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The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy

By Fitz Balintine Pettersburg

Title Page Introduction Ethiopia's Preface Chapter 1. The Ethiopian Western Philosophy Chapter 2. The Royal Move Chapter 3. The Healing Plough of Creation Chapter 4. Her Royal Banquet Chapter 5. The Book's Compound Limped Cover Chapter 6. Obeah Chapter 7. Ethiopia's Balm Yard Poison No. 666 Chapter 8. Perfect Baptism Under Water Chapter 9. Perfect Baptism Under Water Chapter 10. Perfect Baptism Under Water Chapter 11. His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega, Marriage Diploma Chapter 12. The Holy Ceremony of the Mortals Chapter 13. Ceremony of the Mortals Chapter 14. Fasting--How to Fast Chapter 15. The Egyptian Copyright Department Chapter 16. Speaking in Divers Tongue Chapter 17. Speaking in Tongues Chapter 18. My Rain Bow Circle Throne Chapter 19. Ethiopia's Triumphant Proclamation Chapter 20. The Royal Swaddling of Jesus and John the Baptist Chapter 21. The Load-Stone Lepor Chapter 22. The Law of Resurrection Chapter 23. Ethiopia's Banqueting Chamber Chapter 24. Government Chapter 25. The Owner of Most Holy Theocracy, K.A.Q.O. Chapter 26. World's Building Chapter 27. World's Building Chapter 28. General Marcus Garvey and Bishop Rogers Chapter 29. The Eternal Law Office Chapter 30. The Soldiers at Camp and Police Dept. Chapter 31. Black Supremacy's Infant's Diploma Chapter 32. His and Her Monarch the African Potentate Chapter 33. Ethiopia's School, College & University Chapter 34. Black Supremacy's Patten Officer Chapter 35. Eve, the Mother of Evil Chapter 36. The Eternal Come Back Chapter 37. None Matrimonial Prosecution

Chapter 38. His And Her Majesty King Melchiszedek's Affidavit Chapter 39. New Testament Port Chapter 40. The Ethiopian People's Ordination Chapter 41. No. 1. The Bible Editor Chapter 42. The Head Biblical Interpreter, of Creation Chapter 43. The Man Before Adam Was Chapter 44. My Royal Mother Chapter 45. The Founder's Support Funds Chapter 46. Registered Library Chapter 47. The African Question Chapter 47 a. Atlas Survayor Chapter 48. The Map-Making and Bible Atlas Survayor Chapter 48 a. Owner of the Zodiac Chapter 49. Psalm 50 by the Monarch Pettersburgh Chapter 50. The Theological Lawgiver of Creation

The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy
Our eternal Life Creator The owner of Life, The Eternal Register Office K.A.Q.O., The Crown Register General Office Black Supremacy The Church Triumphant, The Crown Law of Education & Sacred Theocracy K.A.Q.O.S.W.J.W., The Monarch Documents (Protect all), Human Descriptions K.O.K.... The Black man is The Master of this World., Theocracy, The Dictionary, Law Courts & Money Mints & Governments
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K.A.Q.O.... The world's first Triumphant Capital, The isle of Spring, The Triumphant Bible Land, King Alpha and Queen Omega Black Folks ...... His & Her Copyright of Creation,
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The Lion & His Lioness & Baby, His & Her Arch Dynasty of Holy Time, His Tri-Divinity & Her Tri-Virginity, His & Her Arch Monarchy, His & Her Majesty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Petersburgh K.O.K., A.D. 1926, Mt. Africa, The Throne, Ethiopian Bible Owner A.B.C.
By Fitz Balintine Pettersburg [1926?] Scanned at, October 2004. J.B. Hare, redactor

My dear inhabitants of this world, we are the foundation stones of the resurrection of the Kingdom of Ethiopia. Our prayers and labour for your resurrection is past finding out. No Library in this world is able to contain the work of our hands for you. For we work day and night for your Deliverance. As for this generation of the 20th Century, you have no knowledge how worlds are built. And upon what trigger Kingdoms are set. In my Encyclopedia I will explain to you all, how worlds are being built and what triggers Kingdoms are set on. I will also explain to you, the Capacities of generations. Speaking for the Universe, and the Womanhood of Man, I the Ethiopian woman, is the Crown

O. A. Men must be proud of us Women when we can deliver able Sons and Daughters to the Four Poles of the Globe. Tropic of Cancer July 15th 1925. I hand you my Rule Book from the poles of Supreme Authority. And make the Nations Hearts rejoice with raging joy. A swifter thinker is God Almighty.J.W. when they are right on the job.--Bible Owner.B. ETHIOPIA'S PREFACE The preface of this Rule Book..B.D. Jamaica B. His & Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega. His & Her Dynasty Queen Lula may Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh.L. Ph. 8 ETHIOPIA'S FLY LEAF ROYAL AIR MOUNT. The Church Triumphant.K. . p. We give God the Glory. a wide awake Universal Master Mind. A better Christian Soul and King Alpha and Omega. to any mortal that was ever created by King Alpha and Omega. Post Graduates . and Money Mint. and Biblical Sovreign. A B. A.D. Lexium.W. .. COPYRIGHT. We are King Alpha and Queen Omega. S. 6 I AM THE CANON MISTRESS OF CREATION.C. Creator of Theocracy. Kingston. Without any apology.O. THE PAYMASTERS of the World.J.W.--S. The Crown Head of Holy Time. is the Finger Post. PHILOSOPHERS.J.K.K. Do not forget we are Black Supremacy. I am going to teach the Princess to fly around the poles. Our philosopher is the Angle Saxon Philosopher's (Successor). p.A. L.C.--Brother Pettersburgh and Sister Lula may Butler.K. into the Kingdom of Ethiopia. King of Kings. My Dynasty is the Triumphant Dynasty.W. CLERGYMEN.K.O. A man of greater learning is not found on the face of the Globe. A.C. My Perfect Air Mount is Black Supremacy. THE CROWN MISTRESS THE THRONE LAW-GIVER.woman of the world. Ethiopia is the Succeeding Kingdom of the Angle Saxon kingdom. Rev Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh.Q.I. Women must be proud of good men.

THE RULE BOOK The Rule Book leads you into different department of the Kingdom. Camps. are bent towards this Royal Repository. we the Royal Tree. And present this generation of the 20th century my supreme Book of Royal Rules from the Ethiopian Western Repository.--This Official Bill of Royal Authority. into this Supreme Royal Repository. of our Ethiopian Repository.--I Mrs. is the SAMARITAN Woman that . THE CORONATION. All our local bands throughout the globe. The Royal Angel Band is the Crown Band of the world. are very busy. p. this is the morning of our resurrection therefore. Chapter 2 THE ROYAL MOVE We move at the Signal of the Trumpet by Degrees call Bands. The Names of the Bands all over the Globe are too numerous to be named. The Supreme Band. Denominations. is a strictly Christian Museum.--I being the Balming Mistress of many worlds I charge the PowerHouse right now. for the Tropic of Cancer. THE CROWN MISTRESS. The regulations.--The Coronation of Ethiopia's Postarities are as sure as the purity of pure gold. unto this day. THE SEAL OF THE BAND. 10 Ethiopian's Western Repository. points you to the baseses of the Kingdom. The Records of the Kingdom are with us. THE ETHIOPIAN WESTERN PHILOSOPHY Now. And the preparing of Guests for the coronation.Chapter 1. Missions. is to admit all Bands. is officially called the Royal Angel Band.--The seal of the Royal Angel Band. THE BALMING MISTRESS. THE ROYAL AUTHORITY. Indiana Coombs. being the Crown Mrs. ILLUSTRATION Owing to the Universal Rend of our Ancient and Modern Kingdoms. we are at this junction of our history scattered over the Globe into little Sectional groups commonly called Bands. cleaning up our Ancient and Modern Royal right away from Pole to Pole. I move the Crownship of the world right at this yard limit of time.

Second an admission fee must be paid in advance. from one dollar up. p.--the Woman at first refused to obey the request of Our Lord because she was spiritually blind.) Consecrated men and women that the Holy Spirit moves.--Our cities of to-day are inhabited with the self same qualities of people. Sometimes I have to perform special medical attention. THE SUPREME SIGNAL. by John the Baptist in the Royal River Jordan.) Who does the Balming work? (Ans. . Where the Holy Spirit of God ALONE is ALLOWED to do the Royal Work of Healing. concerning her many husbands in the City of Samaria. upon the Blazing Altar of their Souls. THE MISERY OF THE LAND IS HEALED BY FASTING. as she moved from the Mercy Seat and Rested upon King Jesus Head at His Baptism in the Great River Jordan. The Copyright of Theocracy signs for our destiny and gave us His supreme Affidavit for a Trillion centuries after the end of Eternal Life. and endowed them with power that they command and handle the infirmities of the Nations. as it was in the case of Jesus and the woman of Samaria. THE WELL OF SAMARIA. 12 But when the Great physician opened up her eyes and HEALED her of her infirmities. Chapter 3 THE HEALING PLOUGH OF CREATION The healing plough of the Repository Transplanted and rebuild your very soul and body without fail. (Ques) Have they any authority from God? (Ans) Yes. 14 ADMISSION TO THE BALM YARD First and last every Soul for admission must believe in the power of the Living God. into the Kingdom. Then she cried aloud unto the inhabitants of the city and said "Come see a man that told me all ever I did. see Matthew's 3:13. is not this man the very Christ"? OUR CITIES OF TO-DAY. According to the power and DURATION of the MISERABLE infirmities whereof one is afflicted.--The Supreme Signal is the Official Signal of the (Holy Dove). What is a Balm yard? A balm yard is a Holy place that is wholly consecrated to God Almighty for the cleansing and healing of the Nations. SPECIAL NOTICE. and is not a Native of Samaria but an Hebrew. We pick you up from out of the midst of the raging misery of the land and HIDE you from the raging Wolves of the land into our Balm Yard.needed the pity of Jesus (the well of Samaria) The Order and degree of this Fighting Line is after the Baptism of Jesus. (Ques. we are vessels of the Divine Honour! (Ques) Have you any authority from the World? (Ans) ASSUREDLY YES INDEED. p. she found out that her five husbands were the five false teachers or denominations throughout the State or Country of Samaria.

S.C. . The reason why. The (Encircling) "Staff Officers" are men and women of high spiritual ranks. l. King Alpha and Queen Omega. c.W.Q. That is one circle.O. (b). His and Her Triumphant Dynasty. 16 ROYAL NOTICE Bands are not runned by Ministers. Chapter 5 THE BOOK'S COMPOUND LIMPED COVER The Book's cover is Limped. Our Work is strictly PERFECT. Revivalists World has not been lightened up with RADIANCE before now. No. According to the order of Melchisedec the Ethiopian Chief High Priest. we raise the Royal Banner on the top mass of the four poles of Creation. if some individuals of the lower order in the dung heap happen to get into the fold by mistake he or she will soon go out and hang him or herself. p.O. Along with the ORDAINED Circle Mother or Father by law. We are not business with Angle-Militant Nakedness. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. by His Majesty The King of Kings. Chapter 4 HER ROYAL BANQUET She brought me to her Banqueting House. Twenty-five members is one group. (a). we were waiting for the Delegates of The Resurrection of the Kingdom of Ethiopia.K.A. not after the Order of Aaron but strictly after the Royal Order of Melchisedec THE KING OF SALEM.J. as many is are in the Banquet O. One circle. A Membership of six (Encircling). THE WORKING OF THE BAND The Band is a Royal encircling Band.K.B. "Stax Officials" are sufficient for any one band of one hundred members. in her Royal Banquet Chamber is love. The name of the Book is: Ethiopia's Bible-Text and Rule Book. only needs one (Encircling) Staff Officer on the parade. They are runned by the Priesthood. Owner of Black Supremacy.THE REPOSITORY'S PROPER BODY. The compound impression is the Heart's Block impression. Black Supremacy.A. K. d. and her Royal Banner over me. REVIVALISTS are not common people. The Degree of this distinguished Band is a Royal Degree. Special Notice I am His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega.K.

Take. Chapter 7 ETHIOPIA'S BALM YARD POISON NO. K. the Woman's Baby will strive in HER BELLY. AND YOUR snake and Lizard will not be able to hurt HER.O.K. you go there to Kill and Drive Him away. it is No. and Rum Bottles.Q. For Ghost only visit the Lepers Home. and Pins and Needles. and treat them like dogs. Anywhere a man put a Business. SCIENCE.di. No admittance for FORTUNE-TELLERS and witch and Old Hige. and Candles. is upside-down. you want to cohabit with her. WITCH. . King Alpha and Queen Omega. and LODESTONES. Every good looking man's Wife you see. Jan-Crows. you rotten GUT SNAKE. or turn any child ACROSS the Woman's Belly. No admittance for Obeah dogs. this RANKIN Dose of Fatal deadly poison and leave for God Sake. and Grave Yards are not REQUIRED. Ants. People's Clothes. do it quickly. Flies. Chapter 6 OBEAH A Balm yard is not a Hospital Neither is it an Obeah Shop Peoples that is guilty of Obeah must not visit a Balm Yard Nor in the Assembly of Black Supremacy. Crabs. or any time after.K. You will not be there to GRUDGE or OBEAH or rob the people. Snakes. 666 You will not plant your Obeah Self. Rats. The Ravens. give big foot or sore. so that they cannot get RID of you until the Obeah ROTTEN. your Black and white heart Obeah factory. For your Ghost will come right back to yourself. and FOWLS and Grave Dirt not wanted.O. no admittance for GHOST. Nor breed up the Young girls. No admittance for Alligators. This pole is Black Supremacy. (Supreme Law). Eleven. Lizards.A. and Mice. For this is Ethiopia Balm Yard. You will not Bline. This poison is for ALL Bad Spirits. with no Man or Woman. a beast HAIR. and Fast Cups. None whatever. 666 it is good for the Pope of Rome and The Monarch of Hell's Bottom. and we do not have no leprosy. PUSS. you DEAD COLD HORSE. and Kill her Baby when it is born. MY Dear Obeah King.

Notice the Cities and Rivers of the New World. According to the Ancient order. Myself. my wife and Children. His and Her Majesty KING ALPHA and QUEEN OMEGA The King of Kings.A. The owner of The Land of Corn and Wine. in the River NILE. That is White People's . His and Her Biblical Sovereign Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. as a City. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Equinoctial Equinox. must be Built on a RIVER. Like Egypt The NILE RIVER. His Majesty King Milchispdec and Her Majesty Queen BEULAH-That is to-day. or MY Powerful RIVER JORDAN. and Lawyer Jesus in the Jordan. Ethiopia is a Baptized Dynasty. Now Ethiopia and Africa and Egypt and Vast Creation of Black Supremacy will plant their seeds on the Soil of Black Supremacy. and they taught us how to appreciate The Power of Holy Baptism. The Church Triumphant is Perfect Baptism. The King of Kings. 4004 to A. Baptism is a very important Subject to Black Supremacy . KNEW The Perfect Value of Holy Baptism UNDER Water. is King Alpha and Queen Omega. and must Rush his and her BAPTISM. (To wait at. No. and my Egyptian Crown and Royal Wrap SAME way A. Like as unto Lady Beulah in the Nile. 277. 22 Having on the Heart.O. p. Al. King of Kings. From B. Second Score. Our Triumph over white Supremacy. K. Black Supremacy The Church Triumphant have Denounced Her openly. "POOLS Baptism" in CHURCH BUILDINGS. Every Black Man and Woman is Black Supremacy. Sacred Songs and Solos. I. RIVER BAPTISM. To be baptized. The Monarch Songs Book of the World. no favors to ask her. Our SLAVE MASTER. she faked all Christianity.Chapter 8 PERFECT BAPTISM UNDER WATER Black Supremacy.Q. for she is an ACKNOWLEDGE Deceiver. is His Majesty King Melchisedec. They are all Black Peoples. of my own Bodily Loins. Chapter 9 PERFECT BAPTISM UNDER WATER Ethiopia is The Dynasty that we have RESURRECTED and baptized INTO Her Own Legal and Divine Body. So Ethiopia must find The Virgin Mary and Joseph and Jesus Christ and John The Baptist. and on. Chapter 10 PERFECT BAPTISM UNDER WATER Palestine My ROYAL JORDON.C. We fully appreciate the Baptism of Black Supremacy. means the Control of The City. The Said Alpha and Omega.D. And we have no Pardon to beg white supremacy. COPYWRIGHT.

all Adamic Abrahamic and Anglo-Saxon "Baptist Churches. and He can have her on the Train of Time. She can have him. Head and Pillow Copyright. Owner of The Human Race. for they are HEAD and Pillow. Minds and Hearts from Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon. and Crown Head of the Church Triumphant and Black Supremacy. The Perfect owner of Black Supremacy and Matrimony. He ASKED "Philip" to Baptize Him. His and Her Dynasty. Our Live Eternal Creator. Jesus Christ WALKED over Sixty Miles to River Jordan to John The Baptist. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh King of Kings. Controller. The LEPROUS-PREACHER. "has to WASH Their Hands and Souls. Crown Arch-Creator of Life. and Dictionaries. for we are The EquinoctialEquinoxes. This Triumphant Ceremony. ETHIOPIA'S PERFECT WEDLOCK. Creator and Almighty God. ANYWHERE about the Bar of LADY CREATION. . is the Copyright and FOUNDER of the Ethiopian Virgin Dynasty. MARRIED IS EASED talk. Chapter 12 THE HOLY CEREMONY OF THE MORTALS. peoples must not be foolish. Affidavit. and He cannot hurt her. is Black Supremacy. Dump up those Hell-Holes in Churches Called Pools. Holy Marriage Finger. Renovator. Therefore. The Church Triumphant. The Lion and His Lioness.Leprosy. Mediator. Chapter 11 HIS AND HER MAJESTY KING ALPHA AND QUEEN OMEGA. and she cannot hurt me. MARRIAGE DIPLOMA The Church Triumphant is Black Supremacy. heart and SOUL Companion for life. and the church militant. Lover's Firmament and Penetrating. We are The Owner of Communication and Money Mint. WORLD'S CAPITAL. has nothing at all to do with white supremacy. She cannot hurt him. the Biblical Equator. The Church Triumphant Black Supremacy. When The Ethiopian EUNOCH The BANK MASTER. got to The River. To be Baptized into any of my furious Oceans. The Greatest Majestic Tri-Virgin Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Equinoctial-Equinoxes. I can't hurt her. is the Perfect Copy of His and Her Arch Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega. TERRESTRIAL AFFIDAVIT His and Her Arch-Supremacy of Holy Time. and Baptize in the River or The Ocean. is Lady Pettersburgh's Right Monarch finger. Head and Pillow-Monarch-Groom and Lion-Hearted Virgin Bride. Our Professions are.) Angle-Militant-Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon The Leper. and Black Supremacy. YOUR WEDLOCK. and Operator of Dynasties and Bible House. In Countries where it is sometimes COLD.

Chapter 13 CEREMONY OF THE MORTALS MORTALS. will stand facing Each other at the Matrimonial Tribunal. you follow me. The First and The Last. Then the Elder shall ask again. Thus saith Our Creator The Living God. By Perfect Ceremony. and Abraham the Lunatic. Thus Saith the Living God. and you cannot get to Heaven without her. 28 . They are called black white. A Royal Child Christmas Gift. To The Perfect Tree of Life. Your ring is an emblem of Loyalty. and Abraham The Indomitable. Blessed are they that SEARCHETH the DEEP THINGS ON THE TREE OF LIFE for my Wisdom is DEEP and is past finding Out. "who will bear a true witness for the: Tree of Life"? p.Adam. You are now equal. The Church Triumphant and Black Supremacy. and The Black man is an Hypocrite. amongst your Own Black Skin. the ELDER WILL ASK "IS IT ALL WELL"! Every body shall say together. she cannot leave you on Earth. That is white supremacy is marriage Solemnization. To Over Come White Bondage and filth and Black Hypocrisy. And say to my Guest. An Hypocrite means a crook. Adam The Leper. "The Monarch Finger" on your (Right Limb is. is Black Supremacy. The Leper. The King of Kings. UNTIL DEATH. with your Cup in your hand. Chapter 14 FASTING--HOW TO FAST I am His Majesty King Alpha. Holy Union's finger). the trouble will fall on you. According to The Perfect Copy.C. and you cannot hurt her. a filthy man is that class of White Folks that cuts with the Crook. Ye are the light and Salt of this and Other Worlds. BETTER FOR WORST. For the white man is very filthy.O. are the Directors of the Marriage Proclamation of the Church Militant and White Supremacy. When you are all ready. HEAD and Pillow-Heart and SOUL Life-HOLD COMPANION. "all is well with me". Both (male and Female). She cannot hurt you. and The Marriage officer will (Read) to them My (Perfect Crown Document). I will show you where the Marriage Office is Perfect Ceremony. Owner of Life. Always have a BASIN of FINE OR COARSE SALT on your Fast TABLE as long as God is your RULER. When you break your fast do not THROW the WATER over your heads. you HAVE TO FAST HARD. (9. of His and Her Arch Majesty King Alpha. RICHER for POORER. The Copyright of Creation.NIGHT) FROM THE CIRCLE THRONE THE KING OF KINGS.

. . And the Shepherd and Mrs. Then Every Body walk quietly and RESPECTFULLY throw away the Water. British West Indies. And Ghost can fool them at any corner. A LOVE Feast (Fast) every 3 or 6 months is NEEDED. (Ruth and Lillian) said they knew what they are talking about. United STATES OF AMERICA. Habakkuk and. to the BURRYING PLACE of sin and shame. House to House Fasting is very Powerful. long before this World was. Heaven has BEEN running co-trillions of CENTURIES ago. Q. and Lady Pettersburgh. Neither my PEACEFUL Pacific OCEAN PLAINS as long as God Almighty Lives. And Mt. the Angle-Militant fallen Angles' tongues. And His-Majesty King Noah The Owner of Mt. Jamaica. are not appreciated by His Majesty the Monarch of Life. Therefore. Newark. And have killed the Mortal SUPREME Monarch. For they have deceived the Race man. God Helping Me.. K. Ethiopia's Repository will Change and qualify the fallen Angels Deadly POISONOUS INDOMITABLE Lying tongues. And Ellen Park Johnson. are Ethiopians. The Triumphant Lot is my own lot until This Day. There has been only one PERFECT language on the FACE of the Globe. STUPIDITY is the most they get out of the Various tongues spoken by the Majority. Great ARTIC and Atlantic swellings belongs to LAWYER JESUS. And The Leader. KING ALPHA AND QUEEN OMEGA Copyright of Holy Time. His Majesty King Joseph is Owner of the Great Sea. The Atlantic Ocean until This Day. Thus saith the Living God to Creation VAST. are Egyptians. of New Orleans. the Mrs. Shall say follow me with your Cup of Troubles. New Jersey. Canada and the furious Mississippi I have no intention to give away. BLACK SUPREMACY KING OF KINGS Chapter 16 SPEAKING IN DIVERS TONGUE Before the Adamic DEADLY DISEASES poisoned The Human family with FALLEN ANGLES Blue MURDER. Lady Indiana his Mother. Ninety five out of every HUNDRED do not know what they do or say.All shall say "by the Living God I will. Africa. A. it lifts the Work and REMOVES Devils from the Homes of those in DISTRESS. Heaven is no GUESSOR. Slave Traders. the former Owner of the State of Indiana. feeling SATISFIED and REVIVED and Lovely. Once Per week for the General Assembly is alright. CALLED the WORLD'S CAPITAL. January 8th 1926. O. The Ethiopian Kingdom Master. Then brake your real fast and be happy. Chapter 15 THE EGYPTIAN COPYRIGHT DEPARTMENT His and Her Dynasty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. The World's Capital. for Life". the New Bible land. Then come in and wash your hands and face in a Basin of SALT AND WATER.

. FOOLED with His Doctrine. Chapter 19 ETHIOPIA'S TRIUMPHANT PROCLAMATION The Bible Owner. A Virgin must always be look for at every Resurrection. Copyright. THE LAWS of PERFECT RESURRECTION The Ethiopian Crown Mrs. King Alpha and Queen Omega K.O. And Poor Rogers did not know. Our UNIVERSAL THRONE must be DECKED right to the Canopy. SHALL NEVER DIE. Speak with MORTALS. Chapter 18 MY RAIN BOW CIRCLE THRONE His and Her Arch Sovereign of Holy Time Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. Kings are not allowed to MARRY any one but a VIRGIN QUEEN in Order of Perfect Dynasty. of Holy Time. is a Noble Philosophist. That her Big Universal Name is The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. She told Pilot Garvey. Note: (Millions Living now shall Never Die). The Rain-Bow will not speak in this Port. The fallen Angel. he was "The Principal of Hell". Owner of the Rain-bow. Wherever a King is. told Professor Rogers. His Tri-Divinity and Her Tri-Virginity. His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega.O. Called Millions Living Now. Special Notice. The Pilot Believed the Angle-Militant Upside Down Queen.K. I am ready to tell you.A. Lexicographer. to the CIRCLE BRIDGE. that his name is (Douglas). He has got PASTOR RUSSEL and Judge Rutherford Dead. under Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon The Leper. By Lady Pettersburgh Equinoctial-Equinox Founder of Mortal Speech. a PERFECT STANDARD. at Canon Port. from my Equator. not Angels. whose name is Lady Astonishment. Heaven is not guessing The Eternal Government Business. The Pilot Marcus Garvey. The Apostle PAUL CALLED them Principality.Q. DENOUNCED The Bible Militant. In Nineteen Twenty-two I told Judge Rutherford he must stop preaching Lies. there must be a VIRGIN QUEEN. Lawgiver and Clergyman. K.Chapter 17 SPEAKING IN TONGUES Professor Rogers The House of Athlyi. She has Her CHAMBERLOIN. Bible owner. Equinoctial-Equinox. Judge Lucifer The Devil is no Common Theologian. are Black Dignitary. Surveyor General of Creation and Owner of Money Mint. One fallen Angel. I am Philosopher. That Lady Creation Vast is BLACK SUPREMACY.

Her Tri-Virginity My Head and Pillow companion. I want you to know that the (indomitable firmament is Mine. as MY Boy Jesus said he and I are one. Vulcannon is Mine. 2000. The MONARCH'S GIRDLE. and I the Husband-MAN His Tri-Divinity and Queen Lula Pettersburgh.Q.M.O.O. Every Thunder and Lightening is Mine. The New Bible Land. I AND MY CREATOR ARE ONE in PURPOSE. Through the Rectum on both legs.K. Both MALE and FEMALE for life. And take off the Black Man and his Posterities from off The Angle-Militant SLAVE-TRAIN at Nationality.K. closely fitted and all around the waist. and you do not KNOW what TRIGGER your LIFE and destiny is ON. 34 When I speak to her she OBEY MY ROYAL VOICE.K. (4 O. DAY AND NIGHT. This is Officially called the MONARCH CROWN WRAP. The Gods of Laws are my Students. And Jesus Christ wore the Supreme Swaddling. and Black Supremacy. (12 yards) King of Kings. The Air you are breathing This Minute is Mine. The Church Triumphant.Also The Militant Dictionary.D. That The Anarchy called. The Isles of Spring. Both loins and head. They Sleep in BED and Eat WITH you. British West Indies. wears them The Three ways.O. His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega and Lady Pettersburgh. the True Vine. Place of Writing. Ethiopia must do the Same for life. from the THRONE World's Capital The Bible House in The Furnace ROOM. The Brim-stone and Fire.K.P.A. The Black Supremacy on The Triumphant Soil of the World's Capital.A. First on Our heads The Royal Wrap. The BABWIRE Eternity is Mine. Jamaica. K. And we.) p. 1926 A. K. January 10.Q. The same Country. And Planted the Church Triumphant.) .O. Black Supremacy. and Safe-Guard your Dynasty. Chapter 20 THE ROYAL SWADDLING OF JESUS AND JOHN THE BAPTIST John The Baptist wears The Monarch's GIRDLE about his loins. the first to the Skin. Black Supremacy's Greatest Men and Women are Sub-Ways and AIR-MASTERS of every SHADE.C. King of Kings.

I am His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega The Pay Master for the Terrestrial Bar. for puss has nine lives. King of Kings. every WEEK. left me standing. I am The Perfect Royal Head of This World. The First and The Last.O. just after he draw out the last 10 in my pocket with his Load-Stone. K. is running towards my dynasty. is not BIG ENOUGH. but Solomon. . Get off this Train and Wash your SOUL is the Vengeance of God's Eternal Wrath. dogs can be your WIFE and Puss can be your Self. and The Other to Honour.Chapter 21 THE LOAD-STONE LEPOR The Load-Stone Lepor from Nationality. Chapter 22 THE LAW OF RESURRECTION According to the RULE of Resurrections (one Race) of people must go down to dishonour. Load Stone Jesus at the Cross. The Root of Creation. No Pardon for you Rev. I am the Master Builder of Continents. A Load-Stone God. nor his FATHER DAVID to dictate to the Monarch of Dread Creation. p. but I am the Keeper of The Tree of Life. And all puss gutts. Bishop Load-Stone Honourable and Medical Robber. I am Building a World's Super Capital for The Church Triumphant. King Alpha and Queen Omega. They uses Load-Stone into The Militant Bible House. Lepors do not dictate to me. But your Due-bill is SURE for every minute of your life. belongs to me. The Black Supremacy at the World's Dam-Head. Africa's DESIRE is to Rebuild Solomon's Temple. for that is a House of Science. Just give him Ethiopia's Balm Yard No. 666 instantly.Q. CAUTION Make your INDIVIDUAL way Straight. outside the boor.A. The Chief Obeah Shop on Militant Precipice. Black Supremacy is the Queen of Ethiopia's Triumphant Resurrection. and Countries. 37 You said you deal with puss. DYNASTIES and Kingdoms on this Earth PLAIN. when you are at THE head of AFFAIRS with GOD for HEAVEN DO NOT PAY. Give his business to the Monarch of Disgrace. His and Her Monarch King Alpha and Queen Omega. Rev. They Called themselves Scientist to Obeah Pinnacle.

At the Banquet in Egypt. p. Banquet for CHILD'S BIRTH. The Black MUSEUM will open Day and Night for Life. when it ripe. K. A Memorial Banquet for a Member gone to REST. If you do. For Advertising your Business. For New Year. A BANQUETING CHAMBER. An Assembly.A. if you are not an enemy to Black Supremacy and The Church Triumphant.Q. BLACK MUST NOT MARRY WHITE NOR WHITE BLACK. The Church Triumphant INVITED me into her Royal Banqueting Universe. you might find a Royal Lover for your Own Heart in This Banquet. 40 For Business Properties. hereafter we (all) shall say Black Supremacy. "RACE ENMITY. and Compulsory. let us know. Chapter 24 GOVERNMENT Black Supremacy has taken Charge of white supremacy. A Love Banquet to The Glory of God." . Civilization. Instead of Our Saying. You will also have a Banquet of Black Supremacy. For a Friend. You may go to SCHOOL UNTIL YOU DIE. Black Supremacy is the Church Triumphant. Xmas and HOLIDAYS. or for Sick Recovery. Men and Women can Marry Right in School if you are of a RESPECTABLE proportion of Dignity. HAS MANY ROYAL SECTIONS. to all Mortals Being. New Home or Business. King Solomon. or. with King Pharaoh The Black man's virgin princess. Education will be free. For King Alpha and Queen Omega. made love. Just take this Drench of INDOMITABLE Fury and Move for the Church Triumphant right from the Bridge.O.Chapter 23 ETHIOPIA'S BANQUETING CHAMBER Lady Black Supremacy. Black Supremacy will promote the Mortals of every SHADE according to YOUR power to go. at this LOVE SEARCHING Battle GROUND. May Be. For Souls Having Peace with GOD. The Black Man. You may have a Thanks-Giving Banquet for Marriage Life.

His Monarch.K. AND OWNER of COMMUNICATION.W. or Husband.K.L. "The Will" MASTER of CREATION. Her Monarch.A. January 12 (9. you are only digging a grave for your self. because you got more College filth in your HEAD. 1926.Always be a RESPECTFUL DIPLOMAT. Surveyor. Post Graduate. The Right Master of Terrestrial Bequest.J.K. K. King Alpha and Queen Omega. I KNOW thousands of College hogs and dogs and PROFESSIONAL Swines! Also some very FINE peoples. of any Written Subject. The Triumphant Lot The Isles of Spring.M. Ph. they will fake you to Death. 1926. Always give an intelligent reply to every person that Approach. Queen Omega and Lady Pettersburgh. Do not follow Court House and Doctors.O.A.O. Stick to your own Wife or Husband.B. The Owner of Money Mint. A. His and Her Arch-Sovereign of Perfect Time.D. AND ROYAL FOUNDER.A. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. And Lady Triumph the Second. A. January 11. Do not try to let your Wife.Q. or write you on any subject. His and Her Biblical Equinox. WHO ARE THOU? STEP ON YOUR SIDE. it is a curse to you. The Perfect Husband and Wife Theocracy.K.D. Must not be seen before. 2000.A. Do not put your quick judgment on any person. Heaven is Runned by Communication. The Wisdom of GOD DEPENDS on Communication. new Bible land. Do not WATCH and PEEP your WIFE or HUSBAND. and Patten Master of BEQUEST.A.W. Do not marry any Divorce person. they are the cause of you being what you are.S.D.15.J.C. Just what a people are.M. Tri-Virgin Equinoctial Equinox.). 2000 IN THE FURNACE ROOM.C. Victor. The Crown Head of Holy Time and Pay Master of Holy Theocracy. 7. Hold Them up. Chapter 25 THE OWNER OF MOST HOLY THEOCRACY.O.D. p. Chapter 26 WORLD'S BUILDING The Root and Foundation of World's Buildings is by Communication.K. CELESTIAL LAW A. INSIDE NATURE. 42 Confidence is not quick to move.C.L.B. or Family feel small.C.O. World's Capital. The Royal Copy Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. King Alpha and Queen Omega. Communication is Lady Pettersburgh's First born.A. WORLD'S CAPITAL . that is just the State of your Government.Q. Always ask for the full value. January 10.S. His Majesty King Alpha and.C. The 12.O. THE GOVERNMENT.Q.O.L. and Keeper of The perfect Tree of Life. K.

she was at the time. He will put you and his own WIFE to sleep in his bed. Plant that as you go. TO HIS MONARCH. of BLACK SUPREMACY is my Wife. 46 Emily MCGHIE (said). warrants the Black Slaves at Nationality to leave for the Ethiopian's Yard Limit. PHILOSOPHICAL COMMON SWITCH. (Last Warning) Chapter 28 GENERAL MARCUS GARVEY AND BISHOP ROGERS Pilot Marcus Garvey.J. I have not had a line from her. as Long as God Lives. Met me at The World's Capital With the "Little . from Generation to Generation. Garrison and Professor W. For they was ruling the Port of Communication. And children must INHERIT their PARENTS WEALTH. Called the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African League. CALLED SLAVERY in the Heart of White Folks that will come up in one NIGHT. Your Mother. for life. COMMUNICATION AND HIS SISTER LADY TRIUMPH. His Holiness Pope Rodgers. for there is a Rock BOTTOM OFFENCE. for the Anarchy. a good little MESSENGER. And She and I. Your Perfect Father. He will worship you. through Communication in the copyright Department at The World's Capital. They take your LIFE with their PRIVATE INTO YOUR PRIVATE. The EUROPEAN LONG-DISTANCE ITALIAN-JEWISH-ANGLO-TORPEDO. Have nothing to do with the Anarchy: Do not allow Black Supremacy to Marry any one from white supremacy. and let you cohabit with her all you want just to get you in. I am The Monarch of Creation. white Peoples Mind is the Snake's Mind.D. I married Her. The Athlican's Piby. VICTOR. because she is Queen Omega and I am His Majesty King Alpha the King of Kings. Lady G. and could not TELL what part of the Globe. January 12. The Angle-Militant Supremacy. I trust a Snake. just to get on top of your Belly. your Birth Day. and Money Mint is ours. at Nationality will not allow her to Communicate with me. Through the instrument of (Lady Astonishment). The House of Athlyi. Davis. is a perfect lady. are The Keepers of The Tree of Life and Creation's Wisdom and Power House. p. Lady Pettersburgh the Perfect Mrs. That is why they tries to Kill you in your Mother's Belly. I am writing to you today before you are being CONCEIVED in The WORLD in your Mother's Belly. And Seal Her Married Diploma behind her Back.COPYRIGHT OF HOLY TIME. and they will not allow her to CROSS The AngleMilitant Gulf. Before I trust a White Person. Chapter 27 WORLD'S BUILDING And up to the Hour.

For all they teach and Preach about is Adam and Eve and Abraham The Lepor. and Abraham The Lepor. St. 7 Bond Street. ONE MAN CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. Rev.K. Carter and His Sister ADDE is also on the ROUTE.K.O. Abraham the Historian SAID DISPISE the both of them and follow him.W. Chapter 30 THE SOLDIERS AT CAMP AND POLICE DEPT.Piby".Q. for Me to Lock Out Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon the Lepor from my wedding's Banquet.O.K. Every Police Department is out there. Their names you will not know.Q.Q. I was Ordained by Him for MILITANT BATTLE-FIELD. Adam-Abraham The lepor are Ministers and Lawyers Boss. Rev.K. Charles Goodridge is gone with the Message. The Officers and Soldiers at Camp that has power and influence are WELL POSTED. Professor John Wilson Bell.K.D.A. K.R. if you want to get away with RED HOT MURDER. LEGISLATORS SAID. I do not Call Ministers for they are not working for me. The Judge said.Q. and work for His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega the same time. . By His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega. Name. A. W.O. That said Year. LEAVE The Alpha and Omega out because they are Black and.A. Matthews 25 (ten) 10th Verse. p.O.O.K.K.O.K. Lawyers said. written by Adam and Eve. Kingston Jamaica. 48 But I leaped The Militant Biblical Gulf.O. or the Book of Abraham. K. Doctor of Angle-Militant-Theology.O. SKIN FOR S Chapter 31 BLACK SUPREMACY'S INFANT'S DIPLOMA Lady Pettersburgh's infant's Triumphant Diploma. (1924). I poled white supremacy.A. they are following Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon the Lepor. there is nobody name Adam and Eve.K. Legislators said one Man CANNOT serve two Masters. Chapter 29 THE ETERNAL LAW OFFICE HIS AND HER MAJESTY KING ALPHA AND QUEEN OMEGA'S WEDDING. and Mrs. For they do not see not (even) one Book in The Bible. was Master of Ceremony at No. I promoted Doctor Bell to the Rank of Kings for the Mistake he made.J. Ministers says they can't work with Adam and Eve. for Black Supremacy. or Book of Isaac According to the (CLEARNESS) of This case. you have got to find a fault with them. If you ever touch the Slave papers they catch you as sure as God Lives. S.A. K. left words.

Age. Ciaphas. Bodies. HEAVEN'S LAW BOOK Chapter 32 HIS AND HER MONARCH THE AFRICAN POTENTATE The Lesson learnt by Slave Traders through Black Histories is well PRESERVED.Date. Father. Race. Age. Month Year Address. Clergyman. Now we are Perfectly DISGUSTED OF THEM. for life. Continent. Mothers. We gave them Daniel and The Body of the Black Virgin. and Spirits to REDEEM Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon the white man from his DREADFUL downfall and Leprosy. We gave ourselves to be Slaves for Hundreds of Years. Africa. Name of the Owner of Bible -House and Money Mint. Souls. Palestine. and they took Joseph also. Name of Monarch. The Mother of Jesus. Name of The Arch Bishop of Creation (Not Nation. Profession. THE FIRST AND THE LAST. Name of the owner of Communication. we gave him Egypt. but from 4004 B. p. WE GAVE UP KING ALPHA AND QUEEN OMEGA.D. We gave him The Life. We wash our hands of THEM. to A. THE POTENTATE . We have given Our Blood. we gave him the Garden of Eden. 52 Name of the Chief Lady. We have given him access to the Tree of Life. He is STILL INFESTED with the indomitable INCURABLE accursed Deadly Diseases. Name of Chief Physician. SECOND SCORE at his astonishing stop. and Body of Jesus Christ. at the Request of the Lepor. their Chief Priest. Soul.) Name of the Chief of Education.C.

A. 12-13 Verses. Chapter 34 BLACK SUPREMACY'S PATTEN OFFICER His and Her Arch Monarch Sovereign of Holy Time.C. and Arch Bishop of Holy Time. and these Lessons.Chapter 33 ETHIOPIA'S SCHOOL.Y. Communicator. Revelation 22. S. and Universities on earth. His and Her Black Supremacy. The Crown Head of Most Holy Time and Keeper of the Tree of Life and Perfect Majestic Matrimonial Sovereignty.S. God called the First Man Alpha. S. His and Her Triumphant Virgin Dynasty. S. All Governments and "PROFESSIONS" must be REGISTERED in The Royal OFFICE of Black . p.S. No. Owner of COMMUNICATIONS and all Creations OLD AND NEW. December 12th 1925 A. and Her Tri-Virginity King Alpha and Queen Omega. and Keeper of the Most Holy Tree of Life.S. Copyright Philosopher. REGISTRATION LAW BLACK SUPREMACY.S. Owner of Money Mint and Bible House and The Human Family. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. are on Our pay-roll. COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY Crown Law for Schools. King Alpha and Queen Omega.Z Now Our First Names Alpha. The Holy ALPHABET as Our Medium of Communication. So The Trinity was IMMEDIATELY Created. And told us that we are (Omega). So WE USED. KING ALPHA & QUEEN OMEGA.S. Our Eternal Creator. and First and Last. or Alpha and Omega is (Victory)..C. is Creator and Owner of The Perfect Tree of Life. at the Judgment Pole. S. Arch Bishop and Supreme Judge (Virginity and Divinity of Holy Time".S. The White Peoples Baptist Brotherhood. Creator of Furious Dynasties and Kingdoms.S.S. are Man and Wife.--X. (Certified Married Officers).S. and the Second Alphabet.S.S.S. No. Pay Master of Creation. S. are written by my own hand from my Circle Throne. Chap 12-13 Verses. His and Her Creative and Majestic Arch-Sovereigns King Alpha and Queen Omega. Special Explanation. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. and Master of all. (commonly) called "Alpha and Omega" we are Black Peoples. The Black Peoples Triumphant Baptist Assembly. that is why we are the Owner of Education. OPPERATORS and RUNNER. 55 The Tri-Divinity.S. His Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega are not Our Creator HIMSELF. 1. Supreme Judge of Creation." Revelation 22. CREATOR of HOLY GENEALOGY. 2000.S. "Our Last Names. Our Live Creator is. This Lesson.S. Law-Giver.S Form of Christian Worship. Colleges. Mediator of Celestial and Terrestrial PERFECT CORDIAL. Clergyman. the Creator of Life.D. Owner of THEOCRACY LEXICOGRAPHY AND MONEY MINT. They are Our Creator's PAY MASTER and BOOK-KEEPER on the Train of Holy Time. 2.B. and Her Alphabet.

s. Queen "Bulah" May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. And your "Majesty" will mount my Exceeding Great Circle Throne.) Please "Madam". KING OF KINGS.S. Don't it? Why: Yes indeed--GROSS Beauty is The QUEEN IN HELL. Lady Creation. Pay Master and Owner of this World." of Forevermore.Supremacy." "O.. the Indomitable Lepor and his Harlot.F. Apple Tree. Lady Pettersburgh. A. My dear Lepor. Mrs.S. your name is Adam-Abraham-Anglo-Saxon. I am His Monarch Sovereign. can be moved for 21 years before a New Registration is REQUIRED. All Professionals Pattern of Pure Nature. s. 4004 and my Great Chronological Fifty Horse Power-Printing Press. My Dear Creation. S. King of Kings. your Vehement Venerable Pay Mrs. right into Holy Eternity.s. Adam and Eve. since B.D. King Affidavit "O. I am that said Man that Adam-Abraham and his boy CAIN & ABLE CUT to pieces and took My Royal Printing Fifty Horse Rower Press. SPANISH TOWN. and Abraham. Starting from the World's Capital throughout. Lula May Fitz Balintine (Bulah Pettersburgh. 1925. Holy Genealogy and Holy Theocracy. for fornication and THEFT. His Majesty and His Wife. dated B. and pattern it and call it The Chronicle Printing Press.A. Owner of Creation. My SACRED Chronicle. THE MOTHER OF EVIL The Adamic Tree of Knowledge and Eve the Mother of Evil. We are Black Supreme Crown Head of Most Holy Time. and throw Old Theocracy above the wheel of Holy Time.A. Anglo-Saxon peoples-are all white. and Keturah was driven out of my (Virtuous) Dynasty by myself. Chapter 37 NONE MATRIMONIAL PROSECUTION CRIME OF NONE.. We are Creators of Creation. MATRIMONIAL LEZE MAJESTY (MATRIMONIAL PROSECUTION. and the Royal Lepor. That looks pretty and respectable to your eyes. The Adamic Apple Tree.C. Dynasties and Kingdoms. Chapter 36 The Eternal Come Back King Alpha and Queen Omega's Eternal Come Back. and Celestial and Terrestrial Mediator if you wish to know Our Professions." of Old Alpha the Lion of Creation. King Alpha and His Wife's Eternal come Back. English Jamaica (Record office) Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon. "My friend Omega.O.s.C. Eve and Sarai. K. Genesis 2nd Chapter. . K.O. His and Her Dynasty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. 4004.Q. King Alpha and Queen Omega. Please hand me. to the Lion of Alpha and Omega.. I am his and her Arch sovereign of Most Holy Time. The Militant Abraham is guilty of Eternal-Leze-majesty." The Militant Pay Cheque is. His and Her Perfect Virginity.) (Act. Just make one Eternal come Back at my Pay Office. the "Pay Roll" and The Militant Balance Sheet. "Egyptian Chestnut" Winner.Q. Chapter 35 EVE. HIS AND HER MONARCH BLACK SUPREMACY.S.) 7377.F. The Pay Master and Keeper of The Perfect Tree of Life.

if you please. am His Majesty King Alpha.P. The Lioness of Alpha and Queen Omega. most sacred and Ever Living God. Well SINCE a man has right to pay without Work. Jamaica.D.O.. 1925 (Letter Number 7477). as far as Old Testament Books are concerned from Genesis to Malachi. we are only called the Exodus. January 3rd (5. they has a little SLIP OF PAPER into the Office of Slave City Official TROUSERS Pockets in the FARMS. Crown Marriage Dynasty. 1925. His and Her Triumphant Dynasty. from B.K. Creation's Greatest Songsters. Notice if you see Moses and Aaron and Abraham. The Royal Chestnut Winner. Wife of His Majesty King Alpha. yet he could make the efforts to write one called the Book of Obadiah. the King of Kings. 1925. SPECIAL NOTICE So therefore.. We are Black Peoples. Creation's Womb-Carrier. To The Rev. Lady Bulah. if you please. (The Book of Exodus) is mine. if you please. gave any (Strong) report of me in their fake Bible. if you please..C. Father. for Her Tri-Virginity. Supreme Action. Heart and Soul. is my Head and Pillow.) His work of Six thousand years. The Slave Owners Children. October 21. the World's PAY MASTER. not even one like (Obadiah).C. Wife. I.P. Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. I requested the General Register Office in Spanish Town.C. Kingston. 62 The Man with the one (tallent).M. was never MARRIED. nor his Father Abraham in the New Testament. O. NEW TESTAMENT PORT There is no Book of Isaac. Notice. etc. Chapter 39. if you please.D. Personally. Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon. Reply. That is all we think of their Official Names and Denominations. if you PLEASE. are (39) WorkMen and Women. January 3rd 1926. Obadiah was a SLAVE in King Ahab's House. the King of Kings. p.His "Whoredom" is Recorded in First Chronicle. The Old Testament has no Book in Abraham's name. for Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon "Certified Marriage Officer's Diploma" (This World's Strongest Document). Post Script. of Lady Creation. A.) In reply to say. Heaven and Earth's Creator. Ph.O. His and Her Monarch Black Supremacy. (Ruth and Queen Estha) among the men on gospel journey. Sir you requested me to send you (Certified Marriage Officer's Diploma. p.D. 1st Chap 32. I got REWARD for Her Majesty Queen Omega.L. Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon-Office does not supply such documents. October 21st. That is called Non-Matrimonial Leze Majesty. nor any That followed that Lepor. For up to October 17.L. Chapter 38 HIS AND HER MAJESTY KING MELCHISZEDEK'S AFFIDAVIT The Egyptian Supreme Lady. I am only an Eternal Government Employee. this world can also work with pay. 60 And more than that. King Alpha and Queen Omega.M. . 4004 to 5. if you please.

JOHN THE LAWGIVER & His Brother Prince Emanuel the World's Swiftest Clergyman if you please my LOVE. I am your Eternal Pay Master on the Train of Holy Time YOUR JOINT AIR and Keeper of The Tree of Life. 4. King Alpha and Queen Omega. The Ethiopian is the CROWN HEAD of this Earth Field since Heaven and Earth has been BUILT by the Living God. For that is exactly how His Majesty King Noah the Black Monarch was DROWN at Antediluvia by Adam-Abraham. (Setup) in SOLID WORK in EIGHT POINT TYPES. is The Blessed Virgin Mary of Alpha and Omega and MY TWO LAWFUL BLACK BOYS MY LOVE. Judge Samson lost his TRIBUNAL and his life by marrying the Philistine white woman. 1. PSALMS NO. Your FRIEND. See Judges 14. will you Darling. The Head of the World. 2. as long as Eternal Ages Roll. Creation Vast. King of Kings. We are not any family at all to Adam and Eve and Abraham and Isaac.1926) A. . Chapter 40 THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE'S ORDINATION My dear Ethiopia. His and Her Dynasty of Melchiszedek. His Tri-Divinity & Her Tri-Virginity Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh of Holy Theocracy. is now Ethiopian Triumphant Dynasty. I am just ready to put Out David the Chaff. Revelation 22. Chapter 41 NO. Psalm 1st Ver. 2000. Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon. is not entitled to any ETERNAL. be PLEASED to have (all) My Love-Letters. We are your Parents. His and Her Triumphant Dynasty. His & Her Psalmist. THE BIBLE EDITOR HIS & HER BLESSED PSALMS OF KING ALPHA AND QUEEN OMEGA. Most Living and Eternal and Ever Living Sovereign. Thank and Praise the Ever Living God. The Book of His and Her Biblical Sovereign Queen Lula May Fitz Pettersburgh Pay Master pf Holy Time. See the Philistines Judges plotting out RIDDLES with the woman how to get him. of Her Monarch Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. Owner of Life. MY DEAR TREE OF LIFE. My Love. 15 & 16 Chapters.D. the Keepers of The TREE OF LIFE. His & Her Holy Theocracy. THE ANARCHY.And there's is no "Book" in the Bible for the Anglo-Saxon Creation. MY DEAR MONARCH. The Owner of the Psalms. 12-13. DEAR HEART. His Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega. Business & OTHER OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. and the Anglo-Saxon SlaveOwners. AND I WILL PLACE them in my PSALMS MAKING DEPARTMENT AGAIN FOR YOU THE NEW BIBLE LAND (APRIL 27. His Majesty King MELCHISEDEC'S AFFIDAVIT. My True-Hearted Wife.

It is the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT OF ABUSE that manifest ITSELF that the Common-Class Black MEN are NOW Raping the common-Class white women." The (interpretation) these unfortunate ones. 69 We are His & Her Register General of Black Supremacy if you please. Head Biblical Interpreter of Creation. Adam-Abraham-Angle-Saxon The Lepor. if you please. The Black man & his wife. THE BLACK MEN had no opportunity to (RATE) that is to Lie with white women. in gross PROSPERITY as SOON AS THE ANGLOSAXON PEOPLES ALL DIE OUT IF YOU PLEASE. THE Keeper of the Tree of Life if you please. The Copyright of this World if you Please!!. will come and go. Our appointment is an Eternal Appointment if you please. THE BIBLICAL SOVEREIGN OF THIS WORLD. Chapter 43 THE MAN BEFORE ADAM WAS I am His Majesty King Alpha The King of Kings. and COMMITTED Boisterous Fornication with them.B. Mob-Lynchers. in time of Slavery. The White Slave Masters. are the Outcome of the "Advance-Rate" on the AngloSaxon Slave Train. In those Days. We are The Ethiopian Kingdom Owner if you please. "The ADVANCE-RATE" means. 67 Both rapers. if you please. while the BLACK MEN'S BLOOD was BURNING UP IN THEIR bodies for the Sexual support of their OWN WOMEN. Pettersburgh . Sign The Copyright of Creation. alone with my Own BONA FIDE Lion-Hearted Wife Queen Omega. The Monarch F. the White Slave Masters TOOK away all the BEST BLACK WOMEN. and Klu-Kluk-Klangs are to be SHOT down from off the Face of GOD Almighty's Beautiful Earth. And called it the Advance-Rate. was here on Earth before Adam and Eve & ABARAHAM & Anglo-Saxon if you please. IN THOSE DAYS this Act was called THE Advance-Rate of white supremacy. We are the Owner of the Zodiac if you please. And we. His & Her Majesty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. Languages & Tongues & other peoples. Therefore. p. We are. His & Her Biblical Copyright. from off the FACE of this EARTH BUT His Majesty King Alpha and His Wife Queen Omega. Race & Nations. committed BOISTEROUS FORNICATION with THE BLACK WOMEN that were TAKEN for Slaves. We are the Type-Setters for Time and Eternity. has no PLACE in this World. p.Chapter 42 THE HEAD BIBLICAL INTERPRETER. We be here always if you please. We are Black Peoples if you please. Alpha & Omega. OF CREATION The American "Rapers" Klu-Kluk-Klan and "Mob-Lynching Policy. That is how the 3rd Class peoples come in to the human Veins. that is Our SEEDS will be here.

A.A.W. Owner of the Holy Terrestrial Bar (Wills) & all Legal Bequests.J.S. She is that Royal Woman.O. Chapter 46 REGISTERED LIBRARY Librarian's Register General Office of Black Supremacy. Lady Pettersburgh.K. The Royal Head oh the Church Triumphant.C..J.L..O.O.B..K.. HIS & HER COPYRIGHT MOTHER-HOOD the Monarch Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh King of Kings.C.G. It is just. Whenever possible. The Lion & His Lioness of Alpha and Omega Queen Lula May Fitz BALINTINE PETTERSBURGH OWNER OF MORTAL LIBRARIES BLACK FOLKS. His & Her Terrestrial Bequest Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh.J. Chapter 44 MY ROYAL MOTHER My Mother Mrs.P. Our Creative Sovereign of Mortal Libraries of Holy Time. K. Because she has gotten a FIERCER DRENCH and a Rapider POWER on the Wheel of Time... The Monarch of Creation. is my Virgin Mother. P.Q. K. Copyright.O.C.A. S..C.K..D.C.O. Gross CREDIT IS DUE to the Black Peoples for such an indomitable Supreme drive. that Landed me.O.A. His & Her Foundationer Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh..D. on the SOIL of the Worlds Capital.D.O.B.G. "this is to-day .D..M.A.K. Lawgiver. HEAD OF THIS WORLD & OWNER of MONEY MINT. Mt.O.W. A. THE REGISTERED GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF THE FOUNDER'S SUPPORT FUND K.K. The Registered General Law Courts of Black Supremacy.. that My Wife.C. K.K. Ellen (Park) Johnson of Pettersburgh.Q.Q..K.T.O.O. and drench HER from the Eternal Power-House of Human Gravity. I have Just given my wife a FURIOUS Drench of BOISTEROUS RAGING Life: because we are the Equinoctial Equinox. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Equinoctial Equinox. M.G.S.B.W. the Triumphant Lot the New BIBLE Land.O. By His & Her Arch Monarch of Holy Time.C.L.L.Q. K. BRIDEL YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE YOU ARE MARRIED.S. Run to the Head of the World and STOP THE GIRL that can do IT right. The Foundationer from each Department.S. that Black Supremacy The Church Triumphant SUPPORT.A.C.T.P.B. Chapter 45 THE FOUNDER'S SUPPORT FUNDS The Register General office of Terrestrial Bequest. & The Eternal Angelic .A.L..L.O.T.W. A. Ph. This Drench is called Genealogical Bottom.L.B..H.T.J. I GUARANTEE This WORLD.B.C. Clergyman.--M.C. S.D.S.J.Ph. The Church Triumphant.. Africa The Isles of Radiant Spring.A.O.D. will Land greater Men and Women than My Mother.K.K.. Phol.K. K.W. HOLY THEOCRACY COMMUNICATION and DREAD LEXIUM(LEXICON) the FIRST & THE LAST.H.A.C.A.

H. The Continent of Africa Proper is a National Woman. A.Q.L. K. 75 AFRICAN CIVILIZATION. Chapter 47 a. Money. & a New Money Mint.K. Get out a New Dictionary & a New Bible & a New Board of Education. That is just how all Nations manage to SOKE through the AFRICAN WOMANHOOD of Prosperity. The Denouncement of the Militant Bible-Lands and Militant Dynasty. . SO THEY WENT INTO HER AND ROBBED her Lands.W.K. AND THE NEW OUTFIT SHALL BE CALLED BLACK SUPREMACY.Q. and took her seeds.B. The Registered Business & Authorityship. nor ABROAD.T.O. The Register General's Office of Communication by Black Supremacy the Great Triumphant Church K.C.O.K.C. This instrument protect the two sides of Authorityship. By the Dread order of the Church Triumphant.O. Chapter 47 THE AFRICAN QUESTION The African Question is this.L.M. whose Lives are Riotously Lived until this day.L.A. of The Triumphant Dynasty Great Black Supremacy. By His & Her copyright Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Owner of the Triumphant Dynasty & Great Black Supremacy. BECAUSE SHE HAD TOO MUCH SYMPATHY FOR WILFULL IDLERS of Various Nations.G. or Bible from ADAM to Anglo-Saxon is guilty of Leze-Majesty. Seventy chapters are left out of this Volume. Record. Signed by His & Her Majesty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh HEAD OF THIS WORLD.C. height and depth. ATLAS SURVAYOR Owing to the long Delay.S.T.C. Build a New.S.Q. SLAVE TRADERS WENT INTO AFRICA AND DAMAGED her Seeds.O.O.K.C. of my BIBLE ATLAS SURVAYOR.O. to be slaves.A. All the African is to do now.J. beyond any EARTHLY CURE.. That to-day she and her children have no Power in Her own Land.. P. p.K. Any one found with any History.S. 73 The Register General Office.C. The preference is always thrown over to the Church Triumphant. and is DEALT WITH AS SUCH. She had too much Sympathy for the perishing Nations. of Black Supremacy. ETERNAL AFFIDAVIT. She is that Rich National Woman that has Charmed the Men of Nations to Lie With Her.A. O. AND AFTER A TIME WHEN THEY ALL HAVE LIVED AND COHABITED WITH HER THEY ALL BROKE HER DOWN & LEAVE HER & PERSECUTE HER.K.. K.W.J.T.Hosts.O. Therefore 70..K. or Books.. p. and other DIFFICULTIES with the Engraving Department on this side of the Globe!!! I had to alter the ENTIRE CONSTRUCTION of the CANON.

.A.A.C.S. THIS CODE is CALLED The Register Office of Black Supremacy.K.L. Educated Men of ALL SHADES of Learning.J. A.J. I. A great deal of Money has been lost. The Rev. 78 THE VEHEMENT VENERABLE FITZ BALINTINE PETTERSBURGH REGISTER GENERAL of BLACK SUPREMACY.A. Astrologers are all guilty of the Crime of Genealogical.A.. His & Her ARCHITECT Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh (Lawgiver) and Clergyman.K. Head of This World.Q.C.H.. by order of the Owner of the Zodiac.W.L. Several groups of Books have been destroyed by the Militant Dread-nought in Different Continents of the Globe. are not (responsible) for Astrological Stupidity and . The ENGRAVING Department. as soon as Our Survayor & Atlas Engravers. We The Head of This Earth and Other Worlds. They have Transfigured the Adamic-Serpent into a tip-top Astrological Master Scorpion and planted the Beast right into the ROOT of the PRIVATE OF THE ZODIAC.D.K.D. Sexual. being Stung with the Sting of Death & SHAME and were not ABLE to APPRECIATE THE POWER OF LIFE.W.P.T T.O.O. for much important Reasons. K. ATLAS SURVAYORS.L.K.B.C. We had to have DETAINED Map-Making & Atlas Work.. Has the Royal Honour to be.B.O. your Biblical Architect. The same is applied to Women and Young people. had much diffuculties with the Militant Power in the New Bible Land.C.D. All Astrologers by Compulsory Must be Registered at the Register Office of Astrology. Owner of the Zodiac. Chapter 48 THE MAP-MAKING AND BIBLE ATLAS SURVAYOR Owing to The Militant Objections to the Rise of the Church Triumphant.--The entire Bible Scroll of Black Supremacy The Church Triumphant--and all the ROYAL DOCUMENTS Along with 76 chapters of The New Canon was destroyed by a MAD BRAINED REVIVAL man CALLED ALEXANDER HABAKKUK COOMBS and his Wife. His & Her Monarch of Renown Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh King of Kings. L. and The Atlas & Map-Making Philosopher. Mortal Suicide.K. O.K. P.Ph.S. the Grand Whore of this World. P.T.B.. K. S.O.Q.Those you will get in One Full volume. June 1st 1926. A.O.M. ETHIOPIAN BIBLE PIONEER. Equinoctial Equinox.W.L.O. OWNER OF THE ZODIAC THE REGISTER GENERAL OFFICE OF ASTROLOGY. Chapter 48 a.O. BY THE KING OF KINGS. OWNER OF THE ZODIAC. are WANTED with money and without money. p. It is impossible for such a man to ESCAPE punishment because his acts are WILFULL.J.K. They were all. can get through their work. by TRUSTING it into the Hands of dishonest peoples.C.S. L. They have read the Signs of The Zodiac to suite white supremacy.Q.. being The Triumphant Architect of the Church Triumphant I had UNTOLD Difficulties with the GENERATION of the 20th Century.

Their Superior Registered Manuscript of all Angle-Militant Works. 81 I am the Supreme Judge of Holy Time. THE PSALMIST DAVID ASK ME TO CLOSE UP THE PIT FOR HIM. His & Her Supreme Registered crown Manuscript of the Great Zodiac of His Majesty King Alpha and his Wife. all Theological PLANTS. SWEET HEART. THE TREE of the Zodiac was much DISHONOURED by Angle-MILITANT Astrologers. His and Her Arch-Groom and Bride Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh: Biblical-Arch- . A. Her Tri-Virginity and Myself His Tri-Divinity. PETTERSBURGH THE MONARCH of Creation (from the Throne) June 2. I am His Arch Sovereign of Most Holy Time. Theology. We came down on the Anglo-Saxon Slave Train. Angle-Militant Crime Against the TRUE and Most Holy Creator. Deeper and Sounder than the Anglo-Saxon (Slave) Manuscript at the Monistry of St. The Revelation of John the Divine. they must give way to the POWER HOUSE of THE Great Black Supremacy. Now nations time is up. My wife. call or WRITE to the p. FROM THE NEW TESTAMENT CODE. in order that we could get to have crossed the Militant Gulf at the Gate-way of Nationality. AFRICA. Chapter 49 PSALM 50 BY THE MONARCH PETTERSBURGH Psalms are the Music of the TREE of life. The Church Triumphant. 83 Registered Office of Holy Theology at the World's Capital for your New THEOLOGICAL Diploma. Pettersburgh and His Wife Lula. is Eternal Leze Majesty. GREAT BLACK SUPREMACY YOUR TRUE LOVER TOOK DOWN The Angle-Militant Slaves. I am the Man before Adam and Eve and Abraham the Anglo-Saxon. THE CANOPY OF THE MOST HOLY & LIVING GOD OF BOISTEROUS LOVE. since A. Chapter 50 THE THEOLOGICAL LAWGIVER OF CREATION TO THE BAR OF MOST HOLY THEOLOGY. the Lion and his Lioness. 1926. King Alpha. 1000. Therefore. your Arch Sovereign Queen Omega. p. my love. MY SON. MY DEAR THEOLOGY. for National Rulership. Augustine at English Canterbury. Also all soundly thinking Human Beings on the Train of Time. the King of Kings. Queen Omega. must be RENOVATED. TO BE ABLE TO FACE THE VULCAN of The Church Triumphant.D.D.White Rulers ignorance. Owner of the Canopy. The Twentieth Century. 2000. I AM YOUR PAST EXCEEDING DREAD CREATOR AND BIBLICAL SOVEREIGN. Planted a CROWNED CAPITAL of MOST HOLY CREATION. CALLED MT. I am YOUR Vehement Venerable Psalmist and Bible Editor of the 'TREE of Life. God Almighty is INSULTED by ASTROLOGERS. We have given Our Names according to Bible Law.

84 Communication and Owner of the Human Family. A.L. therefore. Pen and Power Master and Founder of Holy p.D. We being the Keeper of the TREE OF LIFE. K. Equinoctial Equinox. Creation's SUPREMACY. Holy Theocracy Most Dread Copy number 5 K. To Her Arch Majesty. Apocrypha.O. The Chief Virgin of the Tree of Life. Equinoctial Equinox. of Alpha and Omega Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Equinoctial Equinox. This Powerful Canon is the Narrative of His and Her Dynasty Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh.H. the Lioness.M. The Monarch Finger on the Right Limb. K.O. my perfect Husband and Wife's Theocracy (dated) A.C. Your Arch Majesty. Lawgiver.J.A. Now my Dear Honourable Virgin.K. .Ph.O. 1. And give to Creation. just take this Drench of Perfect Wonders and Live with me for Life.Q. My Equator.D.A. BlueMurder.K.D.Q. Romanic or Scientific. The Twelve months of the year are my (12) Degrees. and have THEIR BEST Physician to (Loose) YOUR Virgin matrix and give us a crown Diploma of our Dignity. 4004 and closed A. I am your Husband King Alpha the Lion of Man. KING OF KINGS. Black Supremacy Perfect Parchment Scroll. A.D. December 1st 1925 A. Copyright of Creation. The Bible's Supreme Name is Holy Theocracy and Lady Diety.Q. 1925 AND 26.O.Sovereign. Equinoctial Equinox. "MY Diploma. Owner of the Zodiac and communication.. Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh Equinoctial Equinox. 96." is The Human Race. By Order of the Copyright of Creation.K. I have taken away the Adamic. DIPLOMA The Bible Owner is THE Black Man. and Paymaster of Holy Time.C. Mrs. p. imperfect (version) that is (dated) B. My dear Wife.W.A.. we are requested to call up the Mental Power House of this world. is Holy Union's Perfect finger. From the Judgment Throne by the King of Kings..P.L.S. Clear God the Father's Perfect Reputation and The Tree of Life.W. Theocracy. my dear wonder. Supreme Judge. Her Ethiopian Tri-Virginity. The Terrestrial Guest Chamber. 85 Now Sweet Heart.O. The Perfect Diploma.C. Now Dear Heart.Q. Marriage officer.D.O.C.S.K. and Dictionary in One. Number ONE IS OUR LIVE LINE TWIXT TIME AND ETERNITY: ETHIOPIAN PARCHMENT SCROLL. December 27 1925 A.L.A. before we take charge of the Guest Chamber of Creation.K." I am The Holy Bible's Owner.T. "Celestial Diploma. Creator of Dynasties and Governments. The Virgin. we have to clear God the Father's Perfect Reputation and the Tree of Life.B. I gave to His Majesty the Great Hector Joseph My chief Copyright Attorney at "The world's Capital" Our Matrimonial Affadavit. We being the Keeper of the TREE of Life. We are not RELATED to Militant Genesis Pentatouch.D.J.B.C.O.

Physician. The Royal name of this ETHIOPIAN DYNASTY is called "Black Supremacy" Denouncement. also His Tri-Divinity. 86 Ethiopian Triumphant Dynasty.s. Black. By the Sacred Order of His Majesty.P. December 27 1925. World's Capital. s. you are (Requested) by His and Her Ethiopian Triumphant Dynasty (To Loose) the Virgin Matri Her Tri-Virginity Her p. S.D. Heaven and Earth Superior.--the Holy Physician.. My Dear Perfect Physician.s.D. 87 Anglo-Saxon Slave Train that Hour.M. Clergyman and Lawgiver.s. 7 O.S. ETHIOPIA'S DYNASTY DIPLOMA. The Angle Saxon Slave Dynasty is called white supremacy. Crown DOCUMENT. 9 O.C. PROCLAMATION AND ROYAL DOCUMENT. Official Order. A. ORDINATION. We Cross white supremacy that Sacred Hour for Eternal Life. Christianity and Civilisation is now Black Supremacy. copyright Philosopher. His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega Medical Practitioners. 1925.S. By His and Her Dynasty. His and Her Arch-Sovereign King Alpha and Queen Omega Supreme Crown Lawgiver. The Copyright Department of Holy Time and give to the Perfect Bar of Holy Theocracy this World's Medical Affidavit. NAME CONTINENT ADDRESS BUSINESS . And take off the Black man from off the p. Queen Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh before she enter Her Husband's Guest Chamber. Lady. Supremacy starts December 23. A. Perfect law. Our Live Creator the Living God. Lula May Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh.C.To Creation Vast the Medical Board of creation.S. Denounce him. 2000.M. A. the Tri-Monarch. The most Holy Ground of Perfect Living Truth.