spontaneous healing and cleansing the body of the pathogen are rare. etc. For this form is characterized by disorders of all types of metabolism (depletion. sputum. sores form on the skin of the perineum and genitals of fistulas and postoperative wounds. detachable bottom ulcers. Acute effects of intestinal amebiasis diminish within 4-6 weeks. Transmission of amoebiasis . Also characterized by fever. In these cases. Amoebiasis often register as a mixed infection (in conjunction with other intestinal infectious diseases). Distinguish two forms of existence of an amoeba . Cutaneous amoebiasis is characterized by the formation of ulcers maloboleznennyh podrytymi with jagged edges and an unpleasant odor. the formation of lung abscess. Amoeba under a microscope amoeba amoeba Diagnosis of amebiasis Identification of tissue and a large vegetative forms of the pathogen in the faeces of patients.and translucent fabric.

750 mg 3 times daily for 5-10 days or emetine for 5 days (amebiaze liver . metronidazole) In the current environment of the patients were disinfected with 3% solution of Lysol or 2% solution of cresol. Severe disease requiring hospitalization. Prevention of amebiasis Discharge from the hospital with full bowel cleansing agent on that a 6-fold study of feces taken at intervals of 1-2 days For persons residing in epidemiologically unfavorable region. In identifying the pathogen in the gut in the subsequent course of conduct hiniofon. Possibility of recurrence. followed by 300 mg / day within 2-3 weeks). Some patients with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea.Survey Radiography General blood test Liver ultrasound to detect amebic combination with chloroquine 600 mg / day orally for 2 days. Treatment of amebiasis In cases of less severe amebiasis treated on an outpatient basis. contraindicated in heart disease. dermatitis drug should be discontinued. New! Click the words above to view alternate translations. with the development of tachycardia. cramping pain in the left lower abdomen) are stored for several weeks after successful treatment of the disease. pregnancy ) When extraintestinal amebiaze: Metronidazole . hypotension. Dismiss Google Translate for my:SearchesVideosEmailPhoneChatBusiness About Google TranslateTurn off instant translationPrivacyHelp . The prognosis for amebiaze Without treatment. amebiasis can lead to death of the patient. In the treatment of improvement usually occurs within a few days. provide for individual chemoprophylaxis drugs generic amebotsidnogo action (hiniofon. When asymptomatic and / or mild intestinal amebiasis: hiniofon 500 mg 3 times daily for 1020 days or metronidazole 750 mg 3 times daily for 10 days (not to be taken at the same time or the next day after drinking alcohol) In moderate and severe forms of intestinal amebiasis: metronidazole for 5-10 days. then the course hiniofon emetine or intramuscularly to 5 days (with systematic monitoring of the electrocardiogram.