Issue 5 Autumn 2012

2012 the Year of Giving Back
After a relaxing break with our families over the Christmas and New Year period the SmileBright Team is well and truly back in the swing of things! 2012 has certainly gotten off to a flying start, with the team already attending community events and are in the process of organising more community service in the coming months, as well as attending continuing education courses and broadening our long list of available treatments, we are all very excited for everything this year has in store. We were thrilled to able to meet so many wonderful locals and give advice and answer any questions they had. Be sure to check out the photos from the day on our Facebook page.

Last year we offered our services to local schools with information sessions about proper oral hygiene (you can view the photos from last year’s sessions on our Facebook page). Donna our Oral Health Educator will again be attending local schools throughout the year giving fun, interactive talks about “how to keep your teeth happy.” If your school would be interested in taking advantage of this free service please contact us for more information.

The community is very important to us not only as a service provider but also as individuals. We love the community spirit surrounding us, so when given the opportunity to be a part of the Stretton Neighbourhood Watch Annual BBQ during February we jumped at the chance. SmileBright Dental was proud to be one of the major sponsors of this annual event alongside our friends from Hapi Physiotherapy and Simple Finance Solutions, as well as other local businesses. The day itself was fantastic, the kids were kept busy with the jumping castle, petting zoo and the amazing face painter, everyone had a great day!

In this day and age we literally have everything at our finger tips with the internet and social networking playing a major role in almost everyone’s lives. It is so easy to access the information and opinions of our peers, and we can just as quickly and easily leave our own mark in the cyber world. We would like to thank all of our wonderful patients who have left such glowing reviews for us on websites like TrueLocal, Google Reviews and also directly on our Facebook page. We love hearing that you appreciate the effort we all make to ensure your time spent with us is as pleasant as possible and we are so thankful that you have taken the time to let us and everyone else know that your SmileBright experience was a great one. THANK YOU!

Wear & Tear
Tooth wear is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society due to increased stress levels and changes in lifestyle. Tooth wear is defined as the loss of tooth surface, which is not caused by dental decay or injury. There are three main categories of tooth wear: Abrasion (often caused by brushing too hard), Erosion (acid wear from diet and lifestyle choices) and Attrition (wear of the chewing surface of teeth). This article discusses the causes, prevention and treatment of Dental Attrition.

including; to help elevate TMJ/jaw pain, relax facial muscles and can prevent nerve damage in the affected teeth. For more information on tooth wear or to discuss your treatment options please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Last time we got to know Dr Chang and his fantastic Clinical Coordinator Donna, This season we have a chat with our Hygienist/Therapist Alan Chan. Born and raised: In Brisbane Favourite Food: ANYTHING! I’m a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Food Dislike: not a huge fan of seafood. Favourite Movie: White Chicks Hobbies/Interests: Computer games, swimming, Rugby League and Union, going to the gym, touch football and soccer. Pets: I don’t have any pets Random Fact: I’m a learn to swim teacher on the weekends.

Dental Attrition is the mechanical wearing down of the chewing surfaces of teeth. Teeth-on-teeth direct contact by excessive force or high frequency during chewing or during daily activities grinds the surface of teeth causing enamel to be lost, flatter and shorter. Once past the enamel, attrition quickly destroys the softer dentin. Attrition normally occurs as part of the aging process, but excessive mechanical force, such as grinding or clenching greatly contributes as well. Activities like clenching while exercising, grinding while asleep or just having a stressful lifestyle are the most common causes, however, anxiety or abnormal positioning of the jaw and teeth can also contribute. Depending on the severity, treatment for Attrition can be very simple. Common solutions are splints or occlusal build ups. A splint is a removable appliance for those with bruxism (grinding/clenching) and is worn when sleeping to protect the tooth surface or to stabilise occlusion. Occlusal build ups are restorations used to “rebuild” the teeth to restore the vertical dimension of the teeth and face. There are many benefits to this treatment option

Follow Alan’s Progress
We are very excited to be adding Invisalign to our extensive range of dental treatment options at the beginning of April, and our very own Alan Chan is our first patient to undergo the treatment in the practice. Invisalign consists of nearly invisible, removable aligners which gently move your teeth into the desired position. We will be following Alan’s progress with photo updates on our Facebook page, if you have any questions to ask Alan about his experience please feel free to leave a comment on our page. For more information on Invisalign, visit our website or contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your suitability.

Before treatment

After treatment

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