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Better look through ‘trash’ again

There is a saying: “One per-
son’s trash is another person’s
more companies started manu-
facturing throwaway contain-
treasure.” Collectors under- ers. Current prices are recorded from
stand this better than most In 1930 pictures of animals or antiques shows, flea markets,
other people. Old ads, milk bot- presidents were added to Dixie sales and auctions throughout
tles, worn shoes, spark plugs, cup ice-cream lids. Movie stars the United States. Prices vary in
barbed wire, insulators, credit were featured in 1933 and war different locations because of
cards, swizzle sticks, key-chain planes and ships in the 1940s.
Easter Dawn Worship Easter Day Worship
local economic conditions. Sunrise Service 7:00 a.m. Service 10:30 a.m.
tags and empty boxes that once Sample prices for cups from followed by complimentary followed by Easter Egg Hunt
■ Piggy bank, ‘I Made Chicago Pancake Breakfast & for the Children
held bullets all are seriously past years by various manufac- Easter Egg Hunt for the Children 230 Weil Road • Cibolo (just off FM 1103)
collected by turers include a Coca-Cola cup, Famous,’ black, cast iron, Arcade, 1530 Kitty Hawk Road • Universal City

groups who 1960, $20; Popeye on a Happy c. 1900, 4 inches, $255. Celebrate Easter with us as we worship the Risen Savior! • 210-659-3311 •

RALPH AND have even KING FEATURES SYNDICATE Birthday cup, 1950s, $8; Dairy ■Deb-U-Teen Lunch and Thermo
formed clubs to This Tarzan ice-cream cup was Queen cup, 1949, $8; and Votes
bottle kit, Styrofoam thermos,
TERRY KOVEL trade informa-
made by Lily-Tulip Cup Corp. in
the 1930s. Hake’s Americana and
for Women, Empire States,
1915, $200. Hasbro, 1950s, $455.
ANTIQUES & Did you ever Collectibles of Timonium, Md., It pays to save trash. ■
COLLECTING think of saving
Cast-iron doorstop, English
priced it at $518. You can find Q. I am 89 and still have a bulldog puppies in barrel, signed
old paper cups? paper-cup collectibles for much 1902 bathing suit that belonged ‘Steacy & Wilton Co.,
Not just any less, but this one is rare and in to my mother. It’s a navy-blue
Wrightsville, Pa., copyright 1932,’
paper cup. It should be deco- mint condition. sailor suit with white trim, leg-
rated to show it was used at an gings and high, laced shoes. 63⁄4 by 81⁄4 inches, $695.
event like a World’s Fair or the The shoes are not in good — Ralph and Terry Kovel
Olympics. Or it should have an rated in 1909 to make the cups, shape, but the rest of it is.
important brand name or pic- and by 1919 it was named the What do you think I could sell
ture celebrities. The cup’s deco- Dixie Cup Co. At first no one it for? might pay $100 or more for
ration must indicate either an wanted disposable cups, but A. Many suits the age of your suit.
event or a date. during the flu epidemic of 1918, your mother’s came with leg-
The Dixie cup, one of the laws banned public communal gings and shoes. Women took Write to Kovels, San Antonio
world’s oldest paper cups, was drinking glasses. Soon paper the shoes off, then went into Express-News, King Features
just an idea in 1907. The Public cups were also used to hold ice the water, leggings and all. Col- Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., 15th
Cup Vendor Co. was incorpo- cream and other products, and lectors of vintage clothing Floor, New York, NY 10019.

‘Lifetime of love and collecting’ fill home

CONTINUED FROM 10E “I just lug stuff around until I
find a use for it,” says Gorman,
acres. She and her husband, Bill, who began collecting early Amer-
who died in 1996, restored a 1914 ican antiques more than a half-
hospital in town and lived there century ago. Her love of old
13 years. things began with a black iron
“When I walked in this awful- teakettle she discovered in a junk-
looking thing and I saw the walls, yard in Tyler.
I said, ‘Whoa. Wait a minute,’ ” “I thought that was the living
she recalls, noting the 18-inch- end,” she says. “I couldn’t wait to
thick double brick walls. Gorman get home and plant red gerani-
first settled into a three-room cot- ums in it.”
tage on the property, formerly the Gorman no long has the teaket-
display house at Apelt Armadillo tle — “I wish I did” — but she
Farm. The space that Gorman lives surrounded by antiques and
filled to brimming with folk art is the history they impart.
previously where armadillo The entryway is filled with
shells were transformed and sold pieces from the William and
as baskets, lampshades, ashtrays GLORIA FERNIZ/STAFF Mary era. Her bedroom is Queen
and purses. Assorted churns and firkins sit alongside a kitchen island that comprises Anne. Upstairs, there’s a Shaker
She lived there as work pro- three separate pieces. Gorman added the kitchen to her 1898 house. room.
gressed on the main house and Portraits of George Washington
the property.
A building that housed arma-
SEE FOR YOURSELF ing what she owns. “I wouldn’t
have anything you couldn’t touch
and Abraham Lincoln hang in
the library, a front room fitted
dillos — an eyesore with a critter- Harriette Gorman’s house will be or use.” with custom bookcases painted a
keeping 10-foot-deep ditch and 10- among six houses featured on Though it pained her, she says, rich teal and filled with books
foot-tall fence around it — was the Comfort Heritage she cut up handmade crewel fab- about historical figures. She used
demolished. From it, Gorman sal- Foundation Tour of Homes. ric to make curtains for the living the same teal color on wainscot-
vaged wide pecky cypress boards room and library. A smart red ing, dentil molding and beams. A
that now enclose the space under When: Noon-5 p.m. April 14. and teal plaid loveseat in the li- 48-star flag stands in one corner,
the stairs in the main house. The Tickets: In advance, $12. Call Taxi brary wears part of Gorman’s and a portrait of Thomas Jeffer-
restored one-room rock building Breithaupt at (830) 995-5018. large collection of homespun fab- son hangs above the loveseat.
by the highway, formerly an ar- Day of tour, $15, starting at 11 ric — cloth pioneers wove from “This is the love of my life,”
madillo barbecue stand, will be- thread they spun from flax or cot- she says, admiring the Jefferson
a.m. at Comfort State Bank
come an antiques shop. ton they grew or wool from their portrait. “He’s my favorite. He
One of Gorman’s greatest chal- Building, High and Seventh sheep. She notes the sun will de- was an ingenious American.”
lenges in the renovation was add- streets. teriorate the cloth, so she plans to A table in the center of the
ing a kitchen, pantry and laun- Also: Tour booklets available at have shutters made for the win- room displays old marbles and
dry room to the main house. On- Comfort State Bank Building. dow by the loveseat. other games, even an old deck of
ly a slab remained where the The original house on the prop- playing cards, showing that early
original kitchen had been. “Over most brand new by her standards erty, a log cabin built in 1854, was Americans weren’t all work. She
a period of a hundred-something at an estimated 80 years old. taken down and reconstructed log marvels at the handwork on rugs
years, you just do what you have Against the back of the chest, she by log as a back entrance to the and the craftsmanship of the fur-
to,” she says of the evolution of set a German desk top that looks main house. Like the rest of the niture. “It was made on some-
the house. like a small trunk atop a low New house, the buttery — the New one’s fingers,” she says often as
The light-filled addition that England table. Above it hangs a England term for a pantry — is she looks at various pieces in the
spans the back of the house mar- light fixture Gorman had made filled with relics from ages past. house.
ries well with the original struc- from a cone-shaped fire bucket. Here, Gorman incorporated a set With every item, she can relate
ture, thanks to carefully chosen One of Gorman’s many pas- of stairs that years ago found a story about where she found it,
materials and antique furnish- sions is lighting, and she has ev- their way from a New England how it was made or how it was
ings. Bricks laid in a herringbone erything from small oil-burning house to an antiques shop here. used.
pattern complement pumpkin-col- betty lamps to an 18th-century The faded blue paint and a tread “What you have here is a life-
ored cabinets and maple counters scissor light to a goat-skin shaded worn thin from generations of time of love and collecting,” Gor-
in the kitchen. (Gorman says feis- lamp she had fashioned from a use attracted her, though “every- man says. And she’s not done.
tily that she wouldn’t reveal her brass eagle finial atop a piece of body in town thought I was crazy There’s the barn to renovate
custom paint colors even if she tramp art. She also collects — and for buying it.” and the garden to create at the
remembered them, to discourage uses — Pennsylvania redware In their current home, the place she’s contemplating naming
copycats.) pottery, pewter, early clothes stairs sit against a wall and rise Gorman-Dillo Farm “because I’m
Gorman fashioned an island hangers and treenware, kitchen- to the ceiling, their newfound the only one who cared enough to
from three pieces. The work area ware and implements fashioned purpose to display other objects fix it up.”
across from the sink is an eight- from single pieces of wood. and to show off the patina that
drawer chest with bin pulls — al- Gorman is emphatic about us- comes with time and use.

Feeding nitrogen and iron: There’s a trick to it

Our plants are growing at 90 years just to the iron becomes insoluble and rily.
mph. Warm weather and recent monitor things. some plants will begin to show The best ways to solve iron
rains have combined to give us Phosphorus iron deficiency. First signs of deficiency follow different paths.
maximum spring growth, or so tends to accu- shortages will appear as yellow- You can replace the alkaline soil
it would seem. Still, there are mulate in clay ing of the end leaves. As the entirely. Create a planting mix
some things you can do to have soils. It leaches problem progresses, the blades that has generous amounts of
even more success with the away in loams will turn more yellow but the organic matter. Material such as
plants in your landscape and and sands but, veins will remain dark green. peat moss, compost and pine
garden, and most of them re- again, the only Eventually the leaves will turn bark mulch are naturally acidic,
volve around proper feedings. way to tell for pale green all over. In severe so iron remains soluble in them.
Plants need nitrogen to pro- sure is to have cases, they will even be almost Of course, they’re not inexpen-
duce new stems and leaves.
Therefore, anytime you want a NEIL the soil tested.
If the report
white, then browned and
sive, so you can only justify go-
ing to those measures for plants
plant to grow more vigorously,
the answer you’ll hear every-
where will be to apply a high-ni-
SPERRY says you need
to apply only ni-
trogen, believe
Iron deficiency is also called
chlorosis, and plants that are
likely to show it around San An-
that will stay small and whose
roots won’t outgrow the pre-
pared planting medium. Best
trogen fertilizer. TO EARTH it and follow its tonio include wisterias, ligus- trick of all: Stay away from
However, there’s a lot more to guidelines no trums, mimosas, bald cypresses, plants you know need high lev-
the story than that. You see, the matter what box elders, cherry laurels and, els of iron in the first place. Af-
middle number in the three- type of plant you’re trying to for anyone who tries to grow ter all, why create a problem
number fertilizer analysis repre- grow. Texas has several high- them, azaleas, camellias and dog- when it’s just as easy to create a
sents the phosphorus content of quality, nitrogen-only fertilizers. woods. It can show up in many solution?
the fertilizer. Phosphorus pro- Ideally, half or more of the nitro- other species, but the pattern of Proper feeding is not a diffi-
motes roots, flowers and fruit, so gen should be in slow-release yellowing will always be the cult or complicated task. It just
the normal conclusion would be form. It may seem odd to add same; that is, on the newest requires common sense and a
that you need to add more phos- only nitrogen to a rose garden growth first. little bit of study. From that
phorus to your flower and vege- or tomato patch, but if that’s You might figure you can just point on, your plants will take
table gardens. Right? Well, not what the soil test suggests, you add a little iron to solve all care of the rest.
so fast. Phosphorus may already need to follow its findings. these shortages, but again, it’s
be there in plentiful quantities. The other critical element that not all that easy. If you’re gar- Neil Sperry is publisher of Neil
In fact, your soil may actually is often deficient is iron. Its dening in an alkaline soil and if Sperry’s Gardens magazine. His
have too much phosphorus, to story is equally complicated, but you add more iron, it may be- Down to Earth column appears
the point that it adversely affects boiling it all down to the basics, come insoluble, too, just like the Saturdays in S.A. Life. Though
the growth of your plants. iron comes in two forms: soluble iron that is already there. So time does not permit Sperry to
The only way you can tell and insoluble. It will be in the you need to add iron in tandem answer individual gardening
whether you have too much soluble form when soils are with sulfur. The sulfur acts to questions, readers may suggest
phosphorus is with an accurate acidic, so plants will be able to form sulfuric acid when it gets topics for future columns by
soil test. It’s a good idea to have assimilate any amount that they wet, and that will help keep the sending him an e-mail at
one run every two or three need. In alkaline soils, however, iron available, at least tempora-