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Company Overview

Beyond Boundaries. Beyond VAS.

Comviva goes beyond boundaries to figure out new ways of transforming service providers VAS business. By drawing on extensive experience and taking a fresh approach to addressing the myriad market challenges facing mobile service providers today, Comviva is able to develop and deploy solutions that enhance service performance and improve business results. With over a decade of experience in delivering an integrated range of solutions across growth markets globally, Comviva has developed a deep understanding of business drivers in diverse markets and a proven ability to deliver increased value to mobile operators in emerging markets. Little wonder that Comviva counts many of the worlds leading operator groups as its customers and more than 110 operators globally.

Deployments in over 85 markets More than 650 million end subscribers Over 110 operator customers

Transforming VAS Business

At the heart of Comviva is a desire to create value - for mobile service providers and for mobile users. Comvivas extensive portfolio enables mobile operators to realize key goals of rationalising costs, accelerating revenue growth and enhancing customer value. Comviva focuses on enhancing service performance and supporting operators in the creation and cost-effective delivery of a dynamic service portfolio to improve the mobile users entire service experience and build stronger customer loyalty.

Revenue Acceleration
Accelerating revenue growth requires more than simply delivering something new it requires a deeper engagement with the subscriber and an understanding of user preferences at a highly granular level. Comviva collaborates with the wider community to rapidly deliver a portfolio of mass-market and niche services that engage subscribers and drive revenues.

Cost Rationalization
Comviva has extensive experience of transforming operators performance across multiple geographies and across a range of services: from rearchitecting messaging infrastructure to handle growing traffic volumes more cost-effectively, to enabling delivery of an enhanced, accelerated mobile internet experience whilst significantly reducing bandwidth investment.

Comviva and Growth Markets

For over a decade, Comviva has been delivering mobile solutions beyond VAS to mobile operators in growth markets globally. Comvivas solutions address the specific dynamics of growth markets, enabling operators to deploy highly scalable, available yet cost-effective solutions; creating new business models to enable realization of greater efficiencies and improved service performance and pioneering new product and service categories to ensure mobile communications and critical services are extended to underserved segments.

Customer Value Enhancement

Ensuring profitable subscribers remain on the network is central to operator success. Comviva uses advanced technology to equip operators with a clear insight into subscriber behaviour, enabling the activation of relevant and timely counter-churn and usagestimulating campaigns and initiatives.

Comvivas Portfolio
Comviva has a broad, integrated and market-proven portfolio of solutions to address operators myriad value added service requirements.

Awards and Recognition

Comvivas excellence and innovation in technology, products and services is frequently recognized and rewarded by industry analysts, publications, events and industry bodies. Accolades in 2010 include: AfricaCOM Awards 2010 Best New Service for Mobile Data Platform Frost & Sullivan Awards 2010 Best Product Innovation for Managed VAS Services mBillionth South Asia Awards 2010 Best mBusiness and Commerce Solution for mobiquity Mobile Financial Services Platform Mobile Messaging Congress 2010 Best Mobile Financial Services Solution for mobiquity Mobile Financial Services Platform INFOCOM CMAI National Telecom Award 2010 Award for Excellence in Export of Managed Services Total Telecoms World Vendor Awards 2010 Best Outsourcing Initiative Award for Managed VAS Services Best Software Solution Award for Virtual SIM GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2010 mobiquity Mobile Financial Services Platform shortlisted for the Best Mobile Money for the Unbanked Service Virtual SIM shortlisted for Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development Golden Peacock Award 2010 Golden Peacock Award for Innovation for Mobile Internet Gateway
Solution Portfolio

VAS Infrastructure and Applications Delivery

Comvivas VAS Infrastructure platforms provide a solid foundation from which to deliver highly scalable, highly available messaging, data and voice-based services and handset applications, whilst its Applications Delivery Platforms facilitate rapid service creation and delivery.

Mobile Money & Recharge

Comviva has long understood the need of growth market subscribers for affordable and available access to mobile communications and mobile financial services. Comviva pioneered electronic recharge in some of the worlds largest and fastest growing markets and has evolved this widely deployed solution to enable delivery of transformative mobile financial services.

Customer Value & Retention

Recognizing that intense levels of competition are creating a perfect environment for high rates of attrition, Comviva developed its Customer Value & Retention portfolio to enable operators to re-engage with their subscribers, drive usage and increase customer profitability.

Managed VAS Services

Comviva has leveraged its extensive product know-how and indepth experience in VAS service delivery, to introduce Managed VAS Services to the market. This enables operators to hand control of SLA, capacity and revenue management to Comviva to meet higher levels of both service and business performance and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Voice & Video



Call Completion

Self Care

Application Delivery Platforms VAS Infrastructure SMS MMS USSD Data IVR Clients

Managed VAS Services

Customer Value & Retention

Applications Mobile Money & Recharge

Transforming VAS Business Performance

VAS Infrastructure
Comvivas messaging suite transforms business performance for one growth market operator by reducing investment costs by over 30% Across multiple deployments, Comvivas mobile internet solution has driven data usage by up to 40%, whilst delivering bandwidth and hardware savings of over 40%

Customer Value & Retention

Following launch, Comvivas loyalty management system increased ARPU by over 10%, whilst reducing churn by more than 25% for one leading operator

Mobile Money & Recharge

Comvivas PreTUPS recharge solution performs over 15 billion transactions/year globally for 520 million mobile subscribers, providing a vital role in assuring operator revenue generation Comvivas mobiquity mobile money solution is deployed by 38 service providers and provides services to over 230 million subscribers globally

Applications Delivery Platform

Comvivas voice applications platform creates a unique ecosystem to launch revenue generating applications with 55 partners providing applications to date

Comvivas mobile music applications have attracted over 1million subscribers for a greenfield operator in under a year Comvivas USSD self-care application provides one operator with multi-million dollar savings annually, on IVR costs alone

Managed VAS Services

Comvivas Managed VAS Services have increased revenues across VAS services by up to 20%, speeded time to market by over 40% and reduced overall VAS delivery and management costs by 35%

Comviva is the global leader in providing mobile solutions beyond VAS. Its extensive portfolio of solutions help mobile service providers rationalise costs, accelerate revenue growth and enhance customer value. Spanning applications, delivery platforms and VAS infrastructure, Comvivas solutions are deployed by service providers in over 85 countries and power services to more than 650 million mobile subscribers globally. For more information, visit
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