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COMPUTER NETWORKS: -Grup of comps connected together by suitable media TYPES OF Networks  Lan,  wan,  metropolitan area network

,  vpn Functions of network management  Initial network planning,  frequency allocation,  security management,  performance management,  account management,  fault management,  configuration management,  cryptographic key distribution and authorization,  predetermine traffic routing to support load balancing. Network architecture Def: - design of communication network peer to peer network:where a sys is decomposed into computational nodes that have equal capabilities and responsibilities. Merit of peer to peer  Easy to install and configure,  Individual machine dnt depent on a dedicated sever,  individual user control their own resourses,  no dedicated admin needed to run the network. Demerits  Network security applies only to a single resourse at a tym,  each comp must be backed up individualy to protect all shared data,  no centralized organization skill to locate and control access,  not suitable for many users. Suitability  Where there r few users,  security is not an issue,  costly to have additional comp,  when users can be relied upon to back up their own data. Client server:network with separate system some providing resourses others accessing the resourses Pros  Can support many users,  central backup of shared dat,  centralized user account and security management Cons

 requires net admin to run tha net Suitability  When many users in organization. Points to concider which connecting device to chose 1.ierouter network management if to extend length to accommodate more users(bridge) 2.specific business requirement. Server fails with the whole network.  size of organization.  a central admin will be assigned 4 net setup and maintainance Factors to concider when implementing a network  cost.cost Reasons for chosing router instead of bridge  Routers can contain broadcast traffic within certain domain so that not all users are affected  Routers can do filtering when security at anetwork or app level is required  Routers can provide sophisticated tcp/ip services such as datalink switching  Has much more sophisticated redundancy feature.  no of resourses.Performance requirement. .Complexity of the requirement.  purpose of the network Internetworking Scheme for interconnecting multiple networks of similar technologies where extra h/ware are positioned btwn netwrks.  complex(special soft needed).  network security.availability of bridge is simpler to use than router 5.  network traffic.  when the info must be centrally swith instead of hub if more bandwidth is required 3.