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. .•• .. " ..• '/-'. 3.~."' " ..:."..17 'G:as.b II . ..)lvlie.pqtilj~1EOD 'DC\1"ice" . " " 1 Cassette ~'ox:Inceadiarv... n.on. "D"'J". ·C~n 'Ni.~..' ". . ooprovlsed !Roc'ket 'Tll be: . H~ThTlef jom....~L 10 _.·''i. '. 2. Tank."~ " I Ba. .. . .' C:iga. 130'mb .. 15 Ihiplosive flasbligbI. . .a:W) . ~' • . . 2..S "'i'.. 6 C~ett.mh .... g' e ~eme..m U C· _ M·.. e • • ~- _..' :_ . Booksheff~il1.c 'd 'Ejl~... " 23 U"mpet _B'omo .l!'UJI~ Kg. '.~Y.ntlve 'J" '1 G'a5Ci·liEie: B ill .: ' 14 . Gra"i'Pl Detanater .''i(·. Improvised Mortar S.Plaj"'Cr Devic:t1:: -._ . . "'.g~ ao~_ B9.. . ..... " 10 Chemical fidng .. .. . . .-L 'T e .ttea . • . ..liC.. . .. f~~.om. .. ~ . '. ]it'I'li'nrAv' Ui-""It. '. . ~S5".And._~:!!t.·. ~:X. . ..\""""" ~ ~Ji.1. . 1\ • 'BC~' " '-. ..a . .DneJ1' Bomb 1 " .Borr 'L.~" 'L D" t..th 'Dual &:'Y~t~m. .'....""r··. 5· CatL'lid.Devi:c·t. .. _ ii . .... _ _ .14 Do(r[-B. .. . .!"iii: r".·. IS.1 I + r111~· I' .tal'd .'..." "'0'· ~:_.wne'tJtaJion'Carnis~r.:..' "'.:. ..nuna'nd-~wni. .. • 12 n CQ.. l~' ". !. . ' " .:t ~land Gt'~J13de" . .. . . ..'.:. . .l.. II ~holc Contact 'firing Deviee .. 13: DirectiQua] Vfjd-de SctmD .e. _ 16.~tte Bomb" "..1:ockDe:vi~' . e .

.cem. neurraltzed d£vkci ~Ero'tn jnblTfOla~jhm of' rh¢ '"dtslperS.~d m th~_t~ 'V. Know ledge: of t~~e devic~: carae ft-om my obse~:v:a_li(!in o.5een Il!..e is used b. I . . " Th.. taugh. an alys.ng'us._l.:ll' pla.()urt:entt Y' . ).igns the \om b knows \vh:~t the hoped-ror' result 'WiU 'be" ~~.ewho :atmmp'B "t'O e build any 01 tk~~.S. EaiSt! I Jlave. same basic theories of boobytrn~p'i'h.~ ... " '[ prepared._.. The. d ~f treeuom Ught+!·ts.s.aevices are . ~ "'if: c . will'J"USl assume that au' gr.." .~!.oups receive th e.fe houses! OF from ld!e5iLripd~s of the trainm.Csi:g)n~ in use in th:f' &'fiddl~EEast ia~aare'sJj]1 bHng a't~.an}~year. terrortsts.JI..de.(dOll'Ca~s. OrJilj~the person who de.~e'\\'.e'\ic." M'65. recruitS.es is stupid" .e1"S n d EOn personnel.. [ro'm evidence ]ocatoo in· teITOrist'·sa.a'Jegi\.ata OUt COpoliC:.book is'vctget mis'd. P. thisbook is net a how-to manual.g.(JEOD) pef®:Dnel l\nyDTI~. and dnlg o-affick.w 'k.t 1 j FiTS! I lJt~nt to say that. and of' eourse Explosives om'~ [lance'Disposal .viii have not tncl.nl classeson how to kUl policll offiG.11.e {)f(icers" mtelligence agents.uded:. r.nu-ntles.sl :~oup··~.~cfw"O[ldng in the Middle.S. ~'.ers.s ierronses lblmVID 1tlp by their O'\\'ll devices. Ll. PU1JlOSe of t~h'irs..ent or '!1tir-mg.' : ese ..~ tcf.1'.-hien ttITnii. ..S26' receiv. hrlu~v than stressing a which d. of these: :cJ.NC\\~'mfltl:beFS:.gr:e:n"o'1'~.d~vi[c.taril~d hlS:tru'c.In'Hl1( m.. poliCJE rooc~ had better be "1 ' .tions. ts.

often .and..can be several miles 3W~y.~-tI'Oim.~bag'and'stibfoeRuauly the 'ga.. .. By' di~ tinrc"'lt.. the bag" M~1r' ~he'..wiil~ the . IDe.le 'rca_nd1~ meh$. i' 'I 'I~ ~ .s tank" the terrorist . The t.(ruchi~. .. AN'TI\1:H1CLE G~qtrNE EO~iB use ~h~s .\:'ith.':.l.~t.ro dteSRQy' parked vehicles .'. " ?' I I ~I l' '_ .. b6I{ j$ :plI-!h ed d nd\~.~Jl~Le i$ckt.. cardOO'iiiQ b~' Eoiltai ~ Oll e or t\VO plastic trash bags.st.-. j '0 1'en-ori. - ' l . ]'q:. I ~ ~ ~ .s]mfl'le'd~viee. ba~n~. A. the D01". tlt~' g~ tank of th~ ve:m~l~.t places at candle in.

! _. trash. . mating them quite' diffiClrllt to see. obJoctio~bte l)ilnner.. arg. offi(~ pulls on 'the bann~r.~ ·'tha~. an.ed -wltth IDe cna:tie . fmslHilNG LINE -: .. QD . "cM' '" ". on. lr" ~ INE" ': .I:R::' pw'S~:V( C. 'il .r_. . R..1 n . BO'"..sl(lpn ~L '~" • lo.I::l'.~r. connect the ~'bar-!e. ~.can 011 pbntel').s ofll~r.~ .1i. ~:U!Jll(ie 'tile.1 'I~..II"- I .the. the roe. .tem ]l~doos! ihe di$P~i:\Yof a:nti_prnmem SlogansJs 'ag:iinst' ttie:'law~ Te. remove ·lt~· '~.utLstrtp. .teS on the monofila:.Vke In variou$'~UQdle Eas.'~'Q ... . 1/ . OUICei'm ttY to.\'ii-·'J'IN" . BOMB' m 'or.· .2 ~~~--~~~~~~~~\ Q' 'Q ~ "0 \. These devices are sewn 1 within me banner. "he". .tiL ~ . CoP'PER'lUBE. A b8Jltay is llSUIHy p'~ac. ment fle5bing line tOllCti. -~opin.. WOODEN BLC'C'K r ij. M_..wi~ the CO~U~l 'Po1'n ts and me.' and thin wir~s.f~ti5ot." .I . y:. 1I EL'~K.e: ~ is hldd~n 3['gN'\Wid levd t¢~ in a.]I~\."·pl'ace this 'type : ..11 _ de.~lite OOD~Kt pb.Whren die. . . .'BANNER.laJ] ~'lii:ps.

ESI l)~rYU'~AEPAI1A1LN:G s PlA~~nlC·' EX'~08mVE "'.and ~asrened to a pulL-ty. been placed me atrempted.-. '..a fnve.f.]J:tra]lzel'. pence S'CMl-lill'H -aniol. .trac t tile.'!Ii'I a.sbrupndL .. 'Te. ' . As is 1tb._~ -.. -.1. :'m . 'I"n q-:.pe deron'a'~o't The detull3'tO[ ~"a5 also connected to explosive· charge. ':1' r~"f Q i3:. ._. ·ot£~~u ~·aw'!..-' '-'-. an~~olice bamb .~U(m.. . .. dll~ time ~ was eennec ted t:e a .Q was an internal \vire auaehed to tn~time fuse... 61n'. u. iP'h...CC ~11l5 w: 'i'l( ~. to ne. ) ~1iI!.bt~~d~the ean. ll1c device hy' pu:lli~g out [he fuse. Wll ere... a sp~aY'of . ..g·f~f ."'"Q: 111 rent 00 at..1. t¢ reR.. 'National POnCf!~me DlfflccT' detonator that ood.Of:: run see ..IJas:.J' .j"!'oAQE. " used).S~ElF .-rM :p.~ normalpanem for the Ibrlish.n 1~r. l into a plas1ib ~xplo~ive {adyDlI. ~fon' dis}co've·[... .po.lng· : lli~: l de~~~".. Th e deviee 'cxt. b.ll@ded aud sent oUt.~"'_ u was.~ mite cbarg.olke.D TO..... atte-ntion Qf'. .~.e can also be._. k ~t:. PL. the pal~ce'..~! PtiI.~... .01 'was urea 1: -..n1JEi~lS. .\i~i"'frQ_ ItF1FIO<E. •.tA.~ p-lase..wLtii.• Uf: • I!:..:a ln~titin.cAN' \VfTk DOA~'_ S¥t{TE~I[ ~..:.Jr__. pusee.'U'-.··j.i.. I~ . '-'<:i"~: This deV-i€eisa < hoO!by~tm"pp~d.!BooK. PiaC'.

.D..replaced ~a..Ppm QF m~111BMn!l are the' C'Ollta<::t.. • C}.ap ." I'~· ~( and '~b~lttrre5 .- - ..1~ loops aNd..5. ~ • .!!ittt..tmtplP. ....ts.op~. .. DQ·''' .wAray' 'jl!~~ lhi vtirte' itd.:" -..oompt. device is..-.... in 8. .d:I~s ~e" .t. r ~DR'O. be:"'-·..reapDD "ll$. canlsblg detonation._.Q~ 'J' -.Lll'~r' 'I' aD '$t'QPoI'ke ~.:J. of ~ ..O-Iiii'S·l'iG' .ce" is' as ...'!in a L~''''''b''y.J A ~E. :i:..:Il .BO~m..itis placed under car setl..~ eh "'.. . • "I ~.t.J. and each divider is: attached 10. -··~: D L".' .. t:.(' ca'l:ll'ldie ~' .._. tsters..~'"c~~aW are. . . can '.-ijIo?l. .dil~'~' on eaeb end uf' w bOx._:._~"." .'_....I\. ~ 'L l]. C~JlUOG'.r¢l~ng.secure:a....... d.D'IST D. ·\."_~'~:...-t"I:::j..' jill ~ are' .. too] _ '.e ohseTV'eT sees :the" ammunttten o.Ui.' ·.. WUu .. ~i~b..-'. OD~ tl1i-econrae~ 'oi' Cmndg~-m tb@ .an ...11.. .as~c' . ullJtil]]C ' ..'. on..I. .. • I L is.." t~.' • . .:I~~ n._ •• ' I ~-..u:il:J p1as:ed. mide to~extr~t1.E BOX.".. conl~'~'Il~Y ~t:d i. • " I •• • • • _ .C:--S·'CTTI 14' B'nv i1.LOo~... ~oo~.'? U.:. "..~.OSIM~ '.. Of' .. 11~.. \ivtien.i. " .'Jrwo..·O:"t"tl"~·':· re"..... ~i ..att..0'1. J:l~!\~ ~a! j_ " TIl is.Il-. PLASTIO EXIFt..'\r~'V...A"l! J'~_i\_:. 0-' • - '.nl~.n.don.e .11..._ tutiae~~ ~ ~..: . ldi. .!' ..~ .alrs~ .J"Y ..-:ll'll ... .\I.b:lie.' ...." j n-D-. ~~ed' 't6'sedi~~ Qf th~ ~~tt hoillatt1~y.~~ .L .AUMUNmON: 6(lX WRIST CARIJRDARC' 'WAlOH I._'tboe'"""nr.:..1. 1£ ..iI'ii1S'1::" t» fi.. -.~. ~baJ1on s ~'lH~:r-e. tJl'f:' lim 'is ])lEked" up' :abd dje: end :fl.~ld'er'to be puUetl! mll~\.:~:L ~"'-' I!.nly.ffl1\lr:.oilil middle ef an ...'!\..ilSYw~..m. . a cempact aS$~na. u..ed..Ll"i'-:tPic.·.!f_ ~ ~~T_". ~i ".-&.1. . saf~ po].sUd~niK' 1)Ii:llm Illo.

le .iw. ~a on I~ . a ba._: uses a casl~(t.~" oonta¢t snip·]s pfa~~'6\~fr the pllia-)~' buttOn.d. i.p~u:ked a. '~'.\reIil~"e.Q1ii:.. - . ~'Jirip.". is. ca~tmrdf<mto. c:o~n way.et:tm.~ma·f)j" cctmP. -ean use ..placed[ en <1!1i1f.on'l1e~ted tQ th~v--rawhand bltt€'q~ in tht.e case i:£.ac. ·tak'E:D.BOX IN'CENDIARY .the -vdl lele '~' ltl~n~ry./ 00 . the "stop butren [S..C'V 1.c:e C3. " . .ulb is someemes filled 'Wl.e·~~ltuT@'.them ·cn.J .~I.L.tOUcb..1lSes.p<fuU blast . aJlO detonate. Ofren . hldldm.m· '~hetape. oi~ .)nt... .C '~ .n batb::rv powcr ." .and .a ~r--fb_.d~kes~· .ncerua'1:. Th~.. .0 fE j IS ·0\\ .~:"t _.w·as:~ caus~ pr~n. af'mettliamii:se .t:. FLASHBULB _J'.P~~ .dle'ri. 'the: bomb is set dn.'. .101:' 1Il_.d ~ a~d th~ volume 'l:um~d..~mJlm~~r1ve ~:evlceto 'b~see:n '~ntly la . ~il. havoc .bi[Lty:.nt .Yt: ~-.I'iI~ ..CAS96Tffi:BOX . ~l-lhiy'l A hu!tiQ'fli.· ..tt'! sWtts a~d.e.r. ~~. Ybe device is of~.p. damage .mm 'Qt~tor the ·.'e m05. '\vhG) ·a~~·empt. is de. -~"iliJ:Q'R' DE.' --~TT-. _'..""'. .a nash cube. jn~ited. depressed. ·c..Uautoma tic cutoff tap~.'. :In"':sucb _ ..t1e.B.' > • C.d from .ry~..O~l' "f plaited in ~re:hi"(~~!..D.smal~.. '::.A Qmkel) fla~ihbu. fC'T':a:n au~ia caSSfitte.' CONTACT SCREW ·CASSETTE. . ·E P-_"'L':~vEl=R-: ID'.wheEe P yeI!t-eC'l?~\J~_r I. The ta:~(S-usus ILr p1ay anligpve:rnment propa. .·W1f~tJ.8 .. .that wh. '.'lyitimer companme.m bladk-1?wjvd~T~' a-nd.l' .o(t~ til£~ iD. •• . T~. ..bus}' pe~esfirnn j_~IPFea'cui T~he·-P"la.(H.t pol leemen. W sbU'f ihe~de-"II'llc·e.:' C$mll~J..5TO~'.ganda hl Ru. areal. J:lle' b.The dl.A..~}1 .!M~~SE· '. tne mTrlt:tnu:w lS .._* ". ·mrr'C' 1i= ' . 10".'n31ilmbe:.5. :("""""1 .. r.t~sB~~lli~ chawge l1Iifllte._il'lw.y fuutto:n..I-n'Qf}.- l.an IttC. .s~@p 'button -is pushed! the Ovt) eontal€ts. .vi ce can 'W'] run .r. i~:.k lded '1]" ".. . .~ POll1Lli<i5. . ~ _. "'" . ~?.r·'p[aced in it vth~c~e.~mnf.

r.s ~'rIL:I~.lOMA'TOR . ~ wedged at l:n.~:iu~b~: a :~N fined }f:1'~ :~ .Th~ ~..' • _ ' '-•. ~~he. Jf.ise~~~. A detoo·atoo' with· 3 .cau$irng: i ·th.t~)'i~l"ii._ . .:" G" .+lmJe' c~un~t'is .p']astlc I~XllLp!iVe. 'inm' the b~ltt19Dl o..~r(p] be auoWn.~ b~g.e can ~ brQ'ken~awaYl but 'tnore' often!.' '. gl$lSs.. Sev:elr~l_ tlgl1t"-fitdng ca~~bQalf~. pOr1!lOrJ! _c.:.ng. :HIi" OR C 11. . ' RUBBElR BALLOON I 1Ci' " .' .. - . • . diYid'el.~cj_cllb:i .iff eld in. is crimped onto a.si~e.' ¥OJ-" Th~1 ~e\)ice:'h'as: IJE€~ US¢PloF fitt.i b\~c:tbe.. .s. .. .$]'iH .. so' tbat::it wjU be.di:es.m~~l:leL 1e).~~.oo·n.~ is' tlS€td: 3S..• .'..r·~bbe~ plug. Eat. ·~q. 'I. c·-?mtainer.o~tDt . . plaGe..a.re raTd satU'ra~~~.a~J!n~t'dmare·l.tde'r~. .L.d~n:s.gIa.p< nd. 'Ql' t§: m i:q~~ive. tube. Tills ·~pl6:~ive .§ s~mp1e ~q..l~~~rballoon. Il:he . . tlhe ca. ill . A sea]~fl.gh the. ":.. Th~ baD.~n~~:mpJe~ a ~he~. is far \ . upper '. ~ot1€.:' de~Htlot1t 'bl~~ks and fnto han~ grena~.e.ve the su. itiis l~t .JIa5~]~~ i\n a. ·vial.1.U ~\o.db{l8...iun-Pl(lO~ro-add~to '~he} ~ap\Hel. Ute ~pi1losi"re.icea to..is[.~:.y.e. aad is'ef{eom~ vwitlW! t .c dc··l:On_at-~r: The C'HE:&fn:AL 'P(RING' DE\lIC'(! T~is.a • . CE':""~N''.gar chlorate.bi'J)s"the bllastli.~. " " QI ": DE..t~Illal~ ~bo.' tn ~ plS$tiC 'bag 9it me the.i. 4' . throy.- ..!~il~l a.:R.pl~ed.:-hati" jnd~9i r~~.htorateladdl reacnoa b f!:g. N' I I~.e. •• • ...s.t:··.a1" ~Wo~rj' n:i~'~ttrt:_. ..b~ by hand '01' ~idl p]fe.un. of sulfuric add is ']l~. oC1Jnelect!l1. .5 detoma ted . fOT_ --. ·a ·t~Eme tel' area .'mto..L.IH~!devi~. l:l·.ASTEltV.TERRORlST BOM~E: DESIGNS .lJ.) J.Yice ..a s.glass or ·p~li.~. ~n tb~ ·c·€ijllent b.L "..luQOunum tuE.'T-'l U.c~m~t.H into the' cap wclls' cf TN.~d:e.I.~l ~lme~d~iaydet.and. .L.rS!·.tt _'lIihf.U) ~UJDw E. T. U . rlJ." 1:1.bo~.suga~' " c.time 'fuse is. bottle! '.d a. '[ GLASS _ .ftrnqNa. in the c~t(! 0(' h the .~s~. pla~d.II~:C ::f!U.cap .~"RE' .jII'.:N"·:'D.'S~.pO.r' ~ c~ ·{. eH"ct::.'\Vhe[][ th~ .osi"~iP..~!O~Tis. i • /i- . <llvide-l'"~.

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Jt~s !.--I '-~"¥~ .~~this dEV~p~.!.._ ~. iI: I.-. be.~< n.' . ~-''"\. .-- fl"!· . A1~~l!Jth. fpt ihi use.VS:tem..aedi:n.t:r ~-..gerand the Hme... ~Q"irntEdbv a _'sm~m l~~ .' LJ:. • device..tie.ee:..T -Co" . .tlf' ~t 0.J.'o::-' "s.tl":... '..-"'-~..it~ 00$.." .EVICE v.- C·~· h'N-~"-I~lir . •. .:)-=: 'I • _ I _ ~ - .ry ~:~ha:r..F[RlNG' D.t (an.-.~! :-"'T'1!-.ja.. pavrtia11yconstrccted aJGng \Vci tb Rlalls..::b1 'tb.mr.lIired bv a otima~.. -.-. the i:trmndecl.ktt'is mOOili:eq.:' b f!-€:.L.A 3-j.au'trylt!!:m. . p'~ce Wifh 'm(ttal:s:uri:l?s" The a ["'" It"" ...tf. f~ni.:i. ff -f h b '" inOODtl. '~iinc aflfflntu.. -.-j~!ZhJ~e. ' J. l1fV" ~ddtgatrii. iliU. 'srL'e-r!J(§k'e~t. .ati. • €:i .~ "OONrAOT'PLAlE .~ lD€1tet is 5 nh"troo wi~~in .'.r set.22 ~ ')'Ji' W~lE '" i -.·'~~~~nimt "i.. ~I - I.l1' tBW1d in the" s~tJJ!1S. -. lis' po:[btOOt~rard. K"EilYH':"O''lI' "i::' ~.~r.

" ·.charg. sm~]] eatt l~]l~ lacoo· '\vith ~o'~tsj.. MAILBOX BOMB' Tld$ dev].~~. al Bla'fiC~~" loops puLll ag~[ m ~~n :i'lU..el i\Vho~ t-oo~~ve.iIii ~a.. 1: a..Q1 .uu':in:ai1P]iQx~5_.orrly '~n~teneT nuts~. to ~.k]11polic.' "rb~ -:'use.e placed is a.~ ofFme:Is and krtelli:geno~' peIiSO'Il~.au' p~~ QVe[' ~~. ean ~: seen at i1:]l~.tr ~hat. . . ttre r~ky 'tia~-lbrlf' $llWln't. 1'ia11Js A .. ~'ach Qfhew'ami ch~~... 'wbii..e" A.foit$O :tBsBlts'lrll his b~{Jmb~g ®he'vi.<H~~drio~ is.I o ~._-. .tl~e:ti:' ll...rrW1.ce..IDeJiteY~.s.~f'his' 'Q'~' '~l~l(. and t~~t m.~~. .. o~~e~~~he..~tinl.. fIIMER: ElECTFtllCD~cT~TOR .. 'is 'USed.. ~~¢ de:ton~te $he'~eliar~.._ . cast..t..MA!L SIL.

rr.1'0'0" SCelJl8' dte afiti~ent WS'ter attempt: to tt·arr it fram the ~~]].4. .MOUSET-RAiP CikOTHES P. 'wedge '.01." ~. AMiM UNlirtl":JN CASlE ::J."P~. who 11.IN STR~'N(J.S. !niI"U~ D!!vtCE .ct 'points ot the clothe~p'm~bas been . ' . As the po..._ 'An:. clo:thesptrt Q~\~ke.ter ~ ripped ftom the w.I1. ~~~N l~!lii'~."".g.IL\:J _ .e peseer.U"i.~~~~.6' .lmem.e device' 1S ll5U~l d i'[fcted . .WI dl.attarned l~ra Sltrjng .r::\US"~~A'-:O 'IlV.~. . r FOSTER 'l1ii5' B. -. eflecilve m bipolic.Ii~1"" i!'iI~[:.JL~ np-t"ICE ~~" _.d the drcuit is ci)lmpietOO..' o ~ ~~I '/ '.:: N.I?~~'ed and A betwEen ~iheconJa.2.aU'i the wedge js temeeed atI.Us~p'.~ ~~~ -.aga:iDst street pam. 'Wlt1ilm a recess are biddem Jill ~~l~ cbarge~ b~~terY~.

29 MB" AL COLLAR . the Mn.¢.: "flay m.tact.UI'~~·[e:J~se.-0 ~Iim..llJ.:~~tt. • trap.wjtJ.. j)'f rjgJe... PLATE DEVIC'o '{\\\Iu··IDa.ag~litlts-t the' spring ..._.ev~'D1t a. A piece of s'l!101l8e' QJ foam rubber is placItO' bemreW ~.a~sx 00'. .nd 1!ig.eH'd. '~n is p:lJ[n~d. and dir... then i~10500 W!l~fla di~~ide!~.riMer: :A coiled spong ls ..enc Sf) r u~ me ~.[a~.~'dh.g....e~ollanO'n.. .s.c.ai1.l.suP:'e5~·fuil when me device is.=~11 a O contact p.r-lfu$.as: .eru !Ir 1:'"" [:" me' [~.a.":The safcEy' ruse Is nt~~din the ..ilJe.:5'(lO'1!l'll. ..t .11:~~ mplJitb qf ~$htillease shOltld be level wim :t"he open d sethre. he.ucbin~' ~ r . ..m.. l~i.'~.ari~d~JJlis .ease 'and ·tlte ~se. . b~\lbe'.heU citSl.. SPRING P'RE·S5lTJtf.edl:e'l.F" .oo~y" I • .prfl'W:·]n.Itl~u!i. the mfd'dJle ~1..lJ ~t "!:' Ii..e..se.. "I?J:aQ~ w~fh ~h.8n~l M1t4 . TIRE: TREAD - ·.~uJh~~\Jfu...5..'A pri~e~ nfl~ is i~r~:d 'mto :~)JJe"W1d:'La lij~1:'[ w. _.Cts-· 'win to~h iEp~d~·rog.ves... the ~p{lllge' or ~am gJ...' T naaJ.\tllof the.:~t the 'metal oolIal' of the tlaiL~.. T' Elf tU._a] [~Idl.:ug 1). caus1ng d.late is attached ro the. is fiLfed '\"lith ·prope]h!Ot.~ther'iu tm:e' cui! .case can.·th·a 'trip-wire as a 'b..~l tll~ nail piqT1mding.pJ.s~'.li C~~bJn. f[-om befOg ·:fe1h\'ctC(i.poo into th~: ~~.~~t.j'feq:u. ag.}lato. used Wli. -. This v.1Il. i~.ntacti touch.t (~onnlge~''\llel1 the device is seepped 011. d .. are fa5le'n~.l¢L A 'O. '1!. A[ tt Ie.]:tC~~nilLL ~~c '. Ul. l~8.~~G~'" Tli~ 'd:e\lI~e' 5.'he2. ·1' 1>. 8~ca5ion~1Y:.a nand~m.li~er 'dtl\ic(e..nd ~I&impediiltd. .<s.!:is t-heJI1 cijin"ed 'to Ot._ . o:pen .e/ ~I.''''-:lI.l '.Wp.SPON~· - . ~tanaJtlor 'i-s p~c~d ai. '.U ignites·the pH"mer«a..e-r. the 'mouth.l@i3jl 1:Jl1e l)e~]'. R£LEAsE DEVICE 'Ihis ts a com~bm$ion ·BffSS.. trea it...d fhe co.nl~ using a ~oip . . Wllen the. Op~..e·nai[ Iesti~g' on dtte p.pbJ~e5' are wi:red to the' eltplosiviC: . usually btu~iedand covered ~:tth canlb(U.. the ·m('!i!.eoUai is· pLa~~. s :~Lttro wi~ I ..an'ctre1eased!.t~]~e?1fal 'eQ'nt.slip. interior' f:~et so tbal'-"~e ~C9l'ltal.~npIl5ite::end( into ~he:s~eU ~~.~~ lO. " ~ t: "h bvg.aids.D{ tite -'.a.e~~ nearest the.\11' 'PREsslrRE.·.b~.:._.:bJ t&re ~tl'-~ end ciltbe '~ped tn.

.:_.[!JLU¥ "'T'1:J'J')'DE"i.TptiCAL.~'KII' ..IL:~~'I ~VtV1L[:J' .4·'D·11F }~ E ."~'k~.Ul .Jl ..~'.': -_.'"l'tVl~...'T' 'El11&~il'l"JI'T. '~' "R "- .~ .Y r ·~t:.lJIIU. c.}~Jr~~~ -I :n .i.BAMR.li 'D].J EtEC..:.. ~~I" ~_" .-b'l'r.11' . ·'. DE10KAifOO: EXPlOSIVE:: . -.:.' ~~~-\...HAAll_E PULL ('hlJEIlD 'P\JU..'" . '010 lItliNiE" . .. :1 p·1.

llS: v'loe ts earnec t-o us rnl':gct..arn broken glass and '1 engtbs of .\'e. 't·". } -).111 ..IO'M D'ERS .r.A' .'.. ih6' - .h~$'· p~:qJose U:g. lL'"-. ~.._.ttd ~orists .'. Pnlit:e rat~ing.. bouse: searches.are'·· $ • ~'~.. 'is plaeed in .··'·N' N'--._~_...At CAN ISlER P'R ESSURE-SEJ\tiSJ1rWE ·PLA'F'E SPONGE l-r--~-JL.v.. .MEXAt COrtrAiCrs ~L~lRIC IDETONA10 A ~:. or. .. fart . dmc [Use..5.~d. The detonator is 1lS111any :3J simple'Maitl. L' jl .u-ntell.. L '...flj~JtU'u. .aln$· '.' ~.« . " .d~IO~ 1~..i..l in L&ehcin' and Tmkey. fo eteate ant .f'U~' .ib.. . . "a~d 'Bt~rkets.OMB d.. A smgle.. 'l:.:uitriu.~ · -r....fCA .M~ LJl.sit~dn}th~~~. -.....chain .UmlS ms 61?·emit:i~.b~pnel used.lie .''~I HoT' A .eff~tth=re·..~~. . . h-" A. :-_ .pnei ft6m mixiRg.b1:lc. ~n 8el:-ona~i{m~ the..im~ed P1i:"h~I~'iI:'·LU:bE.:.""rl~{).:i.dJf'· J!1St.ap..~~ 'hav~ asserted :~3t t...~tthingfur 'v~lfons. 'IL. ut.-" o(a h(fu~. ...uum~'~T-g.~e:RSO". . 'il " . __..videIlC1e" mrons:~ or -r-i......a metal canister with ~g~ m-em.'et)·tels.""\ -c 'i'! c' .ng cap With a. .IU~ ]l!}eml U~WV~~. . . S~e\e:l'bt3ringS'. .ts· of :~ih. t ~U f"" iL .:\i'lCe.. . .~v:ice:·s ~d :soldy '3..eT$ )rrep' die: shra. INS ULA. [ODd to the: tra:p ~b.~om. ..ra:pBel.OO..~..~.:: u ~np.ge (l~rth[sd~ice "~... - '.. I This ...'.: •••• ! ..: .li. '~aprur. in a~ ~ w..1 "E"N'~D'''' SEG....' . . an' 3.1.". .eel 'e.N:aN ElEC'fR:tc ' OETON..· '. Cardbeard divirl..w .l .e~ .y Is ~e:Et"m pp.. ~9nGle".A s...tetJJJ.J.. .a....' me U.m~~... stra tegitalilly plac.aOMlJ. oft -" . ''I. 'OnC'£1a[~U ~auul uren t..~ndtb~'p':~le'SStt~ 'ptatev ~~L.El '. r'L. . SfiFE ~llOUSEINTR.rism~ often.. . .g system is atbch.iuc~' ~f dynamiW.:iI! OtT·'I'·'n~·.. .L. . ~ placed...grea'tet rnIlge· th..lE 0' ~IRH5 . . . ·' ~ I' 'ill.the ·teRo([isrS woid it. · .. h hf .bolts ~and scrap meta'] ru. tIliJaS.33 WlET.riti1J:~li'~: i W~A agai11ltt '. safe. .cove)'G4'~ithpieCe of~rpe. ..o! ...SOARD . ~ .."..~ "1"':t. d'e .. 'The. '.YW' d.~and a pressure p]ate on a spn-n.. of.' 'e '~U~e is lit'. W'hU~ 'se. I.. ..'~b ':"'1~e~'Ai in sbolpping ...£ trlie~ house and...n.tr.1an a~U r"a".nd~t iI111 -.CAFUl.g ehe .1riries to due' the rype '0£ s. 'l.p~e is GQ'l1!S.l!....!tfties.eal ~·~:eM~VQ']t bau:er.....t·..rn~upied 'PMt 0.

.ho€-~.a pressure. . evice d .system. v..doo~ffl~' '.ed'ag~t\~ d~t' itrtdl a.'b~ d 'Uses.reiUn~t'Filadte. ='1.band.shdW(l p~:ufe' ~. ~ '-.:ueanr]~ .. "ii!.:IIi. I ·~A'p.'0" 'O"R': "D'lG''t. Thts 'causes. a. stting .o_ ~:~"CUII . .-.:size.:I ~!Ii. an 'el~:b7ic df:~onator and ba.ut.'obje'!Zt. SJi~blg . leased.JL. aspects cif.lith.'. gr~tt.. an bfidtl~ ft~i!d' .1·. . 0. is verY 'se'nsittive to ~..35 "fWs basic· d~wce uses.l}C. The·ca.I f-fagm~nrnitiicm. ~emg 'tIte d..arned to tb@..~'apiP]j~~ re.. _ ..· .c"..6~..e:vice 'we oa._ rem N:. U'pon..ade that has' h~d its fuse <• . .ue~ source to Q1et'O'lt~~...eontaet strips.l ' 1:. _' E Y--.I!.u..tt.".".. ~]caselpuU .dJovrn. '. '_...:". 'h is l?hlt'.QX. tq pnn~the i.b!mpwd.ll'~ct :PJittes to r ..

nd. ~ 1)_a!~'~: ~~Ti ~utj (}rt t~.!' h1f1jr:'iI!' 'b~II!l.'!' 35 mlfPljv~cl ~Dotb~ .":ciI. tw~. 'f8'tt£!!r oorubj!n~.@'·""w6d~iI~.S~ <: rti~.. m'a!n')!a] fuli ~U~~ U~I.i'S~ ~ Iq:ru~g.!.]..0 ~rUl!llf.rJIfJy·4bsg~i·secik. W1!H as mateF.i'.~rls. h'l t~ftis 'lim.' IV_!' tl1iS. ..FliUiisnal '~l'.a.=rDJ"~$O]ln. Mmy..Ii:'JMiiF tLt)1'ri:pl~ioi!l.rMr~~OL!. ' .Y' f~~& tlf 'fi:ViIC :rvnd~.-nit! o!:~I!l~®"fi:"H.rrrrel.. wt'lO ha s 'fiJlJ @I~. and tl'ainl!n.m.!' Sle'CR)~lt.md.urite:l'.~eE:tF.'v~th :tillilfl! fl13tioilai :po:iioe"' I'3_]11Amjif.bing~alffi.1d.~c·s·r.es {hi~!li!dif!g: tch~n~b]IllnJ fs.NLQnYh1l)ns .t'Ql'{.iJb~U~ ~.hne1mit~nt ~$~ ["1' '[]jj .e' dIElyi.1Eld[M'.w1~~ I' I~!nd ].s. t~~~\". rh.f .If'ro.0'k as ft!~it..W". tl1"Jfl U~: y~# '~p~D'iliil:~~C~ 1!i'.liEh. Qf~nqmriiterilltgml~ (\if'~l.el'ii:er.tt..~t~hlHit Om~![I!budy~ t:tle:t~ Is .ami~:.i~i_~reasin:g . Tlhis :Ir.~~' ~OnIDs iTt tl.!z.' .Qe:5 'i~~~ti9 ·a.tiJl E~s.T.yp~!l.y .an . 'IDl".. ~aEkIDi]r ~m'f-:k 'n! .'In.:"" as wen.~l:ildll~Rticl5~.ytl:it}.'''fmlt"id 1Sf~~ly 'rliI~hoo ~~\W wibhin 91!br {b~r.g.q~~~~1. ~~n '~'l'i.'" ~f:'. r~:y' ~.d~~·i3rt.nlu'!:l..(!iJilJ l~pi!.i~ ~8.5I1U~~dr '~mb5 •.~~~ 'lh@'a..iij~~' ~(j'l~.ti[)Dl.iils ~'FIi~ m!5t:tuE. "t1i}e 'lJ:ffiJted.l)~)ftJ.~f.(!i~ lli!.'~·c:rn Ii:::OU~ruili'l.• -sevemL.~ ·b.If!J.ih'F.~1~v..l~~ W.' ~(l.S~e-s. !antl..~ •• ~~t~:1'H:~1 'by th:i\. u ll!r~~5 $€e:~§] entry :~rrtD. I' W-as.~ltt(lJ.eiti a W.':d.i:.:e !O:"LCl:t l .g: :fid!i.!]i.a&.'S.lalin A:tiit{'. (]I ['iUS: en. ex~t.:tlC~~ .rc!.ri~n c~u~ .ITit~l~ .clf~r.~u.'"t~:lt~: ~1dd:l\'i~!Ela_mtyaS ~.Iv~d~:t"~ .

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