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Momentum Transfer
 Energy Transfer
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Honors Physics / Unit 10 / MTET – 1 –
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2-D Collisions Experiment
Honors Physics / Unit 10 / MTET
 Modeling Workshop Project © 2006 2
 Worksheet 1: Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
1.The diagram shows a ballistic pendulum, a system for measuring the speed of a bullet. The bullet, with mass 5 g, is fired into a block of wood with mass 2 kg, suspended like a pendulum, and makes a completely inelastic collision with it. After the impact of the bullet, the block swings up to a maximum height 3 cm.2.A 1.0 kg block at rest on a horizontal frictionless surface is connected to an unstretched spring with spring constant k = 200 N/m whose other end is fixed to a wall. A 2.0 kg block moving at 4.0 m/s collides with the 1.0 kg  block. If the two blocks stick together the instant they collide, what will be the maximum compression of the spring?
Honors Physics / Unit 10 / MTET – 3 –
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