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Nurturing Legal Minds Transferring Skills for Life Aspiring for Tomorrow

HELP University I can say with absolute certainty that today. Thus.” Ravinder Singh Dhalliwal. 2009 also saw the Department expanding by introducing its own Bachelor of Laws degree. Many of them serve on Bar Committees. We have to date produced 22 First Class Honours Achievers in the UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law). University of Sheffield. We strive to listen. The Faculty assures you of quality teaching as we have teaching faculty who are experienced. University of the West of England.” Emeritus Professor Philip Thomas Emeritus Professor of Law at Cardiff University. why consider the Faculty of Law & Government at HELP University. We believe that great careers are built on firm foundations. and to help every student define their dreams and achieve their aspirations. to learn. HELP University has been enjoying the privilege of being the first private university to introduce the UK Law Degree Transfer Programme which has been recognised by prestigious and reputable universities in the UK. To date. Allow us to introduce you to the philosophy of the Faculty. some of whom were former practitioners who have turned to full time academia. dedicated and qualified lecturers. Faculty of Law and Government 1 . we have as our partners Cardiff University. Our students have delivered sterling performances in their examinations. University of Hertfordshire and the University of Leeds. Northumbria University. The programme has also received full accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Faculty of Law & Government. UK Visiting Fellow. are employed by some of Malaysia’s largest and most prominent firms and some have opened their own practices. We were also commended in 2011 by the assessors of the Joint Academic Stage Board (JASB) which is a joint committee of the Bar Standards Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority for the best practices adopted at the Faculty level in the administration and teaching of the UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law). Bristol. the question arises. many of the Graduates from HELP University play vital roles in our Society and the Malaysian Bar.Law @ HELP Igniting. Our approach is holistic. University of Liverpool. Aberystwyth University. Alumni Ambassador. University of Manchester. Law students at HELP undergo an excellent legal education and this is evident by the 22 first class achievers HELP has produced to date. Nurturing & Empowering Legal Minds Choosing the right discipline that comes with the appropriate college facilities and ambience for one’s child is any parent’s priority.

Our Mission Statement ‘To Groom Employable Lawyers’ (Our Focus is on Industry Training) Reading law at HELP is a journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation that inspires students to reach their fullest potential Core Competencies & Attributes sought by employers • Research Skills • Drafting Skills • Advocacy Skills • Collaborative Skills • Analytical Skills Our Learning & Teaching Systems • Legal Skills • Legal Practice • Internships • Professional Development Workshops • Problem-Based Learning • Peer to Peer Teaching • Research Projects • Language Proficiency 2 .

Bristol • University of Hertfordshire *Conditions apply. student may choose to pursue the UK Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)* or the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP). All universities are recognised by the Malaysian Legal Profession Qualifying Board. July and September (Year 1) • September (Year 2) *For Malaysians only All results must be obtained in ONE EXAMINATION SITTING as stipulated by the Malaysian Legal Profession Qualifying Board. • 5 subjects to be completed per year Intakes • January. A credit in Bahasa Melayu at SPM is required for students intending to practise Law in Malaysia as required by the Malaysian Legal Profession Qualifying Board. Please refer to the Department of Law for further details. *Subject to terms & conditions 1 3 . Admission to the Profession Upon completion of the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Hons. For JPA recognition. students must have completed their CLP or BPTC.UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law) KPT/JPS(A6589)01/16 SPM/ O-Levels/ Equivalent and STPM/ A-Levels/ UEC/ Equivalent HELP UK Degree Transfer Program (Law) LLB (Hons) CLP (Malaysia) or BPTC (UK) Pupilage (9 months) Admission to the Legal Profession Entry Requirements Any one of the following: • 2 STPM Grade C • 2 A-Level passes • 5 Bs in Senior Middle 3 (UEC) • Australian Matriculation Program or equivalent qualification AND • 3 SPM/O-Level credits (including English & Bahasa Melayu*) Assessment Core Subjects • Assignment 20% • Final Examination 80% Practical Subjects • Legal Skills Assignment 20% Practical Assessment 50% Final Examination 30% • Legal Practice Assignment 20% Practical Assessment 40% Final Examination 40% Subjects Year 1 DL1 DL2 DL3 DL4 DL5 Year 2 DL6 DL7 DL8 DL10 DL11 Legal Method & Systems Law of Contract Constitutional & Administrative Law Criminal Law Legal Skills Land Law Law of Tort Law of Evidence Legal Practice Company Law Transfer Options Transfer to the following UK universities on an advanced standing basis into Year 2 or Year 3 to obtain a qualifying law degree*: Year 2 • University of Manchester • University of Sheffield Year 2 or 3 • University of Leeds • Cardiff University • University of Liverpool • Aberystwyth University • Northumbria University • University of the West of England.5 hours of tutorials per substantive subject and 3 hours of workshops for practical subjects per week. Programme Details • 2 hours of lectures and 1.

5 hours of tutorials per subject per week • 2 semesters with a minimum of 30 teaching weeks per year Subjects Year 1 • LLB 101 Malaysian Legal System • LLB 102 Law of Contract • LLB 103 Constitutional Law • LLB 104 Criminal Law • Social and Business Communication • Leadership and Life Skills Year 2 • LLB 201 Law of Tort • LLB 202 Malaysian Land Law • LLB 203 Law of Evidence • LLB 204 Legal Skills • Choose one (1) Elective Year 3 • LLB 301 Equity and Trust • LLB 304 Legal Practice • Choose three (3) Electives Intakes • January. Entry Requirements Any one of the following: • 2 STPM Grade C or • 2 A-Level passes or • 5 Bs in Senior Middle 3 (UEC) or • Australian Matriculation Program or equivalent qualification • HELP Foundation in Arts/Foundation in Science AND • 3 SPM/O-Levels credits (including English and Bahasa Melayu) Program Details • 2 hours of lectures & 1. July and September (Year 1) • September (Years 2 and Year 3) Assessment • Assignment 20% • Final written examination 80% Core Subjects • Assignment 20% • Final Examination 80% Practical Subjects • Legal Skills: Assignment 20% Practical Assessment 50% Final Examination 30% • Legal Practice: Assignment 20% Practical Assessment 40% Final Examination 40% 4 . etc Successful career in various disciplines KPT/JPS(PA5959)07/12 Choice o Electives: of • LLB 30 Intellectual Property Law 305 • LLB 30 Information Technology Law 306 • LLB 307 International Trade Law • LLB 308 The Law of Employment • LLB 205 Company Law • LLB 206 Commercial Law • LLB 207 Administrative Law • LLB 302 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory • LLB 303 International Law Students can choose any 4 out of the 9 elective subjects in Years 2 and Year 3.HELP Bachelor of Laws (HELP LLB) SPM/O-Levels/Equivalent and STPM/ A-Levels/UEC/Equivalent HELP LLB (3 years) Para-legal training MBA or MSC in ECM.

Pillai & Gopal Skrine Tommy Thomas (The Stanley Paddy Award)* Zaid Ibrahim & Co Azim. Our students achieved a perfect score of 9. retired and foreign judges on topical areas of the law. By attending these courses. Hisham. Ong & Kandiah Ram Rais & Partners Rajes. 5 . *Pupillage Award Haryati Deepak Othman Hashim & Co Senior members of the legal profession give guest lectures that enhance students' knowledge of the law. Tunku Farik & Wong Chooi & Co Thomas Phillip The nations’ top law firms have endorsed the achievements of law scholars at HELP by awarding them Book Prizes (valued at RM500 each) and/or a one to three months internship. Professional Development Courses & Guest Lectures The Faculty conducts Professional Development Courses and Guest Lectures which are facilitated by eminent legal practitioners. professors. students are exposed to the various areas of legal practice. English Classes for IELTS The Faculty also provides English classes which prepare students to sit for the IELTS examination which is an entry requirement for some of our UK partner universities. The Department's program of study incorporates topics relating to current legal issues and problems.0 in the 2011 IELTS examinations.Internships Shearn Delamore & Co Zul Rafique& Partners Lee Hishammuddin Allen& Gledhill Shahrizat Rashid & Lee Lee.

The Law Society is organised into Academic. A moot competition in session LawAsia Moot Competition Winners of the Moot Competition HELP–Skrine Annual Moot Competition The HELP-Skrine Annual Moot Competition is entirely student led and run. individual lawyers. Law Asia is an international organization of lawyer’s associations. and promotes legal writing and legal thinking amongst academics and members of the legal fraternity. and legal academics that focus on the interests and concerns of the legal profession in the Asia Pacific Region. Social and Charity divisions. to learn and to grow. one of the largest law firms in the country. 6 . teamwork and cooperation. both in 2010 and 2011.Research & Publications HELP Law Review & HELP Student Law Journal The HELP Law Review is a specialist refereed law publication of the Department of Law. judges. The HELP Student Law Journal is a student led and run publication by the Department of Law. Events are organized by students for students to foster good relations and to encourage them to share experiences. It acts as an incubator of knowledge and ideas. The Law Society @ HELP The Law Society is a platform for students to learn and enhance their skills in leadership. HELP has bagged the Spirit of Law Asia Team Award for 2 consecutive years. and is co-organised with Skrine. The winning team and the Best Mooter is awarded internships by Skrine. Every year members of the Law Society organise events such as the Annual Law Ball. organisation. The Journal acts as an incubator of knowledge and ideas and promotes legal writing and legal thinking amongst students.

Bristol 2011 3 1 7 Soon Ley Theng University of Liverpool 2011 Choong Wei Ling Aberystwyth University 2011 .rs the tion To date HELP's ve g di ie in ra Faculty of Law h u T has produced 22 Law Ac tin ss graduates* with First Class n la co t C Honours from top UK universities irs F * Loh May Ann. University of Glamorgon 1997 20 20 04 04 Jovena Lo Zipping Northumbria University 2007 Ng Lay San Northumbria University 2007 Chong Zhuo Chen Cardiff University 2007 Chua Lip Yee University of Liverpool 2008 Tee Shiau Sang Cardiff University 2008 Lee Wai Yi University of Leeds 2011 Daevinddra Premananda University of the West of England.

Bristol. Bristol. Bristol.Erina Mohd Ramly University of the West of England. 2005 Chan Li Ann Aberystwyth University 2009 Lim Yim Siew Aberystwyth University 2009 Esther Low Xiu Yi Aberystwyth University 2009 Eric Lee Vui Loong Aberystwyth University Lon2009 don Shalini Ragunath University of Liverpool 2010 Map o of the UK Aberdeen • • Edinburgh •Glasgow • • Ulster Belfast Newcastle Upon Tyne Durham Stirling • • • • Lancaster Leeds •York • • Tina Chak Jee Nee Northumbria University 2011 Beh Huey Ching Northumbria University • Liverpool Manchester Bangor Sheffield Keele Nottingham Aberystwyth Loughborough Birmingham Coventry Cambridge Aston Warwick • • • • • • • Cardiff Exeter • • •• • • •Oxford London Bath • • Kent • Southampton • 2 8 . 2001 Christy Loh Wei Yuen University of the West of England. 2004 Gina Adela Ding Aberystwyth University 2005 Jennifer Lee Tze-Hui University of the West of England.

LLB (Hons). Hype Excellent Learning Phase! Farhan Ashraq Bin Abdul Malek Legal Officer.What our students say about the HELP Law Experience A great teacher inspires the student. societies and sporting events to enable the students to improve their interpersonal skills and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. and the lessons well guided for easy comprehension. I have improved my skills which I believe are essential in career building. HELP Merit Scholarship Award. LLB (Hons). the lecturers are very willing to provide clarification and elaboration. Cardiff University (2:2) 2003-2006. Young Enterprise Program Best Achiever Award & Best Enterprise Award awarded by the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. LLB (Second Upper Hons). A-Levels (HELP) 2001-2003. Finance & Corporate Secretariat. AG's Chambers. SPM 10 As and UEC 7 As. Northumbria University (2011). Book Prize (Zaid Ibrahim & Co). Currently pursuing Year 3 at Cardiff University. Soh Siew Sun Year 1 and Year 2 of UK Law Degree Transfer Programme at HELP. Barrister-at-Law. Calcott Pryce Subject Prize for Corporate Governance 2011. moots and presentations with practising members of the bar have given me an invaluable insight into the practice of law. A former student of Sabah Tshung Tsin. now Deputy Public Prosecutor. Lawasia Mooting Competition: Spirit of Lawasia Team Award. Fresh from school after SPM. Levi Award (Aberystwyth University). Champion of the Skrine-HELP moot. This has enabled me to fulfil my personal aspirations. Dev Sundram UK Law Degree Transfer Programme (Aberystwyth). HELP University is the right place to be for a smart education. guest lectures by judges. I found the lecturers to be very friendly and approachable. In addition. Moreover. All the mock trials. Lincoln's Inn. In addition. Basically. A-Levels 3 As. 9 The reason I chose to study law at HELP is because of its quality teaching and the inspiring learning system. Farhan Read University of the West of England. HELP Merit Scholarship Award 2009. Petronas. Legal & Corporate Affairs Division. I was surrounded by great teachers that taught me things beyond textbooks. Currently pursuing Year 3 at University of Liverpool. . The 2 years at HELP is ideal preparation for my final year in the UK. Shim De Zhen UK Law Transfer Degree Programme. It is also their dedication to teaching that I found to be one of the most priceless traits at HELP. and Bar Council members teach the students more of the legal realm. The Law Transfer Programme is well structured. A-Levels 4 As. O-Levels 7 As. On Xiu Tau UK Law Degree Transfer Programme. SPM 12 As . Having spent 2 years on the UK Degree Transfer Programme at HELP. not forgetting a full team of dedicated and intelligent lecturers. My career path owes much to HELP for its extracurricular initiatives to familiarise students with life in practice. and it was a very enjoyable experience overall. Bristol (Second Upper Hons). APAC Rule of Law Conference Volunteer. The most important thing I learnt at HELP was the ability to critically analyse and hypothesise. I decided to take up A-Levels and I’m glad that I chose the right institution. the Department of Student Affairs did well to cultivate the talent and potential of students through clubs. lawyers. The programme gets me where I want to go and what I want to obtain at a reduced cost. HELP offers a conducive learning environment. At HELP. Calcott Pryce Subject Prize for Comparative Public Law 2011. A-Levels 2 As. HELP is a wonderful episode in my life. both during classes and in consultations. and this I perceive to be a very convenient and viable alternative for many students. while I was kept busy by intellectually keen and passionate lecturers.

The education. SPM 10 As. LLB (Hons) University of Leeds (2010). The uniqueness of studying at HELP is to witness the growth and improvement of your education. Currently pursuing Year 3 at Cardiff University. I literally go speechless because the entire experience I have studying in this wonderful institution is surreal. It’s AMAZING! Teo Eu Jinn UK Transfer Programme (Aberystwyth). Facebook. Sandakan. There is no spoon feeding but a stimulating learning-centred approach. It has provided me with opportunities to gain life experiences which I have found to be invaluable regardless of my future plans. Current position: Legal Department of Mukwano Industries Uganda Limited. Being a student at HELP has given me more than mere academic knowledge. Would I go to HELP again given the choice? Yes! Naeem Hirani Aga Khan Academy. LLB (Hons) Cardiff University (2011). Currently pursuing Year 3 at University of Leeds. As a person that had not been to Southeast Asia before. Runnerup in Skrine-HELP University Moot Competition 2011. She is from Bangladesh. school editor. President of the SASA Student Council. It has helped me become more selfsufficient. my experience in HELP University was a very memorable one. Natalie Ker Si Min UK Law Degree Transfer Programme. At HELP. which made learning very easy. SMK Damansara Utama. LLB (Hons) University of Leeds (2011). I had fantastic lecturers who had passion for the subjects they taught. SAM 80. school debater. Janice Ooi Huey Peng UK Law Degree Transfer Programme. Achievements: Best Speaker of Debate Competition for Law School. I totally enjoyed my studies at HELP. My leadership skills have been honed by working on the scholarship programme as I have been given the opportunity to engage in the planning and execution of large scale marketing events. ‘Best Team Spirit’ Award in the International Lawasia Moot Competition (Law Asia) 2010. Thanks to friends and lecturers at HELP. Kenya (Secondary School). Spirit of Lawasia Award for LawAsia Moot (Awarded by LawAsia). Queen’s Guide of Malaysia. I’ve experienced my fair share of failure and success. personality and self. represented the state in National Youth Camp (2007). 8 Distinctions in HELP Foundation of Arts. SPM 11 As. SM Sung Siew. Nairobi. Wong Wai Chin Completed Year 1 and Year 2 of UK Law Degree Transfer Programme at HELP. SPM 11 As. Tasmia Hoque Completed Years 1 and 2 of UK Degree Transfer Programme at HELP. I’ve learnt that success is never final and failure is never fatal. The unending dedication of the lecturers will always play a big role in my journey to becoming a good lawyer. HELP has eased my transition to university life. The main reason I chose to pursue my law degree at HELP University was the expertise of the academic staff in the Department. School Achiever Scholarship Award (SASA). I have found the learning experience at HELP to be just as it should be.75% (TER). The UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law) at HELP has exposed me to a wide variety of experiences. Currently pursuing Year 3 at Aberystwyth University. It has taught me to think outside the box as analysing and understanding are a critical part of Grooming Employable Lawyers 10 . National Champion in Maxis Cyberlinq Web Community Competition. training and teaching that I have received at HELP is remarkable. University of Leeds. committee member of the RUSH team (2008). HELP Law School. All in all. Nairobi. I have met people form different cultural backgrounds and learnt to adopt and accommodate. Best Mooter in Year 2. it has been an effective learning process. The faculty and staff were always available for consultation and willing to help in academic and personal matters. MVP for Basketball in Secondary School. best debater for district. A-Levels 4 As.Every time people ask me about HELP University. HELP Merit Scholarship Award. District Champion for Datuk Wira Arshad Parliamentary-style English Debate (2007). O-Levels 8 As.

Registration No: KP/JPS/DFT/US/W09 Tel: 03-2094 2000 Fax: 03-2094 7495 Email: marketing@help. Damansara 50490 Kuala HELP University College Sdn Bhd (Co No: 84963-D) . Pusat Bandar Damansara. Subang 2 (Target date: 2013) University New Iconic Green Technology Universty Campus.