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nnexure - B Checklist of Documents/Informations to be submitted by the Borrower(s)/ Promoter(s) 1) Loan application form duly filled in all respects, along

following Annexures : Profile of the company Annexure I Salient features of Memorandum & article of Association - Annexure II Details of Board of Directors - Annexure III Share Holding Pattern / Ownership structure - Annexure IV Details of the Project, Plant Capacity etc. - Annexure V Cost of the project & Means of finance (with details of comparison for similar project)-Annexure-VI Present Banking Arrangement - Annexure VII Present Financial Performance of the company - Annexure VIII (it should be supported by Financial statements for last three years and projections for next two years) Highlights & Performance of the Group Companies - Annexure IX Manufacturing Process - Annexure X Plant Machinery Arrangement / Origin/ Price etc. - Annexure XI Cash Flow Statement - Annexure XII Operation & Management - Annexure XIII Industry Scenario - Annexure XIV Risk Analysis- Annexure XV Projected Profitability, BEP,DSCR, FACR and Sensitivity Analysis etc.(to be submitted additionally in case of Term Loan). (Signatures of the applicants should be obtained on all the Pages of Application Form and Enclosures) SSI Registration certificate in case of an SSI unit and Trade/other licenses in respect Pollution control clearance certificate from Pollution control board Copy of Partnership deed duly signed by all the partners. Certificate from Municipal Authority/Panchayat (e.g.Trade license, Health License etc.) Documentary evidences in connection with the Legal Possession of the factory workplace Premises, viz. Purchase deed, Lease deed, tenancy Agreement, Landlords no objection certificate As applicable with the latest rent receipt. Power allotment letter/or a copy of recent Electric Bill case of an existing unit Balance sheet and P/L account for the last two years and estimated financial. Copy of latest stock statement and book debt statement. A detailed project covering marketability and Techno economic feasibility in case of new Projects/expansion/modernization. List of existing machinery with original purchase cost. Credit declaration form ( ADV-80) duly filled in, applicable to prop/partners/guarantors/directors Companies. In case of limited companies, the under noted additional particulars will also have to be submitted a. A copy of limited liability companies, the under noted additional Copies of certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of commencement of business, the later In case of Public Limited Companies only. A list of Present directors duly certified by the secretary along with a copy of the General Body Resolution regarding their election

i. ii. iii. iv. v. i. ii. iii. iv. i. ii. i. B C


A confirmation under Section 292(5) of the companies Act to the effect that the powers of the Directors in respect of borrowing have not been restricted/ withdrawn in the General Body Meeting. In respect of advances against immovable property to a public Limited Company, a Resolution of the General Body Meeting under section 293(1) of the companies Act 1956.

Adv-Comm. ALLAHABAD BANK Head Office: 2, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata 700001 LOAN APPLICATION FORM :



[Tick ( ) whichever is applicable] The form applicable for all activites except Retail Credit/other Specialised Activities/Staff Loan/Agril Loan etc. for which separate application from is available.______________________________________ The Branch Manager / Allahabad Bank Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Dear sir I/We request you to kindly sanction following credit facilities which will be repayable on demand/in Monthly installments or in any other manner specified by you: ( Rs in Lacs ) Existing, if any Term Loan Working Capital Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit Others (Specify ) Total : My/Our brief Particulars are as under : 1 Name of the Firm/Company/Unit 2 Constitution 3 Date of Incorporation/ Commencement of Business Date of Partnership 3a Enjoying Advance since If the account is new, name the Proposed

Earlier bankers 4 Proprietor/Partners Directors Name Address Fathers Name PAN Number Telephone Net Worth as on (enclose Credit Declaration Form) 4(a) Whether the proprietor/partners/ Directors are in the defaulter List of RBI. Whether the directors are Disqualified under sec 274 of Companies Act If yes, the reason thereof 4(b) Group, if any 5 Address Factory (s) Administrative Offices E- mail Address Website 6 Line of activity in brief (detail given in Annexure-I) :

8 9


If it an existing unit : Licensed capacity Installed capacity Operating capacity If it a Proposed unit : Licensed capacity Installed capacity Details of cost of the project a. b. c. d. e. Total : Equity share capital & its Share Holding Pattern

Details of Means Finance a. b. c. d. e. Total : Amount Promoters Public Fis & Bank Others %

Total 10a. Share price 11. Name of the existing bankers As on a recent date Limit 100% Six month High : Six month Low : Outstanding

11a. Consortium/Multiple banking 12 Loan amount applied for: Term Loan Cash Credit Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit Others 13 Securities offered : Primary Collateral 14 Name(s) of Guarantors Arrears in Statutory Payments :

Name of bank


15 16 17 18 19 20

(a) Income Tax : (b) Sales Tax : (c) Provident Fund : (d) Others (specify) : Total : Associated Concerns & its Bankers : Provide details in Annexure - IX Name of the Statutory Auditor (s) : Name of the products including the bye-products : Manufacturing process in brief : Major raw material required and source of supply : Name of Major customers :


Region/Area where the product (s) are/will sold.


Extent of competition & no. of units engaged in similar activity in the area :

23 Capacity (No of units/quantity in MT/volume in litre per annum ) Capacity for each Installed capacity Utilization % of Utilization Product

24 25

Details of contingent liabilities : Please Indicate whether any litigation is Pending against the proprietor/ Partners/ Directors Etc.

26 Working results of the borrowing unit for the past three years: Particulars Year-1 Year-II Gross Sales Operating Profit Profit before tax Net Profit Cash Generation Capital Net-Worth


Loan Term Loan Current Assets Current Liabilities (Out which Bank Borrowing) 27. Assessment of working Capital 27a. Computation of MPBF For the year ended 31st March Gross Sale Projected Current Assets Projected Current Liabilities (Other than Bank borrowing for WC) (i) Working Capital Gap (ii) 25% margin on Current Assets (iii) Working Capital Surplus (iv) Ltem (i) minus ltem (ii) (v) Ltem (i) minus ltem (iii) (vi) Permissible Bank finance (Item (iv) or ltem (v) whichever is less) (vii) Excess borrowing, if any 27. B. Holding Levels : 31.03.200.. Raw Materials Imported (Months consumption) Indigenous (Months consumption) Consumable Stores Imported (Months) Indigenous (Months) Stock in Process (Months COP) Finished Goods (Months COS) Receivables Domestic (Months sales ) Export Sales (Months) Creditors (Months Purchase ) Comments : 31.03.200. 31.03.200.

31.03.200 (Audited)

(Rs In crores) 31.03.200 (Audited)

27.C. Assessment of PC Limit FOB Value of export estimated for the year 200 -0

(Rs in cross)

Average Monthly exports Average Lead Time EPC Limit required Comments :

27.D. Assessment of Post Shipment Requirements Total Value of exports estimated for Fy 200 0 Less : Exports under L.Cs Average Monthly Exports Average time for realization (months ) Comments :

(Rs in cross)

27.E. Assessment of L C Requirements Particulars 1. Total Purchase of Raw Materials/spares (Rs In lacs) 2. Import/Domestic purchase under L/C 3. Time lag between date of opening LC to date of shipment (days) 4. Time lag between date of Shipment to date of Receipt 5. Time lag between date of Receipt to date of Maturity 6. Usance Period : (4+5) 7. Period from date of LC date of Maturity (3+4+5) 8. Requirement of L/C : (2*7 / 365) 9. Total L/C Requirement



Note i) ii) In case of the L/C requirement is more than (8) which is calculated based on assumption of uniform uniform usance period due to economic order size or any other reason, proper justification should be furnished. Minimum sundry creditors should be as covered under (5)

Comments :

27.C. Assessment of Bank Guarantee Requirement : Outstanding Bank Guarantees as on 31.03.200 Less : Utilised for RM Less : Guarantees to be released Add : Bid / Performance Guarantees required Add : Customs / Excise & other contingencies Add : any other (to be specified) Rounded off Comments :

(Rs in cross)

28. In case of Term Loan, details of Plant-Machinery, its Suppliers & Price thereof :

29. Industry Scenario in brief vis--vis companys Strength : 30. Declaration We certify that all information furnished by me/us is true. I/We have no borrowing arrangements for the unit with any Bank except as indicated in the application and there is no overdue/statutory dues against me/us/ Promoters except as indicated in the application. No legal action has been/is being taken against me/us/promoters except as indicated in the application. We shall furnish all other information that may be required by you in connection with my/our application. This may also be exchanged by you with any agency you may deem fit and you/your representative/representative of Reserve Bank of India/or any other agency as authorized by you may at any time inspect/verify my/our assets, books of accounts etc. in our factory/business premises as given above. Signature of the Applicant. Date : Place : Enclosures (As per checklist) :

Annexure - I Profile of the Company/Firm/Unit S.No. 1. Particulars Name of the firm/Company/Unit Details


Brief Description on Line activity :

Annexure - II Salient features Memorandum & article of Association a. Date of Incorporation/Partnership :


Names of Promoter Directors of the Company/Partners : i. ii. iii. iv.


Authorized Capital of the Company :


Types of businesses authorized to the company :


Share Holding Pattern :


In case of a Public Limited company Details of Commencement of Business : Details regarding Borrowing Powers :



Any other features :

Annexure - III Details of Board of Directors Name of the Director 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Designation* Share Since when with company

7. 8.

* If professional director please advise the profession Annexure - IV Share Holding Pattern/Ownership Structure (List of major share holders having more then 2% to be attached ) Share Holding Pattern 1) Promoters i) ii) iii) iv) v) 2) Public i) No of Shares %

ii) iii) iv) v) 3) Fls & Banks i) ii) iii) iv) v) 4) Others i) ii) iii) iv) v)

Annexure - V Details of the Project, Plant, Capacity A. B. C. D. E. F. G. Name of the Project : Technology Used (Indigenous/Imported, give details) : Technological Collaboration/Know-how : Project Duration : Level of Project Complexity : Industry Level Comparison with major players using same technology : Plant Capacity : (No of units/Quantity in MT/Volume in Liter etc to be specified)

Capacity for Each Product

Installed Capacity


% of utilisation


Other details, if any to be mentioned :

Annexure VI Cost of the Project & Means of finance (with details of comparison for similar project), Schedule of Implementation, Particulars of Machinery A.

(Please furnish estimates of project under the following heads. Indicate the basis for arriving at the cost of project) SI. No. i) ii) iii) Particulars Land including development Building and other civil work Plant & Machinery Cost already incurred Cost to be incurred Total Cost

(a) Indigenous iv) (b) Imported. Essential Tools, Spares &

accessories. v) Testing Equipments vi) Misc. Fixed Assets. vii) Erection/Installation viii) Preliminary Expenses. ix) Pre-operative expenses x) Provision for contingencies a) Buildings b) Plant & Machinery xi) xii)

c) Other fixed assets Margin for working capital


Annexure VI (Contd.)
MEANS OF FINANCE (Please furnish details of source of finance for meeting the cost under the following heads) PARTICULARS AMOUNT SI. No. 1. Capital Rs. 2. Reserves and Surplus Rs. 3. Term Loan From a) Bank b) FIS 4. c) Others (please specify) Unsecured Loans & deposits (indicate sources, Rate of interest, Repayment 5. period) Deferred Payment Guarantee arrangements including suppliers credit. a. Principal 6. b. Interest Equipments to be acquired under Lease or Hire Purchase ( Indicate Lease rent, 7. interest and repayment) Subsidy Central Government (a) State Government Rs. (only principal to be taken) Rs. (only cost of equipment to be taken) Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.

8. 9. 10.

(b) Seed Capital (Indicate Source) Internal Cash accruals** Other Sources (Please Specify)

Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.

**In case internal accruals are taken as Source of Finance explain the basis for estimation of internal accruals by means of a statement. * Indicate source from which expenditure already incurred has been financed. * Promoters contribution to the Project as % of total cost.

Annexure VI (Contd.)


(Please indicate the progress made so far in the implementation of the project and furnish the schedule of implementation as detailed below)

Date of commencement

Expected date of completion

a) Acquisition of Land b) Development of Land c) Civil Works for i) Factory building ii) Machinery Foundation

iii) Administrative building d) Plant & Machinery I) Imported ii) Indigenous e) Arrangement for power f) Arrangement of water g) Erection of equipment

h) Commissioning i) Initial Procurement of raw material k) Trial Runs 1) Commercial Production

Annexure VI (Contd.)

D PARTICULARS OF MACHINERY : Particulars Particulars of Machinery Original Cost Name of the Manufacturer/ Supplier

a) Existing Machineries Lndigenous Imported B) Proposed to be Acquired Lndigenous (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Imported (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) In case the Assets have been revalued or written off at any time during the existence of unit Please furnish full details of such Revaluation together with the reasons thereof. In case of imported Machinery, please indicate mode of payment and price of the in foreign currency.

Annexure VII Present Banking Arrangement Name of the existing bankers a. b. c. d. Consortium/Multiple Banking Arrangement Limit a. b. c. d. Name of the Bank a. b. c. d. % Share Outstanding

Whether the company/firm/associates have availed OTS from other Banks/Fls or Restructured its Debt with Other Bank/Fls : a. b. c.


Annexure VIII Present & Projected Financial Performance of the Company A. Operating Statement (cost of Sales Analysis ) Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Year ended 31st March Gross sales Net sales Growth (%) Cost of Production Purchase of raw material Add: opening stock Less: closing stock RM Consumed (5+6 7) RM Consumed as % of COP (8/18) Manufacturing Expenses Manufacturing Expenses/COP (%) (16/24) Production Wages (Prod. Wage as % of COP) (18/24) Depreciation Sub-total (8+10+12+14) Add: opening stock of WIP Less: opening stock of WIP Cost of Production (COP) (15+16-17) Add: Purchase of FG Add: opening stock of FG Less: closing Stock FG 200.. (Actual) 200.. (Actual) 200.. Estimate 200. Estimate


Cost of sales (COS) (18+19+20-21)

Annexure VIII(Contd.) B. Profitability Statement 200 (Actual) 200. (Actual) 200. Estimate 200. Projection

For the Year ended 31 st March` 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Gross sales Growth (% age) Net sales Cost of goods sold (22 of Annex A) Gross Profit Gross Profit/ Net sales (%) (4/2) Operating, Administrative, Selling & General Expenses Interest Operating profit Non-operating surplus/Deficit (+/-) Per-Tex Profit/Loss Provision for Taxation Net Profit/Loss Profit distributed through : a) Equity Dividend b) Preference Dividend Retained Profit

14 . 15. Depreciation 16. Cash Generation NON-OPERATING SURPLUS

Interest Income Dividend Income Profit on sale of Investment Miscellaneous Income

Annexure VIII(Contd.) C. Statement on Financial Position Balance sheet as on 31 st March 1. 1.1 FIXED ASSETS Gross Block P&M Others Depreciation Net Block Capital work in Progress NET FIXED ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash & Bank Balance Sundry Debtors Misc. Current Assets SUB TOTAL Inventory SUB TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITES Loans & advances Sundry Creditors i) Provision for Taxaation ii) Provision for Dividend Misc- Current Liabilities SUB TOTAL 200. (Actual) 200. (Actual) 200. Estimate (Amount in Lacs) 200. Projection

1.2 1.3 1.4 2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 3. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5

3.6 3.7 4

6. 6.1 6.2 6.3

Bank Borrowing SUB TOTAL Net current Assets CURRENT RATIO(2.6/3.7) QUICK RATIO(2.4/3.5) Investment & Non-C.As TOTAL FINANCED BY :LONG TERM LOANS Secured Loans Unsecured Loans SUB-TOTAL

Balance sheet as on 31 st March 7. 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 SHARE HOLDERS FUND Equity share Capital Pref. Share Capital Share Application Money Reserve & Surplus SUB-TOTAL Intangible Assets Tangible Net Worth TOTAL D/Eratio(6.3/7.7) TOL/TNW(3.7+6.3)/7.7

200. (Actual)

200. (Actual)

Annexure VIII(Contd.) (Amount in Lacs) 200. 200. Estimate Projection

Annexure VIII(Contd.)

Break Up of Different Balance sheet ltems UNSECURED LOANS 1 Fixed Deposits 1.1 Fixed Deposit from directors 1.2 Fixed Deposit from others Sub-Total 1.3 Loans/Advances from others 1.4 Inter Corporate Deposits TOTAL SECURED LOANS Bank Loans Loans from Institutions TOTAL RESERVES & SURPLUS General Reserve Share Premium Reserve Capital Reserve Profit and loss Account Special Reserve TOTAL INTANGIBLE ASSETS Inv. In Govt. Securities Inv. In body corporates Others investments Fixed Deposit Advance to body corporates

200. (Actual)

200. (Actual)

200. Estimate

200. Projection

Annexure VIII(Contd.)

Break Up of Different Balance sheet ltems Others Advances treated NCA Debtors over six months Debtors considered doubtful TOTAL Other current Assets Advance Payment of Tax Loans and advances Advance recoverable in cash or kind TOTAL Others Current Liabilities Unclaimed dividend Misc. Liabilities Interest accrued but not due Provision for employee benefits TOTAL Term Loans Debentures Rupee Term Loans Foreign Currency Term Loans TOTAL

200. (Actual)

200. (Actual)

200. Estimate

200. Projection

Annexure VIX Highlights & Performance of the Group / Associate Companies Name of the Associated/Group Concerns & its banks as on latest date Name of the concern Activity Name of the Limit Assets Bank Branch Availed Status F NF a. b. c. d. 18(a) Working results of the associated/Group concerns for the past three years : Year-I Year-II Year-III

Particular Gross Sales Operating Profit Profit before tax Net Profit Cash Generation Net worth Term Liabilities

Bank Borrowings (submit a separate sheet for each of the associate if space I not sufficient.) Other Remarks if any :

Annexure X Manufacturing Process 1. Flow Chart of the manufacturing process to be furnished in brief :

2. Integration status : a. Forward Linkage

b. Backward Linkage

Annexure XI Plant Machinery Arrangement/Origin/Price etc 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name of the company/Companied from where machine to be purchased : Whether competitive bidding was invited ? What is price & technical advantage/available from the prospective supplier ? Whether the necessary clearance for procurement of machinery/machineries has been obtained ? % of indigenous/imported components. Annexure XII CASH FLOW STATEMENT

Particulars 1. Cash Flow from Business Operation A. RECEIPTS

Audited Figures for Previous two Years 200-0. 200-0

Actual/Projection 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

i) Cash Sales Collection From trade debtors ( Annexure to contain Figures of outstanding debtors.) With age upto 90 days. With age between 91 & 180 days . With age more than 180 days. ii) Total collection from Outstanding debtors.

iii) Others (Specify)


Annexure XII(Contd)

Particulars B) PAYMENTS i) Cash Purchase of inventory item Payments to trade creditors (Annexure to contain Figures of outstanding debtors.) With age up to 90 days. With age between 91 & 180 days. With age more than 180 days. ii) Total amount paid against outstanding creditors iii) Others manufacturing expenses Administrative & selling expenses

Audited Figures for Previous two Years 200-0. 200-0

Actual/Projection 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

iv)interest on business borrowing (Short term & loan term)(annexure to contain total Payments made to each payee having received 10% or more of total interest payments) v) Others- Specify TOTAL Cash flow from Business Operation i.e. Net off (A) & (B)

Annexure XII(Contd)

Particulars 2. CASH FLOW FROM NON-BUSINESS OPERATION (C) RECEIPTS i) Dividend/interest on investments [Annexure to Contain details for (a) from associates (b) from others companies (c) on bonds/shares of FIS and banks (d) others-specify ii) Sales of Investments (Specify) iii) Exchange fluctuation profit iv) Others - Specify. TOTAL - C (D) PAYMENTS: i) Dividend/interest on

Audited Figures for Previous two Years 200-0. 200-0

Actual/Projection 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

investments [Annexure to Contain details of) (a) To associates (b) To Others companies (c) Others Specify ii)Purchase of Investments (specify Nature and annex details, if necessary iii) Exchange fluctuation losses. v) Others- Specify TOTAL D Cash flow from Non -Business Operation i.e. Net off (C) & (D) Annexure XII(Contd) Audited Figures for Previous two Years 200-0. 200-0 Actual/Projection 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Particulars 3. Cash Flow From Capital Accounts (E) RECEIPTS : i) Issue of shares and receipt on allotments, calls, forfeiture etc. ii) Issue of deben. & Bonds iii) Issue of Comm. Paper iv) Borrowing from Directors, friends & Relatives, associates. Public (Specify nature) Others (Specify) v) Borrowing from Fls vi) Borrowing from Bank(s) [term loan for capital exp] vii) Capital Subsidy viii) Margin money loan (specify) ix) Sale of Fixed Assets

x) Others (Specify) TOTAL-E (F) PAYMENTS : i) Repayments of borrowings (principal) to : Directors, friends & Relatives etc. Associates Public Margin money loan Others(specify) ii) Repayment of borrowings Principal to Banks Towards term loan for Capital exp. For working Capita Finance & Others,

Annexure XII(Contd) Audited Figures for Previous two Years 200-0. 200-0 Actual/Projection 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Particulars iii) Purchase of Fixed Assets iv) Others (Specify) TOTAL -f Cash Flow on Capital A/C, i.e Net of E & F. 4. Cash Flow From Sundry ltems i) Refund of tax / duty (specify or annex details) ii) Receipt of Insurance claim (Specify or annex details) iii) Others (Specify) TOTAL - G (H) PAYMENTS : i) Payment of Income Tax ii) Payment of Others tax / duty/ penalty (Specify or annex details) iii) Others (Specify) TOTAL -H

Net cash flow on sundry Items, i.e. net off (G) & (H) 5. OVERALL POSITION ON CASH DUDGET Opening cash balance Add, Net cash flows (i.e. Netting of the figures Under1, 2, 3, & 4.) Add, Working Capital Finance from Bank/Banks Closing cash balance

Annexure-XII Operation & Management A. Comment on Operation matters : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. B. Level of average activity / capacity utilization: Position of Payment of wages/bills: Comment of inventory mangement: Comments on labour problems: Relationship with critical customers:

Comment of Key management matters : Functional distrbution of areas amongst key Management personnel: General methodology adopted or to adopted for Controlling the financial : Average turnover in management/ownership/key personnel ; Annexure- XIV Industry Scenario (To be submitted by the proponents having exposure more than Rs.1.00 Cr)


Requlatory vision about such Industry : a) Impact of tax

b) c) d) 2.

Impact of Subsidy Others Protection like tax incentives etc. Subsidized loan/marketing arrangements :

Input Related Risk at Industry Level : a) b) c) Indegeneous /imported (Quality and Quantity wise) Seasonal Perishable / Non-perishable:

3. 4.

Extent of Competition : Demand supply position in the Industry (Present & Future out-look)

Annexure XV Comment on Risk Analysis (Various Risks arising during during operation and mitigation measures) 1. Industry Risk Risk Mitigating Measures : 2. Financial Risk Risk Mitigating Measures : 3. Regulatory Risk

Risk Mitigating Measures : 4. Input Related Risk

Risk Mitigating Measures : 5. 5.A. Management Risk in respect of meeting Business Projections : Sales projection : (in respect of existing units give projections vis--vis Achievement for last two year besides comment on ability to meet these projections) Risk Mitigating Measures :


Profit Projection : ( in respect units give projections vis--vis Achievement for last two year besides comment on ability to meet these projections) Risk Mitigating Measures:

ANNEXURE C ALLAHABAD BANK Head Office : 2, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata 700001 PRE CREDIT APPRAISAL FORMAT Branch : Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Zone : Ahmedabad (To be submitted by the branch immediately to Credit Appraisal Cell at Zonal Office on receipt of proposal) 1. 2. 3. 3a. 3b. 4. Name of the Firm/Company/Unit Constitution Date of incorporation / Commencement of business Date of Partnership Dealing with our Bank Since If the account is new, Name the Earlier bankers and type and Amount of credit facilities availed Proprietor/Partners/Directors Name Address Fathers Name PAN Number Telephone No. Whether the Proprietor/ Partners/directors are in the Defaulter list of RBI. Whether the directors are


Disqualified under sec 271 of Companies Act. 4(b ) 5. If Yes, the reason thereof Group , If any Address Factory Administrative Offices E-mail Address Website Line of activity brief :





Capacity utilization : Licensed capacity : Installed Capacity : Operating capacity (if existing Unit) : Details of cost of the project a. b. c. d. e. Total Equity Share Capital & its Share Holding pattern

Details of Means of Finance a. b. c. d. e. Total Amount Promoters Pubic Fls & Banks Others Total As on a recent date :

10. 11. 12.

Share price Consortium/Multiple banking Arrangement Loan amount sought for : Term Loan Cash Credit Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit Others Securities Offered : Primary Collateral

100% Six Month High : Six Month Low :

Rs. in lacs



Name (S) of Guarantors Background & manufacturing process in brief :


Arrangement for purchase of Raw materials required & availability of Other Infrastructure facilites :


Major customers / Market competition :


Arrears in Statutory Payments : (e) Income Tax (f) Sales Tax (g) Provident Fund (h) Others (Specify ) : : : :

Total : 18. Name of the Associated Concerns & its bankers : Name of the concern Activity Name of the Bank-Branch

Limit Availed F NF

Assets Status

ANNEXIRE C (Contd.) 19. Brief Financials of the firm/unit company :(Amt. In lacs of Rs.) Parameter Actuals Estimates Capital Reserves Unsecured Loans Long Term Liabilities Bank Borrowings Others Current Liabilities Fixed Assets Current Assets Gross Sales Gross Profit Net Profit Current Ratio Debt Equity Ratio TOL/TNW 20. Remarks / recommendations of the Branch Head :