Football Manager 2012 Update Released Product Update - Valve 8 Mar 2012 ----------------------------Football Manager 2012 v12.2.

0 ----------------------------General ======= - Adjusted the selection process to decide which cities get new stadiums built f or hosting international competitions - Fixed issue where possible opposition team lists were not being filled correct ly for a minor club when arranging a friendly. - Fixed old extended leaves being prolonged when giving out new leaves to new pl ayers. - Fixed crash when a player had been released from their club but the tutoring w asn't cleared down. - Designated players and Marquee reports from the assistant are now including on ly players effectively interested in joining the user team. - Fixed potential for snow in cities where freezing temperatures are not set in the db for a particular season. - Fixed crash when going to the board request screen when the club doesn't have a chairman. - Fine tuned squad morale slightly against league position - Allowed player morale to remain high or low for a bit longer after a significa nt event eg winning a competition, promotion, relegation etc - Fixed issue where players don't return from international duty immediately aft er a finals competition. - Fixed issue where newly promoted team to a new league just been added was unab le to be taken over by a human manager. - Winning team manager stats are now updated as soon as a team wins a league, no t at the end of the league. - Adjusted the chances for a stadium being expanded after being selected to host a major competition. - Fixed network game crash when the client selects to view a staff s profile. - Fixed a bug where contract renewals made by the user where breaking the club s alary cap in USA and in Australia. - Fixed players who have decided to leave on a free transfer general happiness s tating they don't want to leave the club. - Fixed preferred foot selection when reading in future regens from EDT files - Adjusted general player progression and production of newgens in in-active nat ions. - Fixed potential crash if assistant manager reporting on international players has no contract with club team. - Adjusted the age limit for being a candidate to tutor another player. - Improved Best Eleven selection. - Fixed some instances of players unrealistically rejecting loan moves to feeder clubs. - Fixed Best Player in Europe achievement. - Fixed player being described as being stripped of the captaincy when he in fac t resigned it. - Stopped B club players getting annoyed when removed as captain after being pro moted to the senior side. - Fixed a rare crash when saving the game just after resigning/being sacked from a club side. - Fixed issue where user could not control reserve team in matches sometimes. - Fixed clubs promoted to the BSN/BSS without managers do not appoint managers. - Carlos Tevez is no longer transfer listed by request at the start of the game. Backroom Advice ===============

.Adjusted Greek sponsorships.Fixed issue with neutral venues being used for a league stage if a previous co mpetition was using a host nation. . Confidence ========== .Stop backroom staff recommending retraining a player in a different position w hen those games were for a team he went on loan to. . .Adjusted Romanian finances.Fixed new manager resigning after competition finishes.Fixed Colombian team's estimated values rising greatly at unusual times.Adjusted Chinese ticket prices..Fixed San Marino (club side) does not get any TV Money when promoted to Serie A.Add some gradual wage confidence changes when the manager has been in charge o f the club for less than a year to stop huge jumps in confidence.User can now block promotion for B/reserve teams in a league if they come with in 2 divisions of their main team. .Fixed instance of empty space at beginning of biographies for some players. Darlington and Portsmouth starting in administration with point s deduction. despite manager respon sible for poor performances having already been sacked. . . .Fixed wrong amount in news about sponsorship in Brazilian First Division.Big clubs can no longer request a parent club. Biography ========= .Adjusted Romanian youth scheme costs. . . Board Requests ============== . . . . .Balanced costs of youth/training facility expansions .Adjusted non-player wages.Slowed down the decay of modern new stadiums for clubs in financial difficulti es.Now able to upgrade training facilities after they've been downgraded. .Added missing Australian marquee player types to the editor.Fixed ai manager reported as sacked when he is stepping down after winning the European Championship.Disabled been able to request a parent club if the teams current parent club i s a permanent link.Holiday to Next Squad Selection Date will now holiday to the earliest squad se lection date of any national team the human controls.Fixed information on player's winner s medals being occasionally incorrect if pl ayer had particular history movements. .Made boards more willing to accept a request for a new contract. Finances ======== . .Exchange rate issue for record transfer fee. International Management ======================== .Adjusted relegated team wage budgets.Disabled Italian teams from been able to purchase a council owned stadium due to them been shared between two teams . Editor ====== . . .Added Rangers. . .Fixed Finnish lower divisions not being able to be added via the editor.

Fixed code in pitch condition comment.Improved AI squad selection with regard to the number of strikers selected. Manager Interaction =================== . Non Player Movement =================== . News Items ========== .Made AI teams use touchline instructions to target teams playing without full backs .Fixed responding to a manager who has been negative towards you allows you to say it is nice to receive positive comments.Fixed rare instance of newly-transferred player potentially stating that he is looking forward to playing with a former team mate.Fixed journalist name appearing instead of manager's name in overachieving com ment by AI manager to human.Competition winning topic is no available immediately after a team wins a leag ue or cup. .Stopped news item potentially advising setting non-contract player to be made available for loan.Fixed news item concerning a team's history of tournament qualification being incorrect.Fixed competition bidding news item using wrong year when announcing final hos ts.Some pre-match strings have been improved.Adjusted randomisation of newgen mental attributes at creation .Fixed appearing in "Injury Worry" news item after announcing squad.Fixed cosmetic news item issue with youth intake news if club has no youth tea m .Reserve/youth team now fill the bench with more players when playing the first team. . .Added 'Take Control' button to news item asking about whether you want to take control of newly-created Olympic team.Adjusted the number of players in American dev league teams over time..Fixed no button been available on the news item to chat with an unhappy player when he has gone public with his unhappiness.Fixed issue where having assistant manager in control of reserve team team tal ks didn't work correctly. or the l ast game of the season Newgens ======= . -Fixed 'without a club for a short time' for players who had been without a club nearly a year. . .Fixed code in possible comment in the recent signing topic. . Fixed code appearing in competition joint hosts announcement mail. . .Fixed code in Manager Interaction news item concerning Club Survival Chances o Fixed appears in AI Manager comment on user's high flying team Fixed been able to state other managers have criticised another manager when n comments have been made about them in the press Improved managers comments about other managers playing style Match ===== .Fixed AI teams sometimes over-rotating team in important cup matches. . . . . . .

. .Ensured scout only takes a day to scout a full knowledge nation.Players are now transfer listed by request when they come asking to leave and the manager agrees to sell them as soon as possible.Stopped players thinking moving to club more at home will not make him feel mo re at home via homesickness conversation.Improved player reactions in team meetings. .Stopped user in charge of big club from being recommended players of a poor st .Fixed press conference question being asked about opposition goalkeeper being injured with all substitutions made so outfield player has to go in goal as if i t applied to your team.. . . Scouting ======== . .Fixed players getting unhappy about the team underachieving in opening and clo sing stage leagues when the team has won the opening stage of the competition. players who were already at the unresolvabl e stage of unhappiness will now hold a private chat. Team Meetings ============= .Fixed contradictory press conference news item saying the manager is 'pleased with squad' despite stating areas could be strengthened.If a player is unhappy about the number of rivals at the club but are getting first team games they will no longer request to be transfer listed.Stopped the user been able to hold an inappropriate team meeting after losing in the play offs.Previous team meetings are now available from the team meeting screen. . . . . Player Interaction ================== .News item about player having their transfer request refused no longer refers to a 24-year old player as an "ageing". .Fixed not been able to give into players when first talk to them about wanting to leave the club. . . .Scout of smaller club returning with a low amount of results when being assign ed to scout a nation he has full knowledge of. when part of a region/continent. .Stopped players who have just returned from a leave of absence getting unhappy about lack of first team football. .Stopped players unhappy about a lack of first-team football having their unhap piness removed in the close season.Fixed issue that was causing A-league clubs to hire 23 year olds as managers.Fixed press conference discussing chances of avoiding relegation when team has already ensured safety. . .Players are now transfer listed when the user uses the statement "This was onl y going to be a warning but if that is -your attitude I'm going to transfer list you now" in the warning transfer listing conversation. Press Conferences ================= .Stopped players who are already unhappy about wanting to leave getting upset a bout not wanting to leave.When a user takes over a new club.Stopped team meeting suggestions been sent on the same day as a human has a ga me as it ends up telling the user they can't hold a meeting.Players who are on holiday or on a leave of absence can no longer have private chats.Players are B and C teams now report their happiness to the B and C team manag er rather than the A team manager.Recommend possible future staff role conversation no longer ends after the ini tial suggestion. . .

.Finnish youth contract wages after 20 games clause demands reduced.Encouraged Spanish lower league sides to not sign as many free transfers which was leading to bloated squad sizes.Fixed bug where hitting Live just after a replay starts.Uefa nation coefficients now show correctly when starting the game before June 2011.Fixed player on trial states he has previously been offered a contract when he hasn't. .Added missing team talk tone information to the assistant team talk feedback p anel.Stopped important team players being transfer listed and loan listed when nati on not active.Stopped player midway through loan gets another loan offer accepted by parent club and moves to new club. . .Got AI Teams to respond after user offers their negotiated transfer terms for their player. . . . . .andard by a top scout.Helped prevent user from getting duplicate scout reports on same day from same scout. . . .Stopped player demanding 'Team of the Year' bonus. Transfer/Contracts ================== .Encouraged AI Teams to be more pro-active to offload players who they aren't g oing to register for the League.Stopped user being able to offer a higher wage percentage than the board are a llowing for a loan deal. .Fixed when attempting to sell players with admin club the deal will fall throu gh with no explanation.Fixed issue with team award formation panel sometimes not using correct colour s for players.Ensured smaller club's reputations don't fluctuate too much when signing/selli ng players.Encouraged youth players who were previously unwilling to enter contract negot iations with newly appointed manager.Fixed 'Contract Length' being blank when starting contract negotiations in som e cases.Fixed being on holiday when a transfer offer is accepted leads to the news ite m missing the Offer Contract button. . news now appears. .Allowed user to be offered a part time contract that they can accept without a ltering the 'Contract Type' dropdown box. UI == . to enter negotiations.Fixed problem with Swedish youngsters unwilling to move from youth contract to part-time contract.Reduced amount of players from a number of different leagues are moving to the Middle East.Fixed user not being able to progress past a 'Must Respond' news item regardin g a co-ownership decision.Stopped players wage dropping due to activating a 'Wage After Reaching League Games' clause after initially seeing his wage rise due to the 'Match Highest Ear ner' Clause in his contract being activated. doesn't restart the m atch. . . . .Fixed issue where 2 red cards are shown on match screen timebar when only 1 wa s given. when co ntract talks have previously failed. .Stopped player stating it would be a dream to sign for the users club. . despite the division not ha ving a team of the year award. . . . .

Kolding IF and Kolding BK unblocked from various Danish competitions. . .Main Cup 3rd round. . 4th round and Semi-Final now just one leg.Fixed missing extra-time in Club World Championship semis and final not being on Sunday. . .Updated first international transfer window closing date for 2012 onwards.Updated National Second Division prize money.Fixed foreign player rule for the Asian Champions League and Asian Confederati on Cup. Denmark ------. Belarus ------. England ------. .Fixed FA Trophy Final never being played at Wembley. .Stopped Superliga teams getting prize money for win or draw after each match.Removed U21 requirements when home team is from the Danish Series or the Danis h Lower Division.Fixed "A" Group foreign player rules. Bulgaria ------.Competitions ============ Argentina --------.Fixed winter transfer window. Brazil -----.Fixed an issue with fixture scheduling in the Premier Division around Xmas 202 1. . Australia --------. . Asia ---.Added winner/loser prize money to Super Cup.Fixed winter transfer window. Croatia ------. .Adjusted number of teams for Highest and First League for season 2011 and 2012 .Avoid the possibility to have 2 Marquee players in the squad when buying one a nd renewing a contract from Full time to Marquee at the same time.Updated First Division 2012/13 dates Continental ----------. . .Fixed players on trial being able to play in Asian Continental Club competitio ns.Best performing Argentine team in the Copa Sudamericana now qualifies for the Libertadores when Argentina is an inactive league.Updated Cup appearance/prize money.Fixed Highest League fixture clashes.

Updated Durand Cup.Made clubs from French Territories that take part in the French Cup a little b it more varied. Israel -----.Fixed teams playing matches against the same team either away or at home for b oth Opening and Closing stages of Mexican First Division and Promotion League. Finland ------. Mexico -----. India ----. International ------------. France -----.League Cup history is now updated correctly.Fixed an issue where player bans were not being updated for certain matches. . . Poland . Germany ------.Champions Cup group stage is not treated as a "later stage" now. . .Beitar Jerusalem deducted 2 points. . .Europe -----.Fixed Serie C1 and C2 clubs not being able to buy Non-EU players based in Ital y. Hong Kong --------.Fixed an issue where wrong nations were qualified to the Olympic Games in futu re years.Fixed teams having a friendly in-between the first and second league games.Fixed wrong team shown to be at home for Super Cup after a team has won the do uble.Adjusted Finnish Cup attendances. Peru ---.French CFA should now be getting history updated every year when it s not active .Fixed mid-season transfer window.Fixed Mexican Promotion League Opening/Closing Stage wins not being recorded i n Player Achievements.Updated second transfer window. Italy ----.Updated National Football League schedule. .Overage players can now play in U23 team friendly matches.

1. .Changed generic newgen start age from 15 to 16. .Updated Turkish Cup format.Fixed Weighted Lottery player to not always have a contract set after they've .Fixed Premier Division matches being rearranged to be played during the winter break.Sion deducted 36 points. . .Changed Cup prize monies from US Dollar to Russian Ruble.Fixed match rules for the League Cup. Portugal -------. .Updated U18 disciplinary rules.Fixed transfer windows from the 2012/13 season onwards. Spain ----. Switzerland ----------. . . .Russian teams now play friendlies in their winter break. Turkey -----.Premier League schedule and rules updated for season 2012/13 onwards.Fixed Second League first 11 U21 rule (should be players born after 1. .Non-EU Under 19 players in Spain now need to be registered in order to play. .Updated FA Cup disciplinary rules. .Updated Super Cup rules.Fixed missing disciplinary rules for First Division.No more virtual players displayed in the MLS Combine on match day unless they are absolutely necessary due to players multiple injuries. Russia -----.When starting the game in July 2011.New Foreigner rules added. South America ------------. USA --. .1990).Fixed squad registration date for the South American Recopa being too early. Romania ------.Fixed Portuguese Second League clubs having short summer break for players.Turkish 2nd division now stays at 17 teams per group with 3 teams relegated ea ch season.Discovery Player rule has been improved.-----. . South Korea ----------.Fixed second reserve group teams only playing each other twice.Updated relegation system. the Russian Super Cup in 2012 is now setu p with the correct teams. Serbia -----. .

. Wales ----.Fixed format of the Welsh League Cup.Goal bonuses are now available on MLS contracts.Players wage demands in the scout reports have been improved.MLS Academy Apprentice contract wages are now correct when the players got gen erated.Universidad Católica now play their home games against Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile at their own Stadium.Fixed an issue where players could be signed in the MLS even if they were goin g to break the salary cap without the possibility to remove any other players fr om the squad to make more room. SHARE: Channels All News Announcements Client Updates Press Releases Product Releases Product Updates Steam Blog MY NEWS My Games SYNDICATED Eurogamer Kotaku Left 4 Dead Official Blog PC Gamer Portal 2 Official Blog Rock.been assigned to a club. Shotgun Shacknews TF2 Official Blog Search | Archive 2012 Mar Feb Jan ARCHIVES BY YEAR 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 SHOP BY GENRE SHOP BY CATEGORY ABOUT STEAM ABOUT VALVE HELP TOOLS NEWS FEEDS Publisher Catalogs 1C Company 2K Games Activision Akella Bethesda Big Fish Games . Uruguay ------.Fixed issue with Sporting Kansas City players making debuts when they played f or the old Kansas club. Paper. .Fixed allocation funds to be increased of max 650k $ when a MLS club receive m oney from a transfer made with monthly payments. . . . . Rockstar Games Sandlot Games SEGA Sony Online SouthPeak Games SQUARE ENIX. Privacy Policy Legal Steam Subscriber Agreement . NCsoft Nordic Games NovaLogic Paradox Interactive PlayFirst PopCap Prima Games RailSimulator. All trademarks are property of thei r respective owners in the US and other countries. All rights reserved. Get your game on Steam About Valve | Business Solutions | Steamworks | Source Engine | Cyber Cafés | Jobs © 2012 Valve Corporation.bitComposer Games Bohemia Interactive Capcom City Interactive Codemasters Deep Silver Electronic Arts Epic Games Focus Her Interactive id Software Interplay iWin Kalypso Konami LucasArts Majesco Meridian4 MumboJumbo Namco Networks America. Eidos Interactive Strategy First Team17 Software Telltale Games THQ Tilted Mill Topware Ubisoft Valve Viva Media Warner Bros.

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