The word 'Sampoorn' is a Sanskrit word which means "Whole and Complete".

Eyeyoga is a term coined and registered by Sampoorn Wellbeing Technologies Private Limited. It is a wide term and refers to a holistic life style for healthy eyes. Sampoorn Eyeyoga consists of Eye exercises Diet Eye Massage Laughter meditation Acupressure

Eye Exercises Palming Sun Treatment Eye Wash Owl Eyes Candle Concentration Game Of Ball Snellen's Chart Candle Reading Pendulam

Eye Massage : Accupressure for Eye Treatment

Eye massage : The areas around the eyes are massaged gently to increase the blood circulation in this area.

Accupressure : Acupressure therapy was known in India 5000 years ago. Acupressure is the science of applying accurate pressure to particulars parts of the body.

masoor etc at least thrice a week. diet is responsible for one's well being and health. celery. A proper diet is of vital importance for healthy eyes. It has been researched that during deep laughter (belly laughter) our thoughts cease and the mind becomes still. lime. papaya. At Sampoorn we have a Laughter meditation room where participants are encourages to laugh and then mediate. Greens like palak. Laughter helps you to relax your body and mind. He says 'Quieter the mind. methi. 2. pumpkin etc. If you want to do it as meditation the whole body should participate in the laughter. . green pepper. 3. milk. In the morning and before you go to sleep. At the end of the laughing stage do palming for 5 minutes. Laughter : According to Dr. chicken. dals etc. Proteins rich diet like fish. 4. Sampoorn Eyeyoga suggests a diet which is good not only for the eyes but for the total health. It should be belly laughter. Sprouted wheat. oranges etc are important. W. and what better way can there be to quieter the mind than by laughter. 'Netradwayan' . Bates the eyes and mind are related. explains that the eyes and stomach are related what you eat has a direct effect on the eyes. Good amount of vitamin C rich fruits like amla. moong. better is the eyesight'. matki. also a clean digestive system improves vision. cabbage etc. Orange fruits and vegetables like carrots.H. laugh continuously for minimum 5 minutes. 5.Diet : According to the Ancient Ayurvedic Science.the ancient book of Ayurveda about eyes. guava. mango. For healthy eyes include the following in your diet 1.

. Move your head from side to side while reading so that the word you are reading is directly under your nose.Preservation of good eyesight is almost impossible without proper eye education and mental relaxation. Sunlight is best source of light. Even while looking upwards the upper eyelids should not be raised but only the chin. Thelachrymal glands under the upper eyelid produce an antiseptic fluid that cleans the eyes. blinking keeps the eye moist. While using electric light. Sunlight is best source of light. The quieter the mind better is the eyesight. see that the light comes from the back and falls on the paper. Shift your glance constantly from one point to another. Keep your eyelids half closed. While writing While writing keep your attention on the tip of the pen with which you are writing. The book or newspaper should be held under the chin so that the eyes are half closed. However do not let the sunlight fall directly on the paper you are reading. Keep blinking normally. While using electric light. Do not lie down and read. Mentally make a note of the fact that printed matter is black and the paper is white. Read in proper light. while reading or watching a distant object. While reading blink once in every line. To use your eyes correctly follow the following instruction:General hints for Eye Care Learn right blinking. Also. Blink once in every line. Blinking is a quick method to give rest to the eyes. However do not let the sunlight fall directly on the paper you are reading. But do not go on writing and reading simultaneously. see that the light comes from the back and falls on the paper. Also do not read in moving vehicles. Turn your head in the direction in which you are looking. While reading Hold the book at a distance from where it is seen best. If you want to check what you have written then stops writing and hold the paper in your hands and read as per the above instruction.

For 1 hour. 4. Have a proper lighting in the room. Tel No : 91-22-26592477 E-mail : Kuntinagwekar@yahoo. Sampoorn Well-being Technologies Private Limited Om Shanti. Have proper lighting in the room. Blink frequently and normally.While working with the computer See that the screen is below your eye level so that your eyelids are half .co. Ground Floor. Do palming for 5 to 10 minutes after watching T. Shift your glance from the T. See that your posture is comfortable and that you are not bending too much straining your neck and back viramagrawal@yahoo. Do not lie on the stomach and watch T. Have a comfortable distance between your eyes and the computer screen. Shift your glance from the computer screen to a distant object for 2 minutes (while blinking) after every 30-40 minutes.V. Screen should be below your eye level.400 051. V. Do palming for 5-10 minutes after working on the computer for 1 hour. Mumbai . While watching television Sit at a comfortable distance from the T. V. Blink regularly and normally. Kalanagar. The T . Bandra (East). screen to a distant object for 2 minutes after every 30-40 minutes. .

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