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There is an old proverb that says a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.

You know, everything in life, every great accomplishment, every goal attained, every great journey, in all of the ways it can be measured, none are possible without that step. Every time in scripture that God gives a great promise, it required the person to take a step. When God told Abraham that he would make him the father of many nations, Abraham had to leave his home. One single step, followed by another single step. When God called the disciples they had to take a step and leave their home to follow Jesus. When he gave them the promise that they would receive power, they had to leave their current location, and travel to Jerusalem. Receiving God’s promises require us taking steps. Moses told the Israelites in Deuteronomy that every place that the sole of your feet treads, every place you step, it will be yours. But having the promise meant taking the step. You see, in God’s economy, If you don’t take the step, you don’t get the promise. Abraham did become Father Abraham. The disciples did become Fishers of Men. Those whom Jesus had promised the spirit before his ascension did receive the promise of the day of Pentecost. Israel did claim all the land. The common demoninator in each case was that they all took the step. All because they took a step. A step of faith. A step of promise. Today, we have an opportunity. God has great revival for his church. Great things for our students. But seeing those things come to pass, just like those promises of old, requires us to take a step. Sometimes that step is a step of faith. Sometimes it is a step of time/finance… but every step is a step of promise. Our church has placed a high priority on our students. The amount of money that this church pours into the young people year after year is staggering. And rightly so, we understand the value in doing so. But there is a real challenge. In order to see the full potential of the student ministry here, we need to make a concerted church wide effort, taking those steps of faith necessary to see the ministry funded the way it needs to be. That’s where the 100 step challenge comes in. (SHOW 1ST SLIDE) We are inviting you to take a step along with us. Together there are 100 steps. 100 envelopes, each with a dollar amount moving up numerically from 1 dollar to 100 dollars. All 100 steps will equal 5000.00. Enough to fund the student ministry for the entire year. Enough to pay for van rentals, outreaches, curriculum, finishing the youth room, and covering our investment from HYC. What about our fundraisers? Each year we have used our fundraisers to underwrite the youth ministry here, give to Sheaves for Christ, and help students go to events throughout the year. But there just isn’t enough. We are a very active student ministry. Each year we spend almost 1300 dollars in van rentals and fuel. Taking students to Holiday Youth Convention, Nashville Night Out, Youth Rallies, and NAYC. We also need to make up the shortfall from 600 from van expenses to HYC, remainder for hotel/registration for chaperones.

Every dollar we spend on our students and reaching those who are not here now.00 on graduate Sunday honoring our graduates. Averaging over 30 in attendance. reception. This will free up the walk-a-thon to be what it was designed to be. This will not be easy. Over 40 at our “Ugly Sweater” Christmas party. and giving students a new bible.We spend close to 250. is a dollar well spent. but we can not depend on them.00. Hosting a special service. and program. But it is a sacrifice worth making. but our responsibility to invest outside of the church remains. Events that strengthen our students while reaching out to others.00 more to finish it out. youth outing. We have made a substantial investment in the youth room. We would like to have another special service throughout the year bringing total cost to 500. These events are vital to the growth of the student ministry. buying instruments for youth service etc. An opportunity for students to raise money for missions throughout the world. installing fresh light fixtures. knocking out walls. van expense. Our fundraisers are great. and ministries throughout the world.00 Throughout the year we do outreaches like Fall Impact and youth gatherings that cost at least 600. We need to invest in our students. And it will help propel this youth ministry into the place of promise God has for us… . which funds the district youth department. 6 First time guests.00 so far… But we need about 1400. Purchasing furnishings/ gaming area. investing over 3500. (SHOW BREAKDOWN) It will be a sacrifice. This church is a great supporter of sheaves for Christ. Youth services – 1st time visitors each time so far. funding every outreach. some of which the students and parents have had to help with financially. This will free up the fireworks fundraiser to help the students with Holiday Youth Convention and special projects. This capital campaign will meet the needs for the youth department for the entire year.