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ESL CHILE – Elementary Second Language

Monroe 8691/ Las Condes – Santiago / cp: 757-1605

Teléfonos. +56-2-325 72 23 / +56-9-991 37 50

Elementary Second Language

ESL is a brand new agency that specializes in helping people of all ages and
backgrounds to learn foreign languages, quickly and easily, in the country where
the language is spoken. ESL Chile has a destination for them. The people can
depend on our years of experience to assist them in all steps necessary in
planning their trip, including: visas, transportation, insurance, and
accommodations at their destination and with the institution where they will study.
With ESL Chile the people will be able to take advantage of our relationships with
institutions around the world, as well as our extensive network of information that
will help make your trip as profitable, safe and enjoyable as possible.
ESL Chile will take care of everything, so that all the client need to worry about is
learning and live the experience. We offer exciting programs, full of new
experiences, friendships, parties and surprising new cultural experiences.
Everyday, more and more people are learning English as a second language,
which is the first of many options that ESL Chile has to offer, as well as other
language options and work experience too.

Our Mission
Learning a second language will open the doors to many new opportunities, not
only in Chile but around the world. That is why our mission of ESL Chile is to
provide opportunities to ordinary people to travel abroad in a safe, comfortable
and supportive environment with the objective to favor the learning of a second
language and work experience in the places where this is used in a native way
with the possibility of academic, professional, labor, personal and cultural
development promoting the motivation, self discipline and evolution of skills for
successful independence and self sufficiency.
ESL CHILE – Elementary Second Language
Monroe 8691/ Las Condes – Santiago / cp: 757-1605
Teléfonos. +56-2-325 72 23 / +56-9-991 37 50

Why Work with us?

As a consequence of an ever-growing interest of Chilean people to study English

abroad and work, ESL CHILE believes that it is important to promote this
opportunity to practice and learn more English.
For this reason, our purpose of providing any necessary information that may be
useful to prospective students, teachers of English as a second language and
university graduates willing to learn and practice English abroad.
ESL Office provides information on each visitor about courses and work
programs available in English speaking countries.

Good Reasons
 CHILE is engaged with learning English through the Ministry of Education
Program: "Chile opens doors".
 The globalization of Chile requires people with full command of English
 ESL Chile offers the best opportunities to the people, because we have
lived the experience and we pass our knowledge to our client.
 Our Location: ESL Office is located in Vitacura, one of the most important
venues in Santiago city. Vitacura is the center of the business and tourism

What ESL offer:

 The best prices in the market, also we invite you to work together!
 Academically renowned institutions.
 Personal attention.
 Occupational guidance.
 A multicultural experience.
 We have the program that they are looking for.
 We`ve already been where you would like to go.
ESL CHILE – Elementary Second Language
Monroe 8691/ Las Condes – Santiago / cp: 757-1605
Teléfonos. +56-2-325 72 23 / +56-9-991 37 50

ESL Marketing
 Direct marketing campaign addressed to companies, universities, trade
associations of university graduates.
 Advertising and mass media campaign.
 Direct contact with the most prestigious universities, institute and schools
in Chile.
 Promotion of contests and scholarships.
 Poster promotion in many important places of Santiago and Valparaíso.
 Flyers promotion in many important events around Santiago.
 New Web site.
 Share Marketing, if you are agree we will be able to invest and do a better
marketing promotion.

Profile of our client

 Young people between 16 to 35 years old

 Technicians and university graduates
 University students
 Parents
 Secondary school graduate students
 Executives of private and government companies
 Headmasters of schools and technical schools
 Trade associations of university graduates
 People in general requiring to learn English

We invite you to work with ESL CHILE.

Best Regards.

Andrés Carmona.
Director Principal