Well Commander

Mitigate drilling hazards with the industry’s most versatile drilling valve

Features ■■ Benefits ■■ Generous flow-through area via multiple ports Ball catcher has up to 18 ball capacity (9 cycles) The same-size ball opens and closes the ports Available in 5 in. 8 1/4 in. enhanced hole cleaning and efficient fluid displacement by boosting annular velocities in conjunction with pipe rotation Will not function prematurely from high circulation or tripping rates Saves tripping time.. mud motor and more ■■ Easy spotting of LCM or wellbore strengthening material (WSM) while drilling Cuttings-beds removal. 7 in. and 9 1/2 in. outer diameter for all drillstring configurations No internal tool connections Tool activation mechanism locks into open or closed position Tool activation mechanism isolated from circulating fluids Ball catcher permits smaller ball and/or limited wireline access below the Well Commander* tool even after it has been activated Optional shut-off ball prevents coarse lost-circulation material (LCM) from entering sensitive bottomhole assembly elements such as logging while drilling (LWD)/measurement while drilling (MWD)/core barrel. multiple trips without redressing the tool Simplifies reverse circulation through the tool Boosts annular velocities above an underreamer for enhanced hole cleaning Elevates circulation rates with minimal pressure drop Functions in water or invert-emulsion drilling fluids as well as clear brines Provides jetting functionality in the blowout preventer (BOP) Permits running other ball-activated tools below ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Permits limited wireline access for freepoint indicators or other elements Promotes filling or draining the workstring while tripping ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ..

with no impact on the BHA. eCONOMICS The Well Commander tool uses the same size operating ball to open and close the ports Open circulating ports provide generous flow area The high flow rates achieved through the tool’s generous ports save time and money in spotting effective LCM/WSM treatments or kill-weight fluids and reduce circulating time during displacements. The tool is also used to help fill or drain the drillstring during trips to control surge and swab pressures and to enhance tripping operations by minimizing fluid discharge. underbalanced and managed-pressure drilling. without having to pass the material through size. The tool also helps avoid problems such as cuttings beds and packoffs in extended-reach wells. APPLICATIONS Extended-reach drilling. thus avoiding drilling fluid spills and promoting a safer work environment. so a slug can work every time at any angle. underreaming operations. preventing effective hole cleaning while drilling or displacing wellbore fluids.and concentration-limiting downhole tools. logging tools or the bit. The Well Commander tool also boosts annular velocities during drilling or completion operations. The Well Commander tool lets you perform the necessary operations by providing a large flow area bypass on demand through as many as nine open-and-close cycles in one trip. can also be highly advantageous. eNvIrONMeNTAL The tool allows even small-diameter workstrings to drain easily during a trip by bypassing restrictive BHA equipment. for I-Boss* applications WSM. These same BHAs can also limit the size and concentration of LCM or WSM that can be placed in troublesome zones. and mud motors. core barrels. Well Commander tool . SOLuTIONS The Well Commander tool is a ball-activated drilling valve placed above sensitive bottomhole assembly equipment such as MWD and LWD tools. This is typically done to prevent or remove cuttings-beds buildup. enhance fluid displacement or simplify reverse circulation. many hazards may be encountered that must be mitigated to permit successful completion on the interval. For instance.Spot pills and increase circulation exactly where you want. It provides an alternate circulation path for performing critical functions including placing LCM or. spotting LCM or kill-weight fluid. such as an underreamer. restrictive bottom hole assemblies (BHAs) can limit the flow rate and annular velocity. in troublesome zones. and other applications for conditioning or displacing wellbore fluids at high flow rates. Placing the tool above other ball-drop tools. PrOBLeMS During drilling operations.

This bypass ball catcher captures the balls to one side of the inside diameter to facilitate positioning other ball-drop tools below it. The ports remain in the same position until the tool is activated by dropping a ball and pressuring up to shift the circulating port. Advantages Unique ball-seat technology allows the same-size ball to open and close the tool. Ball landing Drop ball on connection and pump down to tool. No complicated ball/dart sequence or potentially problematic pump on/off hydraulic sequencing is required to open and close the tool. high circulation rates will not cause the tool to function prematurely. eliminating the risk of dropping the wrong size ball. 7. Bypass ball catcher Bypass ball catcher captures activation and BHA shut-off balls to the side permitting high flow rate with minimal pressure loss and allowing smaller balls to pass through it. with the capacity of the ball catcher (18 balls/9 cycles) being the only limit. Ball lands on seat. This ball is expelled with the subsequent operating ball.How it works The Well Commander tool is run into or pulled out of the hole with the ports locked open or closed. Additionally. BHA shut off Optional shut-off ball can be landed on lower ball seat to prevent LCM or WSM from entering the BHA while treating the formation. A smaller BHA shut-off ball can be dropped to prevent fluid flow or solids deposition at the top of the BHA. The operating balls and BHA-shutoff balls are collected in the ball-catcher assembly below the tool. The tool uses the same size operating ball to open and close the ports. 1. Pressure is applied. . 4. as smaller activation balls can pass through the Well Commander tool and ball catcher.

2. Open circulation Majority of flow passes through the ports with lower pressure to allow increased pump rates. Ball bypassing The activation balls for these other tools will pass through the bypass ball catcher. ports open and ball proceeds to ball catcher below tool. . 9. 3. while some flow is maintained through the bit for lubrication. valve activation When pressure exceeds activation pressure. Other activation balls Other ball activation tools that use smaller diameter balls can be positioned below the Well Commander tool as the ball will not activate it. 5. 6. the BHA shut-off and activation balls move to the ball catcher. valve closing The BHA shut-off ball is removed when subsequent activation ball closes the ports. 8. BHA shut off removal After pressuring up on the activation ball.

core barrels.and concentrationlimiting downhole tools. the Well Commander tool allows spotting/removing of kill-weight fluid in the vertical section prior to commencing the trip/additional drilling. The ports also promote jetting BOP cavities at high flow rates. The Well Commander tool is placed above sensitive bottomhole assembly equipment such as MWD and LWD tools. The Well Commander tool can assist in removing cuttings beds in high-angle/ horizontal wells and can efficiently displace fluids by boosting annular velocities. such as preventing cuttings-beds buildup by boosting circulating annular velocities during drilling or completion operations and/or spotting LCM or WSM (I-Boss applications) in troublesome zones without passing the material through size. when properly positioned. The tool can be used to good effect for conditioning wellbore fluids at high flow rates in any drilling or displacement string. This very versatile and reliable tool also permits easy spotting of LCM during drilling operations. Finally. In extended-reach drilling (ERD) or other drilling applications that encroach on fracture pressure. Applications The Well Commander tool provides an alternate circulation path for mitigating drilling hazards. and mud motors.A smaller BHA shut-off ball can be used to isolate flow to the bit during LCM or WSM operations. the tool can assist in spotting WSM pills in troublesome zones without routing the treatments through the BHA and bit. The Well Commander tool is easily redressed. In horizontal underbalanced and managed-pressure drilling (UBD/MPD) applications. . Other applications include enhanced hole cleaning during hole-opening/underreaming operations. it can be used as a fill-and-drain sub in any drilling or displacement string to avoid swabbing or surging the open hole.

The open and close cycling can be repeated on a single trip until the maximum capacity of the ball catcher is reached. WSM. for I-Boss applications. another operating ball is dropped and pumped down to the tool ball seat. there is still a small percentage of fluid circulating around the BHA. The Well Commander tool can be run on multiple trips before redress is required. an operating ball is dropped and pumped down to the Well Commander tool.Operations The Well Commander tool is normally positioned above the BHA. The operating ball and the BHA shut-off ball are both expelled into the ball catcher and the valve returns to its original. the tool is primed to open. When the operating ball lands on the seat and pressure is applied. the Well Commander tool can be opened to displace kill-weight fluid prior to tripping to simplify the operation. differently colored BHA shut-off ball. Note that in this open position. When the ball lands on the seat and pressure is applied. MWD/LWD tools. The valve is run in the hole in the closed position. The pressure is allowed to bleed off before continuing operations. If these materials have the potential for damaging any of the BHA components. Increased pressure drives the ball through the ball seat and a pressure drop is observed. the pump rate can then be increased to circulate at higher annular velocities through the open ports. This smaller-diameter shut-off ball can also be used for stopping flow to the bit. Contact M-I SWACO today to hear how the reliable Well Commander tool is saving time and money on drilling projects around the world. the tool can be used to spot LCM or. the tool is primed to close via an indexing system. closed position. motor or small-diameter drillstring. The operating ball is expelled into the ball catcher. The ball catcher can be emptied at surface during each trip. Once on bottom. It can also remain open while tripping into the hole to avoid surging and allow the pipe to readily fill. When the need arises to open the circulating ports. Get more done on your next well with the Well Commander tool from M-I SWACO Let one of our representatives introduce you to all the benefits you can get from this versatile workhorse of a drilling valve. In managed-pressure or underbalanced drilling operations. It can remain open while tripping out of the hole to avoid swabbing and permit tripping dry. In this position. and the tool advances to the locked-open position. Increased pressure drives the ball through the ball seat and a pressure drop is observed. keeping it lubricated. flow to the bit can be isolated by dropping a smaller. an operating ball can be pumped to close the Well Commander valve and commence operations. . The tool remains inactive during normal drilling operations. With the circulating ports open. To close the Well Commander tool and restore all the flow through the BHA again.

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