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Glendale, CA 91203 Phone: (818) 731-1397

A Successful, Accomplished Software Business Executive

An experienced, accomplished corporate executive, with a long and proven track record in ensuring the highest levels of operational profitability and efficiency. A history of accomplishment in ensuring firms maximizes their potential in a constantly changing business environment. Proven in taking on fledgling or underperforming operations, establishing new cultures and processes, and leading the firms to their peak potential. Has successfully piloted a turn-around operations, taking a firm from underperformance to successful buy-out candidate. Proficient in developing and implementing creative and innovative business solutions, and has an extensive, diverse technology expertise. Has spearheaded successful sales and marketing efforts, and adept in developing and cultivating successful, long-term business and client relationships.

Summary of Qualifications

Management & Operations Maximizing Financial Performance Strategic Planning Staff Training & Development Policy & Procedural Development Sales & Marketing Coordination

Enhancing Shareholder Value Contract and Deal Negotiation Information Technology Telecommunications Quality Assurance Client Relations

Professional Experience
MER COMMUNICATIONS Tel Aviv, Israel COO North America (2007-2009) ( Responsible for managing day-to-day company operations, profit and loss, strategic planning, policy and procedural development, staff training and development, contract negotiation, report preparation, client relations, and handling a wide variety of special projects. Selected Accomplishments:

Was retained after the TelSoft acquisition to aid in the turn-around an underachieving company, and presided over restoring the firm to a profitable, efficient operation. Established and implemented new programs and processes which resulted in a leaner, streamlined, effective organization. Spearheaded the successful consolidation of operations, closing unprofitable offices and running operations from one centralized location. In consolidating operations, also trained administrative personnel to successfully perform all day to day maintenance renewal functions. Consolidated $4 million of software maintenance revenue into one office, which played a key role in firms consistent cost-effectiveness and maximizing financial performance.

TELSOFT SOLUTIONS, INC. Glendale, California CEO (1993-2007) ( Responsible for coordinating daily company operations, profit and loss, corporate strategic planning, directing sales and marketing activities, negotiating Tele-Management software licensing agreements, establishing relationships with major vendors and distributors, staff training and development, recruitment, client relations, and other managerial functions.

Selected Accomplishments:

Was hired to turn company around, as company was losing more than $100,000 per month, with outstanding loans of $3.3 million. Quickly restructured companys operations and firm rapidly returned to profitability, as well as viability within the market. Implemented software development life cycle methodologies in order to fix the past-due and overbudget Tele-Management software development projects. Found and corrected significant over-billings and vendor-caused project overruns. Managed the creation of new versions every 14 months. Established and implemented new sales and marketing strategies, which played a key role in companys successful resurgence. Presided over an increase in sales from $500,000 to $1.4 million within a 12-month period, the result of improved maintenance contract agreements, as well as increased software customization revenue. Personally negotiated a software licensing agreement with a major shared-tenant provider for $500,000, which was used to pay back a large share of the VCs $3.3 million. Restructured Help Desk Services Divisions, a process which resulted in unit becoming a key profit center for the company. Established and cultivated relationship with a major PBX distributor, which resulted in a distributor contract which would account for 20% of the firms annual revenue.

INDEPENDENT CONSULTING WORK Consultant (1977-1992) Handled various independent consulting assignments, working with many high-profile firms. Selected Accomplishments: Project Management

Managed a team of contractors in reclaiming 21 gigabytes of DASD storage for UTC-OTIS elevator, which resulted in a budget savings of more than $1 million. Managed team of salaried and contract personnel at Pacific Bell through two ASR releases, as well as the conversion of CICS order entry system to a portable packaged product; also assisted in key marketing efforts for program, and earned Outstanding Leadership Award. Successfully managed team of salaried and contract personnel at Hughes Electro Optical in the development and installation of IMS DB/DC engineer/purchase order change tracking system, utilizing Yourdon Life Cycle methods. Coordinated the conversion and installation of a mechanized maintenance scheduling and productivity monitoring package for managing vehicles and power plants: Project was accomplished for clients of the Assist Corporation. Planned, organized, and facilitated an Information Strategy Planning project for a group of international IS executives at UTC-OTIS elevator, with purpose to develop an Enterprise Model, followed by a Global Common Systems Development Plan; model included Line-Of-Business matrixed to Cost-of-Function by country, process hierarchy, process dependency diagrams, common application architecture, data architecture, and future technology architecture. Catalogued and evaluated the GEMSTAR requirements documentation developed by an outside firm for Pacific Bell; instructed project managers and design/analysts on how to interpret the Yourdon methodology used to document the requirements, and then how to transform requirements into design specifications. Customized a Structured System Life Cycle guideline and deliverables checklist of the GEMSTAR project; documentation deliverables were to be based on Accelerator CASE tool format; personally integrated Fast Tracking project management strategies, and developed multi-phase Project Cost Training Matrix. Evaluated the System Development Life Cycle guidelines, enhanced them based on Ward/Mellors Structured Development for Real Time Systems for the Trident Submarine and Missile project.

Information Strategy Planning

Methodology & Case Tools

Case Configuration Costing

Analyzed requirements and developed a detailed CASE Configuration Cost Matrix for implementing, training, maintaining, and managing a complete System Development lifecycle CASE tool configuration, including hardware for UTC-OTIS Elevator. Facilitated, using a version of Boeings Consensus Methodology to obtain consensus on the goals/objectives of the Staff Productivity Monitoring and Reporting System for telephone service requests at Pacific Bell. Facilitated joint requirements gathering and design sessions, which resulted in the Easy Access Request System for Pacific Bell. Facilitated the JAD and the Quality Assurance sessions, which resulted in a Distributed Order Entry system for Carnation Foods. Developed the preliminary Otis Elevator Service Center system requirements models. Used Accelerator for modeling the system requirements and Architect for modeling the IDMS database requirements. Assisted in the design of an online CICS Access Service Request and Tracking system for Pacific Bell, using the Yourdon methodology. Access Service Requests, Pacific Bell Automated Teller Machines, Security Pacific Bank Asset Management, California Federal Savings Distributed Order Processing, Carnation Foods Engineer/Purchase Order Tracking, Hughes Electro-Optical Subject Matter Database Design, CIA/TRW Power Plant Maintenance, Iowa Power/Southern California Edison Vehicle Maintenance, City of Detroit, Toledo Edison Lottery, State of Michigan Tax Assessment, City of Detroit Court of Appeals, State of Michigan Inventory, Chrysler Import/Export Parts Center Bill of Lading, John V. Carr Accounting, Burroughs Budget Allocation, Massey-Ferguson

Consensus-JRP-JAD Sessions

Process & Data Models

Key Applications

EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Ypsilanti, Michigan Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Philosophy. References available upon request