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SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES TERM / WEEK Term 1 Week 1-4 TOPIC Theme: managing International Relations Chap 6: Managing

Peace and Security: Deterrence and Diplomacy OBJECTIVES

CURRICULUM OUTLINE ASSIGNMENTS / ASSESSMENT Level 1 1. Content Worksheet: Reasons for conflict between countries and how Singapore practice deterrence and diplomacy 2. Class Discussion : Newspaper articles (file) 3. Additional Reading: File notes on UN & ASEAN 4. 1 SBQ Class Practice: Is the United Nations Effective? Level 1 Content and skill teaching SEQ Skills : Balanced Conclusion egs of questions in File notes Revise SBQ skills- Inferential, Reliability Level 2 Going Beyond To develop students pride and belief in the future of Singapore; to enable students to see Singapore as a small but valuable member of the international community Level 3 To understand how Singapore can fulfill its role in the international community 5. 1SBQ Homework : Is ASEAN effective in handling challenges. Level 2 Worksheet Printout (does size matter) Level 3 1. Research and analyses the effectiveness of Singapores effort to help countries affected by natural disasters 2. Why is it important for Singapore to lend her hand to the other countries in need? (Differentiated Instructions)


To create awareness in students what is happening at the international levels and the different methods countries employ when confronted with a conflict To gain an understanding of the causes of international conflicts and how Singapore uses a 2 pronged approach: Deterrence and Diplomacy to handle such tension erSchoolBus/


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SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES Term 1 Theme: Managing Week 5-7 Peace And Security:

Book 4 Chap 1: Regional And International Conflict Case Study of Iraq-Kuwait Conflict Transnational Terrorism

CURRICULUM OUTLINE Level 1 To be aware that conflict can 1. Discussion on Video clips on terrorist occur when different people attacks and Iraq/Kuwait Conflict have different interests To also be aware that different 2. Content Worksheet approaches can be used to resolve the conflict 3. Worksheet printout (My point of view; impact of the gulf war; impact of Level 1 terrorism) Content and skill teaching Revise SEQ Skills : Relative 4. 1 SEQ Class Practice Importance Level 2 Going Beyond To show that the threat of terrorism is very real and current ; To allow students to realized that no place is safe for potential terrorist activities Level 3 To understand how different countries resolve threats Level 2 1. Research on attacks worldwide 2. Worksheet Printout: Ongoing terrorist threats (ICT Lesson) Level 3 Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies taken by to manage the threat of transnational terrorism

LEVEL: SECONDARY 4 636.htm rld/middle_east/1119969.stm http://www.washingtonpost.c om/wpsrv/inatl/longterm/fogofwar/fo gofwar.htm ALS/2003/sea.terror lt.asp

Term 1 Week 8 Term 1 Week 9 Term 1 Week 10


TA1: 2 essay (Relative importance and Balanced Conclusion)

Review of Paper Introduction: Sustaining Economic Development in a Globalizing World To understand that the world in interdependent and understand the concept of globalization Unboxing Ipad video + class discussion


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SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES Term 2 Sustaining Week 1-6 Economic Development in a Globalizing World

CURRICULUM OUTLINE To understand the meaning of Level 1 1. Content Worksheet: Globalisation globalization and how it changes the way people lived 2. Worksheet printout key (driving forces of globalization; Singapore and the Level 1 globalizing world) Content teaching Level 2 Going Beyond To allow students to develop a good understanding of how the person they have researched on have influenced and shaped the world Level 3 To allow students to have an up to date knowledge of SMEs as well as to consolidation their knowledge of problems and contributions of SMEs Level 2 Worksheet printout: I have made the most impact on globalization Level 3 worksheet printout; the world is my oyster)

LEVEL: SECONDARY 4 http://www.ycsg/yale/edu/ http://www.globalization101. org

Term 2 Week 7 Term 2 Week 8-9 Term 2 Week 10 Term 3 Week 1


MYE: Full Paper (all topics taught) 2 essay choose 1

MYE Review of paper Introduction to Venice Not the focused topic (SEQ O Levels 2010) To understand the complexity of change and drawing parallel to Venice as a city state Level 1 Worksheet printout The rise of Venice; the fall of Venice m

Term 3 Week 2-6 Term 3 Week 8-9

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