The OIiginal Fantasy Role PJayin, Adventu~e


The Basic set starts your through enchanted lands of dragons and magic. Advance your skill and add to your excitement with tht D&D® Expert set.

Gentle Reader. No.1. April 1983. Published by TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd. Editor. . . . . . . . . .. Keith Thomson Assistant Editor ... Paul Cockburn Editorial Assistant. .... Kim Daniel Art Supervisor. . . . . .. Philip Kaye This month's contributing Rodney Matthews Ian Williamson Jeremy Goodwin Geoff Wingate Simon Senior artists: You are now perusing the very first issue of the new magazine published by our sister company, TSRHobbies (UK) Ltd. The same people who have brought you the remarkable and successful DUNGEONS & DRAGONS@ fantasy role-playing game, and a host of other products as well, are now setting forth with their own creative efforts in earnest! Because this venture is new, I wished to make same small contribution. It is a signal event, after all, and when this issue and the ather early ones become cottectorsitems. there I'll be! In any event, I hope you will enjoy my article on 'The Barbarian' which I prepared recently and will appear next issue. This magazine will principally cater to the thousands of role-playing game enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world too. Its contents will stress new ideas, information, and new products. The Kindly Editor informs me that reviews will cover not only games but books, video and films as well. The aim is to provide you with every sort of information and idea you want to know about. I believe that this aim will be achieved I predict IMA GINPM magazine will quick tv become the leader in its field in the UK. I look forward to reading each new issue and hope to have the pleasure of being able to contribute from time to time, May you enjoy reading it and find that its contents increase your skills as well. The promised articles and mini-modules are certain to provide just what you have been looking for. Regards, E. Gary Gygax
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President, TSR Hobbies, Inc.

Dear Reader, The gaming hobby in the UK is growing at a spectacular rate. Whereas five years ago those who enjoyed gaming as a leisure activity could probably be counted in hundreds, today there must be many thousands. There is no doubt that the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game - which has been described as 'the fastest growing game in the Western world' - has been the main agent of this growth Technology, too. has played its part in this expansion. Five years ago the video game was rarely met outside the amusement arc-adeand the notion of a powerful computer with its potential for handling quite sophisticated games. falling within the family budget was unthinkable. The increasing popularity of these products runs parallel with a strident demand for more and more sophistication. These games represent, in a way, the extremes of the spectrum. The electronic games rely absolutely on sophisticated engineering and in contrast the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game requires so little equipment that even the traditional game board is redundant. IMA GINE magazine is for all the people at and in between these extremes and particularly for those involved in adventure gaming. Though, inevitably, there will be some concentration on the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS games as the most popular, this will be far from the only topic. First and foremost will be the principal message - gaming is fun. I wish you every enjoyment of this magazine and of your gaming. Don Turnbull for TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd

IMAGINE Magazinegratefullyacknowledges the support offered by its sister publication, DRAGONTM Magazine, published by our parent companyTSR Hobbies lnc., PO Box 756, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147. USA. Articles appearing in IMAGINE Magazine may have previously appeared in that publication.


The Beginners' Guide to Role-Playing Games, our feature for the new player, with Nic Novice Stirge Corner, by Roger Musson, a guide for the inexperienced player QB-161-01: Antares, by John E. Black. Original Science-Fantasy fiction Illuminations, news from the world of ga mes Book Reviews, by David Pringle Illusionary Script, challenging mindbenders The Beacon At Enon Tor, by Mike Brunton, Beginners' Introductory Basic D&[)® Mini-Module for

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Players' Association News. A magazine within a magazine, edited by Graeme Morris. PAN Pipings 31 Turnbull Talking 32 Dispel Confusion Rubie of Moggedon Tavern Talk, by Pete Tamlyn G.ames Reviews, adventure games under the spotlight Figure Painting, by Mike Brunton Tips on how to get the best results from your figures Letters. Fanzine Reviews. Club News & Forthcoming Events The Sword of Alabron, Cartoon Adventure by Ian Williamson 32 34 36 36

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4-7 1st level characters


Elric and Moonglum,

by Rodney Matthews



* Three

pages devoted to the new player - our regular commitment to the growth of our exciting hobby - including Roger Musson's tips on getti ng the most out of the D&D® game.


The Beacon At Enon Tor. A new 0&0 mini-module set in a wizard's laboratory. An exciting adventure for 4-7 players. Players Association News. PAN now lives within the pages of IMAGINETM magazine, with its regularfeatures and special offers for PA members, and, of course, Rubic of Moggedon. Cartoon adventure the Sword of Alabron. adventurers set off legendary Sword of the quest for Our hapless to find the Law.



OB-161-01: ANTARES. Is this what role-playing will be like in the far future? While Cowin is adventuring in the dream-world of Antares, his wife is plotting his real-life death. This exciting Science Fantasy short story by John E. Black is complete in this issue.



Finding the right words to say at the beginning of a new adventure like this is a difficult task. There are so many things to introduce, so many exciting ideas to describe, that we could fill a 48 page magazine likethis with the editorial alone! All of us here at IMAGINpM magazine hope that we have hit the right blend. We have had scores of letters with ideas for the magazine sent to us from players over the last few months. Of course, some of the ideas were contradictory. We think the magazine will show we have listened and give players the advanced information and games ideas they ask for. IMAGINE magazine is aimed at a wider audience than just existing players, however. There are millions of people still to be introduced to the world of role-playing. This magazine will try to

make that introduction a little easier, with regular features aimed at the new player and the potential player. Of course, both players and non-players alike will enjoy the short stories and the exciting artwork we will be bringing you. It is our intention to publish fiction of the highest quality from British and American authors, some famous, others not so famous. In this issue we introduce John E. Black, a young writer of considerable promise, who has seen his work appear in several periodicals of different types. His first novel has yet to be published. This issue's front cover, by the brilliant artist, Rodney Matthews, is the first in a line-up of breathtaking artwork, representing the best in SFIFantasy illustrations.



Every issue of IMAGINE magazine will be packed full of information and entertainment. Each will have a complete game insert, the Players Association News insert, three pages for beginners and a complete news and reviews service. In addition, look for these special features in the next few issues:


The Barbarian. A new, official AD&DTMcharacter class from Gary Gygax. This is the most important addition to the AD&D game since the FIEND FOLlOTM Tome. Appearing in issue 2, with a new mini-module to introduce

the barbarian into your games



issue 4.

CINDERELLA SWITCH, a short story by Anne McCaffrey, author of the Dragonriders of Pern series. Never before published in the UK. Appearing in LORE, LAY and LEGEND, by Carole Morris. A look at the myths behind the monsters and beings in the D&D game. Appearing in issue 5.


Anne. She now quickly checks her room description to see what the room contains. With a cry of arcane words and mystical passes. 5 ECRET AiiENTS. . In the dungeon. Sarak unleashed his power. The other players each take the role of a fictional figure. The goblins' eyes gazed as they fell to the floor asleep. J0nTil kick in the door: Lemmy. EveN GANGsTERS!! 4 .111111111 111111liN III IIHI I 1111111111111111111111111 'Sword in hand. Sue. a few silver coins and a key.. head of the ducking goblin. the referee or Dungeon Master.S ALMOST ANYTHING . Lemmy stepped towards the goblins only to be stopped halfway by an actor taking on the part of a character in a play... but Lemmy and Jolinda's cold logic won out over Brumhold's code of honour . Brumhold kicked in the door. there were easier ways to get rich. hung back by the door. He nodded in satisfaction as it thudded into the wall. ROlE Pl. a warrior priestess. a thief. A brief argument ensued. A search revealed a wooden chest. Brumhold cursed as his sword swung harmlessly over the Jon's fighter has a high strength increasing his chance of opening tile door.' Fantasy literature abounds with such tales . Another goblin reeled back.AVI~ CDVER. Not for her the risk of death on the end of a goblin spear. and Alan.. arcane spell casters and cunning thieves are not restricted to the novel. under the impact of the cleric's mace. the players have just approached a large wooden door. Relieved by the outcome. She tried to keep watch on both the corridor and the room and stood prepared for flight if anything went wrong. a thief by trade. their evil eyes glowed red in the flickering torchlight. Jon is playing a fighter. With a grin Lemmy placed the key in the lock . This adventure took place during such a game. limbs flailing. has created the setting and runs the game aearding to the rules. devout clerics. a magic user. Terry's thief listened at the door but failed to hear anything. a cleric.the goblins were swiftly despatched. The players of fantasy roleplaying games can participate in many different adventures. PIRATES. By his side stood Jolinda. That instant the battle was over. A half smile crossed his scarred face at the thought of action. Terry. experiencing the thrill of exploration and combat.but the deeds of brave warriors. Sue secretly rolls a dice and the throw is sufficient to open the door. Across the room he faced six goblins. ready to deal death to the Spawn of Chaos. CDWBQYS.

AYIN6 GAMES DON'T USE A BoARb.. It's not right!' Terry .' Sue . kill them..'Look.'Well done.T' (JlJ IDELlNE5 fOR HERO BATTLlN6 FEARSOME h\QNSTER5 PIFFERENT />S YoV STRUGCiE ro BECOME Mr:ff.'Around the table are six small ugly human-like creatures with grey skin and red glowing eyes.' Terry . she rolls two dice. I don't know .' Alan . the highest score goes first.' Anne - 'A six.'My thief will cut their throats and go through their pockets . Sue asks him to roll two dice and total the scores. roughly hewn room. and the world will be a better place without them anyway: Jon . TI-IEY CdoI'r RESTRICT you MO~INe ARLVND B't' THROWING DIC.' Knowing how Alan's sleep spell works.. your goblin ducked beneath your sword..' ROLEA.'Before you or the goblins can act I require an initiative throw. she now rolls a second die to see whether she kills the goblin or merely wounds it.'I'm going to watch the corridor to make sure nothing takes us from behind. Fighters can attack and the magiC user can cast his spell: Jon rolls a die and Sue checks it on a spec iaI combat table.'Okay. I'll roll for the goblins and one of you roll for your side. scoring a hit. We can't leave them here. Sue checks the damage rolled by Anne against the goblin's statistics and discovers that the goblin is killed instantly. They're defenceless.Hang onl You can't do that. is not high enough and Jon misses. t he throw.L.. l'RJINElJ.'Goblinsl This should be easy.. Sue .. and even magic.' Sue .' Terry . the goblins on Iy got a one.JE'-fIQOT.'When I've killed the goblins I'll search them for a key.'Okay...' Terry .I suppose we have to get rid of evil but I'd rather do it in a fair fight. ~WtRFUL.'Jon.' Terry .. They grab their weapons and move to attack you shouting as they camel' Jon . I'll attack the nearest one: Anne 'I'll hit one with my mace. Alan 'Five!' Jon .'Yeah..' Alan 'I'm casting my sleep spell. OR MA"r'B£ 'rt)u fN'KY BEJNG fOLLOWING 1HE CODE OF I 5 l. but Anne. Anne does better. / n rW"'rr-H-lM. They're evil and they're not going to sleep foreverl' Anne . a length of string and a key.' Jon .. neither side is surprised by the presence of the other. gems.--::+---'rQJ ~ ~ A FfARED I J 6UN5UNGER OR 1\ SHERIFF oor 10 'CLEAN UP' 1 A SAMURAI THE IOWN .'I'll search the room for chests or anything else that's interesting.. Sue .'You find an iron bound chest under the table.'Well.' Sue .'Make sure you don't sleep us by mistake: Sue .Sue ....E. You go first.IVEFSE Wml AUEN'M1UDS 10 EXPL~E fflD 5T~Ip's TO FLY!.' Sue . The remaining goblins fall to the floor in a deep sleep. They may attack us later. . THE RULESAID IN iH E CR'tATI()J Cf ~ IN ll\E DUHIiEOHS. You find 8 silver pieces. you killed yours easily.£R®GIVES 'rOO TIlE lJN.. dimly lit by a flickering torch in the north wall: Knowing the rules for surprise.'I'll see if the key fits the lock on the chest It may contain gold.'The door flies open revealing a small. however.BUSHIDO IN JAPAN! J"TDBE CDtmNUED. A ~l161{ 'ItlI PtAY11lE PARr OF CHAPAtTfR PHl5IM'I.

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he can. This is a considerable departure from normal game practice.all these things may be introduced into the game. and never investigated the game further. read Stirge Corner next month to find out all about playing and winning roleplaying games. The rules are there to help resolve the results of players' actions where the result is not immediately obvious. Fine games they are. Because you can do all these things. but a conventiona I board game. In most games the rules are specifically there to tell you what actions you may take. These are known as combat rules. all becomes easy to understand. Imagine someone weaned on board games where the rules are written in large print on the inside of the box lid coming across the Players Handbook.anything. at worst. trail it to its lair.. people have called games like Avalon Hill's Magic Realm and Philmar's Sorcerer's Cave role-playing games. In an RPG the players must consult their imaginations. there must be a lair. then the first role-playing game would be Cluedo. Alternatively. hostile impression. a game so different from other types that a certain shift of attitude is necessary for the gamer to be able to appreciate it properly. I intend to try and outl ine some of the general principles of the D&D game to get you on the road. No restrictions The implications of this are wider than might be apparent. the market is ina town. You might be able to do two things.dead goblin. need only worry about one speIIat a ti me. A simple definition is difficult Let me startoff with the most general point of all: what is a role-playing game? 7 . If all this makes your mind boggle as much as seeing the rules in the first place did. All these things imply more th inqs in turn. The only bounds governing the choice of action of the players are the bounds of feasibil ity. the bounds are not lim ited by the rules. The great distinction between RPGs and other games is that ina true RPGany action that is realistically open to the characters portrayed in the game. the 0&0 gam~ is a very easy game to play. he simply can't. unlessthe action is obviously impossible. so the rules supply guidelines to help you. Once this has been grasped. probably to his great suprise. From some of the things I've read in games magazines. there must be a market. either as a result of actions taken by the players.I can still remember my earliest sight of the rules for the original D&[)® game. A simple definition is very hard to find and it is nearly impossible to put down rigid boundaries that would separate all RPGs from all other games. for the best course of action. Perhaps this is the obstacle that stands in the way of newcomers to the D&D game. it is harder to say off-hand what would happen. it is clear that there are people who don't really understand the term. the town is in a country.. even for the novice. many potential players may have been put off by their first. In a D&D game you can talk with it. In most RPGs the idea is not to win at the expense of other players. Therefore. (RPGs hereafter) are a new concept in games. and passes on. or to any other roleplaying game system. most often the party either wins or fails together. 'Do I have to read all that?' he asks in amazement. capture it. Accustomed as I was to more conventional games I found it quite bewildering. the country has a ruler . but RPGs they are not. Indeed. sell it at a market . Roleplaying games. This is not such a simple issue as one might think. Any other kind of game is deliberately restricted in scope to make it playable. another that of Colonel Mustard and so on. Using a definition like this. They fail to realise that they are dealing with more than just a new game. if he fires an arrow at a fleeing goblin. If a player elects to do something in a non-RPG for which there is no rule. is 'Nol' may be taken by the players. but in an RPG there are no restrictions. making up guidelines on the spot if need be. if you don't know anyone in your area who plays. the answer to my hypothetical gamer's question. it seems worthwhile to get things clear from the start. Cluedo is no RPGfor that. What kind of game is this. However. or a decision made by the referee. where you don't need to know all the rules? It's a Tole-playing game. A player may choose to slay a sleeping goblin. and since a misunderstanding of the nature of RPGs is certainly not going to help one's understanding. Therefore in the course of this col um n. A goblin in a boardgame is no more than a cardboard counter. it means that the goblin must have something to say. we can add to our previous definition to get closer to a true interpretation. In an RPG. Since it is true of RPGs. the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Masters Guide. they may have been put off by the sheer length of the rules. one player takes on the persona of M iss Scarlet. not the rulebooks. who. there is one more thing I should add. As it happens.D rules booklet sitting side-by-side on the gamesshop shelf. and the referee must sort it out. A page for the not-so-experienced adventurer by Roger Musson A game so different . kill it or evade it. and almost anything may turn up in the course of the game.. and wondered what on earth it was all about. No doubt there are plenty of other people who have had the same initial reaction. If this makes you cry 'What's the point then?'. The best way to become acquainted with the game is to join a group of experienced players and see the game demonstrated in practice. If this defi nition were correct. theresult is obvious . That is true. The definition that I have come across occasionally is that an RPG is one where each player takes the 'role' of a character and makes decisions for that character in the course of the game. On the other hand. this may not be practical. This is what gives an RPGits scope. but it is not a complete definition. or even the 64-page Basic D&.

'Forever and forever and forever Bubbles will rise and burst. Now at the edge of the square. a new dwelling perhaps. Cowin had time to recite a single inspirational verse. The groove was now a shallow cut. ere somehow a unity. it must find a new avenue of attack. As he darted back he was delighted to see that the plated skin was marked. on this night.. Already Cowin began to feel better. just in time to see the beast emerge from the East.' Cowin entered the town carefully. Qubar ey-Bebec released drained. stopping two manslengths away. 'Long legged beasts may trumpet loud. one victim lay his face further paled by the light of Kaih and Ayul. Qubar and the beast ... skin plated like armour. ' To his astonishment. Maybe repeated blows to a small area of plating might break through. ' He taunted the beast and. lucky to land on his feet.' The low. barefoot. white-walled houses. if he could stay out of Teach of the lumbering beast. fierce talons thrusting from its fingertips and eyes staring as if sightless. it moved slowly. As the lights began to dim. Suddenly. Qubar. unexpectedly. There was no blood and the beast seemed to feel no pain. North to South. it would soon know the folly of its ways.. but at least Gey-il-Waehoq could mark it. The beast was on the streets. [f the beast hoped. unsheathing Gey-il-Waehcq. thereby invoking the resolution of ice. he lay down to await the dream. Hearing his words.QB-161-01: by John E. It towered over him by two heads. The beast lumbered forward. it spoke.. 'There is no harm in shadows. As it approached. the beast slowed Its charge and. from the Northern side. but the grateful walls sent him echoes of footfalls. there was a chance that he might yet earn his purse. through it. striking the same SpOT. It was Qubar. kicking up sand at every heavy footfall. 'Slender threads woven together Topple giants and shackles as chains. Haiq reveals empty sands. Gey-il-Waehoq glinted as Cowin raised it in a salute to the East. he lunged forward and brought the razor-edged blade down on the beast's arm. and itcame to him to wonder why the beast had no given name. empty streets his pace never faltered until he reached tbe square. but if Qubar hoped such a Once more the enchanted blade flashed forward. He had his beast. Black Just the faintest hiss of displaced air as the cube was accepted into the unit. fierce talons thrusting from its fingertips . They were now in double shadows between darkened. to be at one with the sand beneath him. The very act of entering into response suggested that Cowin's eggshell metaphor had struck home . but must still attack the weakened spot without endangering himself. As he walked with long. Through careful planning.' the Gey-il-Waehoq. Still the fledgling will be free . Still no blood. Through the pale.. The mark was now a groove. by its approach. BUI the sound echoes in their bones. to invoke the speed of the East wind. mingled The Grey was celebrating Nastaqin his traditional manner. at midnight. Cowin's chosen entry. walking back to the couch. It came on wordlessly. skin like armour.. Having lost the momentum of the headlong rush. Although his head still ached. forcing the beast to break its circular motion and follow him.' he taunted it. Cowin had ensured that. but the beast was ready and caught him a glancing blow which had him somersaulting backwards. he was mistaken. He remembered the rest of the poem. Allowing the beast to speak with his voice told Cowin more than was known before. Cowin could see why it had never been bested. dismissive allusion to Cowin's quest would give pause. In its place. blending perfectly with the rounded lines of the unit. heads. He heard Qubar's voice throwing a poetic barb at his back. If he did not falter. Dead in the centre lay the beast's first victim. thereby the core of silence. slow. hoping it might lead him round behind the beast. He knew then that the. as do the beaks of fledgling birds. Cowin smiled and turned away. baring needlesharp fangs. Qubar would be watching through the eyes of the beast. Lashing out once more he struck home again. the compassing would favour him. Cowin danced lightly backwards. Cowin darted into an alley. 'You have never faced enchanted metal before. He turned. Cowin fell back. Cowin was forcing the beast into his chosen direction. tirelessly hammering eggshell walls until they give. Cowin recognised the voice. There was no direction from which the beast might approach with vantage. fu 11force of a single blow would despatch him back to the East wind. Here and there. Cowin's birth was in lands 10 the East and the wind favoured its own. It towered over him by two 'It is begun?' he asked aloud. least of all North. Already. measured paces. Then. No voice answered. Still. Even the reso lution of ice might crack in the face of such a thing. white buildings of the town had hardly changed since his first visits. He needed a new strategy. slicing the air with 8 . Shaken by his close call. 'The shell more tightly sheathes egg. he repeated a beneficiaJ poem just loud enough for the walls to hear. Cowin allowed himself a tiny smile. the cube was nearly undetectable to the eye. Cowin shook his head. began instead to circle round the mercenary. Even now. He hoped they would remember his voice.

From what she remembered of Cowin's frequent re-tellings of the Antares story.of the dream... face down.. Their weaponry soft. lightly stroking the small scar that remained where he had chosen to have his OB receiver foil implanted. From time totime he mumbled the odd phrase. tolerated it until the night she had returned unexpectedly "from the trip to her cousin in Borneo. high heeled slut called Ellyn.' she said to it. Cowin realised that there was no sand beneath his feet. He turned at the far end of the house to face a cul-de-sac and a door bolted from within. 'Enjoy it while you can. Margit raised OB-333-09 to her lips and bit into its fragile plastic surfaces. now a thin smile. Or maybe she should have killed him when he explained the next day. Seconds later it popped out of the dispenser. an element more favourable to Qubar The Grey. 9 .Waehoq's edgeand taste the blood of the beast. Custom built dreams starring yourself. by permission of tne author and the E. His face contorted at a bitter taste he well recognised. bringing Geyil-Waehoq down with tremendous force.ANTARES © 1983 by John E. Margit spat it onto the floor and wiped a trickle of lubricant from her chin. but the cubes had drained them both. There surprise. Their ribs are sharp. Margit rose and walked to the OB~unit. There he was. She watched his face change with the rnornents. Checking the druggit dispenser in the bathroom she saw that there was more than enough adrenyl for her purposes and settled down beside the callscreen to search for Ellyn's number. racing down the alley. heading for the square. within whose satin and silk bedecked parameters CowIn had first met. She knew he wasn't the only DB-junkie. The beastemergedfrom the alley and turned towards Cowin. he had an unobstructed shot at the arm. Black. Qubar's traditional celebration of Nastaq-ey-Bebec took on a significance more sinister than Cowin had at first imagined. deep in the dream.' she said. utterly cubed-out in the dimroom. This was better than he had hoped. She stopped it at OB-333-09:Pleasuredrome. Cowin retreated to the street. He walked on stone. Recalling later lines from the Ruark ofSpley he shouted. over the callscreen. Still. Suddenly many things becameclear. Behind hi. as ever. The cube came apart. a girl who resembled Ellyn. A blackish liquid spurted out. She looked at her husband. Margit wished she had killed him then. here he was now. Timing would be the key. just another OB-junkie hooked in. he dropped down into the aJley behind the beast. but with the gun in her hand she checked every room in the house. it wassurely more meatless than eventhe Ruark. There had been love.. and left the room. The only way out wasup. and keyed up the cube. Glancing back round the corner he saw the beast enter the alley. defenceless. Custom built dreams starring yourself. As he took off once more for the relative security of the square. It was entertainment which few could resisit if they had the credit. he had not noticed tha t the shadowy streets were paved. Cowin cared not what Qubar called him. earlier. In his haste. she pushed the indexer and watched the titles flip by. It was entertainment which few could resist if they had the credit. Gently. there was just enough time. Clambering onto a rain barrel. Pleasuredrome was an erotic cubedream. spilling its pre- Total sensory input . OB~333-09 said nothing. Idly. She had to be sure they were alone. even though she rarely used them . his foot erupted in pain. knucklehead. Cowin did not hear the fai nt purri ng ohhe front door vibralok as Margit activated her coda key and slipped quietly into the hall. A delicious idea nudged into her mind. putting off the moment. Total sensory input. once. she touched his forehead. and made totalsensory-Input-love to. that he had started his affair with the slut because she reminded him of a girl he had encountered in a cubedream. 'You bitch. she saw that QB161 -01 :Antares had another hour to run. Finally she opened the dimroom door. 'Their bodies yield no meat. to his beloved OB161-01 :Antares. it was pushing into an exposed nerve. she remembered fondly. Quickly crossing the road. the beast approached. pausing only to put a finger to Gey-il. 'Oil?' If tbe beast bled Foronde oil. judging by his agony. Cowin hauled himself onto the flat roof. now aggression. As the beast turned. She had thought she might surprise him by shuttling back. He felt the plating give and the blade sank into something softer beneath. arriving a day early. lost on the other world. Deep inside the cubedream. The big surprise had been hers.' he m uttered en igmatically as Marg it approached and sat beside him on the edge of the couch. J. but he was the one who had mattered to her. Checking the display. integrated guts in all directions. To his surprise.m. He cursed Qubar's luck as he stumbled and fell to the ground. He had taken a stone splinter and. Qubar's beast was mechanical. Margit had resented losing him to a machine but she had submitted to it meekly at first.. Eager to bring the battle back into the moonlight. Carnell Literary Agency Qubar was calling him a coward but. between them. She'd found him asleep in the arms of a halt-uridressed. it would suit her purposes ideally. She knew exactly where he would be. ' Qubar would surely understand the allusion. With 57 minutes of Antares still to run. 'Their bodies yield no meat.

: you. Margit looked away off-screen as if heari ng a noise. 'You were so confident moments ago. Qubar too realised and his voice erupted through the beast's unmoving lips in a string of obscenities. I came back to collect some of my things. f will say no farewell. I'll have to go. When the screen faded. one anxious face peered from the window.' First. Cowin tried to edge himself towards his sword but. Nastaq-ey-Bebec would now be celebrated as it had been before Qubar's reign.. To Margit's annoyance. opened by a crack. / 'I don't know if I should. 'That must be it then.. I wouldn't call him a young buck. 'he must really love you. hysterical Margit. 'What do you want from me?' 'Maybe I shouldn't have called burbled Margit. 'The Verak also bleeds . He recited another verse of the Waltz and felt the liquid draining from the beast onto his leg. was 'Enjoy it while you can. he plucked the sliver of stone from his foot.. but now how readily you consign yourself to your breezes. She tried to keep the glee from her eyes as she said. fallen just out of reach. For a moment she wondered how to present herself to Ellyn. Marg it la ug hed a II the way to the druggit and keyed up a dozpak of adrenyl. and I found himin the dimroom with an empty dozpak of adrenyl. It must be powered by pressurised oils and he had cut into the lines. I mean . 'Th at must be the doctor. It was already off-balance. 'Heaven knows. He won't come round. if he really means so little to you.' As he gloated. Moments later the street was full of the curious.. You must realise how difficult it is for me to call you and admit this.. but: her voice quivered and tears streamed down her cheeks. to Cowin. They knew be was right. It could not be better. it seemed to freeze in the night air. I don't really you. and renewed pain surged through Cowin as it trapped his foot under its scaly heel. Do not expect \0 hear another verse. and it toppled backwards more easily than he had anticipated. wait: shouted Ellyn. Cowin had to be up on his feet and ready for anything.. almost convincing self. . mercenary. many of which even Cowin found unfamiliar. 'The beast is dead and Qubar will soon follow it. His wound was dressed and caused him little pain. no power.. she would be inserting her ident in the front door securidom within half an hour. Can't you come over?' . 'The worm would rather starve Than rise 10 seek the living. Though I have loved you. but he keeps speaking your name over and over. she found Ellyn's number simply by keying her first name into her husband's indextel. the joyful and the morbid. drawing upon the resolution of ice. but he's not dying. he began reciting for himself the words of the Termination Waltz. 'Termination Waltz?' cackled Qubar. We had this big argument before I left this morning and... Cowin turned himself over. His eyes flashed from the beast to Geyil-Waehoq. she suspiciously demanded. ] will not yearn.. Another risked a look round a door. A light flickered in a nearby window where all before was dark. She had to be convi nci ng. The voice of Qubar the Grey still poured out of the fallen machine until Cowin returned to its side and whispered a brief Line. No pressure.' A coarse laugh came from the beast. · Qubar's voice died away. "' v .' shouted Cowin. By that time. The beast's arm streamed fluid onto the stone. 'Dying? What are you talking about? I spent last night with him. At that moment. although Cowin was sure he recognised it. the beast would be on him before he touched the blade. the beast's arm rose as if to strike but. Composing himself. 'You can come out now. Ellyn was confronted by a sobbing.' She reached her hand forward as if to cut the communication. The beast was not moving. which seemed particularly out of place. Moments later. Margit's heart leapt.. It could nOLbe. The blow seemed never to be coming. when the screen lit up. 'Though we have cherished each other. One. Even as he dragged himself along. At once the pain abated as the pressure came off the nerve. low as it was. Assuming Ellyn was alreadv on her way. ' Cowin berated the townspeople. 10 . and they did Dot answer back. 'No.' The voice did not even seem to be Qubar's.' In a stroke of inspiration. Time is wasting. knucklehead. He sat up and pushed hard at the beast's middle. with one foot on Cowin. Understandably suprised to find her lover's wife on her callscreen. Slowly it became clear to Cowin that he had severed more than a simple lubricant point under the beast's skin.Ignoring the pain. Time is wasting. herknow know him.' 'Well. but he's dying and I don't anybody else who ca red much about He was such a lonely man .

. clattering. 'And your beast. Cowin understood. a blood from your beast. The huge doors closed behind him and be found hi. 'or blood?' The old man's face said yes. Even then. 'I will return before dawn. A poem greeted his entrance. when he brought me back from between the stars.. It was widely held that in bygone days. Her bed was ever busy. where he was certain Qubar would be expecting him.' He rose and walked to the door of the house. His queen even suckled me with her own brat. They took no notice of Cowin as he moved among them.' Qubar took a deep breath and cast aside all pretence at allusion. How much would it gather for you?' 'Enough.. 'Keep them for me. His face told Cowin everything he wanted to know. It left the room. You were never the child of his queen. where only starlight penetrated. tiny. we are poor. but Cowin responded with an older verse. [will not regret the passing of this.. The grains of sand are innumerable. your appearance was startling. 'but what is that to you? You know my nature. I should bave known it then..' 'Yes but why don't you get your own blood? You usually do. is itT Cowin could see that his words were getting through to Qubar. In time we shared her. . 'But Qubar. The Sial'S do not thirst .' 'Half now: insisted Cowin.' The elder capitulated. [ bad her blood. You must thirst tonight. r just don't understand wby they kept YOLl. in his father's day.has the prosperous air I recall from my youth. my father and T. the Court had been a lively place where art and music mingled harmoniously with the business of government. why they protected you. Cowin made his way across the courtyard to the Long Tekcun and pushed open the great doors. It cast a long shadow ahead As Qubar gloated. Qubar was trying to show his superiority. ' protested the elder. His kind had wiped out my race. the young ones were slain or taken in t. showing brown. stained teeth. my long-dead brother. Those we found were always drained. Why stay in the Long Tekcun on such a fine night as Nastaq-eyBebee? It's not just the vicarious thrill of killing. The Court was unguarded but pale figures roamed within. those who spoke against Qubar 's depravities were often those who vanished in the night.. Everything we have will be yours. but he took pity on me.' Both moons were still visible but Cowin sa w Kaih. Memories flooded back of a t. surely. but made the necessa ry sy III pa the tic noi ses before offering a poem. II lies but cannot stand up.' 'I wished to be sure the purse existed. If Cowin could not trap him within the Court before Kaih sank below the far hills.' said Cowin. The creature realised that Cowi.' continued Cowin 'tell roe this . in the service of Qubar's father.But first.' The elder bowed his head and responded. was already low on the horizon.' he said proudly. It would be enough. Who built your beast?' 'My own hand. render him senseless for a few moments. Great wealth in lime is like great men. 'Excellent. Qubar could not leave the protective walls of his court during Nastaq-ey-Bebee. . 'You needed that beast for Nastaqey-Bebec. Let me worship as 1 choose and take my chance on the winds. Being suckled by a woman of this world had given him some protection against Ayul. Before you lies half our total wealth. She loved it. poor bitch. In recent years.' 'But I thought you .' grated Qubar. with a trace of petulance. Thought he could raise me in his ways.' Qubar grinned.ime before when. 'Agreed then one half. He will follow.' Cowin smiled and pushed the bag back towards the old man. If you prefer. no-one came to Court.' Cowin ignored the remark 'Even as a young man. may the Westerlies remember him with affection.' 'Under Qubar. Cowin laughed aloud.. Her milk Jan red for me. BUI still scatter at the wind's whim. This town no longer. Creatures who existed to do Qubar's bidding. 'All army life. . the smaller moon. You must know I will rise again. He was a creature of the void. [f we might return to his father's day.' of him as he approached Qubar's Court. pulling out a cascade of cut gemstones. 'The eyes of the wind see. Cowin inched nearer.. draining and watching from afar. top.' 'A father cannot deny his own offspring. when townspeople still visited Court.. He had her affections. 'Superstition sits better than philosophy in a mercenary head. 'His beast is dead. He could not venture into the light of the two moons. have there been many slayings in the town'? Disappearances. to the table. 'Now. There was just one hope. Cowin pulled the drawstring and plunged his hand inside.n knew his weakness. If his guesses were right. the axe. 'It is gone now. but the mingled light of both moons was too much. He had to take him unawares. a hollow place. 'I was helpless. but 1 will enjoy the flesh while] have it. but his attention was distracted as the djebal returned with an animal-skin bag and threw it. 'The dayfly and the man share one oasis.' He gestured to a djebal in the shadows. . old father. I can leave now and allow you to face Qubar's wrath in the dawn. His talk with the elder and hi discovery that the beast was mechanical convinced him that he would find Qubar within. things would be different. Even before Qubar ruled.' Cowin was unmoved. You must know my needs. Why did she take you . Have all my purse ready. unusual murders?' The old man nodded again. bUI cannot count. 'The fleeting creatures of the sand Are yet more constant than stars Which fade with every sunrise.'I' tn. il would be too late..he night. the common moon. Now it seemed a husk. You were conceived in the void. It nsheath ing his 11 . 'You cannot kill me.' 'His own starless bastard. way by candlelight to the inner hall.

She 'Yes.' 'Where is he?' asked Ellyn. A single kick burst open the doors into the courtyard and Cowin stepped through in to the last light of both moons. whimpering in pain. Qubar's fist struck the back of his neck even as he pulled the shutters wide.. 'Sorry it's so dark .put one pill to his lips and raised the gl. Cowin swallowed pill. In the kitchen she downed a double scotch before pouring a large glass of water for Cowin . his second is in progress. "with your clothes 00"' but bit her lip in favour of. 'Much worse: Margit's performance was perfect..' 'Not the Antares cube?' asked Ellyn. Cowin hoped he would reach. there. There was an agonised scream and. Over 21 and others. Without a look at Margit. He raised his blade to strike. bam in Scotland. I think my husba nd ha s just kil Ied somebody. scarred though be was by the light. Guessing which way his foe would run. 'The vicarious thrill of killing . Laying them beside the couch she lifted him gently into a sitting position. Closing his fingers tight round the axe shaft. Rolling over. .yn towards the door. Marg. along a parallel corridor . but if you go ri ght through. Cowin stepped through. might still rise again. When the operator's face flashed onto the screen. Praying that her luck and timing would continue. the cellar entrance first. clearly concerned. but quickly realised he was talking. running the body through again and again. The flesh of his hands was flaking. of the double moonlight. Margillead him once more round the room. the pulse in his wrist hammering. his expression triumphant. the Listener. Cowin took advantage of the break to stumble to the shuttered windows. 'Through door.. vou'll understand why I called you. her face seeming to drop with every word. Margit said. Q uba r and Cowin wri thed together on the floor of the inner ball. thinking how he would feel when he recovered his senses. it was sinking bony fingers into his neck. her white dress vividly highlighting the blood that splashed from numerous wounds. 'I'm going to kill you .' As Ellyn stepped through the door. Better that way for him. For a moment Margi. 12 . twisted round and hurried for the dark of the corridor outside. As he said. His first navel awaits publication. living in smiled. Ellyn screamed..' The younger woman accepted her handshake with obvious suprise. Glancing at the display she saw that it was time to feed him his pills. The securidom in the hail 'announced Ellyn's arrival and clearance. better skelter. Observer.t was horrified. The creature staggered back.·However did you guess?' Marqit was keying the police.' 'It was always his favourite. She almost fell sorry for him. I hardly recognised you. they were momentarily separated when Qubar tumbled out of sight behind a fallen table. . Margit pulled the door shut and locked it. the dream still held him. Margit helped her along with a firm push from behind. Eyes wide open. Cowin took the bloodsoaked body in his arms and carried it quickly along the corridor. revealing a low cut white dress which Margit thought hardly in keeping with a visit to a sickbed. Qubar. blade and setting one foot upon the bottom step of a flight tha tied up to Qu bar's throne. toppling chairs and tables as they struggled. in his sleep. Passing the windowall in the front room she looked out anxiously in case Ellyn might arrive too soon. She opened the dozpak and shook out the contents. walked him round the room and began to suit his movements to the action of the drea rn. Cowin brought the handle down on his skull.. Qu ba r wou ld be confused.. after pill. Cowin turned to see Qubar. hands before his face. 'In Xanadu did Khubla Cowin a stately Pleasuredrome decree . Margit helped him up. but he knew it was not over.' Margit slipped the axe into his hand. 'Get a car here fast. A quick glance at the display told Margit that she was right on cue. Black (31) is a wriser/joumalist. An irreverent line of poetry popped into her head. deep in the dream. He could hear Qubar's shuffling steps approach as he secreted himself in shadows beside the cellar door. ploughing into him before be had time to thin k. number on the caJlscreen when the door of the dimroom was kicked open from within. Cowin lunged out with Gey-il-Waehoq. jerking backwards out. With an ear splitting shriek and speed that amazed Cowin. Margit Ieft him sea rch ing the dim room for Ou ba r and hurried to the front door. unzipping her coat. He has written regularly for the Sunday Times. In a few minutes his mind would be buzzing inside the ·dream. As be fell. Qubar's strength John E. Cowin raced for the opposite door and tore.. moving of his own accord. I thought a cube might relax him: She usheredElI.ughed and settled down beside the callscreen. Unable 10 do anything but comply.and the mercenary knew he could take his adversary only by supnse. disorientated.' She pointed to the wasgreater tha n Cowin 's. '1 don't want it to be too much of ash ock to 'Isn't that the dimroom?' M argi! ca me up fro m th e garage carrying the rusty axe Cowin had used to chop firewood when they were first married.ass. even from the brief eKposure. Cowin rushed out and took his mistress out into the light of the front garden. He was becoming animated.forever. mumbled Cowin. She remembered those days as if in another life. though dazed from the blow. 'We never really met properly. · She la. the creature launched itself through the air.E llyn hung limp. His fingers found the shutter clasp and jerked it free. Qubar began to crumble. 'How is he?" she asked. In his arms. In his ar rns. She hurried into the dimroom and laid the axe and the glass of water beside the OB-unit. but there was no sign.' He breathed a long sigh as he withdrew the sword for the last time. As Qubar fell. 'I'm going to kill you forever. 'Ellyn? I'm sorry.In his agonised sta te. His eyes bulging. until the dozen were g." she almost said. and as Qubar passed by. the m ut i lated body of .

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. it looks easy enough to learn and it ca n be played just as well solo. for Jon & Victoria Muscat Treasure Island 37 The Square Emsworth. 'BEYOND THE CRYSTAL CAVE' looks as if it will not arrive as soon as hoped. but the ship on the box has a ratherfamiliar lookto it. is based on known facts at the end of January. but we will know it as BRIDGETAKERS. ADD A NEW DIMENSION to your ADVENTURE GAMING with authentic-looking LIFE-SIZED WEAPONRY From Stock or Made To Order Send S. the first adventure is a £4. UK1. a new adventure and campaign starter for the AFTERMATH game entitled OPERATION MORPHEUS.. It's set in Australia but sensitive sou Is can transfer the action elsewhere... not long after. Fantasy Games Unlimited have achieved the unachieveable with a 'role-playing board game' called STAR EXPLORER.'-. makes you wonder if it would be worth having a nuclear war after ali . Also to be reviewed in this magazine in the near future is another FGU product. The STARFRONTIERSTM module.95 booklet. or so we're told. It will cost £4. a new MORROW PROJECT scenario will be out in the UK soon. MODUL.. Boxed.A. We hear that BRITISH COMMANDOES will be the next title. In the US Timeline called it DOMACLES. Some survivors of WW3 might find it interesting to relive the less complex wars of yore like WW2. The last module to arrive on these shores was 12 'TOMB OF THE LIZARD KING'.. so don't go upsetting your local games shop with demands he can't fill. though the guy with the pointy ears looked a bit green.FANTASY GAMES UNLIMITED LOOSE CHITS Speaking of waking up after the holocaust to find the world full of ressurected sleepers. 'STARSPAWN OF VOLTURNUS' should arrive next.95 in the shops.95 for th e boxed game. Then.. Details of other releases will follow shortly. 01 .E. M1 'BLIZZARD PASS'. What with the GAMMA WORLDTM game on top of these. SF2. but might present a challenge even to experienced roleplayers. £9.. ~~~ . but might follow these two over. It's mainly a combat game.. 13 'PHARAOH'. Just what role you can play we leave to you to discover. Our eager reviewers will be boldly reporting in one of the next two issues of this magazine.95. and 14 'OASIS OF THE WHITE PALM' should arrive. ' ' ~ ~.ES AND FIGURES WV 14 . Tel: (02434) 4221 Also Stockists D&D BOOKS. You are the gallant starship captain battling alien empires and pirates during the exploration of the galaxy. NEWS FROM OUT WEST Predicting the arrival of new games and modules from the USA is never easy. ' -_ ~ •• POlO 7AL Hants . Hardwood Swords. since our production cycle makes most news cold before it reaches the newstand. The latest news from TSR Inc. FASA's BEHIND ENEMY LINES is an example of the way a traditional warga me subject can now be given RPG treatment. and GUNS OF NAVARONE. It costs £ 1 6. 8attleaxes and Shields 1)REl~ det<lils:Jrfj' .. courtesy of Flying Buffalo. This game will be reviewed soon as well.

2 new The above prices were correct at the time of going to press.50 PALACE OF £2. Likely fantasy tactical ga me of combat between In SPACE GAMER there have been contents are not known to us at present. Lastly. including WESTWAY. CAR WARS still further.50 TSR Inc.95 again. Established favourites will be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kept in print. Subscriptions to the magazines will be which combines Bert Reynolds macho available through TSR at a later dale. & American comics in the North of England. The roleunderstand that UNIVERSE may not be Also from SJG we can expect BATTLEplaying aspect is being emphasised. the only planned additions role-playing supplement about bike gangs by early S& T lu mi nary Roger Moore and vigilantes. undertake that they will still be applicable at the time of publication. DUEL QUARTERLY andTRUCK STOP.. l st FLOOR. of D & D. bi-monthly on alternate months. Most gamers already know that TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD £15. and other game.95 DRAGONQUEST (2nd ed. the list on the right shows those expected to be on sale here at the end of March.50 BARBARIAN KINGS £3. MANCHESTER.-------- 15 .50 DRAGONQUEST £8. we heroics with automotive slaughter. there will be NECROMANCER. RUNEQUEST. Still to come is AUTOincluded.m.95 The SPI range will be available through CITY FIGHT £14. The CW EXPANSION and ARES will continue to be published to this mild game of world domination. book) . A comprehensive stock.95 HOF GAP £6. Fantasy Film. Sure Steve Jackson Games are developing to be a winner with all mums and dads.. T. retaining the style and content of previous releases.50 FRONTIERS OF ALUSIA £2.30p. available. a SET 1 expands the mayhem parameters.. The Precinct Centre is situated a half mile down Oxford Rd. onroscu. two wizards.95 SPIES £8. QUEST material once stocks run out.m. but not compatible Then paths instead of rooting around du ngeons. the parent company in the US. although most issues should have a game that appeared in SPACE GAMER a few set in London. OXFORD RD.!!: 061·2366666 ~~~~. and that there could be problems with DRAGONgiving players a chance to be real psychoSUIT. to 5.95 tion but there will be new products. there are the ILLUMINATI EXPANSION New out is SUNDAY DRIVERS. West Mon-5ar. NEXT WAR £28.95 STAR FORCE £6.50 SWORD & THE STARS £6. STRATEGY & TACTICS . MOVES will not continue.95 ENCHANTED WOOD £3. a CW Lastly.50 DEATHMAZE £3. probably the same game several scenarios. MED'VAL BATILE QUAD £11.50 from Simpubs to TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd. acquired the assets of SPI in the NAPOLEON'S LAST BATILE £8. Television material. TSR (UK) intends to carry the IMAGJNETM magazine thanks Doug Cowie for complete range of titles maintained by his assistance with these items. In the UK this meant STAR SOLDIER £6. issues back. based on power armoured infantry from OGRE.edited KITS 1 and 2. GT. 9. Boardgamers will be happy to see SPI products finding their waytothe UK once SINAI £6. are now stocked.30a. TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd.95 USA early in 1982.95 SPI's range has undergone some reducS & TfM MAGAZINE £3. do not SPI games out this year for example.95 that from 16th February 1983. possibly until 1984.95 supply SPI goods here was transferred ATLANTIC WALL £21. We have the best selection of Science Fiction books. There may still be CAR WARS ROLL ON problems with supply for a while. TRAVELLER. Of existing games. £7.50 retail outlets or direct from TSR in NATO DIV. At the junction of Booth St.SPI COME IN FROM THE COLD PRODUCTS These games should be in the shops by the time you read these words.95 ARESTMMAGAZINE £3. the right to GREEN FIELDS £8. COMMANDER £23. MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRECINCT CENTRE.50 Cambridge.

The Science in Science Fiction. The few remaining people are suffering from a disease of their time sense. A. It is our world he is describing. Although made over into SF. Aliens. In the same issue we have Dave Langford's short story Too Good To 8e. Next month Colin Greenland will be reviewing the world of films and video. £ 150) is the product of three schoolboys. looks at recent releases in the world of adventure fiction and some interesting non-fiction. In addition to covering all the familiar RPG ground his book contains a useful chapter on computer games. a brief and punchy piece about a sinister solution to the unemployment problem: 'The Smile'. The title story is set in an empty Florida. complete with illustrations by Russ Nicholson. or Homer. Also notable in this volume are the stories 'Having A Wonderful Time'. Recommended. Thanks to that success. Viriconium is brilliantly described. These fellows know whereof they write. about a world where people communicate only through video channels and flesh-toflesh contact is outlawed. donkey jackets and wellington boots. Ballard is the Great Original of British science fiction. van Vogt and Virgil. is an excellent and timely work of nonfiction. his Dave Pringle. a couple of decades into the future. about a man who buys himself a wife in a junk shop. a tone of voice which is unmistakably Ballardian. Delany. but for the most part this is a novel of conversation. John Harrison (Gollancz. There are twelve beautifully illustrated chapters on such subjects as Space Flight. Ted Hughes and John Jakes. Another elegant fantasist. In Viriconium.. plus a bibliography. he gives us ten vividly ironic stories. He has always been a master of phantasmagorical landscapes . £6. True. two non-fiction books which should prove essential to the readers of this magazine. Beowulf and Alfred Bester. David Honigman and Philip Parker (Penguin. apparently J. Ashlyme aspires to beauty.Book Review J. Energy. this book reminds us how a realistic speculative underpinning has been essential to the genre in the past.the terrain which over 20years ago he dubbed 'inner space'. and it is an engagingly well written work. A collection of three inter-related novelettes set in an alien solar system. every so often this novel makes you wince as though you have just caught sight of yourself in an unfriendly mirror. Stop Press: The long-awaited concluding part of the second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. the situations in this book are all too real. Above all there is beauty in the writing. The direction in wh ich Baliard leadsis towa rds psychology and surrealism . animal or object. Time Travel and Intelligent Machines. respectively). because the emphasis is heavily on character rather than action.95). The paperback will be released later this year. Ballard Copyright: Fay Godwin earlier The Fifth Head of Cerberus (Arrow. in language of an intensity rarely equalled in modern writing. G. it makes a deeply imaginative and moving book. In his latest collection.95) is a fantasy novel of a rare kind.. 16 . there is a leather-clad dwarf who occasionally wields a horrid skewer. technological wastelands . a modicum of knowledge has always been necessary to the creation of worthwhile science-fiction. was released in hardback by Collins (£8. An Introduction to Role. I hope every would-be SF writer in the land reads this book and comes to the realisation that raw imagination and an abi lity with words are not enough.50) has just been reissued. simultaneously.and here we find some glowing examples. G. editor of Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction. Harrison has a wickedly acute eye for human folly. edited by Peter Nicholls (Michael Joseph. mood and nuance. It is writers such as Heinlein and Ballard who lead. Finally. ga me-players will find inspiration in the writings of J. White Gold Wielder. £6. others follow. and 'The I ntensive Care U nit'. Heinlein is in his. The latter contains some amusing juxtapositions. the portrait pa inter. Ballard. or Stanton A. but both are true SF writers according to their very different conceptions of the genre.. He is hampered by the Barley Brothers.forests. Myths of the Near Future (Cape. It has nine informative chapters on the D&D® game.Play. both good SF writers with a firm grounding in science (physics and biology. E. G. the comically grotesque 'gods' of the city who also happen to be the inventors of Chinese takeaways. garners are nothing if not eclectic! Ian livingstone's Dicing with Dragons. and yet a kind of bea uty is achieved in the end. all narrated in a rich angular style. Dante and Samuel R. none of them older than 17. £1.. As more and more SF appears tci be turning its back on science.95) is a somewhat weightier tome. Dave Pringle will be looking at this and other releases in issue 3. by M. This gives Ballard the opportunity for some wonderful descriptive writing. attempts to rescue a fellow artist from the plague zone of a dying Viriconium. the failing city continually deflates his hopes. or even Jonathan SWift. Much of the book has been written by David Langford and Brian Stableford. a writer as unique and charismatic in his own way as Robert A. £3. Needless to say.95). Gene Wolfe. Ashlyme. deserts. It will not appeal to the average sword-and-sorcery reader. has recently scored great critical success with his 'Book of the New Sun' sequence of novels. £ Ga m es (Routledge & Kegan Paul. The mind boggles . What is Dungeons & Dragons? by John Butterfield. Coblentz. Ballard has a talent for striking the contempory nerve. they are able to see the past and future identities of any person. he does not resemble Heinlein in the least.95) on January 27th.

9~ Aoq"ir.95e •.&. "Neked Doom.95 Frog Tavern £2. Legend of thc Sk. Expedition (0 Zhodanc:.each Unicorn GOold.01J & Prumni (IT) r 13. CCmflicl 12500.50 Dragcnslayer (SPI) £6.Qmf6 . Sorcerer Schtaire..t1e: only) £5.of boards.50 (5-10) 52 £2.-£l. III'< III £I.. Maniga.gO'51.50 ea. £4.) £14.95 Attack Foret (TSR) £2..II £3.. Star S:lIH1.95 each OrbQ\J~' £2. Demonlcrds (OS) £4.50.1:5World' of Wo~d" (Ct.£ II. Assassins. l I £1 .gue BI!:iCball. IJ £2.9S Dnieper AJ.5'5 Hardback . • Scenarios: Other Games or * • • Ca[dboard Heroes £1.95Pirates lind Plunder (Ya.50 Mad Mcsil (module) f-2.95 BI Nudear Bomber.£4.95 each Alie. . VQyage r [14.n/Wilderness mapping. Crooks &.50 (9+) D I·..s Handbook of traps and Tricks (On [S.95each Barbarian Prince.aen f. S.95 OUIPC$! Gamma.T.I !9.95 Unde..95 Storm Ov-er Arnhem (AH) .50) tXUp-1' t'~q. IH5 E as.:s: £8.30max . A2. .00 (AH) £15.amer (-pm e) £4. 11.. nture Mooules (Jevels.50 (6-14) 51 £3.uSIS.00 or Power PoUticsIDiplomacyl Economic Games Diplomacy (Phil) £10.Ptayers uaccbook. B1I. Ove.d (SJO) n.n'eQs S~rfou Mt'1U O .95.50 Sunday Drivers (SJG) . (IT) £12. Ogre 80011:(SlG) £3. Pifth Ccrps (SPI) £6.ll C.Icr Dragon tl.s o/'tlirluolly all g('UPtes~{JU{jhli.50 (10-14) OJ 0.nlifa'ctllrers· prii: es p&p 10% (311p min. Beyond (he-Silvered Pane.95Top Secret (TSR) £8.ords'. '* Cross of Iron (All) tll.25 City stares of the Atkyln:lI (TF) 0. The Merrow PrQj~c.R. Special Offer * New Arrival R Role Playing Rules S Plays Solo B Boardgame M Miniature RuJes 0 17r~Si!'are just I()me of (JUT' ga".95 Stull.9S Warlock.5."dromooa COll'lUes:l [1].J e (l-l) BI. &' Phil.95 AwCul Green Things Outer Space £7 .45 Se-aHawk.£l50ea Grail Ouest. * Fantasy Games *' Fight For The Sky IAIl) £7.£8.5. Gunboats.£2.15 Mon. 8<.99 Jcnril.95 Piend Folio.Come & see the BIGGEST & BEST Selection of Games.?5 9aUIe for Normandy (Au) £7. Bseape From Ahassar (tF) £450 each Moon Base C1SYLUi50 (TF) £4.. VaJle)' of the -4 Winds (GWJ £5.h. Quc$(world £1.9l Magic Wood (IT) tU5 Zsr... ]n the L-a:byrinth (fot rcfcrus) O..95 Dea tb to SClllJila & other adver n ures £J. Mall.50 Doom lile S"inginll S. 6Sp Ooombook Chaos 45p Wsrg.8S Punt & PIIS!.0 ve 1.lgglc.ed S.95 G~ll!wa)' Bc:stiary . Stormlcrd 70p each Red Giant. • • [J o D Role Plavi. Deutf Test I.95 CE El[pan~ion Klt5.80 Whit>t Dwarr:80p Int.50 Rapidsrrike (module) f2.:t tTL) R £.95 TSR Ad . TI n..50 Demons ( IucWUS 3 £J. p-4) I £3.9S -e'ac-h 1001 Characters.) Overseas p&p 30% (80p min.SO each Official D&D miniatures £4.00 Porrune (Phil) B £ 11.95 Ra (IT) £8. Third Reich (.1~8 £-4.-a.50 Yorktown (IT)tl 1.00 each City ef''Terrcr £ £:21.y Scene (Apple J[) 1"9.95 Dr Who (OW) £6.14. HHI (TS RI £8.'.50.9~ Gdffin MQuntain £11.mpaign.:1... (AH) t 10..add )1'}% (minimum 80p). £J 1.d/Marooned Alone.95 K . Powerhouse £lO.9:5 In v asion Barth (GDW) t5t. Titan (AH) £J 1.nlatCS (TSR) £.95 Revolt OJl A..rth Rule sysrem (Rtlg) ..95. Prison Planet Divifl't Right.9:5 O~!~n ~~v~~t!l~r:)'l'-9fames Arduin Trilogy £13.. ..9S The Dragon.4S 1829 (HTJ £19.95eacn Stalin'.95 (6-I(})S4 £5.95 WUd west (FOU) IUS Trouble on Widow's Peak (5«. ffj altd over .s Underground Le . Trill Cr Squad.95 Striker Mit £10.95 CLU wars Exp Kit £2.5 Anvil or Vicw!)' (AH) £21. & Wcs' (IT) £.95 each Dimension Dl::mOIIS (MaC) [250 Milh::iii'um ldro (IT) £1S.95 Family Business.25 Sta.!iiJ Ad". Best er to II £1. Tunnels & Trolls SF-Traveller RS (G OW) £8. TRl-CH. A3 £3. (rSR) £1.ID each Ogre.95 Borderland.95 Solo Dungeuns Deathtrap Eq\lca1. GEV. OOY55'y (IT) £9.S. ShOlar. Claw 70. I 5. Bomber Attack. £2. AClion A boa:rd" 1 PllIar.d. (EO N) £ 14.mP5 }6lfjp S.50 .95 Call ofCthulbu £11. M~dway C".50 sewere Oblivion.30.. LOJ:ds Karma.10.(May) £4..95 Federarien ln Sp'II(~ (TF) £13.50 Dawn Patrol (TSR) £6. ve. Gamma.Lde~.~S Ram Speed (MOC) n.95 1..:S0 Freedom in lin: Galu)' (Ali) I:l4. CivilianS' C 221 b Baker Street (H P'G) £7 :9'S ~xtr:.95 Jon. I (OT) £4. GO SHOGI. tops. (5-7) C' £4.95 Dawn With the King(AHJ .£.50 each.£S.50 Cosmic Encounter (EON) r 12.Security S.C'I""5.5S Pegasus" Adventure Gaming £2.." and Mogie (Yaq) £14..ji (AU) £7.9. 5oloQu". PYRAMIDS.95 Ace of Aces. mini-module . Galaxy.e General (.shc'C:ts(OW) £1.g.50 each Thieves W()l"ld £. K. Solom3JJi.:n (MOC) £2.:I). & £:.U Frontiers (TSR) R £8.£3.95 [] .9:.0) £:2.C. (HPO) £7. Fri 9.95 Borde.9S Ref'~ Screen and mini-module £2.A:R.II" D • • it '* * .ils £3.A. (4-7) AI. (9-m sa £5. pieces & sets for CHESS.Q. rav-ellt:.. Ci. Send!6p i. th.ESS.:edoniln Consumer Report £4. Magazines • 'IIi • [] .50 M"'(ln:!.7:S Magic &.95 Bounty Hunter (Non) £ t 1.83..£10.DO).3.9S SI. ss each Romm.gglU (DS) !4. &: M_A.50 Ow< ~. M.9:5 MOJ:i1iLcf FLIt: No.50 Behind Enemy Lines lFASA) fI6.9:5 H Trail of [be Sky Raidtl':ii ReSCUi!: on Gal:aLeD (FASA) .add 40% (mj'"jmum £I). BACKGAMMON. Role Playin2 Aids *' Ifr . F't.tcr C.95 Interstellar War. QI £00 MQrI!i.25.50 Kingmaker (HPG) £ 10. 65 p or * • .l4) XI.9.2. by E.y St. KillMit.91o each Referees GUIde £9. Guns of Fort Defiance.lno~ (Holy CiIY) £1. Boarding Pttny.3HW3). Circle of lee 15 peach FQr Dungt:of. each Th..rcra(t C4?"m~f1diurri £3.!l~ Set £:2..s::[.2.ion (HT) £18. Q. " * Quirks (EON) [4.n . • Nexus.qr Confliet (Specuu IiI/ZX81 ) £10. I. Lib ra f)' Datil. S (FGU) o o Seldon's .AH) !I L9S ·their Fj..2~ The Fantasy Trip (MGC) R n • • ..5ca~ From Colditz .00 CQnll!c:l.2S Ou.(bxd) £J 2..• WG4 £4.fNS <I i.95 Medici (IT) £1.Lr..1.50 Legion of Geld (rnod"lo) £2.SO C'aiacornbs . Fantllsy and Science Fic~ion miniatures at m..90 S'S" (TSR) tl.r..I}S Mane:ucr E1.95 Rl:::r-5screen &..95 Robin Bood ("'H) £4..9S. N ROiid ReOtrs t! I :95 A. ALDERSHOT.95 Dg.' Wood (Plil) £7.. woarcm (IT) .9S IIi.SS(.50 each WizBn:l's Quest. Dargon's Dungeon £3. {FOUl £9.(J Quasus & Qllasan. Sword for Hire.95 Empire of thoc:Qvc:rmind £21.. Pond £3.95 Adventures in Famasy (AGI) £7. Argon GambillDcath Station Cb~'mtlc plague/Horde. Foreign Exchange.75 sorceser's CS'Vf.95 E.r Sci 1-3 T 'V+V Set I.95 SupervWains (TF) £$ 'You. Thurs..91 Enccuruers (M.9~ each Historical Board Wa.95 a".9:5 ea Advanc~d Melee. (AH) £13.95 Nor~(IT) £14.G.( OK Galaxy. ·£2. Stocks &.:5 Refs Screen & Minl-M()dulll: £2.95 Nt::thc.g.3. Tall:::n8ard. &(op!'an AI.£ (1.~s. "t • .ch Fall of France (GDW) £18.9':5 Applll: Lam: [l. Traders &..00 Boris' D f plomll [ II Cht5-$ CompLJIU £6:5. pG) £8.9.1 £)..15 JoUy Roge.30-5.00 Thunderstruck 6$p War Games 70p Treveller's Jcamal £l.h~hle:s (M?) .95 Man. ranks (MOC) U. I £4.9..50 e:.I1FPOI Under £6 .50 each.~1 Stl"' Wizsrd.9:5 Science Fiction • vU Legion (IT) R £16.5% (minJmum n. 76 Patrons.7.AH)I'. RQWWD 2..R.95 Abyss. II'< II IU5 o Computer Games or .95 My".£ 18.q) £14.1:2.95 0 kins 'Will" Sckil y '..9:5 Dud.. SiJl.2$ ea Arena Qr xhazan.95 Many of the above available on disc .95 Llrtle RQund Top (A H) £4.tak. Dragen Lords 60p S.95 G'ID"" World (TSRJ £8. 'Fighting Ship$.50 Stormbringer (Ch)! 18.50 W" of tho R.l Mesrers Uncle Ugly·.95 AH cassettes Acquire.95 Dere Devil..95 Hcf Gap.ich Alien Slar 80p Da. Black Rider SSp each Wynn'..aec{AH)rII.:2.9S Broken Troc Inn PO) £2.95 Junia (CWW) £11. 8eyond 991' each.: £.2S O\JtwOJld~ St:H S~ctOf Alias £.c.rworld tIO.95 Trairor & the Spir'il Stones f4.3.15 • D&D E'pert Set £8.!I() Ci.95 BusineloS (W:add) £-9:9:5 For~ign Exchanw.95 GhJry Holt: Dwaeven Mine (JG) £2.a.95 each Fenna £4.11.!iQ Buffalo Casue.E.95 Em pin: fiT) £ 11.10 eacb New Beholder BOp Oiffen::nl Worlds £2 Sorcerer's A pprenuoe 8(lp .) Fantasy -Role Playing Dungeons & Drazons (TSR) R B~u:: Set £8.pon!ree.1J..of rhe Bear Cull £].5. Runemasters. Planet Mill.9jExpiiflsion.e£2.4:5Apocalypse (0 W) £5.vBall fl :t95 War-nOli of Bc.itdd IOQ%" 185 Victoria Road..95 Mere (FOU) £9.Air Equipment £3.SO eacb GTU Armor".50 BluminaLi (SJG) . JT. Demigods £B.~ . UQ.rgames "* '* '* • • • . Dragenrege (OS) . RAL PARTHA.p Ki.95 Ruleb". MiI}'hem 9:5. (At-I) £.9:) .er Design O.91 Bomber (Voq) tI4.50 Ship Plans "tethys.9.4S 81.95 each 1 'III RulobOOt £3.9j..1I:1Hlm: O...15-5.9.£5.50 eUlch Orce.a t.9:5 Othillo£1.2S each Probe NGC 8436 £3.9'5 Panaerarmee Arrih (AH) .of the Nauors {AH} £14. Deities &.ng Scenarios Tuum of • • '* • .5 (C:jI.95 Master of the Amulet. Plunder £4.0 Champions.95 • * .) Fifth Premier War(GDW)£ll.95 .. Chizens. • • • Twilighfs Peak" Leviathan. Traveller Book {. (Ollt!P".95 Attack i11 the Ardenncs{GDW) £9.95 YS-I:a.1 (IT) £.F'ire& MOVCmll!flt!:t. Vault of the Nler Queycn £3.90.45 Ttibu £3..£10. War and Pe. X2 £3. ShOOlOUl <1. _A.rk Slat 2lp H(gh Pa$5a. Scouts &. Our cafa/ope contauU'di!l(JiI.p'eai>~ enquire Sp~~WlI. (OTl £J~9.ate of the World EmpOKT (lG) £8..95 Creseendn of Doom (AH.95 G. of CilIf:!IC (MK) £5.ESDEVIUM GAMES LOW COST MAlL-ORDER SPEClAUSTS SHOP OPEN 9. Cit). (IT) £6.:s (Orca) :£ 12. Leander £2.00 Tne Space Gamer (SJG) £1...9S Book of Artifacts £4.95 . CITADEL.95 Atamc (TS1l) £2. Weh:d World £2-.. RDER CHARGES: UKI.50 (6-9) 0'-2-) £4. M!:!i~.' .s.O.95 each Cuh$ of Prax £5.95 SetS 1·1{~..MIsty Wood.£18.99 ~(:h Dragoo Tree Spellbock £4.00 'P'313r:1tir.£. Tel: Aldershot 311443 or (evenIngs) Farnham 722269 ESOEVIUM GAMES (T1) You may phone orders and pay by ACCESS NO POSTAGE ON MANY GAMES FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS 17 .9~ MaJor Lea..50 2 £3.:7.£4.c' Spy (AH) £4.95 Snal\( Pipoe Hollow £4.add Jjp.95 Business Games ~ '* SF-Space Opera R..2.50 Squad Loadcr(AH) £13." Balli es {TFJ £14. Sin.. Ilroads-W'otd. AnimllJ Encounters.rplay (MGC) £1.95 each The Air E:Jt~T'SStdkc Baek (MGC) £4.) [4.' in lh~ UK.! Baron (A H) £11. 9S Bureaucracy (AH) £ 14. 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Smith Senior is married to the innkeeper's widowed mother. There are a smith. Unfortunately. The Mill. Mankor said: !fit was murder. In vanity it lies. An easy enough start. nowhere. If you have a puzzle that might amuse the people of T'mitl. There hasn't been a decent adventure to be had within memory. We can now present samples from those selected for this year's cards. But never in gold or silver. But Paladins take two. TSR Hobbies. The trouble is. whoare four gentlemen named Smith. and are always looking for puzzles to include in their popular FEEBLEMIND range of birthday cards. Though there has been no slack in their business. But in history. Baker... the tunnels are now a major tourist attraction. Fortunately. There are no prizes to be won beyond the award of 1xp for any character who can solve them . each has an only son... who is learning the trade of one of the elders. it The local meqistrete scratched his head and (prompted by the OM) made his judgement: 'If just one of these men is lying. Not the least strange are the tunnels of the ancient Worms of Earth. you're not getting any straight answers. Moreover. Answers on page 44. What professions do Smith. . how long will it take 148 Ogres to kill 148 6th level fighting men (assuming they have plenty of room)? Puzzles devised by Gordius. Beware! It's deep in ages past and gone.Times are hard in the city of T'mill. No matter how they shout.user's wife. CBt 4AD. it was suicide. and the tourists all face the same difficu It challenge: How far must one travel to go through each of the tunnels at least once? The bunch radiating from caves A and Bare 10 leagues long. If seven Ogres kill seven 6th level fighting men in 2 rounds. a baker. and their sons follow? Many and varied are the ways of T'mill. the local Guild of Assassins sent in the next puzzle. Magic-users use it though clerics never do. Boris the Bard has brought a lyrical touch to his puzzle. A Druid doesn't use it. Their letter said they devised it justto kill time . again.. none of them follow the profession suggested by their names. the others are 11. Try to discover what it is he is talking about: 'Adventuring begins with it Irs impossible without. as always. Connected in the pattern shown below. so most of the citizens have had to find more gainful employment. wasn't it? This next one. ACME GREETINGS CARDS have offices in the city. CAMBRIDGE. Alas. Beerpot and Spell. it was murder. I did Ogmath said: If it was not murder. An artifact possesses it.. But before you guess. was suicide. Village gossip reveals that Young Beerpot is engaged to the sister of the future magic-user and his father's sister is the current magic. Now tell me what my object is. In this case you need to know who are the key tradesmen and who are to take over from them should any of them vanish.6 leagues long. Namath said: If not do it. A party's lost for lack of it. submitted by some Ogres living outside town (they forced a prisoner to write it down for them) isn't very tricky either.' So how Suicide? did Lucas die? Murder or Walking into a village and questioning the inhabita nts is' part of the fun of any adventure. an innkeeper and a magicuser. Four assassins went adventuring together (now what kind of OM was that) but only three came back. Namath did it. Rathmore Road. Baker the Elder has no daughter. no son is learn ing the trade his name suggests. Or the deep blue summer skies. send it to IMAGINETM magazine. Baker. 19 . Beerpot and Spell.

G.ROLE PLAYING ADVENTURE IN FEUDAL JAPAN Flashing bladework. 89. wise priests. honor. Tel: (0482) 24910 20 . brave warriors... spirits.R. stealthy assassins.. Players in Bushido design their characters to suit the profession that they choose. A skill system is used to determine the character's succcess in both martial and peaceful endeavors. Try adventuring in a world where a man's honor arid fame are as important as the number of foemen be has sl. The largest selection in Humberside STOCKISTS OF: Avalon Hill Games Workshop Citadel Computer Games Gibson Games Tunnels & Trolls Ray Lamb W. GAMES. the Way of the Warrior. Rules It's a pleasure to visit GAMES 'N' MODELS 66 George Street. the Legends of Japan. Bushido is a role playing game that allows you to adventure on the MislY Isles of Nippon. 5 9 Available from better shops or direct from GAMES. Come follow the code of the Bushido! £9 . demons. Liverpool L1 6ER lILJ5ffIDO !'anIuy Trade Enquiries contact: Tel: 051 2362605 'ana «nlImIIerJ. magicians.50.the stuff of Legends. Liverpool Ll GDG GAMES 'N' MODELS For War. Fantasy and Science-Fiction Wargaming. Take a break h'om the western european and sample the mysterious world of the Far East. Hull. war .54. Victoria St. martial mastery. MancheSkf Tel: 051 236 2605 St.

A party which contains many different classes will have a better chance of success since this mini-module has been designed to present a wide variety of problems for the playercharacters to deal with. For the convenience of the OM. Save as = Save. Stick with it and yourpatience will be rewarded by an exciting and enjoyable game for all concerned. Number of Attacks = No. Finally. The information in the rest of this mini-module is for your Dungeon Master (OM) so that he or she may guide you and the other players through the adventure. NOTES FOR THE DUNGEON MASTER The Beacon at Enon Tor is an adventure mini.THE BEACON A T ENONTOR BEGINNERS' INTRO. Level = '. and cannot he played without them. Magic-User = M. and your players know how the game works. the OM should give the party the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Dexterity = D. 21 . Wisdom = W. sothat the DM'stask isas simple as possible. when monsters or non-player characters (NPCs) are described in the text. Before the players begin the adventure. while Hit Dice is used for all other monsters. Damage per attack. Morale. PART 2 describes the beacon. The OM should always give the player characters a reasonable chance of survival. if this is one of the first times you have been a Du ngeon Master. Elf = E. Normal Ma n = NM.2. hlt pclnts = hp. Fighter = F. Class/Level is used only for N PCs. The emphasis is on the word 'reasonable'. in the following order: Name (Armour Class. Damage = D. Abilities of NPCs if necessary). Movement per round. Alignment. providin_g notes and reference information for the OM and keys descr. Dwarf = D. the information inside a 'box' can be read aloud to the players at the appropriate time. Constitution = C. Armour Class = AC. Save as Class and Level.module consisting of 3 parts. important information will be listed after the name. Classes: Cleric = C. the OM should read this mini-module thoroughly to become familiar with its details. Although there should always be a chance that the unlucky or foolhardy character will die. Thief = T.DUCTORY BASIC D&D® MINI-MODULE FOR 4-7 1 st LEVEL CHARACTERS This mini-module requires information only found in the D&D® Basic game rules. N umber of Attacks per round. the OM. Abbreviations used are: PART 1: INTRODUCTION If you plan to play in this adventure. its contents and inhabitants. Players knowing details of the adventure will spoil the game for everyone concerned. All the monsters in this module can be found in the 2nd edition of the D&D® Basic rule book (red cover). please stop reading here. 3 etc. Morale = Ml. Halfling = H. Movement in a game turn is three times the movement given for one round. This is deliberate. There are no wandering monsters in The Beacon at Enon Tor. Movement= MV. Each character should be of the 1st level of experience at the start of the adventure. These will be marked by a sword (t) the first time they appear in the text. Abilities: Strength = S. do not worry if the game does not flow smoothly at first.ibingthe various levels ofthe beacon. Charisma = Ch. Everyone should cooperate to make the adventure enjoyable. The party should have at least one elf or magicuser. There are bound to be problems to begin with until you. PART 3 contains a glossary of all unusual or unfamiliar words. PART 1 (this section) is an introduction which outlines the rules for the adventure and gives the OM background information about the beacon. hit poi nts. Alignment = Al.AT. It has been designed for a party of 4·7 player characters. In the encounter keys. The Beacon at Enon Tor is a small adventure and is designed to be completed in one session of play (about 2~ ·3 hours). Intelligence = I. Hit Dice or Class/Level. in brackets. Hit Dice = HD. The OM must decide when the rest of the information is discovered by the players or whether to keep certain facts secret. Movement is given only for combat rounds.

Karthedon. From now on. Two days after Karthedon had his accident.THE BEACON AT ENON TOR Players' Background The DM should read the following passage to the players before the adventure: About . however. is now reduced to a drooling idiot. Karthedon has suffered the effects of a magical spell backfiring on him during an experiment in his workroom (room 11). are not carrying out anv orders other than a general one to defend Karthedon and the beacon. Karthedon moved in. a small band of arc marauders led by a bugbear stumbled across the beacon during a raiding expedition. is virtually undamaged. not having eaten for a week. The adventure begins as the party leave the woods which surround Enon Tor on the landward side. The track can ti nues. The beacon is on a wooded headland about 2 miles to the west of Borth. the players should start making decisions about their characters' actions. The local Guildmasters. The tower was built. PART 2: THE BEACON AT ENON TOR Dungeon Master's Background The tale above is completely true. The spell was a feeblernindj. Realising that it was an easy target they moved in and occupied it. As far as you can see there is no-one about. At this point the DM should read out the following: After walking along the track for a little over 2 miles you are just leaving the cover of the woods.15years ago Karthedon the wizard arrived at the seaport of Borth. con tinued to blow for the next two days then was suddenly silenced and has not been heard since. One is in the tower itself. Both the doors are locked. where Karthedon's laboratory area is located. You can see that the building is more than just a tower. There are two entrances in plain view. One week ago. the other is in the stone building. Karthedon had created a number of zombies to carry out all physical labour required. The orcs and the bugbear do not know of Karthedon's condition. 22 . a wizard]. because there is some sort of stone construction built into the rock below. After much negotiation Karthedon and the Guildmasters arranged a compromise: Karthedon would be allowed to carry out his researches locally in a tower which the Guilds would build at Enon Tor. For the first time since leaving Borth. which had started to sound when the fog descended tha t morning. The keys to the doors are in the locks on the inside. These undead are sti II f uncti ona I but wit h the excepti on of the on e operat ing the foghorn (room 9). Trading activity has been light recently. incapable even of feeding himself. because they have not explored the lower level. Following a n unsuccessful attempt to destroy the zombies in the barracks (room 4) they have not yet summoned the courage to attack the others in the cellar (room 10). were not keen to see such a dangerous place built where they lived. The orcs and the bugbear are established in the major part of the beacon. In return he would operate a navigation beacon at the tower and be on call to help the town should he be needed. It stands above a lDD-foot-high cliff and overlooks dangerous shoal waters. and when. He claimed that Borth was located at an ideal site to carry out magical research.Ieading in the-direction of a stone-built tower that has now come into view. He is now in a poor condition. As a result they have approached your party and offered you 100 gold pieces (gp) each to go to Enon Tor and find out why the beacon is no longer working. or even of his existence. and the arrangements worked well. and certainly not capable of spell-casting. you can smell the sea. The entrance doors into the beacon are wooden with iron reinforcements. information is given to the players. while deeply honoured that Karthedon had chosen their town. One of the townsmen will take the party to the track that leads to the beacon and tell them in which direction to head. based on what information they are given by the DM and their character abilities. Being a powerful wizard. Both doors can be easily opened once unlocked. Fewer ships were lost in the dangerous shoals and the town prospered. The locks can be picked by a thief. The foghorn in the tower. and announced his intention to establish a laboratory in the town. As the party of adventurers arrive at Enon Tor the situation is that Karthedon is still in his workroom surrounded by his zombie servitors. As a result the cellar level. but the Guildmasters are anxious to find out what has gone wrong before any ships run aground. the whole of Enon Tor was surrounded by a strange shimmering light and that evening the beacon was not lit. The DM should decide how much.

a scroll with the clerical spells cure light wounds and protection from evil on it.oing on. 1 Ocp. MV 40'. herbs and spices and a toast rack. When the adventurers enter the room. two chairs. 57gp. the DM should subtract one from the orcs' 'to hit' rolls. If the party enter through the outside door. and 7gp and 7 glass 'gems' respectively as their personal treasure. The three pots on the range contain some stew..AT 1. HD 1. and several flasks lie on the floor. treat it as a normal hand axe.J. The bucket on the table is half full of water.A large oak table stands in the middle of the room. creature Save Fl. 2. D 2-8. ML 9. half man. This is the key to a small iron box which is hidden under the bed. I -=tJ + L ~_l r----I 1---. half animal. This room contains nothing of value.. the two orcs will be arguing loudly. Bedroom The orcs have 15gp and 4 glass 'gems'. with ivory and jet pieces and an inlaid rosewood board. hp 16. Seated on the bench are two ugly human-like creatures. but these are now ripped and despoiled. but only if it is sold).1. ML 8. AL C).+:~~~~.ATl. Standing next to one of the chairs is an ugly human-like creature. Save F3. and detest sunlight. plates (several of them broken). Tapestries used to hang on all four walls. Pens. hp4.L- . No.. The arc is carrying 9gp in his belt pouch. 4. The percentage chance of any thief picking this lock is multiplied by 3. ML 8. is a long bench. The bugbear does not have any money on his person. _. hidden in his left boot is a key. Inside the box are a silver dagger (worth 30gp). grey. In the northwest corner there is a cooking range with three pots on it. The entire set is worth 100gp. HD 3+1. and it is during the day. Save Fl. The glass 'gems' are worthless._---. Below the shelves there is a table with a wooden bucket standing on it. The iron box has a crude lock. Kitchen This room appears to be a kitchen. On the south wall hang a set of shelves. AL C). On the shelves there are cooking utensils.J 1. Orcs are nocturnal creatures. a table and a large open chest. D 1-6. 26sp. No.lfthe box is smashed open. AL C) and the ugly human-like is an orc (AC 6. and are not taking any notice of anything else that is g. The large No. Clothing is scattered round the room. surrounded by four upholstered chairs. THE BEACON AT ENON TOR The human-like creatures are orcs (AC 6.. D 1-6..-1 + ( 1 ---t ~ I • J-I -L-1 )~ ~ I rI~ I 23 . If they are not. spoons. by the fireplace. and a leather bag containing 50 glass 'gems' (worthless). knives and other oddments are scattered about the Ooor and across the tabletop. hairy humanoid. MV 40'. In the corner where the orcs were arguing is a Nine Men's Morrist set. MV 30'. On the south wall hangs a tapestry showing a battle scene. They are members ofthe raiding party led by the bugbear. hp 6. Living Room This room appears to be the beacon keeper's Living quarters . The room is lit by several large candles in silver candlesticks. Sitting on the bed is a large. This room contains a bed. 3. If a character takes the meat cleaver as a weapon. HD l. humanoid is a bugbear (AC 5. .AT 1 . In the northeast corner. the DM shou Id remember to ask if they are closing the door behind themselves. the clerical scroll will be ruined and the glass 'gems' shattered. In the northeast corner stands a chopping table with a meat cleaver embedded in it. If this results in a greater than 100% chance the lock is automatically picked. 22)(p for the 22gp treasure and 1OOxp for the value of the Nine Men's Morris set. parchment. A maximu m of 142 experience points (xp) may be gained in this room (1 Oxp for overcoming each of the two orcs..

.N I 7 "Ilt -..\.:..._ :-.::": SCALE 0 feet 50 I THE BEACON AT ENON TOR 24 . ":~.:. .... Tower 8 - - ~I'IIIIII I I -lti+! ~ 6 Ground Floor I Ladder Fire Basket Stairs (up) Stairs (down) Door Trapdoor Bedrock Wall Secret Door I @ HffiI ""11 -0® Cellar Level ..~~.:.

. Four sacks of kindling and a stack of ten faggots lie on the floor in the middle of the room. The victim may avoid the disease by making a saving throw vs. a bucket full ofa black substance.. _.AT 1. vegetables and salt. Zombie Quarters This room contains 10 boxes. HD 2. several pieces of timber. AL N). The tapestry is worth 15gp. hp 3. One of the boxes against the north wall is open and contains the remains ora man. ". The OM shou Id roll 1d4. and the other corpses were OTCS. MV 40'. ML 8. who will not attack unlesstheir boxe-sare opened. Experience points for non-monetary treasure should be awarded only if the items are sold. r 1 5. four pulley blocks. apples. None of the items is valuable.~l{~ ~. 4. Save F1.~ THE BEACON AT ENON TOR t~)~'~::'. Four are leaning against the north wall. On a hook by the stairs hangs a coil of rope. the disease being deadly only on a roll of 1. Against the eastern wall is a pile of faggots.'_::'. . Each of these boxes is a coffin/storebox for one of. HD #. Karthedcn's zombies. There are four double-branched candlesticks. MV 40'. There is nothing else of value in the storeroom. No. e . wine. hp 9.eachabout 7 feet long and 2 feet broad and deep.". HD 2. an axe. Anyone 25 . AL C). . human-like bodies.2. The occupied boxes are leaning against the north wall. In the northwest corner of the room is a large iron basket. Experience points for overcoming the bugbear are 50xp and for the arc 10xp. Several sacks are stacked on a low table. ML 8. 8. Beacon Garrett As you enter this room you see two creatures detach themselvesfrom the ceiling and flutter towards you. The garret conta ins the eq uipment and stores used at short notice to operate the beacon. D 1-3 + disease. a saw. Poison. D 1-4.' . Two giant rats (AC 7. hp 8. Zombies are slow fighters and always strike last in a round (no initiative roll is needed)./'. and a worthless glass 'gem'. Overcoming the zombies is worth 40xp (20xp each). Save F1. The various barrels contain ale. They are not affected by sleep or charm spells. All the flasks are empty. Only two of the boxes are occupied by functional zombies (AC 8. a set of blacksmith's bellows and a broken cartwheel. ML 12. They will only attack if the grain sacks are disturbed in some way. 7. In their lair are 2gp. flint and steel.:'::. On the floor oftheroom lie two ugly. . and an iron box without a lock which contains some tinder. A large smoked ham hangsfrom a hook in the ceiling. a length of sailcloth. two dozen torches. Zombies are undead monsters and may be 'turned' by a cleric. Overcoming the bats is worth 40xp (20xp each). ten empty sacks. The orcs have 7gp and 3 glass 'gems' and 3gp and 12 glass 'gems'. bitten by a gia nt rat has ali n 20 cha nce of being infected by disease (this is checked each time the victim is bitten). a dozen iron spikes.three hooks. Storeroom This room contains a dozen barrels. The monsters are giant bats (AC 6. Scattered about the room are: 2 coils of rope. On a shelf by the door is a telescope (worth 100gp) in a leather case. D 1-8. AL C) have moved into the storerooms and have taken up residence in the grain sacks. If a cleric turns these zombies they will return to their rest in their boxes. NO.t All but one of the barrels contain oil. The sacks contain grain and flour." " _~ " ". Save Fl. The last one is empty. the rest lie flat upon the floor. This is the beacon's food store.AT 1. salted meats (both pork and beef). II AT 1. MV (flying) 60'. 6.' . As the air fills with high-pitched squeaksyou notice that an outside door in the south wall stands ajar. . Everythi ng is slightly damp because the door has been open for a week. but smell of wine. Main Beacon Storage Chamber This room contains 9 large barrels.. . a lantern. a hammer. The open chest contains only clothes. The black substance is tar. 7. otherwise the victim will die in 1-6 days or be bedridden for one month. a bucket full of nails. The gems are worthless. each worth 10gp. Overcoming the rats is worth 10xp. The human body in the open box was a zombie.

The box labelled 'snake Jegs' is empty. MV40'. D 1-8. a potion of invisibility and a scroll of the spells magic missile. glassware. sulphur. In the basket. MV 0'. a 1st level rnaqic-user or elf is incapable of understandinq the underlying structure and symbolism of the feeblemind spell itself. DO. ML . M 10. Cellar This is a storage cellar. One is the key to the locked box in the celtar (room' 0). but left the zombie working the bellows. In the centre of the floor stands a IS-foot-high iron tripod supporting a large iron basket. hp 6. HD 2. He or she will also understand thata dispel magic will cure Karthedon. The ladder is covered in rust.. AL C). powdered lead.rthedon he knocked over a vial of acid. iron filings. Wizard's Once the pa. 2. a mace +1. other than that of rushing air. When the f·eeblemind spell backftred on Ka. is slumped over the workbench. the zombies is worth 80xp (20xp each).4..AT 1.A T t: D 1-8. stuffed voles. Save rt. The 8.6. Ogp each) . No sound. Standing in the room are four pale. MV 40'. One contains gold dust (worth 15gp). M L 12. intricate glassware and two candlesticks with burnt out candles. HD 2.hp rolls for Karthedon are the same as for a 1. corpse-like figures stand guard over the body. When the bugbear and the orcs arrived they cut the pipe between the bellows and the foghorn. and web. 9. The irlast orders were to defend Karthedon. The trapdoor in the floor isa cover for the beacon's water level is . and he is not yet dead. quicksllver] (in a stoneware bottle). The key is on a chain round Karthedon's neck (in room 1'). MV 40'.. Overcoming the zombie is worth 20xp. Savi. No. medusa bones. C 16.THE BEACON AT ENON TOR The four are zombies (AC 8. 13(18). The pale figures are zombi. and dried roots. charm person.. are large quantities of ash. 10.rty can see the northwest the DM should read the following: section of the walkway Workroom. -8. No . Stacked in the southwest comer are 6 faggots. AL C). chalk. bats' ears. The body is in fact Ka rthedon (AC 9. is set into the stonework of the tower. A body. No. seaweed. snake legs. . hp 1(2. Both look half-starved. moveme nt a ndi nte IIigence. which destroyed many of his e. If a dispel magic is cast on Karthedon he will suitably reward the party for he lpi ng him. 5 feet below floor leveL well. quill pens. herbs. The boxes contain Karthedon's experimental materials. W 10. In the southeast corner is an iron construction which is obviously some type of lifting equipment. part at Karthedo n' s reti n ue. sealing wax. The figure is a zo mbi. crypt dust. The Beacon This is the top of the tower. HD 2. pens. is emerging. Karthedon cannot remember any spells.. S 9. each with a set of four stools . salt. st level magic-user.foghorn.AT 0. filthy robes. stirge feathers. These statistics represent Karthedon's current condition. hp 8. NO. and around tbe tripod. hence the ratings for hit poi nts.AT 1. The zombie's last orders from Karthedon were to sound the foghorn. On a chain round Karthedon's neck are two keys. with a +2 to the die roll. ML 0. This is obviously a laboratory or workroom. 5.. In the northwest corner a human figure can be seen working a set of blacksmith's bellows apparently connected to a.2.rely safe. However. A 3-foot-high crenellated wall surrounds this storey . D 14.xperimental notes.e (AC B.. In the northeast corner of this piece of the walkway an iron ladder.0 arrows +1.4). The zombie wil! not attack unless the party attempt to stop it carrying out its appointed task. An elf or a magic user will be able to work out that Karthedon was casting a feeblemind spell if he or she studies the notes. vinegar (also in a stoneware bottle). parchment. dressed in long. except for patches in the middle of the rungs where bare metal shines through. The labelled boxes do not have locks and contain exactly what their labels (written in Common) say: ftuorspar+. dried blood. powdered copper. It contains three small leather pouches. In the south west corner is a trapdoor in the floor. Save Ml+2{10).One of the tables is covered in parchment. corpse-like men. Ch 12).. leading up to the beacon itself. 26 . and there is nothing else of interest on the (AC 8. ink (in the form of square blocks to be mixed with water when needed). 1. Only one of the boxes does not have a label and it is locked. 11. There are two long workbenches in the room. AL C). The locked box can be opened by a thief using the normal percentage chance of success for picking locks. AL N. D . M L 1 2. The ladder is enti. They will attack anyone who enters the room. The va ILIe in the brackets is the normal one. Walkway Overcoming This walkway has a 4-foot-high crenellated] stone waH running round it. From the secret cha rnber (room 13) he wi II give the party 1000gp. Katthedon is suffering from a feeblemind spell and one week's tack of food and water. Save F' . All around the walls are shelves with wooden boxes on them. Two pale. the other is the key to the chest tn the secret chamber (room 13). In the southwest corner of the room is a cage with two giant rats in it. and they will attack if anyone approaches Karthedon's body. Save F1. one powdered silver (worth 3gp) and the last holds 12 small pearls (worth 1.

The key is on a chain around Karthadon's neck (room 11 ). If a thief attempts to pick the lock and fails he or she will be stabbed by a spring-loaded needle hidden in the lock. a reading stand. Mike Telford and other members of the Kirklees Military Modelling & Gaming Society. a dagger +1. or will be sick in bed and unable to adventure for a month. 12. The chest can also be forced open combined strength of 35 or more. The OM should note that Karthedon party some of this treasure. Poison ordie in 1-4turns. 2 worth 50gp each and 1 worth 100gp). The furniture consists of a table. Overcoming the zombies is worth 40xp(20xp each) and the rats are worth 10xp(5xp each}. ML 12. The third is a scroll with the spell dispel magic on it.THE BEACONAT ENON TOR He or she should save vs. If failed. There is no treasure in this room. There are two silver candlesticks on the table. On the floor is a rug with a pentacle+ design on it. garret: a room just under the roof of a building. The spell effect lasts until negated by a dispel magic. Wizard's Study.AT 1. The disease is only deadly on a result of 1 on a 1d4. 3. pentacle: a figure resembling a five-pointed star. Secret Chamber This small chamber contains nothing bu t a closed chest. a small bag of gems (5 gems worth 1Ogp each. tor: a hill or rocky height. The OM shou Id feel free to invent some titles for the books in the bookcase and to decide if any of the books are saleable. This chest is locked. AL N). a bookcase and an upholstered chair. by characters with a Inside the chest are nine bags of coins (8 of 200gp and 1 of 40gp). CREDITS . 10 arrows +1. a potion of healing. MV 40'. Design: Michael Brunton Development: Graeme Morris Special thanks to: Don Turnbull. Nine Men's Morris: a medieva I ga m e played by two people with nine counters each on a pattern consisting ofthree squares. Full details of this spell can be found in the D&e Expert rule book on page X16. and a wand of magic detection (3 charges). but this description is sufficient for use in this mini-module. faggot: a bundle of firewood. Poison. One is a charter from the Guilds of Borth granting Karthedon the right to live in the Beacon. Carole Morris and Dani Kaye. The cage in the corner of the room holds two giant rats (AC 7. Play testing: Alan McNamara. The second is a plan of the Beacon (it does not show room 13).y still avoid the disease by making a saving throw vs. charm person and web. The silver candlesticks are worth 20gp each. This chamber is a study. Killing Karthedon is worth only 5xp in his present state. The poison needle can be found and removed by a thief using the normal percentage chances for these skills before trying to pick the lock. Save F1 . 27 . It makes a magic-user or elf unable to think or cast spells. All four walls are hung with tapestries depicting the twelve signs of the Zodiac.3. feeblemind: this is a spell which can only be cast by high-level magic-users or elves. Wizard: Wizard is the highest level title of the magic-user class. quicksilver: the metal mercury. Philip Kaye. Tom Kirby. 0 1-3 + disease. The victim ma. a potion of invisibility. The rug is worth 75gp. No. and. fluorspar: a mineral. hp 2. may already have given the PART 3: GLOSSARY crenellated: walls that are crenellated have traditional battlements atthe top exactly like castle walls. one within another. because they have not been fed for a week. a mace +1. The twelve tapestries (one for each sign) are worth 300gp as a set and 15gp each. These are Karthedon's experimental animals. turning its victim into a helpless idiot. theywill attack anyone who opens the cage. the victim will either die in 1-6 (1 d6) days. Lying on the table are three rolled parchment sheets. Anyone bitten by a rat has a 1 in 20 chance of being infected by disease (this chance should be checked each time a rat successfully hits). HD 1-4 hp. a spell scroll of magic missile.

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They are protected by law. It was decided that # 12 should be the last issue of PAN as a magazine in its own right. usurped the editor's chair by# 8 and carried it through to# 12. In the lonely town of Nonhending. Not content with this. Slinks are obedtant. Can you to sneak into the old ruins to lind out who Of what slinks really are and whtue (ney come trom. Yours truly appeared on the scene in mid-1 981 and.. much to his chagrin. All of these are intended for the interest of members and non-members alike. (of which he is now MD) and so deserves much of the credit for the success of role playing games in Britain. bringing its most popular features with it. Orders. product of the strange minds and pens of Runic Press International is another refugee from PAN. stolen by evil beings. . 'MILL DAYS' Mill Days are Saturday gaming sessions which take place here at the Mill in Cambridge. I offer this introduction.95 each. Cast your eyes over wHat we have on offer and if you like what you see. The Hrst will be on Saturday.THE INVESTIGATION OF HYDELL of 5th level. still in the first flush of his youth (it was a long time agol). PA PINS These are half-loch diameter brushed steel badges carrying our Dragon'suHead logo. Once upon a time . Thus PAN moved sideways into this four. Price A 32·page module deSigned tor 5 characters post froe. To send information back the other way. Price £3. post free. ~A members can obtain a n up-to-date list of g'l. 'R SERIES' MODULES The 'R series' AD&D"" adventure mo-dules are produced by the RPGAT'M organisation in the USA and are available In Ihe UK only to PA members. he played a pivotal role in the founding of TSR Hobbies (UK) ltd. to provide benefits for members (all the entitlements which still apply.lsrlable Bargain 8asement items by sending an S. Rathmore Rd. TSR Hobbies. however. Don Turnbull (author of Turnbull Talking) is known to all associated with hobby games but. A" offers made subiect 10 availabll 11y~ 31 .people were very keen to write in with comments on games. join usl R1 . R3 - EGG OF THE PHOENIX for A 32-page module deslijnEld Price C2. Details of the PA and how to join are given on page 29 of this magazine. The fabulous artifact known as the Egg of the Phoenix has vanished. EacM of tt>e module. of levels 5·9. post free. Available in S. PA T-SHIRTS White cotton T-shirts with the fult-cclcur design of a dragon lowering over (he D&D symbol. news about their clubs and events section.1980 no less . when I get the cha nce to put my rantings in print. We were all saddened by the end of PAN. Don built his reputation in the field of hobby games by a conspicuous and active interest at a time when most people hadn't heard of it. BARGAIN BASEMENT The Barga~n Basemem (lair of the 'infamous 'Karen) is the pleee where we consign all the stock which.D&D®pLAYERS ASSOC ATION NEWS THE NEWSLETTER OF THE BRITISH DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® PLAYERS ASSOCIATION SPECIAL PA OFFERS Please note that the following offers are available only to members of the D&[)® Players Association..g shrink-wrap to tne leek of a page in a module.A. His idea was that it would serve a dual role. but now we are spreading our wings to cover other games. for some reason or other. Mike and I stuck firmly to the AD&DTMand 0&0 games.00. however. write (0 'Players Association Mill Days' at the edrrresa below. with further issues coming out every other month. pest free. PAN BACK ISSUES come to an end than its back Issues become collectors hems. was d.00 for a set of 12. It occurs to me that one of my first jobs should be to provide a brief history of the D&[)@ Players Association (known to its friends as the PAl and the way in which these four pages relate to the Association and this publication in general. during which time Tom Kirby.50 each or £5. in fact) and to allow a two-way flow of information between T5R and those who play ga meso The flow of information into T5A was easy .50. Rubicof Moggedon. M end L sizes {please state size when ordering}. The degree of imperfection vanes from a missin. They will double 85 a lapel badge or tie-pin and will discreetlv identify you as a player and PA member.signod for us-a 1n a B E:N CO N® tou rn a m ant iEI nd 1s su lta ble for normal campaign playas well as havin. It ran to six issues. Then IMAGINE magazine turned up. With a hobby magazine destined for a far wider circulation about to be launched in the same building. Please enclose an SAE. owned by the wealthy and approved of by 'he church authorities. Fub: Ihe strver draqon.TO THE AID OF FALX A 16·page module designed Price [. can no longer be sold as ·perfect'. of course. pest free. No sooner does a magazine Ofiers are open 10 PA members only. The special offers and so on are for members only. In PAN. to: PA Special Offers. there will be this editorial section every month. to Bargain Basamant at the address given below. launched the D&D Players Association through its pages. the councu has caned the pa~adin Alhelslsn to their aid. CAMBRIDGE CBI 4AD. It always happens. Mill Days are open to PA members onlv. post free. however. 23rd Aprll. The first issue appeared in March 1981. sernl-hurnan staves and are apparentlv content with their lot. the rules 'questions and answers' feature.oo.g extra details and pre-rolled characters for tcumemem-srvle use.E.. raring to go with a new full-page format. This year we are planning to hold about half a dozen covering a variety of games.. The items all have two things in common.. 5r8 characters of level 5-9. There is no fee but places must be b-ooked in advance.50 each. (hey are all on sate at amazingly reduced prices and none of them is rubhi$h. a publication of some kind was needed and so the D&D Players Association Newsletter (PAN) was born. but I am sure that these features. and the PA in general must benefit from the wider airing which the new magazine will give. (UKI Ltd . by dint of much devious plotting. PA members can obtain back issues of PANs 1·12 for CO. but needed a new mouthpiece.

What is the chance of detecting someone who is invisible? (Basic/ Advanced) A. 'Basic' and 'Expert' refer to the D&[)® game rules.DISPEL CONFUSION DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® and ADVANCED DUNGEONS .1be simpler than constructing a magic item from scratch.The answers we come up with may not be tully 'official'. detailinq character progress above the 14th level. At present. The two pantheons that were dropped.60 of the Dungeon Masters Guide . To begin with Dispel Confusion will restrict itself to games produced by TSR Hobbies . is that games are seen by non-gamers as highly competitive (and in their language the word 'competitive' is a pejorative one).S. so it is up to the Dungeon Master to devise a procedure which is suffic.R. but 0 ne of them (in my view the most 'important) is that we do so because we enjoy the company of the other people involved. I tum. What does T. ing exists. I don't need to convince you of the fun and enjoyment to be gained from 32 . but that the use of it wil. The first edition did indeed give details of seventeen sets of gods and heroes. only fifteen are detailed inside. until they attack. put a premium on flexibilty and have to handle a wide variety of situations. onthe verge of incipient collapse due to old age I have been around the hobby games scene for over thirty years. but its existence does not imply that the rules are difficult Of incomplete. The method of recharging rods etc. Though I am not. Why is this? (Advanced) A. into a veritable blood-bath . ation on fifteen. TURNBULLTALKING A little space set aside to let the publisher air his views.1public know about the hobby and how much misunderstand.iently expensive/ d ifficu It/time-consum i n9 to make the a ct of try ing to obtai n mag ic items by adventuring (the real idea of AD&D games) at least as attractive as charging up old ones. nothing. and H. is not clearly stated. The D&D Companion Set. You may wonder why such a column is necessary. When is the D&D Companion Sel going to be published? (Basic/Expert) A. Q. the hobby. in which there are no winners or losers and hence no competition. yet the joy is still fresh and no persuasion whatsoever is needed to g.. One of the main fallacies. Loveeraft's Cthulhu rnvthos. How do you recharge rods. but at least we have contact with the game designers themselves. The Mill. respond 'what sort of a daft game is this if you can't win it?' Obviously debates involving such people are not concerned with spurious trivia like logic or consistency. Although seventeen pantheons are mentioned on the back of the DEITlES & DEMIGODSTM Cyclopedia. IMAGINE Magaz:ine. CAMBRIDGE CBl 4AD Q. Dispel Confusion is a question and answer column intended to help hobby gamers overcome problems they have had with game rules._~ DRAGONS® games The words in brackets after a Question specify which system is being dealt with in the question and its answer. because they. why do we play games in the first place? A whole mixture of reaso ns.developmentin America.. In any case. staves and wands! (Advanced) A. and club bridge can easi. we hope to expand the range of subjects covered to games other than TSR products by getting answe rs from the people who make and design them. basketball or squash is socially acceptable while a game can be an object of derision. Q. Send Questions to: DISPEL CONFUSION (PAN).yet chess and bridge are respectable enough. when he hears that there are no winners ina D&[)® game. I hope. the arrival of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS@ game. I have met my best and closest freinds t hroug h gam ing. TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd. sequent editions only gave inform. In the AD&D rules the percentage chance of detecting someone who is invisible is given on p. P. But there's nothing more competitive than international chess. over from the days when the company used to be called Tactical Studies Rules. and these fr iends hips have endured. rather knocked this idea on the head. We suggest that an enchant an item spell (a 6th level magic user spell) would be needed.el me hot-foot to a games session or weekend. This is a hang. disappeared because other compa n ies produced games on those subjects. At present we do not have a reliable release date. In the Basic D&D rules an invisible person is simply invisible. Though it is interesting to notice that the critic who castigates games on the grounds that they are competitive will often. After all. Michael Moorcock's Melnibonean rnvthos (the Elrie stories). Q. it seems to me.. and the copyright holders withdrew their permission for us to use them. Q. Indeed. at least mentally. Rathmore Road. In future..stand for? A. All we need are the Questions. The miniature wargames enthusiasts regular:ty come in for undeserved criticism along the lines of 'playing with toy To a games enth usi astil' s su rprrsrnq how little the genera. is currently undergoi ng. and 'Advanced' refers to the AD&DTM game rules. For some reason a competitive sport like soccer. but the second and aJI sub. They are open to interpretation.

scale. How long does a darkness spell cast Q. entertaining and interesting. The truth. In the end.In both sets of rules. He then has three options. now. riches and easy living. In November. The progra m that the character learns is chosen by the player. it's a little odd to derive such enjoyment from a hobby which others seem to find totally mystifying. when he discovers it. STAR FRONTIERSTM Adventure Game Why do the Dralasites of Inner Reach in the Dramune system dye their skins different colours to show their emotions? The racial description in the expanded ru lebook states that Dralasites are colour blind. the darkness so caused will last as long as the demon wishes. As usual. and he must be of high level to hold the spell in his mind. In February 1982 a prominent national magazine . TheMail on Sunday magazine 'YOU' probably falls into this last category. not mere killing. not simulations of the detailed hack and slay of combat The emphasis is on the adventure. Even more are responsible but stupid ~ they get the facts wrong and write about them in the earnest beliet they are true. to make a riveting story about weirdos dressing up in cardboard armour and hitting each other with tinplate swords. They cannot sense the difference between shades of the same colour. Don Turnbull 33 . Of course the problem is not a particularly important one . rega rd Iess of th e wea pon ry used? (Basic/ Advanced) A. The number of spells that a magic user may have on call in his mind is given in the 'Spells Usable by Class and Level . The 0&0 games are intended to be adventure games. it's the fun that counts. That is. without for a moment realising that miniature wargaming is chess on a grand. having any material components. This question covers three distinct areas. what goes on there is. Fortunately some of these people are responsible and do the job properly. and the rules for determining which spells are known are given on page 10 ofthe Players Handbook. After a brief legal skirmish. are these chosen at random? A. Why.e.supposed to be about the 0&0 game. A. with photographs. Spells in a magic user's spell book are simply words written on a page. the second is which spells are in the magic user's spell book. All this is in addition to acquiring the spell 'recipe' in the first place.literally ki II. Nor need gamers feel paranoid . drops the matter altogether. are all the 'to hit' rolls the same. by a demon last? (Advanced) A. Since it can be cast at will. in combat. Unfortunately others are not. Plainly. The da rkness cast by a demon is not a spell. Perhaps he hopes for something really [uicv. and the others being determined by the method given on page 39 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. However. have ready for use) at anyone time. he must have the spell in his spell book. and taking time to learn the spell. the inclusion of a spell in a magic user's spell book does not mean that he can use it. we are certainly not going to let insulting nonsense like this go unchallenged.will the Mail on Sunday tell them the correct version? Others cannot be let off as careless or stupid. or tells the truth.garners don't need the approval at others and can enjoy their hobby perfectly well without it.Magic-Users' table on p. Nevertheless. When a character gains a skill level. one being read magic. the publishers formally apologised and paid our legal costs and a considerable sum by way of damages. What does the number of spells a magic user may 'remember' mean? (Advanced) A_ his master. it's all over now pri nted an article that announced. Magic use is not a quick way to power. Demons can cast darkness while engaged in any other activity. They are initially given to the magic user by does he gain the new level in all the subskills or only some ofthem? If only in some. but 0&0 it certainly isn't.we may be a minority but we are certainly not oppressed. is much more prosaic. more complex. This is often referred to as 'knowi ng' the spell. Mike Brunton Graeme Morris soldiers at your age?' The same critic wo uld almost certainly reg ardc hess as an acceptable. which was . Magic users usually start with four spells. and the third is which spells the magic user is capable of names. The Writing Programs subskill of Computer skill is slightly different. Oralasites are colour blind. The first is how many spells a magic user may remember (i. the rnaqazjne contained an article. He either dresses up a story which isn't true. they have learned a lesson . without any fear of misinterpretation that DUNGEONS & DRAGONS could kill. the AD&D r uIes do have a set of optio na I modifiers for the 'to hit' rolls. Q. In order to cast a spell the magic user must fulfil all three conditions. When a character gains a level in any skill he also increases his chances of successtully perform ing any of the subskills. but they ca n sense the difference between distinct colours. The character gains the ability to write one progra m with each level that he gains. Q. With the exception of the initial allotment of spells. he must be able to understa nd (know) the spell. I believe. I have wandered a bit from the subject (you will get used to this). As a result there are people out there who think it is . generally speaking. The spell's underlying logic and symbolism must be understood before it can be learnt and cast. O. invisibility does not alter the amou nt of noise that someone or something makes or mask their scent O. but an inherent ability.26 of the Players Handbook. i ntellectua I pursu it. Unfortunately they assumed that what goes on at Peckforten Castle in Cheshire is actually 0&0. like recipes ina cookbook. Now TSR is proud of its reputation and its products and trademarks. It has to be said that the media are sometimes unhelpfu LThe jou rnal ist who comes to see us at TSR about the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game is probably hoping. but can write all the programs he knows at his current skill level.

LEG-ENDIEU..TS o 0 ARE PERILOuS.'-... .S'8.~."i. .: • :~ o l"RUL.::""':'" ~~'._~~~~~~~J 1' •• :.\.IT'AAN AS lA.:_i' E~~~...~F ~...f:"..~~.S"HAT ~ '~RUBlc. ThERE TO SEEk: ANEW E ':'..~~~=--=-~~~~:..AUlNE ltIl'AANQo(l ... EVEt-l R:)R.fLEEI"'G-MOG-GE~N FOR. I'US VERY UFE..::':':~~' ..1" TIlE: REAu<\S OF M.~CH~~~ .Ef'{11£ FO(:{I1JI'(E ANDl1i~ FAM~ 4 .EE.Ii.:.CAM. .Y11-IE Snl.".~1ff e..O~e SOCii PSI.. ! 8 o o 34 .O~E[x)N-:. .E '.D..DSf'UEDHIM 1~.-~~BLACk..::.'['DipRIVE'l)'Mosrciu~'~.AN. t SLANOERS Of MALI CIOUS FOEMSN.£.I~d'lATIVE" I. ~:.

AP Mars. • F.S. acrylic or Fleming's epoxy resins heffers: ARTISTS SHOP Tel.I Kabal KOll'Iow Land oll"gend Mr. Sreve Jacksoo Garnes Judges GUII.P I.CHOOSE IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT FROM THE BEST STOCKED DUNGEON IN LONDON Araeums & Excursions Arms.ead Hass Press He.r.i31 urns Iron Crown IT.1 PI.L PaU~H'hlJm P.[Igan"lif'lg Mlilipul Nmsrnuh Newhur'Y NnvFI OSJjfeV Dmoon 0."11 ENTS Master's Lab 'PIateen 20 Prince AI'gus. ~ *" DIXON MINIATURES t Enola FG U ON O. a9Qf'l1 orcs 'Eisenwerk lndustr .lse'k tocusutes P. R"wlouns Rider Fantasv • Expert friendly advico on all aspects of Fentasy/Sci-Fi and Wargaming.¥. SS.U.R G vaqutrnc Z&M Zocctu ~ We stock the entire range.1.S R W. (0223) 358241 FLEMING SERVICES (0763) 60598 (RESINS) LTD.u.:ul'!'w(lrd Group One HiilmrnerJ. Armour Asgard Avaton Hili Bettena 61'l'oSI FlYing Buffalo G D.lflflflflflflfJ 22 OXFORD ST LONDON Wl Also at Brighton. THE ARGEST SELECT ON OF GAMES IN THE WORLD FIGURE PAINTING We are one of the leading suppliers of arllsts' materials: SABLE BRUSHES PA.IJI("II:"I Pre55 * ~ \..Sat'r Models M.¥¥lflflflflf1f.INTS Alkyd Acrylic Oils Watercolours FLEM NG RESINS SILICONE MOULD MATERIALS cast self-releasing silicone rubber moulds and make finely detailed repeat models of almost any shape. 35 . SHEPRETH.30 am . Co Tabletop Task Force ~**NEW ~ ADDITIONS! **~ ~ oT Cltl3ldel CIlr01"ltcie Close S. Ral Pnrrtin W.00 pm Basement Dept.G ShID~ Sl£mdBrd Games & Pub. b Co Irl'egula' Mif'!a1l0ns Ol)(on Mfl'l'.W Gnrrtejords Games Workshop Gtonmjlf"r GnmOlre Games Btandford BI'ti-.&. polyester.J. Birmingham OPEN Mon .IIage USA Hinchhlle tFanlasy} Hurnbrot Ind. and player-contact $II. Plaka Varnishes PAPER PALETTES CRAFT KNIVES MODELLING TOOLS CLAY BLU-TACK CANVASSES PAPERS DRAWING INSTRUMENTS ADHESIVES Most items can be sent by post Send for a catalogue: 21 King Street Cambridge CB1 1LH ACCURATE REPRODUCTION 'IN INCREDIBLE DETAIL suitable for plaster of paris.9. ROYSTON HERTS. 10 BARRINGTON ROAD. low melting point alloy. S..vice • Plus 2 floors of general !lames and kits Mp.

books or T. and Yazirians . These are used to increase skills and requisites. Throg. JUDGE DREDD is a boxed boardgame based on the star of the comic-strip adventure in 2000"AD.. and you don't have the faintest idea of where to start. I'd get lonely talking to myself and Godfrey all of the time so I've 99t to stir up a reaction somehow. Buckinghamshire. let me finish this pint. This. huh? . IMAGINETM magazine's only public house. Who knows where it might lead? Why even our glorious leader. a sheet of counters. This does not mean. or some equally lunatic quest.. pile into the nearest pub and quiz the locals. Tuokainen the elf grabs a passing hobbit and threatens to do unpleasant things to its toenails unless it tells him what he wants to know: the hobbit gets onto the 17th chapter of its autobiography before it realises what the elf wants. Vrusks -busi ness minded insects who love beauty. Included in the box are two rule books . 'Uncle Don'. Copies of the Acolyte are available from: Pete Temlvn. let alone trembled in fear in the face of a Marc Gascoigne editorial. No. The Expanded Rules deal with setting up a campaign. The thought of telling you that Steve Jackson has been seen at exclusive London clubs with a well known model is uniquely horrifying. HP22 5DJ. it's opening Gigi (you are reading this. in case you hadn't already guessed. Men as Captain Kirk or Luke Skywalker. You've headed off in a random direction. The Basic Rules introduce the game's background. a module. If I didn't. Those of you already in the know will hopefully find the Tavern a good place in which to keep up with the doings of your favourite. In time 'super' characters will develop with very high physical attributes for whom the game holds few Alright. The question one needs to ask is: 'is the game itself any good. as is his wont. that it is to be a pale imitation of Gigi d'Ar ns column in Different Worlds The charming Apart from the obvious stuff. Specialisation does not restrict the skills players can learn but makes those outside of the speciality harder to attain. this column is not about doing unpleasant things to hobbits' toenails. Godfrey.. where humans share space with Dralisites . and I'm your landlord . aren't you dear?) has an undoubted talent for garnering gossip which I could not hope to match. That's fine if you are such a fan that you will be interested in ANYTHING that bears the name of your hero. Welcome tothe Red Lion. but there must be many people 'out there' who have never seen a fanzine. Of course. I didn't notice you there. is rumoured to have begun his career as a mere fanzine editor. quite bright really.. Why? Let me explain. Biertan. city and terrain maps and two 1O-sided dice. Goodnight. As Godfrey is now frantically signalling to me that it is closing time. just a little wicked. this game gets you into the action with a minimum of effort. fanzine. No. The experience system is beautifully simple requiring no complex maths. all this fascinating content queuing up for admission to the column is not going to prevent yours truly from occasionally opening his big mouth and pontificating on some subject or other. Character generation is dea It with by offering players a choice of 13 skills. turned round and gone the other way because the GM hadn't mapped that bit. you'd be likel. Get the picture? No. There is one very Pete Tamlyn is editor of the Acolyte. See what I'm up against? The high class contributors to this rag get quality gnomish craftsmen as assistants I get a lousy kobold! He's no too bad I suppose. this would appear to be exactly what I have just done. a whole new world is about to open up. or if you are not at all familiar with the theme before you see the ga me. Points are earned for alertness and good roleplaying. The GM has persuaded your party to go off in search of the fabled Missing Finger of the Dwarf Lord. The rest of you. should they dare to set eyeballs to my witterings.GAME STARFRONTIERSTM game 'Sir. For such people. possessed of more common sense. but not so good if you are more discriminating.Basic and Expanded. model was not a The STARFRONTIERSTMgame is one of the best presented games I've ever seen. In the end there has to be something original about the game to make it unique.. Gror.yto find that I've rabbited on for my alloted span of words and said absolutely nothing. Godfrey.. Imagine yourself out in the wilderness somewhere. hobby personalities. Two fast paced and easy adventures give the feel of the game and provide hints for further ones. 6 Broughton Close. and eventually found yourself in an isolated village. fast. Paul Mason please note. and not so favourite. ladies and gentlemen. so I'm not going to make an idiot of myself trying. Ohl Sorry. present a problem to the reviewer or potential player in that it is difficult to divorce the game from the subject. JUDGE DREDD Games that draw inspiration from the world of films. Characters can be either military.apelike night hunters. such as telling you what really went on at various conventions. an evocative box cover and lots of advertising are not enough. is that it should be about gossip. Sir? Wake ti mel' up sir. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran role-player.V. tech nologica I or biosocia I specia lists. the Citadel zombie . art and music. as far as I can discern the wishes of the shadowy Dark Masters who control this enterprise. takes out his crystal ball and corners the GM for 3 hours whilst he does his divinations. My name is Pete. AYLESBURY. You need some information. Gone are the days of unfathomable rule books which leave you wondering how to design adventures. it's too corny. 36 . The idea of the column. or am I judging it because it features my favourite characters?' Th e weakest ga mes of th i s type mig ht just as well feature the Mr. This column is to be written by and for hobbyists. this column is intended to provide some welldeserved publicity for the amateur side of the hobby.. I can't go on. Godfrey. the wizard.bloblike amoebas who enjoy philosophy and old jokes. is where the amateur part of the hobby gets into the magazine. Nor do I intend to emulate those awful society columns in newspapers.

That alone lim its th e appeal of a fine game. humans can live up to 200 years. A series of rumours in SF: 1 leads to further exploration and discovery of alien artifacts. and SF: 0. Players of the D&[)® game will certainly enjoy it. but with three or more players the leader usually finds himself attracting too much attention to stay that way for long.. maps and die costs £8. The lifespan of the various races stetches credulity. once high figures are reached. the STARFRONTlERSgame is an excellent introduction to Sci Fi gaming. When all this is over.95. forcing them to abandon it. an oversight that never should have occured. A lot of expertise has gone into the designing of this product and the result is a very enjoyable and easy to learn game. and SF 2: STARSPAWN OF VOLTURNUS will appear very shortly.everyone else can gang up on him. and then playing this card on him. with rule books. Jim Bambra The STARFRONTIERSTM game. good point about the game mechanics. It is still possible for the dice to roll against you and leave you hopelessly last. Players have to role-play to survive. players take part as Judges. chits. the game's appeal in the shops depends ultimately upon a positive reaction to the character of Judge Dredd and the setting of Mega-City One. jury and executioner. However. The thought gone into these modules is impressive. It is also a pity that there are no rules for designing starships or space combat. The action cards are the best part of the game. making it more difficult to enter the super-hero bracket. Paul Cockburn Judge Dredd. Other players can then make things worse by playing certain negative cards. this has 10 be a winner . Mega-City One is not a hal iday resort. or seeing him look completely certain of success. desolate world of the titles. Even without starship rules. Module SF: 1 costs £2. It certainly shows you who your friends are.95. 37 . That really could be nasty . which promises to be interesting. cards rule booklet and dice. reliance on a blaster is not enough! FuIly fleshed out encou nters and extensive background data make the referee's job very easy and brings each situation to life.REVIEWS challenges. TSR's packaging department seems to be becoming divorced from gamers. with excellent opportunities for player inter-action and fine balance. module SF: 0. ami nor point. for in many ways this game is a kind of D&D in space. some while after the launch of the game (apart from the fact that we haven't been here up to nowl).. [ 7. My one criticism is the difference between Melee and Ranged Weapon scores in the two modules. In summary. causinq all manner of inter-action between players. During the first play. SF: lists these as total scores while SF: 1 gives only the raw score without modifiers. you'll want SF: 1 .50. The rules. cards and board are all developments of the values and humour featured in the comic-strip. The full boxed game. If you like mayhem. There is a sadistic joy in watching an opponent throwing all caution tothe wind to make a difficult arrest. My own favourite is 'Edwin Parsev'. There is a good reason for putting the STARFRONTIERSgame under the microscope at this time. ° If you enjoy the STARFRONT1ERSgame. and so on. dice add a further random element to the resolution of combat. but one which can cause confusion. LONDON NW10 6JP. 27129 Sunbeam Road. more time is spent reading humorous accounts of action than in actually playing and while these are definitely superfluous after the first game. Crashing in the desert in one of the ship's boats. Further clues set the scene for SF: 2. Either this should be reduced or something akin to Larry Niven's Boosterspice should be available to prolong life. with law administered by a synthesis of judge.. The adventure opens when the players are hired to di scover the fate of a previ ou s expedition to the planet. Other customers might find this violent city. but great to hit somebody you love with. There are a good balance between brain and brawn. a notorious confessor to crimes commited by others. though these are due for release later this year. the characters find survival to be of the utmost importance. a boxed game with board. a game I heartily recommend to beginners and experienced gamers. Together the three form a trilogy dealing with the harsh. you have to learn the dialogue to get anything from the game) he/she is trying to arrest. and there are plans for a role-playing vanant. so a piayer can improve his cha nces by playi ng 'action cards'. It has been designed with an emphasis on playability and here it succeeds ad mirab Iy. Arriving in the Volturnus sola r system. SF: 0 introduces combat and allows characters to exercise some of their skills. from Games Workshop. Whether this style of play appeals is a matter of personal taste. both are excellent examples of introductory adventures allowing easy assimilation of the rules. An alternative is to increase the cost of improvement. the STARFRONT1ERSTM game is one of the best available. Most times the judge has an in-built inferiority compared with the 'perp' (that's a criminal to you and me. Among reasonable players it is virtually impossible for there to be a runaway leader . Its inspi ration comes more from pulp fiction than the 'believable' SciFi on which Traveller is based. In that sense it is a fi ne tie-in. SF 1: VOLTURNUS PLANET OF MYSTERY (SF 0: CRASH ON VOLTURNUS was included in the boxed set). These cards also have a bonus from the mechanics point of view. the map for the module is difficult to key under artificial light and it has been reproduced on the back of the box where players can see it. they all have a kind of character of their own. it is unbearable when it happens to you. SF: 1 bu ilds on this by makihg more technology available. moving around Mega-City One making arrests. too depressing and possibly distasteful. their ship is attacked. There are a few serious quibbles.oh. Contact with a primitive al ien race bri ngs with relief from thirst but presents new challenges. the game is undergoing considerable's even better! The two are a remarkable introduction to the game. showing its possibilities and providing plenty of excitement. and all following components are available from TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd. Already in the shops is the second module in the game. The arrest scores nothing. Fans of the comic will find the game an amusing chance to identify themselves with their hero.

In this short series of articles he gives advice and tips on how to paint successful/y. they will give excellent service for months. should come into contact with the paint.artists' pure sable watercolour brushes. Never leave brushes standing in thinners during a painting session. Ideally only the lower half of the ha irs. TOOLS AND ADHESIVES The tools needed to paint figures are simple and few in number. The most important tool of all is a good craft knife. Milliput. Brushes will last longer and give better service if they are treated well. and also provides variety. Be warned: always use a knife in a safe direction -away from you. BRUSHES There is only one sort of brush worth using for figure painting .MichaelBrunton is arguably Britain's leading painter of 25mm fantasy figures. Don't use an old razorblade or a knife with snap-off blades stored in the handle. Wipe the brush clea n of thinners. Never wipe a brush from tip to root or push brushes into paint . For that matter never leave brushes resting on their hairs at all. so that the figure isn't touched until finished and varnished. These glues really are dangerous when used incorrectly and should always be treated with the greatest respect . Some 'wet and dry' paper is very usefu I. about £1 -2 each. round. and will spread the hairs. Looking after brushes is more than just cleaning them properly . If a blade snaps or slips you could end up minus some finger ends. Milliput Epoxy Putty is a two-part modelling clay which sets hard after about two hours or so. a set of files. Milliput Epoxy Putty and Tatrion.there is no faster way of damaging them beyond repair. which is an importa nt can sideration. After some experimentation I settled on UHU Supalok as the best product. Rinse the brush in cold water and wipe off excess water. like Tetrion. For both tasks something like a wooden cocktail stick is far better. Although as a single item they are very expensive. sections may be useful. A set of small files. 2. a couple of reference books are quite useful. 1. It can be used for fililng holes and cracks caused by moulding defects and for modifying figures by adding extra equipment and the like. However a sense of realism should exist. with flat. The best adhesives for assembling figures or for mounting finished figures on stands is one of the cyanoacrylate type -one of the so-called 'super glues'. Gently reform the point of the brush. You must remember. unless you like painting round corners. You will need Blu-Tack. You don't have to be 100% accurate but it does help to know what a suit of armour looks like. can be used to create groundwork on bases of finished figures. It's imag ination. 3. These brushes may cost seven or eight times as much as a 'hobby' brush of the same size but the extra quality. Most of them are used to clean up the figures before painting by removing mould lines. As a guide I have also tried to give some indication of the costs involved. flash and the like. It gives a fast bond and (a major point in its favour) is well packed in a child-proof tube. A Size 0 or 00 sable seems a better buy for work on small fig ures than a Size 1 or 2 but it isn't really A Size 1 or 2 will produce asfine a point and will hold a good deal more paint. All of t he fig u res I have painted have been done using a Size 2 sable brush or larger. The best place to buy a good sable brush is at a specialist art suppliers. Always wipe the brush from root to tip. The most important single thing for painting fantasy figures is imagination. i nstea d of. Inflation will inevitably take its toll. Once pa int does get into the ferrule and the point goes. years. A knife with a metal handle which accepts a range of blades is recommended.flesh bonds just as readily as metal. and then wash it gently in a weak solution of washing-up liquid. and that my opinion of what is good equipment is subjectively based. or in addition to. put the brush aside. which determines the Ii nished product. fineness of poi nt and degree of control over where the paint is going is vital when painting something as small as a 25mm figure. Always clean brushes after a pa inting session with the correct th inners for the paint you have been USing. Incidentally emery boards make a reasonable substitute and are quite good in themselves. Blu-Tack is a very useful product for holding figures together du. Buying a larger brush wi II ensure that there is enough paint present to do the job in hand. If the brush doesn't come to a good sharp poi nt put it back and try another. If necessary lick the hairs a nd form the tip .ring assembly or for attaching them to some kind of handle during painting. that quality radica Ily affects the price of all these items. His figures came first and second in the competition at Gamesday '82.gently -with your fingers. Once any paint has got into the ferrule it is extremely difficult to remove. Never stir paint in pots with brushes (ha ir or ha ndle) or mix pa ints in the palette with a brush. or what colours a horse can be. triangular and square cross- 38 . Make sure the brush has a good also means USing them properly. Carefully follow the manufacturers' instructions. from the point. 4. Try not to allow pigment to get up the hairs as far as the roots. so that the point is maintained. not historical accuracy. thus ruining the brush's poi nt. halfround. EQUIPMENT The following section is all about the materials you will require to produce good-looking figures. 5. however. Prices will also vary from source to source. The costs mentioned in the article are based on what I was paying at the end of 1982. The size ofthe brush isj ust as important. if properly looked after. The other useful materials for painting fantasy figures might seem an odd selection.

and quite frankly not one I would recommend anyone to try without experience.Figure Painting by Mike Brunton G. for this instantly reduces a model to the status of a toy. A single coat tends to mask detail on the figure.Jndercoating figures is ani mportant part Of the job which is too often ignored The type of undercoat and its application can nave a profound. as such. along with some of t hose of watercol ours. effect on the finished product. Not only are they very fast-drying but they are aIso produced in many attractive shades. can be mixed with casein based watercolours. then the best types to buy are artists' qua lity pal nts. and sometimes unfortunate. which dry completely matt. based on a synthetic resin. These figures are not toys in any sense of the word. It's a good idea to get some neoprene tubing (used by aeromodellers as fuel piping) long enough to extend over the hairs and wide enough to go over the ferrule. Even then. and dry just as quickly. with good colours in the Ancient Uniforms and Ceremonial Uniforms ranges. throw it away. Always store them handles downwards. Tins cost about 35p each. as these have finer ground pigments and better quality ingredients than the students' oil paints sold by some companies. When pai nting fantasy figures these days I use artists' oil paints with some Rose watercolours and metallics and Humbrol rnetallics. which I have fpund give a good surface for oil paints. Always be ready to experiment to achieve different effects when you reach sufficient proficiency. Pelikan Plaka paints are produced for artists and graphic designers. They have many of the properties of oil paints. aren't a great deal of use in painting fig ures except as thi n washes for shading purposes. Humbrol metallic colours are also the best available for our purpose. There are. Rose paints are specifically designed for military miniatures by Rose Miniatures.'s Hobby Spray Undercoat both provlde good coverage. The powders can be mixed with most sorts of paint. if you do try oils and stick with them (even if the first few figures seem terrible) the sheer beauty of oil paint as a medium will make you a convert. Enamels are widely distributed by craft and model retailers. Some brushes are sold with tubing for just this purpose . Rich Gold and Antique Gold). whatever other sorts of paint you use. however. then Winsor & Newton Alkyd colours might be worth considerlnp Alkyd colours are based on synthetic resin. and are the UNDERCOAT I. The tins are relatively cheap. keep the tins tightly closed at a II times. Acrylics. Hu mbrol matt white enamel or Hinch. and once they start drying out they will give a crude grainy texture to your painting. carelu I shading is more appropriate than high gloss. and make sure that the lids do not become clogged up with pigment. With these paints. There are references in this article to specific colou rs in acryl ic and oil 39 . Those manufactured by George Rowney & Co. Humbrol produce Thinner and Brush Cleaners. although there is no reason why any colour cannot be used. Watercolours: Artists' watercolours. If you ever do find a skin on the paint. and the Humbrol Authentics range is best for our purpose. Acrylic paints are water soluble. If you decide that oi I pai nts are for you. which makes them attractive for fig ure pa inting. An undercoat has two important functions: it seals off the metal. All casein based watercolours are intermixable with acrylics. My choice of this medium is therefore a little odd. Oil Paints: Oil paints are not generally considered suitable for work on 25mm figures. Acrylic paints dry extremely rapidly. Enamels: Enamel paints are probably the best type for any complete beginner. You should invest in a good acrylic or artists oil paint colour card. 15 Llanover Road. Generally these are standardized in a way which hobby parnts are not. if the slow dryi ng times of oils put you off (typically a few days. are the most reasonable. For fantasy figures one of the best undercoats is a good quality matt wh ite paint. Never use a gloss pai nt. some PAINTS The paint you choose will depend largely on your own personal preference and the state of your bank balance. some interesting effects can be obtained by staining the undercoat with thin washes of colour. Whatever undercoat you use always apply it as several thin coats rather than as a single thick one. What really matters is to arrive at a technique that suits don't throw it away as packaging. casein based watercolours which are quite usable on 25mm figures. ltd. I use Rose Miniatures' water soluble paints. in a jar or something similar. However. otherwise the paint will not remain usable. Whether you choose to stick to one type of paint or mix several different ones is of little consequence. and provides a good surface for the pai nt to 'key' into. Flow Formula Cryla dries with a slight sheen. Always store brushes so that the hairs are not damaged. Furthermore. which is applied with a special turpentine medium. LONDON SE18 3ST Rose also produce gold powder in three shades (Pale Gold. The easiest ra nges to obta in are Airfix and Humbrol. but white spirit works just as well. Dark underGoat can give interesting effects when blight colours are built up on top. like other acrylics. although figures can be worked on almost immediately). The only areas where gloss paint is reasonable are metal work or pol ished leather. Ideally a brush should be stored vertically. Plumstead. Both Winsor & Newton and Rowney make very good oil paints.cliffe Models Ltd. These are the paints that Grenadier Models now include in two of their sets of figures. but. For thinning these paints down and cleaning brushes. as this provides excellent protection. paint ra nges. Rowney Flow Formula Cryla can be used directly from the tube or thinned down with water. and make sure that the hairs are not leaning against the side of the jar.

and a large quantity may well dry out before it is used. as rushing the work at any stage always gives inferior results. soak off as much of the thinner as possible and gently splay out the brus h ha irs. Hinchcliffe Models Ltd. If the figure has become greasy in the cleaning-up process you should wash it in a weak solution of washinq-up liquid first. Whatever paints you do decide to use please remember that it is not always economical to buy large tubes or tins of paint. Repeat this process several times if necessary to achieve depth of colour . While dark colo urs wi II cover Iight ones if you cha nge your mind. Always start painting the areas on a figure which are the most recessed on the casting. Oil paints are completely intermixable with Humbrol enamels. but it does improve figures immeasurably. Once this is done. Two or three washes should suffice. as they have a tendency to contaminate ordinary colours with metal flakes. As with undercoat. Find some kind of workboard. are prohibitively expensive.file the bottom of the figure's base flat so that it stands up on its own. a small tube of oil paint might cost BOp (for a tube of cadmium yellow) to £3-4 (for a tube of rose madder or vermillion). If you use any filler then let it dry thoroughly before you proceed any further. Finally. Firstly. allowing each to dry before putting on the next. varnish is best applied in severa I th in coats rather tha n as a single thick gunge. It is a quick drying protective spray for artwork which is specifically manufactured to protect from finger prints. but if possible try to work on lighter coloured areas first. so don't hide it under heavy layers of paint. as the undercoat will adhere better to a clean surface. Colour Washes: Colour washes are extremely simple Basically all that is required to do this is a colour and thinners.1 1 blade) and a file. abrasion. moulding runners and moulding lines with a craft knife (I use a scalpel with a No. check the figure over for holes which occasionally occur in the surface when too much mould release agent has been used. PAINTING There are some basic rules which make painting figures a lot easier when they are followed intelligently. You should also decide whether to assemble a multi-part figure now or leave it until nearer completion . the reverse is very rarely true. Choose somewhere which is well lit. This doesn't take long unless the figure is badly cast or heavily flashed.e. with an even spread of light across the work area: natural daylight is best. (brush or spray) always put it on as several thin washes.don't try to dry brush all in one go. Next make up a mix which is a lighter shade than required. Trim off all the excess flash. [t involves two processes. In the unlikely event that a small piece of casting is missing it is possible to build a replacement with Milliput. For turpentine or white spirit soluble paints a vegetable paper palette is more than adequate. Wives/ mothers do not take kindly to having furniture cut into with knives or splattered with paint. VARNISH All your hard work will be rubbed off by assorted grubby fingers unless you varnish the model properly.i. At this point you should mount the model on some form of painting handle with a bit of Blue-Tack. of course. SPECIAL TECHNIQUES There are two techniques which need exp.same as standard oil paints except they dry in around 45 minutes. and let this dry completely.laining before I go into detail on painting methods: Dry Brushing: Dry brushing is one of those useful ideas that can be used for many things. Almost any good quality matt varnish will do but gloss varn ish red uces any model to the stature of a toy. pa int the bits separately. Cling film makes an easily disposable mixing palette when stretched across a flat surface. and however you apply it. smudging and general handling. Thin the paint until it becomes transparent and then apply it to the figure with a large brush. PREPARATION & PAINTING PREPARING THE FIGURE Before any figure is painted it should be cleaned up and undercoated. The paint will run into the detail and make it stand out Multiple washes can provide some very interesting effects. fur and the like. Typically. They are sold in tear-off pads of about 50 or so and those made by Daler and by Rowney are equally good. This is a simple piece of self- 40 . Although these seem good value onlya small amou nt of paint is used on a figure. You can. work on metallic areas last of all. which is sold as 'Frisk Lac Matt'. First job . tubes of paint can differ in price by a factor of 5 or 6. pa int the area a darker shade than is required. For water soluble paints a plastic sheet does nicely. Some manufacturers go to a great deal of trouble putting surface details on figures. Whatever undercoat you use on the fig ure. Don't smoke while you are painting either: the fumes are inflammable and some turn poisonous when they burn. market a matt varnish spray which I am told is quite good. make sure they are completely clean at the end of a painting session. like genuine ultramarine (as opposed to French ultramarine). This is an easy way of doing hair. There are a number of options regarding mixing palettes. Patience is a virtue which should be cultivated. buy purpose made plastic or porcelain paint palettes -if you do. If you find any pitting make it good with a smooth surface filler (Mi. Get some ofthis mix on your brush. WORKING ENVIRONMENT Make sure that wherever you work is as dust free as possible and well ventilated. Both oil and acrylic paints can vary tremendously in cost. Some colours. With the pai nt aImost dry on the brush draw it lightly across the intended area. A number of glues and paint thinners give off heavy fumes which can be very dangerous if continuously inhaled. Depending upon what materials are used as pigments. At present I use Frisk matt lacquer spray.lliput or a similar material). so that only raised areas pick up a 'dusting' of colour. and maintain a separate pot of thinners for metallic paints. preservation.

Few people actually have black hair. etc. Mike Brunton will be back next issue. The first stage in painting a face is to make up this natural flesh colour (or unnatural. umber and Prussian blue. Remember that this list of flesh mixes only covers the standard human skin colours. the range is virtually limitless. If it looks right. This wash has the effect of darkening the skin tone. Add a little touch of red to the flesh colour and touch in the cheeks and lips. turn to the eyes. Hair colour is part of a person's complexion For example. Right. Take pains to avoid a wide-eyed stare. Mixed with white and yellow ochre the following colours all give a range of flesh tints: Venetian red. At this point you can add colour to the upper lid to produce an impression of make.. Add a touch of white to some of the basic flesh and highl ight the ridge of the nose. back to the rest of the face. looking at: painting (he rest of the figure. Now gently dry brush the hair with white or a lighter shade. the depression under the lower just doesn't look right on a small fig ure. shade the musculature with more brown than red to emphasise this weathered look and highlight with a flesh mixture that includes more white and yellow ochre. Indian red. OK. Tone this effect down on figures who are not such outdoor types by being less emphatic in your shading and using a richer. Similarly. Before givi ng these areas a base coat of the desired flesh mix. After all. Cadmium yellow. blonde or gingerhaired people are unlikely to be heavily tanned. Venetian red. Paint in the whites (even if the 'whites' aren't white) and then the iris and make sure no white shows under the iris in a 'Heavenward Gaze'. monsters and animation. When you have done the iris add a darker line around the eyes and blend the lower Iids to the bottom of the eyes. Apply the colour over the entire area of the face and neck. Hair colour deserves a mention at this point as an integral part of the face. Burnt sienna. your average character is supposed to spend a great deal of time in harsh conditions. Vandyke brown and many more can be added in small quantities. make up a mixture which is one shade darker than the final tone required. If you have problems getting the iris centred try to make the eyes look to one side or the other . weather-worn appearance. the sides of the nostrils. giving a hard. umber and ultramarine. Venetian red. the chi n and the centre patch ofthe forehead. When you decide on a hair colour. After all. require a different approach to faces. Now blend all these tones together carefully . Shade in the eye sockets. apply a wash of sepia or umber to the ha nds. Grey haired people also tend to have older. Umber and ultramarine.With an almost dry brush to ensure that there is a completely smooth progression between the highest and lowest shades. Any combination of the mixes above can be used with a wide variety of additional colours. umber and black. There are literally dozens of ways to arrive at a colour that might be termed 'Flesh' and the variety of tones which can be produced easily is remarkable. whichever looks the most appropriate. redder tone. most important. Veridian. if you feel that way inclined) by USingthe techniques I have just outlined. Adding blue or green to this shade will make the flesh look older or more tired. and flesh generally on naked figures. Guard against making skin tones too pale . now the eyes are done. so how should you start on the face? It might seem a good idea to use the commercial 'Flesh' mixes that are produced directly from the tin or tube but how many people do you know with anaemic salmon pink complexions? It is far more satisfying to mix your own flesh tints for figure work. Sepia. When you add the skin colours which appear in fantasy novels -green.preferably the same side for both eyes! If you are particularly masochistic you can try adding a black pupil and putting a tiny high Iigh! of white in the iris. vermillion and umber.PAINTING A FACE The best place to start any figure is the face. more weather-beaten skin. when painting a barbarian for instance. with perhaps a slightly darker tone between the lips. and to produce different colours for different figures. umber and ultramari ne. and the colour looks far too dramatic on a small figure. and paint the hair with this shade. Add a touch of crimson. Rose madder. the cheek bones under the eyes. Don't do the hands just yet. under the chin and around the hair line. Now. umber and ultramarine. the normal black/ brown/yellow/off-pink varieties. use it. Try to avoid pure black as a hair colour. purple. blue. In the fina I analysis the standard of painting on the face makes or breaks the figure and no amount of fine detail work on the rest of the figure can rescue it if the face is poorly rendered.up on female figures. then leave the wash showing between the fingers when you apply the flesh tone. yellow ochre and burnt umber to some of the base colour. Don't be limited to what seems reasonable. These suggestions just scratch the surface of possible mixes. The light colour takes on the high points and produces a realistic and pleasing effect with Iittle effort HANDS AND BODIES Hands on most figures. Vermillion and burnt umber. no two figures are exactly the same colour. 41 .

REGULAR DEPARTMENTS: RuneRites.. ..... . EXPLORER CLASS SCOUTS ... . ..•... MicroviewPersonal computers and role-playing adventure. (Surface) £9. .00 (331.... ... .. . . . ...Essential background for Andy Slack's new Traveller adventure. then send them to Games Workshop L~d. . ... . . a magical time machine . ..00) 0 6 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION UK & Ireland £5.. . . ZEN IN THE ART OF ADVENTURE . .Can your players retrieve this valuable artifact and win the King's 20.. Visa (BarclaycardJ.. . 27/29 Sunbeam Road. • .00 ($ 23.. O Europe (Air)/USA & Elsewhere (Surface) £17.. .00. ... See the April edition at your local games store and find a magazine that gives you adventure for just 75p. . Critical Mass . . .50) SPECIAL RE·SUBSCRIPTION RATE FOR UK READERS. . .. _----------------------------42 . . APRIL WHITE DWARF FEATURES: EAGLE HUNT! An epic AD&Dadventure: The Assassins Guild has stolen the Eagle. . IM1 .. . .....50 Europe (Air)/USA & Elsewhere RATES.. .. ADDR ESS. .. . . ... . .. ... . like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. . . My current (if known) is 0 0 0 0 0 I I I I I NAME . .. ... ... . .. .. PRINT CLEARLY IN BLOCK CAPITALS I I I I PLEASE USA & Elsewhere (Air) £13.00 (316. r------------------------------. . ..Trading as a RuneOuestskill.J . ... . .00) 0 USA & Elsewhere (Air) £25. . RuneQuest and Traveller.000 gold piece reward? DUNGEON MASTER GENERAL .. .. . . .. . And Fiend Factorv-Inhuman Gods Part 2: Deities for Fiend Fectorv monsters. . .Wage war AD&D style. . .. .50). . .. . . .. American Express and Dmers Club holders can subscribe by telephone on 01·9653713.O...Role-play Samurai using the RuneQuest system.. (no cash accepted) to Games Workshop Ltd... . .. . . .. . .. . . .THE ROLE-PLAYING GAMES MONTHLY o Here is the magazine to match your imagination. A new look White Dwarf packed with features on the games you want to play.. Lond~n NW10 6JP.. . . .. . .00 ($45. And CHARLES VASEY will be introducing our new fantasy and science fiction board~ames feature page. . .. . £9. Please make your cheque or P.. .... ... 12 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION RATES: I UK & Ireland £10. . I WHITE DWARF ~FOR PEOPLE WITH A MIND FOR ADVENTURE issue/ I I I I I I I I I wish to begin my subscription with the current issue number.... . . .00 per annum I wish to rs-subscriba subscription number to White Dwarf.. . . .SF and fantasy book reviews. ... . . Access.

/ Organised by Gwent's specialist games Centre: Castles In The Air. booking tormend 10 reserve your otece on what is sure ro be a highly enjoyable weekend. LANCASHIREFY5 2ED.25 each.D. BBC Micro's: VIC 20.. 5 Vicarage Avenue..I wish to enrol in.. Raglan.95. C.TAMWORTH GAMES CENTRE POSTAL GAME Crasi moff's World isa fa n tasy game of exploration and adventure. RunequeSl. Crasimoff's world send a £5 cheque/P. STAFFS. As a player you assume the role of chieftain in a ba nd of brave adventurers seton gai ning knowledge-and power. Your P(Jr/ Y will set OUIfrom a Smlll/ /Own.C.DICE . 2 buffet tu nches and evening meal on Saturday nigh!.R.FIGURES PAINTS . and the effort the games master puts into each turn never ceases 10 amaze me. Traveller. Traveller.JUDGES GUILD CITADEL . Tamworth. UK [0% (min .TRAVELLER ~ G. or lind that a new twist has happened 10 an existing adventure: as reviewed in If Y0I. Computer Software for Sinclair Spectrum and ZX 81: IMAGINE! "CASTLES IN TO AIB" ~'__. O. knowing nothing about the world apartfrom a fe . from three character classes (fighter.. gods. Future rounds are £1.EON . races lind creatures. 43 .WAR GAMES RULES .S.GAMES WORKSHOP MERIT.l. Games. SOp) Overseas 25%. supplements. Please allow 14 days for delivery 'KJC Games has been running Crasimoff's World for over a year now. GWENT NP5 2Er.I.1 Wrire or ring Cestles In The Air for your programme. A visit to one of our shops would be time well spent. There are tokens detailing magic items. of the first issue of their new magazine "IMAGINE". on the Publication. Most players find themselves offered a different scenario each turn. Computer Books and Games Programmes for most Micro·s.1. Mail order list available. You must create a party of nine fellow travellers. (0291)-690214 * * * . An AO&O tournament game (refereed by a highly experienced OM)_ Other RPGs to be played include Call 01 Cthulhu. 0&0.Products.C.R. Games ~ Hurry while stocks last. New Edition Boxed CHIVALRY and SORCERY:.etc. Send to: K. Copies of the While Dwarf review are available free of charge from K. peyabt« 10 K. Complete range of T. D&D -RUNEQUESTT&T YA QUINTO . Space Opera S. money and many more Ihings {hal YOll wifl discover later ill the game_ FortFANTASY ~·SCI-FI _. Games. and theprstfour rounds.J. T. Guided tour of Raglan castle. Games. Jet 1. encountering other parties. Computer or Simulation games in the North. Tel. 2 cooked breakfasts. Cleveleys.P.A~~___.* * Accornodat ion in a 14th centu ry farmhouse near Raglan.Tunnels and Trolls and Adventures. Games Weekend in Wales April 16th and 17th 1983 Congratulations to TSR Hobbles (UK) Ltd. Monmouth Road. spells. . GILLS'S Tel: 0827-3979 tOYS & HOBBIES 11 Market Street.FELT . mage and priest) to assist your chieftain. As you navel you witl Iearn more about the land and its secrets. rumours.P. Apple 11and Pet.S.W. Atari 400 and 800. Sci-Pi. For IhlSYOUWlll receive a rulebook.HUMBROL TAMIYA Mail Order Please add p&p.p material.J. creatures. A /I the ebove for ius! £28. New titles and Adventure and Strategy on tape and disc [rom £3.A __ .SUPPLEMENTS -BOOKS MA GAZINES . adventures and figures: Boxed Runequest and figures.R. lMA GINE your searching for the best selection of F. . many titles disappearing for ever! Full range of AVALON HILL GAMES in stock.

July 29th to Sunday July 31 st. . October 22nd. In this issue we look at nine 'zines of varying kinds. Contact Fantasy World..nziM... (50p).'$".. Ava ilabIe from Ian Lee. but we received the flier. Liverpool and Piccadilly Plaza Exhibition Hall. We haven't seen one yet. Sierton. date and contact are given where known: London.2Warga mes News. It didn't half impress them at the local wargames clubl They (lever realised that they had a real live celebrity in their midst. so we will come back to this 'zins. April 1Oth sees the West Mids. I would say it was a pretty good issue. HP22 5DJ.'!O•..including our own Roger Musson on Wargame News. Subs (£7 for 1..F. is devoted to fans of the X-Men. Thank you for the dummy issue of IMAGINE magazine. at the Grand Hotel.just roll up! FANZINES ««««««««««<~ Issue 4 of the excellent 20 Years On continues the run of this invaluable information 'zine Available from Simon Billeness.tines . Lamb Conduit Street WC1. What more can I say? For £5 one can join the British Fantasy Society.ll:amts . 30 Smirrels Road. it keeps Cricket and Soccerleague players abreast of their games.. __ . August 27th.. plus Bob Shaw and Anne McCaffrey. 'zine reviews. Westminster. incorporating the Universities Diplomacy Tournament.. 20 Winifred Road... though better than average. and December 10th. 65p. Our requests for the latest issues of the many fanzines up and down the country met with some response. Hanley. SURREY CR3 3JA. June 4th. Ithought I'd add my voice to the hordes of comments on the dummy copy of the FORTHCOMING EVENTS »»»»»»»>1 The next London marts are on March 26th and June 4th at the Central Hall. En Garde!. book reviews. example of a postal game 'zine.. Upminster. Overall..1 is a vast improvement. Manchester on April 9th and 10th. letters and others.. The next Liverpool dates are April 23rd. and he writes for IMAGINETM magazine. HD1 4PG.. LONDON E3 4RT have details. ° 44 . How much does it represent what issue one will contain? Mike Lewis Dear Paul. As a member I got the British Fantasy Newsletter. Pete is well respected inthe hobby. 17 Langbank Avenue. site. Cerebo 16. Issue 1 of this monthly 'zine was launched on 8th December. It is very highly recommended. we hope Mike will be contributing a regular feature on computer gaming before long.bco. games reviews. magazine. Vo!. 2/3 free.. Organisers of such activities should note that while inclusion in this column is free.. Manorcon 'B3.clubS . . Fee £3. Hall Green. £ 17 for 12 each of WN and War Machine) and additional information from Mike at: Emjay. ran.dnn:.. Sol lll. We will include a review of the event in# 3 or 4 of IMAGINETMmagazine. dubs . ra.mi. PO Box 250.clubs . No other details on hand.pO$lal game:S. but good value. 72 Imperial Rd. and had quite a wide circulation. September 17th and November 19th._ fo. Well produced. What did you think of IMA GINE magazine?... Huddersfield. Bridgwater. from G. 6 Broughton Close. we feel that No. Correspondents should address letters to Keith or Paul at the Mill. Dear Paul. Walsall..$ .clubs . The organisers hope it will be as successful as the London version. Chekov and Scotty will be there. fort.. Bir~ mingham. July 2nd. There is now a Northern Games Day 'B3 to be held at UMIST.. In Manchester they are on May 7th. Diplomacy and some variants are played through this fanzine.. Mike Costello (of the War Machine) is collaborating with John Lambshead and others .. TV and fi Irns..Willmets. it is entirely at the discretion of the editor.-thcoming eeeots . Manchester. . Somerset. forl.. otherwise it's 75p. Titan Dist. Military show at the AlumweH Centre. accomodation available. f<il ndnes . . 49 FleetAve. 52 pages of reviews and news on books. Astradyne 57 is a typical. This is the sort of postal fanzine that attr acts more playe rs. Dave Tharby While the dummy issue was intended to give a clear indication of what we hoped to do with IMAGINE magazine. no contact . & Modelling Hobbymeets: informal gatherings of postal games organisers and players which seem to be the growth industry of the hobby! In the following list town.. Birmingham. ran. Comic collectors note that Northwest Comic Marts are held in Bluecoat Concert Hall. Coulsdon. meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in each month.. The Lamb. In this issue: part 14 of playing RPGs. 74 Gloucester Rd.. Details from the Convention. Not a gamer's 'zine. though it does not look as good as Astraovns. Thank you for the dummy issue of IMAGINE magazine.pasca. This issue arrived with a small BFS booklet with fiction by Ramsay Campbell called Through The Walls. Both from Pete Coleborn.. Editors of these and other fanzines should continue to send us copies of their wares for review in this section... Contact Mike Benyon. takes place at the Manor House. hope to get a game of Cricket before long. News first. It has been well received by the D&[)® society. Rise Park.Jlg events. 39 Dersingham Avenue. Aylesbury. I. Pete Tamlyn's Acolyte 43 tries to do a Iittle more with the content. I hope the real thing attracts as much interest! Jonathan Conner Dear Paul. Incidentally. . It is very good value. __ pOSt:lli1 gamt. the 15th Star Trek Convention takes place May 27th~30th... BUCKS. from Friday._. Stoke-on.b(:oming e"enl. Birmingham.. Edgbaston. LONDON E12. Nottingham NG5 5BU.1 no.postal games LETTERS The few letters below represent those sent to us in response to a mailing of the dummy issue of fMAGINPM magazine. . In this slot we will keep players informed of events up and down the country. Jerthcemlug evenjs. it costs 35p and is a guide to most activities and openings in the world of postal gaming. It will concentrate on board wargames.Trent with large sae for details. available from Pete Tamlyn. ESSEX. 10 Market Square Arcade..

tning events . TOP SECRET@ and Arduin Grimoire games. In Wiltshire there are AD&D games on Fridays. Worthing Games Club meets on the first and third Sundays of the month. 11 to adult. SURREY. Guildford. at weekends.where would we be without it? Marred only by the heavy exit of Marc Gascoigne. Exeter University. HERTS. 4.. 2-11 pm. contact Alan Parr. carried a Fergus O'Connor Runequest adventure. fanzine run-downs and letters. posLal g. TSR Hobbies (UK) Ltd. Hartburn. 84 Henleaze Road. Just write to Paul Cockburn. but the content is good and varied. Henleaze. Salisbury Arms. In High Wycombe there is a club meeting in the British Legion Hall on Wednesdays. meets 2nd Tuesday each month. CORNWALl. Runequest. Quirks etc. The Gosport Wargaming Club meets Friday evenings. nr. 3. Worthing. Runequest..' The Lords of Cahli meet in Newquay. 12 Lancaster Road. Broadwater Road. Kenton Bar. HP10 9AU. Contact Matt Haydon. They meet at the Scout Hut in Queen's Park Road. 6-1 Opm.. news. Wimblehurst Park. Cambridge. Membership 20p a week. in Cornwa II House. Mary's. fQrLbC!o-mtng e"e.. HANTS. Kingmaker. details. More next month.the High Lord of Cahli .. Beech Grove. Traveller. has fine artwork in places and always does well in convention polls. Lucas died by suicide. Elmwood Wargames Club meet every Tuesday. and Sundays. 'We have about five regular players and anyone else is welcome. at the Elmwood Community Centre in the Stockton-on-Tees area. They have 30 members. Walmer. contact Richard Gooch... Tring. The riddle of the villagers and their professions should have this answer: Smith is the baker. 17 Seamer Grove. Contact: Andy Norman. Thanks to Simon BilJeness and 20 Years On for the information.••.. SUSSEX.••••clubs ••.. I ~«««« Dragonlords 14 . all fourteen. postal games . Traveller and GAMMA WORLDTMgames. West Pentire Road. Berkhamsted.. Tunnels & Trolls.. CAMBRIDGE CBl 4AD. 56 Bulkington Avenue. Ian and Mike Lewis have offered to sell written material to IMAGINE magazine as well. Avalon. Runequest. WILTS. 2nd Friday every month. and his apprentice is Young Beerpot. From Ian Marsh.. I just thought I'd mention that.. 4th Monday. Beerpot is the smith. Runequest and GAMMA WORLD games. Thamesdown. introduced variant rules for the AD&D game. Newquay. HP4 2NH. pestat GamtS CLUB NEWS Illusionary Script the answers Boris was talking about the letter 'A'.. Greatest Hits 104 arrived from Pete Birks.30pm. and his aid is Young Smith. . Harold Wood Wargamers play D&D. Upminster. postal" games . reviews and so on. Cloth Market. Baker is the magic-user. Sundays 2-7pm. They play the AD&D game and others. 1 Reapers Close. from Richard Walkerdine. HERTS.nls_ . The last club for this month is in the Gosport area. P0122EJ. aided by Young Baker. 17 Church Road.'$ fOtlhco. 2pm at the Trades Council Building. 49 Fleet Aven ue. Contact: Mark Byng. Contact: David Burgess. This space is devoted to the scores of clubs up and down the country running role-playing games. 45 St. Exeter University Gaming Club meet on Sundays (term time only). 'The club consists of five players ranging from 15-17 years old.. nr. DRAGONQUESTTMand Traveller games. 7-10. to play AD&D and TOP SECRETgames. Contact: Andrew Poi nton. plus board wargames. Buckland. who is over 30l' They play D&D®. Keverne Square. HANTS.2 leagues. Flackwell Heath. Portsmouth.H. more often during the holidays.__ fan:dnil. GAMMA WORLD. IMAGINETMmagazine will publish the activities of your club in this regular feature free of charge and without prejudice for any particular game system. SN5 9HH. Portsmouth. IMAGINE Magazine. Landport.tlubS'_•.W. They meet each week at players' houses. Chivalry & Sorcery. Contact: Stephen Easton.St. WEST SUSSEX RH12 4TG. GANGBUSTERS. The South Hants Association of Down & Out Weregamers S. clubs . and En Garde games and has a strong ancient wargaming club. location unknown. Wroughton.lLmes . mostly of A level students or undergraduates. and his helper is Young Spell. Contact: Kevin Robinson . the Worms of the Earth at T'mill can be traversed 259.O. this issue contained TV reviews. 6 Longfield Gardens. every Sunday at players' houses. 'We have five players..fanzine!i: •.O. It looks good. Rathmore Road. Saturdays and other times to play D&D and Traveller games. Newcastle. Fenham. It costs £2 for 5 issues and runs Diplomacy games. Horsham. Newcastle.forti1't:oming events .. at players' houses. would welcome players 18+ interested in 0&0. 1-5pm. Production is poor. Gosport. 8 Hall Park Hill... KENT CT14 7PU. 20 Woodburn Avenue. 45 . Buntingford. Contact: Richard Case. HERTFORDSHIRE.A. except Big Kev.' In the Hertfordshire area too. Contact: Ian Lee. Stockton-onTees. Contact: John Nash. (atl2:ine!O . The Mill. clubs . This club plays mainly Fantasy/SF games and meets at players' houses on a weekly basis. ESSEX.. BRISTOL BS9 4JY. In the Newcastle area you could find an AD&D game through Stuart Ketchin.. POll QA.. 30 Monks Walk. playing AO&DTM. LONDON SW9 aLL. 144 Stoughton Road. 5-9. Alverstoke.. 39 Handforth Road. .. meets 2-1 Opm every Saturday at Portsmouth Community Centre. The Swan. this issue reviewed Games Day '82. Grams Road. station. They meet once a month. Contact: Andrew Mulley...furthcomleg events . again. Staines Bridge.. They have 20 members playing AD&D. there are AO&D games regularly in a school youth wing. 1st Wednesday every month. We have a hall available for anything large. in the problem set by the Guild of Assassins.30. Lastly. In the Horsham area a group. Worthing.. The Pig and Whistle. The answer to the Ogres' riddle was 2. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE. They have an average attendance of 25 players. ~»»»»> Staines. BUCKS. Crantock. CLEVELAND. aged 11-35. contact Richard Walkerdine. Godalming. Janzlnes . We use shop-bought scenarios. book reviews. First off the mark we have a club in the Bristol area.. and Spell is the innkeeper. Contact: Darren Hallett. Harold Wood. 6 Sedge moor Road.





Cambridge. T ISSN 0264-1399 Printed by: TAVISTOCK PRESS (BEDFORD) Ltd" Units 1/2 Murdock Road Manton Lane. expanded ruJebook. POB 756. Vrusk. Your mission is to deiend the galaxy. STAR FRONTIERS Game •. Sharpen your role-playing skills with the science fiction game that's taken years to develop. TIl Play the role of a Dralasite. In tfie UK: TSR Hobbles. All Rllbls Reserved. Inc. By playing anyone of these. Inc. MK41 7PG.. England' CB14AD DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and STAR FRONTIERS are ttlJdema..Defend The Galaxy . against ruthless adversaries. It's a tough job. you become a member of the Galactic Task Force.. TSR Hobbies. Inc. first module (SF-O).rlls owned by TSR Hobbies. WI 53147 1f»1~Br ©1980 ISR Hobbles. (UK) Ltd. The Mill. Tel: 58517 . Dept. maps. Bedford. but you're equipped for just about anythingl Game includes basic rulebook.from the makers of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Games and other popular role-playing adventures. Join The Galactic Task Force. lilt. Human or Yazirlan. 1:>1982 SR Hobbles. 170-121 Lake Geneva. counters and dice. Rathmore Rd. All Rights Reserved.

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