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Teaching/ Learning activities



Set induction ( 5 minutes)

Read aloud and identify

1. Teacher asks pupils open textbook 2. Teacher asks pupils to read text from the textbook (page 95 activity 4) 3. Teacher asks pupils to identify words ( firstly, then, next, the final step)

1. To prepare the pupils to Teaching Aid : the topic that they will learn. 1. Textbook

PreReading (5 minutes)

Introduction to sequence connectors

1. Teacher




about 1. To introduce pupils to language focus on that Teaching Aid:

sequence connectors 2. Teacher asks pupils to spell and

day. 1. Word cards (appendix 1)

pronounce the words 3. Teacher explain the use of the words 4. Teacher asks pupils to copy the words.

WhileReading ( 5minutes)

Fill in the blanks

1. Teacher distribute task sheet to pupils (appendix 2) 2. Teacher asks pupils to fill in the blank with correct instruction. 3. Teacher discuss the answer with pupils

1. To help pupils practice the sequence connectors

Teaching Aid: 1. Task sheet

Production (5 minutes)

Discuss in pairs

1. Teacher ask pupils to open text book (page 96 activity 6) 2. Teacher asks pupils to construct instruction sentences using sequence connectors. 3. Teacher asks some pupils to go in front of the class and read aloud their work.

1. To enable pupils to practice using sequence connectors in sentences

Teaching aid: 1. Text book

Closure ( 5 minutes)

Moral of the passage

1. Teacher asks pupils what they had learned today. 2. Teacher reminds pupils to be polite and clear when giving instruction. 3.

1. To emphasize moral that students had learnt today.

Subject: Date: Class: Time: Focused skill: Integrated Skills: Themes: Previous Knowledge: Intended Learning Outcomes:

English 26th July 2011 5A 1250- 1320 Writing Reading World of Knowledge Verb, Body parts of bicycle 3.4 Read aloud expressly and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm 4.3 Complete text with missing words, phrase or sentence 4.4 Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance

Curriculum Specification:

3.4.1 Read aloud phrases and sentences, pronouncing them correctly 4.3.2 Complete simple instruction, recipes, description, rhymes with the missing words and simple phrases (with guidance)

4.4.3 Complete simple instructions text, rhymes, notices, recipes, stories, with missing words (little or no guidance)

Behavioural objectives:

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to 1. answer 3 out of 5 fill in the blank questions correctly 2. construct at least 4 sentences using correct sequence connectors

Language focus: Educational Emphases:

Sequence connectors 1. Thinking Skills: sequencing 2. Moral value(s): politenesss

Teaching Aids:

Word cards, task sheet, and textbook

Appendix 1







Appendix 2 Name: _______________________________________ Fill in the blanks with correct sequence connectors.







1. ______________ download the picture. 2. ______________ view the picture. 3. _____________ choose the picture. 4. _____________ edit the picture. 5. _____________ put papers in printer 6. ____________ print the picture.