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GOD IS FAITHFUL Launching Bridges at FIU has been a bit of a challenge, but God has really been faithful with the people he has placed in my path. This month I was finally able to reconnect with a girl named Annie from China. We met up for coffee and as we entered into deeper conversation I could see that God was really at work on her heart. She opened up to me about some relationship problems she was having and how in the midst of them, she was starting to realize that they would never make her truly happy. Without me even bringing God into the conversation, Annie said that she felt like she needed to turn to God. As we continued talking she asked me about church and asked if she could join me that Sunday. In that moment I was reminded of the faithfulness of Christ. I had no intention of inviting her to church when I met with her that day. It had been weeks since we had seen each other and I was not sure how interested she was in knowing more about God. But God in his sovereign grace and love was at work in Annie's heart and it was so clear that he indeed was drawing her to himself. That Sunday Annie and I went to church together. Interestingly enough that day the pastor was talking about Psalm 23 and how the Lord provides for our needs and gives us joy. I was so encouraged by the sermon as it was a reminder that the Lord indeed is our Shepherd and he tends to all our needs. After the service I asked Annie what she thought about it all. She could not stop smiling as she told me that she felt so refreshed and encouraged. Our God is so faithful and loving, I'm really looking forward to walking alongside Annie on her spiritual journey. Please pray for Annie, that she would make that next step to surrender her life fully to Jesus.

Danyealah Annie Interns at Cru Valentines Day Dinner. Oh give thanks to the LORD, for
Interns at Cru Valentines Day Dinner.
Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his
steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 107:1
I've also seen the Lord really move in
the girls that I've been discipling. It
has been so exciting to watch God
grow them in their faith. This month,
we focused a lot on evangelism and
God's heart for those who do not
know him. I was blessed with the
opportunity to go share the gospel
alongside two of the girls I've been
meeting with, Danyeahlah and
Nephtali. As we went out and shared
our faith I think we all realized how
beautiful the gospel truly is. We
were able to tell a few people of how
Christ came to save us from our
brokenness and bring us into a deep
intimate relationship with him. He is
our hope and He is the one who
restores our lives. Danyeahlah was
reminded, as she shared the gospel
with a girl named Cindy, how
important it is for us to know God's
word. Over the course of the month,
Danyeahlah’s passion for the word
has grown so much. Even more so,
God has truly been captivating her
heart with the gospel. Now,
Danyeahlah is always looking and
finding opportunities to tell others of
God's great love. It has been an
amazing month and with Big Break
coming up, I know that March will
be just as amazing!
Prayer Request: Upcoming Events: March 10-17 Big Break (mission trip) **This is way in advance,
Prayer Request:
Upcoming Events:
March 10-17 Big Break (mission
**This is way in advance, but I
graduate April 30th! I’m so
-Please pray that the Lord would continue to connect us to international students
and help us to love them well
-Pray that both students and Cru staff would experiences God’s freedom and love and
know him more deeply.
-Please pray for me as I finish my last semester of college. Pray that I would finish
strong and have a heart open to whatever God has next for me.
Contact:, give online at staff account #: 0617539