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A. PROJECT NAME Since the establishment is a combination of a hotel and foodservice the owner believes that the name “JS REST - OTEL” would best describes the business. It comes form the name Jeffrey Sari. The simplicity of word working made it the company’s advantage; It is easy to pronounce, remember and spell.


The establishment is situated near a residential area with less traffic and noise, which gives a hotel an appropriate “solemnity” place. It is located in Pajo Meycauayan with 11,000 sq.m that cost P1, 700 per sq.m mainly an estate of land and farm but JS Rest-otel will only bought 3,000 sq.m of it which will cost about Php 5,100,000.00. (Size can be negotiable according to buyers want.)



It is business owned and forms by an individual. This means that if the business fails, any of your assets, including your personal assets, can be seized to discharge the liabilities owing.

On the positive side , a sole proprietorship is the easiest form of business to set up. If you operate your business under your own name,

with no additions , you don't even need to register your business name to start operating as a sole proprietor.

It should also be noted that you don't have to keep the same form of business for the life of a business. Many small businesses start out as sole proprietorships, for example, and then become corporations later on.




Rest-otels promotes the ecotourism in Meycauayan. As it was observe

many restaurants and establishment has been closed this past months, the company decided to provide a recreational activity in Mediterranean ambiance which includes of the following:  Lodging Service (24 hours room service)  WI-FI ACCESS  24 hrs telephone service – In house  Bed and breakfast  Complete room ammenities  Year-round promos  Restaurant  A swimming pool  Garden


development strategy and a cost . and to define optimal products and amenities in accordance with projected market demand. marketing constraints and opportunities and projected absorption rate and pricing ranges. Research location. and to project sales absorption and annual revenues from development of this property. These feasibility components provide the basis for definitive recommendations on development potential.2 MARKETING FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The purpose of the Marketing Feasibility Study is to determine the suitability of this property for profitable development.1.effective marketing and sales strategy. 4 . potential property competition. and preliminary development plans to define marketing feasibility in terms of potential market share. The methodology entails examination real of the site's market potential followed by research on the competitive respect to real estate consumer market and on findings are analyzed with estate products.

The company would ensure the safe working place for the employee and of the guest. traffic flow. level requirement. 5 .4 MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The flow of clear and precise identification of duties and responsibilities. To achieve these. Ergonomics would also consider to this topic.3 TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The study talks about the floor lay-outs. utilities and etc. location. management plan all activities. 1. financial capability and new technologies. It focuses on the features need of a hotel and what characteristics that a hotel has. It must be set up for must be able to and competitive authority and manpower optimum effectiveness.1. for the company to become productive industry through human resource.

government. then the project is financially feasible. community.1. customers. 6 .6 SOCIO. environment.5 FINANCIAL AND FINANCING FEASIBILITY SUMMARY It analyzes the total costs of a proposed project (including all construction costs and operating costs) and the potential revenues that the project can get. These are foreseeing of how business will contribute to the Employees. It thus will give employment? And what are the responsibilities to our government.ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY SUMMARY This study discuss about how it help to our economy . 1. If the potential revenues of the proposed project can cover all of the costs.

and human resources. The hospitality covers a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation. hotel. JS Rest. 7 . cruise line. event. or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance.1 PROJECT BACKGROUND There are 5 hotels only 3 of this is that was running been established in Meycauayan but namely the MacArthur’s Court. themeparks . The competition between the hotels are not that strong. planning.). etc. The industry is divided into sectors according to the skill-sets required for the work involved. management. As you see. housekeepers.2. porters. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant. marketing. kitchen workers. transportation. it consists of broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging. restaurants. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. and additional fields within the tourism industry. direct operations (servers. bartenders. Sectors include accommodation.otel belongs to Hospitality industry and when we say Hospitality. successfully McArthur’s Suite and Lastly Alessandra Garden. And still can compete because were newly build and promo’s is existing and will surely be accepted by the people.

leather and services that been provide the 8 . Also there are existing hotels such as McArthur’s and beverage. entertainment and recreation. meeting and events. Followed by Leather Products Manufacturing . and has 26 baranggays. shoes. As of 2007. and the Meycauayan Lodge which provides hospitality services to both local and international tourist.210 hectares.2 INDUSTRY RESEARCH The study belongs to tourism sector which promoting tourism industry . local and international into a certain place. Lastly Commercial establishment such as the newly build Supima Square. aliw theater and etc.made commercial establishment. tourism services. The major Industry of Meycauayan City are fine jewelry making which is well known in Bulacan. their population has a total count of 196. making of bags. Man. Peach bloosoms. the ongoing establishing ESPERANZA mall.569 . and visitor information. People here are famous doing accessories using gold and silver’s . Meycauayan City Bulacan has a total land area of 3. gaming. wallet and anything that is man made leather. 2. Alessandra Garden. As you’ve see the Major products of Meycauayan City is on Jewelry Accessories.

an alarm clock . marketing. theme parks. transportation. etc.). porters. direct operations (servers. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. restaurants. a mini-bar with snack foods and drinks. The provision of basic accommodation.term basis. and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry covers a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation. management. a cupboard.The hospitality category of fields within industry consists the service of broad industry that includes lodging. or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance.2. a safe. in times past. including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning or climate control. event planning. Additional common features found in hotel rooms are a telephone.3 DEFINITION OF TERMS HOTEL –is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short . housekeepers. and facilities for making tea and coffee. a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities. and human resources. a television. hotel. consisting only of a room with a bed. The industry is divided into sectors according 9 . HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. cruise line. bartenders. kitchen workers. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant.

An amusement park is more elaborate than a simple city park or travel for recreational. THEMEPARKS. meeting and events. accommodation . The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people "traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure. and the skill . Sectors include gaming . 10 .terms for a group of entertainment attractions and rides and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people. and visitor information. TOURISM SECTOR. usually providing attractions meant to cater to children. leisure or business purposes. teenagers. food beverage. entertainment and recreation. tourism services.sets required for and the work involved. business and other purposes".

 To study and analyzes the supply and demand situation of Meycauayan City  To make the computation a basis for further use that will help students for their coming Feasibility projects. choosing specific market segment. 11 .  And lastly. Steps like questionnaire formulation. Promoting the area to be a tourist spot . a sample and subject selection. survey analysis design.1 METHODOLOGY This section includes a detailed explanation of procedures and techniques for data collection and analysis.2. 3.2 MARKET RESEARCH 3. In order to determine the viability of the study.3. a clear description of tools and instruments. determining market psychology will be taken into consideration. JS REST-OTEL will conduct demand and supply analysis.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  The study aims to provide advertising campaign that will surely accept by people.

Meycauayan has a total Population rate of 227.ZONING department . and Family. Price will be based on the cost plus pricing following the government consumers act of the Philippines . and recollection 12 .3 MAJOR CONSUMERS/ TARGET MARKET As of 2011. products and service test will conduct. 3. Business Meetings and other important cases. facilities and hospitality of the hotel. reviews regarding hotels in order to know the difference in the given service. The establishment foresee it that this population was huge enough to get the target demand and consumers. Employees of different sector that is looking for relaxing place. leisure. JS Rest-Otel target market would be the following: College schools activities. 685 base on Meycauayan Municpality. for Retreats. outing . which company can offer seminars.out. Religion Affiliates. Businessman for team building. and activities. for bonding time. place of hang. With the use of interview. tours.4 P’s of marketing will be given detailed attention.

3. successfully and running MacArthur’s Suite Lastly Alessandra Garden.4 COMPETITORS Since JS rest-otel is newly established the competency companies are not strong enounh There are 5 but only McArthur’s 3 is hotels that between been namely was established in the Meycauayan Court.And lastly looking at the demographic and Psychographic segmentation seeing the employment status of the residence in Meycauayan City would also consider. 13 .

CALVARIO 8. TUGATOG 25. BANCAL 4. BANGA 5. PANTOC 20. OF HOUSEHOLD POPULATION 47. LAWA 13. BAYUGO 6. PANDAYAN 19.241 9569 1538 15548 3477 19643 5761 7729 8595 1948 9906 3729 13683 8603 2077 4377 27845 5768 20399 12116 18975 256 16347 2021 6156 2841 3731 1914 2508 3110 671 3786 1110 1490 1657 376 1909 719 2638 1658 400 844 5368 1112 3933 2336 3658 49 3152 389 1187 548 720 14 .TARGET MARKET COVERAGE FOR 2012 LOCATION MEYCAUAYAN BARANGGAYS 1. BAGBAGUIN 2.PARE 3. IBA 11. HULO 10. MALHACAN 17. SALUYSOY 23. ST. OF POPULATION 236. LIPUTAN 15. LIBTONG 14.205 NO. CAMALIG 9. LANGKA 12. PEREZ 21. POBLACION 22. CAINGIN 7. UBIHAN 26.FRANCIS 24. LONGOS 16. BAHAY. ZAMORA TOTAL NO. PAJO 18.

5 DEMAND ANALYSIS The demand for a high quality yet affordable service is more demonstrated of the growth of the kind of one business enterprise. standard way of living of the people and proper promotion and advertisement of the accommodation should take into consideration to determine the demand in the market. HISTORICAL DEMAND YEAR 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 QUANTITY 39314 40785 42311 43895 45537 note**** The historical data where gathered from the statistic office of Meycauayan municipality with annual growth rate of 3.74204538983 15 .3. The increasing population.

. Yc= a + yi .PROJECTED DEMAND YEAR 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 QUANTITY 47093 48649 50205 51761 53317 note**** The projected demand for hotel accomodation and foodservice establishment wre obtained using the arithmetic formula.1 16 .

75 OR 1556 (2012) Yc = a + Yi – 1 = 1556 + 45537 Yc = 47093 17 .Where: a = Yn – Yc n-1 Yc= Initial value Yn= final value N= number of years Yi= value for the past years a= 45537-39314 5-1 = 1555.

(2013) Yc = a + Yi – 1 = 1556 + 47093 Yc = 48649 (2014) Yc = a + Yi – 1 = 1556 + 48649 Yc = 50205 (2015) Yc = a + Yi – 1 = 1556 + 50205 Yc = 51761 (2016) Yc = a + Yi – 1 = 1556 + 51761 Yc = 53317 18 .

MEYMART – THE MEYCAUAYAN PUBLIC MARKET This would be the possible supplier for the hotels raw material which could get discounts as the hotels has a bulk orders.another supply for goods 19 .for the supply of Mattress SM HYPERMARKET.For kitchen utensils at great discounted values. URATEX FOAM. room facilities and amenities.6 SUPPLY ANALYSIS The supply of products for raw material. SM HOMEWORLD – for furniture’s and fixtures of the Hotel SM APPLIANCE. UNIWIDE CALOOCAN.For the Machineries and equipment that will be needed to use in the operation.3. and also the equipments would come to different establishments which are accessible to the site of the project.

soap.1 PRODUCTS JS REST-OTEL PRODUCTS are the services and room accommodations it provided. 24 hrs of operations    Free WI-FI access Telephone JS Rest.   The company will offer 24 hour room service Room rates which ranges from economy. and recreational activities .3.Otel provide different activities such as Farming. Offers Mix Filipino cuisines and Japanese foods 20 . and towels   Inclusion of breakfast.  20 rooms  10 rooms for deluxe rooms  A restaurant .8. Complete hotel amenities such shampoo. dormitory rooms and wash over. deluxe room . pool area.8 MARKETING PROGRAMS AND STRATEGIES 3.

and evaluation of costs. Method adopted by a firm to set its selling price. and on the customer's perceived value of the product in comparison to his or her perceived value of the competing products. estimation. 21 . comparative analysis. Different pricing methods place varying degree of emphasis on selection.2 PRICING JS REST-OTEL offers low price but still providing quality of service and its products.3. and market situation. It usually depends on the firm's average costs.8.

monumento.8. Bars and Restaurant also around meycauayan and nearby cities are included to this distribution since many bars around Bulacan has been establish There would no place of distribution to be done . Since the customers are one goes to a hotel establisments to have their accomodations freely. Meycuayan City Bulacan which has a total population of 227. valenzuela.3 Place of Distribution The place of distribution for the hotel services are mainly. such as cities which can traveled by NLEX like manila.3. malolos and so on. 22 . 685 . also the neighbouring towns of Meycauayan.

3. and spectacular posters are least cost but then.8. painted bulletins. It refers to direct face to face communication between the seller and the prospective buyers.  PAMPHLET.4 PROMOTION It Is the act of advertising one’s product or services in JS Rest-otel.Otel will use personal selling of products and service. FLYERS.  PERSONAL SELLING JS Rest. AND STICKERS Most common type of establishment promotion styles. there are aspect of outdoor advertising is the choice of location where visibility is a must. product and service discounts 23 .  OUTDOOR ADS This are consist of poster . It is an attempt to communicate on a person to person basis with the object of making sales. which contains all company’s prices and amenities that also includes information about operations.

24 . we may say offers many possibilities for the advertisers. As of now the internet is the most powerful way to advertise and has the advantage of interactivity which means that the advertising message recipient can respond immediately. INTERNET ADS Since internet has a global access of network linking millions of users and as such .

25 . foods but having provides the quality of services and cleanliness of the establishment. JS REST-OTEL provides different promotions for the hotel services to become more affordable .4.1 MARKETING STRATEGIES – ANNUAL PROMOS All hotels provides it’s annual promo’s due to peak season time of the year during which demand is highest and lean season which is also known as the off season .8. Cheaper room rates. The company provides sulit packages which getting more what they pay for.3. JS REST-OTEL will sooner be known to it’s hospitality that will gain competitive advantage and will do compete to it’s competitors that continue to pursue technology application and innovation as a trend to the hospitality industry.


9 SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH  This is the first hotel in Meycauayan that promotes ecotourism  The hotel offer cheaper rates.  Since it was newly established employee cannot give the of customer to the other hotel cannot easily best of full service and coop-up into the operation.3. WEAKNESSES  Lack of financial assistance  Loyalty change.  Even consumers know that it started they don’t have the budget to spend or it. 27 . customers will be confuse on what the hotel is offering.  It is a complete package that everyone can afford  Since it was newly established the promoting of products and of the services will be easier.

THREATS  Unstable economy of the Philippines.  Benefits will be given to employee. Future recession will come out and will affects tourism a lot.OPPORTUNITIES  Different careers will be given to laborers. 28 .  Future competitors and trends will rise up and sooner be developed to More hi-tech facilities.  Salary will increase annually.

00 PHP 5.362.784.20 29 .00 PHP 863.OTEL 80 % room s were accomodate and fully booked for restaurant reservation and 18% of the daily total sales of both department goes to utilities ROOM RATE 20*80% total daily sales = 12 * PHP 1.240.00 weekly sales monthly sales annual sales UTITLITY EXPENSE = 18% OF DAILY SALES TOTAL DAILY EXPENSE = 18% X php 28.181.784.480.84 PHP 155.9 Projected Sales (5 Years) Assumptions: JS REST.12 PHP 36.00 PHP 201.865.00 WEEKLY EXPENSE MONTHLY EXPENSE ANNUAL EXPENSE PHP 1.520.203.799.60 PHP 1.267.00 PHP 28.433.3.00 PHP 10.488.

00 PHP 483.00 PHP 454.00 PHP 11. RECEPTIONISTS 5.15 PHP 454.258.230. FRONT.00 PHP 483.LABOR COST JOB POSITIONS 1.00 PHP 483.751.15 PHP 330. PAYROLL CLERK 9. ROOMBOYS 6.75 PHP 352. of employees 1 1 1 6 9 6 1 1 1 DAILY COST WEEKLY COST MONTHLY COST ANNUAL COST daily rate PHP 600.25 PHP 82.00 PHP 360.450. SECURITY GUARDS 7. F & B supervisor TOTAL: no. GENERAL MANAGER 2.50 PHP 4.00 PHP 550.537. OPERATIONS MANAGER 3.00 30 .OFFICE SUPERVISORS 4. CHIEF ACCOUNTANTS 8.


590.00 PHP 7.651.791.00 PHP 21.00 PHP 660.494.093. Kitchen steward TOTAL no.660.00 PHP 17. waiters 4. assistant cooks 3.28 MONTHLY COST PHP 62.00 PHP 1.00 PHP 660.00 PHP 151.UTILITY COST IS 18 % DAILY SALES DAILY COST PHP 2.00 PHP 330.00 PHP 649.800.00 32 .40 LABOR COST job positions 1.620. of employees 2 2 5 2 11 daily cost weekly cost monthly cost annual cost cost PHP 600.00 PHP 330.20 ANNUAL COST PHP 753.00 PHP 330.04 WEEKLY COST PHP 14.797.600.490.200. Cooks 2.650.00 PHP 1.00 PHP 1.

2013 PHP 10,362,240.00 PHP 4,186,080.00

PROJECTED SALES FOR 5 YEARS 2014 2015 2016 FRONT- OFFICE DEPARTMENT PHP 11,398,464.00 PHP 12,538,310.40 PHP 13,792,141.44 FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT PHP 4,604,688.00 PHP 5,065,156.80 PHP 5,571,672.48

2017 PHP 15,171,355.58 PHP 6,128,839.73



4.1 Objectives of the Study  To develop a certain place into a tourist destination. And provide new design  To provide a new trend and a place for fun.

4.2 Products and/ or Services 4.2.1 Description Since the project belongs to a hotel and restaurant business, the company offers products of goods which includes foods or tangible materials and services which includes of intangible things.

ACCOMODATION – The act of accommodating; state or process of beingaccommodated; adaptation.

FOOD SERVICE - The practice or business of making, transporting, and serving or dispensing prepared foods, as in a restaurant or commissary.

4.2.2 Uses/ Benefits The project helps guest to have their shelter and food for a minimum given time that a hotel business could provide which they need to pay for the products they consumed and services given.


4.3 Production Process












HOTEL RESERVATION PROCESS 1. The hotel is only authorized to accommodate properly registered guests. For this purpose, guests are to present their valid national ID card or passport, or any other valid proof of identity to the relevant hotel employee immediately upon arrival. The hotel is to issue guests with an accommodation card immediately upon registration, which will contain the name of the hotel, the name of the guest, the room number, the price for one night’s accommodation, the duration of the stay, and the time by which the room must be vacated on the last day of the stay, along with advice on keeping valuables in the hotel safe.

2. Upon arriving at the hotel, guests who are already being accommodated are obliged to prove their identity to a member of staff with a valid hotel card if requested to do so.

3. In special cases, the hotel may offer a guest accommodation other than that which has been arranged, if it does not differ in any essential manner from that which was stipulated in the confirmed booking.

4. On the basis of a confirmed booking the hotel is obliged to accommodate a guest from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. and it is obliged to reserve the room for the guest up to this time unless the booking stipulates otherwise.


5. The hotel may offer guests who ask to extend their stay a different room to the one in which they were originally accommodated.

6. The hotel is liable for damage to items that have been taken into the hotel by or for an accommodated person, provided that the damage did not occur in some other manner. Goods taken into the hotel are goods that have been brought into rooms reserved for accommodation or for the storage of items, or which were handed over for this purpose to a hotel employee for safekeeping.

7. The hotel is only liable for damage to items left out of one’s care in the event that the items were handed over for this purpose to a hotel employee for safekeeping.

8. The hotel is only liable without limits for jewels, money or other valuables in the event that these items were accepted by the hotel for safekeeping or if they were damaged or lost as a result of the actions of a hotel employee.

9. The right to compensation for damage must be exercised at the hotel without undue delay, but no later that within 15 days of the aggrieved party learning of this damage.


A guest may not use his or her own electrical appliances. 12. Guests are to use their rooms for the agreed period. in the hotel. If a guest fails to do this. guests are to check out by 10. etc). 13. which are not used for the guest’s personal hygiene (electric razors.10. and especially not in the hotel room. Guests may not move furnishings. 11. massage devices. or if he or she is not present in the hotel. 38 . the hotel is to ensure the provision of medical assistance or.m. on the last day of their stay at the latest. or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the hotel rooms or on the premises of the hotel without the consent of the hotel management. If the period of accommodation is not stipulated in advance. to arrange for the guest to be taken to hospital. the hotel reserves the right – with a three-member committee in attendance – to catalogue the guest’s possessions and to store them in a safe place so that the room can be used by the guest for whom it has been reserved. If the guest becomes ill or injured.00 a. the hotel is entitled to bill him/her for another day’s stay. and the guest fails to heed requests to vacate the room. hairdryers. In the event that the hotel has already reserved this room beforehand. and they are obliged to have vacated the room by this time. as the case may be.

For security reasons. 15.00 a. Dogs and other animals can only be accommodated in the hotel on condition that their owner proves that they are healthy and pose no health risk.e. 17. 16. 18. they are not to disturb the other guests accommodated in the hotel. 18. Guests are to observe nighttime peace and quiet in the period from 10. The cost of accommodating animals is billed according to the applicable price list. it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the hotel room or other areas on the hotel premises.14.m.00 p. 39 . guests are obliged to turn off all water faucets. Upon departing. Unless stipulated otherwise in advance. but not for a period longer than 7 consecutive days. as well as the lights in the room and its facilities. The bill is payable upon being presented.. to 7. and to shut the door as they leave. i. guests are obliged to pay the prices for accommodation and other services rendered in accordance with the valid price list upon arrival.m.

if they are unable to prove that they are not responsible for this damage. 40 . 21.19. In the event that a guest is in breach of these rules. Complaints by guests and any possible suggestions for improving the hotel’s activities are received by the hotel management. the hotel has the right to repudiate the agreement on the provision of accommodation services before the agreed period has elapsed. 20. Guests are obliged to pay for any damage they cause. Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these House Rules.

Pajo Meycauayan City Bulcan near the Municipal hall .otel schedule starts at 6 am.000. electricity and telephone lines are available in the baranggay central. even during heavy rains.4 pm for midshift. JS Rest. 8 am. and owing to the high altitude of the road.2 pm for opening schedule.100. The vicinity has an adobe type of soil.00. 4.5 Project Site It is situated in Brgy. All employees will be given 1 hour and 30 minutes break. Pajo has an adequate drainage system. The company considers flexible worktime. It is a land and farm with a total square meters of 3. It is not prone to flooding . a total of 24 working hours.6am the closing shift . With both public and private modes of transportation usable to gain access to the place. Brgy. Aside from potable water supplied by Maynila Water System or MWSS. All employees are given the freedom to choose which schedule they are available to work . which is very stable for both high rise and low rise structures. 41 .000 sq.m with a total cost of Php 5. other utilities such as gas. it will not be difficult at all for customers to find the establishment.4 Production Schedule The company will be operating 24 hours with room service. 4pm. 11pm.11pm is the pre close.4.

from where the family market may be tapped . this terrain is an interweaving of greenery and concrete road network. to the South by Manila and her bay. The local area of the site is a profitable place which has yet to be tapped by enterprising minds. with a latitude of 14° 41’ up to the 15°. the majority of the land. can be seen some mountains especially to the south east extension which do not exceed to same eleven leagues to the east or west and some six to the north and south. Is found between 120° 58’ 20” and the 127° 30’ longitude. further supported by the existence of the several business establishment in the district. And also the site is surrounded by several offices by private offices. which mean they have more to spend on non-essentials. to 42 . natural lake and drainage waterways envelope and criss-cross the area. Meycauayan City is generally surrounded with plain land and gentle rolling hills. various public and The site may concluded that the place Is highly viable for business. Meycauayan a province of its name in its antiquity. It is bordered to the east by the province of Nueva Ecija. especially during weekends of services and it is located near at the Brgy. Nino Meycauayan City. and the district of Morong. The income of the people in the area is relatively high. The slope of the land dips towards a west to north westerly direction. Comfortably above sea level. Sto.The Baranggay Central is also located near several churches. River.

00 3.895.00 1.960.00 32.00 70.00 3.50 169.00 750.00 28.960. 312.000.00 3.00 1.00 450.the West by Manila bay and the province of Pampanga.00 140.00 1.250.00 400. Northern part of Caloocan City to the east.00 4.395.00 6.00 43 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP .00 27. and to the North by the Province of Pampanga.00 20.400.300.099.00 989.75 15.400.97 15.400.67 732.000.960.000.00 146.00 61.00 1.00 15.00 28.00 2.00 900.00 40.00 total cost 4.00 50.00 24. Valenzuela City to the south. and the town of Obando to the west.000.67 266.00 1.00 500.520.000.00 43.00 540.400.00 120.00 180.00 18.000.00 4.00 70.00 800.19 150.866.000.00 3.00 450. Today it is bordered by the town of Marilao to the north.00 43.00 25. 4.7 Machinery and equipment JS REST-OTEL ROOMS DIVISION SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT furnitures and fixtures DND make-up sign Closet queen size bed bed skirting bed pads bed cover Pillow pillow slip Curtains dresser tables vanity lamp nite table nite lamp Bible service tray thermo jug serving spoons Cups Saucers guest folder floor lamp room service menu Telephones house rules safety handbooks fire exit direction sign pressing and laundry list quantity 20 20 20 40 30 60 60 80 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 20 20 20 20 20 20 2 20 cost 215.00 15.600.200.

00 44 .400.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP total cost 62.00 9.00 30.00 84.368.386.00 4.074.00 4.00 237.00 40.00 920.00 180.00 45.000.00 700.00 400.000.00 2.00 1.386.600.049.000.754.00 1.00 53.00 1.592.00 total cost quantity 40 40 40 40 20 40 12 24 24 40 6 6 6 8 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP cost 300.708.00 2.00 190.00 4.00 4.000.00 40.00 5.00 50.00 4.776.896.000.00 OFFICE EQUIPMENT computer set multi -tasking printers pos printer Total Sanitary supplies non-consumables bath towel hand towel face towel bath mat garbage cans Slipper floor polisher soft broom stick broom laundry bags mop head and mop handle push brush squeedgee ceiling brooms TOTAL quantity 4 2 1 PHP PHP PHP cost 15.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 12.00 480.00 5.50 796.000.000.00 5.00 1.976.320.560.00 17.00 1.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP 8.00 boy's cart Trolley Chaise total 1 1 60 PHP PHP PHP 8.00 55.000.00 996.200.00 18.800.

00 144.50 37.155.00 21.00 144.00 .00 1.00 4.00 3.00 1.600.160.000.00 3.600.000.00 8.00 2.718.00 20.00 937.30 113.00 1.00 860.098.00 360.00 61.225.00 17.00 PHP 6.00 PHP 900.00 3.00 1.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 1.00 3.00 1.00 PHP 1.000.00 5.00 599.00 240.000.50 15.00 PHP 446.150.512.30 96.00 144.311.00 1.376.148.00 94.000.00 5.20 12.67 16.75 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 3.00 2.20 2.500.000.198.60 2.00 3.600.50 17.600.600.000.50 7.25 99.00 PHP 192.00 PHP 3.00 450.00 18.00 3.00 5.00 30 16 40 40 20 12 30 12 15 30 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 72.00 PHP 3.000.00 3.00 12.150.30 quantity 20 20 2 1 2 2 23 cost PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 12.00 600.00 300.SANIITARY SUPPLIES CONSUMABLES Hair shampoo Soap Toothpaste Toothbrush Condoms toilet tissue plastic liner Trashbags wood polish toilet disinfectant Insecticide airfreshener muriatic acid floor wax TOTAL machineries and equipment tv set hair dryer vacuum cleaner shampooing machine carpet sweeper flat iron aircon units TOTAL service vehicle 8 seaters TOTAL office supplies Bondpaper yellow pad Ballpen staple wire folder short folder long brown enveloeps Pentel post-it notes Pencil 720 720 720 720 720 720 70 70 12 24 24 24 180 50 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 5.600.83 total cost PHP 240.00 740.50 96.00 45 1 PHP 1.

50 159.30 96.600.50 17.00 1.487.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 208.370.30 113.163.00 6.00 3.00 208.718.00 6.00 560.00 FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT Sanitary Supplies non.20 2.00 400.70 quantity 1 PHP cost 25.00 9.311.00 937.33 4.92 2.00 19.00 10.50 3.00 17.573.645.444.50 2.680.733.33 1.560.00 27.00 2.000.39 46 .629.107.00 25.291.00 200.54 2.60 560.50 96.Ledger record book first -aid kit payroll envelope tape dispenser Ink TOTAL 5 5 1 20 2 3 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 1.20 86.050.20 total 17.163.400.Consumables toilet tissue plastic liner Trashbags wood polish toilet disinfectant Insecticide airfreshener muriatic acid floor wax Total FURNITURES AND FIXTURES folding chairs Tables undershelf worktable side chair patio tables with umbrella wine rack Trays filling cabinet Total Machineries and equipment compartment sink (3 quantity 600 60 60 15 24 24 24 180 50 quantity 35 15 2 4 3 2 20 2 cost PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 5.50 18.00 18.25 99.00 2.200.75 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP total 41.75 cost PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 503.00 20.00 8.08 10.69 118.39 PHP total 25.00 200.333.376.00 1.286.

865.083.497.00 PHP 1.42 5.40 23.083.25 108.288.00 PHP 698.63 7.75 PHP 17.999.75 341.42 PHP 5.00 PHP 4.50 PHP 98.670.00 2.00 1.00 PHP 29.00 6.50 PHP 217.80 141.72 PHP 257.984.094.00 PHP 7.000.00 PHP 4.75 178.300.00 PHP 877.700.70 3.00 PHP 332.00 PHP 569.700.00 PHP 354.335.785.00 PHP 4.600.61 total PHP 4.00 60.50 PHP 21.00 PHP 6.00 PHP 720.00 PHP 1.865.497.506.865.50 PHP 178.00 119.63 121.520.75 32.00 PHP 200.00 59.094.616.689.00 PHP 4.25 PHP 683.00 11.50 189.70 PHP 6.00 3.689.00 598.80 29.00 PHP 1.00 99.520.tubs) hand sink with faucet reach-in freezer microwave oven coffee maker range with oven Juicer Ventilation sound system rice cooker (55 cups) food steamer soup kettle saute pan fry pan blade sharpener TOTAL kitchen utensils Plate Spoons Fork Knife cups & saucers chopping board measuring cups Tongs set of 7 knifes pairing knifes Glass Goblets cocktail glass gelatin molds bar spoon dial thermometer syrup spouts shot glass Tongs bread knife TOTAL 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 3 2 quantity 40 40 40 40 40 2 1 7 2 3 25 25 25 25 30 2 2 10 1 20 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP cost PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 17.00 PHP 4.500.63 121.80 60.670.000.75 49.80 28.00 PHP 1.67 100.00 PHP 318.000.850.80 PHP 46.00 PHP 12.80 PHP 141.95 177.335.50 10.25 PHP 800.00 PHP 598.999.00 24.00 PHP 11.72 47 .36 25.63 121.

Garbage containers are cleaned twice a day for sanitary concerns. 48 .(MEYCAUAYAN WATER DISTRICT) . The electricity will be supplied by the Meralco because Meralco has extends electrical services throughout the city.4. 4. newspaper. or Sun). Communication facilities like telephone services and internet connection will be connected to PLDT or any broadband account (such as Globe. television. The bellboys will do housekeeping once a day and he’ll pick up the garbage and replace it with new garbage bags. The other forms of media is also available in the city such as the post office. The company is also planning to establish tanks that will be located at the maintenance area of the hotel.9Waste and Waste Disposal Methods Each section of the rooms as well as the kitchen and the reception area will be having waste bin and strategically located at the comfort rooms and work station which are disposal lined with garbage bag to facilitate It will be picked up by the janitors and the bellboys. smart.8 Utitilies Water supply in the area is been supplied by MWD.

biodegrable mat 49 . were we will segregate biodegrable things to make it fertilizer to non. RECYCLE. The company has also 3R’s project. AND REDUCE and the compostfi project. the city administration has acquired garbage trucks for the disposal of trash collected in the city. the company is planning to do compost fitting.To address one of the major thrusts of the city government which is the program on the garbage and disposal. In case the collection of garbage has been interrupted. REUSE.

Your choice will be based on: 1.1 Objectives of the Study  To make an effective Human Resource Management  To train and select employees fit to their positions and skills  To develop harmonious relationship between the HRM department and it’s employee 5. Your vision regarding the size and nature of your business. Whether or not you need to re-invest earnings into the business. The risks of your personal assets from business liabilities. The business's vulnerability to lawsuits. 10.2 Forms of Ownership This decision will have long-term implications. 6. 8. 5. Your need for access to cash out of the business for yourself. Expected profit (or loss) of the business. 7. 50 . 2. The level of "structure" you are willing to deal with.5. so consult with an accountant and attorney to help you select the form of ownership that is right for you. 3. Are their partners and/or investors that will be part of the business. The level of control you wish to have. Tax implications of the different ownership structures. 4. 9.

. 5. They also assume "complete personal" responsibility for all of its liabilities or debts. In the eyes of the law. 51 . Easiest and least expensive form of ownership to organize. 4. Profits from the business flow-through directly to the owner's personal tax return. 2. The business is easy to dissolve. usually the individual who has day-to-day responsibility for running the business. you are one in the same with the business. Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship 1. Sole proprietors own all the assets of the business and the profits generated by it. Sole proprietors receive all income generated by the business to keep or reinvest. within the law. These firms are owned by one person. if desired. . 3. very dangerous.Sole Proprietorships The vast majority of small business start out as sole proprietorships . to make all decisions. Sole proprietors are in complete control.

Have almost be ability to raise investment funds. Employee benefits such as owner's medical insurance premiums are not directly deductible from business income (partially deductible as an adjustment to income). Their business and personal assets are 100% at risk.Disadvantages of a Sole Proprietorship 1. Have a hard time attracting high-caliber employees. 4. 3. 2. Are limited to using funds from personal savings or consumer loans. 5. or those that are motivated by the opportunity to own a part of the business. 52 . Unlimited liability and are legally responsible for all debts against the business. 6.


A) GENERAL MANAGER Responsibilities:  Maintain courteous guest service and respond promptly to guest questions. lobby. develop.1 Job Requirements.  Monitor and control inventories for operating equipment.  Maintain proper maintenance of the building and grounds by implementing Preventive Maintenance guidelines. specifications. coach. 54 . responsibilities and functions. empower. supervise.  Review Daily Cash Drop with Settlement Reports. train.4 Personnel And Manpower Requirements 5. Make bank deposit daily. and discipline all employees.  Maintain the methods and procedures used by employees for compliance with operating procedures.5. linen and uniform to ensure par stocks are maintained and costs are controlled.  Hire. motivate.4. complaints and/or requests. general hotel areas and surrounding areas.   Review Daily Income Report and Occupancy Report to ensure accuracy. Perform daily inspection of guest room.

 Implement and control departmental procedures including lost and found.  Supervise outside contractors/vendors and operators to ensure contractual compliance.  Verify the property is in compliance with all health. uniforms. fire/safety and local municipal regulations.  Perform other tasks as deem necessary for the smooth operations of the hotel. security and emergency procedures. Maintain appropriate standards of dress. 33 to 40 years of age. key control.  Must be adept in financial management.   Male or Female. Requirements:  Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Business or Hotel or equivalent. 55 . posture and conduct of all employees. Bohol or Negros Oriental. health and safety for employees and guests. Minimum of 5 years of working experience preferably in a well-established resort hotel in Cebu. appearance. hygiene.

Business Studies/Administration/Management. Customer Satisfaction. Requirements:  Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree .  Trains. hotel. Hotel & Restaurant Management or its equivalent. coaches and motivates the management team under his unit to attain their specified goals. and solutions  Able to work independently yet collaborate cross-functionally in a team 56 . plans. PSA Audit.B) OPERATIONS MANAGER Responsibilities:  He is responsible for the satisfactory performance of the outlets assigned based on the following key result areas:  Sales. and implementation of Environmental Management Programs. Operating Income. Marketing. Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree.   Superior communicator. restaurant and school industry experience Preferably AVP/VP/Director in the same field.  At least 10 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. outgoing leader and builder of consensus Ability to work in an unstructured problem-solving environment and synthesize strategy. Labor Cost. Food Cost.

C) FRONT. 57 . engineering) on front office related matters. any field. Filipino At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.  Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in Customer Service or equivalent. communication. organizational skills. Required skill(s): customer service. interpersonal.   Required language(s): English. Housekeeping.  Preparing weekly reports on front office-related matters Requirements:   Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree .OFFICE SUPERVISOR Responsibilities:  Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Front Office Department including Front Office Associates' schedule   Handling guest complaints through phone or in person Mans the Front Office in support of or in the absence of Front Office Associate on duty  Coordinating with other operating departments (ex.environment.

and ensures that targets. D) FOOD AND BEVERAGE SUPERVISOR Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall administration and management of the kitchen. Excellent Communications Skills. Requirements:   Candidate must be a graduate of BS HRM.  With at least 1 year(s) of solid working experience in the related field is required for this position. ability to work quickly. maintains quality and consistency of all F&B products. and has an eye for safety and sanitation  Required skill(s): Operations Management. Decision Making. programs and the international standards of service are attained and maintained. Full-Time positions available. Has the ability to work in a team. goals. Culinary or equivalent. not more than 30 years old 58 .     Knows how to do quality checking of the products Should be very skilled in Coordination and Administration Will handle more on Research and Development Male/Female.

Requirements:   Candidate must be a Licensed CPA. At least 5 year(s) of working experience in general accounting of which 2 years in supervisory level.E) CHIEF ACCOUNTANT Responsibilities:  To ensure that accounting policies and procedures are implemented and that historical events are properly documented and recorded so that needed information can be used by management to make important decisions.   With good oral & written communication skills.  Must be highly anaytical. Computer Literate.  Must possess knowledge in government regulatory reports and requirements. 59 . can make sound decisions and matured. management control systems and applicable laws. generally accepted accounting principles.  To provide management and other internal and external users with reliable financial information on the proper pricing and costing of units for sale and services in accordance with company standard pricing procedures. internal control systems. keen on details. self-motivated.

including filing of general ledger journal vouchers.F) PAYROLL CLERK Responsibilities:  Maintains files. and resolving (or properly referring) accounting or documentation problems and discrepancies  Maintains regular contact with other departments to obtain and convey information and/or to correct transactions    Audit daily sales reports submitted by location management Assists Accounting Department personnel as needed Keeps management informed of area activities and of any significant problems     Attends and participates in meetings as required Handles customer and employee accounts receivable Assists with accounts payable. tracking. Assumes responsibility for effectively researching. prepare checks Assists with payroll preparation 60 . accounts payable documentation. computer. and routine supply purchases. and records Logs daily worksheets to the general ledger system Prints daily accounts payable checks and inserts checks and invoices into envelopes for mailing   Prepares requisitions for office. and other miscellaneous filings    Types a variety of documents. reports.

Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.Requirements:  Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree . G) SECURITY GUARDS Responsibilities: Protection of lives and properties law enforcer guardian of peace and order Requirements:       Male Registered / License Security Guard College Graduate or at least accomplished 72 college level units With Good Moral Character Hard Working Must be at least 5’7” in height or above 61 .  Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Clerical/Administrative Support or equivalent.  At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

62 . Bachelor's/College Degree .  Must have received basic training in Firearm. EID Identification and Physical Security Concept.  Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.   Required language(s): English. Filipino Applicants must be willing to work in manila / cavite / laguna / tagaytay / pasig. Must not be less than twenty five (25) years of age but not more than thirty eight (38) years old. with a copy of Certificate of Employment with inclusive dates. any field.  At least three (3) years experience as Security Guard. First Aid Customer Orientation.  Holder of a current Restricted Land Mobile (RLM) license issued by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC)  Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma. Firefighting. Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate.

and will handle inquiries with correct information and able to do telemarketing to guest to check-in and avail of amenities and other services. reviews payments of guest's hotel bills. in charge in keeping files and updating guest ledgers and supporting documents. and computer literate Willing to accept rotational and shifting schedule Female. Requirements:    Graduate of any 4-year course. presentable. etc. preferably HRM Customer service oriented Possesses good communication skills. will handle the renting of safety deposit boxes and act as custodian of change funds and collections. call center experience an advantage    Articulate.H) RECEPTIONIST Responsibilities: Responsible for accepting and organizing reservations of all incoming guests and of the current room count considering accepted reservations. not more than 28 years old 63 .

preferably HRM     Can communicate effectively with guests Tactful and courteous With pleasant customer service oriented personality Male. implementation of assigned cost control activities and proper handling of equipment and utilization of supplies and materials. implementation of sanitation procedures.I) ROOMBOYS Responsibilities: In close supervision of the Guest Service Manager for the proper implementation of customer procedure as: accommodation/guiding in. Requirements:  Candidate must be a graduate of any 2-year or 4-year course. minimum of 5'7" in height 64 . miscellaneous/food delivery service.

Male. With good communication skills.  At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. preferably HRM or equivalent   Relevant work experience.J) COOKS Requirements:  Candidate must possess at least a Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate. honest and responsible. warehousing and basic food preparation procedures. Can work with minimum supervision.40 years old K) ASSISTANT COOKS Responsibilities: The Helper is responsible for food facility handling. 5'7" in height and with good personality 65 . Food & Beverage Services Management or equivalent. 30 . Requirements:  Candidate must be a graduate of 2-year or 4-year course in College. an advantage Male.     Must be hardworking.

 Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems. Explain how various menu items are prepared. Prepare checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes. making recommendations upon request. food.  Stock service areas with supplies such as coffee. prepare and serve specialty dishes at tables as required. Present menus to patrons and answer questions about menu items. 66 . tableware. and take them to kitchen for cleaning. and linens.  Serve food and/or beverages to patrons.  Remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters.L) WAITERS Responsibilities:  Check patrons' identification in order to ensure that they meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages.   Escort customers to their tables. describing ingredients and cooking methods.    Inform customers of daily specials.

Requirements:  Candidate must possess at least a Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate. Must be hardworking. Must be hardworking.       Applicants must be willing to work in Riyadh. Willing to work under pressure. honest and responsible. With good communication skills. M) DISHWASHER Requirements:   Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma. honest and responsible. 30 Full-Time positions available. Male/Female 28-40 years old.  At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. With good communication skills. 67 . At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. Willing to work under pressure.     Female 20-30 years old.

480.00 PHP 483.807.600.300.360.10 PHP 51.00 PHP 12. of employees 1.558.00 PHP 9.OFFICE SUPERVISORS 1 4.00 PHP 12.00 PHP 12.580.30 PHP monthly salary PHP 15.OFFICE DEPARTMENT PROJECTED SALARY FOR 5 YEARS JOB POSITIONS no.558. RECEPTIONISTS 6 5.129.00 PHP 11.558.00 PHP 70. GENERAL MANAGER 1 2.00 PHP 454.00 PHP 550. PAYROLL CLERK 1 9.00 PHP 360.197.90 PHP 11.00 PHP 4.807.532.558.40 PHP 106.00 PHP 305.847.00 PHP 12. ROOMBOYS 9 6.90 PHP 8.00 PHP 12.00 109.00 PHP 9.600.00 PHP 14.15 PHP 330.80 13th Month Pay PHP 15.00 PHP 483.FRONT.300.558.558.00 PHP 12.15 PHP 454.360. CHIEF ACCOUNTANTS 1 8.271. OPERATIONS MANAGER 1 3. F & B supervisor 1 TOTAL: 27 daily rate PHP 600.00 PHP 483.00 PHP 14.50 68 . SECURITY GUARDS 6 7. FRONT.

34 PHP 9.00 PHP 400.45 PHP 9.20 PHP 1.00 PHP 1.384.70 3.00 PHP 100.00 PHP PHP PHP 416.416.753.416.70 PHP 416.707.00 PHP 283.506.00 less: witholding tax PHP 1.50 PHP 175.00 PHP 150.872.58 total monthly salary PHP 12.50 PHP 137.50 PHP 10.250.00 900.60 less: philhealth PHP 187.434.00 PHP 100.34 PHP 7.633.10 PHP 10.00 PHP 150.50 PHP 100.716.62 69 .PHP less: SSS PHP 500.029.506.45 PHP 7.50 PHP 11.00 PHP 100.95 PHP 1.00 PHP 112.00 PHP 100.34 PHP 90.95 PHP 1.506.753.940.30 PHP 416.50 PHP 100.70 PHP 400.00 PHP 1.00 PHP 100.00 PHP 100.96 PHP 1.825.60 PHP 1.70 PHP 316.96 PHP 1.96 PHP 13.00 PHP 1.00 PHP 137.00 PHP less: HDMF PHP 100.00 PHP 100.00 PHP 483.384.

63 5.509.00 PHP 12.16 PHP 13. GENERAL MANAGER PHP 15.00 PHP 15.175.20 70 .558.00 PHP 12.877.065.15 PHP 317.34 TOTAL: PHP 305.57 PHP 13.72 3.643.40 PHP 72.264.18 PHP 10.00 PHP 14.554.65 PHP 9.775.630.20 PHP 9.586.558.10 PHP 108.031.18 PHP 330.61 PHP 13.24 2.OFFICE SUPERVISORS PHP 12.27 PHP 13.35 PHP 73.99 PHP 13.65 PHP 75.326. SECURITY GUARDS PHP 51.600.183. CHIEF ACCOUNTANTS PHP 12.547.233.01 2016 PHP 16.738.065.78 PHP 13.065.00 PHP 14. PAYROLL CLERK PHP 9.593.131.360.52 PHP 110.50 PHP 311.16 PHP 13.300.478.396.709.876.326. FRONT.885.60 PHP 53. RECEPTIONISTS PHP 70.84 PHP 15.53 2017 PHP 16.16 PHP 13.687.34 8.809.00 PHP 16.559. OPERATIONS MANAGER PHP 14.65 PHP 324.50 PHP 115.230.PROJECTED 13th Month Pay = Total Monthly Salary * 12 months / 12 months JOB POSITIONS 2013 2014 2015 1.532.809.83 PHP 112.271.45 6.18 PHP 76.00 PHP 52.718.723.564.593.26 PHP 55.326.480.00 PHP 12.94 PHP 15. F & B supervisor PHP 12.14 9.809.74 PHP 54.558.847. ROOMBOYS PHP 106.932.79 7.912.00 PHP 9.91 PHP 13.593.34 4.

940.10 PHP 1.00 PHP 400.00 PHP 8.50 PHP 100. of employees 2 2 5 2 11 daily rate monthly salary 13th Month Pay PHP 15.00 PHP 8.00 PHP 330.00 less: SSS less: philhealth less: HDMF PHP 500.067.00 PHP 41.80 PHP 33.20 PHP 4.70 PHP 112.00 PHP 12.340.FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT PROJECTED SALARY (5 YEARS) JOB POSITIONS 1.00 PHP 600.600.00 PHP 316.960. Kitchen steward TOTAL no.00 PHP 15.580. waiters 4.00 PHP 330.00 PHP 8.029.580.912.70 PHP 150.872. assistant cooks 3.00 PHP 100.029. Cooks 2.50 PHP 100.00 PHP 100.883.00 PHP 8.70 PHP 1.60 PHP 7.00 less: witholding total monthly tax salary PHP 1.580.340.580.60 PHP 7.00 PHP 330.00 PHP 416.590.00 PHP 8.70 PHP 550.00 PHP 1.50 71 .580.600.00 PHP 8.00 PHP 283.00 PHP 41.60 PHP 6.30 PHP 100.021.00 PHP 1.50 PHP 1.029.516.580.00 PHP 187.

26 PHP 42.20 2014 PHP 316.54 PHP 117.75 PHP 447.503.126.PROJECTED SALARY FOR 5 YEARS 2013 PHP 310.302.88 PHP 18.853.51 JOB POSITIONS 1.460.713.758.34 PHP 18.822.34 PHP 1.66 PHP 429.00 PHP 168.900.44 PHP 171.282. Kitchen steward TOTAL PROJECTED 13th MONTH PAY FOR YEARS 2013 2014 2015 PHP 31.633.17 2017 PHP 33.061.824.00 PHP 17.33 PHP 45.160.48 PHP 17.82 PHP 18.00 PHP 32.462.00 PHP 17.33 PHP 115.98 PHP 1.149.357.00 PHP 43.109.947.26 PHP 108.783.119.698.160.316.104.16 PHP 17.25 PHP 178.210.30 PHP 182.00 PHP 110.54 PHP 46.40 PHP 413. Cooks 2.771.40 PHP 112.082.610.708.606.503.80 PHP 1.022.525.591.11 PHP 176.991.581.91 PHP 438.89 PHP 1.20 PHP 17.00 PHP 72 .068.572.210.54 2017 PHP 336.20 PHP 17.00 PHP 169.61 PHP 421.420. PHP 183.41 2016 PHP 329. waiters 4.56 PHP 1.69 PHP 18.574.49 PHP 179.878.44 PHP 173.399.853. assistant cooks 3.09 PHP 175.508.800.00 PHP 31.46 2015 PHP 323.17 2016 PHP 33.574.

new trends and quality of service. Giving them the trends that have never been experience. Philosophy And Goals VISION “ Breaking the dilemma of the hospitality industry that Meycauayan City is facing on.” MISSION “ To provide the guest what they are looking for. that satisfaction will put up on guest face and actions.5.5 Company Vision. Starting making a name in the industry and in the pace by getting recognized by the Department of tourism and provide quality service 73 . food and cleanliness. Mission. GOALS The company goals is to achieve the total guest satisfaction without sacrificing the profit earned which will be an advantage to potential customers.

Photocopying documents without permission .Not wearing prescribed clothing/ uniform 74 . The issuing of a severe or written warning may be alternative forms of disciplinary action for misconducts depending on the evidence. An employee may even be dismissed for repeated minor forms of misconduct. circumstances and seriousness of each situation.Throwing refuse and/or any other objects on the floor or out of the windows . may be given a verbal warning at the first occurrence thereof.Lending money to fellow employees for gain during working hours .Absence from the workstation without permission . or similar forms of misconduct.Eating in prohibited areas . Each transgression will be dealt with on own merit in all instances.Use of telephones without permission . The following are examples of such misconduct: .6 COMPANY POLICIES MINOR FORMS OF MISCONDUCT An employee.Late coming or overstaying in restrooms at tea or lunch breaks .Minor violations relating to the driving and/or cleaning and/or use of the Employer's vehicles .5. who is guilty of one of the following.

running or throwing objects at any time on company premises .Causing unnecessary distractions to fellow employees or causing unnecessary 75 .Smoking in prohibited areas and/or at prohibited times -5.Unauthorized soliciting or collecting contributions for any purpose whatsoever on company premises .g. (Note: time lost will be unpaid in addition to any disciplinary action which may be taken) . scuffling.Wasting time or loitering in toilets or on company premises during working hours .Placing of notices on notice boards without permission from Management .Horseplay.Unauthorized meetings . signs or writing in any form from bulletin boards or any other surface on company property at any time without specified authorisation from Management Creating or contributing to unsanitary conditions on your employer's premises ..Leaving the department or plant during working hours without permission and/or without an authorized exit permit .Removing notices. such as washing up or changing clothes) before the specified quitting time.Failure by drivers to adhere to delivery time sheets without reasonable Explanation .Stopping work or making preparations to leave work (e.Failing or neglecting to advise your employer of your absence .Disruptive behavior .

catcalls or demonstrations of any nature .confusion in the work place by.Climbing over company fences at any time . conducting a lottery or any other game of chance on company premises or whilst on duty at any time . tools or equipment at any time .Making of unnecessary scrap . unnecessary shouting.Gambling.Unauthorized operation or interference with company machines.Failure to produce identity card whilst on company premises or whilst driving or being conveyed in or on a company motor vehicle 76 . inter alia.

.Fraud . or in a client's presence .Possession of intoxicating liquor and/ or habit forming drugs on the Employer's premises .Failure to report an accident or damage to machinery.Using another person's identity card or permitting another person to use your identity card to enter company premises 77 . or a client.Intimidation .Negligence or gross negligence in the performance of your duties or functions . depending on the evidence. an employee may receive a warning (written or severe).Addressing abusive and/or obscene language at a fellow employee or Management representative. vehicles or other property belonging to the Employer . or face dismissal or summary dismissal at the option of Management. or others of a similar nature.Sleeping on the job .MISCONDUCT OF A MORE SERIOUS NATURE At the occurrence of any of the following forms of misconduct. circumstances and seriousness of each situation.

Threatening behavior ..Bribery .Misappropriation of company property and/or a fellow employee's property .Assault .Theft of company property and/or a fellow employee's property .Negligent or reckless driving of vehicles in the Employer's charge 78 .Failure to report your own communicable disease to the Company doctor or your immediate superior .Unauthorized possession of company property and/or a fellow employee's property .Unauthorized removal of Company and/ or fellow employee’s property .Falsification of the Employer's records .Willful damage to property in the Employer's charge -8- .Possession of a fireman or dangerous weapon on the Employer's premises .Gross insubordination or blatant disrespect to management or clients .Dishonesty .

Disregarding or breaching the employer's safety rules and regulations or standard/common safety practices .Refusal or failure to obey a lawful instruction . alighting upon or tampering with a company motor vehicle without proper authorization .Failure to report an injury on duty .Traffic violations by drivers .Driving.Consumption of liquor or alcoholic beverage or habit forming drugs on company premises at any time and/or whilst on duty 79 .Intentional interfering with or obstructing other employees in the performance of their duties .Unauthorized interference or tampering with or damaging safety equipment ..Driving of any motor vehicle at an unsafe speed on company or client's premises .

. which may lead to stock not being accepted by the customer through the employee's carelessness or negligence .Any other misconduct constituting breach of contract under the common law or any other legal provisions 80 . Unauthorized altering of figures recorded on clock card or time card.Fighting .Loss or destruction of the Employer’s property through malice.Absence from work without permission or without reasonable cause -9- . and/or any other deception in regard to defective work or workmanship .Any conduct prejudicing the integrity of the product and manufacturing rules and regulations . clocking another employee's clock card and destruction or loss of clock card or time card . carelessness or negligence .Reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol or habit forming drugs and/or suffering from alcoholic hangover .Clocking irregularities. which shall include. either directly or indirectly. inter alia.Any action or omission.Desertion .Disposing of or concealing defective work or workmanship. failure to clock own card.

Making false statements when applying for employment with the Company and/or when undergoing a medical examination 81 .Immoral conduct or indecency on company premises and/or whilst on Duty and/or whilst representing the Company ..Refusing to submit to a search of person. the Company or its products .g. clothing.The making or publishing of false.Misuse or removal from the Company premises without proper authorization. locker or vehicle when Required or requested to do so by one of the Company authorized officials. including the personnel of any security company contracted to the Company-10- . company records or the Conveying of any confidential company information to third parties. log sheets . e. blue prints. Which shall include information in respect of wages and other? Substantive conditions of employment .Deliberately making false reports or making false entries on any Official company documents or records. of employee lists. vicious or malicious statements concerning any employee.

but not Limited to.Misrepresentation. . without proper authorization. . sex. race. ethnic or social origin.Harassment or victimization based on grounds included. marital status. religion. conscience. color. birth. birth .Conduct detrimental to the image. race.Divulging information.Conviction on any criminal offence and/or sentence to a prison term for a conviction and/or sentence related to a rule or standard regulating conduct in. political opinion. but not limited to. disability. family responsibility. or of relevance to.. political opinion. Language. belief. conscience. concerning the Company's business . colour. age. gender. pregnancy.Misappropriation of Company property . ethnic or social origin.Unauthorized use of another employee’s password of any nature whatsoever 82 . family Responsibility. sexual orientation. culture. sex. marital status. sexual orientation. pregnancy. the workplace . culture. language. age. HIV status.Direct or indirect discrimination on grounds including. belief. disability. gender. performance or profitability of the Employer . HIV status. religion.

pay the privilege tax and register the receipts and book of account. 83 .Office of the Municipal Treasurer for the payment of licenses fees and for the procurement of the Mayor’s permit  Register the business at the bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as a new business.  Apply for a Social Security System (SSS) and Phil health membership at nearest SSS or Phil health office.  Secure a Mayor’s permit at the Municipal Office  Health Department for health or sanitary permit  Fire Department for fire safety clearance  Engineering Department for building and inspection clearance  Office of the Traffic Bureau for parking clearance  .5.7 LEGAL REQUIREMENTS  Get a barangay clearance  Register the business name and the proprietor at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if the business is a sole proprietorship or at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) if it is a partnership or corporation.

1 Objectives of the Study  To forsee the outcome of the financial reports of the company and determine whether it is profitable or not.494.504.00 PHP 3.00 0 PHP 16.150.00 PHP 0.00 PHP 3.00 PHP 3.495.000.420.00 PHP 159.713.074.01 PHP 6.00 PHP 0.00 PHP 37.203.601.  To look for potential financing sources that will help develop the capital needed.2 Total Project Cost 6.00 PHP 1.2 TOTAL PROJECT COST ROOMS DEPARTMENT land (3000 sq.00 PHP 980.00 PHP 0.211.00 PHP 23.00 PHP F&B-cost PHP 0.00 PHP 53.70 PHP 0.64 PHP 1. 6.100.506.00) Building service vehicle furnitures ad fixtures office supplies office equipment machineries and equipment sanitary supllies non-consumables consumables permit and licenses labor expense utilities expense 13th month pay advertising expense fuel expense Raw Materials TOTAL COST remaing cash FO DEPT.680.30 PHP 12.487.532.404.99 84 .000.148. m * Php 1.20 PHP 33.571.098.64 PHP 3.154.754.708.028.154.cost PHP 5.500.174.00 PHP 0.000.00 PHP 1.30 PHP 18.00 PHP 1.398.000.00 PHP 84.865.00 PHP 332.00 PHP 446.6.61 PHP 18.00 PHP 3.722.20 PHP 753.50 PHP PHP 305.825.40 PHP 108.000.700.

00 6. This also would tell if the project will be profitable or not.3 Sources of Financing The Capital for this project is came from the owner’s fund worth Php 30.4 PROJECTED FINANCIAL STATEMENT This is the numerical presentation of the cost of financing of this feasibility study. Contains Figures and computation to present the total amount would be spent and will be earn in this study.000.000.6. 85 .

and equipment will be depreciated in 5 years The company will not qualify to any tax exemption Selling price will be fixed for 5 years Cost of raw material will increase 2 % yearly Room Sales will increase 10% yearly Food sales increases 20% yearly Advertising expense will expense at 2% yearly Utility cost increases at 5% yearly 86 .1 Assumptions       The business will operate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day All personnel will work 4. Salaries will increase by hours a day.          The leasehold improvement will be depreciated over 10 years Furniture’s.5 % per annum Sanitary supplies increases at 2 % every year Fuel expense will increase 2% every year Depreciation is based on straight line Method and increases at 3 % yearly. fixtures .

To identify what the company can contribute to the society.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY A. To determine JS REST-OTEL responsibilities to it’s employee and community C. Social Responsibilities. Contribution to the Philippine Economy The goal of every business organization is to earn profit and to expand its operation. the business could be affected by certain factors within its community. 87 . Finally offers solution to the different locality conflicts as the company grows. The environment also affects the business itself as well.7. Social impact. 3. 2. However. Benefits to the community. To distinguish the importance of a business to a community and define what else can it help to our localities D. This aspect aims to determine the following: 1. B.

the project aims to produce more bran new products that consumers will crave for. Employment for the jobless is an example of direct benefits. Evaluation of Social Economic Benefits The proponents agreed that the project has a socio economic relevance. The partners will not be able to operate the business by themselves alone. That is why they have to hire persons who are qualified for the other jobs and suitable specific job descriptions. At a large scale. Taxes and other obligations will radiate revenues for the whole town. Primarily.Social Benefits Businesses do not exist in isolation but rather they are part of environmental system. Also it will generate desirable services to the community and 88 . In the case of Meycauayan as an area of establishment. Part of this system includes the community in which the business will organize and establish itself. The project proposal on ice creams and other products has vital implications to the community in terms of both direct and indirect benefits. Economic Benefits Another part of the environmental system that will be affected by the project is the economy. the project will contribute extra profit to the Municipality. an analysis of the economic aspect shows that the project will have favorable effects.

positive impact to the society. 89 . The waste materials of the project will not harm the environment and instead it will still benefit some natural resources.

90 .