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Additional Instructions for Contractors

Before starting work, please report to the coordinator. (Mr. Meyenburg or Mr. Meyer, Building 2, Room E16) Begin the work only after you have been authorized and instructed accordingly.

Emergency Plan What should you do in case of fire?

Report the fire: Emergency services Lutz Oelsner Uwe Meyenburg Where? What? How many? What kind? Wait! Leave the buildings by using the escape routes. Do not use the lifts. Entering the burning building is prohibited. Go to the nearest assembly point (pavements of Mnchener Strasse or Hemmstrasse). Check that all employees and visitors are safe. Assist the fire brigade and emergency medical service by providing the necessary details. 6112 or 112 165 335

Any tools and equipment you bring onto the premises, such as power tools and hand tools, ladders and scaffolding, slings, lifting gear etc. or working materials and hazardous substances, such as paints/varnishes lubricants solvents, cleaning agents etc. as well as protective equipment, such as eye protection, head protection, hand protection, ear protection, foot protection, fall protection etc.

Safety Guide for Visitors and Contractors

must be erected, used, operated and stored in accordance with the applicable accident prevention regulations. Hazardous substances that are brought onto the premises (quantity > 10 L or 10 kg) must be accompanied by the safety data sheet. Materials may only be placed or stored on the areas allocated for this purpose. Construction sites and danger zones must be cordoned off properly. Make sure the work area is cleaned and tidied up. Unknown facilities must not be entered or used without permission. GESTRA machinery and equipment may only be used with permission. Deviations from the work order must be arranged with the coordinator. Hot work (welding, cutting, soldering and grinding) may only be performed with prior written consent. Waste materials must be disposed on your own responsibility and at your cost. After completing the work, check out properly.

What should you do in case of an accident?

Report the accident: Emergency services 6112 or 112 Lutz Oelsner Uwe Meyenburg Where? What? How many? What kind? Wait! and at the same time: Provide first aid or inform the first aiders. Inform the safety expert Uwe Meyenburg 335 Cordon off the scene of the accident. Assist the emergency medical service by providing the necessary details. 165 335

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General Layout
Main entrance of GESTRA AG Mnchener Strasse

Welcome to GESTRA!
To make your stay here as pleasant and also as safe as possible, please observe the following notes and instructions. All visitors to GESTRA AG must carry a visitor badge so that it is well visible. You will receive a visitor badge at Reception in Building 5, 1st floor. Walsroderstrasse Ask a GESTRA employee to meet you at Reception. When you leave, return the visitor badge to Reception. Please park your motor vehicle only on the designated visitor parking spaces. The road traffic regulations apply on the entire factory premises. Give right of way to forklift trucks and delivery vehicles. For safety reasons, please enter the production area only when escorted by a GESTRA employee. Please keep to the marked paths and roads. In the entire production, storage and dispatch area, it is mandatory to wear:

Building 6

Building 5 Gebude 5 Reception, 1st floor

Gebude 3
Building 4 Building 3/4 Building 3

Building 7

Building 9 Building 8 Building 2

Safety goggles, at least as per EN 166

Safety shoes, at least as per EN 345-S1

Building 1: Building 2: Building 3: Building 4: Building 5: Building 6: Building 7: Building 8: Building 9: Not used Academy, Laboratory, Maintenance Production Production Reception, Administration Dispatch, Packing, Incoming Goods Electronic Production, Works Council, IT Building Services (HVAC) Development Testing

In Building 6 (Dispatch and Packing), smoking is prohibited. In case of emergency, please observe the escape and rescue plans. We wish you an interesting and successful stay.

Building 1

Emergency exit

Assembly point

tr ms


Visitor parking lot

The Management Board

We accept no liability for any accidents resulting from failure to comply with this Safety Guide.