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Name of Lesson: Presidential Responsibilities

Grade Level: 5 Subject: Social Studies/U.S. History Prepared by: Travis Ceniga Overview and Purpose: Purpose of this lesson is for the students to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of the President of the United States. Students will start off the lesson by playing Executive Command, a game about Presidential duties on Educational Standards

5.SS.4.1.1 Identify the people and groups who make, apply, and enforce laws within federal and tribal governments. 5.SS.4.2.2 Identify the three branches of government and the functions and powers of each. 5.SS.5.1.3 Explain how the United States is one nation and how it interacts with other nations in the world.
Objectives: Specify skills/information that will be learned • Students will be able to identify at least six different duties of the President of the United States. • Students will be able to describe how the President of the United States carries out the duties listed. • Students will be able to create a power point presentation on the duties listed for the President of the United States.

Materials Needed:

Computers with Internet Access

Copies of We the People books

Computers with Power Point program

Other Resources: (websites, videos, books, etc.) •

Information: Give and/or demonstration necessary information 1. Lesson will begin with all students reading through lesson on Presidential duties and responsibilities together from We the People textbook. 2. After reading through lesson from textbook, students will log onto 3. Students will click on games and find Executive Command. They will be given a minimum of 20 minutes to play game Executive Command. 4. After playing through games students will be asked to independently list six different duties or responsibilities of the President of the United States. 5. On the following day, students will be asked to create a power point presentation on the six duties or responsibilities of the President of the United States. 6. Presentation will consist of a minimum of seven slides, the first being a title slide and the remaining slides used one for each of the six duties or responsibilities. 7. Students will be given an hour of time in the computer lab to complete power point presentation. 8. If more time is needed, students will need to find time they can get on a computer at school, or work on project from computer at home. 9. Students will present their power point presentations to the class using projector and screen in the classroom.

Verification: Steps to check for student understanding Students will turn in their list of Presidential duties or responsibilities to be reviewed before they begin their power point presentation. During power point presentations, students will be graded according to a rubric created for the presentation

Activity: Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson The lesson will be reinforced by the power point presentations the students will make. Once the class has completed their presentations, the students will be asked to make another list where they will list 10 duties or responsibilities of the President of the United States, six from their presentation and four from their classmates presentations. Notes Originally I had planned for the students to use glogster to create a poster instead of a power point presentation, but I wasn't sure how I would get 34 fifth grade students to get registered on the website. Not sure about the legal restrictions i.e. would their parents have to sign them up, or would I have to buy a teacher light account and sign the students up myself. Rather than do that, I decided to have the students complete a power point presentation. A majority of the students are familiar with this program, but they haven't created enough power point presentations yet for it to lose its novelty. The project would have to span over a three week period. The only way to guarantee computer time for students is to schedule time in the computer lab. We are able to schedule one 30 minute block each week, so I would need three. The first block would be for playing the game. The second and third block would be for creating the power point presentations. I have projector set up in my classroom, so giving the presentations could take place there.