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It is an innovative and rapidly-growing provider of integrated financial information and technology solutions. Capital IQ delivers comprehensive fundamental and quantitative research and analysis solutions to over 4,200 investment managers, investment banks, private equity funds, advisory firms, corporations, and universities worldwide. Why Capital IQ- Why should i Capital IQ?:Capital IQ has a distinct advantage of being nimble and innovative while having the resources of a large, successful organization. Capital IQ 's goal is to be the world's leading provider of financial and business information solutions. Capital IQ Platform, Compustat, ClariFI, Alphaworks, and MMD, It offer an array of powerful applications for desktop research, screening, real-time market data, backtesting, portfolio management, financial modeling, and quantitative analysis. Welcome Capital IQ Placement Paper Here you will find 2011 Capital IQ Placement Paper -I with Answers and Solutions. 2011 Capital IQ Placement Papers - I:1.In recommendations to the board of trustees a tuition increase of $500 per year, the president of the university said "There were no student demonstrations over the previous increases of $300 last year and $200 the year before". If the president’s statement is accurate then which of the following can be validly inferred from the information given: I. Most students in previous years felt that the increases were justified because of increased operating costs. II. Student apathy was responsible for the failure of students to protest the previous tuition increases. III. Students are not likely to demonstrate over new tuition increases. (a) I only (b) II only (c) I or II but not both (d) I, II and III (e) None Ans. (a) 2. When the democratic party holds presidency, the staff of the prime minister’s deputies are composed I. One-fourth of democratic party members II. One-half of justice party members and one-fourth of conservative party members III. One-half of conservative party members and one-fourth of justice party members. (a) I only (b) I and II only (c) II or III but not both (d) I and II or I and III (e) None of these Ans. (a) 3. Which of the following is allowable under the rules as stated: (a) More than half of the staff within a given office belonging to a single party (b) Half of the staff within a given office belonging to a single party (c) Any person having a member of the same party as his or her immediate superior (d) Half the total number of staff members in all three offices belonging to a single party (e) Half the staff members in a given office belonging to parties different from the party of the top office holder in that office. Ans. (a) 4. The office of the Army Chief passes from Conservative to Justice party. Which of the following must be fired.

what is deference between Revenue and Income 25.II:1. what is debentures. what is by brs? 8. what is capitaemployed? 11. 5. what are share warrants? 16. what is nse freefloat capitalization 6. what is the difference between take over and aquisation? 23. why the debit balane of p&l a/c shows in asset side of balancesheet 9. what is minut 10.(a) The democratic deputy and all staff members belonging to Justice party (b) Justice party deputy and all his or hers staff members (c) Justice party deputy and half of his Conservative staff members in the chief of staff office (d) The Conservative deputy and all of his or her staff members belonging to Conservative party (e) No deputies and all staff members belonging to conservative parties. what is debenture ? 4. what about the company background? . what is exact difference between copy rights and patent rights? 7. 2011 Capital IQ Placement Papers . types of debentures 19. wht is zero based budgetting 14. what is zero base budgeting 18. what is delapidation 15. what is brs? 21. what perposs calculate the fixed assets? Welcome Capital IQ Placement Paper Here you will find 2011 Capital IQ Placement Paper -II with Answers and Solutions. what is sharesplit and types of it explain? 22. what do you mean by semi-variable cost? 12. what is meant by bridge finance 20. what is treasury stock 2. what is the formula for profit margin? 24. what are the types of the Balance sheets ? 17. what do you mean by working capital? 13. what are fictious assets? give some examples? 3.

. what is the meaning of the capital ique 14. What is contingent event? 7.What is the entry for forfeiture of shares? 6. define finance 16. What is marginal costing? 9.. 22. what is brench finance please tele me imediatly 15. what is float discuss? 19. what is deferred revenue expenditure? 12.b is having operating cycle of 10 days which company is having better position 11... What Are Hedge Funds? 25.. In Banking industry difference between interest income and interest expenses is called as .5... Difference between operating profit and netprofit. what is fixed cost? 21... What is Break Even Point? 8. Company why should issue Debentures and shares.. 10. what is the effect of crr hike on market? 23. how cash enters in market? 24. Company A is having operating cycle of 15days. Types of Debentures 18.. Which one should issue better for company and why? 20.... What do you understand by Private Equity? What is the difference b/w PE and Venture Capital? . what is the difference between npv and irr method of capital budgeting and which one is better? 17. what is assets 13.